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Dating Percy Jackson Would Include...

Note: ye here you go another imagine im on a roll today XD ALSO THANK YOU FOR 200 NOTES ON MY DATING ALEX STANDALL IMAGINE



Request: here ya go

  • Really protective of you after what happened in Tartarus with Annabeth(they were only best friends; they never dated)
  • You never got jealous, Annabeth was your best friend you knew she wouldn’t do anything to hurt or harm neither you nor Percy

  • Percy casually coming into your cabin shirtless

“Put some clothes on boi”

“But babyyyy I thought you liked it when I did this.” *wink wonk*

“Ummmm no I don’t.”

“Ummmm yes you do.”

  • Leads to heavy make out session

“CLOSE THE DAM DOORS NEXT TIME DUDES.” – says one of your half siblings

  • He takes you to his mom’s house often one time this happened

“So Y/n…”



“Y/n I’m having a baby.”

  • You sob, for like an hour
  • Percy even said you could help babysit with him
  • Sally advised you that you should definitely babysit him especially about the amount of homework he’s been getting lately
  • Okay but you and Paul bake together when Sally and Percy are out together

“Mr Blofis, that’s a blender.”


  • First time being really sweet
  • Percy loves to compliment you, you blush and look down and cuddle closer to him
  • You love to compliment Percy and he’s just like “agskfhdlfhthankyousakjdkjdf”
  • When you and Percy get complimented as a couple you just “ajsfdkjhfdjh” together
  • Let’s face it, our boy Percy ain’t dumb, in fact you think he’s getting much better in school and he’s trying so hard to go to college with you!!!

“Percy where’s the ba-” *cut off bc he took you over his shoulder and just ran into the ocean*

  • When you get married it’s the cutest thing ever, blue wedding cake just for old times’ sake and anything innocent as you can imagine

  • After the wedding on your honeymoon:

“Promise me you’ll love me forever.”

“I’ll love you forever, through thick and thin, I promise.”

  • *shajhfldkjgf* 
  • *fangirling its too cuteee*

dragonprincejongin  asked:

Hi! Recently I've been seeing a lot of posts calling Sehun a brat with no manners who doesn't respect his hyungs and like. It's so WEIRD to me because I've never gotten that vibe from him??? I always thought he was pretty chill and laid back and IF ANYTHING it's everybody else who rags on him all the time cuz he's the maknae, but now I'm just bugged out cuz I feel like I totally misread his personality? IDK this might be a dumb thing to ask about but I was just curious about your thoughts! :)

Hi, dear!

I’m so sorry it took me forever to reply your message, buried in my inbox! Please forgive me T.T

tbh I’m really sad about how people keep calling him “rude disrespectful mannerless bratty maknae” :(

Sehun is a funny person, he even admitted that he is the one who tortures other members. But he’s just a kid being a kid and he does it for fun, because they are hyungs that he loves.





Ooh the moment above, have you watch the video ? It shows how Sehun brought sunshine into the room. In a boring photoshoot he lighted up the atmosphere with his cute pranks. But when Kai got hit he immediately turned into a caring maknae :


No wonders hyungs love him so. I don’t think they would spoil Sehun and treat him that nice if he’s annoying or rude. Yes sometimes they rag on him but other EXO members are being playful with Sehun, it doesn’t mean hyungs are bullying Sehun coz he’s maknae. They’re very close to each other as a big family.


Sehun really loves his hyungs, and I think we can notice how Sehun is the only one who wants to stick with EXO forever and maintains their tight-knit friendship. Other members have their own particular future dreams but only Sehun wants to stay in EXO as long lasting group that will continue to promote even after 10 years. Sehun is extremely close with his hyungs and none of them found him rude, disrespectful, mannerless nor bratty.. so why fandom who don’t even personally know him stamped Sehun that ?

So, I don’t think you misread his personality. Sehun is INDEED a sweet maknae. And if anyone ever called him brat who doesn’t respect his hyungs please remind them that after 5 sehun-related usernames he finally unprivated his Instagram account with initials of all EXO members as username…

I’ve already shared my opinions and thoughts about this in my last Sehun writing The Oh Sehun (Part 2). Please read it to get my whole view^^

Thanks for your lovely message <3