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To have a movie like this, which is a really lovely film, entirely about this incredible woman and directed by Susan [Johnson], who is just an amazing director — it’s a fantastic thing. But the fact that it’s even a conversation blows my mind. That it’s not just a given that it’s just a movie about a character directed by a director, which is the way it should be. The fact that we have to qualify that is where the problem is. Women are brilliant, if not more brilliant, than men. It’s about the quality of work that’s produced as opposed to the sex of the person who produces it.

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I stan the right man

Mi Reina (Lin x Reader)

Request: @ruth-hamilton-delrio I’m really craving some Lin fluff 😊  

TW: Literally the fluffiest thing I have ever written

Mi reina=my queen


You groan and fall back on your bed. After the day you had, you just want to cuddle with your husband. You know that he had a show, but it should be over by now, so you decide to call him.

You smile instantly when you hear his voice. “Hey, baby. What’s up?”

“I’m tired and want cuddles.”

“Long day?”

“Unbelievably long.”

He chuckles and walks out of the theater. “I’m on my way home now. Do you want me to pick up something to eat?”

“Please. Whatever you want.”

“Alright. I’ll be home in just a bit. Is this a problem Monty Python can solve?”

You giggle. “Is there a problem Monty Python can’t solve?”

He laughs. “I’ll be home soon, okay? How ‘bout you get a few movies to watch.”

“You have no idea how much I love you.”

“I love you, too. I’ve got to go. See you in a minute.”

“Love you. Bye.”

You grab a few movies and go back to bed, waiting for Lin to come home. You hear the door unlock and Lin’s footsteps coming to your room. He sets the food on your nightstand and slides off his coat and shoes before climbing into bed next to you. He wraps his arm around you and pulls you close to his chest, kissing the top of your head. You press play on the remote and nestle yourself into his chest while the movie plays.

You occasionally take a bit of your dinner, while Lin runs his fingers through your hair.

“Thank you.”

He looks over at you. “For what?”

“For being the best husband.”

He smiles and kisses you. “I’d do anything for you.”

“Really, though, I know you probably had something to do. I really appreciate this.”

“(Y/N). I love you to the ends of the earth. Nothing is more important than you. Now get some sleep. It’s getting late, and you have work tomorrow.” He turns off the movie and sets your empty take-out box on the nightstand.

You smile and curl into his chest. “I love you.”

“I love you, mi reina,” he mutters.

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amalas!!! i love your art and you have made me fall in love with iwaoi, ahhh!!! they're a great ship! i was wondering if you have suggestions of other artists, writers, or blogs to follow that also post a lot of iwaoi? they're my fav ship now... thank you!!

HAHAHAH THIS IS THE KIND OF POWER I LOVE!! Spreading love for iwaoi :D
I’m happy I could make you fall in love heheh <33

Let’s see. I feel many blogs I still follow have moved on and draw now others things more but they still have great Iwaoi art on their blog and in their art tag.
Also I realized by going through my followed blogs I should start to follow some more blogs and delete some old ones who are not active anymore

So let’s see what I can put together for you
This got longer than planned…so more under the cut

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It's high key toxic when you can't search your fave tags inside a fandom

Without taking loads of hate towards the things/people you like. So like. Stop. People who say shit about ships or members are like one year old. Don’t boost them. Ship wars are meaningless and stupid. I’m SO tired of all the bullshit.

Just love Love jfc it’s nOT that hard. They SHOULD be affectionate with each other and not bc damned fanservice. RESPECT THEM.

things humans do that aliens might not understand
  1. Laughter - Laughing is one of those things universally understood by all humans, regardless of their language or location. It’s a primal function. Other animals don’t tend to share this behavior, so it’s very unlikely that a being from another planet will.
  2. Crying - Excessive lacrimal secretions associated with distress have not been observed in any creature aside from humans. Like with laughter, this is a primal thing that humans are wired to understand and the odds are extremely unlikely that a species from a foreign planet will share this feature.
  3. Smell - Not every animal in the animal kingdom has a sense of smell. Dolphins, for example, can’t smell. Theoretically, another organism could be unable to smell in a similar way, and it could be an alien.
  4. Gender - Having an entire culture based around your genitals is pretty weird, when you think about it. It’s possible for aliens to have many different genders, or no genders at all. They may not even have the same number of sexes. Some animals have only one sex, and one member of the species is capable of reproducing with any other member of the species.
  5. Music - Humans like music because it falls within our acoustic and vocal range, and the tempo is similar to our heartbeat. Scientists have created “species-specific music” for animals, designed to be more fit for them. This has led me to believe that aliens could have a very different idea of what “music” is.

I wonder if anyone else on this website thinks about how aliens would interact with us, because this kind of stuff keeps me up at night.

Another tag meme thing

i’ve been tagged to do this by @ilikecats-likealot

name: Allen

nickname: uhh dont really have one?

height: 5′9″

orientation: heterodemisexual (is that a thing or do i split it into like heterosexual and demisexual or what? nah this should be fine)

favorite fruit: mango :D

favorite season: spring

favorite book: the HP series will forever hold a special place in my heart

favorite flower: lily

favorite scent: most fruity scents

favorite color: cyan (but most shades of light blue)

favorite animal: penguins :D (flap flap)

average hours of sleep: like. 4-5. I live an unhealthy lifestyle…

cats or dogs: I like both but prefer dogs a bit more

favorite fictional character: No way in hell I can narrow it down to just one (or even just 10 or 20). I think Lillie from Pokemon Sun and Moon will always hold a special place in my heart though <3

number of blankets you sleep with: just one

dream vacation: the people I go with matter a lot more to me than the place. I just really want to hang out with and hug all of my internet friends in real life (but if I had to pick a place I’d say either Japan or somewhere nice and balmy like Hawaii)

blog created: Uhhh don’t remember exactly when, but it was roughly spring of 2014, I believe

number of followers: 425. I know, it’s a lot to take in. But don’t be too shy to talk to me just because I’m tumblr famous in fact please talk to me I’m lonely

i tag: @officiallycostco @helpfuldilemma @nymphofnovels @jeangreyce @windypenguin @ikallawrites @rosi4567 @fyorahime @megamog @defenestrations @ccpokemonmaster

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You should do the "five things i like abt myself" tag thing bc i have no clue as to who to tag and i want to act like i at least tried

fhdgaj ok ok I think I’ve done this before so I’ll try to come up with new things but if not then Oh Well

1. I say this every time but I really like that I can draw it’s my one defining trait
2. mmm what I wear? I like my clothes
3. My taste in books + my ability to read them very quickly
4. My skill at rhythm games,, 
5. My sense of humour I guess lmao


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


nanami in otonokizaka uniform commission (and bonus) for @mikantsumiki​ ♥
[this is a commission! please do not use/repost/edit]

They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU

one of the reasons people with bpd handle people rejecting them/abandoning them so hard is bc we base our identities around these people we get attached to. how THEY feel about us is who we ARE, in our minds. if they love us, we base our identities around that and believe we are loveable. if they leave us or decide they don’t like us anymore, we believe we are unloveable because we have no concrete sense of who we are, apart from how other people feel about us.

I was asked several times to do the “Meet the Artist” thing and ya– Here you go lol It’s like 6am 8)))


let the flames of your passion grow.

you bring out the best of me (pg-13, 3k)


“When I was homeless,” Cas says one day, like he does sometimes, like it isn’t a big deal, just a thing that was. “I would both dread and look forward to the rain.”

Dean looks up from where he’s counting the cash in the register, pen hovering over his thick red notebook. The rain outside drums heavily on the windows. It’s a dark autumn evening, the sky overcast and thick with cloud. Good for business; people are more likely to stop by and browse the books if it’s raining. Something about the warm glow of the store and the smell of percolating coffee draws them in, windswept and dripping on Dean’s clean floors.

“What do you mean?” Dean asks. The first time he saw Cas was in the rain, on the corner of Main and 10th. He’d been meeting Sam for lunch and Cas had been hunched in the doorway of a long since abandoned toy store, a scruffy tan and white dog curled up beside him. No one was even looking at him, but Dean did.

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Haikyuu!! + @ao3tagoftheday

  • Someone: You should watch this show.
  • Me: Nah, it's not really my genre. I don't have enough time at the moment. I still have 10 other shows to finish first.
  • Someone: It's gay.
  • Me: *opens Netflix*