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Okay so like, "male feminists" tend to be people who use feminism as a shield for being predators. Happy to concede that point. But uh, as someone who was raised super feminist (trans dude w/ feminist parents who did the whole "we will thoroughly teach our daughter than the system is screwed up" thing) how do i??? show my support for feminism as a man?? without aligning myself with the crypto-predator "male feminists"?

Know what is needed, then work from there. Be an example for other men and call out any of those men.

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The World is Unravelling

2569 words today! I was hoping for more, but episode rewrites tend to take longer than you’d expect, trying to figure out the best way to explain the action tags, etc. Not to mention all the mental re-arranging you have to do to get the story to fit without screwing everything up down the line. Still, things are progressing well, and I’m going to put this on hold for a bit and work on the next chapter of 100 Ways tomorrow. Here’s a snippet:

Lucifer’s admiration for the Detective was unending. It had been a scant few days since he’d revealed his true face to her, and not only had she weathered the storm, she was thriving. Their partnership remained unchanged - perhaps even enhanced, given his newfound ability for self-expression. She was able to deal better with his Mum than he was, and he’d been doing it for millennia. His mother was undeniably shrewd, and yet she’d managed to work alongside her all day having given nothing away.

If he hadn’t known better, he’d have said that Chloe had completely forgotten the passion-filled night they’d spent together. But then she would look at him with the memory banked in her eyes and he’d fall in love all over again, unable to believe that this was truly happening. Lucifer prided himself on having a fairly well-developed imagination. But he never could have dreamed his life could be like this. It was almost enough to make him regret his hesitation in showing Chloe the truth.

That was also why she needed to be protected, at all costs. He feared what his mother would do if left to her own devices with the Detective. He certainly hadn’t forgotten that she’d attempted to kill Chloe, at least once, and while it was true that her focus now seemed to be entirely on finding the missing piece she’d become increasingly erratic of late. He simply couldn’t chance anything happening to the Detective while he wasn’t there.

Which is how he found himself lingering outside the ballroom in which the party was being held, concealed in a corner unobservable from the room at large, watching his mother check in with the hostess. Chloe hadn’t arrived yet and he had to admit he was curious to discover what she considered proper attire for an event like this. Of course, Chloe looked gorgeous in whatever she chose to wear, but perhaps he should have offered her some options from his collection. His mother’s comments had been completely out of line and he wished he could take her to task for them, and he didn’t want to give her further fodder.

Then Chloe entered, and his jaw hit the floor.

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I'm so salty rn, I live in Eastern Europe (where it's almost 3 PM already) and AMA will start at 1-3 AM here and I have to go to sleep early because I have school next day and I have to wake up at 5 AM. ;-; And I don't wanna stay up all night 'cause I have 2 important exams and I'd screw things up.

i know it’s tempting to stay up bc of the excitement and everything, but if the tests are that important then you should definitely get some rest instead. the performances and moments will be up tomorrow when you wake up, so don’t stress too much about it ;;;;;;

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I feel like a good number of your asks is witchlings that are overwhelmed. They jump in thinking they need to be a master at gods, religion, and all witchy things. I just want to say I've been a witch for over a decade with several different gods that I worked with and it was a learning experience for all. I am still learning as well. The other bit of advice if like to impart is no one's witchcraft is wrong. You're practice is what works for you and a learning journey that you're in charge of.

Yea, I always forget that people don’t know this.

I consider myself pretty damn experienced in my fields, but I sure as hell don’t know everything. We’re all always learning. It’s okay to go slow, and I encourage that over diving into things without all the information and then getting screwed.

I’m sure I reblogged a post like this before, but even if I did it’s solid advice to repeat. No one’s craft is wrong, and ultimately? esp for baby witches, there are no rules.

If something works for you, then it works. There’s nothing else to it.

American public school is garbage in so many ways.

I just saw a post going around about screwed up things about public schools in the United States, and it reminded me of one of mine. CW for food, fatphobia, and shitty public school stuff.

So I had this friend in high school who sat at my table for lunch every day. She always brought her lunch from home because she was a vegetarian, and our high school was in the small town South where vegetarianism isn’t super common, so there were never any vegetarian meals available. 

One day she forgot her lunch and, not wanting to go without eating, she went through the cafeteria line. The problem was that, due to some rule or another, the cafeteria staff were required to supply her with the main dish. She couldn’t just take the sides.

So in addition to the little salad and fruit cup, which were the only things she could eat, she had this greasy piece of fried chicken. Which threatened to leak grease all over her food.

So I volunteered to take it from her so it didn’t ruin the only part of her lunch she could eat. Because I really hate wasting food and was still hungry anyway, I went ahead and ate the piece of chicken.

One of the cafeteria workers decided she didn’t like that.

I got screamed at for “stealing food that wasn’t mine,” and told that I had “no business” taking someone else’s food when I “clearly got enough to eat” (meaning I was fat), and also shouldn’t “steal” food because I already owed the cafeteria a whole twenty-five cents. 

Twenty-five cents which I owed only because I took a bread roll off the cafeteria line a week before, thinking it came as a part of the main meal, only to discover at checkout that:

1. The roll was not considered part of the main meal.
2. “Extra” sides cost extra money.
3. “Extra” sides are not covered under the free lunch program I was a part of.

I didn’t have twenty-five cents, because I never had money, because we were poor and I literally never needed money at school anyway. I tried to give the roll back, but because it would be unsanitary to put it back on the tray, they let me keep it as long as I paid the money back later. They harassed me about this twenty-five cent bread roll every day for, like, a month, because I kept forgetting to bring a quarter. Eventually one of my friends took pity and just gave me one.

The tray of rolls that caused this mess, by the way, was not in any way labelled as costing extra. I assumed they came with the meal because, first of all, why wouldn’t they, and also because the main meal that particular day was literally just three chicken nuggets, with nothing but a carton of milk on the side. And who fucking gives sixteen-year-olds nothing but three chicken nuggets and a carton of milk and calls it good?????????

So. To recap. I did my vegetarian friend a favor and got screamed at for “stealing food” because I owed the cafeteria a quarter.

Seven years later and this still pisses me off.


Take up a false identity and immerse yourself into the Bloodborne academia experience. But…try to get along.

Stupid Things We Don’t Talk About Enough

- Tom hasn’t ever had an onscreen kiss. 

- it’s super rare to have a friendship like Tom and Harrison’s. (And even more so with the life they have to live)

- the nerdist podcast

- Harrison’s hair. (It curls and looks soft even when he loads it with hair gel. It’s magical)

- Tom plays multiple instruments (guitar, Uke, piano) 

- Jacob plays multiple instruments well 

- Tom and Harrison are 21 and don’t seem to have any serious mental health issues. (Do you know how frikin rare that is?)

- that video where Tom wakes Harrison up when he hit 1M. (Harrison was happy for him even though he just got jumped on. I woulda hit someone for that no matter what the reason)

- Harry went to BRITschool too? (I think? I actually can’t find anything that confirms that. There is a short film the BRITschool channel uploaded that he has the smallest cameo in though- like he doesn’t show his face)

- Harry keeps wearing ball caps like Ron Howard and it’s real squish

- Paddy’s name is Patrick.

- Monty is cuter than Tessa

- Harrison hasn’t had peanut butter

- Tom’s (possible) Spotify

- The fact that Tom’s voice raises a pitch when he smiles as he talks.  

- Tom’s love of Ed Sheeran (just cause that makes me happy) 

- The fact that Harrison has tumblr (and all the boys share stuff between each other when its funny or amusing to them.)

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Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about archery

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Don’t watch Lord of the Rings, the Hunger Games, or Avatar. At least, not for the archery. Hollywood is stock full of misinformation and misrepresentation about archery. Sadly, not a lot of writers have the opportunity to really delve into the practice. So here is my all you wanted to know primer from how bows are constructed, to lining up and releasing the shot, to treating your friend’s nasty broadhead wound.

Edit: expanded the debunking section. 

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guys help I’m having too much fun with this D:

SO I decided what the heck and went for the pro trial, turns out you can actually do waaaaaay more when you’re not limited to like 30 parameters! I managed to fix a lot of my mistakes with Fluttershy, although Twi has plenty of her own problems. I think she came out cute anyway! ✨

(I really wanna do AJ, SciTwi, or Sunset next but…I should probably focus on fixing her first. baw)