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of all of the questions stranger things season 1 left me with, the most pressing one is why did jonathan take all of those pictures of sticks in the woods when looking for will?  they werent out of place or broken or any type of clue whatsoever but he took like three pictures of just sticks?  were they special sticks? was he going to develop those pictures?  did he think will was hiding underneath the sticks?  why?

someone added these tags to my post and i figured while we’re at it how about a friendly reminder that snape gave the man that killed the woman he claimed to love the information that convinced him to target her in the first place while he was working for said man of his own accord, and that he admittedly did not care if the woman’s husband and infant son were murdered.

and how about another friendly reminder that this person he was working for completely voluntarily at the time was actively trying to commit genocide against people with the same parentage as the woman he claimed to love. 

he’s a complicated character and you can make of him what you will but let’s keep these things in perspective, buddy.


Lunafreya Nox Fleuret ; The Passing of the Oracle

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