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okay so yeah I'm kinda spamming you with the sheer amounts of requests but consider this: kingbury except kg3 has Anger Issues and seabury like calming him down? bc that's a Thing that I've written but ehh it was terrible (also cal came up with a Thing where he calls kg3 royalty to comfort him so that'd be cool)

I legit love requests! Though I’m not that good I’m glad you all like them! Wouldn’t it be neat if I wrote some stuff on here (one shots/a fic) and it became big? I’ve always wanted a big enough story that people make me fan art…
Back to Kingbury! (my guilty pleasure tbfh)


“That insufferable fool! Make a mockery of me and my homeland, I’ll show him!” Sam struggled tom keep up, though he may have only been a few inches short than George, it made itself known and a struggle whenever George was angry.

“I - I know George!” Sam didn’t run or fast walk very often, his classes were normally close together so he had no reason to.

Some guy in their economics class had made snide comments about George’s home, his family, even went as far as to make fun of the Queen (who according to George he was related to. Some, grandson, three times removed four times added once step son of. That kind of “relationship”.)

Either way, he had struck several nerves and Sam was worried that the veins were going to pop in George’s forehead and neck. 

They rushed down a flight of stairs, Sam almost tripping several times as he struggled to keep up with George. “With how America’s land is now I’m surprised they aren’t all begging to go back to England!”

“I wouldn’t mind that…” Sam muttered under his breath.

They reached George’s dorm - his roommate (some guy named Simon Farnaby), was out thankfully. Sam’s eyebrows pinched together nervously, watching nervously as George paced back and forth.


He didn’t respond,  muttering angrily under his breath. Sam huffed, somehow still feeling embarrassed with this. “Your majesty?”

“What Samuel?” Sam’s shoulder sagged in relief as George responded.

He wasn’t too far angry. 

“You know, no matter where you move to, there will always be assholes about every thing, right?”

George huffed, plopping down harshly onto his bed.

“That guy was a jerk, so what? Move back to England, and you’ll just call me to complain about the jerks living there!”

George rolled his eyes with a twitch of the head, indicating Sam was right. 

Sam slowly moved over, sitting next to George on the bed. “You can’t let people’s comments like that get under your skin, whenever you react like that it amuses them. So of course they’ll continue making comments like that.”

“So what do I do?”

“Well, two options. Ignore it and wait for them to stop - “

“That’s likely.” George snorted.

“Or you can say something to and against him worse that’ll get him to shut up. Nothing, too, too bad though.”

George sighed, shoulders sagging. He leaned his body, resting his head on Sam’s shoulders. “In this day and age it feels less than great not being born in America…and I’m only British! I feel worse for those having tougher times…”

“Sometimes the world is cruel and people who shouldn’t have a say have the biggest ones you majesty,” He began combing his hair lightly, “But that’s why there are more of us little guys than the bigger ones. Imagine if we all banned together and over threw the government!”

George laughed. “That’d be entertaining - one umpalumpa trying to stop millions of people! I can see it now.”

Sam smiled. Days whew George was calm and laughing, smiling at Sam and just being down right adorable were Sam’s favorites.

“Some day, the day for the true people will come. And I promise,” He placed a kiss on George’s forehead, “I’ll be by your side before, during, and after.”

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What do you think about INFPs and INTPs being friends?

Hello Friend,

Not only do I love INTPs I am best friends and kinda had a romantic thing with one. I love them, I personally know 3 and each one is very different but also have underlying similarities. I think it is funny because the one I had and kinda still have a little thing for knows me like the back of his hand. He is a HOPELESS romantic and tries to cover it over but he feels safe enough with me that it just kinda gushes out, which I just find endearing as all get out. lol As friends though, they are loyal, kind, can be a little cold, but honestly, when you get to the core of them, they are so sweet and can be the best if you ever need them because they will be there, especially if they trust you. I think that’s what I love most is that when I trust them and they get to my level where I am comfortable they had they same thing and let their walls come down. It’s so neat.
They are the INFP’s cousin type and they are awesome. They will challenge you intellectually usually and trust me, they call you on your junk. They are more on the blunt side most depending on their introversion. But for me, I love that quality because I am too very blunt. If you can find an INTP (mind you they vary) that you can become close with, DO IT. They are amazing and it’s totally worth every second. :)

-Best Love <3 

Ex-Aid review: Heisei Generations

Time to review Ex-Aid’s first movie: “Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man VS Ex-Aid & Ghost With Legend Riders”. Long, long title. Since I’ve not done a review for a movie yet, how do I format this…

Well, for starters, some preliminary timeline placement: The movie came out when Kuroto Dan was still pretending to be sane, and there was still a bike among us. The Kamen Rider Genm spinoffs would tip you off to that since those take place after this movie. It’s a nice early “In case you’re new to Ex-Aid” timeline placement.

Also, since this is post-finale Ghost, Drive, Gaim and Wizard… I won’t hold back on spoilers for those shows!

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near for the ask meme and i hope your night gets better

Thanks anon!! You (and everyone else kind enough to send one of these) are genuinely sweet <3

Send me a character and I’ll provide a brief headcanon on the following topics:

  • a lesson they learned in their childhood – People are not to be idolized. 
  • a reason they have for getting out of bed each morning – The possibility of something interesting happening, I think. 
  •  a fear – Stagnation – especially post-Kira case. I think Near gets concerned about seeing things from too narrow a perspective and therefore keeps asking himself what L would have done in an effort not to be too married to his own opinion. 
  • a strength – I keep saying this, but I think one of Near’s greatest traits is his ability to accept when he’s wrong without making it An Ordeal. 
  • how they think others perceive them – I think he’s aware that he can come off rude/abrasive and cold…. if only because Mello basically shouts this at him, but I don’t think he’s too fussed about it. He’s probably also aware that the toys etc are likely to make people take him less seriously, but is again not too fussed about it because… well, that’s to their own disadvantage.
  • how they perceive themselves – Measured and level headed. I don’t think Near necessarily views himself as a leader, but rather someone who is able to cooperate well with people in the pursuit of a shared goal. 
  • whether or not they consider themselves a ‘decent’ person – Yep, but I think Near also considers things like this kinda meaningless as it’s action more than self reflection that counts in these matters. 
  • a temptation / proclivity they have – Aside from the ones he has in canon (stacking etc) I think he has a need to make things and have a tangible and completed project in front of him to feel as though he’s made progress in things. 
  • an alternate career to what they have in canon (if applicable) – Tough to say, but I can see him working as a researcher working on the frontier of new knowledge? Astrophysicist Near sounds neat, man. 
  • how they waste time – Perusing websites like amazon for new craft projects, haha.
Cassandra Cain’s Glowing Eyes

While reading Cass’ solo series, I’ve notice a pattern. It starts at issue 22:

In context, seeing Cain gives Cass memories of the time she spent with him; after watching him sing she may he watching his body language. It seems like a little thing until the following issue.

Which also leads to this:

Cass’ eyes obviously have some sort of connection to her ability to read body; maybe a trait she inherited from Shiva. It seems to come into play in Rebirth, though less prominent.

(P.S. Concerning the last image, Cass seems to see death differently than other people, and probably is way more traumatic)

So my comp team (Pachipals) decided to participate in the official Overwatch Contenders tournament, and even though we didn’t win our matches we noticed this lineup for our bracket:

Oh hey that’s neat but wait:

wait a minute….

WELL OKAY THEN (hi seagull calvin kephrii etc)

sweet tooth

[For liam-mchale, who wanted some fluff. Have some high school AU, I hope everything works out for you ^_^] 

The doorbell rings and Stiles opens the door, but doesn’t see anyone until he drops his vision way below eye-level.

There’s a short girl with brown hair swinging in pigtails, wearing a Girl Scouts uniform. “Hello!” she says brightly. “My name is Cora, and I am from Troop-Number-One-One-Seven-and-would-like-to-know-if-you-will-support-my-troop-by-buying–” she starts to say, stringing all the words together quickly.

“Whoa whoa whoa, as much as I’d love to support you guys, I can’t really can’t buy a box of cookies without worry about my dad eating all of it. Can’t really hide it in my room, y'know, ‘cause ants,” Stiles says. “And as much as I love Thin Mints, I couldn’t eat an entire box before he gets home." 

Cora pouts, lip wobbling. "But I really want our troop to go to Yellowstone this year,” she says. “We need to raise money!" 

"Sorry. I can make a donation?” Stiles says, reaching into his pocket for his wallet.

“I guess,” Cora says sadly. 

“Please don’t tell me you’re walking door-to-door by yourself. And where are your cookies if you’re selling 'em?” Stiles peers out the door, but he doesn’t see a parent hovering nearby with a wagon of cookie boxes or something.

“My brother has them in his car,” Cora says, jerking her head towards the street. 

There’s a familiar Camaro parked by the curb, engine purring, and Stiles’ stomach drops promptly somewhere past his feet. No way, it couldn’t be, Stiles thinks. “Your last name wouldn’t happen to be Hale by any chance, would it?” Stiles asks.

“Yep,” Cora says brightly.

“Okay, scratch that, I want…uh, how many boxes can I get for twenty bucks?” Stiles says, pulling out the lone twenty in his wallet.

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MMA Shred! I’m turning into a beach bum because I was there last night and am back now (different beaches though). I’m loving the hiking/outdoor activity.
A little NSV today was when my wife and I were planning our summer vacation the list included things like: tenting (instead of a cabin), hiking, bicycle rentals, kayaking, white water rafting and zip lining. In comparison, a year ago we were only concerned with food to eat and places to sit on our duff! It’s kinda neat - and exciting!


Hey guys! Life update for y'all! I spent the last week in Florida doing super fun things including my first trip to the Atlantic Ocean, eating the best ice cream sundae of my life, seeing some really neat Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter stuff, and spending time at Disney and Universal Studios! But now it’s back to reality - teaching and working, and hopefully some writing :) we’ll see what I’m inspired to do - visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter really got me going (fun fact: my first time there inspired my Harry Potter fanfic blog that had over 6k followers lol kinda wish I had kept it😬) and so did Star Wars and Marvel so just keep an eye out!!

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I'm 14 5'6" and I want to be 100-120lbs. Is that healthy, yet still would look nice. My friends have said they are concerned for me and I'm just afraid that in consuming less food my weight will consume my social life. I want to be thin so I can feel like they aren't lying when they tell me I look nice. Please help. Thanks

120 is still healthy, from memory the underweight limit is 115ish so I wouldn’t recommend going below 120. As for the friend thing, I have the same issue and never know if they are being honest with me even though I trust them a lot. I think thats why a lot of ED sufferers isolate themselves, like I sometimes treat myself by having a day where I will walk around by myself in the huge mall near me which is very upperclass and I’ll wear something that makes me look neat and sophisticated and drink black coffee all day and try on tiny clothes and walk around with my earphones in and it kinda feels like Im having a day to my ED and myself where I dont have to pretend or lie to anyone. I feel free

After doing Keyleth’s picture, it’s only right that Pike gets a version of her own seeing as the quote I chose to go with it was said to her in canon.

I might have had a bit too much fun doing the gauntlets and chest plate, even though shading the metal took me longer than I can remember at this point.  Found out a neat trick to kinda cheat the chain mail which involves just a bit of planning and creative use of blur and layer types.  I kind of like that with each of these I do I’m focusing on different things, like with Keyleth it was her hair and getting the fire just right, for Pike it was her armour.

Expect one for Vex sometime in the future.

PS: If you like this, y’might like the chance to win a drawing by donating to a good cause!

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i can't reply to ur gw2 wk post but! i think it'd probably b guardian bc it sorta suits him better aesthetically (hologram weapons & barriers, Yelling to support friends) and motif-wise (shelter, protection, takin the brunt of the weight of the team, lots of chastity/whites/cleric-y ideals). there is a revenant thing that kinda suits him but not rly? and most importantly, Him Big

yeah, after like, two weeks of consideration, today I re-made Knight into a guardian! here he is in his low-quality textures glory, which is, not really that flattering

also… “yelling to support friends” how could I have missed that detail it’s perfect

The Importance of the Brain Vacation

So yesterday, I bought a fish tank. I probably should not have, because it ate up all my free time yesterday, and it was expensive, and it’s going to take regular maintenance until I decide I no longer want fish. It was silly, and unnecessary, and maybe a little weird, and it doesn’t even have fish in it yet, but I love it.

My fish tank is a good example of what I like to call a brain vacation. As a musician, my life revolves about 98%  of the time around music. For the most part, that’s awesome! I love music! And yet.

Did you know, if you spend literally all your time doing something, you will begin to hate it?

It’s true. I spent a good chunk of this summer just not doing anything. I did nothing. And while for the first like two and a half months it was great, by the end I was definitely beginning to go a little stir-crazy. It was like a little irritating rub that turned into a blister of “I haven’t done anything but this in 75 days I am SO BORED.” Now combine that idea of a constant irritation - the process of doing something constantly so that you never get any relief, a blister of irritation and boredom - with the constant high-level stress of being in college. That’s a really, really good recipe for a meltdown, for a burnout, or even just for a weekend of making really really bad, not-fun decisions.

This is where brain vacations come in. A brain vacation is anything that you enjoy doing that is just completely unrelated to your primary Thing. Music is my primary thing. My fish tank is about as unrelated to opera as you can get. The thirteen plants in my room that I fuss over way too much? Unrelated to music. They are something that I can do that help me to remember that I am not a music robot. They are my brain vacation.

The best thing about brain vacation things is that they are really good for giving you a distraction, essentially. Tumblr is not a brain vacation for me, because 90% of the people I follow are also college students or musicians - super related to my Thing! That’s not relaxing, even if it is entertaining. But learning how to kick-start the nitrogen cycle in my fish tank? That’s unrelated, and kinda neat! I went on a research binge, y'all, I know so much about fish tanks now. And that’s what I needed yesterday. I needed to Not be Doing the Thing.

So don’t feel guilty if you have a brain vacation day. Spending some time completely absorbed in something “irrelevant” to whatever your Thing is, that’s necessary. It’s not shameful. It taking care of yourself and giving your mental stress blisters time to heal. So go take some time to go on a vacation, you’ll probably feel better.

(I would not recommend fish tanks though, tbh - they are really are Unfortunately Expensive.)

caғe !  ✦

@hippestbarista :

oh boy… it was only a matter of time before someone asked THAT question. not that he hadn’t been asked before, but it was one of those things that he had to be creative ( which wasn’t an issue for him ) about coming up with an answer. ❛ Nahh- nothin’ like that. ❜ he begins, ❛ there s’a gap from where the door is that hides when people leave th’shop so it makes it look like the vanished. i thought it was actually kinda neat optical illusion.


          There is a cautious blink, coupled with a headtilt and a lean forward.  From his perch atop his small display pad, what was said does not appear to be true.  ( perhaps it is the angle? )  That can be reconciled later, though.
          Twirling to face his new user, with digitized coat swirling around him, the small bot gives a pleasant smile.

                               very well.
мr. ѕanae нaneĸoмa, woυld yoυ lιĸe тo
                                 ғιnιѕн тнe ѕeтυp proceѕѕ now or laтer?

I forgot about this until just today, but there was a corrupted gem introduced early on in the show (back in Giant Woman) called the Heaven Beetle:

There was another one of her called the Earth Beetle, too. they’re both super docile, to the point they didn’t even need to be poofed. also very cute 

Even though she was corrupted into an insectile form (like Centipeetle), she seems to have remained pretty sentient? She even like. built a little house for herself!

I forgot about it because it happens super early one, before it’s revealed that all the monsters were once normal gems… so it just kinda seemed like a random magical thing. But with all the context that comes later on? It’s super neat that a corrupted gem hung onto enough of her sentience to feel the need to have a little home, since most of them become animalistic and wild

I know it won’t happen but I kind of want to know more about the Heaven Beetle! Or just more corrupted gems in general

I did watch it (twice, first the raw and then the sub once it showed up). I don’t have too many thoughts since honestly it feels like not a lot happened. But just my general impressions, under the cut for spoilers:

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Hey sorry to disturb you but can you describe what's in each star signs bedroom in detail sorry but I'm just getting into astrology

Yeah I can try!😂
Aries - kinda messy, has a lot of posters and stuff on their walls
Taurus - can be neat or messy, has polished furniture and sparsely decorated walls
Gemini - usually keeps their room neat, pretty generic looking but with a few defining characteristic for that person
Cancer - really messy, has a lot of stuff on the floor and a lot of posters in their walls
Leo - very well decorated, but still kinda messy in some places, a few things in their walls
Virgo - usually neat, sometimes messy, doesn’t have a lot on their walls but has a lot of decorative fixtures/furniture
Libra - really messy, just scattered stuff throughout, they show their personality by what’s in their room, has a good amount of stuff on their walls
Scorpio - not too neat or messy, but has a lot of stuff in their room, they keep it neat though, and not a lot of stuff on their walls
Sagittarius - really neat, kind of a mismatched look, different colors etc. a couple of things on the wall here or there
Capricorn - kind of messy, a lot of stuff on the bed and shelves, not much on the walls
Aquarius - a lot of posters/photographs etc. on their walls, probably a bright bedspread, sorta messy but not that bad
Pisces - neat, but has a lot of stuff as well, but they’re very organized, and have a lot of things on their walls