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3 Billion Dollars [Part 2] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped. 

Genre: A lil fluffy

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A/N: This one is also kinda slow, but the next one is when things get real dramatic and amazing. I’m excited to share it! Honestly I was gonna post this last week. Sorry for procrastinating. 

P.S. I really love G Dragon’s outfit on him. Like I don’t usually like suspenders but seriously, it looks amazing. Plus I’m a sucker for his dark hair.

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15 years later

   Music was blasting as you worked on your final essay of your high school career. You were calmly working on it now. Unlike your usual routine to put it off until the last minute resulting in all-nighters, coffee, monster drinks, and some tears. You had a steady pace going for your essay until a knock sounded on your bedroom door.

   “I cannot believe you are actually getting that done a whole week before it’s due.” A teasing voice called you. You look up and smile at Ji Yong quietly leaning against your doorframe. He smiled back and walked in your room. Your room never seemed to change from the first time you two met, the same wall color, the same bed, and the same stuffed animals in the corner. All but that stuffed puppy he gave you. It seemed to rest itself next to your bed, claiming its own solitary corner. You scooted over on the bed, shifting to another comfortable position as Ji Yong lay down next to you.

   “I’m sorry that I want my last essay of high school to be good.” You say back, going back to your work. He stared at you, studying the way your lip curled as you went back to focusing on your work.

   “When do you leave?” He asked, pulling out his phone. You stopped typing and looked down.

   “I have to be there a week after the graduation ceremony.” Your voice was quiet, almost washed away by the music that blasted through the small speaker she had. He looked up at her and frowned.

   “Two weeks. You’re leaving in two weeks?” He asked you. You nodded your head and frowned at him. “I’m sorry Yongie.”

   “Why did you have to pick a medical career?” He groaned, rolling onto you for more dramatic effect. A small laugh left your lips as he rolled onto your lap. He faced away from you. You ran a hand through his dark hair repeatedly, immediately relaxing him.

   “I’m sorry that I don’t have a family business like you do.” You say. He stiffens. You notice this, but you continue to run your hand through his hair, continuing to relax him. “You never have told me what your job is.”

   “You’ll find out later.” His voice was steady, never breaking a strong sense of conviction that was inherited from his father. He always got this way when he talked about his work, especially around you. You never understood why, but every time you tried to mention it, his entire demeanor changed. His eyes get dark and his face goes emotionless, so you usually don’t bring up the subject.

   “Oooooo. Look at the lovebirds.” Your younger brother whined. You looked up from Ji Yong and saw him at your door frame. You glared at him before turning, pushing Ji Yong off your lap in the process. You grabbed a pillow, then threw it at your brother, who just laughed and walked away. Ji Yong watched your brother as he walked away.

   “Why the hell would someone want a younger brother? Was one child not enough?” You muttered under your breath, turning back to your laptop to work. Ji Yong set his head on your lap once again, leaving you to do your work. He was on his phone while you were working on your essay, silently sitting together and listening to the music playing from your speaker.


   “Good luck in college. Do well and don’t do any drugs or anything that could hurt you okay?” Your mother scolded you. You nodded your head, smiling at her. “I know mom this is what the sixth time you’ve told me.”

   “I’m just worried.” She gave you a small smile, before pulling you into a hug. Currently, everyone was outside. Your bags were packed and sitting your friend’s car, ready to take you off to college. You pulled away and smiled at your mother. You turned to look at your dad who looked down at the ground. You sent him a small smile anyways, before turning to your little brother. You pulled him into a hug, and he groaned in return.

“I’ll miss you, little bro. Good luck with your first year of high school.” His arms wrapped around your waist and hugged you back tightly. You smile into the hug then pull away. You wait for a second and then look at your mom. She looked at you with a sad smile and shook her head.

“Time to go.” Your friend called. You nodded your head then headed towards the car. Ji Yong said he would be here, but he didn’t show up. Frowning to yourself you opened the door to your friends’ car and sat down.  A small pout had formed on your lips and your friend smiled softly at you. You closed the door and your friend started the car. She pulled out of the drive away, and you watched from the window as she drove away. Your parents seemed to get smaller.

“It’s just four years. You’ll see them again and that scary guy you like so much.” You chuckled at their words and shook your head.

“Ji Yong isn’t scary.” (Y/F/N) gave you a look and you laughed once again. “You’re right, though, it’s just four years. What could happen?”

Also known as: a guide to how I personally manage to get straight A’s as a college student. 

  • Set goals right now. To get what you want, you need to know what you want. Do you want a 3.0 this semester? Do you want an A in chemistry? Whatever it is that you want to accomplish this semester, define it for yourself. Write it down. Write it in the front of your planner as a constant reminder of what you’re working toward. 
  • Invest in a binder and a holepunch. While the idea of having separate folders and notebooks for each class seems very organized, keeping everything in one binder is much, much more efficient. I swear by this method of keeping organized. 
  • Also, invest in a planner if you haven’t yet. This is especially necessary in college. I don’t care how good your memory is, you will forget something if you don’t have a place to write down all of your homework and responsibilities. Trust me, taking a few minutes to write things down is much better than experiencing that wave of fear when you get to a class and realize you’ve forgotten to do something. 
  • Plan at least a week ahead of time. Anxiety and anxiety induced procrastination is often a result of waiting until the last minute or forgetting about an assignment. Know what’s coming your way. Actually read your syllabus and write down what you have to do in your planner. 
  • Don’t slack off at the beginning of the semester. The way that you study and take notes in the first few weeks of class can define an entire class for you. If you don’t set a good foundation at the beginning of the semester with a good, consistent studying plan, you will quickly become lost and behind. 
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. Whether it’s the studyblr community or actual classmates, a community of people who care about learning and their success is truly inspiring.

Writing is a lot like baking a cake.  

  • You might really want the cake, but putting it together is so much effort.  Not to mention that you also have to be focused and careful or it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to.
  • You’re inspired to bake! – late at night, aware that you have an early-morning obligation looming.  To bake or not to bake: that is the eternal question.
  • Other times the batter is just so great and you’re just happy with the idea of the thing rather than the full-baked end result – and perhaps a little overindulgent with those proto-cakes.  Less time, less fuss, exquisite and immediate satisfaction.  Temptation.
  • You could also be missing several crucial ingredients and sifting through your cabinets looking for substitutes (or, miraculously, what you need to get this thing moving along) because you want the result even if you don’t know how you’re going to get it.  
  • You also promised to bring cake to the party.  The party is tonight.  In four hours.  You know it’ll take about one hour for the cake.  You procrastinate for three and a half hours.  Have fun!  (Solution: cupcakes, anyone?  Really good ficlets can still satisfy a sweet tooth in place of a full-fledged fic.)
  • Here’s my favorite: you might be full of energy and have plenty of time, but you’re not in a baking mood, cake just doesn’t do it for you, or you’re caked out.  Guess it’s time to take a lap!

Here’s the thing about cake: what you might be tired of?  That’s someone’s favorite variety.  Or it might be their first encounter with your work and they’re like “this is amazing – how did you make this?”  And you’re just sheepishly tucking your hands behind your head because, well, you goofed at times but those cupcakes did hit it off well and you overindulged in batter and you absolutely sacrificed sleep and sanity to work on a project at three in the morning, but you know what?  You got it done.  You have a cake, a damn good one at that.  

Cake is celebratory and meant to be shared.  Honestly, you’re proud of all those damn hours you spent covered in flour ready to tear your own hair out because the end result really is beautiful.  It doesn’t just make you happy, either; it makes someone else happy, too.  A lot of someones.

Approval, even silent, from people who dare to sample your cake is wonderful.  You did it: you got them to take a bite.  Maybe it wasn’t their thing.  Or maybe they loved it: they recommend it to friends, return to it, want more of it.  Their silence might just mean they can’t word a review that properly encapsulates their feelings about it.   Words are our thing; enjoyment is our readers’.  Few words is not representative of minimal quality.  Appreciation is silent but profound.   But hey, hats off to you if you express your appreciation in our favorite medium: through tags and comments and messages, words upon words upon words.  We love it and crave it and love you in turn.

No matter what, just know that someone loves your work.  You aren’t just talented; you’re a creator.  You made something from nothing.

Writer friends, go forth fearlessly: over-research, toss up your hands, start again, triumph.  What you do is gloriously complex and taxing and time-consuming, and it is a beautiful thing.  We love it.

About my art...

You know, the main feature of my drawings are they look pretty sketchy. I really love that style (And some of you too). However, it also have some disventages:

  • Time: Compared with an solid lineart, it TAKES A LOT OF TIME to do it. Sometimes I have to overwrite over and over the same lineart several times, use the eraser, overwrite again, erase again, and overwrite again, keeping it like an sketchy lineart (not a firm one), until I get satisfied with the final result.
  • Color: No magic wand, no color bucket, due the irregular lineart, it’s tricky to apply those tools directly, compared with a firm lineart. I have to do it manually, and also takes time.

Aside fighting against those two things I’ve mentioned, I have another deadly enemy: procrastination.

Trying to be different, is hard. My followers tell me my drawings are so awesome, I’m glad they like it, however I’m not a pro, I’m still feeling like a noob. Sometimes I get frustrated, comparing myself with other artists, sometimes feeling me so fucking bad and useless…

*sigh* I guess I need to keep practicing and practicing, that’s the key of success, don’t you? I’m sorry if I can’t upload anything new, to my pages or Patreon, If I’m taking so long to do your commission, If I don’t reply your questions! Real life (and the stupid procastination) sometimes struggles me. I don’t wanna stop drawing, I don’t wanna leave my art style, It’s what make me feel like I am: FlutterThrash. I just wanna improve and be someone who stand out with something who loves.

-Your beloved thrashin’ pony

Personality Patterns: Passive-Aggressive (INFP, INFJ, ISFJ, INTP, ISFP, ISTP)

Note: Personality patterns are referred in this particular textbook as “adaptive styles” - i.e. characteristics we adopted to deal with problems in life - not necessarily psychological disorders.

The core characteristic for clients with elevations in this scale is a mix of passive compliance combined with resentment and opposition. These clients usually act on these resentments in impulsive and erratic ways. Feeding their resentment is a sense that they have somehow gotten a raw deal in life and will inevitably be disappointed in relationships. However, they also feel that their resentment and anger are not acceptable emotions for them to have. As a result, guilt and conflict pervade their lives. This internal conflictual style also becomes externalized and creates problems in interpersonal relationships. They are moody, complaining, and intermittently hostile. One moment they might be angry and stubborn, but the next moment they feel guilty and apologetic. They are likely to express their negativism in indirect ways—procrastination, inefficiency, and contrary behavior that has the effect of undermining the happiness of others. They may also act on their resentment with caustic comments, complaints, and expressions of contempt toward others. One means of coping with these feelings is to deny them and, instead, attribute them to others. Another way is to conceptualize that the resentment and anger are justified because of the numerous reasons to be envious toward others, who are constantly seen as having things so much better. Their resulting chronic unhappiness is expressed through pessimism, disillusionment, and cynicism. Because they blame other people for their misfortunes, they have little insight into how their own behavior and attitudes cause others to reject them. However, when their attitudes and behaviors eventually lead to rejection by others, these clients feel demeaned, abandoned, unappreciated, and disillusioned. Thus, their difficulties are self-fulfilling and self-maintaining. They typically describe themselves as moody, testy, resentful, oppositional, and discontented.

A further core conflict is a feeling that they would like to depend on others, but this dependence is neither socially acceptable nor safe because others inevitably exploit and disappoint them. Thus, they seem moody and unpredictable as they ruminate over these contradictory feelings. They often perceive relationships as a threat to their safety. To protect themselves, they become superficially quite self-sufficient and independent.

At their best, persons with this elevation can be agreeable and friendly. They can also be flexible, changeable, emotionally responsive, and sensitive.

Schizoid | Avoidant | Depressive | Dependent | Histrionic | Narcissistic | Antisocial | Aggressive | Compulsive | Passive-Aggressive | Self-Defeating

How each MBTI saves the world.

please don’t take these too seriously :) this is my imagination and MBTI obsession running wild

ESTJ: becomes the leader of the first political party to ever uphold every promise they ever made in their campaign. they implement effective change through their traditional government system and make everyone question why they ever doubted the government in the first place.  

ISTJ: redesigns every organization process to be so efficient that they eliminate the need for all paperwork ever. so efficient that they accidentally got rid of many peoples’ jobs in the process.

ESFJ: travels the world and creates new universal language that somehow magically combines every known language in existence, thus unifying all people everywhere. 

ISFJ: finds every orphan and foster child a true family to call their own. accidentally ends up adopting a lot of orphans in the process. leaves a plate of freshly baked cookies everywhere they go.  

ENTJ: conquers the world as supreme all-powerful dictator. implements utopian society by sheer force. all troublemaking no-good rebels are beheaded. true global peace is attained for the first time in history. 

INTJ: creates a strain of bacterial superbug weapon that no one can cure. threatens the world into submission to settle its petty squabbles so they can get back to their tv show. 

ENTP: leads the resistance group to overthrow ENTJ’s supremacy in the name of freedom, beer, and all things sacred. then drives off into disappear into sunset and urban legend.

INTP: solves an unresolved paradox in theoretical science, resulting in a major breakthrough that opens an entirely new field of study. unfortunately it’s so theoretical, not many people understand it. 

ESTP: tries to solve poverty but procrastinates and becomes homeless themselves. wings it and writes a book on their experiences, which later inspires a documentary movie and spin-off tv show, convincing many of the need to fight poverty. 

ISTP: invents some new time traveling gizmo so every world tragedy never happened. also goes back to turn the Pyramids upside down just for kicks and accidentally loses their phone in the 1700′s. 

ESFP: recklessly spends all of the world’s money to end world hunger since they have no concept of the value of money. causes an economic crisis as a result but hey at least children aren’t starving. 

ISFP: saves the polar bear cubs from the melting ice caps and saves the killer whales from Sea World all while undercover. no one ever realizes it was them; Sea World is convinced killer whales have evolved to fly back to the ocean. 

ENFJ:  begins a global movement revolutionizing education personalized to meet the needs of each individual student. the best part is they somehow also eliminated the need for exams of every kind. since they do so for free, college boards eventually lose all their students and go bankrupt. 

INFJ: dedicates their life to furthering philosophical research and eventually discovers the meaning of life, blowing all minds on the internet. also starts a side project dedicated to helping those struggling with being single. 

ENFP: starts and leads thirteen movements against poverty, war, human trafficking, disease, domestic abuse, violence, but fails to stick with any of them. luckily inspired enough people to follow through while they’re off starting project #14. 

INFP: singlehandedly discovers the cure for all mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, eating disorders. goes personally from troubled individual to individual to hold their hands, look in their eyes, and tell them they’re worth it. 

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Jay Gave to You...

A Sherlock x Reader!

god damn i literally procrastinated this until the very last moment

(Also this is kinda based on I’ll Be Home For Christmas)


This Christmas was perfect in every way. Snow fell gently outside in the streets, mistletoe was hanging in the doorway, and presents where gently arranged under the tree. Well, it was almost perfect. You were only missing one thing. Him.

You had been waiting up all night for Sherlock, even though the reasonable part of you knew he wasn’t coming. Yet, you still couldn’t stop yourself from hoping and believing in him, which of course resulted in you getting let down time and time again.

You wanted to be mad at him. You wanted to hate him, to scream over and over again about how much you hated him, but you couldn’t even force yourself to think that way for more than a moment. You loved him, more than anything in the world. You loved him with all your heart, and though he very rarely said it, he loved you too. 

He just didn’t know how to show it. He forgot important dates, he hardly ever took you out, he unintentionally hurt your feelings then didn’t understand why you got upset. Sherlock was far from the perfect boyfriend, but you loved him. 

And while it was definitely not love at first sight, it could not be stronger one. 

Or, at least, that’s what you thought. Maybe…maybe you really were the only one who felt that way. Maybe it was all an illusion you created to give yourself the love you so deeply craved from him.

You dropped your head into your hands, sighing. On the table before you was a plate of untouched cookies, and two cups of hot chocolate. You had yet to shake the habit of make enough for two. Next to that was your phone, turned off as John just would not quit calling. 

Part of you was a bit bitter, as he had moved out of the apartment and in with Marry, but you really had no reason to be. He was still around all the time, checking on you and making sure everything was alright. He had even offered to have you over for Christmas, but you declined. 

It wasn’t the same without him. You wanted to have a nice Christmas with Sherlock, but things just…didn’t quite work out that way.

You lied down on the couch, watching how the lights of the tree reflected off the ornaments. You missed him so much, what you wouldn’t give to have him laying next to you, complaining about how you made him wear a festive sweater, or simply just being in your company.

The light reflected off your glossy eyes as tears began to fall. You just wanted him to be home, to be with you. But, of course, you knew that would never happen. He would never come home to you again.

Sherlock was dead, and after months of denying it, you knew there was nothing that could change that.

You fell asleep crying that night, and dreamt of a Christmas morning with him. Of a life you would never have with the man you would never get back.

And unbeknownst to you, Sherlock was somewhere, dreaming of the same thing.

i’ll be at your door tonight

summary: Killian tells himself not to fall in love with Emma Swan, the mother of the boy he’s babysitting. It’s really just a miserable attempt since it only results in failure.

also on ao3 

rating: G

wc: ~ 3,000

a/n: the original prompt came from an anon wanting a nanny!killian for emma & henry, and then there’s a bit of jealousy and yet still a happy ending. that was ages ago…but here it is. there’s probably plenty mistakes, too. sorry.

When he first offers his services to be a nanny to certain single mother Emma Swan, he doesn’t intend to fall in love with her.

There is no intention for him to fall in love.

His intentions are fairly pure, to just take care of her ten year old because she sometimes can’t be home with her sporadic perp chasing schedule. Killian is rather impressed that she’s behind throwing bail jumpers into jail.

His schedule is always quite flexible, given he works from home and is his own boss, so whenever Emma needs him, he will always be there to help. Sure, it’s a little weird that he always seems available all times during the days of a week, but it’s easy once explained that he works from home and it’s just himself behind a screen most of the time.

At first, perhaps he seems like a technological nerd, but he is beyond that. He doesn’t let Henry play video games into the late hours of the night or right when he gets home from school. Killian enforces the entire focus on your education thing just as much, ensuring that the lad gets his homework done and doesn’t procrastinate since procrastination never really leads to the best results. It’s just a lesson he teaches her boy, which will hopefully carry on into his later years.

When he finds their fridge relatively empty, he knows he needs to go out grocery shopping, but also can’t leave a ten year old alone when it’s his job to be looking after him.


“Yeah?” he yells back.

“Grab your jacket, we’re going to the supermarket.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a junior in high school and my grades haven't been so good as of late. I just can't seem to find motivation to do my work and as a result I procrastinate almost everything. Do you have any tips on how to motivate myself to do my studying and work on time?? Also do you have some study tips/tricks?? Thank you so much:-)

Hi there lovely! Oh no, I’m so sorry you’re in this situation ♥ When you home from school, frazzled and stressed, because the list of things you should be doing is a mile long, it’s a horrible feeling. But I think it’s really good of you that you’ve realised it’s not a good situation to be in, and that you want to change it. That’s the first step into feeling better - and you’ll do great!

First things first, I think you need to be very very honest with yourself and ask yourself why you’re procrastinating so much.

  • Is it because you’re hungry/thirsty? 
  • Is it because you’re sick/tired/otherwise not feeling well?
  • Is it because of your current grades? 
  • Is it because your family is pressuring you to do well?
  • Is it because you don’t understand the material you’ve been set?
  • Is it because you don’t feel good enough?
  • Is it because you hate the teacher?
  • Is it because you just don’t feel like it?
  • Is it because of a reason that I didn’t list here?

Because all these questions require different answers. But usually, it’s really just that hurdle of “oh no, I have to sit down and study” that becomes a barrier. Once you just don’t do it, because you feel bad. And then you feel bad for not doing it, and it becomes more difficult to sit down and study. So you don’t do it. And then it becomes this horrible circle, which ends with you being sad and anxious, because you’ve a list of things you need to do that are a mile long.

So, honestly, the first place I’d start is damage control. Right, you’ve had a bit of a dark time, but you’re going to get out of it now, because you’re strong and amazing and smart and dedicated. So you can totally do this. Start by making a list of all the things you know you should do/should’ve done. High school moves fast, and it’s easy to fall behind. Then start creating a study habit. Take the list, take yourself somewhere quiet, grab your school things, and start on the first item on the list. Just dedicate 10 minutes to it, grab a pen, whatever. Take a break. Relax. Play a game on your phone. Then do another 10 minutes. Take a break. Relax. You’ll see, in a while, that you’ll have finished that first item. Cross it out. Be smug. You’ve conquered that stupid hurdle, and you’ll only do better now.

So try and make studying a habit. Do it every day. Start by sitting down 10 minutes, then do 15 minutes, then do 20 minutes, then do 1 hour, and so on. You’ll realise that it becomes easier for you to just sit down and do it after a while. It probably won’t be easy in the beginning. You’ll probably want to quit, or shout, or not do the work. But you’re going to do it anyway, because you’re GOING TO BE AMAZING.

And, when it comes to motivation, the best motivation is to feel that relief. That relief of that you’ve handed everything in, there’s no last-minute “oh no, I haven’t done my timeline for History and it’s due tomorrow!” kind of stress; there’s just you, in your room, free to do whatever you wanted. If nothing else motivated me, that feeling of just being done and feeling accomplished helped so much. But regardless of that feeling, motivation can be super hard to come by. Why not try and imagine that you’re doing this for you? With the degree you’re working so hard for, you’re going to get a job. That job is going to buy you that car you want, to take you to place you want to go (the mall, the beach, the airport on that impromptu trip to Paris), get you a house, get you food. You’re working for your future, and you’re going to be splendid at it. I absolutely believe this. I hope this was helpful! x

full-time and jealous

prompt: If you have time can you write a fic where Killian is the nanny and Emma is the single mom and he falls in love and maybe jealousy from his part but happy ending please?? - anonymous

word count: ~ 2,800

rating: g. 

a/n: yes nanny and jealous killian for the win!

When he first offers his services to be a nanny to certain single mother Emma Swan, he doesn’t intend to fall in love with her.

There is no intention for him to fall in love.

His intentions are fairly pure, to just take care of her ten year old because she sometimes can’t be home with her sporadic perp chasing schedule. Killian is rather impressed that she’s behind throwing bail jumpers into jail.

His schedule is always quite flexible, given he works from home and is his own boss, so whenever Emma needs him, he will always be there to help. Sure, it’s a little weird that he always seems available all times during the days of a week, but it’s easy once explained that he works from home and it’s just himself behind a screen most of the time.

At first, perhaps he seems like a technology nerd, but he is beyond that. He doesn’t let Henry play video games into the late hours of the night or right when he gets home from school. Killian enforces the entire focus on your education thing just as much, ensuring that the lad gets his homework done and doesn’t procrastinate since procrastination never really leads to the best results. It’s just a lesson he teaches her boy, which will hopefully carry on into his later years.

When he finds their fridge relatively empty, he knows he needs to go out grocery shopping, but also can’t leave a ten year old alone when it’s his job to be looking after him.


“Yeah?” he yells back.

“Grab your jacket, we’re going to the supermarket.”

That’s how he finds himself in the supermarket with Emma’s son, strolling through aisles and such, filling up the cart with what’s necessary for every home. And yes, he left a note on the counter for her to see in case she begins to panic that he’s gone off and kidnapped her son to trade illegally or something.

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