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Why I’m Doing The Eddsworld Fan Movie

Hey, Eddheads. Marc here.

A common question that I get a lot is “The fanbase is so cringe-worthy now, so why are you still making the Eddsworld Fan Movie? Don’t you have to put up with a lot of those people?” And although there’s been a number of fans pestering us about which characters they want to see and when the movie is coming out, I never really thought that much about it.

For those of you reading this on someone else’s blog who has no idea what the Eddsworld Fan Movie is, it’s basically a passion project of mine that I started when I was a sophomore in high school four years ago. I was a big Eddsworld fan (and still am to this day), the fans who were still around back then were so nice and so generous, and I wanted to give something back to everyone who watched it and worked on it. Of course, the best love letter to the Eddsworld community I can think of was a full-length fan movie.

That’s why I started doing it. Because I loved the show, I loved the fans, and I wanted to express my love in the biggest possible way. Now, four years later, almost all those people that were fans of the show when I started working on the movie have moved on, and the fanbase currently consists of much younger people who might’ve been introduced to the series through later Legacy episodes like Saloonatics or The End.

While not all of the newer fans are bad (in fact, I’ve even made friends with a good chunk of them), some of these people have displayed certain types of behavior that Edd would not approve of. They haven’t personally affected me at all, but I know that there’s a number of people out there who just want to complain about everything we do and just want to see the movie come out.

So going back to an important detail I mentioned before, when I started working on the movie, the Eddsworld fandom was in a much different place. Now most people outside of Eddsworld only recognize it for strange AUs and shipping characters that never even liked each other in the actual show, and if a fandom that you’ve been a part of for so long starts to get made fun of for that even if not every single person in said fandom is guilty of those things, it becomes a lot less fun to be a part of.

But Eddsworld itself has left such a positive impact on me. If I didn’t start watching it, I wouldn’t have been as creatively motivated as I am today. If I didn’t start drawing comics, I wouldn’t have been able to replicate Edd’s style and help keep it alive. If I didn’t start working on the movie, I wouldn’t have gotten to actually work on the show and make comics for them officially (I did comics 191, 192, 199, and 200; and my fellow Fan Movie co-producer Billy and I animated scenes for The End).

I owe a lot of myself to Edd Gould. He made cartoons from his bedroom that people loved, and he worked so hard to make them as enjoyable as possible because he knew that people loved them, even when he was going through his second round of cancer. Edd found happiness and success from just making videos with his friends, and they were funny, and clever, and charming, and timeless, and hugely inspirational.

I’m extremely grateful to Tom Ridgewell and Eddie Bowley for allowing us to contribute to the show, and I’m humbled that they chose us to represent Edd’s work in The End, but it was because of Edd that I decided to get into a creative medium like this. It was because of Edd that I’m now coming up with my own original ideas for shows and movies and games and plays and all that stuff. It was because of Edd that I wanted to make a movie based on his work. And I made so many great friends because of it, all of them loving the show just as much as me.

We all have the same passion and drive to get this movie done, as much as Edd did when it came to his videos. And despite all the drama and cringeworthy stuff that people make fun of Eddheads for now, that is why I’m still working on the Eddsworld Fan Movie. Because of all the exciting opportunities that have opened up for me, all the clever and talented people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the years, all the love and support that have come our way, and how I owe a lot of it to the man whose world I’ve been tickled to visit.

Although he’s sadly no longer with us, we’ve all worked so hard to keep his spirit alive and well through his animation, his writing style, and his perserverence. We’ve been overwhelmed by the anticipation and the excitement that’s been target to us concerning the Fan Movie. And while I’m grateful for all the essays and paragraphs that fans write telling us how we’ve inspired them, working on the Eddsworld Fan Movie is really worth it just to be told four simple but impactful little words:

“Edd would be proud.”

Jack, just know that if videos can’t go up everyday while you’re gone, that it’s perfectly fine. The people who really love you will understand, and the people who get upset about it, whatever, they’ll get over it, and if not, they can leave if they’re that upset. They clearly don’t respect the fact that you’re a human, not a machine.

You have all these awesome things happening for you, you need to be in it 100%, it’s only fair for the people who are coming to see you.

Now, go, have fun and make lots of memories on these tours, you deserve it more than anyone! :)

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How is non-gender dysphoria dysphoria? Like you're a woman but you're upset about being gendered as one? I'm kinda confused. I get being upset about misogyny and sexism but am really not understanding the rest.

Being upset about misogyny and sexism is not cleanly distinguishable from gender dysphoria- being perceived as a woman means being perceived as a set of stereotypes (sex object, unintelligent, weak willed, physically weak, illogical, etc) and therefore being perceived in a negative way; therefore discomfort with being seen as, ssy, a sex object for men, is the same as being uncomfortable being seen as a woman because they’re socially the same. This, in combination with early childhood socialization to dislike yourself and your body, shame around your body beginning before puberty, training even as a child in how men will sexualize you, being discouraged from boy (fun, or physical) activities, menstrual stigma, lots of other things- these combine to mean that being seen as a woman is not being seen as a good thing, and for gender nonconforming women this is compacted by both pressure to disidentify from womanhood within queer spaces and early internal discomfort with femininity, which is expected of women and for which women are materially rewarded. So there’s no clean difference between being upset at sexism and gender dysphoria, though some people find that view offensive or think it minimizes dysphoria. Dysphoria is also a specific framework for those feelings, and they can be framed in other ways, though many people fine dysphpria to be a very useful framework, including myself to a large extent.

A bit of my dysphpria is social (I dislike being read by men as a woman especially, being called “miss” in public upsets and embarrassed me to some extent) but honestly a lot of it is very much based around physical sex characteristics, some primary and some secondary. Top dysphpria is the most pressing form of sex dysphoria for me but all the routes to solving it are messy and there’s no perfect outcome wrt it. But again, there’s no clean difference that and social dysphoria. How much of my discomfort with my chest is due to how it gets read as “woman” publicly and my discomfort with that? How much of it is feeling uncomfortable physically? How much or it is discomfort with how men can sexualize them against my will? How much of it is internal discomfort? I can’t tell you any of that.

Quite sleepy or I’d type more but hope this is helpful.

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Hi! Do you know any spells that helps you take revenge from the person you suffer a lot? Like giving them some of the negative things back they did to you. Giving them a taste and such? I would be real grateful x

You should check out my curse section, honestly. You will find what you need & more! ;) Look for stuff that will mirror stuff back onto them or “return to sender” type stuff. But there are a few that may suit your needs:

Best of luck, have fun! ;)

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Okay but fic idea: small Dick Grayson helping Barbara with makeup (for a dance or just 'cause or whatever). And like, he's actually fantastic with it??? Because he was in the circus and stage makeup was a thing, and now he needs perfect coverage 24/7 for the media and he also needs to conceal bruises and stuff from patrol so he knows a lot. Or, alternatively, Bruce helps Dick hone his makeup skills and is impressed by what he already knows? Idk man just anything with Dick and makeup haha

Confession: I put off answering this because I suck at doing makeup. It’s fun, but the only things I even put on are eyeliner and mascara and that’s like. Rarely. But I tried, and I hope you still enjoy!

“How do you even know how to do this?” Babs asks as Dick steps back and lets Barbara admire herself in the mirror. Barbara doesn’t really seem to understand what he’d done, but she seems to still like it as she moves her face this way and that, admiring Dick’s handiwork. “It looks amazing.”

“Thanks,” Dick says cheerfully. “My mom taught me when I was little. Spotlights and all that. I’d add glitter, but this is a dance, not a circus performance.”

Barbara hums, looking herself over, and then she shoots Dick a sly smile. “I could go for some glitter.”

“Yeah?” Dick laughs, rubbing the back of his neck. “And what do I tell the Commissioner when he asks why you have sparkles on your face when you’re going to a high school dance.”

Barbara rolls her eyes. “Stop being a wuss.”

“You’re dad’s scary. I can be a wuss if I want to.”

“Okay,” Barbara concedes, wincing a bit. “So my dad is a bit scary. But I’m in middle school. I can wear glitter if I want to.”

“And I’m your date,” Dick says. “And I’m going to try to keep your dad as happy as possible. I like living, thank you very much.”

Barbara decides that right then is a good time to punch him in the arm. Dick shoots her a glare and rubs the spot, but she’s not looking at him anymore. Instead, she’s looking over his extensive makeup kit. Dick grins when she picks up one of the many brushes and shoots him a raised eyebrow. “Seriously, Dick. This is all from the circus?”

“Some of it,” Dick says, shrugging. “Bruce replaces whatever I run out of.”

Barbara gives him an interested look. “You still wear it?”

“Yeah.” Dick doesn’t elaborate, though. He doesn’t tell Barbara that he wears it sometimes when he’s missing his parents and the spotlight and he wants something to connect him back to the circus, or that he’s wearing some right now to conceal the nasty bruise on his jaw from patrol two nights ago. He just grins and says, “It’s a lot of fun to put on and wear, you know?”

Barbara sends him a suspicious, because she’s always been a lot smarter than him at everything, but she doesn’t call him out on anything. Instead she just rolls her eyes and says, “Sure. Whatever you say. Now how about you go downstairs and talk to my dad and Bruce before my dad starts strangling Bruce to death for ever adopting you and letting you become friends with me.”

Dick snickers. “You don’t think he’d actual strangle Bruce, would you?”

Barbara raises an eyebrow. Dick’s out of Barbara’s bathroom and flying down the stairs before she can say another word. She’s probably wrong, but Dick’s not up to betting against her right now. Besides, he’s actually looking forward to everyone surviving tonight to have fun at the dance, so it’s best to just make sure.

It’s going to be a blast.

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Do you may have some tips for writing about bad weather? Like storms, thunder and lightnings (at night). Btw, I really adore your blog!

//As someone who has been through quite a few of those, I’d be happy to help. Fun fact: I’ve lived on the coast, where our wind got so bad it blew the roof off a restaurant in town! It took out a lot of the town’s power.

Starting with some basics (aka things you might already know about a storm).


I feel like people often underestimate how strong it can be when it’s storming and forget that it does more than just “howl”. It’s often knocked down trees around where I live! It picks up things like chairs or outside furniture, knocking them over, along with trash bins. It’s not uncommon to find someone elses’ things strewn across your lawn. Some people are advised to stay inside, because they can get blown over (it’s both sad and funny watching people try to navigate it, because they have to lean forward against the wind, sometimes to the extreme).


I think it kind of depends on where your characters live and how high up. I live in the mountains, so I’m closer, and the thunder can shake the house. It’s loud, aka why they’re called thunderclaps. Sometimes you can feel it in your chest, like a very loud stereo playing a bass heavy song.


Very quick flashes of light across the sky, in a way that reminds of a camera flash. The “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of fast. It branches out like roots. Never stand near a tree when there’s lightning out; do not stand near power-lines, either. It’s also advised not to stand near a window, but people tend not to really listen to that rule. I highly, one hundred percent, recommend looking up some cool videos of lightning (I’ll be linking some at the end of this post to help you out).


It doesn’t always rain when there’s thunder. There can be light sprinkles of rain, or a downpour of it. Sometimes it stops and starts again. I know you said night, but sometimes during the day, it can “sun shower” where it looks like there’s no clouds, but it’s still sprinkling water from the sky. The humidity in the air during a storm can remind you of breathing in the warm air at the end of a hot shower. The sensation of wet clothes is annoying and it’s freezing, like ice.


Hits your head like a) tiny pebbles being thrown at you by a rowdy child or b) hits your head like golf balls because someone decided to walk in the middle of the field. Cold (tiny balls of ice, pretty much), and actually hurt in a storm. Don’t walk outside when it’s hailing unprotected. 

Some general tips:

  • Remember to include the wind and the sound of it crashing things over, if it’s strong. It whips trees and bushes around. Wind is often not quiet in a storm (and as mentioned before, it does more than howl).

  • Watch some videos on storms; I know it’s kind of scary, worse even if you’re terrified of them, but it’s one of the best ways to get ideas.

  • Focus on the atmosphere you want to create. Spooky? Loud wailing winds, heavy thunderclaps, etc. Something more somber? Quick flashes of lightning, lighter thunderclaps, gentle tapping of rain at the window.

Now for some helpful videos:

People getting blown around by the wind.

After I went looking for it, I’ve realized that no one decided to record the differences between thunderstorms at the mountains and other places, like the sea or valley, so have some comps of thunder and rain, as well as a blizzard. I do not, in fact, expect you to listen to all of them. Enjoy that ocean one (2nd link), because as someone who has thalassophobia, when the video loaded into stormy black waters, I felt literally ill.

Have some cool lightning videos. It was actually kind of hard to find these videos where the lightning was just casual, for good reference, and not someOMG TOP TEN LIGHTNING STRIKEStype of video. Which, yes, I included.

Some hail videos, but not a whole lot. I didn’t really imagine you were talking about this or snow. Just in case.

I think that should cover it? I’m really sorry if I didn’t help!

@tantalum-cobalt tagged me to do a self rec. Thanks so much for this. I had fun looking over old stuff and picking out some favorites. I love a lot of what I’ve got and it was surprisingly hard to choose, but I narrowed it down by ones that I went, ‘man, I really like this’ for lol

The rules: When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers. 

Fics, in no real order (links to AO3): 

Things’ll Get Brighter-  Dick and Damian didn’t have much time for a reunion when they first find out the other was alive. This is the reunion they should have had.

Learning to Ride-  Bruce was going to teach Jason how to ride a bike, but he’d died before they’d gotten to try. When Jason finds his bike in the attic Bruce decides it’s maybe time to try again.

Some Kind of Normal-  Bruce sometimes forgets just how young Damian is. When Bruce comes to rescue him after a botched reconnaissance mission he realizes how much pressure he puts on his son.

Sun Spot-  Dick comes to pick up Damian for a lazy day and ends up sitting around with his brother while he draws.

Losing You-  What makes one a brother? Is it blood or time spent together? When Dick loses his memories of Damian the two must figure out how to relate to each other again while trying to find a way to return Dick’s memories to him. 


@camsthisky, @komadoriwonder, @audreycritter, @fuyunoakegata, @jerseydevious

I know it only said five, but I think this was fun and if you’ve got writing and want to do it I tag you too. : ) If you don’t want to do it, as always feel free not to. 

“But I love you!” / “But I hate you!”

Alexander huffed. He was currently sitting alone by the snack table while his friends danced together in the center of the gym, drawing quite the crowd. It wasn’t like them to leave him out of things, that’s why they invited him to the dance in the first place, but it was completely like Alexander to exclude himself and then feel bad about it. He should have turned down the offer to come in the first place; he would have enjoyed watching a movie at home much better. But at the same time he knew that he’d feel left out, which would lead to frustration even if it was his decision not to go.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t having fun; John knew how to make the most fun out of a school event where most things were prohibited. He was currently having a dance off with Lafayette, who was definitely losing, though he was enjoying it an awful lot. It made Alexander chuckle when the French boy fell when trying to copy John’s extravagant moves. He saw Hercules motioning him over, but he just shook his head and made a gesture for them to go on without him. Besides, he was tired. He thought after his friends had forgotten he was there, he’d go home.

“You know, when you’re quiet like that it’s hard to tell that you’re here,” said a voice beside him. Alexander snapped his head up. He must have been zoning out. It was strange how he could do that when the music was so loud. The person standing next to him was someone he didn’t want to see, and he wished he could zone out again. Thomas Jefferson had settled beside him, sipping punch from a clear plastic cup.

“Jefferson,” he mumbled, resting his head in his hands. “And here I was thinking that it was a good night.”

This is a good night for you?” He gestured to him. “Sitting alone while your friends have fun without you? Doesn’t seem like a good night.”

“I just need to rest,” Alex said, rubbing his thigh. “I know you’re probably not used to it, but introvertism is something that exists.”

“I’m very aware,” Jefferson assured, setting his cup down on the table. “Have you even been on the dance floor once tonight, Hamilton?”

“Precisely once,” Alex replied. “John managed to drag me into one song when we came in. I don’t feel like embarrassing myself a second time.”

Jefferson glanced at the dance floor. A slower song was playing now, various couples dancing together while others stood off to the side quietly chatting. He returned his attention back to Hamilton, who looked like he was zoning out again. “Well… I find it incredibly difficult for anyone to manage embarrassing themselves during a slow song.” He held out his hand in quiet invitation. “How about it, Hamilton?”

Alex winced, staring at the hand before looking up at Jefferson. “Really? You want to dance with me?” He barked out a laugh, “But I hate you! And I’m pretty sure you hate me too.”

Jefferson gestured for him to take his hand. “Oh, come on. One dance with your mortal enemy isn’t going to kill you. Honestly, dancing with you is humiliation enough.”

Alex exhaled sharply through his nose, taking Jefferson’s hand rather harshly and pulling himself up. “Touche.” He allowed Thomas to lead him to the dance floor, most of the other students too preoccupied to notice them. Jefferson took his other hand gently, leading him through the dance. Though it was nice, Alexander couldn’t help the glare that had settled on his face. “What are you planning?”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” Jefferson hummed, his signature smirk set on his lips. “I just want a dance, Hamilton. Is that too much to ask?”

“From you, anything is too much.” Jefferson laughed, and Alex was surprised from the lack of hostility. “Really Jefferson, what do you want? This has to come with some consequence.”

He shrugged. “Well, you’re right in some ways and wrong in others, but aren’t you always?” He grinned when Alex’s frown deepened. “I’m not planning something devilish, if that’s what you’re assuming. I just want to… talk, and this seems like the best way to get the message across.”

Alex quirked his brow. “The message? What message, that you want to dance with me?”

“Well, that’s the more obvious one,” Jefferson said with a sigh. He looked to be holding something back, but Alex couldn’t read his face. “Hamilton, do you really believe that I hate you?” he asked, a look of hurt flashed over his face.

“Well… Don’t you?” Alex squeaked.

Jefferson chuckled with a small shake of his head. “No. In all honesty, I find it rather difficult to loathe you as much as I want to. You’re insufferable sometimes, impossible in others. Everything we talk about ends up turning into a debate. It was annoying at first, but you’re so passionate and energetic. You never hold back. It’s become one of my favorite hobbies, arguing with you.”

“Thomas.” Alex grew weary as Jefferson brought his face closer. He could smell the fruit punch from his breath, a hint of mint also detectable.

Jefferson looked at him through half-lidded eyes, but Alex was staring at his chest, too flustered to look directly at him. “You may hate me, but… I love you.” Alex made the mistake of looking up, Jefferson taking the chance to kiss him. It was light, and brief, but it was definitely on purpose. Alex looked up at him with wide eyes, to which Jefferson just chuckle softly, almost sadly. “Well, I guess I just messed up any of my chances, if there were any at all.”

Alex blinked, reaching his hand up to rest behind Jefferson’s head. “No… No you haven’t.” He pulled him back down for a second kiss, this one more rough and forceful. Thomas was right: Alexander was full of passion and energy, and he was never one to hold back.

Once Bitten, Never Shy - Part 3

(( I’m having too much fun with this AU! @endlcss-possibilities ))

Mark had been doing a lot of inadvisable stuff since he had met Dark, but hanging out in an alleyway at one in the morning was definitely one the worst. Since the vampire had broken into his home and Mark had somewhat willingly offered his blood to him, it had become a regular thing stretching out for four months and Mark was enjoying it a lot more than he had thought. But, he also couldn’t get Dark out of his mind. He dreamt about him, longed for him, spent a lot of time scratching his neck where the wound had long since healed, and yet Dark hadn’t returned for nearly two weeks since their last encounter.

The alley he was standing in was the place he had first met Dark, when the vampire had been starved and had nearly killed him. Mark wasn’t entirely sure why he thought Dark would be hanging around in the same alley again, but it was the only thing he could think of. The bar had been a no go for the vampire, and Mark didn’t know any of his other haunts.

It was cold, and raining slightly, and Mark had been standing around for an hour when he decided this wasn’t going to work. As he began making his way down the alley back towards his house, he heard footsteps behind him.

Turning, half hoping it would be Dark, Mark found himself being once again slammed into the wall by a force too strong to be human, but the scent of the being holding him was nothing like Dark’s. Mark fought back immediately, shoving the person off him and striking them, hard, across the cheek. His knuckles didn’t split this time, which he was glad for, because he was met with eyes too bright for a human, and every instinct told him that this was another vampire.

“What’s a sweet little thing like you doing walking around so late at night alone?” The vampire asked him in a raspy voice, barely bothered by the punch and grinning as he approached Mark again, backing him into a corner.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Mark cursed, “Again, in the same fucking alley. Get the fuck away from me!”

“Ah…I don’t think you really understand the gravity of the situation.” The vampire laughed.

His movements weren’t as staggered as Dark, and he moved a lot quicker, so Mark barely had time to react before he was shoved into the wall again with such force Mark felt as if his ribs had fractured under the vampire’s hands. The pain was nearly unbearable, but a hand covered his mouth before he could scream, gripping him tightly and forcing his head to the side. This vampire was stronger than Dark had been when he had first attacked, and Mark was pinned without any room to struggle. He couldn’t do this again, couldn’t have someone else’s lips on his neck, this was so wrong. Every fibre in his body screamed it and he tried as best he could to break free.

“Relax doll face, this won’t hurt for long.” The vampire chuckled.

Mark squeezed his eyes shut and wished for Dark.

A strangled noise passed the vampire’s lips as they touched Mark’s neck, and his presence was suddenly torn away, allowing Mark to slump down to the floor, clutching his ribs and gasping for breath. Through the rain and the tears in his eyes, he saw a suited figure standing over him, holding the other vampire up in the air with an arm straight through their chest. It was Dark, and Mark had never seen him so angry. There was no trace of humanity left on his face, red eyes set in black sclera, sharp fangs bared, hands ending in claws that dripped with blood as the stranger choked out their life on the end of his arm.

“You do not touch him!” Dark barked, his voice so distorted by anger that Mark could barely tell what he was saying. “No one touches him but me.”

The other vampire tried to say something, but Dark didn’t give him the chance, ripping off his head with one smooth movement, turning his entire body to dust. Immediately, he crossed over to Mark and knelt beside him, eyes slowly returning to normal.

“What did he do to you?” Dark demanded, eyes boring into Mark’s.

“M-my ribs.” He stuttered out.

Dark’s hands were on him immediately, gently probing Mark’s ribs and taking him out of the curled position he was in. It helped, allowing Mark to breathe easier.

“You haven’t had anything broken, or fractured that I can feel.” Dark murmured, “It’s going to bruise badly though. What are you doing out here?!”

“I came looking for you.” Mark replied, using the wall to support himself as he forced himself to breath normally. The pain was slowly beginning to fade the longer he forced himself to breath, his lungs going back to full capacity even as the adrenaline from the attack began to fade. “You’ve been gone for a while so-.”

“You thought I wouldn’t be coming back?” Dark looked torn between smirking and rolling his eyes, arms folded as he surveyed Mark, evidently annoyed still despite his calm exterior. “I already told you, Mark, I don’t want any other blood than yours. Coming out at night, especially around here is foolish. Vampires are everywhere, and you seem to attract them easily. I may have to do something about that.”

Mark swallowed thickly, unsure if he liked the predatory look that had taken over Dark’s face.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I’m going to make sure that every vampire knows you are mine.” Dark said firmly, “I’m going to put a mark on you.”

“A mark?”

Dark nodded, pressing himself closer to Mark but allowing him space for the bruises forming on his ribs. In the low light of the alley, his eyes shone, pinpoints of light for Mark to focus on, and when their eyes met, Mark couldn’t look away.

“I don’t want this happening again.” Dark growled, “You belong to me.”

“What if I don’t want to belong to you?” Mark breathed. There was no conviction behind his words, and Dark knew it, but Mark liked to press and see how much he could get away. Dark knew that too, and he loved Mark all the more for it.

“What makes you think I’ll give you a choice?” He murmured, baring his teeth before he pressed his lips to Mark’s neck, the opposite side to the one he normally drank from.

“You always do.” Mark whispered, “Always.”

“Then tell me, what do you want?” Dark asked, voice low and right next to Mark’s ear.

Mark shivered and reached up to draw Dark closer. “Do it. Make me yours.”

Dark grinned against his throat, and Mark gasped when his teeth slid into the soft skin there. It was never a feeling he had gotten used to, despite all the times they had done it in the past, and he wasn’t sure if he ever would, but it was such an enjoyable feeling to him now he could barely focus when it happened. This time, it felt slightly different. Dark was using all his teeth, not just his canines, and he wasn’t drawing any blood. Mark’s neck felt like it was burning and stinging at the same time, and when Dark drew back, Mark reached up to touch the place he had kissed.

“You won’t feel anything different,” Dark chuckled, “But you’ll see the difference soon. It’s going to appear almost like a tattoo, but other vampires will know the meaning of it. It’s unique to you, and to me. So, no one is going to be able to feed from you, and if they’re foolish enough to try, they end up dead.”

“Thank you, I guess.” Mark said, hand still over the place where Dark had bitten. “You um…you’ve been gone for a while, do you need to drink?”

Dark’s eyes flashed, and he smirked, “I can sustain myself until we get to your home. I’m not really one for consummating something like this in a back alley.”

“You make it sound like we’re married.” Mark laughed as he looped one arm through Dark’s for support and began walking with him. It would be slow going because of his ribs, but he was going to make it home and give Dark what the vampire clearly wanted. And what Mark wanted too.

“Marriage would be a good term for it.” Dark said nonchalantly, “You’re bound to me for all eternity. Even if you move on and get married to a human, I will always come to you for blood.”

Mark stared at him. He hadn’t considered that, but his heart was telling him that right now, that future was perfect.

“Can you remove it?” He asked.

“Yes.” Dark admitted, “But there is no reason for me too.”

“And if I asked?” Mark pressed.

Dark side-eyed him. “If you truly wished it, then yes. But for now, let us enjoy this. Bonding like this makes the feeding even more intimate. I hope you’re ready for that.”

Mark flushed, and Dark laughed at his reaction. Nobody paid attention to them as they walked the streets, and Mark never once thought about the fact that the hand he was holding inside Dark’s coat pocket was smothered with the blood of the dead vampire.

My Kingsman The Golden Circle Review

So, I got to see Kingsman The Golden Circle today! Below the cut will be my full review of the movie, but I can say that it is a clunky, disjointed, bloated, but ultimately fun movie. 

I have a lot more thoughts on the movie but it is literally impossible for me to write them out and not spoil anything. So, if you’ve seen it or you don’t mind it getting spoiled, proceed!


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yeah thats the thing, it was a funny habit back in our 2014 atimer days and also for the entire homestuck fandom always. writing way, way more than you need to about a topic.
 in atimers i was a particularly bad culprit, and despite my deliberate attempts to curb on this in the homestuck fandom i’ve always been prone to the odd textwall. mostly about terezi. that’s a lot of fun. it’s better to draw comics expressing the point though cos then that’s more valuable cos it’s new content, also makes it more understandable. i love the hs community!!!! we’ve always been the Best with comics cos u can have the drawing ability of a broken car and make something fun.

analysis is an expression of passion, i guess, but there’s no point doing that if youre the only person able to enjoy it. academic journalists can’t really grasp this so they love to write stuff in harsh, confusing language that would make any dyslexic person have a brain aneurysm. also a piece of fiction is just written by a few people. if yourre gonna go into the deepend w that, you have to make sure youre not thinking about it harder than the guys who made it.

poor BKEW. you chased the rabbit through the tiny door and came out with a great big burn. 

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good morning! question to you: how did you get so good at writing?? ~ @the-sanders-sides

Ah what a sweet question! It has a built-in compliment! Thank you, friend! <3 

As for me…any talent I’ve acquired is probably the result of long years of practice. I’ve been writing for a very long time! And I read a lot. Truthfully those are the two biggest things I can recommend as far as advice goes–read authors you like, pay attention to what they do with their words and the way they make you feel the things you’re feeling while you read them, absorb from them and learn from them, and then–write! As often as you can and as much as you can. Learn to spot your own habits and tendencies and challenge yourself to change them from time to time. Mix it up. Have FUN!!! That’s what I try to do. <3 <3 

You guys are so awesome, you make my days so bright! 

I really want the Boxmore robots and the Bodega workers end up being, like, frenemies.

Like they still beat the crap out of each other for fun and they don’t label it as ‘friendship’ because that goes against everything Lord Boxdad has taught the Boxmore kids but every week a spare box filled with parts from the back of the Bodega that are salvageable shows up on the doorstep and that’s pretty neat-o. 

Whenever Miss Cosma shows up to see how things are going the robots manage to “hurt” the convenience store kids a lot more than usual, and sometimes they even manage to get a letter from the sign. One time it started raining really hard while they were fighting and Mr. Gar’s was closer so the Boxmores ‘raided’ the store to stay safe. Carol makes them lunches full of oil and bolts and screws and slaps them on the back for being ‘such good first-time-foes’ for her son.

Raymond catches wind of K.O. being in a soccer game (not anything official- just kids having fun) and he appears by one of the goals like five minutes later, insisting that he’s basically on his turf so he has to make sure the boy doesn’t get a big head if he wins. Sometimes, when Darrell gets bored, he pops up at the store to watch Dendy fiddle with her tech; he thinks it’s all super neat and the blue she uses for her screen is pretty. Mikayla, in true cat fashion, tries to lay on her hack pack every chance she gets. Shannon and Enid have sass-offs while Enid shows her how humans apply makeup to their faces. Rad’s van happens to break down but the next day he comes out it runs fine, though there is a new dent in the side of it, like someone kicked it for good measure.

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pretty amazing that even with all their problems the society keeps going on and more and more foreigners get interested in korea and flock there in masses and now that korean culture and media is getting so popular people concentrate on all the superficial things but a lot of them don't care about digging deeper or try understand what living life as an actually korean is like. i do feel bad for korean people, their way of life doesn't sound that fun at all :(

It’s a case of people equating media to culture. It’s an inevitable consequence of having an internationally-known entertainment industry. The majority of Koreans only know the US in terms of popstars and hollywood, too.

I think an important thing to remember about this is that hallyu fans don’t exist in a vacuum. Almost every Korean industry that exists has made success because of hallyu, be it tourism, food, makeup, electronics, etc. Even outside of commercialism, there are millions of people who have come to Korea to learn Korean language and history and traditional culture who originally gained interest through hallyu. So whoever thinks hallyu is “ruining” Korean culture (and isn’t in itself a part of Korean culture) is being ridiculous.

I think there’s nothing wrong with loving kpop/korean dramas/etc and not knowing “Korean culture” as long as the person is just aware that media=/=life. Loving kpop means you love kpop, it doesn’t mean you love Korea. And that’s fine, as long as you’re aware of it. You’re allowed to love kpop and ignore everything else, because that’s your interest, and we’re all allowed to have interests. You just have to remember that your interest is kpop, not Korea. 

But hey I get it. People, especially young people, are introduced to a society that is completely unlike theirs through the consumption of Korean media. Maybe at first they just see the pretty faces, but then they see the innocence, and the sense of humor, and the hard work Koreans put into their lives. And this is fascinating and attractive and ~new~. So of course people end up getting interested in Korea as a country. And there’s nothing wrong with learning about other aspects of Korean culture after an initial interest in hallyu.

I’ve yet to see a hardcore kpop/drama fan who is completely unaware of Korea’s problems. They know that these problems exist. It creates a cognitive dissonance that they resolve by saying “I know that Korea has a lot of problems, but every country has it’s downsides, and I’m willing to look past them.” No amount of digging deeper will change their minds. Same with people who’ve lived in Korea for one or two years, “I know Korea has its faults, but the good things still outweigh the bad for me.” People who still feel this way after five or ten years are pretty rare.

That’s not to say that Korea is a terrible place to live, or that people who say they love Korea don’t actually love Korea. Any love, for any amount of time, is still real love. I just think it’s easy to get swept up in the charm of a place that is so new and different to what you’re used to. Once everything new and different becomes old and ordinary, then you see those things as they actually are. 

Wrapping up this blog

I think I might leave it at that. It’s been a while since I seriously blogged, I’m not really in any fandom these days, I’m not making any original content, and while reblogging pictures of wombats is a worthwhile pursuit in life, I’ve probably done enough.

Thank you to everyone I’ve hung out with over the years, hopefully some of you will see this, and I just wanted to say you’re all amazing and I hope you get to do great things in your life, and be happy.

I’ve learned a lot from tumblr, met some fascinating people, and it’s (mostly) been a lot of fun.

Social media is weird. It gives people a chance to be themselves, and create something deeply personal and genuine. It also gives people a chance to be complete dicks, but then that’s life I guess. Find good people, avoid shit people, and trust your instincts as to who is which.

Anyway, I’m not deleting, and I’ll check my inbox now and then if you want to say ‘hi’, and yeah, all the best.

See ya,


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Lizzy, may I ask, what tips do you have for making digital art?

Read and watch lots of tutorials, for one thing. You learn so much from watching other artists.
Also, when you’re browsing fan art, try and think about how that artist did it. Their brush strokes, their art style, that kind of thing.
Finally, and most importantly, practice! It helps to listen to music, podcasts or even let’s plays; you’ll find time flying by and you get more done.
Have fun and good luck!