this thing i made it

This is my take on how LeFou must have been feeling after certain incidents. It kind of irks me that we didn’t get a few seconds of LeFou feeling anything for Gaston. Yes, LeFou broke it off with him and rightfully so, but this guy was his best friend who LeFou cared for, and he betrayed him, abandoned him, committed some downright atrocities, and died all on the same night. You don’t go to a party all sunshine and butterflies after that. So we have some Stanley flirting, but it’s too soon for LeFou. And he has a talk with Belle. 

Slowly the party guests dispersed, dividing back into their individual lives. He saw the Prince—er, Adam (“Please! Not so formal,” the young man insisted.) cheerfully seeing guests off and offering to “come back anytime” to merchant and peasant alike. LeFou was sure he was breaking about a dozen social rules, but he didn’t care. Something really special happened here today. LeFou had never seen so much beauty in one place—real beauty, and he was already sorry it was over. Going back to his own life was something he thought he could go on ignoring.
Stanley plopped in the chair next to him, giggling and hiccuping and stinking drunk. More reminders. LeFou tried to smile his warmest. It wasn’t Stanley’s fault LeFou couldn’t get himself together. “This place’s got the good stuff. One o’ two glasses o’ tha stuff will set ya on the right path.”
“The path to where?” LeFou chuckled.
“To trouble,” his lips curved into a flirtatious smirk. “Would you like—”
“Ar-are you sure you will be alright getting home? I think I ought to find someone to get you an escort.”
Stanley’s face fell into a slight frown. “Well, yes, alright… Thank you. I really had a lovely time.”
“As did I!” LeFou chirped a little too eagerly to make up for how disappointing he was being. But it was absolutely true. He did have a lovely time… as long as he was ignoring certain things. Still, he took Stanley’s hand gently in his own and placed a delicate kiss on the back of it. More giggles and a visible blush.
He watched as a servant arrived to see to Stanley’s safe return to the village.
“Why did you let him go?”
“Bah! Belle! I, er, uh… Thank you for having me. I mean… after everything.”
Belle noticed how he was suddenly so nervous in her presence. “I’m not angry with you anymore, LeFou. Actually, I never really was angry at you.”
“Ha, you’re not mad at me? Well, I’m mad at me, and I bet you’d change your mind if you knew the reason why I let him go.”
Belle’s brow wrinkled in confusion until realization hit her. It was Gaston. A dark cloud had suddenly cast its shadow on the both of them. It made her feel guilty to no end, but she could not deny that she was glad to be rid of him. Even now when she was sure everything was alright, memories of Gaston’s hateful, ruthless pursuit of her love lingered like a shadow.
“Yeah, that…” LeFou noticed the far away look on her pretty features and knew she must have been reliving it all over again. Thinking, it’s dangerous.
“I-I don’t know what to say. I am truly sorry though. I hate to see you so down.”
“You all must think me a fool.”
“Not at all. But he didn’t—”
“Deserve me. I know, I know.”
“Well, yes, but—”
“I wasted my feelings on him for all those years. Heh, I’m still wasting them.”
“Will you let me finish?” her tone betrayed her annoyance. It must have reminded her of him. It’s just that LeFou was so used to fighting to get a word in. Old habits.
“I was going to say he didn’t know what he had in you. It’s a shame he threw real love away,” she looked at him sadly. “And I truly am sorry.”
“I should have been there with him. I should have stopped him from causing all that pain, from killing himself. I could have done something. I abandoned him.”
“He abandoned you, from what I hear.”
“Yes, he quite literally used me as a shield and left me. I was so mad, I thought, ‘Go off to your ruin then. I never want to see you again.’ And I knew I needed to help those people. I am so glad I did. But still, I could have done more. I should have done more.”
“And do you think there was a chance he would have listened?”
LeFou said nothing. They both knew the chances of that were almost nonexistent. He knew she meant well, but the fact remained she could never really understand. To her, he was an unwanted annoyance, and what’s more, he turned into a complete monster. But there were things she didn’t know about him and probably wouldn’t believe if he told her. “In a way, he was my beast,” he whispered to himself without knowing he was audible. He heard a little gasp from Belle, then she gave him a warm smile.
LeFou laughed darkly at the irony of that notion. Yes, his very own beast.