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  • <p> <b>MC:</b> Bro I can fit my whole world in the palm of my hands.<p/><b>Craig:</b> Bro that's imposs-<p/><b>MC:</b> *cups Craig's face with his hands*<p/><b>Craig:</b> *teary eyed* Bro.<p/></p>
ot4 as people i saw in the movie theater while seeing dunkirk

niall: the bald guy that sat directly in front of me and proceeded to crunch loudly on his popcorn when the movie had started. kept on hitting my knees with his chair. probably fell asleep at some point

liam: the guy who gasped loudly whenever anything happened. clapped once when he saw the spitfires, stopped clapping when he noticed nobody else was. had his friend take a picture of him, and only him, with the big dunkirk sign when the movie was over. gave a thumbs up to the camera.

louis: the girl who was definitely there for harry styles. probably didn’t like war movies that much but definitely liked this one because of how ~emotionally harrowing~ it was. subtly but fiercely grabbed her boyfriend’s knee when harry appeared on screen for the first time. was definitely screaming inside

harry: the girl’s boyfriend. probably didn’t want to be there but was doing it for her. ended up actually enjoying it. gave up on being cool and started snuggling less than halfway through the film.

You know I’ve made it clear that I’m no fan of Supercorp and I don’t care about Supergirl one bit, but what the cast did today was really fucked up

I really feel for you Supercorp fans

  • Naruto: so, Sasuke, what do you want for your birthday?
  • Sasuke: *blinks* you mean as a gift?
  • Naruto: Yeah! I'll give you anything you want
  • Sasuke: *blinks*
  • Naruto: when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING
  • Sasuke: *blinks once again and then blushes furiously*
  • Sasuke: meet me in your office at midnight
  • Naruto: *doesn't get it* um okay
DEH characters as things I've said

Evan: Hello friend! Oh, I’m sorry–did I preemptively call you my friend??.

Connor: *someone says something about wanting to die* would you like the train schedule? Or maybe a tutorial with a cute anime girl showing you how to tie a noose?.

Jared: sometimes I say things that I genuinely mean but I’ve been sarcastic for so long even saying meaningful things comes across as apathetic sarcasm.

Zoe: one time my brother tried to convince me to walk into traffic when I was 2.

Alana: I’m smart! I’m sure I can learn a entire language and bring up my education level so I can get my GED early
*hasn’t been to actual school in 8 years and doesn’t know how to do basic math*
yeah! I got this!!.

one—my mouth tastes of blood and i bite my tongue too hard and there’s a scream that wants to rip its way out of my throat but i’m a bird now so maybe it’ll come out as a song—the land makes it look like the sun is just a golden coin hanging in the sky but it’s burning molten and i’m still trying to stretch out a hand to brush my fingers against it because i think this is love—feathers are floating down and floating sounds so gentle, but melting wax bubbling loose isn’t gentle

two—there’s still dirt underneath my fingernails and there’s the thought of scrabbling for solidity, but the air is all around me and this air is too heavy, i swear i could drink in a breath and forget to breathe out—the sea roars underneath me, it’s crashing waves edged with foam and it’s endless, bottomless—the ocean’s been carved onto a canvas with a palette knife, glistening and choppy, and my body waits for the impact like i wait for your touch

three—my lungs ache like asthma, like suffocation, like asphyxiation—this is becoming, this is unbecoming, this is heart-pounding-against-cage-my-ribs-make-themselves and you digging fingers under my skin and me trying to root my feet into soil until there’s dirt shifting around my toes—there is water flooding my lungs—there are birds singing stories of razed and breathing worlds and there are silhouettes of birds over the sun and i am staring up at them from blurring water like drowning

heartbeats and falls // w.t.o