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It’s interesting how people’s minds work. I recently stumbled across some friends getting anon hate, and then some trolls on my DA page, as well as the usual jerks in YouTube comment sections and I just sort of thought to myself about the logic going through their heads: alright, I don’t know this person, they don’t know me, we have never met before, spoken before, and they are putting out entertainment for free to anyone who comes by…I should be a dick to them and try to tear them down.

When some folks get the chance to say something to a random person online, and the first thing that crosses their mind is to personally attack them because they can with no consequences and they don’t even think twice…it’s just sort of…sad I guess


♠ Tacenda ♠ - Part One

>>Part Two (Soon)

(A/N) This is a sequel series, to Metanoia. If you’re a complete new reader, then I shall welcome you! To chop it off and make it simple, you’re a girl member in BTS, but it’s way easier to read Metanoia first because there are stuff coming up in Tacenda that links to Metanoia (obviously).

This series is about drama and romance (in one way or another). I have decided to top it up a notch, and go a bit further. It might make you feel uncomfortable/confused, but to put it simple, a few of the things, is based off my own experience and research. If you don’t like it, then you are free to stop continuing to read it. I have listed the warnings of the types of subjects I will be jumping into through the series and it will be shown in each part as well. Before I have scared you away, the things I will mention, is not something I will go in full depth on but, it will be noticable and discussed. When you read this, I will have to ask you, to have an open mind about it. Everything comes in various of forms, which you are not used to but it still exists.

Enjoy our new journey together, and I’ll hope I can do well!♡

Warnings: (Winter) “Depression”, Anxiety, Stress, Self-harm, Body image.

I love you still among these cold things.
Sometimes my kisses go on those heavy vessels
that cross the sea towards no arrival.
I see myself forgotten like those old anchors.
The piers sadden when the afternoon moors there.
My life grows tired, hungry to no purpose.
I love what I do not have. You are so far.
My loathing wrestles with the slow twilights.
But night comes and starts to sing to me.
—  Pablo Neruda, from ‘Here I Love You’

we all joke about the surreal ads that we sometimes get on tumblr but i really fucking hate the tourism ads that come up that are like 20 BILLION THINGS TO DO IN NORTH DAKOTA!!!!!!!! i dont live in north dakota. i dont have any intention of living, being, or going anywhere near north dakota. as far as i know, there is no course my life can currently take that will result in me being within any kind of proximity of north dakota. stop fucking tellling me about north dakota, or at the very least put a readmore on your fucking ad so i don’t have to scroll through 20 pages of this bullshit every fucking time

Okay, listen up, assholes. I don’t usually like to call people out for things they post. But I keep fucking seeing this same thing posted, and I’m just sick of letting it go quietly. So if nobody is going to say anything, I feel like I have to be the person to call out this bullshit.

A grilled cheese sandwich will not make a good french dip.

Read it again if you need to. However many times it takes to sink in. Because it’s just a fact and you have to accept it. 

Yeah, okay, I get where people are coming from. On the surface? Sure! It sounds like it’d be a delightful combination of flavors and textures. Two delicious things that are brought together to make something even better? Hey, it’s the basis of half the cooking on the internet.

But come on! Think this through! It destroy so much of what makes both of them good! The heat of grilling the sandwich is going to take away some of the delicious juices of the sandwich! Dipping the grilled cheese in the au jus is going to make the fantastic crunchy bread soggy! And the bread isn’t even think or soft enough to soak up enough of the au jus to make it worth dipping! 

I mean, for fuck’s sake, people. These are goddamn sandwiches we’re talking about! They’re important! Put a little bit of thought into them! 

And if I hear about any of you jackasses making a so-called “french dip grilled cheese sandwich,” I swear to god, I will fucking invite you over to my house sometime so I can make you a better sandwich. Do you understand me? Good.

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why do not you like cream. İm just asking

I just don’t. Not a fan.

They aren’t compatible at all in my opinion, and the ship doesn’t have a great history either. Plus, there was this whole Nightmare x Cross thing going around and then the creators just threw this idea in everyone’s faces out of no where. The fact that Dream is literally Nightmare’s brother didn’t make it better.

When it happened I was going through this whole hyper-relation thing with Nightmare’s character, and I wasn’t really at a happy point in my life, either. It just kinda felt like… Dream stole Cross from Nightmare? Something like that. And it was really freakin weird but I felt it because I was an anxious ball of sad hormones. And because of that memory, every time I see it, I just feel this really weird clenching in my chest. It’s a bizarre psychology thing.

Aside from that, which I’m steadily recovering from, they’re just bros in my opinion. Or rivals, rivals are good. (also gives Dream and opportunity to properly reflect the personality he’s supposed to have.)

Cross is a violent anti-hero and Dream is an honest-to-goodness small hero dude who is depicted as way too innocent (who also can’t get his priorities straight), plus they have such an uncomfortable first impression of each other… I don’t see them clicking.

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May I please request Big Bang reacting to their younger sister falling asleep in front of a computer because she's on a deadline for a paper and was up late typing it? I'm sort of in that situation right now because I've been stuck at work. I just have 2 more pages to write and then I never want to hear the word "neoclassicism" ever again. Thank you very much! 💞💞

Yikes, i feel you. I feel like I’ve been studying for the same thing for weeks now. 


He’d sigh seeing you with your head in the crook of your elbow and walk into your room. He’d shake you awake and tell you to go to bed almost sternly. But when you shook your head and started to rustle through your notes again he’d gather them up, point to your bed and wouldn’t return the papers until you had crawled into bed. 

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He’d feel bad for you, he saw first hand just how hard you had been working. He would battle with himself, let you sleep at your desk, or wake you up and possibly ruin the chances of you actually getting back to sleep. He’d decide on pulling the throw blanket from your bed and placing it around your shoulders before turning off your over head light and shutting your door.

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He would have caught you just in time as your head slipped from your hand and was about to hit the table. It woke you up suddenly and while he did want you to go to sleep he understood that you just weren’t ready yet. He’d take it upon himself to then help you study. Quizzing you until you were answering the questions before he could even finish the question. 

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He’d feel so bad for you. Knowing how you got around this time always made him feel like he needed to do something, but he never knew what. Seeing you passed out against your dest though would make him sigh and he’d walk in, waking you up and helping you to your bed. He’d ask you to get lost of rest and he’d promise that the next day he’d be there to help you if you needed it.

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He would have found you asleep while bringing you coffee, knowing that you would be trying to pull an all nighter. Him walking into your room while talking loudly would have woken you up and him seeing you all but drooling onto your notes would make his grin turn into a sigh as he handed you the coffee. He’d ask you if you were sure you couldn’t just hang it up for the night but when you insisted that now since you had fallen asleep for the hour you had, you needed to study even harder. He’d sit with you for a little while before heading home himself. 

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I really hate spoilers.

I don’t know how many of you remember the great Episode 8 leak of Season 1, but I saw the whole thing unfold and I was MAD.

Why is this (maybe) happening again? I really don’t need all of Season 2 figured out before it airs, and I’d like to just go through the Bughead drama at a tolerable pace than have some shmuck tease bad things that we don’t even know for sure are real.

Fic rec Friday:

Let Them Lay Swords at Your Feet (I Just Want to Put My Sword in Your Sheath) by: @vivilove-jonsa

Read it on ao3

Summary: A completely satiric look at Jealous!Jon at Winterfell when he returns from his mission to gain a powerful ally and dragons.

Jon Snow didn’t expect things to go swimmingly with the Northern lords or his family when he returned North after having bent the knee. He was prepared for that. He’d do anything to keep them safe even if it had meant a thousand walks of shame through the streets of Kings Landing. However, what he wasn’t prepared for was facing his feelings of extreme jealously when he returns to his fair sister again…and finds a lot of guys lining up to swear themselves to her service.

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Hey hey! I need help with a dialogue prompt. Character A and Character B are best buddies for years but they have a strong disagreement that could tear down the mission they're in, this because Character A is focused on their duty while Character B just got wind that their child is in danger, and Characters C and D try to stop them from fighting but the fight gets heavy and Character B finally leaves. I need help with ideas for this fight, please? Thank you!

“Come on, you two. This is important, but there’s other things to be worried about, too.”

“You couldn’t possibly understand what I’m going through right now, because you’re too focused on the mission.”

“We’re going to fail, because you the lack the ability to focus on the goal!”

“You cannot tell me you wouldn’t be in my shoes if you were going through this!”

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Oh, so is it considered embarrassing to have a parent/sibling/child/other direct relative become a seer and not a warrior? Or would it be considered an honor/blessing from StarClan? Gahhh and just, what are relationships between a seer and their family normally like in general? Since seers go through completely different training, have to help many cats all the time and can't be too close to any particular person, does it tend to isolate them from their relatives/previous friends a lot??? :(((((

Oh, a family would be thrilled to have a seer relative, especially if they were a good seer! They do end up being a little separated from their siblings and parents, but any mother would look at her child with pride that they’re serving the Clan in such a special way. They still all love each other dearly, but they understand that the Clan comes first, so they’re willing to make little sacrifices like that. 


Coffea cleared his throat. It was now or never. “I don’t want to put you under any more stress, and things are, um, calm again – kind of – but…” Rhody was looking at him (or, more accurately, peering at him through squinting eyes), and Coff grimaced. “Okay, so, my brother came to stay. Yes, I have a brother. No, we’re not on great terms, but he and ‘Ica talk, sometimes. She invited him over without really telling me. Um… drama happened.”

Rhody’s eyebrows rose and rose until there was no more room on his forehead. “I – uh – well. That was – unexpected. I thought you were going to say that the bachelors fell out, or something.”

“Well, some of them aren’t happy with me.” Coffea thought of Cydon’s expression and reluctance to talk. “I’m sorry, Rho,” he whined, “I really tried to have things go peacefully for you…”

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I really want to play overwatch (for the lesbians lol) but I think I'm going to have to resort to just watching the cut scenes on YouTube. will I still get the whole story? Or will I miss some things?

there are no cutscenes in overwatch because it is a multiplayer only game.. you can certainly watch the shorts and get a low down on some of the characters but a lot of the characters come to life in game through voice lines and interactions ? and other media (like the comics and whatnot) and most of the lore isnt even states explicitly in the game either really 

Salazar gets stuck in Henry despite having the Trident, and he rants and raves, kicking things, getting sand in his eye, and throwing a major tantrum. His crew watches from beneath the waves, mouthing the words “We Told You So…”

Armando fights Henry for control of his body while the crew wait on the Mary.

“I don’t want to walk this way, I WANT TO WALK THAT WAY!” Black veins appear on Henry’s face, and his eyes darken as Salazar tries marching in the opposite direction on the road.

But Henry comes through again.

“I have a job! I have to go to work! Do you want this body you’ve stolen to get weak? Because no job, means no money…which means no food, no shelter…do the math old man!”

Salazar grumbles for several minutes in Spanish, clenching Henry’s fists.

“Alright, boy….you win this one….” but his chuckle makes Henry extremely nervous as he continues walking.

“Why the sudden fear, Turner Bean?”

Henry scoffs. “I am not afraid-”

“Ah, ah! Do not lie to capitan Salazar….I am forced to share your body…I can sense your emotions….”

“I hope I sneeze a lot.”

Salazar is taken aback. “You wouldn’t DARE….If my men find out I’ve been turned to dust, they will-”

“Do what, capitan? THEY CAN’T GET CLOSE ENOUGH!”

“Canon fire from the Mary can…..”

Now Henry’s the one grumbling every curse word known. 

“Such language is not befitting of a young, respectable man! You are not a pirate, act like a proper citizen!”


“If it’s illegal then you shouldn’t write about it in a work of fiction because people may see it and think it’s ok, but not all illegal things, some are fine because I haven’t thought about it or I like that thing- also some legal things I just don’t like, those things should be illegal too, and no one has any way to tell that something in fiction isn’t ok to do except for me but I’m not going to read/watch the thing because I already know exactly what it’s about and that the creator didn’t make it sound bad enough or have any moral lesson so it’s bad and even that one bad thing I did see all the way through is problematic because the creator didn’t make it clear it was bad to do the thing(s) and I either missed the subtly or KNOW others will miss it so it shouldn’t exist because not everyone can tell the difference between fiction and reality and some people get triggered by this stuff and sometimes children go online without parental supervision and by children I mean anyone who is 19 and under.”

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My daddy and I split up over a month ago (he's going through a divorce, it's been going on for I think 2 years now) I'm trying a vanilla relationship with my best friend, I've known him for a while and him and I have this deep connection I haven't had with anyone else before. Plus we get along so well. So far so good. I don't think I'll ever tell him in depth about the things I'm into. Its a bit different, there are no rules for me. Any other littles or daddies going through something similar?

I’m sure there could be.. but I’m also sure the relationship will eventually and most likely end badly. Once you have been awakened to your true self, surviving and being content in a vanilla relationship is difficult at best.

 I wish you all the best of fortune in the world with it… but walk with caution and be vigilant. Guard your heart.. and watch the wind.


“Fuck yeah it was!” Switching again to her crass personality, she then elaborated. “I destroyed everything that was important to you: family, friends, accomplishments, talents, everything! I made the best things in your life turn to shit! Seek and destroy!”

“What’s the point to all this? Why are you making us do this? Why do we have to go through everything, case by case?” Mikey asked, wanting to know what her motives are.

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Hey, Jenna. So my friend's kind of upset at me for leaving public school to be home schooled. She's saying i abandoned her even tho she knows i had to leave cause i had really bad social anxiety. I think we may stop being friends soon which really sucks cause we've been friends for 5 years. Could i get a hug from Mare? Thanks for doing these hug things they're really sweet of you, and don't feel pressured to answer this asap. Love you Jenna and you're an amazing person!

(I’m sorry to hear about your friendship not working out. Though I’m strongly in agreement with you. It must have taken you a lot of consideration and courage to go through with the decision. You know what’s best for you, and if your friend wishes to keep your friendship, they’ll accept that as well. And thank you, I’m sure you’re an amazing person too <3 )

Mare sprawled out across your bed, a ball made of shadows being tossed up and down, “I know why you’re doing school at home, but let me just say, ew.”

He caught the ball and let it break back into smoke that drifted off. Sitting up he opened his arms to let you crawl onto his lap. Wrapping his arms around you he nuzzled into your hair, “If she’s really your friend, she’ll come around. Give her time and she might be okay. If not then don’t hold it against her too much, okay? It won’t do you any good to make what you had with her into something bitter. That’s how nasty shadow monsters get born.” He tilted his head back so you could see his playful smile.

here’s the plan y’all

  • finish making the List to go through the end of september 
  • gotta a lil fic i might try to get out today (anybody interested in new fic? it’s going to be called on a tuesday afternoon overlooking the thames, just a lil philosophical rambling sort of thing tbh. sometimes i think thoughts! and i give them to john & sherlock so they don’t have to live in my own head) 
  • keep on keeping on with a study in scarlet (literally the name of the book is allegedly about lips in a biblical love song i’m……deeply in love with the guy who annotated this edition) (it was ed glinert btw) (also i’m keeping tabs of biblical references in canon and so far they’re all gay) 
  • can i illegally download kingsman 2 yet. i heard it was bad but i still want to see it for colin firth reasons. 
  • buy a copy of wonder woman and watch it 30000 times in a row
  • check my bank account & make a payment on my cc
  • gotta run up to the store and buy a pot and potting soil and re-pot a plant before it dies 
  • also to vacuum up the dirt mess where the pot fell over like last weekend which i never cleaned up bc i’ve been sick all week (it’s fine it’s like, behind a table where you can’t see it unless you’re sitting on a sofa in just this one exact spot) 
  • put some stuff up on ebay to sell
  • finish reworking this cross stitch pattern i’m building 
  • decide how i’m gonna tackle this list this weekend bc things are getting real outta control on it and i gotta do it. i gotta do better on it. i wanted to get down to under 500 things by the end of september and i….did not do that.

good plan good plan let’s go team!