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TID Appreciation Week: Day One (Favorite Character)

William Owen Herondale

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An Unwanted Surprise

Dean Winchester Drabble  

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam (Mentioned)  

Word count:  585

Trigger warnings: Suicidal talk, self-harm scars, Depression, Panic attack (tell me if I missed anything)  

(Do not read this if any of this triggers you please)  

(I based this off of things that I have gone through myself which made this somewhat easier to write. This is my first Fan Fic and I just want to thank @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms, @ilostmyshoe-79 , @chelsea072498 for letting me read their fucking fantastic works and inspire me to finally put something I wrote onto here. Thank you guys so much so much)  

Hearing an audible sharp intake a breath from the door way you curse to yourself for not closing the door before you started changing. Quickly pulling on your pants you shove down the panic that Dean just saw your old self-harm scars.  

“Y/N what were those?” He nearly yelled as he stepped into the room. Turning to him your face void of emption so he doesn’t see the panic you’re feeling you mutter the lie you always tell yourself.  

“Nothing. They were nothing.” You can see the rage, hurt, confusion on his face.  

“Those were not nothing Y/N. They looked like scars a lot of scars. More than a hunter should have in one place.” You took a deep breath trying to force down the panic but failing miserably. Clearly shaking you answer him with a small trembling voice.  

“T-They’re old self-harm scars from a few years ago” It felt like you had stopped breathing and in reality you had. The next thing you know Dean is holding you to him trying to get you to calm down and breathe.  

“Sweetheart breath. C'mon Y/N breathe with me.” Running a hand along your back while your ear is on his chest focusing on his hear beat you slowly begin to breathe in time with him. Soon you’ve calm down enough to speak but he beats you too it with a question.  

“Why?” He sits you and him down on your bead waiting patiently for you to answer him.  

“A-as a teenager I was depressed.” You start out slowly. “I wasn’t well liked in school and I couldn’t seem to do anything right in my mother’s eyes so I really started to hate myself. At first it was just on my arms with a paper clip, not enough to do damage, but soon that wasn’t enough and I started using pencil sharpener blades on my arms. It just got to the point where I did it on my legs. I stopped after 3 years I think but the damage was done” you finish shaking softly.  

Through all of this Dean was quiet and listening closely and wiped away a couple tears that you hadn’t noticed fell from your eyes. Scared to look into his eyes you buried your face into his chest. He gently placed his fingers on your chin motioning you to look at him.  

“This isn’t something you have to hide or be afraid of Y/N. You aren’t alone in this world anymore. You have Sam and I and If you ever feel like harming yourself or any self-destroying thought please come to me or Sam. We are willing to listen to you and not judge. We love you Y/N you’re family. Please don’t hide anymore sweetheart.” He gently kisses your forehead and rests his chin on top of your head.  

Fighting back tears you bury your face into his neck as he rubs his hand up and down your back. “Thank you Dean…thank you so much. I love you too. You guys are my family too and I wouldn’t trade you two for anything in this world. ”  

“Us either sweetheart.” He smiled softly into your hair.  

For the first time in a long time you felt at piece with who you are and that there are people in this world that love you.  

You know, the more I think about it, the more angry I get with the writers of this season of Legends of Tomorrow, and especially with how they’ve handled Mick’s storyline and the entire betrayal thing this latest episode.

Because the thing is - for Mick, as I read him, it wasn’t ultimately about betraying the team, about getting back at them for treating him badly.

For Mick - it’s about choosing Leonard Snart.

And the thing is? I don’t actually think it would have made any difference, if the Legends had been consistently decent towards him. If they hadn’t insulted his intelligence, if Ray had been a more present replacement partner, if we’d seen Amaya actually spend time with Mick, working on his mental issues.

Mick would still have chosen Len.

Because Len is the most important person in Mick’s life. They’ve known each other for more than 30 years. There’s no other major presence in Mick’s life that we’ve seen. And Len died for Mick.

Also, don’t forget: the Len we saw this episode wouldn’t have felt like a stranger to Mick. This was the Len we saw in season one of the Flash and in that flashback to Mirror Master’s origin story. Cold, ruthless, violent, all about the score and perfectly willing to kill and cause collateral damage? That was the Len Mick used to know before all this superhero nonsense changed him. Honestly? The Len we’ve seen most of would, to Mick, feel like the real aberration.

Mick chose Len. He would always have chosen Len.

Which means that this entire season has been a case of incredibly lazy writing. Because the writers have basically been hard at work giving Mick an excuse - by having the team treat him like a thug and occasionally a bully, by having them make comments about his intelligence.

Meaning that there’s a number of viewers - myself included - who felt it was incredibly cathartic to see Mick finally have had enough and turn his back on the team.

But that was lazily done. That was lazy writing.

Imagine a Mick who had been accepted properly and properly integrated in the team. Imagine a Legends team that had continued the first season’s dysfunctional family thing, with Mick as a proper part of it. Imagine that Mick coming face to face with Len.

And still chosing him. Because he’s Len and Mick will always chose Len.

There would have been so much more drama.

We could have had Mick actually struggling with his decision, because it would actually have felt like a betrayal against people who had become his friends. We could have had the Legends feeling genuinely betrayed, instead of that awful scene where only Ray could be bothered to admit that they hadn’t been treating Mick like a trusted team mate. Hell, we could have had a scene where Mick actually had a chance to argue with past!Len.

But no. We got a season of writers planting the seeds of Mick’s excuse for ultimately betraying the team to the point where I don’t even particularly like several of the characters anymore. And it’s not as if I sat down to watch this season wanting to see that.

no u know. melody made it out like if i didnt comfort them Every time they werent doing good i was bad and awful.

they got mad at me for comforting them and then talking abt a thing i liked.

and i get needing attention and reassurance is a bpd thing. i have bpd i know this.

but melody made it so if i wasnt comforting them each time i was an uncaring terrible person/partner

and the thing is… theyd do the exact same thing to me. sometimes without even talking to me when im in a bad place

like… “i expect everyone to pat my ass even tho i cant put forward the effort to return my demands”

and like. them pulling that made me so paranoid and anxious and i felt like they fucking hated me and yet i wasnt allowed to leave/cut off lmaaoooo

anonymous asked:

How did you do it?

I began exercising more. Running, cardio, weights etc. but the diet was the most important. I went from drinking sweet tea and having chick fil a everyday, to eating only things I made at home.

Over the last month, my boyfriend and I did a program called 20/30. You began the day with one fruit, have a snack of one vegetable, lunch, a snacks of one fruit, and then dinner. Also taking supplements/vitamins, and drinking only and lots of water.

I’ve lost about 15 pounds on this diet (about 5 pounds per week), and I have one week of it left.

Just keep your head up and focus one day at a time!! Don’t stress too much 💗💗

I have made sets where I captioned them “the Roci crew minus Alex” and it doesn’t make for a good caption. Please guys I wouldn’t leave Alex out okay. I fucking love Alex. I think he deserves more and should be involved in more. But I can’t magic things that don’t exist. I put some photos on a set. Follow the source link. Give me a break.

💪Shoplifting😫🛍 Protip 💵

Step 1: go to ur local Walmrt

Step 2: go to th sports + outdoors aisle

Step 3: locate the weights

Step 4: pick them all up one by one

Step 5: put them all back (one by one)

Step 6: leave the store

Step 7: never come back



There was someone in my inbox talking about hair-down Kuroo and the first thing I thought was “it’s been a while since I’ve last made Bokuto feel gay over Kuroo’s hair hasn’t it”


Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do


i’ve been waiting to draw this for weeks now