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can you do a sex w daveed headcannon?

  • there are many clipping. songs that you’ve served as inspiration for
  • it’s usually rough, but it starts off tender and sensual for the most part
  • backstage sex
  • lots of public teasing on both your parts
    • usually results in having sex in bathrooms, coat closets, etc
  • he always complains that his head hurts afterwards because you keep pulling on his curls
  • takes you into dark corners of clubs and fingers you because you look unfairly hot and he needs to do something
  • he likes it when you keep your heels on
  • you guys definitely experiment with sensory overload, esp with blindfolds, and orgasm marathons
  • you always tie your hair back before you give him blowjobs, so now whenever you tie your hair up he gets a boner (it’s a real psychology thing)
  • hot tub sex is definitely a thing here
  • he loves lifting you up and shoving you against the wall, he loves you gasps and moans right in his ear as he fucks you
  • sometimes has a thing for making you beg for it
  • he’s so attentive after sex, like it’s almost ridiculous but it’s amazing
170223 BTS - Aladdin Fansign

- Jimin said he’s about 60kg.

- Jungkook looked at his white bunny Kook doll and said “Oh it’s me!?”

- Namjoon said he usually rides a bike to Yangjae Citizens’ Forest. (a park in Seocho, Seoul)

- Hoseok said he will work hard to compose music this spring.

- Yoongi said his ear has basically all healed.

- Seokjin said the thing he wants to do the most this spring is winning the lottery.

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i'm sorry but vkook is 982% real i'm honestly just waiting for them to go public rn

i mean…. i’m not saying their real…… but like….

look at the way taehyung’s touching jungkook’s ear and how jungkook has his eyes closed and their faces are so fucking close and this just looks so intimate wow end me right here right now i’m going to scream about this for the rest of my life ©

“Don’t bother,” he replies grimly, “I said I wasn’t interested in this. If we fucked, sorry for leading you on, if we didn’t, I don’t know why you’d want to be associated with me anyways.” And Harry wants this conversation to end right there, now that he’s said his piece, so he looks back towards Y/N and says, “These are organic grapes, no?”

The girl gets the hint, leaving with a huff and Y/N tuts her tongue at him.

“You’re so mean, Harry! What if she really liked you?”

Harry shakes his head, “She liked my cock not me.” He says apathetically, and Y/N’s face turns towards sheepish like it always does when the mere mention of his escapades comes to head (which it doesn’t often, but he knows Y/N has ears and she hears things), “‘sides, she was rude to you. I don’t like that.” He straightens out, “Did you take your medicine?”


Harry doesn’t really like people, but he likes Y/N

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…Aaaand he is also in for a bit of a shock once he actually gets filled in on what’s gone down!

Next part will be along soonlike!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ


OkaY i know this is super long overdue but I’ve finally sat down and done the much requested masterlist of my writing (how it is set up is the link of the story first and then a small little preview of it below it) (and the most recent ones are at the top). I’m only going to do the oneshots for now, I’ll save the blurbs for a rainy day, but here it is and I hope this is of use to y’all!

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please consider: Steve the really uptight, clean-cut perfectionist wedding planner & bucky, his grungy tattoo artist bf that scares Steve's clients when he brings Steve coffee during appointments.

Um. Totes magotes.

  • Steve has a very minimalist, modern office – everything is white and chrome, and there are beautifully-arranged vases of lilies all over the place. When Bucky rolls in with mud-crusted ten year-old Docs and a grungy indie band t-shirt so worn you can practically see his nipple piercings through it, he sticks out.
  • Whenever Steve gets the call that Bucky’s around, Steve drops everything and prances over to him like an over-excited retriever. Clients think it’s endearing to see their wedding planner so in love up until they get a good look at Bucky. Then they’re just confused.
  • Steve has convinced more than one couple to get wedding tattoos at Bucky’s shop. Bucky grouses like it’s a problem, but he secretly loves doing it, and has been caught doodling ideas for he and Steve in the margins of his notebooks.
  • Nobody knows it, but Steve has a full back tattoo, done by Bucky. He had been terrified of needles, but had been so taken with Bucky when they first met that he just dove in, just for an excuse to keep coming back to the shop. When Steve admitted that to Bucky a few months after they started dating, Bucky nearly smacked him. “You spent $3000 just to hang out with me? I would’ve been happy with a cup of coffee.”
  • (Steve thinks it was totally worth it.)
  • Steve is organized to a fault, but he has no brain for numbers. At the end of each month, Bucky pulls his hair back, puts on his glasses, and spends the afternoon crunching numbers at Steve’s office. It’s everyone’s favorite day, because Steve will just sort of sit at his desk and stare dreamily over at Bucky. Bucky will shoot him a glare every so often and tell him to knock it off, but everyone knows he loves it.
  • Sometimes Bucky tags along to weddings when Steve needs an extra helping hand. At some point they’ll end up slow dancing together in a corner, and more than one wedding photographer has caught pics of them whispering sweet things into each other’s ear and put them as examples of their best work on their website.
  • Bucky wants a big wedding. Huge. Monumental.
  • Steve wants to elope. He’ll bring Sam, Bucky will bring Becca, and with the money they’ll save they’ll fuck off to Napa Valley or Paris or the Grand Canyon for a month.
  • They promise each other that they won’t ask the other to get married until they figure out some kind of compromise.
  • That is until Steve finds Bucky’s secret wedding Pinterest board one night while surfing the net and sighs. He goes out and buys rings the next day, and tells him they’ll do a beautiful destination wedding, wherever he wants, however big he wants, because he’s a sap and he just wants to marry this guy already, even if he’s an overly romantic sap who isn’t completely disillusioned with wedding parties.
  • But Steve does his damnedest to make sure that their wedding is the most beautiful wedding he’s ever seen. For Bucky’s sake. 

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OK SO if laura comes back and she's derek's alpha, does that mean she takes in erica and boyd? who all is in her pack? does she fight scott over stiles and yell at him for taking the spark for granted??????

“Wait, my what now?” Stiles asks, blinking.

“Your spark. Shit. Derek, you didn’t tell him?” Laura smacks Derek across the back of the head.

Tell me what.” 

That’s you’re basically Beacon Hills’ own Harry Potter?” Laura raises an eyebrow, a scary imitation of her brother. Or, as Stiles is beginning to realise, not an imitation at all. She’s the fucking original. He’s kind of in awe. Next to her, Derek raises an eyebrow too and looks….kind of adorable, really. Like he’s copying his favourite super hero or something. 

Wait. Back up. 

I have magic? Like, real life magic?” He turns to look at Scott who…of course, isn’t listening to the conversation, too busy making heart eyes at - Isaac? - from across the room. Stiles frowns, surprised, until he realises Kira is making the same heart eyes at Allison and Allison is making them back.

Jesus, and he thought bringing everyone back from the dead was going to be the complicated part.   

Erica barks a laugh from her place on the sofa and adjusts the flower crown she just finished making on Boyd’s head. “Yer a wizard, Stiles,” she says, waggling her eyebrows. Stiles refuses to find it endearing, especially when Boyd smiles softly at her and, out of the corner of his eye, he catches Derek smiling too. He definitely does not find Derek being happy that his (well, technically now Laura’s) pack is happy the least bit heart warming. 

His heart is definitely not warm. 

“So, what, does this mean I can ride a broom?” he asks, grinning, trying desperately to distract himself from the fact his heart is, indeed, warm. 


“No,” Laura says, tone flat, “but my brother might have something you can ride.” She winks and Derek’s ears turn bright red.

Stiles chokes and Erica holds out her hand for a high five, which Laura accepts. 

I hate you all,” Derek mutters, just as Stiles yells the same thing, accidentally knocking over a lamp in the process. He hopes it wasn’t a Hale heirloom. 

“It wasn’t,” Derek says and they stare at each other, taking turns swallowing nervously. That is until someone coos, causing Derek’s cheeks to take on a similar colour to his ears. 

It’s the most adorable thing Stiles has ever seen and he can’t help it - he crosses the room, tired of waiting. Tired of denying. Dignity be damned.  

y’all, what if sidon has a huge thing for link’s ears? like he cannot get enough of link’s ears - he loves rubbing the pad of his thumb along the long, pointy edge, loves nibbling on them during more intimate moments and just is always paying a little extra attention to his ears

(bonus: link’s ears are a little bit of a erogenous zone and the first time Sidon touches them gets quite the reaction out of link)

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Idk what anyone else thinks but, youngjae has cute ears 👀




















I love Yuuri growing out his hair not only because it looks um, AMAZING but also because it feels like, even if just on a subconscious level (which is what I imagine it would be), it shows a little more confidence in himself? 

Like short hair is the norm for a man and doesn’t draw attention to you, but if he grew out his hair and had to pull it back, that’s much more attention grabbing. And to me, it shows a growing confidence in his own appearance, which is very, very important to me! Yuuri realizing he can be sexy and appealing is so much yes. 

I love the idea of Yuuri wearing slightly more eye-catching clothes? Like occasionally brighter colors and patterns, and maybe sometimes, something a little flashier that still fits his personality. Maybe a little bit of Victor’s extra rubbing off on him, feeling okay and comfortable wearing expensive stuff sometimes. Just– being okay with people noticing him off the ice too. Maybe doing small things like piercing his ears (after all his sister has so many piercings, which is certainly unconventional where she’s from, so he may very well have thought about it), that he’d always thought about but never done because that’s something people NOTICE and he’s always tried to fade into the background.  

Just Yuuri being gorgeous and maybe a part of him realizing that there’s nothing wrong with people thinking him as such. And Victor loves this, of course, because he wants nothing more than for Yuuri to gain confidence in all aspects of himself. 


Give me that role reversal AU with Prince Merlin where Arthur doesn’t have magic, is a deposed Uther Pendragon’s son and somehow becomes Merlin’s fakely magical manservant with a bitchy Gaius in tow. Arthur is the one who has to hide his identity as Once and Future King because… his friend Merlin is Crown Prince.

Give me Arthur pretending to have magic through science and sheer problem solving ability. Or how he doesn’t get credit for doing difficult things because he’s supposed to have magic anyway. And how much he adores watching Merlin do frivolous, beautiful magics  that he can’t even dream of doing.

Give me Arthur hiding Excalibur in his room when he’s not using it to defeat Undead Knights or plotting High Priestesses. Tell me about Merlin not knowing he’s Emrys, and just being a chilled out Prince who doesn’t know that Arthur has no magic at all and is actually in constant danger All The Time.

And bonus chalice, because Nimueh and Morgause are the evil queens of Camelot who don’t want to see the prophecy come true.

 Mizumono doodle, but Will gets to hug Abigail and they run away together

Aesthetic for a Kedamono who was terrified of his Popee

Kink/ddlg/cgl(re) don’t interact

Pain and Pleasure

This is the much requested prequel to Black and Blue, you should read that first, it’s very short!  Or not, if you want to get straight into the smut.

This is 2000 words of pure sin.  Very explicit.  And verging on (very consensual) bdsm.  You have been warned.

They’re getting to that point in their relationship where the sex feels more familiar but less exciting.  They’ve definitely settled into a routine foreplay and position-wise, because they know what works now, and everybody gets to orgasm, and it’s fun and hot and satisfying.


Betty has known, from the very beginning, that she has never been a straight up, boring, missionary kind of girl.  

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Scientia Twins AU

Wooooboiiii @hypaalicious for thee~

• Aurelio Felix, named after the smile he gave to his mother when he came out and surprised her when the doctor said, “I see another one!!”

• Though they were both groomed for the role of Advisor, Aurelio stepped down to pursue the role of Librarian in the Citadel Libraries.

• But Also is amateur Eos historian, getting ready to travel all over Eos to bring back even more data.

• Not as good as a cook like Ignis, but his pastries will bring you to your knees.

• Of course his brother needed someone to spar against as an equal measure of power, so they are always constantly training.

• Recommended yoga as a form of relaxation but also to keep each other’s strength up

• hc that Prompto also likes yoga and so one day they all do a session together and bc Noctis wasn’t feeling well one day, he took a video of Ignis and Aurelio trying to do couple yoga to cheer him up

• Prompto and Noctis nearly lost their lungs that day sweet blessed eos

• “How are you so heavy?! We’re the exact same!”

“I beg to differ, Ignis, your tush is bigger.”

“Oh, well i beg your pardon, its probably the air in your overdeveloped skull.”

“I’ll drop you, you twat.”

• Thinks of Prompto and Noctis as little brothers, while Ignis is in meeting he’ll join them for pizza and sweets.

• Sometimes very scatterbrained. Not quite as polished as Iggy. Probably missed that class. Constantly takes notes and writes down important things, will not remember other wise

• Has a single earring. An old tear drop topaz on his left ear. Ignis has the mate hanging off his keychain. Their mother’s old pair.

• Smiles a little bit more than Ignis, much more relaxed

• But still just as busy, he’s planning a road trip at around the same time as Noctis’ so as to catch the boys at Altissia and see his childhood friends and brother stuffed into suits.

• Has tattoo of his and Ignis’ birthday on his left forearm with ignis’ initials in minimalistic style.

• Has several pet goldfish and a small black cat that never seems to get bigger. Called her Fish for the hell of it.

• Loves his jeans and cardigans. He likes to dress up for work but he will never relinquish his distressed jeans and his black knit cardigans nEVER.

• He loves you if he let’s you borrow his cardigan.