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We Can Never Go Back To Before

(I am sad and write of sad things.  Everyone will be all right in the end, I’m sure, but, Harris, you can’t run from your past forever.)

“Let’s eat peanut butter cups for dinner.”

Harris shifted the bag of groceries in his arms. “Was that your plan all along?”

Darcy nodded. “Yes.”

“Then why did we go grocery shopping?”

“I was luring you into a false sense of security, nutritionally speaking.” She did a little spin, enjoying the way her skirt flared around her knees. The bags in her hands bumped against her legs as she stopped, facing him. “It was my devious plan.”

He grinned at her, his cheeks pink from the spring breeze. “With chicken breasts and frozen vegetables?”

“You didn’t suspect a thing,” Darcy pointed out. She threw her hands in the air. Harris ducked under her bags without missing a step. “My plan was a success!”

“We’re not eating peanut butter cups for dinner,” Harris said. But he was smiling when he said it.

“Maybe you’re not, but you’re not the boss of me, soooooooo…” She tipped her head in his direction. “Make me a better offer.”

“I don’t know,” he mused. “I mean, we could try eating real food and not spending the rest of the night curled up in the fetal position, praying for death as the sugar rush wears off.”

He had a pronounced cowlick right now. It was adorable. Darcy shifted both of her bags to one hand and reached out with the other. “You make it sound like a bad plan.”

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the best thing

notes | I’m definitely drowning with the real world a little bit, but here’s some absolute soft fluff to combat reality. Enjoy :)

title | the best thing

Her smile is like sunshine breaking through the clouds; a bright patch in an otherwise dark storm; a calm port amidst a churning ocean and even when it’s tiny and absent and directly entirely at her computer screen, he drinks it in, reveling in the warmth of her.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he says one night, when they’re both up to their elbows in their respective forms of paperwork and the late hour and the easy camaraderie and the companionable silence leave him feeling particularly honest. He’s been watching her from the corner of his eye for a while; his reward every time he finishes a page in a case file a brief glance at her focused furrow and a moment to be washed away by the steady click of her fingers against the keyboard. It’s like a balm for his world weary soul and it leaves him incapable of maintaining his long wrought silence on the subject.

Caitlin looks up, that furrowed brow deepening a bit, completely distracted. “What was that Barry?” she asks, sparing him the warm corners of that sunshine smile.

He just beams, bright and easy and unabashed, and repeats himself without a single moment of hesitation. “You, Caitlin Snow, are the very best thing that’s ever happened to me. More than my powers, more than saving the world or running through time or anything else.”

He says it with the kind of easy conviction that takes absolutely no effort or thought: the words just fall out of his mouth on a breath of air, like they’ve been just been waiting for him to exhale them into being.

Bemused, Caitlin smiles more softly at him, watching him with a thoughtful, appraising sort of expression that he feels right down to the ends of his toes.

“I think,” she starts, slower than him and more halting, but not any less sincere as the warmth from her smile wraps around the words themselves, “that you might just be the very best thing that’s ever happened to me to Barry Allen.”

His chest swells, tight and overwhelming and the very best kind of not quite suffocating and all he can do is look at her like she hung the stars, enamored in very single way. The look she trades back reads the same and they bathe in it for a long moment before they trade a ridiculous grin and then turn back to the work they’ve been doing.

Just like that Caitlin’s typing away and Barry’s scratching out data and there’s no more words between them, just the occasional shared look and a wealth of private smiles. Barry works his way through a week and a half of backlogged case reports and Caitlin catalogues the particulars of this weeks meta human villains and it’s almost an hour later that they finally start winding down. Barry flashes around the room, shutting off monitors and computers and double checking their security protocols while Caitlin saves her files and by the time she stands up, he’s waiting by her side with her coat held out, beaming down at her. “Ready?”

She grins back, taking a long second to just take him in before she pitches forward on her toes to press a short but sure kiss against the corner of his mouth. “Thanks Barry,” she breathes, letting him slide her arms through the sleeves of her jacket before they make their way to the parking lot to head home for the night, fingers tangled together

there’ll be a moment in your life when a girl will grab you by the hand and drag you into her room and introduce to her bed like they’re old friends. her eyes will fill with mischief, and the red from her lips will make its way across your collar bones. you’ll want to speak, try and gasp her name but you can only suffocate on the air around you. it makes you dizzy. you’ll find you like it and let yourself drown.

doitforrher  asked:

Hi Butterfly! Now that we've seen proof of the existence of the Old gods and R'hllor, is it possible that the Seven and the Drowned God also really exist? Apologies if you've already addressed this; I couldn't find it on your blog. Thank you! 💕

I’ve got quite a few posts about the “reality” of the gods in my #asoiaf religions tag, and a bunch about the Faith in #the faith of the seven tag, but it’s kind of scattered, so no worries. I just want to note that per GRRM, the truth of the religions is not really the point:

GRRM: Well, the readers are certainly free to wonder about the validity of these religions, the truth of these religions, and the teachings of these religions. I’m a little leery of the word “true” — whether any of these religions are more true than others. I mean, look at the analogue of our real world. We have many religions too. Are some of them more true than others? I don’t think any gods are likely to be showing up in Westeros, any more than they already do. We’re not going to have one appearing, deus ex machina, to affect the outcomes of things, no matter how hard anyone prays. So the relation between the religions and the various magics that some people have here is something that the reader can try to puzzle out. 

Magic is real, that’s a given. Some of the gods that people worship appear to be connected with magic. But, for example, is R’hllor truly a “god”, or is it a fundamental power that sometimes magically answers people who follow certain ceremonies? I think there’s a distinction there. Just because there is some kind of fire entity or energy that is powering people (bringing Beric back to life, giving Melisandre visions, etc), it doesn’t mean that this being actually has any of the characteristics that its followers believe it has. That is, it isn’t necessarily merciful (or vengeful, or whatever) nor does it consider all other gods to be demons, it just Is. That’s GRRM’s distinction between a religion – the beliefs people have about the gods – and magic – the things “gods” can do.

The being worshipped as the Drowned God is also very likely a powerful entity, this one related to water magic. It may be that it is powering Patchface’s visions. It may be that it did other magical things in the past. (Though note that drowned men are not really returned to life by the power of the Drowned God, but by CPR performed correctly.) But is the Drowned God actually a paternal figure who lives beneath the waves and welcomes the glorious dead to an underwater Valhalla? Almost certainly not. Is it actually a Lovecraftian tentacle monster who will be summoned by a ceremony of blood and destruction? Mmm… probably not that either. Mind you, an epic kraken or Lovecraftian tentacle monster might respond to such a ceremony, and maybe some will name it the Drowned God (maybe characters, maybe readers), but I very much doubt that GRRM will make it explicitly clear that it is truly one thing or the other.

Now, the Old Gods may appear to be an exception here, but they really aren’t. They aren’t “gods” as such; rather what is called “the Old Gods” is actually a network of ancient unconscious greenseers bound to weirwoods. This network is semi-omniscient in the sense that if you tap into it you can see past and present and maybe future, especially where weirwoods stand. And it is probable that the psychic/magic potential of all those in the network could once have done great things (like the Hammer of the Waters that broke the landbridge of Dorne into the Stepstones, and drowned the Neck). But do the Old Gods actually care about those humans who kneel in vigil before the weirwoods? Well, other than those networked greenseers (for example, Bran) who have a connection to those people… probably not, alas. But there’s still a lot of potential there, for power or magic when needed.

And as for the Seven… it may be that there was once a seven-in-one entity that gave visions to the Andals way back when. (I doubt there was ever an actual Hugor of the Hill.) And maybe it actually let some people perform miracles, once. But over time people believed less in the Seven and more in the structures of the Faith – in the statues, in the septs, in the books, in the crystals – believing more in the shell that grew up around the gods than in the gods themselves. (And the Faith has a more complex structure/shell than just about any other religion we know of in ASOIAF.) So maybe there was once true power to the Seven, powered by its believers… but if so, it’s probably non-existent now, or nearly so. Maybe it can still do small things – a spark of belief to motivate a man who might die otherwise, or answer a breathless prayer – but I doubt that the Seven will ever do any grand magic like the other entities that answer to the names of the various gods. Does that make the Seven less “real”? I don’t think it really matters.

See, the point is not whether religions are valid, if the gods are real, or even if people can perform magic with the help of “gods”. What matters is what people do with their belief, with the power they can access, and why they do it. That’s the point of GRRM saying there won’t be any deus ex machina, gods on stage answering prayers – it’s people that are the most important thing in ASOIAF. Always were, always will be. People and their choices, the human heart in conflict with itself. “Here and now, we are alive.”

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MakoHaruRin/Marinka: Why it works

As I’ve said before, MakoHaruRin isn’t for everyone so I understand if people just want to stick with their OTP. This essay is just to analyze why the boys are so good as a trio and fill in the missing gaps of each individual relationship.

Before we start, I want to clarify that I’m discussing this relationship as a triad. This is not Makoto and Rin begrudgingly sharing Haruka. This is not Rin and Haruka begrudgingly sharing Makoto. This is all the boys loving each other. If the other stuff is more your thing, well this may not be the essay for you.

Also, I’m going to tackle character flaws so if you don’t like to see your favorite character being critically interpreted, this may also not be for you.

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