this thing creeped me out i thought it was so gross idk

You know what I like a lot? The thought that Dean can just tug Cas anywhere at any time and Cas, who can lift tons without effort, who can demolish things with the light of his grace, who has battled and gone to war, has defended and broken, who is a skyscraper worth of power packed into a human suit, will just let Dean do it. Pretty sure it spawns from 05.03 where Dean just tugs his coat open, places his ID in there, then steps into his space and scoots his tie into order.

Then we got 08.10 when they’re in the last moments of whipping demon ass and Cas has gotten Samandriel out of the torture gear and Dean doesn’t have to look up, really, he knows that when he barks at Cas to go, Cas will be gone like yesterday.

I know I’ve already said this (in fic, at least) but I want to see Dean tugging Cas around by his coatsleeves and plucking at his jacket and Cas just comes, in a way he wouldn’t for anyone else. Almost as smoothly, as effortlessly as if the real challenge were keeping himself from following in the first place. Like his body wants to go where Dean does.

Dean and Cas in line for fast food, Cas studiously inspecting the light boards above the register and, as the line moves forward, Dean just takes Cas’s sleeve between two fingers and draws him (this angel, packed full of light and horror, all-powerful, an embodiment of creation, capable of absolute annihilation) through the corral with the lightest touch. Castiel’s eyes stay on the light board until Dean asks what he wants and he drops his eyes to connect, says with complete determination, “I want to try a Choco Taco.”

Dean pulls up his hand and places a quarter in Cas’s palm, has him drop it in the free entree tank (idk if Taco Bell even has those anymore, but whatev). Cas carefully analyzes the tank for the proper angle, factors in the movement of the water, the weight of the coin, the type of metal it contains judging by production year, and the probability that the coin might slide off of others on his chosen platform. He drops it perfectly and they get a free burrito.

There’s this pat on his back, and a pleased tilt to Dean’s mouth which means he enjoyed that very much. Cas lets his own pleased smile slide into place.

Dean decides to have him hold on to the change, bundles it in the receipt paper and says he can drop more coins in if he comes up to order more.

He picks through the coins and places them in his pocket as he follows Dean to the drinks machine. Every time Dean moves, his elbow pushes into Cas’s stomach because he sticks so close, but Dean doesn’t have him back off, hasn’t asked him to in a long time. That’s just who Cas is, Mr. Inside The Bubble.

He shows him the best way to mix the regular Dew and the Baja Blast and has him take a sip to prove how awesome it is. Cas’s face screws up thoughtfully, but he doesn’t comment otherwise. Dean takes that for it being just as awesome as he’d proclaimed.

Cas stays close at the condiment counter, too, so Dean looks over his shoulder to make sure nobody’s looking before he grabs handfuls of sauce packets and stuffs ‘em in Cas’s trench coat pockets.

“Hold these for me. I’m gonna use 'em on my eggs tomorrow morning, it’ll drive Sam nuts. He thinks they’re gross.”

He gets a booth and touches the back of Cas’s arm, barely a push, so Cas will know to sit across from him. It’s the same when he’s ready to go, he stands over the side of the table, sucking his drink through a straw and he reaches down to grab at Cas’s jacket, give it one tug so he follows.

Dean likes to direct with touch, and the more Cas lets him, the handsier he gets. A palm lightly on the small of Cas’s back as they enter a police station and he ushers him through the door. Grabbing Cas’s pocket and hauling him close to whisper in his ear that he thinks something’s not right with the witness. A tapping driving Dean nuts as they creep through a state library at night. He thinks someone’s following them at first, but it’s actually the ends of Cas’s shoelace that’s come untied clicking against the tile floor. He tugs Cas into a corner and drops down real quick to tie his shoe, pats his calf as he rises and whispers, “look out or next time you’ll trip and hurt yourself.” Though Cas could hardly mortally wound himself from tripping, he’s touched that Dean would care to warn him.

Cas being stubborn one day and wanting to walk off and look for his own evidence, but Dean actually reaches for his tie, grabs it, yanks him to a halt.

His eyes narrow and he does stop, but only to rip the end of his tie out of Dean’s hand.

Dean starts to stutter out, “Too far, right, too far, sorry, Cas, sorry, but we can’t just spl–”

Cas rolls his eyes, reaches out and grabs Dean’s hand. His unshakable, angelic grip means that Dean can’t untangle their fingers until he figures out to ask nicely. Only, by then, they’re being stalked to the edge of the crime scene and he reaches for Cas’s hand again and presses them both behind a tree.

They’re out there for a while, in the cold, accidentally weaponless and unsure who they’re up against or he thinks Cas would maybe just level them with his light whammy or whatever. It’s so cold. He only releases Cas’s hand to open the front of his trench coat and step inside. Cas pulls the coat around them both and holds Dean close, safe inside of it.

Not Like The Others (End)

Request: “Can you mix asshole reader, manupilation powers!reader, bff pietro!reader, jealous!bucky, bucky being sooo in love, reader mayyybe loves him back but she is soo good at hiding that, idk summary of all this is reader is an asshole and such a smartass (tony vibes) bucky loves her cause she is different than all other girls. she is the only person makes him laugh and he just fells for her aand the avengers finds out about that and tease him and her yayy! multiple parts would be amazing as fuck”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: probs swearin’, flufffffff


“Y/N.” Steve calls from the couch but you keep rolling around with your hands covering your face.

“You okay?” Sam questioned but you don’t answer him either.

Bucky smiles down at you, chuckling because you’re just so cute. Tony makes a joke causing you to throw your shoe at him and Bucky stands up, walking around the couch and over to you.

“Y/N.” Bucky murmurs softly and you stop rolling around. You sneak a look from your hands, seeing Bucky standing above you along with everyone’s wondering eyes watching you. “C’mon get up.”

You shake your head and roll on your side with a huff. As you trace the designs in the tile of the floor, you feel a pair of strong arms pick you up and you’re met with the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen.

You look over at Natasha who was smirking at you and you glare at her. “You’re a dead woman.”

She chuckles. “You’ll be thanking me later.”

Instead of responding you just glare at her some more before placing your head on Bucky’s chest. You breathe in and close your eyes as he starts walking away from everyone. You hear a door open and you open your eyes.

Bucky’s jaw clenched when he saw Pietro in your room. He kept his eyes on him as he walked over to your bed and set you down. Pietro looked at you and took a step towards your bed.

Bucky was too focused on Pietro that he didn’t even see Wanda in there as well. “What happened? Is she okay?” Pietro asks in a worried tone.

You just stared at the ceiling, the blush still on your cheeks. “She’s fine.” Bucky responds firmly.

Pietro looked up at him and smirked when he saw that Bucky was beginning to get a tad bit jealous. “I’ll take it from here big guy, my love needs me.”

You roll your eyes at Pietro’s words. You know what he’s doing, he’s trying to rile Bucky up even more. Pietro reaches over to take your hand in his but Bucky pushes it away.

“Actually Y/N and I need to talk.” he says.

“I love talks.” Pietro smiles. “What are we going to talk about?”

Wanda smirks from her spot in the room and walks up to her brother. “Come on Piet. I heard Tony ordered take out from that place that you like.” she grabs his arm and pulls him to the door.

Before she exits the room, she throws a wink Bucky’s way. When they were both gone he shuts the door and kneels down beside you. “Y/N.”

You turn your head to look at him and the blush creeps back up your face.

“What Natasha said,” he starts off, his gaze falling to his socks as he smiled. “Was it true? Do you love me?”

“I believe in love with you is the correct term for what I feel.” you respond.

Bucky’s smile grows even more but he has yet to look at you. “So you do feel the same way as I do with you.” he states.

“Yeah.” you nod.

“Then why didn’t you just tell me that the day we were at the park?” he finally lifts his head, giving you a pursed smile.

“Because I-” you sigh and sit up. “I’m not.. good with expressing my feelings. Never have been. I hardly ever told my parents that I loved them, not because I hated them or anything but because I’m not much of an affectionate person. I just assumed they knew I loved them because I did. I’m more of an ‘I’ll show you’ type of girl rather than an ‘I’ll tell you’.

“That day at the park, I wanted to tell you that I felt the same way but I froze and my first instinct was to just change the subject. You put me on blast that day. Warn a girl, will ya?” you joke and he chuckles.

“Yeah I know. I’m sorry. I just wanted to know if I had a chance with you.” he responds.

“Well you do.” you nod.

“Can I - what’s going on between you and Pietro?” Bucky questions and your eyebrows knit together.

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“It’s just - you two are really close. Like really really close and I thought that-”

“We have a thing going on?” you finish for him and he nods. “Bucky no, that’s gross.” you giggle. “Pietro is like a brother to me just like Wanda is a sister to me. When Hydra captured me and experimented on me, they were the only one’s who were there with me. They were the only people I had. I act that way with Pietro because we’ve known each other for so long. He protected me and Wanda. I would never date him though, too much speed for me.”

Bucky chuckles at your words. “So I got jealous for no reason.”

“Yup.” you smile.

“Awesome.” he laughs. “Who knew?”

You tilt your head in confusion. “About you being jealous?”

“No,” he chuckled as he shook his head. “About your feelings for me.”

“Wanda and Pietro.” you respond and looks up at the ceiling.

“Oh my god.” he groaned before looking at you again. “No wonder Pietro would smirk at me every time you were around him. He knew I loved you and you felt the same way. It was like he was taunting me.”

“Yeah, Pietro can be an asshole.” you laugh.

“Wait, if only Pietro and Wanda knew then how did Nat know?” he questioned and you sigh.

“The little shit overheard me saying it earlier. Wanda told me that you were jealous of me and Pietro because you love me an all and I told here that I obviously felt the same way but I’m shit at communicating my feelings and Nat came by to tell us that you guys were gonna watch a movie and yeah.” you say. “She said she was gonna tell you and I tried to stop her which led to me chasing her into the living room and tackling her but she still told you.”

“You didn’t want to tell me?”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to, I just - Bucky you’re asking too many questions for my little brain to process.” you say and he laughs.

“Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop with the questions.” he says.

“Thank you.”

“Just one more thing.” he holds a finger up. “Do you still love me?”

“Yes, you gigantic dork.” you playfully roll your eyes.

“How about now?”




“What about now?”

You laugh and throw yourself at him, causing the two of you to fall to the floor. You look at him and smile before pressing your lips to his in a sweet kiss while his hands find their way to your hips. “Yes, you idiot. Now stop asking me questions and kiss me again.”

Bucky chuckles but leans in, closing the small gap between the two of you as your lips meet in a long overdue kiss.

A/N: Was this all too quick or?? Oh whale, I hope you guys liked this :) drop a request in my ask if you have one, I’m tired so I’m gonna go to sleep, it’s 1 in the morning, peace out homies.


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Thanks for your requests!

Here’s my third entry for Boyfriend!NCT! I really enjoy writing these so much and please tell me what you think of these fluffballs! And also please check out my Boyfriend!Taeyong and Winwin! 

🍀 My inbox is always open yall! 

🍀 Feel free to send me requests! 

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fictionisthebetterreality  asked:

Heyy sooo I'm not sure if your requests are still opennnn, but if they are lets imagine Akaashi is really scared of bugs and then him bo kuroo and tsukki go on a picnic or he finds a spider in the apartment when he's alone and has to like board himself up in the bathroom or something, idk I just find the idea of Akaashi being scared of bugs so cute for some reason

It’s been exactly an hour since Kuroo, Bokuto, and Tsukishima left to go run errands.

It’s also been thirty-five minutes since Akaashi spotted the spider in the kitchen, and it’s been exactly thirty-four minutes since he locked himself up in the closet.

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i wanted to write something for pensversusswords to cheer her up and she asked for fluffy mermaid au

hopefully this is fluffy enough, despite all the stuff that crept in xD

Sunlight glints off the surface of the water the way it does off the scales of the schools of fish that flit by under the surface.

Steve peeks out over the waves, checking in every direction for indication of lurking predators or signs of humanity, but this isle is one of the few places where it’s still rare to spot a human. Most of the land meets the water in sheer cliff faces, but there’s a small cove that lines up with the setting sun where fine white sand fades into steep jungle. To one side water flows down the cliff face under winding strands of ivy. Colorful birds are frequently visible there tipping their heads back after filling their beaks with water.

It’s a special place, made all the more special by the fact that it’s where Steve spends his time with Tony.

The sky overhead is a pure, solid blue, broken only by the blinding circle of the sun. Steve makes his way to the beach and swims into the shallows, where the water turns to a beautiful electric blue. When he can’t swim any farther, he uses his arms to pull himself up onto the sand, just far enough so that the water’s edge laps at where his scales fade to skin. He stretches out, long as he can, and savors the heat of the sand against his back.

“Now that’s a sight I’ll never get sick of,” a voice purrs and Steve pushes up onto his elbows.

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Arachnophuck You

Please enjoy my H2OVanoss Fanfic :)

The house was relatively quiet as Evan edited a video and Jonathan took a nap. Evan gave a happy sigh. It was rarely quiet anymore. He had a light smile on his face as he rewatched a funny moment from his video. He saved his progress when his stomach growled. As he scooted his chair back he stretched his arms above his head.

Evan stood up and headed out of his recording room and downstairs. Once in the kitchen he opened the fridge and stared inside for about a minute looking for something to eat.

“Ah ha!” He mumbled to himself as he grabbed Jon’s package of chocolate chip cookies. An evil grin spread across his face as he opened the package. He was mid bite when a high pitched scream rang throughout the house.

“Del?!” Evan yelled and dropped the cookies on the counter.

“Evan! Help mee!” Delirious cried from their room. Evan bolted up the stairs. He pushed open their bedroom door.

“Be careful! It’s over there!” Delirious was standing on top of his nightstand and shaking like a leaf.

“What? What’s there?” Evan stepped in and his eyes were darting around.

“In the corner…” Fear drenched Jon’s voice. Evan looked to the corner and was immediately overtaken in laughter.

“Really Delirious? Ahahaha! A spider? That’s what you’re freaking out about? And that scream? I didn’t even know your voice could go that high.” He laughed.

“Shut up, Evan! And kill it!”

    The spider moved slightly and Delirious yelped. The fear in Jonathan’s eyes is what finally brought Evan to stop laughing and moved towards the spider.

“Toss me a shoe.” Evan demanded.

“I CAN’T.” Delirious’ voice had taken on a high pitch due to fear.

Evan glanced at him, “Why not?”

“All the shoes are over there!” Jon made a wild hand gesture to the pile of shoes near the closet. Getting one meant leaving his safe place.

Evan groaned, “Seriously? You are closer to them than I am.”

Jon placed a hand on his chest, “If I move, I’ll die, Evan.”

Evan rolled his eyes and moved over to the shoes. “Hurry! Before it moves again!” He sighed as he sauntered back over to the spiders living quarters. He proceeded to creep up on it like some sort of ninja.

With one swift move the eight legged creature was no more. Evan grimaced at the squishing sound it made.

“Oh my gawd, thank you!” Delirious’ voice was back to normal and he sat on the bed in relief. A grin crept onto Evan’s face. He slowly turned around.

“Oh you are you are super welcome, babe.”

Jon frowned, “What’s that look for?”

Evan said nothing and just walked towards the bed, bottom of his weapon faced up.

“Don’t.” It was just one word but it was laced with true fear.

“Don’t what, Del?” Evan chuckled to himself.

“Don’t come over here with that thing.” Delirious scooted to the top of the bed.

“But it’s dead. It can’t hurt you.”

“Ev, please.”

Evan just got closer. Jon’s eyes were as wide as golf balls.


“Yes?” Evan blinked innocently at him. Then he reached Delirious’ spider boundary and he shot off the bed and out the door, “Fuck you!”

Evan was bent over in laughter as his voice rang throughout the house. He stood up and whipped the tears from his eyes. Once the corpse was disposed of he tossed the shoe back with the others.

“Del?” He laughed, “Where’d you go?”

“No.” His voice carried from downstairs. Evan treked down the stairs with a smile. Jon sat on the couch, hugging his knees to his chest.

“Jon?” Evan walked up behind him. Jon turned his head, eyes slightly red.

“Are you…are you crying?” Evan’s voice instantly grew gentle. “Babe. I’m sorry.”

Delirious turned away. Evan flipped over the back of the couch and gently grasped his chin.

“Jonathan. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were that afraid. Please don’t be mad.” Evan tried to search his eyes for confirmation but they were cast down.

“Bae?” He couldn’t take the silence anymore. He tilted Jon’s head up and crashed their lips together. He smiled when he felt Delirious respond. They battled for dominance for a moment until Delirious pulled away, a small smile on his lips. Evan kissed to rogue tears away.

“You’re a bitch, Vanoss.” Delirious laughed lightly.

“You’re the one who’s scared of spiders.”

“Whatever.” Delirious pushed Evan backwards, “I know you ate my cookies, bitch. I could taste ‘em.”

Evan laughed outright and Jon silenced him with a kiss that had both of them melting into the couch, all thought of cookies and gross spiders vanished.

(Read the title like arachnophobia)
So yea…idk…hope y'all like it…

Can you do a Jack Barakat imagine where y/n &him are hanging out & he leaves y/n to get something from the store. Then these guys start talking to y/n & being touchy with her. But Jack tells the guys to back off & then they go home and cuddle:)

AN This was seriously so cute to write OMG. Okay so Jack is a little peeved in this, and I feel if he was ever mad, he’d probably either bite his lip or lick his lips a lot. Idk just a hunch. The conversation is between you and your friend, whoever you want it to be, and you’re trying to entertain yourself while Jack is shopping.

Your POV

Jack and I were at the mall, and I was slurping on my milkshake and he was eating pizza. We had been here to get my little cousin a present from Build-a-Bear Workshop, and I wanted him to come along. He was munching on his food and I was looking around scoping the area out.

“Okay, what about him?” I asked Jack.

“He looks like a douche,” Jack stated abruptly.

“Not important. Give me his backstory.”

“His mom left when he was really little so ever since then he’s had mommy issues. His dad never treated him how to respect women, or anyone for that matter. When he was in high school, he called people fag and picked on them a lot. Never got a real personality.”

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wonderfullywicked  asked:

Getting into the spirit of halloween, Josh pushes Chris into convincing Ash to go to a haunted house and Ash hates it, gets way too scared but won't use the "chicken exits" so she's hiding her face in Chris' back and he doesn't realize it until the end that she was in tears almost the entire time and he feels horrible for letting Josh talk him into this. And then idk some kind of cute comfort fluff ending? (I always send you chrash prompts I'm sorry please don't hate me😥)

(Don’t worry friend, we are all chrash trash here.)

“Dude. It’s perfect.”

Josh sat across from Chris at a Wendy’s, slurping idly from a large cup of soda.

“No,” Chris said in reply, “It’s cruel! You know how much she hates scary things.”

“Exactly! That’s why it’s perfect! Just think about it man, she’ll spend the entire time getting the crap scared out of her. And who gets to be the big, strong hero who protects her from the bad scary people?” He continued, leaning forward as he explained his master plan to Chris.

Shaking his head, Chris again refused.

“Forget it. I’m not going to scare her into going out with me.”

Josh rolled his eyes and tossed a fry at his face. “You’re such a chickenshit.”

“Come on, that’s not fair.”

“It’s so fair! All I’m saying is that if you don’t make a move soon, someone else is going to pick her up.”

Chris’ eyes flicked uncertainly to his phone.

“Just text her. Listen to me for once. You’ll thank me later.”

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The Drunkalypse Season 4, Episode 7: Mockingbird
External image

This week was a breath of fresh air, one I sorely needed, when this show thinks violence and treating women like shit are the bee’s knees. And if there are two things this blog loves they are: 1) consensual sex. and 2) sex that is implied effectively to the point that it does not HAVE to be depicted.

WARNING: this review is going to talk a lot about dick, equal opportunity nudity and sex on Game of Thrones. Usual amount of profanity. Also, a lot of Caps Lock. I have a lot of feelings.


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I was reading a lot of other people’s stories and figured I’d upload my own! Also this is on anon but I have a tumblr account I can’t be bothered to sign into though…

So this was back in my 1st year of uni (I’m studing animation) I was super excited cos my sister had told me all kinds of fun things that happen in uni and I was really looking forward to making lots of friends and meeting people with the same interests as me. I was incredibly saddend and disappointed by finding out that most the students were boys and most were huge fucking weebs. I like anime and manga, but I’m not obsessed with it and I thought by now they’d would have outgrown it I honestly thought weebs only existed in high school, I was very wrong. But during intro week I’m super nice to everyone and manage to make a friends with the few normal people in class.

So anyway I tend to come super early so most days it’s just me waiting outside class for like half an hour. But this time there’s this other guy there too, Fred. So Fred’s kind of pudgy and he never bathes (I’m convinced he doesn’t know what a shower is) he’s standing there all lonesome like and he keeps staring at me so I feel bad and say good morning. He then starts talking to me and telling me how he saw me reading manga and taking about stuff during intro week so he starts recommending me anime to watch and I just kinda shrug cos I don’t really like watching anime honestly.

So I tell him I’m trying to get through my movie list and he loses his shit and starts talking about how japan are the ultimate and western media doesn’t know what it’s doing and more crap. It’s gets awkward so to break the ice I ask him if he’s seen breaking bad (which I was currently watching and enjoying), he then loses his fucking shit again and goes on a rant about how the writing and directing in western dramas and TV shows is piss poor and their character writing is shit most of it is just inaudible screaming when he finally stops I tell him I really like the characters and so far Jesse is my favourite (after Hank) this sets him of too about how girls like assholes, but by now one a couple of people, including the lecturer, and one of my friends Ibrahim turns up and I just say oh idk what happend he just started yelling and we go inside.

I figure this is the only time I’ll really interact with him, but he then talks to me again a couple of times and he seems pretty chill so I assume I’ve caught him on an off day. I get really off vibes from him though this whole time, but I never see him with anyone else so I feel bad thinking he’s got no friends. Anyway a few more instances occur with him screaming shit at me and a couple of times where he tries to touch my shoulder and few times my leg (super gross) and he never stops following me and he’s being really shitty to Ibrahim and to a couple of my other friends Sam and Yun. It’s fucking annyoing but I still feel bad for him, until one day, get this right, HE HAS OTHER FRIENDS HE HAS OTHER PEOPLE HE TALKS TO THAT LIKE HIM AND IT HAPPENS TO BE THE POPULAR GROUP OF OUR CLASS (who are all weebs and reddit/tumblr/social media, obsessed people they’re also sjws and anti sjws idk how their group works but it does) BUT YEAH I’M FUCKING PISSED COS HE KEEPS BUGGING ME AND BEING SHITTY TO ME FRIENDS AND I’M THE ONE FEELING BAD!!!

So yeah in one of my classes we have to get into pairs so we can critique each others stuff the second the lecturer announces this Fred comes charging down the room to be partners with me yelling to me all the while, I have no idea what to do so I fucking sprint to the bathroom and then text Ibrahim and tell him to be partners with me and he’s lIke okay cool but what the fuck was that? I don’t answer and instead return to class. Fred’s super upset with this and says something about because me and Ibby are both Asians we’re friends and that’s I’m a racist for not wanting to be partners with him I brush this off and try to go about my business, but he starts fucking yelling at me again and I try to ignore it, but then he says this thing (I always remember this) he’s like are you scared? Well you should be! I want you to feel what I’ve felt, so I just what the actual fuck? And I then yell at him and tell him I only talked to him because I felt sorry for him and he needs to learn to not be such a dick all the time and that he needs to fucking shower more often and to leave me the fuck alone. 

He does none of this btw and leaves me the fuck alone for like half a day and then tells me he hopes I’ve calmed down and assumes it’s my period like wtf?? I ignore him and he takes this to mean that we’re friends again.

The bugging continues and I continue to ignore it for a couple of weeks, but then one day he comes to class and tries to creep up on me and hug me from behind whilst his friends egg him on, I can hear them so I figure I’ll ignore it, but Sam tries to subtlety tell me and idk what the fuck he’s doing with his hands but it doesn’t help ANYWAY he’s like crouched down behind me and I can smell him so i panic and elbow him square in the face (which I have never done before in my life I’m not a physical person believe me also I still feel super bad so don’t judge me) he hold his nose and everyone’s super quite until it starts bleeding and it turns out it’s broken his friends start panicking and a couple of people faint and one his friends this girl Pam starts crying like a lot like holy shit he’s not dead his just bleeding I have no clue what to do so I panic and book it to the bathroom. After that he never bothered me again and now if I make any sudden movement he flinches  (which I feel bad for) and now everyone assumes I don’t do well under pressure and that I have weak bladder..

Sorry for the length! I have some other stories but I don’t wanna spam you guys also this one was super long and a little rambly, my bad! Hope you guys enjoyed it :)

Well that was an adventure