this thing cost me like $10


GET TO KNOW ME MEME  [2/10] Favorite Characters Fernando Carvalho (3%)

↳ “I’ve seen things in here, Dad. People have died. People like me who worked hard for the chance to make it through the Process. This Process is not fair. Trust me. (…)  That’s your dream, Dad! It used to be mine too, but now that I’m here, I know it’s not anymore.”

So someone stole my maths book last semester and now the school is charging me for it so I thought I would try and raise some of the money through some emergency commissions. All of the money will go to the textbook so don’t worry about that. Thank you guys in advance!!

Pixel Bounce Icon : $2.00

(50x50 and transparent unless otherwise specified)

Coloured Sketch : $5.00

(Transparent bg)

Coloured and Shaded Headshot/Bustshot : $10.00

(Simple patterned bg or transparent)

Full Body (Transparent): $13.00

(Simple patterned bg or transparent)

Shaded with BG : $23.00

(Every extra character costs an additional $5.00

Choose poses and bg)

Custom Design : $7.00

(Give me some words, a theme, a picture, or a song and I will make a character around it! Feel free to specify things like species, gender, etc)


-For all of these (excluding custom design) send me a

picture reference

of the character through the messanger

-Please pay first, I will have to take a lot of these so it might take some time to get to your’s

-I will not design a character from a closed species

If you want something I have already drawn, check my


and buy it there! It will help me if you buy from there too.

Feel free to donate too here’s the link –>

(The name on there isn’t mine, I had to use an alias)

Even if you can’t buy, please signal boost this! I am super broke and in no condition to get a job so this really is my one way of paying it off.
Thanks in advance you guys!! <3


@kay-wolfric​ or @kaywolfricdraw​ made up this commission sheet because my handwriting sucks and he also helped me put these prices together. 

Hello people of Tumblr. I am opening up commissions because as of right now I cannot get a job until November or after that and I reeeeally need money to buy stuff like things for school like textbooks, winter boots for when it gets cold, notebooks, train tickets and my lunch or things I like or enjoy. 

  • Sketches £10
  • Detailed sketches £15 
  • Full Colour + Lineart £25
  • Full Colour + Background £35
  • No character limit.
  • Colour +£10 (+ £4 for every additional character)
  • I can design a character for you at no extra cost. This does not mean I will draw you a reference sheets.
  • I can even write you something! Please PM me about this!
  • Please PM me for paypal information. 
  • A signal boost is always appreciated. 

What I Will Do: 

  • Other fandoms yet I am very rusty with them so the quality will not be as good.
  • OC’s and Gemsonas ( I LOVE drawing gemsonas) 
  • Anthropomorphic/Furries (This really depends) 
  • I usually draw Steven Universe
  • Steven Universe AU’s (I Love this) 
  • Steven Universe Human AU’s (I love them too!) 
  • Gemlings
  • Gem Egg Hell AU (I like it a lot) 
  • Shipping art (this can be difficult)
  • Portraits and Realism 
  • Animals
  • I can draw Overwatch but I know nothing of the games and lore. 
  • Just backgrounds (Will just cost £10 or less depending on complexity) 
  • Comic Backgrounds. The price for this will be determine by how many you wish for me to do and how complex they are. 
  • Nudity or Foreplay. If you want this please PM me.. 
  • PM me for any other questions.

What I will not do:

  • Gore, Vore or anything to do with blood or vomit/severe illness. I cannot stress enough how distressing that is for me so please do not ask me to do it or discuss it with me. 
  • NSFW. This is not a nsfw blog. I view nudity and nsfw as two different things so PM me if you think whatever you want is ‘tame’ enough. For example foreplay or something suggestive is fine, blatant sex is not.  
  • Art that hates on something or another ship. 
  • Undertale. I just do not draw for this fandom at all.
  • Underage Relationships. 

Please consider the following:

  • I mainly draw Steven Universe Fanart. 
  • My style is very anime/manga like.
  • From Friday the 19th of August I will again be in full time education as well as studying and cleaning my house full time. Please understand that your commission will take a while, particularly at the end of the month. 
  • Please do not rush or keep bugging me. I will give you updates, I will also sketch something or a character a few times if I am unfamiliar with them. The more complicated and unfamiliar the character is, the more time it will take. Rushing me will annoy me immensely as I am already going as fast as I can. 
  • I suffer from two mental illnesses that severely affect my life. They can become very severe out of nowhere. This will delay your commission so I will tell you if it happens to crop up.
  • Shipping art will take considerably longer as I find it quite difficult especially if it is a ship like ‘Lapidot’ or along those lines.  
  • Characters such as Jasper, Bismuth or Quartz Gems look very strange in my style unless they are drawn to be chubbier, softer or more gentle looking as my eye style is ‘cutesy’. 
  • Please give me a picture reference, if you give me a written one do not moan at me for it being inaccurate. 
  • You will get progress reports and updates. Please tell me of any inaccuracies. This is mainly for fully coloured pictures with backgrounds.
  • I will not refund you if you are not satisfied with the end product. I am sorry but if I spend 12+ hours on a fully coloured drawing whilst I’m at school and you just suddenly decide you do not like the end product despite getting updates and progress reports then I just see that as you trying to get a free drawing out of me. These take a long time and are very difficult if it is everything you can get and I do not have time to redo it. You had your chance when I gave you updates to tell me of inaccuracies. 
  • I will not change your commission halfway through if you change your mind on what you want. For example I can show you a sketch and you can suddenly decide that is all you want. That is fine I will refund you your ‘change’. You cannot however have me fully colour a picture, sketching out a background for your let’s say Lapis and Amethyst at the beach but then decide you want me to draw you overwatch instead or you want to add 2 or three more characters. At the sketch stage you can only change your mind twice. 
  • I will ask you permission before posting your finished piece to my blog. 
  • It will be posted to ‘RainJayDraws’ and then reblogged on my main blog. 

My long anticipated commission sheet! In order to commission me, send me a message via ask or over the mehish-in-quality tumblr messenger and we can discuss everything from there! 

I’m pretty flexible in terms of NSFW art, gore and other things but if you’re asking me to draw something I’m not comfortable with or that strongly opposes my own moral compass, etc. I reserve the right to refuse to take your commission.

Google is a fantastic currency converter should you need it~!

How the sheet and commissions work:

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Emergency Commissions

Hiya kiddos, so I’ve been stalling a lot on posting this, partly because I despise asking for money..but I’m very, very desperate.

I’m a closeted transguy, living with a very anti-lgbt+ family and it’s honestly tearing me apart. I can no longer live among people who are constantly insulting people like me, and condemning them to hell, etc. I suffer from BPD and depression and my mental and emotional health is deteriorating faster than I feared.

I’m a struggling artist, and currently the only way I can make money is via commissions. And because I’m mentally ill, I can’t always work on full drawings, so all I can offer are doodles/sketches that look like this:

More examples here:

Each single character doodle will cost $15, and will come colored [and shaded if desired]. I cannot offer complete drawings as of now. They’re just too stressful for me, I’m sorry :c There are also some things I cannot draw well, so please ask me for details.

I am planning on moving from Puerto Rico, to New York and be close to my friends. I am in need of your help friends.. Please, if you can reblog this and spread the word, I would be so grateful.

If anybody is interested in a commission, my messages are open to all blogs.

My personal blog is @krysyoyo, so you can message me to that one as well. 

Thank you everyone, stay safe.

christmas themed self-care list

i don’t know how helpful this is going to be for people (ha, i seriously doubt anyone will read this)BUT i see a lot of self care lists that are like ‘knit a sweater, run 5 miles, do a drawing’ and stuff that i can only do when i am motivated and therefore not as in need of self care. which is annoying. i’m not looking forward to spending christmas with my shitty, hypercritical family who bring out the worst in me mental health wise, so here’s a few things on my personal self care list you might consider if you’re looking for ideas: 

things that cost money

1. take a small amount of money (like $5 - $10) and buy yourself something nice as a christmas gift

2. go and see a movie solo, which is not how you think it will be. the cinema employees never think it’s weird that you’re there alone and they will not look at you strangely or judge you, a lot of people who are really into cinema prefer to go alone. also there’s less pressure to look at the person/people you’re with and see whether they’re enjoying the movie and you can just watch it in peace. 

3. order some takeout/get some food that you really enjoy for yourself

4. buy an art therapy colouring book and some pencils and colour while you listen to music

things that are free

1. watch some episodes of your favourite tv show in a blanket nest when you’re feeling worn out

2. find the cheesiest 80s or 90s christmas movie ever and post as you watch it about how terrible it is 

3. go and look at the lighting displays around your neighbourhood

4. feed the birds (this is on the free list because birds do not give a fuck what you feed them as long as it’s not rice and such) 

5. read a book in the bath

6. take a long shower, wash your hair and your body then get out and wash your face and brush your teeth. when i feel depressed this is something that makes me feel like i can take care of myself okay even if i just go back to bed straight afterwards

7. make a fort and watch a comedy in the fort - this sounds stupid but when i’m feeling like i’m in a bad place sometimes doing something kind of whimsical or immature makes me feel better

8. make your bed, even if you’re just going to lie back down in it when you’re done. if i’m not motivated enough to clean up just adjusting my blankets and pillows makes me feel like at least one space is tidy and i’m not human garbage after all.

9. if you cancel plans/can’t go into work/dont make it out of the house that day, turn it into a snow day. watch christmas movies and make a hot drink and some snacks. i know this sounds ridiculous and not at all helpful but when i cant leave the house it helps me to think that it’s like a little cosy ‘escape from everything’ day with christmas stuff and movies and blankets, rather than a shitty anxiety day. 

that’s everything on my list. obviously these things require varying levels of motivation so i hope there’s at least one thing on here people can try if they’re interested. i’m not a mental health professional so i’m sorry if this list is a little useless. it’s just what works for me, a mentally ill person, when i’m very anxious or depressed or just feeling shitty and in need of some self-care. 

On one hand using my Chromebook is like running tumblr/working on something with the computing power of a ham sandwich. 

On the other hand, my Chromebook weighs one pound, cost $120 dollars, and has stood up to me dropping it several times, so I guess I should shut up. 

Basically, little 10 year old “gateway computer with windows 98 and parental controls” sarah would love this thing. 

Am I the only one annoyed at the lack of compensation? We go offline for 5+ HOURS. Finally allowed to log back in and everything is bugged. Hunts not working, pregnant lioness losing cubs, energy not replenishing, etc. Countless amounts of things missed out on. Event currency, stats, energy bars, food, etc. I’m angry. If I would’ve lost a Meliodas litter, let me tell you, I’d have gone through the roof. 

For diehard players like myself, those 5 hours cost me 10 extra hunts I could’ve done + after the maintenance, the first 4 hunts I tried to complete before disbanding the party. Then how about not being able to add hunts? Missed a potential of 20-40 stats. I have a very large pride, and being able to feed them hinges on hunting at least 10 times a day. 

I have people restudding my king because the 7 lionesses they sent requests for over the weekend, lost all their cubs. 7×500 sb stud fee= 3500 sb poofed. (Yes I have heard a rumor Katze is compensating).

What about the countless bars of energy we’ve lost? I was averaging about 80-100 RB a day. Now I’m lucky to get 55 without spending any money. I use exploring to find turtle eggs, but how do I explore when I log on to 20% energy after 8 hours? What about when it sticks at 0% for a few more hours and using energy isn’t possible? 

I don’t even mean free gb or free energy roots, although that would be nice. Just SOME kind of compensation instead “puh puh puh sorry”. I know plenty of other games that offer the equivalent of like 5 GB on their own game/website when maintenance happens, the site breaks, etc. 

Sketch comissions~!

Hello guys! So, I’ve had quite a few expenses this month, and more coming up, as it turns out there are scary things like bills, petrol and food costs that somehow need to be covered (how come no one told me this when I was growing up ; _ ; )

For $10 you can get a sketch of whatever you like (OC, fanart, your grandma).

Examples here:

If you are interested send me a message with what you’d like me to draw and any references or info you might have, I will then send you my paypal address.

Thank you so much guys,  it will be really great help!! ; _ ; 

20 Questions Tag

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Tagging: @coolguykth @jinsssi @jbumholic @1lsan

Nickname: Ally (everyone calls me by my nickname lmao, i have different ones than this tho too)
Gender: female
Star Sign: gemini
Height: 5′5 (165cm)
Time right now: 10:33am
Last thing I googled: cost of tuition for SBCC (its for an assignment lmao)
Favorite Bands: ikon, bts, all the other things on my blog lmao
Favorite Solo Artists: hyuna, dean, cjamm, live, jay park, the list goes on tbh
Song stuck in your head: you were beautiful by day6
Last movie I watched: nocturnal animals (it was insane)
Last TV Show I watched: Real time with bill maher (its a political show)
When did you create your blog: oh god,,, like 2013
What kind of stuff do you post: kpop, khiphop, kdramas, kshows
When did your blog reach its peak: is there rlly even a peak
Do you have any other blogs: nope
Do you get asks regularly: lmao 
Why you chose your URL: yoongi is a bean and when this blog became kpop related he had mint hair so..
Following: 92 (i used to follow only like 30 blogs)
Posts: 86,503 (I MADE THIS BLOG IN 2013 OK)
Hogwarts House: hufflepuff
Pokémon Team: i was team instinct but i dont like poke GO 
Favorite colours: sunset orange, black
Average hours of sleep: 6-8 hrs
Lucky Numbers: 13
Favorite manga Characters: i dont rlly read manga but Ulquiorra from bleach is a fav right now for me
How many blankets do you sleep with: 2 or 3
Dream job: a nurse
Dream trip: japan and korea

anonymous asked:

Oh man Hunk for the character thing? If you're still doing them :]

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | hufflepuff
best quality: his passion and honesty
worst quality: ??
ship them with: not thaat strongly but i’d say Lance and Shay!
brotp them with: Pidge and Lance
needs to stay away from:
dangER, keep him safe at all costs
misc. thoughts: he is a precious boy that deserves so much more

One thing that really frustrates me is mothers glamourising that they’ve given up their lives for their children. I see so many posts like “my children are better dressed than I am”… and they’re so proud of it and I’m just like, why…. ? Kids grow out of clothes so quickly that it is stupid to buy them something that costs $60 and yourself something that’s only $10. If I’m wearing a $60 I wear it all the time? I don’t run through the mud exploring, I don’t spill food all over it. Do they not realise that their kids have no idea that you’re spending a ridiculous amount of money on something that they care nothing about?

And then sacrificing everything in their lives for their kids. I’m sorry but I just don’t get it. I understand certain things for sure, going out all the time, staying out, etc etc. but real life things? Why? Why does the fact that I have a child mean I can’t travel for a year? Have an amazing career? I refuse to let go of myself and my dreams because of my child. I refuse to glamourise that choice and become a martyr of sacrifice. My children will see me achieve my goals, and they will see that anything is possible. I will never let them become my excuse for not having what I want in my life.

voiddwellerstudios  asked:

For the character thing, can you do jori en?

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level:
get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house:
gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality:
Fire bubbles

worst quality:
Cantrip themed EDH doesn’t really do a whole lot outside of storm. And no one likes storm. No one at all.

ship them with:

brotp them with:
0 cost spells

needs to stay away from: Storm

misc. thoughts:
It sucks because there’s no middle ground with Jori-En, you’re either barely keeping a hand after lands or playing Storm. Hell, I don’t even know if Jori-En even does Storm well, I just remember that being the main talk of the town after she was spoiled.

anonymous asked:

For the send me a character and I'll answer thing. Tony Stark

To be honest I don’t play around much in the Marvel universe, but I’ll give it a shot. 

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: Persistence. He keeps working on what he feels is important, even at the cost of his own health sometimes, but he often feels that if he doesn’t do it, no one will follow after him. 

worst quality: That he often feels he has to do stuff alone. He doesn’t ask for help that often and he probably needs to. 

ship them with: Pepper Potts? 

brotp them with: The rest of the avengers

needs to stay away from: Mirrors. His basement lab and get out more and do fun stuff from time to time. 

misc. thoughts: I do like Tony Stark, but I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of the movies or read enough of the comics to get a good read on him. Maybe that’s how he’d want it to be. He was a hotshot playboy before he was Iron Man. I can see him wanting some more privacy. 

The Avengers (2)
  • Sam: hey Steve, Bucky, wanna go see the new star wars movie?
  • Steve: yeah sure, sounds fun. What about you, Buck?
  • Bucky: a war between stars? No thanks
  • Steve: looks like it's just me and you Sam
  • Sam: alright, well, grab $10 and let's go
  • Steve: $10? For a movie?
  • Sam: ...yup
  • Steve: that's ridiculous. Ya know, back in my day movies cost 25 cents and they weren't about weird things like wars between stars. What has this world come to?
  • Sam: ...
  • Steve: *continues to ramble on about how America has gone downhill and how back in his day everything was easier*
  • Sam: fuck this *walks away*

For context, all of our player’s faces are known and we have to get out of the city without being spotted. The only one NOT seen at the scene of the crime was our wizard. Luckily we had a covered wagon, some tarps and our rouge had a disguise spell that lasted for two hours. We manage to make it to the greedy gate keeper unnoticed.

Gate keeper: so you wanna get through eah?

Wizard: yes. Please let me and my companion through. We are in a really big hurry as ew have pressing matters in another city.

Gatekeeper: need to go fast? I might could get you through faster if you want. It’ll cost you.

Bard: fuck no.

Gatekeeper: what was that!?

Rogue: our cargo. Magic beans. They’re Mexican talking beans. Like jumping beans but they curse instead!

Gatekeeper: I see. I’ve heard of weirder things, go on.

The gatekeeper takes 10 gold pieces and gets us through without being stopped to check the wagon. After the Bard got a stern talking to about “Beans don’t talk!”

slow cooker whole chicken recipe!

so whole chickens go on sale for around 80 cents a pound really frequently (places like Safeway and Kroger affiliates), and the meat can be used to make so many different things! it requires a little more effort and time (a good “day off” activity), but it ends up being a lot cheaper than buying individual chicken pieces. I recently made a 5 pound chicken in my slow cooker and used it for three different meals to feed me and my fiance, and then used the bones to make over two quarts of delicious chicken broth! the ingredients cost less than $10 and it made so much food!

*one 4-5 pound chicken (fits in a medium sized crockpot)
*salt and pepper, to your own taste
*two large carrots cut in half or a handful of baby carrots
*one onion, chopped into quarters
*a drizzle of any kind of oil (olive, vegetable, whatever you have! you can even use a small pat of butter)
*any kinds of spices or herbs that you have on hand! my neighbor grows a rosemary bush and lets me take trimmings from it, so I used lots of rosemary in mine

drizzle the oil on the bottom of the slow cooker, add carrots and onions. place the chicken on top of the bed of vegetables and rub whatever spices + salt and pepper all over it. if you’re brave, rub some underneath the skin! cook on low for 6-7 hours or on high for 4 hours. that’s it! you can also stuff things like halved lemons, garlic or parsley in its little chicken butt for extra flavor!

Hey folks!

It’s that time of the economy year again! Lots of sweet unemployment free time! Time I’d really to fill with drawing commissions for you! Because I love you all and you deserve to get stuff drawn for you! (and also because I’m hungry).

Commission info:

  • Each additional character cost an additional +5 $ to the top row, and +10 $ to bottom row 
  • Backgrounds are hard and time-consuming, but if you want one it’s an additional +10 $ to the top row, and +15 $ to the bottom row
  • I draw most things, except full out porn (because I’m easily flustered like that ;;;). Nudity is a ok though!
  • Fanart, OCs, monsters, people, monster-people, anything goes! Even real-life people, although they may end up not looking quite like themselves (fair warning)
  • Here’s my Art Tag, for more examples of my work !

How to order:

  • Send me an e-mail (preferably titled “commission” or something) to, telling me what you want. The more specific you are, the better! Provide reference when needed! Or I guess, if you want to be surprised by the result you could be very vague, and I’ll just improvise! 
  • (There’s a chance I’ll want to upload the finished commission here on tumblr, so if you don’t want that, or want to remain anonymous, please specify that as well).
  • I’ll get back to you with the total cost.
  • You pay via paypal (exclusively, sorry)
  • I start drawing! I’ll try to get done soon as possible, but depending on how many commissions I get, it may take a while.
  • You get the finished commission in two copies (72 dpi png-file, and 300 dpi ps-file. If you want other, specific files and dimensions, please specify when commissioning).

If you want any additional information, don’t be afraid to send me an ask or e-mail! Thank you so much for your time, and if you want please help spread the word!

Okay, thanks in advance! Love you all (´ ▽`)/


I’m giving away my Outside Lavender Town oil painting to celebrate 200 Followers and the opening of my Etsy shop! Thank you to everyone who has followed me or liked or reblogged any of my art. I’ve had a rough year medically and I started painting this winter to fill my time with something positive instead just sitting on the couch and waiting for the next doctor’s appointment. Don’t worry though, this summer I finally got a diagnosis and treatment plan so things are looking up. It really means a lot to me that you liked my art!.

You can check out my Etsy here if you like.

 I have most of my paintings up on there. I don’t really show the scale of them on tumblr, but they are all 16x20". They cost more than a digital commission or print would, but way cheaper than most oil paintings. Most are $40 USD plus $10 shipping. Now onto the good part, the giveaway!

Giveaway Rules:

  • Like = 1 Entry    
  • Reblog= 1 Entry
  • Must be a follower
  • You must be comfortable giving me your address for shipping
  • I will pay for shipping and packing, this is 100% free
  • I will close the giveaway at 6:00pm EST next Saturday and announce the winner on Sunday
  • Good Luck and thanks again!