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If you have not checked out Kinklock’s site, you should. She has the lists to end all lists and links to almost any persuasion. I have the utmost respect to the effort she put in cultivating this list. Hats off to her. ——————————- Johnlock fic rec

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(Unconventional category system, aaaaand terrible descriptions provided by yours truly)


  • XO by MirithGriffin. John is brought onto an alien spaceship to be Sherlock’s mate. The aliens are jelly. Of their love, and literally, they are made out of jelly. You think this is crack and then it actually makes you feel things you haven’t felt in years, so go now my children, reeadd. 
  • They Mostly Come Out at Night by tawabids. Aliens crossover. I can’t emphasize how good this fic is and how you do not need to love Alien/Aliens to get it (though of course I am an alien fangirl soooo maybe I lie). Sherlock is the little girl in Aliens except you know not a little girl, and John is Sigourney Weaver kind of. 
  • ROT-13 by berlynn_wohl. Spaceman! John intrigues not-a-spaceman Sherlock, look it’s cute, just read


  • Software Malfunction by tiger_in_the_flight_deck. But can a robot sherlock learn to love? yes. yes he can. If you read this, please go directly to the Fluff category immediately following the experience. 
  • Made in Man’s Image series by thequeergiraffe. Sherlock being a strange android at an all robotic hospital. This also answers the above question, and yes, there are robot sex antics. 


  • All The Best and Brightest Creatures by wordstrings, Do I even need to tell people to read this, like it’s wordstrings, what else do you need to know? Love at first sight plus asexuality plus an extra sadistic moriarty PUSH ALL MY BUTTONS why don’t you. 


  • The Regent’s Park Regulars by Basingstoke. Sherlock is a swan except his name isn’t Sherlock and John is a duck and Lestrade is a zoo keeper, and you should already be sold by now. 
  • Wild Kingdom & Mating Snarl by AxeMeAboutAxinomancy. I need to stop re-reading these, BUT SO GOOD? Not technically animals but there is a lot of lion sex consideration. 
  • The Swan Triad by Pennin_Ink. This series starts off all like cute John and Sherlock meet cute, hating each other as kids, true love, happy end- and then suddenly shit gets serious and magical. 

Bees in Sussex 

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Apiology by VictoryCandescence. John and Sherlock meet for the first time as old men pals and like my entire heart hurts in a good way.
  • The Sea in a Chasm by wiggleofjudas. John goes through his teenage rebellion years and Sherlock’s like fiiine I have a house and some bees when you calm down. 
  • The Declaration by flawedamythyst, Sherlock being a goof and John being a cranky old man, all my fave things <3

Book Crossovers 

  • Bel Canto by bendingsignpost. Phantom of the Opera!!!
  • Un Homme Dangereux by IShouldBeOverThis. Les Liaisons Dangereuses! (which Cruel Intentions is based on) wherein Sherlock writes letters to Mycroft like watch me bag this dude oh shit wait I’m in love. This crossover actually makes a lot of sense to me because holmescest slides in nicely but johnlock rules out 
  • Unsettled by AxeMeAboutAxinomancy. His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass)! A+++ for use of daemons as a plot device


  • Collared by VelvetMace. Slavery and sex, but mostly dub con not so much full non con? (that isn’t comforting ashleigh)
  • Playing the game by KeelieThompson1. Fave fave fave, dark vampire stuff, but in a very blase, no one is overly upset, kind of way - everyone’s like put his dick in a cage who even cares any more. (I’m going to give this the award for worst description).
  • Cross Wired by Pretty Arbitrary. I know this category is labeled dark, but this shit is extra dark like satan’s ass crack dark. John finds a journal of Sherlock’s that is, let’s say, not kittens and rainbows.
  • Dehumanize Me by deuxexmycroft. Sherlock makes John his prison bitch, aand yeaah. 


  • Duvet (Green) by mazarin. Mind palace things! I love mind palace things.

Misc AUs

  • This Thing All Things Devours by cypress_tree. 80’s sci fi movie fic (you can already tell why I like it) humans are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25, when the numbers on their arm start counting down, and the only way to get more time is to earn/borrow/steal. John, obvi, is a gambler and Sherlock is basically immortal. Time to solve some TIME THIEVING.

Period Piece -ish

  • echoes through time by chellefic. John reads fanfiction Watson’s journal about him and Holmes being lovey dovey and gets ideas!
  • The Man No One Liked by shouldbeover. Where Sherlock is John’s valet for a visit to a Downton Abbey style place and - quelle surprise - there is a murder to solve!!!!
  • Captive Hearts by Nana_41175. I say period piece, but this isn’t really set in real earth medieval times. Sherlock is a mask wearing, hawking prince (this should be enough to sell you on it) who semi-captures highlander!John. Etc. etc. etc. things get hot. 

Tarts and Vicars aka Priest!lock (I’m so glad this is a category)

  • The Beast of Baskerville by Mildredandbobbin. Priest!Sherlock (I KNOW, normally it is priest John) and John meet up on their way to a village where there are mysterious wolf-related deaths and mayhaps Sherlock is rethinking that whole celibacy business.
  • Ad Meliora by lotherington. Priest!John getting all seduced


  • Stranger at the Gate by bendingsignpost. This is like if Sherlock was a vampire but a super cute baby vampire who hasn’t gotten his vamp sea legs just yet. Like he’s manipulative as shit and lies like crazy but this is the cutest he’s ever been to me. no plot explanation provided just read it
  • Playing the game by KeelieThompson1. This is dark and vamp related so it comes up twice. Did I mention it was dark? Vamplock turns John into a vamp and then Johnvamp complains about it for a few centuries.  
  • Night Shift by corpsereviver2. John is vamplock’s body guard :D  
  • Preservation by Mildredandbobbin. PINING AHOY and let’s of sex while pining for each other, which I didn’t even think was possible, so kudos. 


  • The Orchard by DancingGrimm. My fave Sherlock loses his v card story ever. I have a soft spot for Prostitute! John. 
  • Safe Distance by merripestin. Really enthusiastic virgin!Sherlock with added bonus of sexuality crisis John!
Fic Rec #3

This Thing All Things Devours, by cypress_tree
Word Count: 63,852

Summary: (In Time AU) In 2169, time is money—literally. Humans are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25, when the numbers on their arm start counting down from one year. When that time is up, they die. The only way to get more time is to earn it, borrow it, or steal it.

John Watson lives day-to-day in the crowded slums of Zone 13. He never imagined living any differently—until he meets the practically-immortal Sherlock, and helps him on a case to track a local time-thief…

My Thoughts: Last night I was sort of mindlessly searching AO3 for an interesting AU to bookmark to read when I got up today when I stumbled across this gem.  I started reading at about 1:30AM, and literally could not bring myself to stop.  I finished at 4 AM, exhausted, but with no regrets.  

This is an AU based on a film I haven’t seen called “In Time”, which is set in a distopian future where, when people turn 25, they both stop aging entirely and green numbers appear on their arms counting down from one year.  Time is currency-They can gain time by borrowing it (via loan, etc), stealing it, winning it, or earning it.  The plot is extremely intoxicating and interesting, and I commend the author for making the transition of John and Sherlock’s relationship believable.  Usually when I’m reading a long fic and the romance starts happening too soon, I tend to get bored.  However, the plot itself was so interesting and well-written, I never found myself drifting off.

If you’re looking for a good, long AU with a meaty plot and some great, well-written smut, I HIGHLY recommend this fic.  Make sure you have a few hours on hard before you start though, because its nearly impossible to stop once you do.

((***The paragraph below contains spoilers***))

I really want to comment on John in this story.  This fic has a lot of badass John, and I seriously couldn’t get enough.  I mean, god, the characterization was perfect.  I especially love how stubborn he is.  Even when he is poor and he knows how rich Sherlock is and that he can spare the time, he never willingly lets Sherlock give him any.  Even when John is no longer poor, he is still steadfastly independent of Sherlock, and only truly accepts Sherlock’s time once, and only when its absolutely necessary.  

The only negative thoughts I have for this fic was that Sherlock was a little too dependent on John for me.  I like my Sherlock feisty, and this Sherlock was almost too “damsel in distress” for me.  But only in some instances.  For the most part, Sherlock held his own.

Can I just say how much I die over how Captain Swan has become like one of the most domestically steady and normal couples on the show?

The two that everyone has basically side-eyed when it comes to romance because WALLS and PIRATE and CLOSED OFF TO LOVE and UNTRUSTWORTHY and SCOUNDREL and SCARED and ISSUES and so on…just like quietly defy it and build this solid existence together. 

Everyone (including her parents) were all “this won’t last” and “he’s bad, you’re good it could never work” and CS was just kinda like “ok” and then go about having quiet lunches and dinners and sitting by the ocean talking and getting to really know each other and supporting each other and meeting for coffee before work and listening and sharing and kissing and holding hands and lowering walls and more kissing and having Netflix nights and dressing up to go on dates and just opening their hearts to one another.

In the midst of literally living in a fairytale full of insanity and dRaMaaa, their relationship continues to grow at normal, well-paced, and logical intervals – meeting, flirting, dating, dating seriously, saying ILY, moving in together, planning their future, etc – even as the world around them goes up in flames. 

It’s just…it’s hope

If these two crazy kids could defy the odds that the world and their families and their histories stacked against them, if they could work through all of their walls and baggage and crazy destinies and connect in such a true and honest way, in such a steady and normal and organic way, in a way that lays a solid foundation for a happy future together…then…man. 

What a beautiful ray of hope, you know? 


the way they look at each other just gives me a lot of unwanted feels. all the love and admiration for each other and the joy and happiness at having finally made it to being able to say “we’re married”. they made it. they put in the work and they got their happy ending. i’m so proud of my babies

anonymous asked:

what's your fav fic?

more like FICS lol i’ll rec you the ones that are not so obvious :D like PIALR

let me warn you that i’m that person who loves AU so most of these are:

semper fidelis - bamf john. John/Anthea epic friendship. they got framed by Moriarty and escape together on a run.

an acquired taste - photographer!john and chef!Sherlock

a very cold case - this fic is so beautifully written. fluff. John and Sherlock went on a case together in Russia

John Watson’s twelve days of Chirstmas - bless this fic. Christmaslock. SO FREAKING GOOD. just go read it. srsly go read everything earlgreytea68 shes the best. i mean. Nature and Nurture. best parentlock. i didn’t like parentlock before until this fic changed everything for me.

sehnsucht - prob the angstest fic i ever read. pining. post-reichen angst. amnesia. i mean wowie angst alley.

This thing all things devours - In time AU. heist fic. its really good. lots of action and what not. i like it but i never hear anyone talk about it.

if you want more. just go to my ficrec page

and idk if anyone’s interested in bagginshield but i start to read these and they’re great. (warning these are like 150k+ slowburn.i like em long)

a shot in the dark - Fix-it AU. time travel. Bilbo got another chance to save everyone. BAMF Bilbo and very protective to the point of willing to die.

Thorin’s oakenshield majestic diary- this fic made me died of LAUGHTER. this is the best crack fic to ever grace my eyes. i made my nonfandom friend read it and he choke on water lol

The Road delivered us home - domestic. fluff and i just really adore this fic.

Child of the Earth and Sky - BEST SHIT EVER. BAMF bilbo. He lives with the Eagles of Manwe for like a year? but holy shit i love everything about this fic.
This Thing All Things Devours (15/15)

Sherlock/John, explicit, 1,776~ words in chapter 15

“We could stop this, you know,” John murmured.

Summary:  (In Time AU) In 2169, time is money—literally. Humans are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25, when the numbers on their arm start counting down from one year. When that time is up, they die. The only way to get more time is to earn it, borrow it, or steal it.

John Watson lives day-to-day in the crowded slums of Zone 13. He never imagined living any differently—until he meets the practically-immortal Sherlock, and helps him on a case to track a local time-thief…

I’m not saying it’s happening, because it’s just–I can’t–I’m not saying it’s happening, but…

azriona commented on “this thing all things devours” wondering where Moriarty’s place would be in this ‘verse.  and.  um.

now I have this headcanon that…if Moriarty were to exist in that 'verse, he would be very similar to Sherlock, but with different motivations.  while Sherlock and John steal from the rich to redistribute to the poor, Moriarty would steal just to fuck up the system and watch the economy crumble.

….and then John would have this whole inner conflict because Moriarty would start targeting Sherlock–catching his attention in some really destructive way.  and Sherlock would want to stop Moriarty because he’s fucking Moriarty, and Sherlock knows that Moriarty is doing it just to toy with him.  and John would want to be on Sherlock’s side, because he’s Sherlock, and John knows that Moriarty is doing things for the wrong reasons.  but at the same time, John wants that revolution.  he wants Moriarty to destroy the system, because he knows the system is fucked up, and a little destruction is unavoidable and worth it in the end, isn’t it?

oh god.  imagine the arguments.  the relationship conflict.  I just–

fuck fuck fuck fuck

More ideas for the Bagginshield Tattoo Artist/Florist AU:

Bilbo having his green door tattooed on him, a reminder of his childhood home. And Thorin’s childhood home had burned down and he’d gotten burned from it so Bilbo tattoos a dragon on him, breathing fire around the burn. And Bilbo has a small footprint tattoo, to symbolize the first step of adventures (Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step)

And following the popular idea from the AU of Bilbo’s upper arms and shoulders being covered in flowers, he’s got four flowers across his shoulder blades, each a different flower that blooms in a different season - one for Spring, one for Summer, one for Fall, one for Winter. For balance.

Just at the base of his back, Bilbo has the words ‘This thing all things devours’ to remind himself that time happens to everything (from the time riddle)