this terrible

In a pathfinder game, a group of us had rushed to the defense of this random town being invaded by hobgoblins and ogres and stuff. We had a human cryptic, a human soulknife who was basically a Jedi, an elan tactician, and me, a half giant vitalist. Anyhow, I ended up solo fighting an ogre in Main Street, and beat it soundly despite it criticalling twice.

Me: I’m gonna roll intimidate against the onlooking hobgoblins. “I jump up onto the ogre’s corpse and raise my bloodied cestus to the sky. I shake it and shout, “this invasion! Is. Ogre!”
GM: so I’m gonna give you… +5 for circumstance and -20 for wording.


In-game cuddles!!

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A Fatal Error Has Occurred (3 / 4)

Pairing(s): Dirk/Android!Hal, Roxy<>Hal

Warnings: Language, sickness/recovery, graphic depictions of android maintenance, eventual nsfw.

Notes: I had half of this sitting in my gdocs for three years while veterinary school ate my brain. This is long enough to be two chapters but I’m not gonna edit it tonight b/c yolo. If you’re still here, holy shit I love you?? and hope that you will forgive me someday. o^o

(PS. Tumblr ate my pesterlog formatting when they redesigned their site and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet so here’s an AO3 link).