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Reaper crushing on someone bc they treat him like a normal person. Like, most people probably avoid him/let him do whatever he wants bc they think he's scary. But they actually talk to him like he's normal. They call him out on his shit but they're still nice enough to offer a seat at their table in the mess hall and ask him how his day was.

(OOoooh, I got a good one for this. Kehehehe…)

Reaper did his jobs for Talon, and that was final. Once he finished, nobody asked anything extra from him. Sure, there were formalities other agents had to go through, but nobody dared asked The Reaper himself to sit down and busy himself with paperwork. It was an unspoken rule on base that Reaper was exempt from office work, much to Widow and Sombra’s annoyance.

But after Talon’s last office secretary mysteriously…disappeared, the new girl/guy came in. It was their first week on the job, and Reaper and Sombra had just returned from a mission. The new girl/guy handed Sombra a blank report form.

“Here you are, Agent Sombra,” they said politely, “Please have a report finished by the end of the week. Good work at Volskaya, by the way,”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it,” Sombra droned boredly, less than enthusiastic to do her new “homework.”

Sombra took the paper and was on her way out of the meeting room when Reaper walked past the new girl/guy.

“Oh, Agent Reaper,” they called out, “Here is your report form as well. Please have it done by the end of the week, and good job at Volskaya.”

Sombra just scoffed and shook her head. The poor newbie didn’t know yet. Well, soon they’d know. Reaper was silent for a moment, stopped still in his tracks at the audacity of this measley secretary.

First of all,” he growled, “It wasn’t a good job. We failed.”

Then he slowly turned towards them, “And I don’t do reports. That’s Sombra’s job.”

“From what I’ve learned, reports are all agents’ jobs. Each agent’s experience is different on a mission, and it’s crucial we gather as much data from those experiences that we can.”

“I don’t know who you think you are,” he advanced towards them, “But nobody orders me around,”

Despite his menacing steps toward them, they didn’t flinch or walk back like the others did. 

They held their ground and looked him head on, saying calmly, “It is not my order, Agent Reaper, it is a standard.”

Then they carefully handed the form over to him, waiting for him to take it. Sombra snickered, waiting for him to scratch their hand off or smack them across the face. Instead, Reaper slowly cocked his head to one side, humming peculiarly towards them. Gradually, he took the paper in his clawed gauntlets and looked it over.

Sombra’s jaw practically hit the floor. Gabe?! Doing busy work?! This newbie really had guts. But Reaper found it…refreshing. [Name] wasn’t cowering in their boots as they spoke to him, nor were they trying to one up him. They were just talking to him like a regular person. It reminded him of his old secretary in Blackwatch, complaining that he never turned in his mission reports on time.

“Very well,” he droned, then calmly left the room.

“Damn…” Sombra breathed as he left, glancing over at [Name], “You’re going to be a fun addition to the team,”

“I look forward to it, Agent,” they smiled cordially.

Meanwhile, Reaper walked through the base’s halls back to his quarters, looking over the report template in his hands. It was weird to do something so normal again. It was weird to be treated normally again. This new person was weird themselves! When he got back to his room, he threw the paper on his desk, thinking that he’d finish it later. As he took off his mask, he noticed his face was suddenly warm.

“God fuckin dammnit,” he hissed.

He was crushing on them.

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Hi! If you don't mind me asking, what/who is your mobile header a picture of? (You're an amazing artist, by the way!!)

Hello! and THANK YOU! <3

I’m assuming you mean this little banner thing, right?

Lemme tell you a story of my twelve-year-old self who loved writing and had a ton of notebooks filled with short stories all of which have no conclusion whatsoever. I don’t actually remember writing any of it but I picked up a story about twin superheroes and I drew them - reinventing them too! It’s an entire concept of having one hero per generation - like an incarnation of sorts and pictured here are the heroes - or legacies as I’d call them of the Medieval Era and the 25th Century. It’s also an excuse for me to merge my two favorite tropes of sci-fi and fantasy. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this idea tho? I tried to launch it back last year but it kinda went silent.

I actually have this thing thought out - like I do many things but I dunno; it’s a really weird story about time travel, genetic templates, clones [?] and alternate realities ??? It’s like a massive sci-fi cliche cauldron. I’ve also based the main Legacy on Cameron Monaghan because I can.

also military-esque uniforms and organizations and bad guy is not the bad guy and everyone’s being played for the real bad guy’s benefit and there’s this twist that I don’t want to say because this still might go somewhere and ???

It’s also lowkey an excuse to get some costume design off the ‘for use later’ pile in my folders. and I can’t find the third one - it’s a red costume because I’m a sucker for color-coded groups and RGB seemed a good idea ??? It can be barely seen here (*rolls eyes at dark aesthetic me*)

I found this sequential piece tho’ It’s a little small but the piece above is here without all the dark filters and all

I also made an icon should I make this a thing (Zed Gunn is the lead’s name - and yes, it is one of those, ‘that can’t be his real name’ things. Maybe it’s not? maybe it is? Who knows?)

I digress. The answer to your question is actually just, ‘they’re my OCs’ I have a habit of talking too much ??? Especially about these kinds of things ??? It may not be what you meant ??? but here it is for the world to see ig ???

Cosplay Life Hacks: Hot Glue and You

So this isn’t going to be all about me. Sometimes I’m gonna be giving some advice. And today our subject is Hot glue. Though frowned on often as a means to hold your costume together, a good hot glue gun is an invaluable tool in your cosplay arsenal.

Hot Glue is what is known as a Thermal Adhesive which of course means it requires heat to be made useful. You probably knew that but we’re all on the same page now. You can find a Hot Glue gun at Walmart if needed and even the cheaper ones can last for years if taken care of.

This is one of the materials I make an effort to keep on hand at all times.


  • It cools quickly to hold what it needs to in place
  • Excellent for foam, cardboard, and porous materials.
  • Can be shaped easily.
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to find
  • Easy to use


  • Can be messy
  • Will burn you if you’re not careful
  • Not really good on paper or thinner materials
  • Can make a cosplay look shoddy if overly exposed
  • Might come apart if exposed to direct body heat or sunlight
  • Often covers your project in those annoying glue strings
  • When visible is the universal symbol for “I made this last night.”

The key to working with Hot Glue is to make it so no one is quite sure you used it at all. Large globs of Hot glue poking out of seams is a tell tale sign you didn’t have time to do anything else but never fear! You are not stuck with those remaining in sight and preventing such a mess is actually quite easy.

Wet your fingers

When working with Hot Glue, it’s not the heat of the glue itself that really gets you (Though it certainly doesn’t feel pleasant!). What gets you with hot glue is when it’s in a molten state and it sticks to your fingers. This is the case because while its on your skin it continues burning you and you wind up spreading it a bit to try to get it off of your hand. I’ve lost many a finger print to this problem.

If you’re working on a project that requires that you take control, make sure to wet your fingertips first. Keep a small cup or bowl of water on hand. In a bind, lick your fingertips. The slightest amount of dampness will make it difficult for the Hot Glue to hold on. Using this you can even smooth out uneven beads of glue and if you manage to wet the entire finger you can even just push it in place to get an all over smoother finish.

Wax/Parchment Paper

These are two surfaces I have a lot of trouble getting anything to stick to. Of the two I tend to prefer parchment paper but really it depends on what you have on hand. What I love about these is you can pretty much run lines of hot glue over them and easily peel it off. Because of that, they’re ideal for trying to smooth hot glue out entirely.

While the glue is still in a molten state, take a piece of parchment paper big enough to completely cover the glue and press it over the spot. Now you can wait a second and then smooth it out with your fingers (this stuff is still pretty hot!) or you can even go so far as to take something like a text book and smooth that over.

In the case of needing a very sharp corner you can even crease the paper and then put that corner over the glue in order to get the shape you want.

The Little Glue Strings

I wish I had a tip for you to banish the stubborn little guys from your life but unfortunately I don’t. What I can say is that your frustration is greatly reduced if you first, try not to create particularly large beginning points for it and to go in and remove them regularly when they do show up. It’s better to take them off as you work than to have the secondary problem of it looking like your costume is covered in spiderwebs. Even worse is if you have to spraypaint this because then -everything- will be crazy visible.

When bad Hot Glue things happen to good people (Or bad people. I’m not here to judge):

That sounded weird.

  • Burns: First things first is to get the glue off of your fingers. Silly I know. Why wouldn’t you? But as I said before the longer the glue is stuck to you, the more it’s going to burn. Afterward treat it as you would any other burn.
  • Messy edges, weird little rough edges, etc: Take an exacto knife and hold it over a flame for a couple seconds and then go in and cut off the rough or messy bits.
  • Got glue where it doesn’t belong: If the surface can take it, hit it with a hair dryer for several seconds and then very very gently try to peel it off. This is not guaranteed but it might just save what you’re working on. Make sure to keep extra templates of anything made of Craft foam. It seldom survives.
  • Weird gunky stuff collecting at the nose of the hot glue gun: Make sure to plug your Hot Glue gun in. You can then take a piece of scrap fabric (And a pot holder underneath) and very carefully wipe the glue off of the nozzle of the gun

And finally, always always make sure the hot glue stick matches your gun. Don’t try to use a smaller glue stick in a larger gun. Don’t try to bend it in to the right shape. Always be mindful of what temp it says on the package. A high temp hot glue gun will scorch low temp glue sticks and it smells awful. If you keep both a high temp and a low temp Hot glue Gun, just keep multi temperature glue sticks around.

So that’s my advice regarding Hot Glue. If you have any further questions regarding the stuff, please don’t hesitate to ask. I would be more than happy to either tell you what I know or look it up!

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I just saw your post on the tarrasque, and I'm really confused about why you play it up as being a huge threat. The legacy of the tarrasque is as a joke monster that's massively over-CRed for its power. Heck, in Pathfinder a single 20th level fighter (the weakest of the martial classes) can beat it unconscious in melee with a longsword. And all it takes is a 15th or higher level caster with Animate Dead to turn it into a skeleton and strip it of its Renegeration ability to permanently kill it.

image from here

Tony DiTerlizzi channeling Rob Liefeld drawing Grendel-zilla?!

As a great man once said, “Woah.”

And I’ll further admit that one of the coolest moments of my professional writing career so far was most definitely getting a chance to write up some Pathfinder canon for the Armageddon Engine

Yes, I truly do love that drooling, hunch-backed, spell-reflecting, big-critting sword-of-sharpness-toothed mega-critter. No denying that; no point in trying.

But why?

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You sure a bunch of cocky little nosewaffles? I like it because of the plots, the scary bits, the weirdness and the Doctor. I liked the dark and claustrophobic atmosphere of the old series. There are very few episodes of the RTD series I liked. I wanted to punch Ten at he end of it. You admit in the blog you haven't watched all of the classic series. You should. Then we can talk properly.

To be honest, Moffat makes everything so convoluted, there’s little plot to follow. He reuses storylines and character templates and the only thing that’s weird about the Doctor is that he appears to be some kind of projection of Moffat’s ego.

There are many other people that we correspond with who HAVE seen the Classic episodes. I’ve even watched a few. However, like I said, it’s 2014. I don’t need to watch all of the Classic episodes to point out the sexism in modern day television and the flaws in Moffat’s writing. Rape culture, sexual harassment, manipulation and emotional abuse, racism, using LGBT+ characters as props - I can criticise all of that and not have to watch every episode in order to do so.

You can have your own opinion about what you like, but don’t act like sexism in modern television is a good thing.

As for talking properly?

- SH


Arisu’s Society6 store is now open!

I have occasionally been asked about prints, so I have opened this little web store. Feel free to drop by – I’m also still looking for other artists to follow. :)

  • I can add prints on request! If you want a certain image added to the print gallery, please let me know. I also touch up old images before uploading so they look up to date. :)
  • Err, also, please ignore the phone cases for now, they use the stationary card template for them, so most of them are cropped of in weird places. I’m waiting for Society6 to fix that. ;)

Sooo if you feel like getting Cherik prints, postcards, tote bags and pillows, take a look. ;)

Until the August 10th you’ll get FREE worldwide shipping if you follow this link :)

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Do you have any giffing tips?

  • use the highest quality videos you can get !!!! 720p’s great. 1080p is your best friend but 480p is gonna make you hate yourself when you colour it, don’t put yourself through that pain.
  • make sure your gifs are the right size !!!! 500px wide for one per row, 245px wide for two per row or 160px wide for three in a row. if theyre too wide or not wide enough tumblr will change the size and make it look all weird. there are some great max dimension template helps out there like this and this
  • know tumblrs gif size limit ! it’s important you dont go over the size limits otherwise the gifs will never play so this handy guide should help you out there.
  • be super wary of over saturating things it really brings out pixelation (game gifs are especially easy to pixelate) and tends not to look so hot.

    see all the obvious pixels on her cheek? yeah it sucks and it’s all from saturation and vibrancy.
  • make sure it runs smoothly. if you think it’s going slow change your frame rate !!! a lot of gifs are set at a speed between 0.07 and 0.15, depending on how many frames you have. here you can get some tips or just play about with your own gifs.
  • always sharpen your gifs !!!!  can not stress it enough omg sharpening makes everything look so much better - game gifs or movie/tv gifs. 

    my settings for sharpening are here and you can also get actions to sharpen too!
  • psds are your friend and will help make things go so much quicker and there’s loads you can find here and here and here just for a few examples! 

i hope this is what you were looking for and that it helps you !!

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uhhhhhhhhhh the baltimore police template for trespass arrests that had "black male" already auto-filled?

Weird that all those “good” cops let the entire system of policing be run by a “few bad apples.”