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Regarding the advice that you shouldn't write "for some reason". What if you want to convey that the character doesn't understand his/her's own actions or feelings? Isn't it logical to use "for some reason" then?

Referring to [THIS] post.

There are better ways to portray your character being confused, or uncertain than by using a phrase that doesn’t actually give any illumination to those points.

If your character is doing things without knowing why, then show that in the description of their actions, rather than using a signal phrase like ‘for some reason’ to say ‘hey reader, listen up, the character is confused, take it from me!’

Let the reader do the work, show what the character is feeling.

Sarah left her apartment and walked the four steps across the hall to Leonie’s door. She lifted her hand to knock, but for some reason, she didn’t.

as opposed to:

Sarah left her apartment and walked the four steps across the hall to Leonie’s door. She lifted her hand to knock, but she just stood there, hand raised and ready, staring at the black eye of the peep hole until with a jolt she realised where she was and turned, flushing, to scurry back into her apartment.

Stock phrases, filler phrases, stuff that we see all the time in fiction lend easy shortcuts, they often weaken our prose because instead of looking for the truth of the moment we’re writing, we just stick a line in with the idea that that is just the thing we put when something like that is happening

‘For some reason’ doesn’t show character, it doesn’t give insight, and it’s not interesting on the page. All it gives you is a shortcut, an easy way out to signal something that could be a chance to learn more.

The other thing that these kinds of phrases do is water down or weaken other elements of the prose. ‘For some reason he liked it,’ tells us the same thing as ‘he liked it’ but with three extra words draining away the punch of the sentiment. Don’t be afraid to make statements.

For some reason, he liked it.


He liked it. And maybe that said something about his moral compass, but this wasn’t the time to think too closely on that.

I mean, I’m not the boss of you, Stephen King isn’t the boss of you, if you want to use ‘for some reason’ in your story, that’s entirely up to you. But the reason why the advice here would be not to use it is because:

  1. It’s boring

In the manga Mephisto tells us that the three things we humans can’t live without are material such as food and shelter, lust in order to breed and not go extinct, and the desire for more knowledge. But he lets us guess for the last one before he reveals it. One of the examples are love, and this is his reaction:

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How do you structure facial and body anatomy in a way that's cartoon-y, but still looks… right?

Well, a good understanding of anatomy is important because you have to know the rules before you can break em, but honestly it just comes down to basic shape and exaggeration. 

There’s a really simple lesson when you first start looking into character design:

These three different shapes are coded to tell us different things about a character. A lot of disney villains have a lot of sharp angles in their designs (Scar, Dr Facilier, Maleficent) whereas the princesses are pretty much all built out of circles. Exclusively. And dad characters and Business Types are so often squares. So working with these super simple shapes, you can start to code a character.

Like, to me, Hazel is very round, Frank is a great big ol’ rectangle, and I picture Leo being a little more scrappy, with sharper angles in his design because he’s… you know. Leo.

You can break anything down into the basic shapes it’s made out of, once you start looking for them. And when you start exaggerating them to build the figure, you get a cartoon-y look:

And when you take the shape you’ve made and black them out, they should each be a unique shape that’s recognizable as that character:

I still have a lot to learn. If you look at Jason and Percy, they’re pretty similar in body shape. The only real difference is hair shape and the fact that Jason is more Chris Evens and Percy is more Chris Pine. Piper is also underdeveloped because she’s just sort of… a basic lady shape. And there’s nothing wrong with that. but compared to Annabeth’s pronounced hips and Hazel’s pear shape, Piper’s design in this state is less interesting. But Frank and Leo are the most distinct in the lineup, because they don’t match anyone else’s shape. 

(And for the record: I literally started drawing thick black shapes and filling them in. No undersketch. Just erase when the shape is wrong and try again, like painting. It’s easier to discover shapes and you can have more spontaneity that way!)

I know that doesn’t really answer your question but that’s how I’ve been thinking about characters lately! Start with a shape in mind and remember what those shapes say about the character. And try to keep it relatively proportional, haha.

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Why do you think Severus was so interested in the Dark Arts? I know the Dark Arts are usually meant to harm or control a person but I don't believe he'd actually go that far. Maybe it was just fascinating to him?

The Dark Arts are many, varied, ever-changing, and eternal. Fighting them is like fighting a many-headed monster, which, each time a neck is severed, sprouts a head even fiercer and cleverer than before. You are fighting that which is unfixed, mutating, indestructible.“—Professor Severus Snape[src]

This is a verbatim quote from Snape himself, and if you connect the dots between the older, wiser Snape and the younger, angrier, more experimental Snape from the Advanced Potions text that Harry finds in his sixth year, it tells us three important things:

1) Severus has always valued tinkering around with magic.  Certain classes, like Transfiguration, require very rigid, fixed wand movements and incantations and are highly resistant to experimentation (lest you transfigure your neck into that of a giraffe). Charms are a bit better, but they too are used for simpler things.  Potions are a place where Severus excels (probably in part because of his mother), so he feels more comfortable doing experimentation there.

2) Severus has always wanted to be the best at something- he grows up in poverty and is obviously abused/neglected. He wants to show that he has worth. The Dark Arts offer power to those who control them.

3) Severus was obviously pretty heavily bullied and attacked.  The Dark Arts are a good way to give him the appearance of “don’t fuck with this scrawny loner.”  It’s very similar to the reason why some kids wear black trench coats and Marilyn Manson t-shirts and listen to heavy metal in high school.  Many of these kids don’t actually want to kill everyone, but the fact that they associate themselves with scary things makes them less of a target to bullies.  Not sure it worked very well for Severus, but I’m sure that was at least partially his intention.

One of the things that I think that most people don’t take into consideration is that you can’t beat a Dark Wizard if you don’t know how their Dark Magic works.  That’s why Defense class exists.  But, as Severus himself says, just because you know how to defend yourself against SOME Dark Magic doesn’t mean you know how to defend yourself against ALL of it.  Since it keeps changing and evolving, it would make sense that even someone who was with the “good guys” should know what was going on so that they could create counter-curses and other types of methods to fight Dark Magic.  But it seems like the Wizarding World seems to be steeped in tradition to the point that they can’t fathom anyone using magic in a different way than it’s described in the books.  So they keep getting blindsided by Dark Wizards and Witches who keep throwing the entire Wizarding World into chaos by using magic that no one has ever seen before.

I think that Severus has a good point. Burying your head in the sand and refusing to have anything to do with “Dark Magic” isn’t helpful to anyone but the bad guys. 

But, also, I think that a lot of the students attributed a lot of Severus’ spell-creation to “Dark Magic” even though most of it was pretty tame (Muffilatio, Levicorpus, etc).  The idea that someone would make a new spell (or more than one!) seems so foreign to the Wizarding World, much less students still in school, that I could see Severus sticking out very quickly if he ever ended up using these spells, and not always in a good way, especially not to the Marauders.

Heresy and SGRS

This scene is my favourite interaction between Yotaro and Yakumo, which occurs at the end of SGRS Season 2, Episode 1. The entire scene is a hugely important to their relationship and the path of the story, but I’ll concentrate on this particular exchange because it sets off the rest of the scene and the tone of the rest of the series.

The idea of writing new rakugo stories, presented and argued to Yota by Eisuke in the previous scene, is declared 邪道 (jado). This can be translated as in the CR subs as “heresy” or as “an evil course/road”. No one, Yota or the audience, is surprised that this is Yakumo’s reaction. That’s the comedy of the scene.

What is important, however, is that 邪道 is not immediately what leaves Yakumo’s mouth. Instead, following the question, Yakumo opens his eyes:

He is not angry by the suggestion. He doesn’t pull away from Yota; the massage continues. He thinks about the question, considering Yota, before coming up with his response. This tell us three things. 

One, Yakumo is lying. He does not think new rakugo stories are inherently heresy. 

Two, he is playing his role as Yota’s master. Yota is the type of student who needs to have a course plotted for him. Not so he can follow it to the letter but to give him something to fight against. This is the parallel that Yota has to Sukeroku, who was always fighting the established way. Yota, on the other hand, isn’t about to pull away just because he’s denied something. Instead, he tries to find a way to achieve his goal that balances his and other’s wants and needs.

Three, Yakumo is deliberately decides to draw a line between himself and Yota. He indicates that there is an evil course to rakugo, and, because such a course exists, there must also be a right way. He implies that he knows what the evil path is, and, if Yota was anyone else, this would successfully push him away. 

Instead, this completely backfires. As Yota spends the rest of the scene formally requesting to live under the same roof as Yakumo, start a family with Yakumo and Konatsu and by extension Shinbo, and change the Sukeroku that lives inside of them. He throws the promises that he had to make to stay Yakumo’s apprentice–don’t die before Yakumo, learn both Yakumo and Sukeroku’s rakugo, and extend the lifespan of rakugo–back in Yakumo’s face and foreshadows that, rather than an evil course, Yakumo has laid out the right course by entrusting his stories to his apprentice.

And that is the great comedy of the scene: it pits Yakumo and Yotaro as Sukeroku against each other but, at the same time, makes them work to achieve the same goal: living and dying for the sake of rakugo.

March TC Challenge

This is a clean copy for those of you who want it and don’t have it.

1. Has your TC ever helped you with any personal issues?

2. Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of your TC?

3. What was your most memorable moment with your TC?

4. Have you ever thought of getting over your TC?

5. What song would you use to tell your TC about your feelings for him/her?

6. What would be the perfect way your TC would admit his/her feelings for you?

7. What would be the perfect way you would admit your feelings for your TC?

8. What is the one thing that made you fall for your TC?

9. Has your TC ever given you something as a gift?

10. Is your TC in a relationship? If yes, have you met their girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/etc.?

11. What quote best describes your feelings for your TC?

12. What type of man/woman is he/she?

13. Is your tc married/has children/has pets?

14. Cutest thing he/she told you.

15. What would you do if your TC would be drunk and tell you that she/he loves you?

16. Has your TC ever said anything to you that hurt your feelings?

17. Do you know anything about your TC other students don’t know?

18. Have you and your TC grown closer since the beginning of your relationship?

19. If I was your TC, what would you say to me right now?

20. Tell us three things you want to tell him about you.

21. What is the nicest thing your TC has ever said to you?

22. Have you ever told your TC anything you wish you hadn’t told them?

23. What was your first impression of your TC?

24. If you could date your TC without anyone knowing, would you?

25. Is there something your TC does that makes you smile every time he/she does that?

26. Does your TC have any cute/weird/funny habits?

27. What is your favourite moment with your TC so far?

28. Imagine you graduated and you’re in a relationship with your TC. You told your parents about your relationship but they don’t support you. What would you do?

29. Do any of your friends/family know that you have a TC?

30. How do you think your TC would react if they’d find your blog?

31. What is the weirdest dream you’ve had about your TC?

P.S. Do y'all want me to answer these for C. Might be a challenge because he’s not my TC but I can do it if you want?

Two Truths and a Lie (Part 1 of 2)

Below, my first attempt at a piece for Miraculous Ladybug, which has as of late taken over my life! I’d hoped to post this all as a one-shot, but boy did it ever get long. This will be cleaned up and posted to AO3 once the second part is complete. Enjoy!

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Ladybug/Chat Noir, Marinette Cheng/Adrien Agreste
Rating: T
Words: 5922
Warnings: Familial angst, eventual fluff bomb, French, awkward dialogue as I attempt to figure out these two losers.


Read on AO3
Read part 2 on tumblr

He had just been trying to lighten the mood a little. It had started like this:

“I have a game we can play.”

From his left, Ladybug groans. Though his gaze had settled over the city of Paris, cast now in the pinks and purples of the twilight sky, Chat still knows his Lady was rolling her eyes.

“I don’t want to play any of your games, Chat.”

It’s the answer he’s expecting, but he can tell his plan is already working. There’s a curiosity resting on the edges of her words, a lilt that tells him she’s more interested than she’d letting on.

“Surely My Lady isn’t afraid of losing to this lowly alley cat?” he presses.

Chat turns to her and raises one eyebrow dramatically. He’s able to duck away from the swat she aims towards the side of his head, but he’s completely incapable of ignoring the hot twist in his gut when Ladybug lets loose a laugh at his antics.

Laughter had been scarce their last few meetings. While he had no idea what life was like for the girl on the other side of the spotted mask, the slump of her shoulders when they met to patrol and the weary sighs that escaped her lips once the thrill of a successful akuma cleansing had cooled told him that all was not well. She’d seemed tired, and distant, and Chat knew he had been little better. School was becoming more demanding, photoshoots and runway appearances more frequent, and akuma attacks more direct. They were up to three attacks a week, on average, with one awful week maxing out at six. Almost always someone he knew. As much as he loved every moment spent saving the city with Ladybug, it was getting harder to enjoy when it meant hours of aching bones and blearily half-completed homework afterwards. He was getting tired of fighting his friends.

“Please,” she says with a snort, “It’s almost not worth playing when we both know I’ll sweep the floor with your fuzzy behind.”

“That sounds like something someone afraid of losing would say,” he teases. He delights in the indignant flush that lights up the skin along the edges of her mask. Ladybug’s cheeks puff out; his heart stammers in his chest.

“Are you calling me… a scaredy cat?”

Chat could kiss her. Truth be told, it doesn’t take much for him to feel that way, but there’s something irresistible about the way her lips quirk up when she turns his awful jokes back on him.

“Me? Call you a scaredy cat? That’s something I would never do on purrpose, My Lady.”

This time he lets her land the light smack on his shoulder; the ensuing giggle is worth it. Ladybug pulls her legs up from where she’d been letting them dangle over the edge of the roof and turns to face him. She crosses her arms over her chest, and *dieu* did the challenge sparking behind her electrifyingly blue eyes send a jolt to his system.

“Fine. What’s this game of yours? It doesn’t involve little mouse toys or string, does it Chaton?”

I wouldn’t play any game with you and string in public he thinks, and Chat’s glad he has the sense to chew the words back before he makes a fool of himself, because really, did that even make sense?

He settles for a purred, “Not this time,” and swings his legs back onto the roof. Chat crosses them and turns to face her - their knees brush.

“The game’s simple: two truths and a lie. Each of us will tell the other person three things. Then the other person will say if they’re right or not. Whoever gets the most right, wins.”

Ladybug tenses, ready to pull away. A frown graces her features.

“You know how I feel about discussing our… other lives.”

“It doesn’t have to be about anything like that,” he says hurriedly. He places a hand on her knee, as if that would really keep her there should she change her mind. His Lady was nothing if not a force of her own.

“It’s bound to be personal,” Ladybug argues. She neatly sweeps his hand away and begins to stand. Her reaction was far from what he’s intended, and he scrambles to fix it.

“I loathe Camembert cheese,” he starts, “and I’m allergic to feathers. My favorite color is green.”

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I don't understand your anti-psychiatry standpoint tbh. I looked through the entire tag and I just don't understand it. I have OCD, and all I feel coming from you is that my mental illness is simply just a product of society or something???? i hate my OCD, i want it gone, it's ruined my life, it's ruined my grades and honestly without my psychologist and without antidepressants i'd be in a much worse state. i dont understand, all i feel is that youre saying mental illnesses are fake or somethin

Honestly I don’t have much to tell you that isn’t somewhere in that tag. If your idea of whether they’re real relies on a doctor’s stamp of biological causation then they’re “fake” but I don’t buy the terms of the establishment to begin with and want to have a conversation using those terms. That is, I don’t think the question of whether mental illnesses are “real” or “fake” is useful- human pain is real whether it is recognized by the medical establishment or not. But the people who’ve built this establishment will tell you that they lack completely the things doctors need in other kinds of medicine in order to justify their existence: useful categories of diagnosis that are likely to be diagnosed the same by different physicians, chemical or measurable ways to distinguish between disorders, diagnoses which say something about causation (you have diabetes because of this relationship to insulin), etc etc. My problem is not even that psychiatry is ideological (all medicine, hell all science is ideological) but that it claims ardently not to be, even though we know historically that psychiatry has always hit the most marginalized the hardest and labelled them sick for reacting like healthy human beings put under disgusting, inhumane conditions created by capital and social situations: women, the poor, black people and other people of color, reacting to the stress of their lives, personal trauma, misogyny, people who are reacting to being put in inhumane conditions have always been the first to be labelled sick because it allows the society at large to ignore the problems which definitely exacerbate any issues a person may already have. How many people have mental illnesses that make their lives nearly unbearable which might be more bearable if they didn’t have to strain themselves at work every day to feed themselves? How many black people are looking for ways to deal with intergenerational trauma and a world in which their friends and family can be killed for nothing while walking down the street and the cop can get away with it?

My point is not that mental illnesses are not real- obviously people feel pain that can be helped by things like medication, and I usually leave psychologists off the table and focus on psychiatry as an institution because they can be separated, though not completely. My point is that the increasing medicalization of human pain and emotional pain is the result of a social and political set of trends which have made that a priority, not sort of untouchable scientific fact. If more people are diagnosed with mental disorders per year, that can tell us one of three things: either more people are sick, or we are including more people as sick, or both. It is not the result of science. When asked, in the face of evidence strongly suggesting that DSM III categories needed at the very least some cleaning up to make them more stable, reliable, etc to more accurately diagnose patients, why they didn’t cut diagnoses they didn’t find useful, DSM IV creators shrugged and said, “Well they were in the 3rd and it was easier to leave them.” When DSM III collaborators were asked the same thing, they gave the same answer and said their decisions around updating their manual were mostly based around a few debates between a very few members of the establishment. These categories have existed for years without much public debate/actual patient input as to their relevance, social implications (how many kleptomaniacs of color do you know of?), or origins. Frankly, most psychiatrists who are not very high up in their field have no say in its terminology. So at the very least it is an establishment controlled by a small group of very powerful doctors, often paid off by pharmaceutical companies which only have to show 2 positive trials to the FDA (regardless of the number of negative studies, the structure of those studies, etc) in order to get drugs onto the market and onto the scrip pads of overworked, stretched out psychiatrists who see their patients for 30 minutes perhaps every two weeks.

The question is not “is mental illness real” at all, because obviously people have symptoms which can be grouped into diagnositc labels. That’s not something I think should be up for debate at all. The question is, how useful is the medicalization of those symptoms, and how useful is the psychiatric establishment’s presumption that those symptoms arise specifically from the disorder itself (which conveniently cannot be measured or tested for in most cases) rather than that these symptoms often occur naturally in groupings? I’ve read the process of medicalization described as how constellations are formed- they do not exist in and of themselves (they are just stars) but get grouped by our perceptions, politics, histories, and mythologies into patterns which we can then see on the sky, even though we wrote them their ourselves. For example, depression has a fairly well-defined set of diagnostic criteria. But causation is left completely unaccounted for by the diagnostic model, something that would be unthinkable in any other medical field. If one of my best friends dies tomorrow, it makes sense that I would be extremely depressed for weeks, perhaps months. This is clinical depression, as much as clinical depression that seems to pop up from nowhere is clinical depression. But they do not describe the same phenomenon. Likewise, I know a ton of people with OCD actually. Many have it running in the family- most disorders seem to have at least biological components. But many have no other family members with OCD (that they know of) and instead developed OCD as a coping mechanism for childhood trauma, wherein they were able to control how many times the light switch got flicked before bed even if they could not control their beatings at the hands of abusive parents. The end result is the same, but these are fundamentally different situations and psychiatry has no way to account for this yet because en masse it is disinterested in listening to actual patient narratives and talking about pain, trauma, social factors like how terrible it feels to be poor, etc etc. If I went to a doctor with low sodium levels, they would ask me things to make sure that this was not the result of something like a low sodium diet, or exercising to exhaustion too often, and make a diagnosis based on other biological markers. Psychiatrists don’t have this, and are more interested in treating disorders in the form of walking bodies than in helping people deal with their pain.

I think when an establishment has the power to medicate, imprison, discredit the experiences of, and abuse its own patients it legitimacy must be critiqued and its power must be called into question. I actually had rather neutral/only mildly negative experiences with the psychiatric establishment, and I still consider them traumatizing- I don’t discuss my life and feelings in terms of them anymore, but I have diagnoses listed on the books somewhere that take pain that resulted from a lot of things (including, yeah, family history and a likely genetic predisposition but also years and years of intense emotional and sometimes physical abuse and trauma resulting from that) and list them as a diagnostic code. I am not even particularly anti-medication itself: I took meds for a few years to help me function on a daily basis when my pain was at its worst, and there’s no shame in taking medication for any period of time if it helps you live your life. The question is not “do people have mental illnesses” at all but “How can psychiatry actually respond to patient needs and desires and histories and experiences organically rather than stuffing them into boxes and THEN dealing with them as patients?” I have friends with BPD who’ve had to lie about receiving manipulative treatment from doctors to get out of psych wards for fear that they’d be seen as manipulating their doctors, I have friends who’ve almost died from eating disorders that weren’t recognized because they weren’t thin enough for doctors to care yet (more likely to happen to women and that is DEFINITELY ideological- make yourself even smaller or we don’t care), and on and on and on. My premise is not that psychiatry is never useful (of course it is, and any time that it is and people decide to interact with it to make their lives easier I’m 500000000000% in favor of that), and frankly my views have moderated a bit since I updated that tag regularly, but I do think that we need to be having conversations about why people are asked to hand over total control of their life stories to doctors who don’t trust them to know themselves.

30 Days Astro Challenge - MASTERPOST

Here is a masterpost that links all my answers to the 30 Day Astro Challenge. Feel free to join the challenge, it’s really fun!

Day One: Tell us the first thing you remember learning about Astrology.
Day Two: Tell us what your favorite and least favorite signs are - and why.
Day Three: Tell us the sun signs of your entire immediate family.
Day Four: Tell us your favorite personality traits of your sun & moon signs.
Day Five: Tell us some struggles you have had to face because of your chart.
Day Six: How much study time have you really put into Astrology?
Day Seven: Do you believe in cusps?
Day Eight: Who are your top 3 favorite astroblogs?
Day Nine: What are your crush’s sun and moon signs? If you don’t have a crush, then tell us your ascentdant sign and three things you like about having said ascendant sign.
Day Ten: Tell us your Mercury sign and three facts about either how you communicate with others or how you learn.
Day Eleven: Tell us your Venus sign and three facts about how you express love or how you like others to express love toward you.
Day Twelve: Tell us your Mars sign and how you act when enraged.
Day Thirteen: Tell us your Jupiter sign and three morals that you hold to a high standard.
Day Fourteen: Tell us your Saturn sign and three things that you think hold you back from your dreams.
Day Fifteen: Tell us your Uranus sign and two things that you feel very knowledgeable about.
Day Sixteen: Tell us your Neptune sign and if you’ve ever had a really spiritually awakening moment, tell us about it!
Day Seventeen: Tell us your Pluto and a moment when you had big change in your life.
Day Eighteen: Tell us your Chiron and one hardship you went through that you feel made you a better person.
Day Nineteen: Who first told you about Astrology? Did you immediately believe in it or did you have to be convinced or do you still not believe in it?
Day Twenty: What is the hardest lesson to learn that you think Astrology has to teach us?
Day Twenty-One: Tell us your favorite memory with each sign.
Day Twenty-Two: Can you think of one person for each sign?
Day Twenty-Three: Tell us the first word you think of when you think of each individual sign.
Day Twenty-Four: Tell us the first name you think of when you think of each individual sign.
Day Twenty-Five: Tell us one over-communicated stereotype about your sun sign.
Day Twenty-Six: Tell us the sign and a couple of traits of the person that most impacted your life.
Day Twenty-Seven: Describe your hero using Astrology. (3 things)
Day Twenty-Eight: What are the sun & moon signs of your best friends? Three friends tops.
Day Twenty-Nine: What sun/moon combo do you consider to be most platonically compatible with your sun/moon combo? Why are they the most compatible?
Day Thirty: Tell us three random facts about you using Astrology.

How Persona and Persona 2 fit into the series' timeline

It wasn’t until Persona 3 with the calendar system that Atlus finally started being specific about the dates in which the Persona games take place. Obviously, people are curious as to when exactly Persona and Persona 2 happened and how much time passed between the games.

By using info in the game, I’ve managed to nail it with precision, and have even corrected someone here on Tumblr about this once. Now I’ve decided to finally make a post about it, containing all info that I’ve gathered.

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billybogshank  asked:

Kyle, Jeffrey, Baxter and Gabe: Can you each tell us three things you like best about yourselves? Or failing that three things each of you takes pride in, whether it's a hobby or a skill or something else?

Kyle didnt answer….

Jeffery kinda didnt either

Gabe just decided not to answer seeing as he really didnt want to talk about himself.

Baxter just looked confused “ugh well I would answer but I got Dissociative personality disorder….” the cat-fox replied “Im the fun loving side but um… I really haven’t got to do much so far… cus im not in control all to often…” @the-diverse-world-of-kat

Today my boss had to go to the dentist and left us all alone for awhile. She’s from Peru so she has kind of a thick accent and a habit of telling us to do things three or four times in a row, so some of the other people were jokingly telling each other to do X a few times in a row. I was off to the side getting something and, mimicking her accent, yelled at one of the guys. APPARENTLY I’m really good at imitating her voice and accent because everyone stopped talking and started looking around trying to find her. It was hilarious.

enemyofthepen  asked:

Kiss, money, naughty, rapunzel, teacher, and yellllOW

  • Kiss: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush? 
    • Brooke you already know this
  • Money: What would you do with 1 million dollars?
    • Go to Harvard, get my doctorate, move to Paris, pay for my best friend to publish a book of her poetry
  • Naughty: Tell us three things that your parents disapprove of?
    • Everything I do….
  • Rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore.
    • Hercules!!!!!! Flubber and Lilo & Stitch 
  • Teacher: What do you aspire to be?
    • Happy? 
  • Yellow: What’s your favourite colour?
    • Black, but not in an emo way, Its just a pretty color

circumspectcandor  asked:

daiyui + 4. (´∀`)♡

4. irresistible

She feels a bit like a pervert.

Which is absolutely ridiculous, she’s quick to reassure herself, because this is her boyfriend, for crying out loud, and she’s seen him in much less than just a towel around his waist, and they’ve been living together for how many months now? And, really, if he’d minded, he would have shut the bathroom door rather than leaving it wide open.

But still, she feels like a peeping Tom, even if it had only been an accident when she’d rounded the corner and found him stepping out of the steamy shower, hastily tying his towel low around his hips.

Because she should have walked away, not peeked around the corner with wide, watchful eyes.

Not sucked her bottom lip into her mouth when he’d swiped his hands across the fogged mirror and the muscles of his back had tightened along with the movement.

Not bitten down hard on her knuckles when a single drop of water had slid down his hip, tantalizingly slow, and disappeared under his towel.

He absentmindedly teases his hair, lightly exhaling through puckered lips to cool himself off in the dense steam, and she almost whimpers. He’s all hard muscle – big, strong, and sturdy – and she wants to run her hands all over him; the thought has her hiding her burning face behind her hands, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

But it’s not until the smooth, spicy scent of his cologne drifts down the hall, innocently wafting past her and beckoning her closer, that she hazily steps away from her hiding spot and stumbles into the bathroom in a bit of a daze.

Daichi seems surprised but not entirely troubled by her sudden entry, though he does falter when she, without a single word of explanation, buries her face into his wide chest and just breathes him in.

“Yui?” But there’s really no need for her to explain herself at all, because he knows this is her absolute favorite scent and it makes her head go a little fuzzy in all the right ways.

The hazy smile on her face is answer enough, as she presses her cheek against his chest and her hands over his shoulder blades, not at all mindful of the water dampening her clothes. And she hums, the sound lazy, content, almost a purr. “Hmmm…”

“Let me at least put on clothes,” he chuckles, a hand coming to rest on the small of his back.

“I like you better without,” she mumbles, grinning, shockingly unabashed. A finger runs across his skin just at the outline of his towel. Her lust has the unintended bonus of granting her bravery, or so Daichi’s starting to learn.

His Adam’s apple bobs. “Yui…” There’s light warning in his tone because they don’t have the time to take this too far. He’d be more than willing to hold his girlfriend for as long as she wanted him to if only the day permitted it.

“I know,” she huffs, pouting. “But… just a little longer?”

And he’s so weak to those big, doe eyes, the way they glance up at him, wide and pleading, or the way they’re so filled with love and longing and every emotion in between. With a tortured groan, he buries his face in her neck, prompting a squeal, and smothers her in his embrace.

“A little while,” he agrees, and they sway in place, their smiles press against each other’s skin.


a/n: bonus opposite version under the cut because i’m daiyui trash

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madlyesmith  asked:

7, 11, 16 and 25 for the writer ask 👀

7.  How do you get ideas?

Who the fuck knows…Most of the times is my brain just spiting out ideas that are  arguably some kind of combination of former concepts… (i do know i jsut gave you the definition for imagination sorry) 

11. Do you find that there are times best to write for you? Morning, evening, late at night? 

Not really. it has more to do with the mood i’m in than the period of the day. Tbh it is more likely for me to write at night because that’s the point where my brain just won’t accept doing whatever had been doing during the day.

16. CHALLENGE: Tell us about your current project in three sentences or less.

Things, plants, animals, and people each share collective consciousness of sorts. Those collective consciousness have agency. They can change the world at their whim and will. 

25.What book or movie had the greatest impact on your current work? 

Hmmmm it was more a series of books From Robin Hobb’s ones, and terry Pratchett’s mostly, but American Gods and some other did have effects and details that called my attention too. 

Can I just say how much I love this stupid screencap because of how much it tells us about Hermann?

Basically I notice three things: 

  1. Newt has been given a glass of water. 
  2. Newt has been seated in a chair. 
  3. Newt’s glasses have been carefully folded and placed in his pocket (you can see that they fell off after he drifted). 

See, Hermann is in a truly awful position here. Imagine coming in to see that your partner has already done something incredibly dangerous/life threatening and now you don’t know what to do. Hermann is not a doctor of medicine, certainly not one specializing in drift effects (I read another lovely meta noting that he tries to take Newt’s pulse and basically fails at it). Hermann should seek medical aid. He should retrieve Stacker… as he eventually does. This is potentially a moment of crisis where time is most definitely of the essence. 

But what does Hermann actually do? He takes his time. Newt is very shaky (watch how he lifts the water glass - another reason I don’t think he retrieved the water himself) so how easy do you think it was for someone using a cane to get him off the floor and into a wheeled chair? How long did that take? Before doing that he picked up Newt’s fallen glasses and carefully put them where they wouldn’t be crushed. After both these things he retrieved Newt a glass of water and no doubt admonished him to drink (soothing, but not medically helpful in the grand scheme of things). 

So how long did all this actually take? Probably not that long. It is, however, too much time spent on frivolities when Newt is potentially seriously injured and/or dying. 

Which basically says to me that Hermann–the poor baby–is desperate for control. Newt has already done the deed. Hermann can’t provide adequate support for the fallout… but hell if he’s not going to try. He’ll get Newt to a safe and comfortable spot, he’ll make sure his glasses aren’t damaged, he’ll retrieve his friend some water, he’ll do all the little, stupid things he possibly can… and only then will he run to the one person who can possibly do more–Stacker.