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Say Hello to Tim Drake

AN: I decided to start Valentine’s Day off with some soulmark AU love. I really like how relateable this reader is. I think that’s a draw. 

Words: 826

Part 1

    You wish you could see his eyes. You can’t help but feel as though they would tell you something; is he disappointed, excited, nervous? You pray that he isn’t disappointed. You can’t help but feel as though you’re plain looking, you’re not ugly, but not exactly pretty. Then there’s the anxiety. As your mind begins to go through all the possibilities, you can feel yourself getting worked up, as your breathing begins to quicken, until suddenly you’re in his arms.

    He’s sat down on the pavement, and pulled you into his lap. He’s cradling you gently, so that you don’t feel closed in; and from the way his arms wrap around you, the way they stay lax and still give you room,  you can tell he’s been where you are. As the adrenaline fades, you allow the first few sniffles to come, as your breathing begins to slow down and return to normal.

His hand rubs your back, and that’s the first telltale sign for you. You don’t like people touching your back. It creeps you out, makes you squeal, and it’s just genuinely unpleasant. But with him, it feels good, relaxing almost. As you pull back, you wipe at your eyes and then wince.

He notices, “You scraped your hands when you fell.” His voice sounds tired, but it’s smooth. Determined.

“Yeah, not my most graceful moment.”

He gives you a small smile, “Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of falls a lot worse than that.”

You smile at each other in awkward silence, until he sticks out his hand and says, “Hi, I’m Red Robin, your soulmate, apparently.”

You take his hand a bit nervously and shake it once, before saying, “I’m Y/N, college student.”

He smiles, before letting go of your hand and pulling up the sleeve of his suit, you stare at your words there, before reaching out and allowing your fingers to skim over them. Then you realize what you’re doing and quickly pull back your hand, as the heat rises to your cheeks.

His fingers grip your chin and turn your gaze towards him, “I wanted you to see them. That way when we meet in real life, you know it’s me.” You stare at him, and you fear the faint sound of police sirens. “Someone must have called the cops. It’s not safe for me to reveal everything here in the open.” You nod, a bit dumbly, He smiles again, “I’ll find you in a few days, and then we can meet for real. I’ll explain everything then.”

Then with one last look, he’s gone, and the cops rush over. It’s a long night of filling out police reports before being escorted back to your dorm. The mortification you feel as everyone stares at you is enough to have you buried under your covers for the next twenty-four hours.

You sleep, skip class, and do your absolute best to not think about the fact that Red Robin is your soulmate, or wonder how exactly he’s going to find you. You fail miserably at the last two. In fact, by the time the twenty-four hours are over, you’ve convinced yourself that he wants nothing to do with you, and that you’re going to die old and alone with three cats.

At some point, you decide you need to move on. So you drag yourself out of bed, and to the dining hall. You load up on stuff that you KNOW isn’t good for you before making the trek to class.You do your best to focus on your professors, while trying not to dwell on the amount of work you’ll have to get done this weekend. By the time the day is over, you’re feeling more exhausted than you should.  

In fact, you’re so exhausted that you nearly miss the gaggle of girls whispering. You peer around them to see what they’re staring at. It’s a good looking boy. He’s dressed in jeans and a long sleeve tee-shirt. He’s working on a laptop, and has a large cup of coffee with him.

Then, as though he feels you staring, he looks up and makes eye contact. When he smiles you look away, and do your best to shuffle further into the dorm past the front desk, when all of a sudden you hear him say your name, “Y/N wait a minute.”

You don’t want to, but you do, without meeting his eyes, you turn to face him. He stops in front of you, and you can feel the gaggle of girls looking at the two of you, “I’m Tim Drake, we met the other night.”

You stare at him puzzled, until his scrunches both sleeves of his tee-shirt up, in the most nonchalant way you’ve ever seen, to reveal the same words, your words, from the other night. You stare at him for a minute and he only say grins and says, “Told you I’d find you.” 

In My White Tee

Pairing: Y/N/College!Ex-Boyfriend!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 2.000+

Summary: Luke and Y/N have broken up which means it’s been days since Luke has moved out from their shared dorm. College is not always fun and especially not with your ex-boyfriend showing up at your door but one last nap can cure everything.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a poly relationship Seungcheol x Jeonghan x Y/N first time having sex? If that made sense.... Thank you and I love your scenarios!!!!!

I hope this is the kind of poly relationship you were expecting, because you’re getting one where you all love each other hehe 😘 meaning, some JeongCheol is included. ♥ and I’m not fully sure how you meant it, but I wrote it so that it’s the first time you’re all having sex together !

In the series of “Scooter gets carried away with smut”, this is a bit above 4,000 words (this was one amazing request, thank you s o much).

The polyamorous relationship between you, Jeonghan and Seungcheol had been going on for almost half a year, although it often felt like a much longer time with how close all three of you were with each other, mentally and physically, which had more or less to do with all of you knowing each other as rather good friends prior to the relationship. You all enjoyed cuddling, holding hands and just being close to each other just as much as you enjoyed offering each other mental support and a shoulder to lean on; no one was left alone.

Another thing you all enjoyed was sex, but that was something you had yet to try out with all three of you - but that wasn’t to say that all of you weren’t thinking about it. It was only a matter of time until one of you brought it up: you already knew you matched both Jeonghan and Seungcheol sexually more than well, and it wasn’t exactly a secret that the two had had some fun of their own as well.

At least none of you would have to fear that it would be awkward for any of you when you eventually went that far.

That night, you were all watching a movie, with a warm blanket spread over your lower bodies and you and Seungcheol holding bowls of popcorn while Jeonghan sat between you, taking some of the snacks from both of you every now and then. Your legs were more or less tangled, and throughout the movie you’d occasionally move yours so that they were on Jeonghan’s lap and he was lightly holding them, and Seungcheol’s arm was loosely on Jeonghan’s shoulders for most of the movie.

Towards the end, however, Jeonghan started getting more and more fidgety, with his hands reaching to your and Seungcheol’s legs more and more often, higher each time. That already had the two of you quirking your eyebrows, but you didn’t think too much of it until Jeonghan turned to you and pressed his lips to your neck out of the blue.

“Jeonghan?” you asked, slightly amused, and squeezed his leg lightly. He moved up to kiss your jaw, his hand slowly moving higher on your thigh, and merely hummed. You gave Seungcheol a look, and he chuckled.

“Jeonghan, is there something you’d like to say?” the eldest asked and paused the movie, putting his bowl of popcorn away before reaching to put yours away, too.

“Or do,” you added with a giggle. Jeonghan pulled away from you, his eyes a bit hooded, and sighed before looking at you straight in the eye. Seungcheol leaned closer, curious to hear the other male’s answer.

“Can all three of us just like,” Jeonghan started, biting his lower lip a little, “have sex already.”

Seungcheol moved his head a little so that you could see him from behind Jeonghan, and you both smiled a little while excitement began growing inside of you. Oh, you all were definitely on the same wavelength - during your last time together, Seungcheol had briefly mentioned how great it would be to, at last, have some fun with all three of you, and you had agreed with him.

Jeonghan sighed in frustration when neither of you said anything, and he was about to start explaining himself when you cut him off with a kiss and Seungcheol placed a hand high on his thigh. Jeonghan whimpered, slightly surprised and definitely pleased, and replied to your kiss with more hunger than you were expecting while placing his hand on top of Seungcheol’s so that he could try to move it higher on his thigh.

Reaching high enough, Seungcheol was pleased to notice that Jeonghan was as excited and frustrated as he seemed; no wonder he was getting antsy in his pants. You broke away from your kiss with Jeonghan so that you could move down to kiss his neck, and he panted, his heart hammering in his chest as Seungcheol was getting closer and closer to the tent in his pants.

“So we’ll actually..?” Jeonghan asked, sounding obviously dazed, and threaded his fingers in your hair while you kissed his jawline.

“I mean, you’re not the only one who wants it,” Seungcheol said amusedly, and Jeonghan turned to look at him, feeling weak in the knees at the sight of Seungcheol’s dark eyes and his tongue moving over his lips so lusciously slowly. Luckily you were all sitting down.

“Finally,” Jeonghan sighed before getting his other hand behind Seungcheol’s head and pulling him into a passionate kiss. You smiled to yourself at the heavy breathing of them both and began fiddling with the hem of Jeonghan’s tee, but your smile died fast when Seungcheol moved his hand from Jeonghan thigh to yours, immediately sliding all the way up to your crotch.

With you only wearing a pair of loose pajama shorts and your legs opening on their own accord, it wasn’t all that difficult for Seungcheol to run his fingertips up and down your slit through your panties, and all you could do was mewl against Jeonghan’s neck quietly while your fingers started sliding into his sweatpants.

Before you could get that far, though, Seungcheol withdrew his hand from your shorts and broke his kiss with Jeonghan. “I’m assuming this will move to the bedroom?”

“I mean, everything works,” you said, leaning your head against Jeonghan’s shoulder. He smiled at you and placed his hand on your thigh, caressing it. “…But I think that would be the most comfortable option, no?”

You got two agreeing nods, and with you and Jeonghan already moving to the bedroom, Seungcheol took it as his job to turn off the TV and take the popcorn to the kitchen before following you. Upon entering the room, his lips stretched into a grin when he saw you and Jeonghan, both of you on your knees on the bed, him with his hands in your shorts at the back and your hand about to slide into his sweatpants while your lips were locked in a sloppy kiss full of tongue.

“Didn’t take you too long,” Seungcheol laughed and swiftly pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his toned upper body, decorated with a couple of light hickeys from a few nights before. You and Jeonghan both turned to look at him and grinned.

“We’re impatient,” you laughed, although it soon turned into a quiet moan when Jeonghan bucked his hips against yours, his half-hard length rubbing against your mound doing wonders to you.

“I can see that,” Seungcheol said with a meaningful raise of his eyebrows and joined you on the bed. Sitting on his knees behind you, he grabbed Jeonghan’s wrists to move his hands away from your ass. “I’ll take care of this.”

Jeonghan chuckled and slid his hands under your shirt instead. “Whatever that means.”

You bit down on your lower lip in excitement when Seungcheo leaned down to press a kiss on your lower back, right above your ass, with his fingers hooked around the waistband of your shorts. Palming Jeonghan through his boxers, you grinned at him. “It means good stuff.”

He was about to ask what you meant exactly, but his questions were answered when Seungcheol pulled your shorts and panties down and grabbed your ass, kissing each cheek before giving them a smack that made you moan and tingle all over your body. Jeonghan chuckled and leaned down to kiss you, although it was soon interrupted when he pulled your shirt off you.

Giggling, you wrapped one arm around Jeonghan’s neck and resumed your kiss while your other hand continued palming him, with his hips rocking into your hand slowly. Seungcheol had gotten into a position where he was propped on one elbow, his other hand holding your ass, and his head was between your legs, where it could nicely fit. His hair tickled your legs a little, which made you laugh into your kiss with Jeonghan, but when you first felt his wet tongue run along your slit, you couldn’t help but moan.

“Not so amused anymore, Y/N?” Seungcheol asked with an amused voice and kneaded your ass. While waiting for you to give him some sort of an answer, he brought his tongue out again and continued licking you - when he could taste some of your anticipation on his taste buds already, he smirked.

“Oh, I’m very serious,” you sighed contently against Jeonghan’s lips, your hand now all the way in his boxers as you stroked him steadily. He had pushed his sweatpants down already and was now focusing on kissing you, whether it was on your lips, neck or shoulders, while also massaging your breasts with your nipples loosely caught between his forefinger and thumb.

You spent some time just working each other up, with Seungcheol eating you out as well as he could in his somewhat uncomfortable position, you stroking Jeonghan’s now fully hard cock and covering it with his pre-cum and Jeonghan giving your breasts the attention they craved while his lips travelled along your shoulder area. Seungcheol wasn’t getting too much attention, but he didn’t mind and just focused on the noises you were making, which did wonders to his imagination and thus went straight to his crotch.

Eventually Jeonghan took a hold of your wrist that led to his boxers, however, and gave you a quick kiss with a chuckle. He ran his fingers through your hair as he spoke, visibly amused by the increasing amount of ahs that were coming from you when Seungcheol had gotten you aroused enough. “Seungcheollie needs some attention, too, don’t you think?”

You turned your head around a little, so that you could see Seungcheol lying on the bed, still with his jersey shorts on and no sign of, well, anything going on in them. Pouting, you giggled. “He’s all yours.”

Before moving over to Seungcheol, Jeonghan briefly stood up to get out of his sweatpants and boxers, and you ran your fingers through Seungcheol’s hair, smiling at him when he looked up at you curiously. “Is it okay if I come down a little?”

The black-haired male laughed. “Please, my neck is killing me.”

Seungcheol lay down on his back, and right as you started lowering yourself onto his face, Jeonghan began pulling his jersey shorts down along with his boxers while kissing his way down from his navel. Seungcheol’s breathing got heavier with every inch the younger male moved lower on him, and when Jeongahn was finally kissing along his shaft, he moaned into you and held tightly onto your hips as he pulled you down to fully sit on his face.

You gasped and held the bed sheets tightly in one fist and Seungcheol’s hair in the other, your lips parted in a moan when you felt his tongue running up and down on your wetness. Jeonghan grinned upon hearing and seeing the effect he was having on the older one, and licked Seungcheol’s length while stroking it slowly with one hand and squeezing his thigh with the other - he knew full well it was a turn-on for the eldest.

Biting your lips, you began lightly rocking your hips on Seungcheol’s face, humming in approval at every lick of his tongue and light suck of his lips. You were also infinitely appreciative of the slight vibrations of Seungcheol moaning into you when Jeonghan began teasing the head of his cock with his tongue, not to speak of when he took Seungcheol into his mouth and brought his head down, engulfing most of the thick length.

You turned your head around to see what it exactly was that had the more toned of the two moaning while eating you out, and you felt yourself clench around nothing at the sight of Jeonghan’s lips stretched around Seungcheol as he bobbed his head up and down, his cheeks hollowing in a way that easily gave it away that he was sucking. A moan left your lips at the sight alone. “Holy shit, Jeonghan.”

He let Seungcheol fall off from his lips and smiled smugly while sliding his tongue on the now hard cock. You almost laughed at the innocent tone Jeonghan spoke with. “What?”

“You look really good like that,” you admitted, and got a grin from Jeonghan.

“Thank you,” he said with a chuckle before returning to blowing Seungcheol, who seemed to get more and more desperate judging by how tightly he was pulling you down to his mouth, and how much his legs were starting to quiver and his hips were starting to buck up a little.

Seungcheol massaged your clit diligently with his tongue, proud to see that you were starting to shiver above him, and grunted when Jeonghan briefly deepthroated him, only to let his cock fall off his lips again.

“Are we all good now?” Jeonghan asked, audibly eager to move on with the two of you, and ran his hand over Seungcheol’s abs, something he’d never miss out a chance on touching. You got off the older male’s face, your own one slightly flushed, and after wiping his face with the back of his hand and licking it clean, Seungcheol sat up as well.

“How do you wanna do it?” Seungcheol asked, his eyes moving from Jeonghan to you and back to him, and the younger male grinned while approaching you.

With his thumb dragging your lower lip down and his hand caressing your cheek, Jeonghan looked at you with hooded eyes. “I have a thing for your lips, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested to see how his cock affects you.”

There was something about Jeonghan’s words that had you shivering as you wrapped your lips around his thumb and sucked on it lightly, while Seungcheol laughed.

“I think I have both of you just as weak, Hannie,” the older male commented, both flattered and smug, while reaching for one of the bedside tables for a condom. You giggled at his response and let go of Jeonghan’s thumb, looking into his eyes almost challengingly.

“We’ll have to do it the other way sometime,” you whispered to him, and Jeonghan’s lips stretched into a smirk as he cupped your cheek.

“Oh, we will,” he said just as quietly and leaned down to kiss you, his lips soft against yours while his tongue immediately darted into your mouth to play with yours.

Seungcheol placed the wrapped condom on the bed and ran his hand up your right thigh a few times before dragging his fingers along your wet slit and finally pushing one digit into your slowly, which made you moan into your kiss with Jeonghan. The younger male grinned against your lips and only deepened your kiss, moving one of his hands to his length that he began stroking slowly, more to keep himself going than anything else.

You bucked against Seungcheol’s finger as it moved inside of you, and it was soon joined by another finger that he pistoned, scissored and curled, all of which drove you further and further into madness. By the time Seungcheol pulled his fingers out of you, you were quivering and moaning, and Jeognhan’s shoulders had marks of your nails dug into them.

“Jeonghan,” Seungcheol called out, and the mentioned broke away from your kiss, only to be met with two glistening fingers and Seungcheol grinning at him. “Thought you’d like some.”

You watched in awe as Jeonghan first smirked for what seemed like a blink of an eye, then shut his eyes and took Seungcheol’s fingers into his mouth, offering you a similar view as he had when he had sucked off the older male, only this time he was cleaning him from your anticipation. And that only made it hotter.

Seungcheol’s eyes were intent on Jeonghan’s lips as they were wrapped around his fingers, and when his digits were let free, now only damp with the slightest amount of saliva, he chuckled. “Knew it.”

“Delicious as always,” Jeonghan grinned, looking at you playfully, and leaned in to give you a quick kiss. “I think it’s all fours now, babe.”

You nodded and complied, bending forward when Jeonghan had moved backwards a little. Seungcheol looked at you appreciatively, taking in both how hard Jeonghan’s cock was in his hand and just how beautiful you looked on all fours, with your backside presented to him and your legs slightly parted.

Seungcheol hummed and ran his hand down your back, starting from your neck and ending at your ass, which he smacked lightly, if for no other purpose, then to get the surprised albeit satisfied moan from you. He grinned and ran his hand over your ass. “That’s my girl.”

Our girl,” Jeonghan corrected him with a snicker while Seungcheol reached for the condom he had put aside earlier and ripped it open carefully.

“Of course,” the older hummed and gave himself a couple of strokes while intently watching Jeonghan guide his cock to your mouth. When he saw the cute, small licks you were giving him, Seungcheol breathed deeply and finally put the condom on before placing his hands on your hips and just grinding against you. His length slid easily between your ass cheeks, and the friction and knowledge that Seungcheol was hard and about to fuck you had you even wetter than you already were as you whimpered against Jeongan’s cock.

Jeonghan stroked your hair and moved his gaze from your face to Seungcheol’s one. He grinned. “I think Y/N’s getting a bit impatient, Cheol.”

“Really?” Seungcheol asked with faux innocence all over his voice, and moved his cock so that when he moved his hips forwards, it rubbed into your pussy instead. “Is our baby getting impatient?”

You could only hum through your quiet moans as you continued licking Jeonghan’s length here and there, soon focusing on just the tip, which had him hissing.

“I better do something about that,” Seungcheol muttered while aligning himself with your entrance. With one swift thrust of his hips he was sliding into you, and with that, you were letting out a satisfied, long moan with your fingers curling against the mattress. Seungcheol breathed heavily as he was surrounded by your tight heat, and let out a content sigh while looking at just how well you were taking him. “You’re taking me as well as always, baby.”

You hummed him something that none of you could really understand, and looked up at Jeonghan when you opened your mouth wide for him to guide his cock there. Jeonghan licked his lips slowly, and with one hand in your hair, he brought his cock to your mouth and allowed his eyes to flutter shut when you took him into your mouth and brought your head forward, taking more of him in.

Seungcheol looked at the two of you - how your head was bobbing up and down and how Jeonghan was holding your hair and how he was sighing in satisfaction - and it was impossible for him to stay still. His first thrust was on the slower side, as he pulled almost all the way out and pushed completely back in, and even when he continued, he wasn’t too fast. He wanted to savor every thrust, just as much as he wanted you to feel his every movement.

It didn’t keep you satisfied for too long, though, and even while sucking on the tip of Jeonghan’s cock and tonguing the slit, catching some of the pre-cum and swallowing it, you were somehow able to make it obvious that you needed more. Even if it meant that Jeonghan had to, again, put it into words.

“Go faster,” the younger male said, placing his hand on Seungcheol’s strong arm that was leading to your hip as a sign that he was, indeed, talking to him. The other male nodded in understanding, and with a firmer grip on your hips, started thrusting faster - and harder.

You mewled around Jeonghan and let him fall off your lips for a moment, whining with how good it felt to have Seungcheol finally slamming into you the way you loved it. You loved the way he fucked you no matter how he did it, but in that moment hard was just how you wanted it. Jeonghan watched in awe and stroked himself, swallowing hard as his eyes moved between your satisfied expression and Seungcheol’s focused one, his brows slightly furrowed and lips parted.

He let his eyes fall lower and bit his lower lip hard when he saw how Seungcheol’s cock pushed in and out of you, how your ass jiggled with the force at which his hips met it and how you started to push more and more back against him. Jeonghan whimpered, almost cumming there and then. “Fuck, you two are hot.”

Seungcheol grinned cockily and winked at the younger male, while you whined with how good you were feeling with his thick length rubbing into all the right places inside of you. “I know.”

Jeonghan contemplated on how he wanted to proceed, and ended up running his fingers through your hair and tug it lightly, which elicited a moan from you. “Y/N, I’m kinda, ah, close.”

You lifted your face in an instant, parting your lips so that Jeonghan could guide himself between them, and let him push in. He remained still after that, and with your tongue swirling around the head of his length and you sucking on it a little, he finally reached his orgasm not much later, a groan ripping from his throat. Seungcheol followed the scene in front of him intently, his thrusts a bit sloppy as he watched Jeonghan’s face contort and his fingers slowly loosen in your hair, but he collected himself again soon afterwards.

When you let Jeonghan fall off your lips and had swallowed his cum, after which Jeonghan patted your head and smiled almost softly at you, Seungcheol stopped his movements and pulled out, tapping your hips. “Change of position?”

You nodded a bit weakly and watched Seungcheol lie down on his back, reaching for you with his hands. Smiling, you got closer and gave him a couple of sloppy kisses before getting one of your knees over him, so that you were above his crotch with your back facing him.

“I was thinking the other way around, but…” he mumbled, almost confused, but placed his hands on your hips either way.

“I think this will work better with three of us,” you said with a chuckle and placed one hand on top of Seungcheol’s on your hip and guided him back to your entrance with the other. Jeonghan was sitting close to you, watching in amazement as you sunk down on Seungcheol’s cock slowly, visibly enjoying every little bit of him that pushed into you.

“Beautiful,” the younger male breathed with his eyes locked on how well you took Seungcheol, and you merely smiled as you began moving your hips, back and forth with the slightest vertical movement included. Seungcheol grunted underneath you, his brows furrowing as you worked your magic on him, and Jeonghan couldn’t help but chuckle at the rather loud ”Fuck” that the older said under his breath.

After he had recovered a little, Jeonghan got closer to the two of you and found a comfortable place between Seungcheol’s legs, right in front of you. He brought one hand to your breast, slightly jiggly as you rode the older male, and the other he slowly slid down to your clit. Jeonghan licked his lips slowly, grinning smugly when your face contorted in pleasure when his finger pressed against your clit and started rubbing gentle circles into it.

“Oh, god,” you whined, leaning closer to Jeonghan and increasing the speed at which you were desperately riding Seungcheol. The younger male hummed in approval and caught your lips in a kiss that he was only able to keep up for a short while, because when Seungcheol began fucking up into you, you were too far gone to focus on kissing.

Not much later, Seungcheol was grunting as he released into the condom, and with Jeonghan’s lips leaving light marks in their wake on your chest and his fingers rubbing your clit erratically, you were coming hard, too.

Panting hard, you clung onto Jeonghan once he had removed his fingers from your clit, and Seungcheol ran his hands up and down your sides soothingly, breathing heavily as well while the aftershocks of his orgasm ran through his body.

“Why on earth did we wait this long to do this?” Jeonghan asked, probably more rhetorically, and wrapped his arms around your tired body. You laughed against his skin and lifted yourself off Seungcheol with the help of his strong arms.

“Better late than never,” Seungcheol said with an amused shrug when he got up and got the condom off himself, tying it up before tossing it at the bin by the bed. Jeonghan smiled at him, and got a smile back.

“Well,” you said, slowly detaching yourself from Jeonghan, and looked at your boyfriends. “At least we know it works.”

“I think we’ve known that for a while,” Seungcheol said with a wink at you, and you shrugged with a giggle.


All of you had an annoying, thin layer of sweat on your bodies, so you had a messy shower that you concluded would be the first and last you would ever have with all three of you, before getting back to bed, all of you wearing nothing but underwear.

You lay down in the middle, your left hand holding Jeonghan’s right one and your head leaning slightly against Seungcheol’s shoulder.

“Didn’t we have a lot of leftover popcorn?” you asked suddenly, earning chuckles from both of the males.

“It’ll make for good breakfast,” Jeonghan suggested, half as a joke, and got a nudge from Seungcheol. You giggled.

“Or,” Seungcheol said, sitting up and flashing the two of you a bright grin, “we can just get the popcorn here and talk for a while.”

Neither you or Jeonghan had any objections, so a few minutes later you had abandoned the idea of sleeping and were instead sitting up on the bed, talking quietly about whatever popped to your minds while feeding yourselves and each other popcorn.

Admin Scooter

GREY AREA. (M) | 04

And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

“and maybe sometimes we shout the things we never want to say, and whisper to ourselves all the things which our hearts want to hear.” - ma.c.a

pairing: min yoongi x reader
warnings: mature, heavy angst
genre: soulmate!au, slowburn
words: 7,362
chapter index

The next day you found yourself sitting on the wooden bleachers that were found in the dance studio. A place that seemed to become more familiar to you the more often you visited. Which, wasn’t frequently enough.

A book sits in your hands, and no matter how hard you try to pay attention to it, it is no match for what is occurring a few feet in front of you.

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Roommates: Part 2

Summary: Reader is a ghost that lives in Tom Holland apartment and Tom doesn’t believe in ghosts. Or does he? Take two of playing with an Ouija board, tom gets some answers and tries to bring home a girl.

Warning: some sexual content, swearing, death, spooky shit, dont play with ouija boards 

Words: 2.5k

Originally posted by tom-holla

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Beast Tamer


If there was a physical representation of an alpha male it would be the man sitting in front of you. Negan was everything a woman could ask for or even hope for in the apocalypse, he was strong, fearless and king of one of the largest communities you had ever seen.

He was brutal and practical.

Not to mention handsome as hell, he was like the devil himself.

Tempting and terrifying.

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request:  Hey as a part two of dust can you do #98 please if you don’t mind? & 

Hey I think you’re amazing 😁 could you possibly do a part 2 to dust ? It’s so good ! 💕 &  are you going to write a second part for “Dust”??? it was amazing &  Can you write a part two to dust? Please you can’t leave me hanging like this😭 it actually broke my heart a little &  a lot more

hello loves! it is time for part two of ‘Dust’. This had been highly requested and Dust has received amazing feedback and i’m so thankful for everyone all of you. anyways, keep sending in requests! hope you enjoy!

part one

Losing a best friend is the worst feeling in the world. The one person that you told every thing, the one person that loved you for you, the one person that you thought had your back, was now gone. He wasn’t gone for good, he was still very much trying to be apart of your life, but you didn’t want him anymore. The one person you told everything to, let your secrets escape he his mouth. The one person that loved you for you, told his obnoxious friends that you felt unwanted sometimes. The one person that you thought had your back, let you fall.

Harry went to your flat after you drove away from him, leaving him at the pub, alone with his thoughts. He made Nick take him home where he drove to you. You wouldn’t open the door, but he heard your cries through the wood that was keeping him out of your life. He started crying too, wishing with everything he had that you would just open the damn door so he could fix this.

He knew he shouldn’t have said anything to his friends. He knew that you had told him that in confidence, but he wanted his friends to make you feel more welcomed. He didn’t mention to them to not tell you that you felt that way, letting his big mouth get in the way of what he knew was right. He needed to explain himself. He needed to make you stop crying. But he knew he couldn’t, and it was obvious that you weren’t going to let him in your life for a little while, so he gathered himself and left. 

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Past the black where sirens sing

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Siren!Au / Angst / One-shot

Rated T for mentions of blood and mature themes (nothing too heavy tho)

Word count: 3.8k

Synopsis: Two in the morning, during this moonless night, as Yoongi is playing his demons away with slender fingers above the white and black of a piano keys.

And nothing would be different than usual, really, if it wasn’t for the strange girl sitting at his window, claiming to be a siren in love with his music.

Author’s note: for my loved @yoongihime, even tho it’s a couple of days late and she deserves so much more than this <3 

I love you, sweetie ❤

Yoongi doesn’t consider himself a believer. He never fell for the shining lure of myths and tales, nor for the solace of a higher being molding the universe – the hell, he didn’t even believe in the monsters under his bed when he was only a naïve tiny child.

These days some people would call him a cynical man, yet Yoongi knows that this is not really the case, for he simply holds his faith closer to the rational state of his mind rather than to the realm of pointless delirium. If the eyes can’t see it, then why should he presume it real, after all?

Just use the damn brain you had the luck to born with, for God’s sake.

So, Yoongi is well aware that all these people always ready to raise their finger at him and mark him as a crude, cold human being would now be left astonished, if they saw him in his room with a completely unamused expression as he stills his fingers above the piano keys and asks “so, what exactly are you?” to the beautiful, strange girl perched on his windowsill.

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A Sniper, a Soldier, and a Fangirl: Part 3

Prompt: Sometimes life sucked. You’d found that out early in life. An embarrassing incident here, an anxiety attack there, and voila an introvert was born. And to be completely honest you were okay with that fact. Being introverted was not a bad thing, it allowed you time to do the important things like, obsess over fictional characters, or write, or work, or study, or geek out in general. It was a simple life, but it was a good life. THen the impossible happened, you got sucked into a fictional world that wasn’t actually fictional, and found out two of your favorite characters were your soulmates. You weren’t sure if you were lucky, or just crazy.

Fandom: Marvel

AN: I am amazed at the support for this series. I haven’t been this excited about a series in a long time. So, here’s part two, Enjoy!

Part 1, Part 2

    You decide that there is nothing in the world that beats a hot shower. As the hot water washes away the dirt and grime, you focus on anything but what is currently happening to your life; because if you stop to think about the fact that you’re now stuck in a parallel universe with two soul mates you might just lose it. You can’t afford to lose it. So, you focus on anything else, that spot in the far corner, the smell of the soap or lack thereof, the shape of the shower head, anything really. You do this until the water turns yours fingers pruny and you know it’s time to get out.

    You find a set of male clothes waiting for you; and over sized tee-shirt, which is not going to hide your lack of a bra, and a pair of sweatpants with a drawstring. You don’t have to tighten them much, your hips are wide enough that it only takes a slight pull, and putting the strings into a bow. You pad out of the bathroom and into a larger room to find it empty.

    You wait exactly three minutes before trekking out into the hallway. Your journey back to the common room is filled with more than one wrong turn. And when you find it, you hesitate before slipping in. You stand near the back, and listen as they talk, “I just don’t get why Clint and Steve didn’t know earlier. It’s not like they’ve never shaken hands before or even hugged.” Natasha’s shoulders shrug up and down once with the question.

    “She wasn’t here. She wasn’t in our world. For the soulmarks to take place they’d need to be on the same plane of existence.” Bruce’s answer is simple. He says it so certainly that you know, no one will argue with the man.

    Steve tilts his head, “So she gets here, the soulmark becomes a possibility. I’ve been on a mission for the past week, so it makes sense that Clint and I wouldn’t know ahead of time.”

    A moment of silence falls over the group before Clint asks, “What about her though? She doesn’t know about any of this. According to the records we obtained she thought our world was fictional. How do we explain the marks to her?”

    Steve’s head turns towards him, “They don’t have them where she comes from?”

    Clint shakes his head, “Nope, and I’ve only explained the bare minimum.”

    Sam shrugs, “Probably best not to overwhelm her to be honest. She’s just lost everything; family, friends, a career. And as far as we know there’s no way of getting her back. Probably best to take easy for a couple of days.”

    Clint nods, “We could take her shopping. She’s going to need clothes. She can’t just wear my tee shirts and your sweatpants forever.”

    Steve smiles, “Get her few other things to help it feel like home until we figure out what the three of us are going to do.”

    Tony smirks, “And what are you going to do, Captain? Buy a farm? Live out in the country? Have a couple of kids, and retire from the Avengers.”

    Steve and Clint look at each other, before Clint smiles, “Doesn’t sound bad to me. A normal family, doing normal things. No alien invasions, or stuck up billionaire playboys.”

    Steve chuckles, “Sign me up.”

    Tony makes a sound and the rest of them laugh. As they do so, you slip back out the door, and down the hallway, until you come to stand in front of a large bay window. You stare out at the trees, and blue sky for a minute before a hand lands on your shoulder.

    You squeak as you turn to face Natasha, and a small smirk is resting on her lips, “A bit jumpy today?”

    You say nothing and she moves to stand next to you, “It’s a pretty view. Not a bad place to live. Food could be a bit better though. Not a great place to raise kids.”

    “I’ve known them for all of three minutes, kids aren’t exactly on my mind right now.”

    She smiles, “Fair enough. What is on your mind?”


    “I’d appreciate it.”

    “Sleep. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since this entire thing started, and all I want to do is crawl into a massive bed, lay down right in the center, and sleep until I can’t sleep anymore.”

    She smiles, “Most people would be panicking.”

    You shrug, “Something tells me it’ll come eventually. Probably when I’m least expecting it.”

    She nods, “It usually does.” There’s a moment of silence before she asks, “Want to get some food?”

    You shake your head, “I’m not really hungry.”

    She bumps your shoulder with her own, as though you’ve known each other your entire lives, “You need to eat. Something tells me that Hydra didn’t feed you the best food.”

    You grin, “I thought you said the food here wasn’t great.”

    “Still better than Hydra.”

    You smile and follow her to the cafeteria.

    You get more than a few stares as you move through the food line. Part of you feels like you’re back in high school, but the food is better. You and Natasha say very little, and for that you’re grateful. You aren’t sure what you’d have in common with a master assassin, and a part of you doesn’t want to know.

    You’re so focused on your food that you don’t even notice the eating area has gone quiet until they take seats on either side of you. They say nothing, you say nothing, and Nat stares at you with a shit eating grin on her face.

    After a moment or two she says, “Well this has been fun, but I should get going. I’ve got a lot to do and very little time.” Your eyes narrow, and you watch as she leaves.

    When she’s gone, Steve asks, “How are you feeling?”

    You don’t meet his eyes, “Better. The shower helped.”

    Clint smiles, “I’ve found that there isn’t a lot a good shower can’t help. However, some new clothes and a little shopping never hurt anyone.”

    You stand up and pick up your tray, they follow you to the trash, and you say, “I don’t have a ton of money at the moment, since I’m guessing there isn’t an interdimensional bank anywhere nearby.”

    They both smile, “We have money.” Steve assures you.

    “I don’t like handouts.”

    Clint shrugs, “It’s not a handout. What’s ours is yours.”

    “That sounds a lot like a marriage vow.”

    Steve crosses his arms against his chest, “In a lot of ways it is. These marks mean we’re supposed to be together. That we’re perfect for each other. And yes, marriage does typically come up at some point, but we don’t have to rush it.”

    You stare at them, “Don’t you?”

    Clint raises an eyebrow, “Clarification would be nice.”

    “Don’t you rush these things, you have these marks that appear at first touch telling you the person you’re meant to be with, why wouldn’t you rush it?”

    Clint smiles, “The marks provide an opportunity for us to be together, doesn’t mean it has to happen, or that we won’t have to work at a relationship. The marks mean we fit together, we’re the missing pieces of each other, but we still have to work at it. We’ll have fights, and disagreements, and I’m certain someone will sleep on a couch eventually, but we’ll also have a lot of warm moments, and good memories, maybe even some great ones. But at it’s core the mark represents a relationship that we have to put work into.”

    “And you want to do that by shopping?”

    Steve laughs, “You’re welcome to keep borrowing our stuff if you want. We like the way it looks on you.”

    You laugh, “Boys are the same no matter the dimension apparently.”

    A moment of silence falls among your trio before Steve asks, “So what do you say, want to put in some work?”

Everyone Loves a Wedding

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Trope-Tastic: Tadashi + 2. Fake dating/married turns into real dating. 

“We’re best friends, right?” Tadashi asked you, swiveling around in his desk chair to face you.

“Of course we are!” You said, looking up from one of his old comic books.

“So that means we do huge favors for one another if they need them, right?” He asked, giving you one of his sweetest smiles.

You put down the book and got off his bed. “What are you up to, Hamada?”

“Nothing bad!” He reassured.

“Uh huh, sure. Out with it, then. What’s going on?” You pressed, both curious and a little scared.

“Well…my second cousin Hana is getting married, and Cass, Hiro and I were invited.” Tadashi explained.

“Okay…?” You said, still unsure of what that had to do with you.

“I was, um, I was hoping you’d come with me as my plus one and…pretend to be my girlfriend.” He asked, sheepishly.

“What? Why?”

“Last year at the family reunion, Great Aunt Martha and Cousin Agatha were trying to set me up their friends’ and neighbors’ granddaughters and stuff. I want to avoid that as best I can. Plus, I want you to meet my family.” He explained with an apologetic smile.

“Isn’t this a little extreme? Can’t you just say you don’t want to be set up with anyone?” You asked.

“You haven’t met Great Aunt Martha. It’s impossible. It’ll be really fun, I promise. Food, dancing, a weekend away, you love all that. Please?” He pleaded, grabbing your hands and giving you his best puppy stare.

Keeping your best poker face, you considered the offer for a moment. He made a great point about you loving weddings, but…would you be able to stand it? Keeping your feelings for Tadashi hidden had become hard enough since the day you realized you loved him. You weren’t entirely confident you could make it the weekend without getting caught up in the whole thing and ending up hurt.

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He Was Found


I recommend reading He Was Lost before reading this.

Ethan Dolan forgot what it’s like to be annoyed at his brother. Not ‘dammit Grayson, why’d you have to go and drink all the milk’ kind of annoyed, but more like ‘dammit Grayson, why’d you have to bring up the love of my life who I stupidly let go of and miss more than anything’ type of annoyed. He is peeling oranges near the counter and Grayson’s mixing some pancake batter, tossing in handfuls of chocolate chips.

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BTS Reaction To: You Wear Just Their T-Shirt And Panties Around Them (M)

seokjin: The loud snores sounding from your mouth were a complete contrast to your seductive nap-wear. Such a contrast that Jin found himself ignoring these deafening noises, biting his lips at what was displayed in front of him.

In a state of weariness, you took no effort in wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket. Lying on your side, you were only clothed in one of Jin’s pink V-neck tees and Victoria’s Secret panties. Such an outfit accentuated your impressive cleavage and toned legs, some of Jin’s secret, favorite parts of your body.

And this was when and where Jin decided that swallowing down his feelings for you was too much to bear. So, he rushed over to you, urging you to wake up from this unnecessary catnap.

“Y/N. Hey. Wake up.” He shook your frame roughly, causing you to jerk awake. “We need to talk.”

You groaned, not liking your nap interrupted ten minutes in.


Your voice dripped with malice, but Jin chose to ignore it.

“Fuck, I can’t take this anymore, Y/N.”

You rubbed the sleep from your eyes, the only response to his serious tone from you an obnoxious yawn and a bewildered expression.

“Jin, can this not wait until later? What are you talking-”

He cut you off as he pulled your hand to him in record speed, wrapping it around the erection constrained in his worn blue jeans.


Now, you were awake.

You looked up at him, lust beginning to gloss over the confusion and annoyance prevalent in your eyes. What was he doing? And why weren’t you stopping him?

“After all these years, how can you not know what you do to me?”

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yoongi: On his limited time off, it was always your mission to spend as much time with your best friend Yoongi as possible. Even if it was curled away in your or his bed, doing nothing but catching up on some needed rest.

You didn’t move from your lying position even as you heard the bedroom door open and close, signaling your best friend’s arrival.

“I’m here,” Yoongi announced, taking off his jacket. “So, what do you have planned for me today?”

You lifted your arms, gesturing him over.

“Yoongi,” you called in a songlike voice. “Just nap with me; we can order takeout if you’re hungry later.”

He snorted at your request.

“Shit, you don’t have to tell me twice.”

Yoongi, in an unusual bout of cheerfulness, ran over and jumped on the bed, knocking the sheets and blankets from your body. You whined at your sudden loss of warmth, and he let out an out-of-character gasp at what you were hiding underneath this cocoon of fabric.

No wonder you were cold; all you had on was one of his black t-shirts (without a bra, most likely), and simple pink underwear, topped off with a fancy black bow. You were practically wrapping up all your goods for him in the form of some special present. And of course, you were oblivious to how provocative this outfit of yours seemed.

He could feel his pants tightening even more as each second passed by.

“Yoongi,” you sulked and reached for the blanket, “Now, I’m cold.”

“I can think of another way of warming the both of us up,” Yoongi stated matter-of-factly, looking into your eyes with an unfamiliar emotion.

”What could work better than a blanket-”

With his hands latched around your wrists, he pulled you forward and onto his laps, allowing to feel his, rather impressive if you must say, erection. And that’s when you recognized the emotion in his eyes: lust.

“What do you say?”

You nodded weakly.

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hoseok: “Another bad date?” Hoseok asked, stepping into the bedroom.

“I really don’t wanna talk about it; I just need cuddles right now,” you whimpered, pulling your blanket closer to you. “I’m never dating again.”

“Aw, it’s okay,” Hoseok reassured you, taking a few strides before positioning himself beside your bed. “I came with plenty of cuddles to cheer you back up again.”

Within a few seconds, Hoseok was pulling back the covers and climbing into bed beside you. But of course, he didn’t do this without inspecting your rather risqué outfit for this cuddling session. You were wearing one of his dance-practice tees that he had been searching months for, using a pair of blue boy shorts to barely conceal the rest of your body. And damn, you looked way better than he ever did in this shirt.

His voice, drowned in lust, sounded lower as he beckoned you over, pulling your tear-stained face into your chest. You sighed, wrapped with support from your best friends.

Years of suppressing his feelings, years of supporting you through your abusive relationships, years of nursing you after inevitable breakups: he had self-control through all these adversities, but not tonight. Tonight, he found his hands wandering lower than your waist, coming to grab your curvy ass. You let out a surprised gasp.

“H-Hobi? What are you doing?”

Kneading the supple flesh in his hands, he craned his head down to whisper in your ear.

“Maybe what you’ve been looking for in a relationship has been at your side all this time.”

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namjoon: “Hey, you didn’t burn it this time,” you noted, as your best friend Namjoon walked into your apartment bedroom with an extra burst of confidence  in his movements, obviously proud that he was able to cook (perhaps microwave) something without it covered in hundreds of salmonella bacteria or bursting into flames. “Did you grab the movie yet?”

“Um, no, it’s right beside you on the nightstand,” Namjoon answered slowly, genuinely confused.

“Oh! Well, I guess I actually have to move then,” you whined, pulling the sheets back and reaching over to your left. As the sheets retracted, your lazy-day outfit, one Namjoon’s muscle tees and bikini panties, made its debut to Namjoon’s wandering eyes.

He cursed under his breath, almost dropping the bowl of meticulously-made popcorn held firmly in his hands. Why did his pants suddenly become two sizes too small?

Oblivious to his gaze, practically undressing you in that perverted mind of his, you popped open the plastic casing and placed the CD in your hand.

“Are you ready?” you asked, turning to him. “Joonie?”

Your eyes only met a man who was obviously under some sort of distress, giving you that frustrating look that you only swooned over behind closed doors. He was obviously deep in thought, conflicting between maintaining a healthy friendship or listening to his urges and pouncing on you right then and there.

Damn, the sexual tension in the room could cut through walls.

Looks like that movie will have to wait for another day.

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jimin: Jimin knew it was going to be a difficult day when he found you on your belly in your queen-sized bed, your bikini bottoms doing almost nothing to keep your backside from his prying eyes.

Jimin knew it was going to be a long day when you turned around to greet him, giving the idol a front-row view of his designer shirt enveloping your frame.

Jimin knew it was going to be an impossible day when you demanded for him to spoon you in your large, comfy bed, allowing your ass to press up not-so-modestly against his growing boner.

Why did he have friends? Jimin asked himself this question as you showed him photos on your iPhone, rubbing up your butt against him in excitement whenever a particular photo sparked your interest the most.

“If you keep doing this, I don’t think we can be friends anymore,” Jimin announced. His Busan accent was almost tangible to your ears, which meant he was completely earnest.

You let out a gasp at his words.

How could he-

After six years-

Was he serious?

Your mouth opened wide to voice your complaints, but it was interrupted by Jimin, grinding against your voluptuous bottom with those sinful hips of his. A spontaneous moan fell from your mouth, and Jimin brought your sensitive earlobe between his teeth, tugging on the flesh just enough to get your head swimming.

Oh, shit, you thought.

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taehyung: “You left your shirt at my house, but I just washed it and kinda forgot about it,” you explained, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “You can have it back, if you want… Taehyung?”

Poor boy, he was so far gone, in such a deep trance, that he couldn’t stop himself from grasping your full breasts and squeezing them slightly, as if trying to see if his childhood friend had actually finished puberty.

“Hey!” You shouted, ignoring the bewildering tingles of pleasure in your body that came with his touches to your breasts. ”Whe-where are you touching?”

Thank God I left this shirt at your house, Taehyung thought, biting his lips at the way your tits moved and molded into his hands with each caress he gave you. I need to have these wrapped around me soon or I’m going to lose it…


I can already imagine it, asking me in that occasionally submissive voice of yours, “Am I doing it right?” Jesus Christ, I’d probably cum from hearing that just alone-

Kim Taehyung!

But fuck, I’d only be able to throw my head back, drop my jaw, and let out shameless groans, because having those breasts of yours trapping my erection has to feel heavenly. God, but probably not as nice and warm as burying my dick in your tight little-

And his thoughts ended as he felt a sharp, stinging pang across his cheek.

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jungshook jungkook: Your voice finally floated from the bathroom, signaling Jungkook that you were ready.

“Okay, I’ve been waiting all day to beat your sorry ass in some video games,” you teased, fixing your hair into a messy ponytail.

Jungkook’s attention moved from the television to you, and he rolled his eyes at your arrogant attitude.

“Aight, keep telling yourself-”

In front of him, his best friend of over five years was standing in one of his rare non-white shirts and a pair of girly boy shorts, which he had to say complimented your ass more than just a little. The plain t-shirt did nothing to spare his torture, either; it was one of his hand-me-downs before he started working out regularly, so it was much smaller, constricting around your full breasts.

Jungkook, very obviously, pulled a pillow from beside him and placed it on his lap, in an attempt to mask his growing arousal.

“Oh man, holy sheet-”

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The Princess and the Wedding

Prompt: Part 3 of Damian’s Soulmark series, because Damian is the definition of prince charming.

Part 1, Part 2

You find that it’s worse when you’re alone; when the room is dark and Damian isn’t around. You try to focus on anything else; a book, a movie, something. But nothing works. In the end, you end up in front of the large bay window of your hotel room, admiring the Gotham skyline.

   In that moment, you allow yourself to close your eyes, and breath. You focus on the way the air fills your lungs, and the slight ache as it leaves. Then you focus on the pull. The little warm feeling that assures you that you’re not alone. You become so lost in it, that you never hear him approach, and by the time that needle finds a home in your neck, it’s too late to do anything. The last thing you see is Vertigo’s face.

   In unconsciousness you find peace. Your mind drifts back to the cabin, to the explosion of emotion. You remember the way Damian’s lips feel on yours; slightly chapped but tender. You remember the way they had danced over your skin. And then you remember lying in front of the fireplace, wrapped in his arms.

   “We have to find a way.” His voice was a whisper.

   You had placed a kiss on his chest before looking into his eyes. You had found them filled with desperation and love. Love for you and desperate need to be loved. Snuggling closer you had simply said, “We will.”

   Two days later the call from Vertigo had come, along with his ultimatum. Return to Gotham and marry him, or watch your mother die. The fear that had gripped you with that phone call had nearly made you sick. But Damian had wrapped his arms around you, and made you a promise, “We’ll get her back. We will get her back, and then we’ll figure out us.”

   The plan had been simple, pretend to go along with Vertigo’s plan, from there Damian’s family would search for your mother. The galas and state dinners that had been lined up had bought you some time. You weren’t scheduled to go back to Kaznia for several weeks. That along with the pretense of disdain for the Wayne heir provided you with a cover that couldn’t be bought anywhere else.

   But Vertigo had always been a sneaky bastard. So when you wake up, strapped into a chair on the royal family’s private jet, you know that the man had moved up his timeline. The smirk he gives you makes you want to claw his eyes out. Instead you dig your nails into the armrest.

   Hours later you’re led off the plane under an armed escort. You find yourself thrown into your room at the castle, and what you see there makes you sick. The wedding dress resting over the chair is extravagant, gaudy, and something you’d never wear. And as you’re forced into it, your hatred for Vertigo grows even more.

You’re acutely aware of your surroundings as you are walked from your room to the throne room. The grip the soldier has on your arm is hard enough to bruise as he drags you down the aisle. Your eyes meet those of several of your mother’s cabinet. They’re covered in bruises, and Vertigo’s soldiers stand nearby, ready to shoot.

You scowl as you’re deposited in front of you husband to be. His smile is evil, as he simply asks, “Are you ready darling?”

“Ready to kill you? Why yes, yes I am.”

You listen as Vertigo takes his vows, and when your turn comes you’re certain that you’re going to be sick. You’re just forcing your mouth open when the doors to the room burst open.

Smoke fills the air, and there’s several grunts. You use the diversion to back away from Vertigo. You’re nearly out of the room when an arm snakes around your waist, and a hand clamps over your mouth. Before you struggle, a familiar voice says, “It’s me.”

You look into Damian’s eyes and you finally relax. Until you see the sadness in them. His voice is soft as he asks, “Where’s your room?”

Your heart sinks as you lead him through the corridors. Once you’re safely in, and the door is locked he explains. He explains how his family had been looking for your mother while you two kept an eye on him at the party. It was them tripping the silent alarm that made the Count move up his plans.

Your voice is soft, “What about my mother?”

Damian meets your eyes, his voice as gentle as can be when he says, “We were too late. Her injuries were too extreme. They were able to get her to the hospital where she was able to identify the Count as her captor and abuser. She died before we were able to get here.”

His words weigh you down, and you find that you have trouble breathing. You start pulling at the dress, and Damian quickly helps you out of it. You slide to the floor in your underwear, and Damian drapes a blanket around your shoulders.

   You feel the tears slip down your cheeks, and you force yourself to take a deep breath, “I don’t have time to mourn. With my mother gone, I am the Queen.”

   Damian nods, “What do you need from me?”

   You stare at him, before taking his hand, “Will you marry me? I know it’s soon. But I’m young. I don’t know who I can trust and who I can’t. Marriage will bring stability, and I know it’s a lot to ask …”

   He smiles, before pushing a lock of hair behind your ear, “Let’s go get married.”

   You pull on jeans and a tee-shirt before walking with him back to the throne room. The smoke had cleared, and Vertigo and his followers had been tied up. Your mother’s cabinet, now freed, stood debating what to do.

   You keep your voice calm, as you simply say, “My mother is dead. She lived long enough to give us the evidence needed to convict Vertigo. But as of now, I am the Queen of Kaznia.” You take a deep breath, “And my first act will be to marry my soulmate. Damian Wayne.”

   You ignore the shock in their eyes as you step forward. Damian’s hand on the small of your back gives you the strength to stand tall. In perhaps the most unglamorous royal wedding ever, you and Damian Wayne are married. And as you promise your life to him, you can’t help but think that it fits the two of you perfectly.

Siren - Stiles Stilinski

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word count: 2600
warnings: swearing, i think that’s it

Mermaids.  Sirens.  Sea creatures that are half human and half fish.  A species that has been living longer than most of the monsters that prowled through Beacon Hills California.  Longer than the werewolves, longer than the banshees, the coyotes.  They were an honorable kind, difficult to understand, but not many bad things could be said about the merpeople.

 Unless you were a hunter.

 Yes, it began with the sailors, passed on to pirates passed on to explorers and so forth through time.  Each looking for the bounty to be collected, for the capture of a mermaid.  And soon the magic and the beauty of the merpeople was no longer treasured, but sought out.

 In the late 1900s, the entire species was near extinction.  If it weren’t for the l/n family, the kingdom of the merpeople would no longer exist.  It would be extinct.

 At least, it would if it weren’t for them converting from people of the sea, to people of the land.

“We saved everyone mama?” I asked, looking up from the story book in my lap.  My mother smiled at me, nodding her head.

“We did indeed” She said, standing up from my bed.  I looked down at the book again, seeing my parents’ signatures.  My fingers brushed over the thick black ink.  “And you’re one of us, y/n” I smiled at that, the idea of being a mermaid.  Sure, I was seven years old and about to be the new girl at Beacon Hills elementary school, but somehow having a secret as cool as this one made me feel at ease.  I had a something special that nobody else would.  “But you must promise, y/n” I stared at my mother with the most serious expression that I could muster.


 “You must never reveal this secret to anyone” She said solemnly.  “Serious consequences will ensue if you were to ever speak a word of this” I nodded my head, smiling genuinely and handing the book back to her.

 “I promise mama” I told her, and she gave me a long hug.  Her hands circled on my back before she let go of me.

 “Alright, well you have a big first day tomorrow, why don’t you get a good night’s sleep, okay?” I nodded eagerly, scooting underneath my covers for warmth.

 I would keep this secret.  My own little special secret.

 Nine Years Later

 “Stiles! Just because I’m a mermaid does not mean I can breathe underwater!” I whisper screamed at my best friend.  He laughed and jumped into the pool after me.  The bastard had shoved me in.

 “If I remember correctly, that book of your showed gills all over here” He gestured his hand over my neck, and I promptly rolled my eyes.

 “Stiles.  I can’t breathe in chlorinated water” He made a pout.

 “Damn.  How about a tail? Will your legs merge and make a tail?” I splashed him this time and swam over to Scott, leaping onto his back and nearly dunking him under the surface of the water.

 “He-hey!” He flustered for a moment to wrap his arms under my legs to hold me up.  Stiles swam after us, and Scott grinned and waved at him.  “Let me guess y/n, Stiles started asking you mermaid questions again” I chuckled and nodded, keeping my hands on the back of his shoulders.

 Scott and Stiles became my two best friends on that first day of second grade.  It took about a whole year for me to reveal my secret to them, but I trusted them with it, hell I trusted them with my life.  And when Scott was turned into a werewolf last year, we became even closer.  Especially Stiles and I.  We always had this… tighter connection that I’ve never felt with anyone else.

 “Yeah pretty much” I said with a small laugh.  Stiles splashed water at Scott and I.

 “Leave me alone you know you love me” I stuck my tongue out at him and he did it back.  Then I got bored and plopped my chin on top of Scott’s head and played with my hand in the water.

 “Hey y/n” Scott called after a short period of time.  I just sorta hummed, still watching my hand splash lightly in the water.  “Wanna play a game?”

 “Sure… like marco po-”

 Before I knew it, Scott and pulled me from his back and and I was flying through the air.  I didn’t even have the time to scream before I landed in a pair of arms.  Instantly my own curled around the neck I recognized as Stiles (thanks to his freckles).  My arms tightened around him as I clung onto him.

 “Woah woah woah, it’s fine, you’re fine” He assured, beginning to swim us both towards the wall of the pool.

 “Don-don’t do that again” I muttered, looking up at him.  Stiles’ brow furrowed as he stared at me, holding me securely and upright.  “What?”

 “Your eyes…” He said, his own eyes flickering between mine.  “They’re… they’re pink?” I rubbed them with my fists and began to clamber out of Scott’s pool.

 “They do that” I mumbled, grabbing my towel from the grass and covering my body for warmth and to cover my large amount of exposed skin.  Stiles began to get out of the pool, and Scott swam towards the edge as well.  “I’m gonna go inside and warm up” I said, already walking into Scott’s house.  

 “Wait- y/n!” Stiles ran up behind me but I went into the bathroom and closed the door.  I could hear him sigh on the other side of the door, then slump down to the ground.  I sucked in a weak breath as tears welled in my eyes, and ran my hands through my hair.  Then sat down on the ground, and pressed my back against the door. 

When I’d washed myself off in the shower and had on a towel around my body I opened the door.  Stiles wasn’t there anymore, but I saw him half asleep on the couch, Scott reading in the recliner.  He caught my eye and smiled, standing up and waving me over to walk with him.  I did so and followed him up the stairs.

 “Feeling better? You were really out of it when you went inside” I shrugged my shoulders, readjusting your towel.

“I didn’t like what you did, made my eyes go blue” I said, walking with him into his room.

 “Blue… blue’s… fear?” I nodded.

 “Yep, it is”

 “Then what’s sadness?”

“It’s also blue, just a darker one I guess” I shrugged again.  Scott made a pouty face.

 “And you wanna explain to me what pink means?” He asked.  I opened up my drawer in his dresser and pulled out undergarments with a pair of running shorts and a tee shirt.  Scot simply turned around so I could change.

 “Think you already know the answer” I muttered.  Scott chuckled, and I took a moment to glare at his back.

 “Stiles doesn’t”  I yanked up the underwear and shorts angrily, and pulled the top over my head with just as much aggression.

“I’m done changing” I said, and Scott turned back around, taking the towel from me.

“Look, y/n, I think it would be best for you if you just told him”

“Told him what Scott? That he’s my mate? He’s the soulmate of a freaky fish girl, and that my eyes go pink because that’s ‘the color of love’ and sometimes I can’t control it because I do love him and I just don’t wanna mess anyth-”

“You’re rambling hon” Scott said with a laugh, and went searching through your drawer.

“Sorry I just.. it’s important to me” He smiled and nodded, and handed you a rolled up pair of fuzzy socks.

“It’s cold down there, you should put these on” I half smiled and thanked him before pulling them up over my feet.  They were a little loose, but provided the warmth I was looking for.  “You want some advice y/n? Like, real solid advice” I nodded, face crumpling in defeat.

“Yes please” I sighed, and Scott stooped over to my eye level, and put his hands on my shoulders.

“Just.  Go.  With.  It” He said slowly.  My brows furrowed in confusion.  “If you think it’s a moment you could say it, say it.  If you think it’s a moment for you to kiss him, kiss him” I shook my head, eyes widening and lips parting in shock.

“Scott I can’t-”

“Go downstairs and hang out with him before he passes out” I gave up with a small sigh and nodded.

“Thanks Scott” I said quietly, heading out of his room.  Scott smiled and nodded, going to the door to shut off the light, and close the door.

“Night y/n” He called, and closed the door as I left.

I walked down the steps on my tiptoes, and when I reached the first floor, the television was on, playing a baseball game, and Stiles was on his back.  His eyes were closed but I could tell that he wasn’t fully asleep.  I still tiptoes over to the couch though, and crawled on top of him slowly and carefully.

“Mm- y/n?” His eyes flickered open as I wedged myself between the couch and his body.  His one arm wrapped around my body, the other lying on his chest.  “Look I’m sorry about earlier” His voice was low and groggy from exhaustion and it made my heart thunder in my chest.

“It’s okay, really” I said, laying my cheek on his chest.  The arm around me moved up so his fingers pulled my slightly damp hair out of my face and back behind my head.  I smiled at him in silent thanks.  “I’m uh.. I’m actually sorry for the way I reacted about it.  It was really childish and just… I don’t know where it came from” He smiled back at me, a lazy one that again, made my heart race.  The little things this boy did…

“You’ve got nothing to apologize for.  We’re all good”


“Yeah” With his answer I laid my head back down again and we both watched the baseball game for a while.  Not that I knew a single thing about baseball, or any sports for that matter, but I didn’t mind.  I watched it a lot with Stiles, but only cause I enjoyed hanging out with him.  We’d get  a bunch of snacks and order pizza for lunch and Chinese for dinner.  I’d laugh when he’d talk smack about any team that wasn’t the Mets, and by the end of the day we’d just be sitting on the couch cuddling.  I usually passed out in his arms, which was by far my favorite part.

I felt my eyes begin to shift, likely pink, as they often did around Stiles.  I squeezed them shut and rubbed them.  Willing the color to go away.

“Tired?” Stiles asked quietly

“Mhm” I hummed, nuzzling into him.  He chuckled, the sound vibrating through his chest and against my cheek, only making me cuddle into him more.  Both of his arms wrapping behind my back, and I pushed myself to lay with half my stomach against him, and one leg hooked around one of his.

“Hm, extra cuddly” Stiles said, and I could hear the smirk in his voice.  I just hmphed, and buried my nose in the crook of his neck.  He began to pet his hair.  “So are you just gonna sleep on me then?” I sat up, looking down at him with slightly narrowed eyes.

“You gotta problem with that?” I asked sarcastically.  He chuckled and shook his head.

“No ma’am, my apologies, do proceed” I giggled rubbing my eye with my fist sleepily.  He made a pout.  “Just put your head down and get some rest” I nodded, snuggling right back in to where I was before, my fave buried in his neck.

“Mm, you smell like pool chemicals did you not shower?” He shook his head.

“I will in the morning” He yawned.  I rolled my eyes.

“What if you get cancer from the chemicals on your skin, and then I’m stuck driving to the hospital everyday with a new bouquet of flowers and cupcake flavor, because you’re bald and I feel bad and you’re gonna die and then I’ll be stuck alone and forgotten about by everyone cause no one wants to deal with the girl who lost her-”

Stiles cut me off, fingers curling around my jaw and pulling my lips softly against his.  I melted into it, not even giving second thought to the action.  I hummed softly against his mouth.  When he pulled away, he smiled a little.

“Soulmate?” My brows furrowed.

“You knew?” He nodded.

“I stole that book of yours to figure out what the pink color of your eyes meant, I thought it was something bad and was gonna fix it but surprise, guess I’m your mate for life” A hot blush of embarrassment spread on my cheeks.

“A-and what’d you think?” I asked.  Stiles made a small sound that resembled a snort.

“I wasn’t too surprised.  I’m flattered really” He said, putting a hand on his chest as though I told him something heartwarming.  I rolled my eyes.

“No really, you weren’t freaked out?” Stiles chuckled again and shook his head.

“Of course not” He said, the hand that was on his chest, tucking my hair back behind my ear.  “y/n, I love you-”

“No you’re only saying that cause now you feel obligated-”

“Would you shut up?” My brows shot up in surprise, but I silenced.  “y/n, I loved you since we met in the second grade, long before I even knew any of this” Okay, now I was muted.  “That first day, you came in, and you sat with me and Scott cause you thought we looked lonely and you wanted to make friends.  You gave us your crayons to use during free time, and even split your lunch with Scott cause he didn’t have one.  You stood up for me when Jackson was being an asshole, and you always have.  You’ve even been to every lacrosse practice and game ever, even though I’ve only played a handful of times.  y/n, I.  Love.  You.  And you being my soulmate makes sense, because there’s nobody else for me.  You’re an embodiment of an angel y/n, I love you.  I mean it” 

I bit my lip, hiding my growing smile.

“You, Stiles Stilinski, are something else” I mumbled, eyes flickering from his to his lips.  “You’ve put me through hell, trying to hide all this from you, but God I.. I just- I just wanna..” I trailed off, shaking my head and closing my mouth to a smile again.  Then leaned down and kissed him passionately.  He leaned back down into the couch, and I rolled to lie on top of him again.  One of his hands combed back into my hair, the other laying on my waist.  After a few minutes of euphoria, I leaned off of him, my fingers curled around his jaw as I stared at him intently.

“You ready to sleep now?” He murmured, and I nodded.  I let him maneuver me so we were both lying on our sides, my body instantly curling into his body, our legs intertwining.  His arms wrapped around me, acting as a blanket and keeping me warm and cozy.

“I love you, you strange human”

“I love you too, beautiful mermaid”

idk where this came from.  i like mermaids.  they cool.
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Undercover (2/?)

Summary: You haven’t been on a mission in months, you stay behind your desk at SHIELD headquarters a lot recently.  When Fury calls you for an important undercover  mission, well, you cant really tell him no , can you? You just wish you knew what you were getting yourself into beforehand.

Pairing: Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader (kinda)

Warnings: Swearing, awkwardness 

Marvel MasterList

Undercover MasterList

                                                     Chapter Two

     It takes you a minute to snap out of your shock, but then you quickly follow behind Steve.  As you step In the house, you scan your new surroundings. You slowly walk around the TV room,  your eyes going to the line of pictures on the mantel of the fireplace.  Each one sent a wave of warmth in you , every picture is of you and Steve. The wedding photo of you two dancing is what your eyes are stuck on.  Damn, who ever made these is seriously talented! Part of you is jealous, wishing that what the pictures portray could be real. The other part of you , the more sensibly side, is reminding you that you are in fact on a mission .

You hear footsteps from behind you , and you can feel Steves body heat radiating off him .

  The house isn’t bugged, Captain.” you say as you turn to face your new husband.

He nods,  a blush creeps over his cheeks as he begins speaking, “ Ill never understand how they could make these pictures so real.” he says, his eyes going to the wedding picture .

“ Who ever did it is very gifted,that kind of technology is still a mystery to me too. I’m Y/n , by the way.” There is a small hint of awkwardness between the two of you , but you don’t expect anything less. He shakes your hand, your heart feels like its going to beat out of your chest at the contact. I need to control myself, this is for business, not pleasure.

You clear your throat, “ Want to fill me in on exactly what I’m walking into?”

  He nods, sitting on the couch , gesturing for you to join . You take the seat next to him.

Steve spends the next hour explaining details. You two are newlyweds, that just moved here to start your life together. There is a retirement party being thrown for a Sergeant at the station in a week, and families are expected to be there.  It would be suspicious if you didn’t attend, risking blowing this mission is not an option; that’s why you are here.  You aren’t here just to play arm candy for him though , you are to get close with the others families to see if theres any hint as to who is HYDRA .  Steve also informs you that  A lot of these men have government ties, the chance that their ties are also Hydra is high . The last thing this country needs is anymore Hydra agents in government positions.

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. “Okay , so the house is the only safe zone as of right now. Everywhere else, our cover is up . You know what that entails, right ?“ you shyly ask .

 "uhm I - yes ma'am .  We have to act like a real married couple. Hand holding, kissing- ”

“ You sure you can keep up with the PDA ?” you tease . Steves cheeks turn pink, his eyes crinkling as he shoots you a goofy smile.

“ Don’t worry , I wont get too handsy. Maybe ” you wink as the last word leaves your lips. You didn’t think it was possible, but hes blushing even harder. This is going to be interesting.

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    You spend the rest of that day learning more about your covers, memorizing all the details you could about Chris Smith .  When its time for bed, Steve tries to take the couch .   What a gentleman .

” You know, if we want to sell the part we should start getting comfortable around each other Steve. You’re sleeping in the bed, no arguments.“

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He didn’t try to argue , he agreed with your point.  You follow behind him as he guides you to the master bedroom, which is a lot bigger than you thought itd be. It was very spacious, with a giant bed placed against the back  wall. The walls are grey , yellow accents placed around the room. You feel oddly at home already .  You both agree to sleep in what you’re most comfortable in ; leaving Steve in nothing but flannel pants , & you in a baggy tee& underwear. 

   When you finally collapse into bed, Steve stays more than an arms length away . Has he ever shared a bed before?

” i don’t bite Steve, you don’t have to lay all the way over there.“  you joke .

 He shuffles closer, but still not close enough .  He is not making this easy .  You bite the bullet, scooting yourself back until your ass is against him. You hear him gasp at the contact, making you slyly smile.  

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” you okay with this?“ you softly ask, not wanting to push him too far .

” yeah “ he releases a loud sigh , he lightly drapes his arm over your waist, testing the waters to see how you’ ll react. When you don’t flinch, he properly rests his arm over you , his hand grazing your bare thigh .

” Good night Steve.“ you mumble, letting your eyes slip closed .

” Good night, wife.“ you feel him smile against your hair, your lips twitch up as you finally drift asleep.

   The doorbell jolts you both out of your sleep, you send Steve a ‘wtf’ look before he rolls out of bed , throwing on a t shirt and sliding a gun into the back waistline of his pants. He’s out of the room before your feet hit the ground . Your scitter into the bathroom, shedding your tee and sliding into the silk robe that is hanging on the back of the door. You tie it around you , then  grab your pockey knife from the bathroom drawer and slip  it into your pocket in case. You bolt from the room, but as you approach the front room you hear an additional voice that you cant recognize.

” I was in the neighborhood, thought id drop by so i could finally meet your wife Smith! You cant hide her forever!“ the voice teases. Who ever this man is sounds harmless, but you know not to judge a book by its cover.

Steve goes to speak , but you interrupt . Putting forth your best innocent voice,

” Sweetheart, what- Oh , hello .“ you say shyly, pulling your robe tighter against your body .

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” You didn’t tell us she was this beautiful man!“ the man says, slapping Steve on the shoulder. You watch the blush rise on Steves face when he sees you ,The robe was short and black, hitting you  about mid thigh so it showcases your legs perfectly.

You giggle as you shake the mans hand,

” I’m , Peter . You must be the famous Anne,its nice to finally meet you.“ he says with a smile.

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” Its nice to meet you too Peter! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone else at the party next week .“ you say as you move to Steve side , interlocking your hands as soon as your close enough .

"  You don’t have to wait that long sweetheart, me & my wife are having a bonfire tonight . Some of our neighbors, along with co workers will be there! Give you two a chance to meet new people other than our co workers pal. ” He says , elbowing Steve in the ribs.  Oh crap, we need an excuse. I’m not ready! I was banking on having a week to prepare more before having to be in this situation! Your smile doesn’t leave your face as your internal panic increase . Little did you know Steve was worrying as well .   Before Steve can politely decline the offer, Peter adds,

“ I’m not taking no as an answer. We’ve all been dying to meet Anne,  we’ll see you 7 !” he says as he walks out . 

Well shit .

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Hello love, I love your blog! Could I request 15 and 1 from the Harry prompts?? That would be amazing <3

Thank you, I’m glad you do, love! x

1. “Give me some morphine.” & 15. “Tell me that you’re sorry, too.”


“I’m breaking up with you.” Was what you said to Harry as you already had your suitcases and boxes in your car, avoiding his gaze, 5 months ago.

You ignored his pleads, giving him a final kiss on the corner of his mouth before leaving. After that, everyone tried to reach you but their attempts were in vain.
You had changed your phone number, went to live in God-knows where and your friends didn’t mutter a single word about where you might be, all they said was that you were still in London.

To say Harry was wrecked would be an understatement. If you weren’t going to be with him again, he at least wanted an explanation. Had he done something wrong? Had he said something wrong? Did someone threaten you? Did you find someone new? He didn’t know.

It was getting bad that Harry was seeing a therapist, getting nothing but sympathetic looks from his family and friends when they visited him or when he was seen in an event.

“She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Fuck, she still is. Have you ever been so in love that it broke you? What did I do? Why did she leave?” Harry cried one day to Anne whose eyes were tearful as she watched her son break.

“How do you want us to help you, Harry?” Anne asked gently, placing her hand on Harry’s as they sat in his kitchen.

“Make it stop; this—this pain. My heart, it hurts,” Harry shook his head, “Give me some morphine. Please.”

“Harry, you’ve been taking morphine too much, baby. You’re having mental pain.”

“Then why does my heart hurt?!” He snapped, his tears falling, “Why did she do it?”

You weren’t doing any better. Having to be forced to end your loving relationship with the man who you held nothing but love and admiration for was taking a toll on you.

Your family weren’t supportive of yours and Harry’s relationship. They said you were way out of his league and that you should save yourself and run away; let him be with someone who fits his lifestyle. You didn’t believe them. You defended your love for him every time, shielding your relationship and your home.
But when your father threatened to harm Harry, you didn’t know what was he capable of. He worked in the police and had high authorities, you never knew what harm would he want to cause to Harry.

But now, in a new house that you would never call home with your parents and younger sister, you had grown weak. You refused to look at them, always avoiding your gaze. Your food was given to your dog, only eating what your sister got from the grocery store when she came back from her training. You were breaking and they saw it.

“Is this really what we wanted?” Your mom asked your dad quietly as they stood in the kitchen, looking at you curled in the couch as silent tears rolled down your face. “It has been 5 months and look at her!” She whisper yelled, pointing at you.

“What were we thinking?” She asked, looking shamefully at him, burying her head in her hands as she sobbed quietly.

Your dad sighed, rubbing her back. “I don’t know.”

“I do. She’s getting back to him, whether you like it or not. I will not have my daughter sulk. She loves him. He loves her. We should be happy for her instead of being shit parents.” Your mother shouted, catching you off guard.

You perked up, looking at your mom as she approached you, giving you her car keys. “Go. Go get him back.”

Your mouth was opened agape as you took the keys from her hands and sat up, looking at her, “Wh-What?”

“We’re so sorry. So sorry. Go get Harry back. Be happy again. Please.” She cried.

A grin was on your face as you stood up, engulfing her in a hug, mumbling a “Thank you.” before looking at where your dad stood. He gave you an apologetic look to which you nodded to before you rushed into your sneakers and into the car, driving off to your home.

You weren’t sure what were you going to say. What would Harry think of you knocking on his door in plaid pajama pants, a graphic tee and your hair in a messy bun? Did he move on? Would he take you back?

You pushed your thoughts back as you knocked on the door instead of using the spare key that you both kept under the flower pot to give him his privacy.

“Coming!” You knew you were crying when you heard his voice. You were then met with him after he opened the door.

Harry’s jaw was dropped, eyes wide as his phone fell from his hand, looking at you. You were a crying mess, fidgeting with the hem of your t-shirt as you looked up at him.

You were standing there for moments, Harry not believing that you really were in front of you. He reluctantly opened the door, stepping to the side to let you enter. You entered, getting a whiff of your favorite perfume that you always wore, making your heart warm up.

Harry followed you to the living room, both of you standing and facing each other.

“Why?” He managed to get out, feeling his eyes well up with tears.

“My parents.” You mumbled nervously.

“Can I touch you?”

You nodded to his question, already giddy to have his arms around you which they seconds later were. He hugged you as if you had came back from the dead world, nuzzling his head in your neck as he let his tears drop.

From the first time Harry had met your parents, he knew that they didn’t necessarily like him nor did they support your relationship but instead of talking to them, Harry had told you to ignore their negativity. But now that this happened, Harry couldn’t help but feel responsible for what happened.

“I’m sorry.” Harry whispered, pressing his forehead to yours.

You shook your head, caressing his cheeks with both hand. “I should have explained. I should’ve saved this. What do you want me to do? I’ll do anything.” You said quietly, closing your eyes.

“Tell me that you’re sorry, too.” Harry replied back as quietly, his lips brushing yours.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Never. Never leave again.” Harry said capturing your lips with his in an anticipated kiss.

“Not planning on it. Never.”

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Roman Reigns One Shot - First Impressions

  • Based on this prompt: “You can touch me but I know you won’t.” @moxxetti

I looked around the arena wondering how I had gotten suckered into coming. It was filling up fast. Lila had called at the last minute, her cousin had bailed on her and she had no one to go with. She had begged. She knew a few of the wrestlers and had scored ringside seats but the only problem was that I knew nothing about wrestling or the WWE, nor did I care to. Yet here I was, sitting in probably the best seats in the house about to watch something I had zero interest in. I closed my eyes and sighed heavily.

“Stop being so dramatic,” Lila elbowed me in the ribs. “You’re gonna love it.”

“Yeah,” my eyes narrowed, “we’ll see.” I picked up my beer and took a long sip, hoping there was enough alcohol in this place to get me through the next three hours.

“It’s a house show, they’re always so much better than the live tapings – no script, no PG rating to worry about. Just a bunch of people out there having fun and entertaining us.” Lila shouted over to me as a blast of music and pyro went off.

“What the fuck is a ‘house show’?” I shouted back.

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The Heat: Part Four (ending)

Part One // Part Two // Part Three                                    


You were hired on for the summer to help the Avengers after college, a job you considered to be the stepping stone into a lifetime career. Throughout the summer you find yourself in the crosshairs of Bucky Barnes, the only member of the team who vowed to hate you the day you moved in - or so you thought.

Word Count: 2,463

Notes: some cursing, fluff.

Hope you guys like it! let me know what you think! :)

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This Is Us -Chapter 8

 Parenting Is Not  Spectator Sport 

While the notoriety surrounding the recent wikileaks articles had died down considerably, both he and Claire wanted to preserve their privacy as long as they could. Only a small, trusted handful of Jamie’s close family and friends knew what had happened and Claire had only told Joe.

The press had no inkling thus far. Jamie bought a car seat and sometimes drove on days when he needed to transport Faith. If he and Claire were taking Faith on an outing together, they sometimes arrived separately. He’d also taken to wearing a beanie to cover his hair and often wore sunglasses. He refused to be too paranoid about it, the nip of winter was still occasionally in the air and he’d noticed that people tended to pay less attention when they were bundled up. His focus was on spending as much time as he could with Faith and getting to know Claire.

Jamie had seen or spoken with Faith every day, becoming familiar with her  routine and Claire’s variable work schedule. He began to get a feel for his daughter’s moods and personality, the things she liked to eat, what interested her.

Mrs. Crooke was delighted that her early mornings and late evening hours were fewer and farther between with Jamie stepping in as he may to help Claire cover early morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups at the daycare centre and supper and bedtime when Claire had evening rounds. Mr. Crooke had just retired and they wanted to spend time together. Juggling schedules was a learning curve but they both made a real effort to accommodate one another; neither of them wanted to burst the fragile bubble they were currently existing within.

When Claire had an early call or Jamie late meetings, an unavoidable happenstance in each’s respective line of work, they would shift things around so Jamie could start his day with his daughter, instead of ending it. On those mornings, Jamie would skip his early run, getting to Claire’s while Faith was still asleep. Claire  would bid him a quick good morning as she hurried off to get to the hospital.

Her not too subtle plan was clearly to throw he and Faith together as often as possible and build their bond. He didn’t mind and in repayment of such trust he did his best to pay attention to the things she thought most important for Faith and hope he’d be able to keep his actions consistent with hers.

Faith was especially adorable when she first awoke, her hair resembled a bird’s nest full of twisting strands, chirping away to herself as she did her best to make her bed and get herself dressed. He respected how Claire was fostering her sense of independence and responsibility. So while it would have been quicker for him to help her do certain tasks and speed her along, he didn’t rush in first thing and take over the morning chores. Instead, he’d wait until the chatting grew to an audible pitch before checking in on her.

Faith would squeal in delight on the mornings he popped his head in to greet her. Her smile, the best part of his day. He’d take stock of how far she’d gotten on her own. Then he’d lend her a hand to straighten the bed, pick up the remaining impedimenta strewn across the floor. Then they would put the finishing touches on the day’s ensemble. Sometimes tights would need to be rerouted, snaps realigned. Faith had very definite ideas of color and pattern matching, which he’d learned to, if not accept, then at least ignore.

“She picks her clothes out the night before and lays them on the bench near her toy box.” Claire had explained. “I used to buy things that all matched and try and keep the outfit together but gave that up soon enough. The pants will be in the wash or the sweater’s gone missing, or Faith wants to try something else with the tee shirt.”

Jamie didn’t say anything as he followed her around while she showed him where everything was kept and how it usually worked, but something must have shown on his face as he took in tomorrow’s ensemble of mismatched green hues. She gave him a rueful smile.

“It’s fine, she is learning to figure out what she likes. Better clashing clothing as a toddler than a terrible tattoo as a teen.” She sagely observed.

He’d responded with noncommittal, “Mmphm.”

The combinations could be somewhat arresting, at least to his eye. But, in all fairness, he’d never paid a lot of attention to what Jenny’s lassies wore.

Then again, he had two good eyes, did he not?

One day shortly thereafter, a morning both parents were booked, it was up to Mrs. Crooke to cover. Jamie had picked her up from daycare to find her in yellow and red striped pants and a neon pink and orange floral shirt. He snapped a picture of her and texted it to Claire, sans comment.

“Your way of saying she needs better parental guidance?” She texted right back.

“Never a chance.” He replied with an emoji of someone crossing his heart.

“Bright lad,” came the response, delighting Jamie.   

By far the most difficult part of getting Faith ready in the morning had been the hair.  When he tried to comb it out Faith would squirm and cry out when the comb hit a snag.  Jamie was slightly traumatized by his first forays into being her stylist.

Claire had a deft touch and was able to ignore any protestations from Faith, brush never hesitating, simply getting what needed to be done done. Jamie thought that was the same pragmatic attitude that likely made her an excellent surgeon. Whether due to skill or familiarity, Faith seemed to tolerate it better from her than him.

After one particularly trying morning, in which Jamie gave up and shoved a hat onto her head instead of continuing a losing battle, he called Jenny. He’d never once heard his nieces complain or whine (nor had Ian come to think of it) and both of their lasses had hair longer that Faith’s.

“Please, tell me how? This morning there was a stramash like to wake the dead. I’m no’ going through it again, so what do ye know that ye havena seen fit to tell the rest of us?”

Jenny laughed but she knew that Jamie hated admitting defeat and worried he was hurting his daughter.

“Detangler,” she confessed promptly, “it’s sold in a wee bottle at the salon. It costs the earth but ye spray it on the hair before you comb and it takes care of most of it. As for the rest, divide the hair to sections, then take hold of one section at a time, grab the locks in one hand near the crown and hold tight wi’ the one hand whilst combing wi’ the other, it pulls less. Ye just slowly work the tines through and don’t pull down too hard.” She advised.

“Any other tips?” As long as he was already throwing himself upon his sister’s mercy, he thought he might as well go all in. Jenny hummed a little as she thought.

“She likes music?” Jamie mmhmed in the affirmative.

“Grab yer tablet and load it up with OK, Go videos, all of them, ye can’t go wrong. She’ll be nicely distracted until ye get the hang of it.”

Three mornings later, Jenny received a text from him.

“Blessings of Mary and Bride upon you, a miracle!” With a photo of Faith taken from behind her head, reflecting her face in the mirror, smooth, whole head with shiny ringlets aglow.

Half a minute later one more text, “Tho I canna taker her to the gym wi’ me. I’m scarrit what the lass might try!” With a picture of Faith mid-twirl in imitation of dancing on treadmills from Here It Goes Again and a big smile emoji.

The new morning hair protocol was such a hit, even Claire remarked upon it, praising him mightily. Jamie’s ears grew pink, perhaps he was getting a handle on this parenting thing after all.

Mornings were a rushed time of the day and perhaps that was why Jamie preferred afternoons and evening with Faith. He would leave the office, just a little earlier than usual in order to make the pick up and got to spend a few hours with her. While he had outfitted his own flat with enough child paraphernalia to keep Faith safe, more often than not, he’d bring her to Claire’s, letting himself into her flat with a spare key. Claire didn’t mind his being there and it was often much easier to keep Faith occupied on her home turf which allowed him to finish out his work day from Claire’s living room with minimal interruption.

On Claire’s later shifts, Jamie would prepare dinner with Faith. Claire laughed the first time she’d walked into the kitchen to see him in her “Kiss the Cook” frilly apron, a gag gift from Joe, who meant the kiss part to be aspirational but also knew how terrible her culinary skills were.

She’d framed the card that went with it and hung it near the stove. It read:

“Dearest LJ,

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,

Your best chance is with a scalpel, not a spatula!”

Jamie kept using the apron, anyway. He liked the silly domesticity of it and it was, after all, hanging right there; it might as well get some use.

Living alone, Jamie rarely cooked but now he looked forward to it. He joked that he knew her kitchen much better than his own. Claire joked that he knew it better than she did, too and it was true.

Faith was curious about everything and willing to do her part, like her mother she was a doer and not a watcher. It was an easy way to spend time together. Claire had a colorful step ladder that Faith used to reach sink and countertop.

She would climb up to stand next to him and mix and stir and wash vegetables. They experimented with vegetables and sauces, different kinds of grains. He’d rarely given much thought to planning a meal but Faith gave him a great incentive to do so. Besides, she made it fun. If she liked something, you knew it, if she didn’t her lips would pucker and sounds of protest would quickly emerge.

Any veg that could be dipped apparently passed muster but she had suspicions about all leafy greens. Her deepest reservations concerned spinach and kale. They were “slimy.”

Thinking himself clever, he made a chicken noodle soup one evening and slipped some chopped kale into it. He popped the meal in front of her and, not making eye contact, picked up his spoon. She eyed it fishily without doing the same. He knew she was watching his spoon as it travelled from bowl to mouth.

“No’ hungry, Faith?” he tried to sound matter of fact.

“What’s it?” She finally asked.

“Chicken soup. Ye like it, and I used the swirly noodles with all the colors.” He helpfully added, focusing on positive attributes.

“Mmphm.” Her mouth formed a hard line.

Jamie bit the inside of his cheek, recognizing where she had picked that expression up.

“Carrots and potatoes, a  little onion, too.” He added, she loved all of those.

At that moment, a shred of the kale slipped off of his spoon and hung unceremoniously from the underside directly in her line of sight.

“Nooo!” she cried out. Her pouting lips started to shake and tears suddenly maring her round cheeks.

Her voice rose in pitch and volume. “Out! Out! Ickies!”

The look of hurt betrayal in her eyes was far, far worse than spending a half an hour trying to pick out all the kale bits before ultimately concluding it a lost cause. As he stirred her mac and cheese, a reparation offered for his transgressions, he realized that he should have made two versions, a larger one he knew she would have no objections to and a smaller version with the kale to try.

When Claire came home, he promptly confessed.

“You brute! Is it the sin of commission for adding in the offensive veg or the sin of omission for selective ingredient listing that you seek absolution for, my lad?”

“Both.” he admitted. “The look on her face,” he shook his head back and forth. “The memory will give me the nightmare for sure. Her eyes grew big and her lip started to quiver. Ye’d ha’ thought I’d added Jane into the soup!” He shivered in memory.

“Parenting,” she blithely observed, “isn’t a spectator sport. It can be a messy business. Te Absolvo, Jamie.” Claire made the sign of the cross and kissed his cheek.

In sympathy perhaps, she ate an extra helping of the tainted soup and pronounced it delicious, he smiled as his ears turned a light shade of pink.

When he couldn’t be there in person, Jamie contented himself with a brief call. They found that while Faith was still too young to be interested in talking on the phone she adored “face-timing.” Faith would always end calls by giving him a “kiss” which, in all good manners he would need to return, with great enthusiasm.

Then Faith would invariably say, “now Mama!” and insist he do the same with Claire. His antics never failed to make her laugh and Claire smile. Jamie found himself oddly comforted by it, knowing that no matter what stressors and difficulties Claire had faced at work, at the end of the day, he put a smile on her face.

His favorite times by far though occurred when their schedules aligned and the three of them could have dinner together. In the quiet domesticity of her cozy kitchen they became accustomed to one another, in the small acts of setting table, passing bread, doing dishes. Jamie would always stay and help Faith with her pjs and put her to bed.

Claire looked forward to such evenings as well. She tried to be discrete as she watched from the doorway. She knew he didn’t mind her there but she wanted to give Jamie as much time with Faith as possible, trying her best to make up for the missing months between father and daughter. Not because it was her fault, but because had the situation been reversed, she understood how that loss would make her feel and what might help her make peace with it.

Whether Jamie told a tale from his own childhood or Faith picked out a book from her shelf, he was always entertaining.  He had a lovely ear for dialogue and the characters sprung to life whenever he told a story.

Then he and Faith would play a quick round of modified “I Spy.” A simple way to teach her Gaelic. Each would go around the room and point to something and say the English world and then the Gaelic one, taking turns. The furniture, the stuffed animals, the images on artwork lining the walls. If Claire was still in the doorway, Jamie would usually include Claire in the game.

Every time he pointed to Claire, Faith would say Mama, but then when he would point to himself she just giggled or shrugged. This was an oddity not even Claire could explain. They’d given her lots of choices: Pa, Papa, Dada, Daddy, Dad, even Father but she refused to be rushed. He did his best not to feel a little disappointed. Ah, well, give it time, he would remind himself.

Jamie would kiss her forehead and whisper good night. Often, afterwards he and Claire would sit together for a little while before he left, sharing some wine and talking of things Faith related and of their own days as well.

Jamie came to understand how challenging her job was, how deeply she cared for her patients. He began to read her better, to know when something was bothering her. She had a terrible poker face but he was impressed that she would set such matters aside when she was with Faith. He understood without asking that Claire didn’t normally unburden herself. Jamie didn’t think she let too many people close to her heart. He didn’t mind in the least that he was becoming one of those few.

The only fly in the ointment thus far had been the unavoidable fact that Claire was a toucher, reaching her arm out when wanting to get his or Faith’s attention. She was also a hugger. She would sometimes give him a sweet kiss on the check in hello or good bye. He thought it must just come naturally to her and she probably had no idea she was even doing it at all, let alone with deliberation.

When they would sit together, he noticed how expressive she was with her hands, they’d roll out or curve up, accenting her story. Every now and then she would catch him staring at them and smile in question. What could he say?

I look at your hands because I imagine how they might feel on me? My mouth goes dry thinking of how you held my hand the other day when we walked with Faith to the car but you didn’t even realize you’d done it?

When you hug me as we laugh helplessly about something Faith did that day, you have no idea how much I want to pull you tighter in my arms, how badly I want you to do it again. Have you not noticed that I always let you determine how closely we are held together and for how long?

That you’ve set me on fire and I have to curl my hand into a fist and bite my tongue to stop myself from showing you exactly what I want those hands to do next?

Jamie said nothing, of course and yet…yet something got stuck between his heart and his mouth at such moments and he wondered if she felt it too.