this teaser was amazing


sometimes an angel is found in the dark

i’m not gonna shut up about all these beautiful dark skinned women in black panther for a while okay? do you know how easy it would’ve been for them to pull a Classic Hollywood Maneuver and cast a bunch of light-medium brown skinned women in this movie and have darker skinned black women just sprinkle the background or be a part of the obvious enemy group? or to just conveniently place a light skinned black woman in the role of the eventual love interest or as ramonda, who is t'challa’s mother, an obvious role of power, like they could’ve easily shown us one of the 6 light skinned flavors of the year and they didn’t and i’m so fucking grateful, we are seeing dark skinned black women in a bunch of different roles, all serving different purposes and all obviously powerful and i’m living for it and this is all from a 2 minute TEASER trailer like this is amazing

“We’re just going to put a happy little Spiderman here on our canvas”

Quick illustration inspired by the reveal of the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer.

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@pquois​ asked: wiggle wiggle or i’m ill?

vernon’s stage presence is UNREAL he was absolutely captivating i couldn’t take my eyes off of him ALL NIGHT i usually don’t film during the concert but these ten seconds just added ten years to my life thank u vern

cr. hansolmates @Diamond Edge NYC 170827