this team istg

Me: *Procastinating*

Me: Stares at Keith and Lance elevator pic

Me: @bibocas-valkiria put the cinderella shoe on Keith rn




He’s someone to look up to as an outfielder.


[Sounds like some real feelings there.] Yeah, well, after tonight it won’t matter. Even if he doesn’t remember me, I’ll remember him. And that’ll have to be good enough.

Apparently they uploaded another trailer (incl. Izzy, Luke and THIS KISS!!!) but then they deleted it??? I am just sitting here… laughing. This promotion team…. istg. 🙈



Also, can we please all whine again because of the lighting? Just when I thought it might look a bit better when watching the teaser. 


I was tagged by @yixingsgrl and @rysooo for some damn ass selfies so here 😩😩😩 

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sundherstruck  asked:

I find it pretty interesting (sad) that Sakura embodies Narutos philosophy of hard work is just as great as bloodlines better than Naruto himself. And then is left behind all said bloodlines anyway :(

civillian parents, no bloodline, had to look for a mentor herself, no special chakra reserves, no destiny card to play, no reincarnation card to play, no friends willing to give free power ups

most neglected member of her team

How to play football: The Liverpool Way
  • Put out a questionable/unpredictable line up
  • Score 10 goals in the first half
  • Score hella own goals via Skrtel or Toure
  • Make sure to concede 8-12 goals in the first half as well
  • Play absolutely horrid for the next 30 minutes
  • Score a late goal that secures victory
  • Check to see if any fans survived the game