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So happy this cutie got his spotlight for this episode. He may be plain and simple, but that’s part of his charm.

And as if he wasn’t already cute enough…

It’s likely that he went to the temple to pray for his team to do well during their training camp. I love him so much. (つ≧▽≦)つ

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All this reincarnation talks lately had me thinking.What if the Rookie Twelve were the reincarnation of shinobis like Hashirama, Madara, Tobirama, etc? I wanted to think outside the box of Team Seven,so here’s what I came up with. So you know everyone (and the mangaka)says that Hashirama’s reincarnation would be Naruto (optimisim, therapyfriendship jutsu, pretty stupid sometimes, just can’t notice that someone has a crush on them) ? But what if Hashirama’s reincarnation is actually Rock Lee ?(1)

His mannerisms certainly fit, and it might explain his passion for the color green! Also, his enthousiasm for basically everything, and if I remember correctly his sulks are quite similar to Hashirama’s, the few times he has them. Also, his inability to understand hatred and deciding instead that the other person is his best friend/rival instead of enemy.

And what if, instead of being reincarnated in Sasuke, Madara was actually reincarnated into Hyuuga Neji? Drama king extraordinaire, a stick up his ass at first but more tolerable as the time goes on, fiercely protective of his ‘sister’ once he gets his head out of his ass, problems with his family system, most powerful of his clan, strongest dojutsu user, and rivalry with Lee.

And Tenten? Tenten is Mito, always the peacekeeper but never the weak link, the common sense to bring them both back to reality and focus their energy in the right direction. Strong and supportive female character, brave as hell and not one to let others walk over her. (probably needs a drink or twelve after dealing with her boys all day, but wouldn’t give them up for the world.)

Tobirama is reincarnated into Shikamaru. Really smart, usually has to clean up after the rest, so done!tm with their bs, just want to rest but no one will let him, can’t stand traitors. Fucking scary once he’s actually annoyed enough about something to something about it.

Which would make Choji a good candidate for Kagami too! Good-natured, care-taker of people who are too smart for their own good, peace maker, but touch a hair of his friend’s head and you’ll be dead in a instant. Ready to make the sacrifice play if needed, but surrounded by people who’ll never let him. Also will always have Shika/Tobirama’s back.

Ino would be Touka, a strong Kunoichi who takes no bullshit and doesn’t hesitate to be cruel if needed, because she’ll be damned if she loses her precious people this time around. She plays with people’s mind, genjutsu coming to her as easily as breathing, and her father can’t believe how easily she picks up the Yamanaka family techniques. Woe betides any who threaten her boys. What are your thoughts? Any ideas for team 8 ? (I need to stop coming up with ideas like that)


But I really want to write this now. D:

The Babies:

The Parents:

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Wahhhhhhhh. Can I ask for some fluff for my beautiful boy, Semi?!?! How about him asking the team for help on surprising his s/o with something special just cause?

Ugh, I suck at fluff.

Everytime Semi looked at you, he would fall in love all over again. 

You were so kind, so precious, so loving and you were his. You always had a smile on your face and you cared more about others than you did yourself and he wanted to give you what you deserved and more.

Sitting in his room with soft music playing in the back, Semi thought of all of the things that you liked and wrote down lists of things that made you happy. It took him many days to plan the perfect surprise but if it was for you, he’d run across the world just for you.

“Hey, I have a request,” Semi states as he gathered the team together after practice. “I’ve been wanting to give (Name) a surprise and I planned it all out but I could use some help.”

The next day was a warm and sunny day so you decided to have lunch outside where the nice breeze could blow through your hair. You wished Semi could have been able to enjoy lunch with you but he said he had to finish some work in class.

Sighing, you opened your bento and started to enjoy your meal when you see Goshiki walking towards your direction. “Oh, Goshiki! How are you today?” You ask as he takes a seat by you. 

“I’m doing good! Thank you for asking,” He responds with a small smile and you chuckle at his adorableness. “I have something to give you,” Goshiki says as he takes out a small envelope and hands it to you. “I have to get going, but open the envelope, it’s important.”

You nod and watch as he leaves before you carefully turn the envelope around and smiled at the familiar hand writing, “To (Name),” You read before you gently open the envelope.

Inside, there was a photo of you and Semi on your first date with a note inside, “These are my favorite memories with you with much more to come.” You melted at his words as you glanced back at the photo of the two of you.

The next envelope you got was from Shirabu in the hallway when you were trying to decide what drink you wanted from the vending machines. A small envelope appeared in front of your face and as soon as you took it he walked away.

Shrugging your shoulder you opened the envelope to see another picture, but this time it was just a photo of you smiling. Looking inside, you took out the note and read it, “My favorite part about dates are when I get to see your smile.” You chuckled and blushed, “He’s so cheesy..”

Throughout the rest of the school day, you had gotten 5 more envelopes from his teammates which all contained letters and a photo of things he loved about you.

“Ushijima? Have you seen Semi anywhere lately? I haven’t seen him all day,” You ask the taller male as you found him heading towards the gym after the last bell rang.

Ushijima looked down at you before he turned around, “He’s in the gym; you can follow me, I’m going there as well.” 

Nodding, you followed beside him and made some small talk with the quite male until you reached the gym. Walking inside you see Semi’s back facing you and a smile formed on your lips. 

“Semi!” Running over to the male, you quickly stopped when he turned around to reveal a small bouquet of your favorite flowers in his arms, “Sorry I haven’t talked to you all day, but these are for you.”

Blush filled your cheeks as you gently took the flowers from him, “Semi, you didn’t have to get my flowers.” 

“But I wanted to do something for you because you deserve it,” Semi responds as he kisses your forehead, “Did you like the photos and notes?” 

“I more than loved them, you’re so sweet; thank you.” The team cringes at the lovey dovey couple a few feet away but they were happy they could help too. Looking up at Semi, a playful smile forms on your lips.

“You know what I like about you Semi? You think about others a lot and you’re super handsome~” You state with a chuckle and Semi looks away with a tint on his cheeks. “I love you Semi~”

“I love you too.”

How the Hermit Became Human

Summary: Takuto didn’t really have a reason to wake up every day until he met her. He comes to realize a few things about himself, some more surprising than others.

Genre:  Angst, Romance

Pairing: MC/Takuto

a/n: Happy Birthday Takuto! He’s been my bias for a while, and I hope this little fic lives up to his name somewhat. I haven’t really seen much angst fics with our dear tsundere hacker, so I tried coming up with one ^^! Enjoy :D!


Waking up every day was a pain.

After all, there wasn’t much to look forward to past the rise and shine. All he ever had waiting for him were codes to crack and time to kill—like I’ve ever had anything else.

People were an even bigger pain. They’d harp on and on about every damn thing, and they just wouldn’t leave him be.  At least computers didn’t complain.

Having to deal with breathing organisms was—no—is a pain in the ass.

“You won’t get girlfriend if you keep that up, you know.” Riki would smugly say. “Try being less of a hermit, and more of a—you know—human being. You can’t always be a loner.”

Well, the joke’s on you, ‘cause in order for me to feel insulted, I’d have to value your opinion.

The companionship of a computer screen was more than enough, anyway.


God, how irritating.

Somehow, Takuto always seemed to have the worst of luck when it came to anything random. He—of all the guys in this friggin’ room—was now stuck babysitting the newbie chick.

“I-I’ll try my best not to get in your way.” She says, too afraid to look him in the eye.

He glares back at her. “You’d better not. Like I’d wanna deal with an annoying girl—“

Who won’t even look at me, no less.

“Haha, have fun, you two!”

“Takkun, go easy on her, okay~?”

With the inclusion of the newest Black Fox, Takuto’s night was now a growing migraine. Another one to add to the list of headaches. The guys’ jeering didn’t help, either. Just what I needed to end my day.

Before calling it a night, he steals a glance at her. She was still tense from their earlier exchange, but her guard was somewhat lowered after all the alcohol. It takes a while before their eyes meet, and she quickly looks away, head down and all.

He didn’t know why that bothered him.

Tch. What a pain.


Their first mission with her went by without a hitch. The painting was secured, no one got hurt, no one got caught, and all was well.

But it would’ve been better if someone didn’t ask so many questions. Ugh, now I’m tired as hell.

While the others were out retrieving the painting, she stayed in the van with him, thanks to “babysitting” duties. She was curious about every little thing, and the questions kept on coming, much to his dismay.

“Well, my job’s pretty much like this.” He gestures to his laptop. “Aside from being mission control, I just hack into security systems to make sure the coast is clear. The job gets done faster, and I get to go home faster. Win-win.”

“That’s pretty impressive! I don’t really understand the numbers on the screen, but I guess you’re really good at whatever you’re doing.” She says with a look of admiration.

“…Yeah, well, it’s not that hard, really.” Anyone can hack into paper bag if they tried—

“That’s probably why everyone else calls you the smartest one here! I can see why.” She’s still beaming at him.

—but I guess it’s not so bad if someone compliments it.

He doesn’t realize the sudden tinge of red on his cheeks.


He somehow ends up stuck with her a lot lately. Whether it be just a mission, or lunch at some restaurant, he finds himself with her.

Just a coincidence, that’s all. He’d remind himself while his footsteps are already on the way to the museum.

Though what bothers him most about the whole thing is how he isn’t bothered at all. He tries to push that thought to the deepest recesses of his mind, saying he’ll get over it soon.



She’s a lot more comfortable around him now, even engaging in snark-to-snark combat with him. Although he’d never admit it, he preferred her this way as compared to the nervous person she was when she first joined.

The guys’ teasing, however, irritated him to no end. Can’t they just mind their own damn business?!

“Oh-hoh! It’s the husband and wife comedy team! You two are freakin’ hilarious!”

“Yeah, I’ve never seen Takkun so hyped up before!”

“Ugh, grow bald and turn into pigs, you idiots.” He tries to cover up his now-red face.

“Oooh, somebody’s embarrassed. Heh. Didn’t know you liked her that mu—“

“Shut up, Riki! Why would I like someone as nasty as her?!” Takuto interjects with a growing blush.

She’s a clumsy airhead who steals my precious pork noodles—

“If that’s the case, then I’m sure you won’t mind if I ask her out.”


 …Are you kidding me?

“No, she’s too busy for egos as big as yours.” And with that, Takuto storms out of Le Renard Noir, with a scowl chilling enough to frighten children.

Why the hell am I getting so worked up about this?


Takuto was never really an empath. He didn’t really pride himself in sensing the emotions of others, nor did he want to engage in heart-to-heart talks with anyone. It was too much effort.

In spite of that, he did notice that she wore different kinds of smiles all the time. There was the excited smile for missions, the amused smile for everyone’s antics, the holy-crap-I-didn’t-know-you-could-do-that smile for when he showed her something new, the satisfied smile for finishing a bowl of pork noodles—

Too many to name them all.

But there was one smile he absolutely detested seeing, and he’d been seeing it a lot lately.

It was the self-deprecating smile.

He didn’t understand why he didn’t like it. All he knew was that there was no reason for her to apologize for everything and criticize herself so often. Every time she’d put herself down, he’d feel twinge of anger somewhere inside him, and he couldn’t explain why.

You’re not as shitty as I am, so please don’t hate yourself.


He felt pretty empty without her around. Parting ways after a mission secretly saddened him, since he’d have to go home—alone and not with her.


Do I… need her with me?


Sometimes, he’d have to suppress the urge to pull her by the hand and run outside Le Renard Noir. For some reason, he hated seeing the guys go within three feet of her. Beardy’s fortune-telling antics, Hiro’s excessive glomping, Kenshi’s hair-ruffling—

Not to mention Riki’s shameless flirting.

“Tch! You idiots better stop pulling the moves on her—“

—because she’s mine.


Just looking at her made his emotional spectrum go berserk. He was sure he never experienced feeling so many things welling up inside him at once. Admiration, jealousy, infatuation, amusement, melancholy—they were alien to him up until now.

There was also this other new feeling. He could only describe it as a weird combination of all the others, yet it was somehow different altogether—


And that was the moment he realized he evolved from hermit to human.


Look, I’m not gonna say this out loud or anything, but yeah.

I’m lonely when you’re not with me.

I’m pissed when you’re with someone else.

I can’t think of anything else except you, and I’m trying to do something about it, I swear to god—

I just—

…love you, okay?

So please don’t ever leave me.



This is why he hated everything.  The only time he realized his emotions, the only time he acknowledged his flaws, the only time he stopped being his usual apathetic, asshole self and became a better person—

“S-she died trying to push you out of the way… I’m sorry, Takuto…”

The anger eventually subsided and turned into weariness. Suddenly, he just wanted to go home, to lie down, close his eyes, and never wake up again. Maybe he’d see her again.

After all, anything without her in it—

—was just a pain.

It’s been sitting in my drafts for a while and I forgot about all it .__.

Blindspot Hiatus Project - 30 Day Blindspot Challenge

Day 1. Favorite Season

I was thinking that I would have an unpopular opinion when it came to this category but I’m glad @still-with-hearts-beating beat me to it. Her post is perfect so go check it out if you haven’t read it. She basically covers everything hat for me makes season 2 my favorite season. But considering my love for talking about the show, the fact that she covered everything isn’t gonna stop me from my rambling.

Technically, if we were going to judge the two seasons separately and “academically” if you wish, season 1 on paper should be the winner but as a fan and as a viewing experience now that season 2 has concluded, I have to say I prefer it over the first.

People usually talk about how first seasons are flawless or are always a show’s best. And in many ways that is true, especially shows that have ground breaking first seasons like Blindspot had. And there’s no denying how amazing it is. Almost technically flawless. The premise, the idea, the characters, the writing, the execution (minus the shaky cam)… everything was spot on.

And usually and very commonly, shows especially those that enjoyed stellar freshman seasons, suffer through a sophomore slump. And boy did Blindspot suffer. But, still with the slump, as an overall experience, I still prefer it.

First of all, all the character growth this season was incredible. In season 1, the characters were still… new, fresh and even though they were already very complex and developed characters back then, they really came into their own in season 2. They grew and developed and became far more interesting than the “younger” version of themselves we met in the first seasons. On the one had, the things they went through over the two years really help make them grow, and also, the writing for them became more mature as they became clearer as characters for the writers. And yes, we can argue about the “phase” that Kurt went through, but it was all part of a larger and bigger journey that gave us the Kurt of the last few episodes. He became a true leader, a great boss, a good friend, and was able to become more open and more aware of his own feelings. And that is just one example. Do not even get me started on Patterson, Tasha or Reade. And Jane and Roman? These two I can write a thesis long post about their journeys. 

Originally posted by janiedoe

Originally posted by janiedoe

And speaking of Kurt and Jane, of course, my feelings about Jeller’s journey this season have been obvious. I mean, I have been annoyingly loud and vocal about them. But here’s let me reiterate. As much as I loved every single moment and scene and look from season 1, everything in season 2 was heightened, the stakes were higher, the emotions intensified, the angst multiplied, the fluff sweeter, the journey more exhausting and more challenging and more dangerous. They had an impossible uphill battle against each other and against themselves and against the world and still, they came out of it victorious and goddammit this was one of the most amazing journey for a couple that I have ever ever ever seen. To get to where they got from where they started, battling everything in their way, overcoming so many demons and challenges, relearning who they are and how to trust each other, allowing the other person back in dispute the pain and the betrayal, trusting them with their life and their heart… UGH EVERYTHING WAS SO PURE AND PRECIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL!!! THIS SHIP AND THEIR LOVE IS EVERYTHING.

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And from Jeller, let’s move on to the team. One of my favorite “growths” this year has been the team going from “I’ve never seen his apartment” to hanging out at Kurt’s for drinks at least twice, coming over (and Patty baking a cake) for the baby thing (ugh) and Tasha just casually dropping by to talk about Reade. THAT IS GROWTH FOR YOU RIGHT THERE!!! They went from a kick ass CIRG team that is the elite squad at the NYO to being friends to be a tight knit family that NO ONE can come between!! And yes, Jane coming into their world did play a role in that, obviously, but it was also all their collective growth and coming together through the horrible things they had to endure. And so you know that going into season 3, Jane and Kurt will be on a journey not to rescue their team but to save their family, and it is going to be SPECTACULAR.

Originally posted by annciabvl

And then… there are the new characters, and namely, Roman. Oh boy, what can I say about Roman… honestly I cannot say much. We have a saying in Arabic that translates to “my testimony is flawed”. And that is the case with me and Roman because I just think he is the most incredible characters, the most interesting and complex and just… ugh. I am so not objective when it comes to him that really, there is nothing I can say that will not come out utterly biased. I think we hit the jack pot with Roman and with Luke and I hope we can keep him forever. he brings so much to the show, to the story and to this cast and group that he just single handedly made season 2 so much more… more! And do not get me started on his relationship with Jane! ::cries forever::

Originally posted by janiedoe

The over arching story with Sandstorm and the incomparable Shepherd/Michelle was also such a winning added element to the show. It was great having the characters focused on one endgame, on one struggle that brought them all together despite their differences and their interpersonal issues. It made it all more believable and against raised the stakes for absolutely everyone, made it all so much more personal and gave them so much to lose and also so much to gain. Also, Shepherd was a perfect perfect villain. None of this evil for the sake of being evil nonsense. She also is one of the most compelling, interesting and complex characters I have ever come across and Michelle Hurd was a TREASURE to have on this show.

Originally posted by ltfrankcastle

When it comes to the second season of shows, the writers are always looking to try new things. They do know what the things that worked in season 1 are, they do, they haven’t forgotten them, but there is always the challenge of breaking out of this and trying something new and different, to challenge themselves as writers and push things further out of their comfort zone. And that isa gamble that does not always work. That is why shows slump in season 2. That exercise, and the learning curve in it, is so important because they come out of it stronger, it helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses away from the wonder of season one. They know their show better and their characters better.  

I loved season 2 for so many reasons. It’s more mature and lost some of the novelty and the innocence of season 1. It is certainly darker and edgier and more experimental in certain areas. It did not lie on the laurels of season 1, did not depend on what made season 1 so good because the writers wanted to push the envelope to try new things and while this failed at some points, it also made it so much better eventually when they hit their stride.

And of course, Rich. Rich Dotcom. Thank you.

Originally posted by janiedoe

Honestly, the only other shows I remember enjoying their second seasons more are Alias and Haven.

And I am sorry this has gotten out of hand. Imma shut up now. Bye.

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Stealing Bianchi’s Lover

So in reply to madd-xea‘s post here, I started out writing just a little two paragraph drabble. Fortunately for you all it evolved into something a little longer. 

Regards to Bianchi, I can totally see Akiyoshi be all ‘do we HAVE to tell him?’ And somehow gets MC to agree, so they just never let him in on it. Then they have to keep dodging questions over the years as suspicions rise.

“Aki, why do you wear that horrid ring round your finger meant for me?” Bianchi narrows his eyes noticing the offending piece of jewelry on the important ring finger. MC’s eyes widened and she almost spit out the sip she just took. Akiyoshi chokes on his own drink, Bianchi runs over on pats him on the back.

“Thanks Bianchi, I think I’m good now.” He says upon recovery. Inching away from Bianchi, who is still caressing his back.

“Hmph, fine but give me that paltry thing. You shouldn’t be teasing others like that Aki. Rude, very rude.” Bianchi grumbles trying grab hold of Akiyoshi’s hand.

“Uh, it’s a family heirloom.” Akiyoshi thinking up an excuse on the spot, cringing at how horrible it sounds out loud.

“Alright, keep the trash.” Bianchi looks suspicious around the rest of the Seasonelle team. “But no more wearing around here! I not allow such ugly things to dampen my place.”

“Aki! Where have you been? Why you no come around for ages?” Bianchi complains seeing Akiyoshi and MC sitting at his bar for the first time in weeks. As he approaches he narrows his eyes suspicious, and crosses his arms confronting the couple.
“How are you so tan? Impossible in Tokyo!” Akiyoshi shuffles uncomfortable in his seat.

“Aki! Why you no talk to me? You hurt me, wound me!”

“Oh um, we were on a business trip. Near the coast.” Akiyoshi insists and tries to change the subject and order a drink. God would he need a barrel if Bianchi ever found out what him and the MC were up to on their two week long ‘business trip’.

“You!” Bianchi declares turning around to face MC. Akiyoshi sighs in relief having the attention off him for a moment. He mouths 'I’m sorry’ to MC, feeling guilty that now she has to face Bianchi.
“You are tanned also. Did you go on this business trip?” MC’s face blushes as she tries sinking lower in her seat.

“Ummm…” She replies hesitant. Bianchi frowns looking between the pair. 

“Suspicious. No more trips romping around with my Aki, you hear?”

Bianchi smiles seeing the Seasonelle team enter the door. His eyes sparkle seeing Akiyoshi trail in last. 'Ugh, behind that girl! Aren’t they standing a little too close?’ As Bianchi approaches their table, he notices an offending hand. 'Aki’s is on that thing’s thigh!’

“So what are we drinking tonight?” Bianchi asks the group, but focuses his glare on MC. The rest of the team places their order, leaving Akiyoshi and MC for last.

“Beer please.” Akiyoshi orders, his grin never leaving.

“And you?” He turns to the MC, frowning.

“Just water please.” She orders looking down.

“Why you come to my bar and no order alcohol?” Bianchi narrows his eyes, glancing around the group.

“Oh! That’s because MC’s-” Shusei’s happy exclamation is cut off as peanuts are thrown across the table by Akiyoshi, pelting poor Shusei’s face.

“Aki! Why you make a mess? So rude!” Bianchi turns and goes back to the bar to get the drinks, forgetting the topic of conversation.

“He doesn’t know!” Akiyoshi hushes explaining to the team.

“About?” Minato asks.

“Anything! So keep your mouths shut or you’ll be writing articles for eternity.” Akiyoshi growls, glaring at the Seasonelle team.

Bianchi sighs, thumping his fingers against the bar. The cold snowy weather lately has everyone staying inside. It looks like tonight is once again going to be another lonely, bored, evening spent alone.The door opens and Bianchi’s spirits brighten upon seeing the Seasonelle team walking inside. He smiles wide as Akiyoshi enters, but frowns when his Aki stops and holds the door opened for another.

'Ugh. It’s her.’ Bianchi rolls his eyes and approaches the table as everyone is still settling down and undressing the many layers of coats, scarves, gloves and the like. His beloved Aki is assisting her with her coat first, before bothering to remove his own. The task is difficult as she seems to be bundled up ridiculously so. Hmph. Aki doesn’t need a precious little snowflake who will freeze upon the slightest bit of winter air.

“Bianchi is so please you have come visit even on this dreadful night! Now Bianchi won’t be alone!” Bianchi cheerfully announces. Akiyoshi pauses midway through helping MC with her layers. He is frozen as if suddenly remembering something, and looks anxiously at MC before glancing down. Bianchi notices a small nod between the two of them, as she finally removes her coat. A feeling of glee swells within him. 'She has gotten fat!’ Bianchi smirks feeling victorious. 'My beloved Aki has no need of someone with such little self control.’

Bianchi took the group’s drink order, along with bone warming soups and hearty pastas to warm the chills away. Bianchi is at the bar just gathering the last drink when it happens.

“Aki! She’s kicking!” MC exclaims with excitement. Akiyoshi nearly trips over his chair trying to reach MC. He places his large hand on her swelled stomach, with a wide grin overtaking his face. A loud sound of breaking glass disrupts the happy moment. They turn around to find Bianchi standing there, a puddle of liquids and shards of glass at his feet.


get to know me » anime edition
↳ [1/10] pairings » Furuya Satoru & Miyuki Kazuya

“Back home, no one could catch my pitches. Then I read an article and I applied to this school. If it’s him… then he can catch the pitches I throw at full power.
“I think you’re fine the way you are. You lead the team with strength. That’s your style.

Viz won’t let me screencap their precious DVDs so I took a picture on my phone. Take that copywright. But for hhidan wanted to know how the…..coil…things work. Its on a like, a String?, not even a belt like he has tied a string around his hips and loop things through it?  he also seems to have a……..upper arm bracelet that helps control the cord to the scythe?

I’m pretty sure Kishimoto didn’t even think that through as much as the anime production team

Feelings on Chapter 164

They can be pretty much summed up as ‘why is everyone so freaking cute and why can’t i handle it’ but i’ll go a bit more in depth.

Is Noya biting him? Or is he just screaming? But anyway, I love Tanaka’s habit of expressing his affection through punching Tsukki. (And what on earth are Hinata and Yams doing?)

Even Asahi wants to join in.  He’s so cute.  I love how amped up everyone is. Look at the team camaraderie.

I have no idea how on earth am I even surprised about how well Yamaguchi can read Tsukki and how much he trusts him but I am.  Like, how can he be this precious? He is so proud of his friend but at the same time he didn’t underestimate him either and that’s so sweet.

Fitting in is such a huge step forward for Tsukki and seeing Akiteru’s open pride in him is so precious.  His little bro is growing up and moving forward and he’s there in the stands to see it.

And the fact that Akiteru can see this growth firsthand is even more important because he blames himself.  (Oh no baby, don’t do that.)

I’m so glad that Akiteru can forgive himself.  Ugh this hurts.

But its also very important that Tsukki tries to maintain his cool after this whole thing.  He’s downplaying what he did, but at the same time he’s sticking to his character.  He might be a bit more of a team player than he seemed before, but he’s the same guy that picks a fight and tries to not be a hot head.  That development in itself is a huge shift from his previous apathy and any more growth will occur just as slowly.  (Otherwise a massive change would be unnatural.)



So Sherlock era, They are on a team and Jonghyun must guess what word Jinki is portraying (pay attention to the last one and how he calls him Jinki <3) [X]

Crying little baby Jonghyun and Jinki rushes over to hug him. Jinki’s smile is precious [X]

Hello Baby Laundry…. and Jinki’s puffed out belly. [X]

Ring Ding Dong era fanmeet(? I think). I just like how Jinki reaches over to touch his temple area [X]

Ayo tho. Finger flirting tho. ugh cuties [X]

Jjong is being a nice bf and making sure his baby doesn’t get sunburned at idol sports [X]

Jinki’s equipment problems and Jjong (and taemin) help him put on his mic. [X]

Radio show. It looks like Jonghyun says Jinki rather cutely but he probably didn’t. And then all the adoration at the end. [X]

Jjong thought it was about time for Jinki to get something on his face is a little shit with a water bottle [X]

Jinki where are you? [X]

Dumb and Dumber man dancing to Key’s solo [X]

I think that’s enough for now!

Dance a bit of Salsa Red!!

-Ugh Tom.


-Jesus, Red. Just dropping heads on everyone’s dining room table.

-Aram. You precious bby. He’s worried about Agnes.

-Kirk. Shut the fuck up.


-Cuba so pretty… *head shows up again* *nervous laughter* 😬 so pretty.

-Red straight up kicked Mr. Kaplan off the Badass Bitch Team Fedora Squad.

-Red you savage.

-Kirk… Kirk shut the fuck up.

-omg Kirk.

-holy shit. Shut the fuck up Kirk.

-seriously tom. Wtf did you think one cop was gonna do?

-hahahhahahahahhahahaha Samar is salty as fuck. I feel you girl.

-AZUCAR!! Loving this music!!

-Dembe. You the man.

-Red. Speak more Spanish except slower and never stop mi amor. CHULO! FUCK ME UP.

-Kirk… Kirk shut the fuck up.

-“Elizabeth… Elizabeth”

“I’m on your left!” THEY HAVE A CODE!


-Manuel Esteban. Que perro eres. Creep alert.

-Manuel. Estupido. Stop acting like you’re tough shit. You’re gonna probably die by the end of this episode courtesy of Raymond fucking-HOLY SHIT WHERE ARE YOUR FUCKING EYES QUE CHINGADO ES ESTO??!

-stand your ground Samar. You go girl.

-oh ressler… Those shorts… You fucking Boy Scout.

-oooohhh Ressler… Taken once again.

-your little girl is probably better off without you tbh. Let’s face it. Everyone on this show is fucked up one way or another.

-feeling the bromance between Reddington and this perro, Esteban.

-“I’m looking for a woman”

“Aren’t we all?”

Pretty sure Esteban ships Lizzington

- the bromance is real here between el creeper Esteban and Red.

-Mr. Kaplan, Yas!

-Esteban. You’re a badass creep.

-you are not going to do some stupid version of Taken fucking Tom.

-please don’t


-she’s gonna be gone. But they gonna catch her.

-Aram. Asking the questions we all have.

-kill the crazy bitch, Red! Get the bby!!

-I bet mr Kaplan is gon’ get Agnes.

-oh red.



-cray cray

-god damn, Samar. savage… Me gusta. Except now she hurt poor Aram

-Precious Aram always seeing the good in others.


-are you fucking kidding me, they just spent the whole fucking episode getting Agnes back. What the fuck. What the fuck. What the fuck. What the fuck.

-well… At least the show is back. And James Spader… 😊

It’s a shame they didn’t use any Celia Cruz though. She’s my shit.

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