this team is full of idiots

if you’re lookin for a fun time...

the Power Rangers movie, my guys.

Look, ok. It is hilarious character-driven action-packed fun times. all things I and most long time PR fans are 100% here for.

All in all, I adore my sons, 

Zack [“My mom’s the BEST”] Taylor,

Billy [actual heart and soul of the film] Cranston and 

Jason [will literally bitch slap idiots who mess with his team] Lee Scott,

 just as much as I full on love my daughters 

Kimberley [reformed queen bitch and baddest fucking ass] Hart and 

Trini [jumps an actual fuckin chasm to avoid the chit chat (tbh same)] Kwan/Gomez/what-is-her-surname-here-I-do-not-know.

seriously, go watch this film. I just know it’s gonna be underrated as hell, and I cannot watch it fail in the box office because the critics have never watched a single Power Rangers episode in their lives.

my beautiful list of klance fic recs

this one goes out to @ah-fae who was complaining about me texting her links to fics. now my favorite fics are all in one convenient place for your enjoyment, along with my thoughts on them!

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts and thebrotherswinchester

“Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.” [i cried. i don’t cry often when reading fics, but this one fucking got me. it’s fantastic, in both the concept and the (VERY well-written) execution. there are kitties. please read.]

i bet you look good on the dancefloor by xShieru

“‘So like in ‘Step Up’?’ // Allura shrugs. ‘Now that you put it like that - yes. I guess it’s just like in ‘Step Up.’’ // The smile that she sends Shiro’s way - followed by a shy wave, eugh - is sickening to say the least, and Lance still doesn’t believe in dance camps.” [i started this one while it was still in progress because i’d heard so many good things about it and i’m so glad i did. 7 chapters, lots of dancing, and very good writing]

Your Love Has Shown Me Proof by freshia

“‘This situation is a bit more complicated than we initially realized.’ // Lance raises an eyebrow, but Pidge is the one to question that. “Define complicated.” // Allura takes no more time beating around the bush, ‘Well, I received a transmission. Keith and Lance–from the future, that is–would like to have their daughter back.’” [keith and lance meet their daughter from the future– which is just as adorable as it sounds– but they’re not even dating?? shenanigans ensue. it’s so sweet and heart-warming. i love this so much]

tropical drink melting in your hand; we’ll be falling in love by jojotxt

“Keith just wanted a summer job to help pay for college. He didn’t expect to be coworkers with a complete asshole who hated his guts. He didn’t expect to fall for him, either.” [this fic is refreshing as fuck and full of all the pining you could ever want, with a side of beach-related fun and team voltron bonding over their summer jobs. it is so good.]

Costumed Identities by Trashness

“Lance and Keith are rival cosplayers, who only know each other by their online usernames. They are fiercely competitive, but are also desperately attracted to each other. You’d think they would just get together already, but there’s a couple of problems: // 1. Keith crossplays, so Lance has absolutely no idea that Keith is a boy. // 2. Both of them are idiots, and can’t seem to figure out that that hot cosplayer they like, is also that hot guy that they drool over every day at school.” [3 chapters, hidden identities, nerdy references, and so. much. cosplay. what more could you ask for? plus it’s hella fucking cute, if you weren’t already sold.]

i can’t help but want by aknightley

“Lance deals with the aftermath of being sucked into a black hole and stranded on an alien planet. // When Lance wakes up, all he can see is blue.” [this fic has a permanent tab open on my phone so that i never lose it. that’s how much this one means to me. this was written before season 2, so technically it’s an au where lance and keith are stranded on separate planets after the wormhole, and the only paladins they can contact are each other. it’s full of emotional bonding and poignancy and damn, the writing is so fucking good.]

you’re so sweet; will you be mine? by jojotxt

“A new bakery pops up right across the street from Lance’s bakery. // In which Lance is an idiot, Keith is an asshole, and Pidge is the next Dr. Phil.” [have you ever wanted lance and keith to send each other passive-aggressive baked goods as their rivalry blooms into friendship? look no further. seriously, stop looking and read this fic. please. i’m in love with it.]

Where The Lions Roam by Mytay

“‘ … tell me why Blue is making the moves on Keith.’ // Pidge stared at him, a touch incredulous. ‘You really haven’t figured it out?’ // ‘Pidge. I am very intelligent, but I am not a genius,’ Lance said patiently. ‘Spell it out for me.’ // ‘Well, you just sort of answered your own question,’ Pidge said, snorting. ‘Your Lion is making the moves on Keith — and by ‘moves’ I mean responding to your abject terror whenever Keith is in danger.’” [this author’s dialogue is so spot on, like i will automatically hear it in the character’s voice, and that doesn’t come to me easily. and just. lance. he deserves so much love, and this fic gives it to him.]

  • other team scores first: that's it. that's the game. my team is full of idiots and incompetent and will never score ever again.
CP Bachelor AU: part 2

part 1


“Hey,” Nicaise says. “The idiot is kicking up a fuss. You need to come deal with it.”

Laurent looks away from the bank of screens where he’s been playing around with footage from the previous day. They’ve got almost a full minute’s worth of Kashel’s boob nearly slipping out of her halter dress; Laurent knows what he’s doing when it comes to cutting together soft-core wardrobe malfunctions, but he’ll still get someone more heterosexual to look it over later.

“Which–” he starts, but Nicaise is already adding, “The main idiot. Your precious bachelor.”

“What is there to fuss about? He watches the games, he makes cute faces when they bring him the stuffed animals they won, and he goes on a group dinner date with the winning team. End of story.”

Nicaise says, “Yeah, whatever. He’s being difficult.”

Anyone else taking this snippy tone with Laurent would have been kicked to the curb without a reference by now, but Nicaise doesn’t really have any other tones, and he and Laurent know each other well enough that Laurent allows it. Laurent allows a lot of things where Nicaise is concerned.

He still says, “What, you can’t handle one petulant millionaire?”

Nicaise juts out his lip. “I tried,” he says. “He keeps going on about perpetuating stereotypes and biphobia.”

“Jesus fucking Christ,” says Laurent, snatches up his coffee cup, and storms out of the tent.

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journey’s end (of a sort)

fullmetal alchemist au.

The door to Neil’s room slams open, and he can’t even say that he’s surprised to see Andrew behind it. His grip tightens around the railing Hernandez had mounted along the wall, and Neil turns so his back is against it and he’s facing Andrew. He feels himself being observed carefully as Andrew shuts the door behind himself without looking.

Millport automail? This is where you’ve been hiding?” Unlike before, Andrew’s face doesn’t match the bite behind his words. His expression is blank, and Neil wonders if he’s imagining the steel in his eyes.

“I haven’t been hiding,” Neil points out. “Everyone on the team knows I’ve been here.”

Everyone except you, he meant. He hadn’t wanted to distract Andrew from his own recovery.

Maybe a month ago that would have provoked a reaction from Andrew, be it an uncontrollably manic smile or an ugly flash of rage. Instead, Andrew just stares at him flatly. “Do they know you’ve been trying to walk? They must not, because otherwise this room would be full of idiots trying to teach you what ‘recovery’ means.”

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My argument: TSM is full of idiots. And I’m going to prove it in one photo. 

Exhibit A: what is up with the awkward hugs??? it’s not a hug it’s more like an ‘I’m just gonna hover my arm on your back lmao’

Exhibit B: just. this. 

Exhibit C: I’ve said this many times before, but i’ll say it once more - HAUNTZER WHAT THE FUCK 

Exhibit D: Now they’re straight up lying to the public, everyone knows these two are the smiliest of the entire team. Shameful. 

Conclusion: TSM is full of adorable idiots.  


Liam Dunbar x Werewolf!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: None, just very fluffy and cute. *3*
Word count: 623

Tags: @peacefullytatted01

“There you are!” you used your most friendly and flirtatious voice whenever you were around Liam and that was one of those things he loved about you, how you always cheered him up with the tone in your voice.

He sat down on the stairs, leaning against his knees and you immediately caught the scent of him being nervous, sad or mortified. You weren’t good at reading his chemo-signals yet, but you did everything to learn.

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Request: Requested by @neverabandonthejeep: One shot pls :) where some other guy at school is trying to hit on you and stiles gets really mad and picks a fight with them even though he knows he’s gonna lose thanks 😘.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader.

Warnings: Violence, language, and mentions of blood (not too graphic though).

Fandom: Teen Wolf.

A/N: Sorry this took me so long to post and forgive if it’s bad, I had a serious writer block till now. Also I changed the request a little bit, hope you don’t mind.

(Not my gif, credit to its owner).

The lacrosse team dressing room was packed. There were boys showering, others changing to head out of the school and others were talking about who knows what.

Stiles and Scott were discussing quietly some supernatural issues while gathering their things to finally go home. Everything was fine until Andrew Jones, one of the team Golden Boys and full-time jerk entered the room.

“Damn it, how can someone with just their presence bother everyone’s existence,” Stiles grunted at the sight of Andrew laughing with his gang of brainless friends. Scott turned his head a little to catch what his friend was observing.

“I don’t know why you hate him so much, I mean yeah, he’s a complete idiot but apart from that, he has never done something bad to you,” Stiles let out a fake chuckle to put on a serious face after. “You, my friend are too good to see that he is a complete asshole with a ridiculous personality, and don’t for-” Scott’s laugh interrupted his best friend rambling. To say the Stilinski boy didn’t like Andrew was an understatement, but this whole exposition of reasons just lead to one main argument: Jones had a thing for you, Stiles girlfriend.

“Are you sure, this has nothing to be with the fact that Andrew likes (Y/N)?”

“Maaaybeee, but after all he’s insufferable,” The two mates felt silent as they stared at the boy in question getting closer to them with his group of friends.

“Look what we have here, the athlete and his loser best friend,” Andrew commented earning a killer glare from Stiles and an eye roll from Scott.

“What do you want, Jones?” Stiles fumed, he honestly didn’t have time for this or anything that involved Andrew Jones.

“Nothing, really. Annoying you just gives me satisfaction,” Scott scoffed, this asshole was being beyond ridiculous and yes, he understood why his best friend hated him.

“Oh yeah? You know what causes me satisfaction? Not facing jerks like you who can’t even understand a proper phrase” And with that Stiles turned around to leave, followed by Scott.

“Alright Stilinski, leave but please say hi to (Y/N) for me and don’t forget to mention that I wish I could see that body of hers,” Oh no, that went way too far. Nobody made that kind of comments about you, not if he was there. His body shifted so now he could face the jerk in front of him.

“What did you say little fucker?” Stiles voice came out low and threatening and his eyes were blind by the anger. The smirk Andrew had just got bigger at this reaction.

“I said, that I wish to see your girl in all her magnificence,” That was it. Stiles curled his hands into fists and punched Andrew with a strength he didn’t even know he had. The boy fell from the force, and everyone looked at Stiles amazed; usually he would attack someone verbally, he never punched and kicked his way out of situations, but this time something really took him to the limit.

“Son of a bitch!” Andrew shouted; now the big bad guy was angry. This wasn’t going to end well. Rapidly recomposing himself from the blow, he pushed Stiles making him fall and started to punch him repeatedly. The blood was starting to drip from Stiles‘ nose and he was sure that his face would be dark purple in certain places.

“What the hell is happening here?” Someone gasped, all the boys in the room getting out of their daze to see a feminine figure standing shocked at the view of the other two guys wrestling on the floor.

“Scott! Do something!” You shouted, was he really watching his friend being beaten and doing nothing to stop it?

“Shit! Right,” The werewolf used his muscles to throw Andrew to the other side of the room, probably leaving him unconscious, and his group of friends flew off after witnessing Scott’s strength.

“My gosh, Stiles!” The boy tried to sit straight but his body was in pain, you rushed to his side and helped him. There were bruises starting to form in his beautiful skin and his nose was bleeding, that sure hurt.

“I’m fine (Y/N). It’s alright,” The comment didn’t make things better, this situation was not fine at all.

“No, it’s not alright you dumbass. What were you thinking? I mean look at you!” You stressed. He stared at your face that even with a frown of worry looked beautiful. By now, Scott was helping you to put him on his feet so you could go to the infirmary.

“(Y/N). Love. Calm down, please. It doesn’t hurt because it was for a good reason” Stiles half smiled at you, but hell, you were angry at him for getting himself in this situations.

“And what was that good reason?” You asked, scanning his features.

“I was defending you. He was saying bad things about you. And I-” He was interrupted by the feeling of your hand on his sore cheek.

“Look Stilinski, I love that you wanted to stand up for me, but a bump fight isn’t the solution,” And it was true, you’d rather being called things that watching him get severely hurt.

“She’s right man” Scott agreed with you. Stiles smiled lightly, knowing you cared deeply about him.

“Okay, Okay. Now, you two fools take me to the infirmary. This hurts like hell” You and his werewolf friend laughed at his sass.

“Alright, princess” You responded jokingly.

After plauing Pokemon Sun, Team Skull is the first enemy group in the games that I actually feel sorry for and want to help.  Not help in their evil plans, of course, because they need to knock off all that evil, but after defeating them I want to help them fix their lives and get out of the dark place that they’re in.  Team Skull were outright criminals who chose their lives.  Team Magma and Team Aqua are idiots who need to learn that large-scale geoengineering is not a toy.  I haven’t played the intervening generations, but from what I’ve seen the enemy teams there are more like religious fanatics or deluded would-be do-gooders.  But in this generation, the apparent main opposition group Team Skull is convincingly portrayed as being made up of kids who just don’t have anywhere else to go with their life and have banded together because nobody else will help them.  Sure, I want to stop their evil plans, but then I want to help them get some consoling, a jobs program, a better place to live, some PTSD consoling, whatever it takes to turn their lives around.

Po town is particularily heartbreaking.  It’s initially presented as this dark and scary place, the headquarters of what at that time has been presented as the main group, which you have to brave in order to rescue a child’s stolen Pokemon.  The guard outside warns you that if you go in, they’ll have to make preparations to notify your next of kin.  But once your’re inside, you realize this isn’t some supervillain lair, it’s an abandoned slum with homeless kinds squatting in it.  Half of them are too apathetic to even try to stop you from getting in, and they don’t even have enough power to keep the Pokestop running.  The walls around the town aren’t to stop people from getting in, they’re to keep Team Skull contained and locked up away from the rest of the region.

Which is why, when I visited Po Town again in the endgame and there were two Team Skull members selling a T-shirt at an inflated price, outright stating that it was to raise money so they could get out of there, I bought it without hesitation. I would do so repeatedly if the game let me.

And then there’s Guzma, and the actually quite surprising for a children’s game not so subtle hints of physical abuse when you visit his childhood home.  He may be an arrogant, full-of-himself asshat, but he’s got a quite dark and heartbreaking backstory of his own.

So kudos to Gamefreak for actually coming up with a villain group that’s better written and deeper than just “We’re committed to doing evil with Pokemon!” or whatever. Now I want to team up with Plumeria to take care of these idiots and help them turn their lives around.

imagine just playing overwatch focusing on building charge for your ult and wondering where the enemy hanzo went checking your corners and watching your teammates and shit and then suddenly out of nowhere over the mic you hear “heal me, my pet” and see the idiot fucking roadhog who’s been doing absolutely no damage totter by with full health while his pocket mercy who hasn’t healed anyone else the whole game despite her being the only healer on the team follows. you’re so distracted you get killed by a hanzo arrow and so does mercy. roadhog stands over her corpse while getting shot to death and says “that’s another ten lashes you dirty little slut”

iamonlyfrogo  asked:

2/?? Sorry for spamming you a bit ahead of time but I wanted to kinda fill your inbox w/ some inspiration? OK! So I was thinking of a couple things. 1st - Sweet fluffy relationship hc's for Shiro, Keith, Hunk, and Lance. Or if that's too many, just Shiro and anyone lmao. What's the general vibe of the relationship like? Are they scared at the beginning? What personal things do they share with them? What do they like doing with them mostly?

If you think you can handle the amount of fluff my body is able to hold than so be it


-Shiro does not like the word relationship. It scares hims senseless cause he feels like it comes with this impossible standard he wants to hold himself to but feels he is never good enough

-That being said his s/o will become his rock, the one he turns to at night when things get rough. He may not exactly tell them what is wrong cause he doesn’t want anyone to feel burdened by him but he will seek them out to keep him company

-On those nights he will ramble about his life, his childhood and the things he misses from Earth. All the things he hasn’t shared with the other paladins cause he wants to be their immovable force, their leader who can handle anything

-He is a master at board games, mostly old fashion things like chess, checkers and card games. He finds it keep his mind occupied and sharp and well it is a nice one on one activity that gives him an excuse to spend more time with s/o

-He is just super old fashioned that he probably wants to take them out to fancy restaurants, for long walks, museums and buy tickets to charity events for them to attend


-The relationship is super casual and neither of them even realize what it really is til someone else, probably Lance, points out that literally everyone in the entire universe sees them as a couple but them

-Labels don’t mean much to them but it does feel kind of nice once its established cause some how it just seems natural to the two of them

-Its lots of not really doing things together but doing their own thing in the same vicinity as each other. Like Keith will be working out and s/o will seek out where he is and sit there to read their book or play their game or whatever

-And they don’t realize it but they are always together. It just kind of happens and Keith doesn’t even realize it until suddenly s/o isn’t there and things feel wrong it makes him anxious but he can’t figure out why

-When he does figure it out he is super flustered by it cause he has been by himself for long and took a weird pride in being a lone wolf but now he wants someone around? What a wuss … but he loves it

-He slowly starts to open up to s/o, it usually happens late at night where he is almost delirious from not sleeping and pushing himself to hard and he just wants to talk about everything but s/o finds it super endearing

-When he wants to get away for a bit he takes s/o and they go on a long ride is the red lion. Sometimes its silent, just enjoying the stars and sometimes he rants and raves but either way they always come back feeling much better than when they left


-This relationship is super silly and at skins deep seems shallow but they often surprise their friends with how close they really are

-They love to make each other laugh. Lance especially loves to make s/o laugh cause really??? Have you heard them laugh??? Its so great omg hold on one second and I will make them laugh and you will love it!!!!

-They are the hand holding, ironic matching t shirts and pointing at random things and saying “look its you” couple

-Biggest bonding moments is over stupid dares and seeing who can push each other the most

-And of course also when either one expresses any sort of self conscious thoughts its time for cuddles and “how dare you talk about that way when you are an angel. I will fight whoever made you sad even if it was yourself”

-They are just really a bright spot in each others life and really need it when everything else can be so dark and dreary and while others may see it as nothing but silly its actually really important to have someone who they don’t have to worry about making a fool out of themselves in front of


-He always had a crush on his s/o but had to be literally forced into asking them out cause he never thought that such a perfect person would ever be interested in him no matter what the signs have said to disprove this. After that first date it becomes hard to imagine a point when the two weren’t together

-They are the hand in each others pockets, unironic matching t shirts and pointing at things saying “Oh look its you! Oh wait nope you are much cuter/sweeter” couple

-The definition of relationship goals tbh

-Like if they had an instagram it would be a shared one where they post pictures of them doing every day domestic stuff and just being adorable together. People would eat it up

-He just wants to do everything for his s/o cause he wants them to be as happy as possible and they deserve the world and he wants to make all of the problems they have ever had go away

-Their perfect nights involve food network, lots of snacks and yelling at the contestants about how they are idiots and what they should have done

-They probably make their friends disgusted by how sweet they are by each other. Like it gets to the point the team wonders if they even remember each others names cause they always use sickly sweet nicknames for each other instead

-Also Hunk makes it his duty to live out every romcom cliche in his dates so there is that to look forward to

-Its just all full of love and communication and wanting to be the best for each other

Too Small - reidxreader

Anon requested: Spencer and the reader have to share a room during a case and the reader had a tough day bc the cops at the station where making fun of her small chest and during the night she starts to cry about it and Spencer asks her what’s wrong and she grabs his hand and puts it on her boob and asks “do I have small boobs?” And you can finish the rest

A/N okay, I changed the request a lil bc i feel like her putting his hand on her chest is kinda bold lol i hope u don’t mind!! btw reader and reid have a a similar relationship as derek and penelope, ok enjoy

Originally posted by toyboxboy

The team was in a town in the middle of nowhere on a case, which made it especially difficult to solve. Hotch even had to ask Garcia to come along because the network around the area was awfully slow and unreliable so she had to take care of that herself.

This town in particular was full of sexist and racist idiots. Even the policemen were a disgrace, which you’d discovered for yourself when a few of them decided to make comments about you.

“You just need to cooperate,” you’d said to an officer with a beard and graying hair, “I understand that you don’t like that the FBI is here, but you can’t all be protecting each other right now. There’s been 4 murders and there will be more if you don’t let us do our job.”

You’d said this because you didn’t have to be a profiler to see that none of the officers wanted you here. They’d been uncooperative, condescending, and straight up rude ever since the team arrived.

When he didn’t respond, you sighed and walked away. “What does she know,” the man said to a fellow officer, “she’s got the body of a ten year old. I’m surprised she made it through college.”

“I know, I mean, where are her boobs? How are we supposed to take a woman seriously who’s barely even a woman?” His friend replied. You heard all of this, but pretended you didn’t. Your blood boiled.

You’d had a battle with your body image ever since you were a teenager and didn’t grow large breasts like everyone else. You hadn’t let it bother you in quite some time now though, but the feeling of not fitting in was beginning to settle just like it did when you were 15.

Tears began to come to your eyes, but you were working right now and these victims were more important than what these “men” thought of you. You composed yourself and made your way back to your team. 

“You okay?” Reid muttered to you when you stood next to him. You shot him a fake smile, “Yeah, I’m good.”

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Haikyuu!! Novel Volume 4: Everyone’s Summer Vacation - Powerhouses’ Summer (Brief Summary)

Even though the illustration shows Aoba Jousai, the spotlight is on Datekou’s fabulous new captain and his huge crush on his upperclassmen.      

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The Year of Intelligent Tigers

Some A shit ton of highlights of the last EDA I’ve read (The Year of Intelligent Tigers). Probably my longest post so far.

I took these screens while reading, along with my reactions. As usual, this is full of spoilers.

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Hey, so I know I’ve only posted Supernatural so far on here, but here’s a little Harry Potter thingy I threw together because I felt like it.

Young Sirius x Reader

Word Count: 2646

I’m sorry, I know that there’s someone already “fan casted” for young Sirius, but whenever I picture young Sirius, I will always picture Ian Somerhalder, so that is who I’m using. Oopsies.

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You were curled up in a small ball on a cream-colored chair in your bedroom, the one you had next to the window with the white curtains drawn shut, your knees tucked underneath you and a book laying across your legs. You were wearing a humungous long-sleeved Gryffindor Quidditch t-shirt that fell about to your mid-thigh, as it had once belonged to your much taller than you and much more muscular than you boyfriend, before you “stole” it from him. (In reality, he was happy that you took it, seeing you wear his clothes was one of his favorite things in the world.)

  It had been a week since your sixth year of Hogwarts had ended, and now it was summertime. Three in the morning and sixty degrees outside. Just the way you liked it.

  However, you were internally panicking every second at the thought of the love of your life and what it must be like for him right now. While you were enjoying your summer with your lovely parents in your nice house with the pool in the backyard and your overly energetic ten-year-old dog, poor Sirius was stuck in a humungous gray, lifeless mansion, either in his room trying to avoid everyone, or being screamed at repeatedly for his “failures”. It made you tear up even thinking about anyone treating him like that. The fact that anyone could ever possibly think that your kind, incredibly handsome, strong, brave, (fairly) smart, funny, selfless, giggly, loving, cuddly, adorable boyfriend of three years and absolute best friend of six was a failure of any kind physically hurt you to think about.

  Slamming your book shut and leaning your head back on your chair, you squeezed your eyes closed, unable to think about anything else now other than Sirius. You thought about how much you wanted to be laying across him on the couch, your head resting on his chest and listening to the sound of his heartbeat, the crackling of the fireplace, and the occasional rumbling of his voice as he whispered something to you, running his fingers through your hair endlessly, completely content to just be laying there. You thought about how much you wanted to spend Christmas with him at Hogwarts again, you, Sirius, James, and Remus all wearing ugly Christmas sweaters James had purchased, Sirius’ sweater hugging him perfectly while you drowned in yours, the thick wool falling almost to your knees. Staying up in the common room with Sirius on Christmas Eve after the two of you had so excitedly been counting down for the last month, both of you wearing lopsided but adorable Santa and Mrs. Claus hats, laughing and giggling at random things until it hit midnight and the two of you discovered you had been cuddling under the mistletoe all night, gently kissing as it officially became Christmas Day. Completely losing it and laughing your asses off when James walked down the steps into the common room the second you split apart, dressed in a full Santa suit (including the massive, white, slightly Dumbledore-esque beard), with a giant red sack full of your presents thrown over his shoulder. How wide his eyes had gotten when he realized the two of you were still awake and him laughing a little before hesitantly walking backwards up the steps with a, “Ho? Ho? Ho?” You and Sirius losing it again before making your way up to his room and falling asleep in his arms with a smile on your face. Being woken up by Remus and James leaping onto your bed in their previously mentioned ugly Christmas sweaters, jumping up and down and screaming “MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOVEBIRDS!!!” All four of you running downstairs to open gifts, the only four students that had stayed over the holiday. Spending the day by the fire and listening to the record player and collection of records (old and new) that Sirius had somehow bought you, which was extra sweet knowing that it was a Muggle invention that he would have had to learn about and figure out and then spend a ton of money on, knowing how much you would love one. The record player that was now only a few feet away from you on a stand in your room after you had brought it home for the summer.

  You remembered playing Quidditch, a Chaser, until some random Slytherin you were playing against purposely threw a Bludger at your head and sent you toppling thirty feet straight down off your broomstick. How Sirius had zoomed to you the second you left the wooden stick, pushing with everything he had in him to get to you before you hit the ground, but failing to get there. You remembered being rushed to the hospital wing, how no matter how hard they tried to get him to go away, Sirius insisted that he was the first one to get to you on the field and he would be the last one to leave your side, that it was only fair as he followed like a lost puppy until you were in the hospital wing, his fingers intertwined with yours and body racked with sobs as he blamed himself for you getting hurt, convinced that he should have blocked the Bludger, caught you before you hit the ground, something, although there was nothing he could have done. You blacked out about three or four minutes after the fall, but you were told in private by James that he had been bawling, repeating “I’m sorry, I’m a terrible person and a worse boyfriend, I love you, I love you, please be okay, you can hate me if you want, sweetheart, but please be okay, I love you so much please” over and over again. The thought of it broke your heart. It had taken you a few months to remember everything that happened in the few minutes after you hit the ground, given that the hit had given you a concussion and three broken bones. Which, luckily Madam Pomfrey repaired in a week, but she highly recommended you stayed off the field the rest of the season, and you promised her that even if she hadn’t said something, there was no way Sirius would let you touch a broomstick any time before you were thirty. She had just smiled knowingly at you before saying, “I don’t think that boy’s left your side for a second the last week unless I told him he had to so I could do something. I’d be shocked if he’s eaten or gone to a single class since the game. You’ve got yourself a keeper, hon, you really do.”

  After the fall, you had spent the last twelve games of the season in the stands, all decked out in some sort of house t-shirt and your team varsity jacket or sweatshirt. Most of the time you would also put face paint on each cheek: a line of red on each, a line of gold on each. Sirius loved it, especially when you would put his number on one underneath the lines. The team wasn’t as good without you, not nearly, but the fact that you were right there for them, cheering them on from the sidelines, seemed to give them enough of a reason to push through and (barely) win the majority of the games.

  You remembered when you finally told each other how you felt and he begged asked you to be his. It was very early fourth year and James was so tired of hearing Sirius go on and on about you (as was Remus of hearing you go on and on about Sirius to him) that the two of them somehow convinced Sirius to just go for it and ask you to the Yule Ball. He had been so nervous approaching you, shaking and awkwardly holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers behind his back. “I, erm, I’ve kind of been slowly been writing this, um, big giant speech that I would eventually give you……erm, sort of for the last two years. And now I’m realizing that I’ve- um, forgotten, most of it and that, oh, god, I’m ruining this whole thing and- Y/N, you’re my best friend in this whole entire world. Don’t tell James. You’ve been there with me through everything, and I feel like I can tell you anything. I honestly, I don’t know how I would have made it through everything without you. I need you, Y/N. And as bad as I feel because I know there’s no way you’ll ever feel the same way, every time we hug or walk around together or you kiss my cheek or fall asleep against me or laugh or even just look at me- I guess I would say that, um, my heart, it just flies. I know I’m just embarrassing myself now and you probably just feel bad for me, I just, I think that- I think that you’re the greatest person in the world. You’re so beautiful and smart and funny and talented and kind and absolutely everything that I’m not. I’m in love with you. There, I finally said it out loud. I’m, um, I am in love with you, and I’m holding onto the tiniest chance that even after this shitty awful speech of mine that maybe you would be willing to, um, go with me? To the Yule Ball?” You remembered how he looked down at the ground, completely ashamed of himself for “ruining” everything, you standing there in shock until you stepped forward, lifted his head and said, “Sirius, I’ve been in love with you since first year,” and flung your arms around him. How he had laughed and spun you around, how as he put you down he cried, “Wait, so……is that a, a yes?!?” And how you replied, “Of course it’s a yes, you idiot!”

  And you remembered the day you first met Sirius Black. The day that you, a confused, muggleborn eleven-year-old girl stumbled your way onto the huge train with gigantic eyes full of wonder. How you wandered from compartment to compartment, only to see that all of them were full………except for one. The one with the messy haired kid with dorky glasses and the (even then) handsome boy with ebony hair, fighting back and forth over some sort of sport team. How you had shyly slid the door open, despite your outgoing nature, and cautiously asked, “Can, um, can I sit in here with you two? All the other compartments are completely full.” How the handsome one had grinned at you, nodding his head as he quickly replied, “Yeah, definitely!” How the three of you sat together, laughing and joking and planning pranks, immediately hitting it off. You were instant friends. James and Sirius told you everything there was to know about the sorting ceremony, and how they were sure you would end up in Gryffindor, which they seemed to think was the best house by far. You remembered how close you and Sirius seemed to be after only a few minutes of talking, and how James had later told you that he could see it the second you stepped into their compartment.

  You sighed, standing up and walking across your room to put your book back on the shelf, when you heard a loud crash and a yelp from downstairs. You leaped what seemed to be five feet in the air at the sudden noise cutting through the silence, heart racing out of your chest as you swiped your wand off your dresser, just in case, and crept swiftly down the stairs and into the living room. Running into the room and flicking on the light switch in a second, you yelled, “Who’s there?!?” in an angry tone, only to see a familiar, tall figure in front of your fireplace.

  He turned to face you, black hair whipping around his head and an incredibly scared, vulnerable expression on his face that made your heart ache.

  “Sirius?” you breathed out, running towards him and falling into his arms, wrapping yours around him. Taking a step back, you looked up at him, seeing that his eyebrows were furrowed together and it looked like he was holding back tears.

  “Oh my god, are you okay? What are you doing here?” you sighed, relieved, heart still racing against your chest.

  “I couldn’t take it, Y/N. I was asleep and she came running into my room, o-out of nowhere. Screaming at me like a bloody banshee……I couldn’t take it. She just wouldn’t stop- everything I ever did………it hurt, but I was alright, I could deal with it. But then she started on you. I’ve got, erm, I’ve got pictures of you, pasted all over my walls. She- she called you a bloody mudblood. A fucking mudblood. I was j-just so angry. I lost it on her and I- I finally ran away. I did it. I didn’t know where else to go, I’m sorry, I’m so stupid- bloody stupid…”

  “Shhh shhh,” you whispered, reaching up to wrap your arms around his neck and pull his head into your shoulder, which he happily obliged to. “I am so glad you came here, and I am so glad that you finally left that place.” You could feel him shaking now, crying a little.

  “God,” he said, his voice broken and muffled by your shoulder. “Why am I crying? I’m happy to be out, I am. Why can’t I- I stop crying?”

  “It’s okay, sweetheart. It’s just me, you can- you can cry,” you whispered. “I love you so much, and I swear it’ll be fine. You can stay here, we can share my room, we can visit James all the time- it’ll all be fine.”

  “Okay,” he paused to cough a little. “Okay.”

  He let out a shaky laugh before saying, “You know, I was in such a hurry to get out of there, I didn’t grab anything but my wand. I literally have no clothes or anything.”

  You laughed a little before responding, “I’ll go back to get all of your stuff tomorrow. I might also make a small stop to punch your mother in her ugly face, but…”

  He wrapped his arms tighter around you, kissing your neck as he buried his head in your shoulder again. “You would really do that?”

  “Punch your mother? Because, I mean, Sirius, after six years you know me well enough to know that I would totally…”

  “I mean go back there. To that awful place where they would hate you, just to get some stuff of mine?”

  “Well, yeah.”

  He pulled away, staring at you with slightly wide eyes and his mouth hanging open, his eyes quickly filling with love and a smirk growing on his face.

  “God, do you have any idea how much I love you?” he asked seriously. You grinned at him right before he crashed his lips against yours. “You are actually the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.”

  “You’re in the top ten,” you said with a crooked smile.

  He raised his eyebrows as if challenging you. “I guess that means that over the next two and a half months that you’re stuck with me, I’m just gonna have to make my way to number one.”

  “You really think you can beat junk food?”

  He wiggled his eyebrows at you with a dorky smile before replying, “Trust me, I think this is a challenge I can win.”

  You laughed. “Someone’s feeling pretty ambitious.”

  “Well, if I can get you to somehow like my sorry ass, I can do just about anything.”

  “Fair enough.” You grinned at him before finally saying meaningfully, “I hope you know that you really are the most important thing in my life, Sirius.”

  “I love you so much.”

  “I love you, too.”

  “Thank you, really, for letting me stay.”

  “Thank you for coming home.”