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Team Voltron and Food

I cannot, for the life of me see Hunk as someone who goes with junk food, like ever, normally. Like he’s a culinary genius with demanding standards, he goes shopping and looks at a bag of potato chips or snack cakes or whatever and goes “…I can do better,” and buys ingredients as whole and high quality as he can get them and clears his afternoon. Candy bars are like- his singular exception and even then he has like… incredibly high opinions. Like he can draw, from memory, his Objective Graph Of Superior Candy Bar Construction.

Lance is exasperated by this because “Hunk you’re defeating the entire point of junk food”. That said, I read Lance as like- he’ll snack occasionally but managing his diet is something he puts more thought into, he wants to have a good time but also doesn’t want his skin to throw a fit.

Pidge hits the junk food a lot harder, especially on all-nighters when it is the only thing between her and passing out at her computers. In general it sneaks in whenever she’s focused on a big project she just wants to eat something she can munch with her free hand.

Shiro tries to be good and responsible and have three meals a day and normally he succeeds but “not right now, I’m busy” has been the death of many, many perfectly good meal plans in his time. If Shiro is focused on something or trying to meet a deadline all hope is lost.

The actual trash goblin on the team when it comes to food is Keith, out of a combination of scraping to make ends meet for most of his life, executive dysfunction, and living in a desert shack without a kitchen for the last year. Like 90% of his dietary intake was microwave meals. He has heard of the food guide pyramid, yes, what is your point leave him to his instant lasagna. Hunk tries to stage an intervention once re: “Keith, It Is Okay To Have Standards About What You Shove In Your Mouth”. It was only somewhat effective.

Coran has tried basically every weird fad diet in the known universe, was a great fan of sampling the local cuisine on any planet he visited back in the day, and basically cannot be even slightly impressed by the strangeness of just about anything you offer him. He once ate a semi-poisonous alien scorpion that had been stuffed with peppers and slow-roasted in the entrails of a larger animal. Quoth him: “It was all right.”

Allura, as royalty, knows her way around sophisticated cuisine and was pampered enough in her youth to have pretty high standards of food… except she also has an incredible sweet tooth. At one point the team introduces her to ice cream and discovers to collective horror she is the kind of person who bites it.


Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer


Free! -Timeless Medley- advertisement at Shinjuku station (near Marunouchi line).

EDIT: the ads will be on display through April 17 ~ 23. There’s also one more advertisement displayed at Ikebukuro station (Orange street).
Reasons To Date Simon D

The way he looks at you 

The way he watches you 

Shopping together

Taking pictures of him 

When he gets all shy

Celebrating his birthday together

Snaps and selfies

Being cute for you 

When you make him smile but he doesn’t want to show it

When he can’t hold it in 

When he only looks at you when performing 

Looking so fine

Being the perfect boyfriend

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Remember when Beth threw her arms around Daryl at the height of their argument because she understood the pain he was feeling over the collapsing weight of trying to be strong after losing the only family he ever truly had and he just cried while she held him and it was so pure, and so loving .

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phil's little rant about how ridiculous it is that women's products are more expensive than men's, the only good man

he’s such a goodie

saying that he doesn’t understand why skincare is gendered or why female deodorant is so much more expensive and that he thinks it should change

this was just an hour of me falling deeper in love with him