this tandem again

I just finished Styxx for the second time. Acheron is meant to be the destroyer of the world right? He has the power for it (and I think it was part of a prophecy?) but also Nick’s supposed to be the one who destroys the world which is the point of chronicles of Nick. I thought if we know Nick destroys the world why does it keep saying Ash would destroy it then I realised he does.

What happened between Ash and Nick set the course for the destruction of the world. So Ash won’t destroy it himself but as the final fate he triggered the events that would.

Tandem narratives again...

*thinks about the 3 weeks leading up to the birth of the baby*

*thinks about the “solo deal” signed on the yacht*

*thinks about the extra Hendall push*

*now thinks about the last 3 weeks*

*thinks about the movie announcement*

*thinks about the management firm announcement from Jeff*

*thinks about the “leaked” Hendall pics today*