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(Don’t mind me, just thinking aloud about trying to type a friend of mine, lol.  I’ll put a ‘keep reading’ so as not to take up too much of your dash space.  After all, I am sure to ramble.  Like I’m doing right now, whoops.)

I have an ExFP friend I’m trying to type and he’s proving very difficult, haha.  Within the first month of knowing him I got an ENFP vibe from him and it made a lot of sense, but then we talked very briefly about MBTI and he implied that he was ESFP, so I had to pause and consider that.  I’d just been going with my initial vibe and how it seemed right, instead of also looking at him from other angles to see if I had the most accurate read on him.

For two weeks I felt like walking up to him and saying, “I’m sorry, but you were mistyped,” because I take this stuff very seriously lol. XD  He must know THE TRUTH, ya feel?  However, rather than tell him, “You’re wrong,” I decided to give the ESFP thought a chance and reconsider the same points I’d observed through an ENFP lens and see if there was credibility in his ESFP claim.

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