this tablet is hell to work with


One Hell of a Family #5

you know ur hardcore when even a demon thinks ur a savage bitch, either that or he’s just a… really lame demon

and you better believe Tilly drinks the cheapest shitty red wine available that doesn’t come in a goon bag she still has SOME class 🍷✨

also my drawing tablet has finally decided to start giving out on me after many many years of hard work so uh, these are gonna be in black and white for a while, sorry ~ I’ll repost them in colour when I either fix my tablet or get a new one

this is old, and also unfinished. i think i was just in the mood for drawing dresses at the time


@huxloween final prompts, 29 30 and 31: trick or treat, costumes/costumes party and Rocky Horror Picture Show

Well, I am late to the party but I hope you guys had a great Halloween ! I am officially done with the prompts, even though I missed two… It was a fun trip to hell ! I’m gonna put away my tablet for a little time now (just a week or so) (-。-;

Thanks everyone who sent me nice messages and supported me during the month ~!  

On Summoning Demons

Strap in mammals, I need to correct some stupidities about summoning major demons. I’ll lay out a proper procedure in a few easy steps. This isn’t for minor infernals, but so-called “princes of Hell”, as it were. I’ll focus on the Goetic demons.

Step One: Acquire a copy of Ars Goetia (you can get a free PDF online)

Step Two: Record names, sigils, and descriptions of any you want to contact.

Step Three: Throw the rest of Ars Goetia in the garbage and tell it that it’s a very rude poorly behaved book.

Step Four: Inscribe a sigil on whatever you have available. If you happen to have an unused gold tablet laying around I’m sure they’d be flattered, so by all means pull out the dremel tool and get to work. If you’re like the rest of us, pen and paper is fine. If you want to get really fancy, use a consecrated pen or special ink.

Step Five: Cast a circle and so on in whatever fashion suits your tradition. It’s not to protect you from the demon, it’s to screen out discordant energy and interference.

Step Six: Respectfully request their presence and begin conversing. Treat them as one part deity and two parts royalty. Please and thank you. Yes sir/ma’am. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. 

The Goetic demons are GODS. Several of them can be traced to their origins. Asteroth is the Egyptian Astarte. The idea that you can force them to do your bidding, or that you can protect yourself from them, is a joke.

The Goetic concept that they are bound to specific sigils and commands is based on a pact made by King Solomon for a fixed period of time, which has expired. It’s useless now, even if it ever was genuine. They help those who they find worthy, and no one else.

If you are respectful, and they find you worthy, they may choose to help you. If you are unworthy, some of them might just decide to fuck with you. Which would fall under the category of not my problem, so follow my advice at your own risk. Each demon has their own standards and personality. It’s almost like they’re real people (heavy sarcasm). If you want to work with them, treat them as such. If you give a major demon an order, I have zero sympathy for what they may do to you.

I am not recommending that anyone summon demons. For humans it’s really generally not a good idea. you don’t have claws and scales. But if you’re going to do it anyway, try not to make an ass of yourself. Entrails are a bitch to clean out of carpet.

Carry on, and good luck, humans.


Now that Fire Agate has a proper redesign (and let’s hope it stays that way for a while), I can do one of these gemsona prompts. I tried replicating the background style of the show (from the episode “Mr. Greg” specifically) and I think I nailed it. I actually drew more for this month’s prompt, but they’ll be posted at a later time when they’re polished. Enjoy!

You know what I want?

I want Eliot in the brewpub kitchen being all ‘wtf does Hardison have you doing, no, no, we need to fix this asap’

and turnover being what it is in the restaurant business there’s a new chef and they’re like ‘who the hell are you and what are you doing in my kitchen? you can’t be back here, get out, shoo’. the chef doesn’t even notice Amy, who’s been working here long enough to know, making desperate ‘no no no abort mission’ gestures at them.

approximately 12 seconds later, Hardison ambles into the kitchen without even looking up from his tablet and slings an arm around Eliot. “Eliot’s the executive chef and co-owner,” he says. and the chef just knows, knows, that this was not the case yesterday when they were hired. “So the question is, what are you doing in his kitchen? You don’t work here, you’re fired. Why you still standing here? Give me your apron and go!”

so the chef is sent packing and Eliot growls “Damnit Hardison, now we’re shorthanded for the evening rush” and grabs the apron out of Hardison’s hand to take charge of the kitchen.

in no other way does he acknowledge that Hardison just gave him co-owner status and creative control of the kitchen. any fuzzy feelings this gives him are ruthlessly concealed with scowling.

You know. When Eggsy grabs Merlin’s clipboard, he doesn’t hesitate or stumble at all in using it to quickly pull up the video of Valentine’s announcement. Which means he’s already familiar with the way the clipboard works, and how to pull up videos with it. This leaves us with a couple options.

Now. It could be as simple as the recruits learning the technology themselves on other tablets during their training. But- I like the idea that Eggsy’s made a game out of stealing Merlin’s clipboard whenever he can, simply because he’s a little shit and he can- and he plays it off as ‘working on his spy skills.’ You know, stealth and theft, both of which are crucial skills for a spy!

And Merlin just kind of huffs and pouts whenever it happens. And especially after Harry wakes up and finds out what Eggsy’s been doing, because then Harry starts getting in on it too. Merlin knows immediately then (as if he hadn’t already known) that if Eggsy makes Lancelot, Eggsy and Harry are going to be absolute menaces, especially when and if they’re paired together for a mission.

So I got my tablet and drawing program set up again and did a bit of doodling, right? This is a mirror I just bought, not that you can tell anything by the line art. Thing is, I goofed up the layers so I couldn’t color the way I wanted to. Normally, I make the background transparent, then put colors underneath so I can keep the line art intact/”color in the lines” kinda thing.

Hell I REALLY don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to using PS but I am going to work at it, try to get up a drawing every so often. My laptop that i used to use to draw with at work borked and is no longer operational so I’ll have to do drawings at home. (Which is not bad but I digress)

So here, have a messy, ugly mirror!


my tablet is currently broken so i had to position it just right in order to scribble these and it was hell.

been playing bravely second and i cant believe i scribbled an npc before the main characters (rifa is adorable tho, go bust them ba’als) STILL LOWKEY SALTY ABOUT THE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS SINCE I PLAYED THE DEMO FIRST…but the new team dynamics are pretty good ngl

its coming along VEEERY slowly … my tablet driver keeps crashing…  and i get distracted by so many things .. any way.. zero is being worked on as you can tell.. lots of work on the hair to do .. same for the hand and earpeice.. hell that whole side of the helmet needs work too -_- when did drawing become such a chore? -_-’

oh also i may re color x into more of zero style