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My Aunt was my first

Grown man here almost 40 years old.
When I was in 6th grade my parents split up and the divorce got messy. My mom hadn’t worked in a few years and had to get a job. We lived in New York. Luckily my mom got a really good job but she had to go to Connecticut for a long training program that was 2 months long. It started the week school let out for summer. I thought I would go with her but I couldn’t because she was put up in a hotel and couldn’t have me with her. She made arrangements for me to stay with my cousin and Aunt. My cousin was about my age and we played sports together so I was happy about staying with him for the summer. But a week after school let out he went to stay with his Dad for a few weeks -my Aunt’s ex husband. I was not happy at all. I knew I would be bored stuck with my aunt for the summer. She took me to see a horror movie which I wasn’t allowed to watch. But she told me it would be our secret. Then I thought she wasnt that bad. My mom and Aunt were twin sisters but they were not that close and were complete opposites. They fought a lot and being at that age I never really knew what they fought about. But I was surprised that my aunt agreed to watch me for the summer, and also surprised she seemed cooler than I thought.

After a few days she started walking around in her underwear. I was uncomfortable but didn’t say anything. I wasn’t really into girls yet but I caught myself looking at her ass which made me feel weird since she was my moms twin sister. We didn’t have air in her apartment and one day I walked by her room and she was laying on her bed in her underwear which I was getting used to. She yelled to me to bring her some cold water so I did. When I brought it in she told me to set it on her dresser. So I did and when I sat it down there were Polaroid photos of my aunt naked on the dresser. Also there was a dildo next to them, but I didn’t know what it was at the time. I looked at her pictures and looked up in the mirror and I saw her looking at me smiling. I left and went to my room and my dick was the hardest it ever had been.

The next day at breakfast she asked if I wanted to go swimming at the beach and I said I did. Then she went into her room and called me in. She was wearing a hot pink g string bikini. I was speechless she asked if I liked her bikini. I think I stuttered and felt nervous but o just nodded. I went into the bathroom locked the door and started to jerk off. I saw her dirty panties on the floor and picked them up. I noticed some light white creamy spots on her panties, and I smelled them. Her smell was amazing. I wrapped them around my dick and kept jerking off. I got to the point I was about to cum. I had done that before and always stopped because I was afraid what would happen if I came. Sounds stupid now. We went to the beach and Swam and came home early because it started to rain. My aunt got changed and asked me if i wanted to go to the store with her to get dinner. I said no. Then she said she’d be back soon. As soon as she left I ran to her room looking for the nude polaroids of her but they were gone. I opened her drawer and they were on top. I pulled them out and laid back on her bed and started to pleasure myself. On one hand it was weird seeing a woman that looked like my mom naked but on the other hand at that age I was so horny I didn’t care. I’m not sure how long I was in there but I jerked for a while trying not to cum. Finally I couldn’t stop it and I nervously shot my first load not knowing what to expect. I blew a huge load all over my aunt’s photos. The feeling was incredible I couldn’t believe I had fought cumming for so long. I heard my aunt pull in and raced to get out of her room. I threw her pics back in the drawer and ran to the bathroom. My cum was inside my underwear making a big mess in my pants. I narrowly got away without getting caught. We had dinner then I went into bed. I had the fan on it was hot and all I had were my underwear on. I was about to put my hand in my underwear and start jerking off again. Then my aunt knocked on the door, and before I could answer it she walked in. I had a hard on but my underwear were still on. I tried to cover up. My aunt said she needed to talk to me, and sat down next to me on the bed. I was still hard and she was in a t shirt and underwear which wasn’t helping. She smiled and then held out her hand and when I looked down she was holding the polaroids of her nude. She asked me if I had been looking at her private pics and I said no. She told me she knew I was lying then she pulled the pictures apart but they were stuck together with my half dried cum. I started to get very nervous but she said it’s okay all boys do this stuff. She told me my cousin did stuff like this too. She said what I felt was normal. I just wanted her to leave but she didn’t. Then she asked if I thought she was sexy. I yelled out NO, but I was lying. Then she laughed and said I hurt her feelings. I didn’t know what to say. She asked if seeing her pictures made me hard. I felt like I was in big trouble. And I stuttered and said no. She then told me that those pictures stuck together proved I was lying. She then reached over and moved the blanket and my dick was standing straight up ripping out of my underwear. My aunt laughed and just said wow. Then she asked if she could touch it. I just shook my head and she grabbed it, and squeezed. Then she pulled my underwear down and slowly jerked me off. I looked at her directly in her face and then remembered she looked like my mom but I didn’t care I wasn’t doing anything to spoil this. Then she asked me how it felt and I said good. Then she said she could really make it feel good if I let her. I said ok and then she bent down and took my dick into her mouth. I came within ten seconds. She sat up and my cum was dripping from her lip. I said sorry. She licked my cum off with her tongue and said sorry for what? Then she told me that’s how a girl knows of a boy thinks she’s sexy. Then she stood up and got undressed in front of me. I became hard again instantly. She straddled me and kissed me on the lips. I had never even kissed a girl before this. She took my hands and put them on her breasts and then on her ass. She was so soft and her breasts big and firm. Then she took my hand and put my fingers on her pussy which was warm and dripping wet. Then she told me that’s how a boy can tell if a girl thinks he’s sexy. Then she asked if I wanted to put my dick inside her pussy. I was like hell yes. My heart was beating but I didn’t care scared or not. Then she told me that this had to stay our secret and we could never tell anybody. I shook my head and said okay I just wanted to put my dick inside of her. Then she climbed on top of me and lowered her pussy onto my dick and I Remember it like it was yesterday damn. I think it took me three seconds to cum and I let out a moan and she knew I had cum. She told me that if I practiced it enough I could hold off for a long time before I came. Then she told me not to worry that she would get me hard again. She asked me to sleep in her bed and I said ok. I tried to fuck her again all night but she told me she had to go to work in the morning and drop me off at camp. I must have been worn out and fell asleep. Next think I knew it was sunrise and I felt something going on and looked down to find my aunt sucking my dick. I was already all the way hard but as soon as I realized what was going on I came. She looked up and asked if I liked waking up to that. I said yes. She told me that she had to get ready for work and take a shower and I needed to get ready for camp. She asked if I wanted to take a shower and I was like YES. So I joined her and we did a lot of French kissing in the shower. When we got out she asked if I wanted to play hooky. I said ok. Then she told me that she was going to run out and get a surprise. About 30 minutes later age care home. I was hard non stop all morning and hoped we would have more sex. Then she brought me into her room and sat me on her bed and told me that she got some movies for us. I didn’t want to watch movies, I wanted to fuck more. Then she pulled the movies out and they were porn movies from the video store. She told me we could really have fun watching them while we had sex. We watched three different movies and we stayed in bed all day trying different stuff. I must have came ten times. Every day for the next week we slept together in her bed and we had sex. Then came the week that my cousin was coming home from his dads. I was depressed because I knew it would be over. Then she told me that she enjoyed our time together and that I had made her feel so good better than a man had. The last night before my cousin came home my aunt said she wanted to do a fashion show for me. I laid on her bed while she tried different outfits and lingerie on. Teddys, stockings, all kinds of stuff. I don’t remember what she wound up wearing but it didn’t stay on very long. That night I ate her out for the first time. She had the wettest hairiest pussy but I dove in and put to use skills I learned from the porn movies. She loved it.

The next day my cousin was home and my aunt ignored me I guess she was nervous around my cousin that he might figure out something. Two nights later I snuck into my aunts room at night and she forced me back out. We didn’t have sex again. The next weeks were boring. Then finally my mom got me. My mom had to move us to CT. I had to start school right away and we’ve been here ever since. I jerked off for months thinking of my aunt. Once I spied on my mom in the shower to refresh my memory. I even went as far as to smell her dirty panties to see if she smelled the same as my Aunt. She didn’t but I felt like such a pervert. I’ve only seen my aunt a few times over the years. I got married in 2007 and my Aunt and cousin came to the wedding with my aunts new husband. It had been like 12 years since my aunt and I had sex. I had never told a single person not even my best friends. Then at the wedding my aunt caught me alone. She whispered in my ear “you fucked me way before you fucked her”. She still looked very good for her age, a real milf who still looked like my mom besides a different hairstyle. I was instantly turned on but she walked away and we have never spoken about it again.

I’ve always wanted to tell somebody about this but didn’t want my aunt to get in trouble or have my family get embarrassed, so I was very excited when I found these confession sites.

You can’t tell me that Pre-Kerberos Shiro and Keith didn’t do sappy dumb embarrassing stuff when they go on dates. LOOK. AT. THEM. Friggin matching shirts. How gross can you guys get? Even Zarkon can see that blush of yours Shiro. Keep it together. They’re so cute I can’t stop drawing them. OTL

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ok but listen to me i know andrew is meant to have the emotional capacities of a toaster oven and i know he’s supposed to be all dead inside but don’t tell me that andrew isn’t the most sappy little shit in his own unique way bc like,,,

  • he literally dresses neil up everytime they’re having a night out?? like he actually takes the time to go out and pick something nice out for him to wear like whaaa. 
  • here take the keys to my home & oh btw i had duplicate keys made for you so you can drive my car around like whenever you want to so yea feel free also here are some custom made arm bands that match mine to like a tee 
  • he has no problems choosing his boyfriend over his brother 
  • “you are a pipe dream.“ 
  • he GIVES HIM A BATH ?!?! he towel dries him after??
  • he HelPS neil out of his t-shirt when he’s too sore to manage it by himself?? 
  • he’s so weak for neil that he’s constantly reaching out to touch him?? i mean c'mon people he was tapping his fingers against the pulse point of neil’s throat, i mean who does that, even with their crushes, who does that???? esp when it’s important to note he doesn’t normally enjoy physical contact & rarely ever initiates it but the tHIRST is rEAL !!! 
  • shitty middle school level flirting: "i’m not a math problem,” “but i’ll still solve you” “i need a new toy to play with” “i don’t like to share” like affghs this boy
  • matching phones, matching RINGTONES, wtf andrew we know you’re a twin but does everything have to come in twos??
  • he’s all about that rooftop romance aesthetic, chain-smoking at 2 am, trading retorts and kisses in the dark
  • he likes wearing fuckign skull caps. skull caps.
  • he has a thing for long drives 
  • he kissed neil like the world started & stopped at neil’s mouth, yea, you remember that line?? me too. i almost birthed my kidney when i read it.

Hi friends!
If you’re ftm or nb, but have rather large pectorals you’d like to hide, and sports bras aren’t doing it for you? Especially under t-shirts or other clingy shirts? And you can’t get a binder due to home and/or medical reasons? /have I got a thing for you/.

/dance tops/. I was in ballet and jazz and tap for a while, as was my mom, and those things are designed to keep you flat and still. Things sports bras are not designed for. Sports bras are designed to support /up/ and keep pain from movement to a minimum. Meaning that most sports bras actually push in and up instead of in and out. A dance top, however, is designed to squish in, like a binder except not as strong and stiff. It’s basically a perfect blend between a sports bra and a binder, and because it was designed for dancers (not an easy sport, I tell you), it’s super easy to breathe in and you can exercise in it. It’s easier to breathe for all you asthmatics out there, and it’s super comfy and easy to move in.

They look like the pics above (I’m a 34 C and I included what size I have and what brand), and I suggest a higher neckline (a lower neckline might show through your shirt, while a higher one hugs up against your collarbone). I also suggest a light color like grey so it can go under white shirts (I wore this under a white t-shirt and it didn’t show at all).

Hope I was a help to all my brothers!

Dean Thinks You’re Hot

Title: Dean Thinks You’re Hot

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,122

Anon Request: you think you could write one where the reader feels insecure about her stretch marks/size and Jensen is her best friend and tries to help her feel better?

Warnings: Negative Thoughts, Low Self-Esteem, Fluff, Implied Smut

A/N: Feedback is always appreciated, friends! xoxox


Your name: submit What is this?

    Pacing back and forth around your trailer almost drove you dizzy. Back and forth. Back and forth; as if that was going to simultaneously solve all of your problems. It wasn’t. Not even close.

    You had just gotten the memo that your intimate scene with Jensen was moved to today, not that you weren’t sweating buckets the second you got the script, but the fact that the scene was moved to today instead of five days from now had you ripping your hair from your head. You were going to be very exposed to him, and no matter how long the two of you had been friends, this was something you weren’t comfortable with on so many levels.

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BTS Scenario: Morning Sex Maknae line

Warnings: SMUT and a light choking kink with one of the maknae members…you’ve been warned.

Requested by anon: A bts reaction to morning sex. 

I did it in a scenario format instead. Enjoy everyone!

Here’s hyung line :) 

Park Jimin:

You turned around to give Jimin a hug, but instead was met with emptiness, the warmth of his spot was all that lingered, signs that he had just gotten up. Groggily, you got up to survey the house, wanting nothing but to hug your boyfriend, who’d just gotten back late that night from a long tour, and found him making some coffee in the kitchen.

To your unknowing luck, he only had on a pair of black and red plaid pajama pants that hung just right around his waist. The hug you had wanted earlier turned into something more as his strong, chiseled back muscles that flexed with every small movement, so you walked up behind him, running your hands up his warm back and around his waist.

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Locker Room*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit - 18+ only
Summary: There’s no real plot, maybe Reader wants to fool around in a locker room. Once again, this poor summary does not reflect my writing in general, I hope. Bear with me, please.
Word Count: 2.7k
Warnings: swearing, dirty talking, oral sex (both receiving), Chris being a butt guy [?], fingering and protected sex in a locker room, I guess.

Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

    “Seriously Chris, why would you work out so late?” You whined, throwing your gym bag at the back of the car as you popped in, sitting next to him.

    “Listen, we both like this gym and this hour is the best time slot.” Your boyfriend huffed out a laugh, pecking your cheek and you buckled up the passenger seat belt.

    “There are other interesting ways to do exercises,” you wiggled your eyebrows, wandering your fingertips along his thigh and he rolled his eyes, starting the car. “If you do this to preserve your privacy then think about wearing something else than a cap. This became so obvious it’s Chris Evans hiding under.”

    “Always hilarious, Y/N,” he looked at the road, driving through Los  Angeles and you leaned your head against the seat, setting your running shoes on the dash. “You know it’s the job, I’m starting to film Infinity War in a couple of months now.”

    “Really, I had no idea… Captain Fucking Obvious.” Your eyes stared straight through the window as he glanced at you with his eyebrows furrowed, giving you his special look he used whenever you used sarcasm and a small laugh slipped through your lips.

    Once you’d finally reached the gym club opened at night, you both headed towards the different locker rooms and you got rid of your bag and jacket. You finally joined your boyfriend in the room - with some other people - and you saw him already working out as he focused on the upper part of his body.

    You smiled and as Chris sent you a wink, you tried to leave this glorious sight of him flexing his biceps, grunting lightly or tensing his back so much that you could’ve drawn the muscles through his T-shirt. You couldn’t help but internally gush over how very handsome he looked like this and how sexy his athletic outfit embraced all his muscles tightening then relaxing.

    Shaking your head slightly, you chose to concentrate the hard work on your legs for the night and you climbed on your favorite device, trying to forget the thoughts flying above your mind.

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    The Runaway Ballerina

    Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, some Cas 

    Warnings: Fluff

    Summary: Reader has been hexed by witch that turned her into a toddler, and a jealous Dean becomes very annoyed. 

    A/N: I hit 100 followers, so in honor of that I’ll be posting some imagines so if you guys have any request send them down and I’ll try my best.

    Part 2

    Originally posted by helvonasche

    Sam and Dean sit in baby staring at their once 25 year old sister who was now 4 years old in a ballerina outfit because that’s what she picked out at the store when they needed to buy her clothes. The previous hunt they were on Y/N got hit by some weird powder by a witch and Dean woke up the following morning to a tiny hand on his face.

    “Why do you guys keeping wooking at me weird?” She ask looking between them. “You’re just so tiny.” Sam smiles. “She’s so cute!” Sam adds looking at Dean. “Yeah, I remember.” He mumbles as they get out the car to go food shopping for the bunker.

    “Come on Y/N.” Sam chimes as he opens the back door for her. He holds her hand as they cross the street to the store. She lets go and runs to the shopping carts to grab one. They stand there watching her struggle to get one cart out because they were stuck together. (Don’t you just hate that) “I got it.” Sam chuckles getting it. As they walk in store Y/N skips ahead next to Dean to hold his hand but he keeps moving his hand so she can’t grab it.

    “I don’t wanna hold your hand, thanks. I don’t wanna hold your hand.” He argues. She frowns and grabs a hold of his hand and grips it tight. “Ow, ow, let go of my hand.” He growls. “That hurts.” He glares down at her. She whimpers and peeks over to Sam who looks down at her. “What’s wrong bug?”

    “Dean won’t hold my hand.” Y/N pouts. Sam gives Dean his signature bitch face and Dean grunts and grabs her hand. “She always did this before.” He mumbles but Sam just chuckles shaking his head. “Why did you choose a costume?” Dean ask looking at her ballerina outfit. “It’s not a costume it’s my protective gear.”

    “How’s a ballerina costume suppose to protect you?”

    “Are you crazy who wants to hurt a ballewina?” She protest. “Other ballerinas.” Dean shrugs. Once Dean had enough he throws Y/N in the seat of the cart and she rambles to Sam who too eventually has enough of her talk of Princes and fairies and he gives her his iPod. She bops her head and swings her hanging legs accidentally kicking Sam once in awhile listening to music as they get to the register. “Can I has some lime jerky?” She ask pointing down below to the candy and jerky. Sam is about to protest remembering her eating habit but Dean holds his hand up to stop him. “Your remember how she was when she didn’t get things. She whined and whined.” Sam grabs the jerky and puts it down with the of stuff and Y/N smiles. The ride to the bunker is an half hour away and Y/N becomes very impatient.

    “Are we there yet?” She grunts tugging on her seatbelt. “We get there when we get there Y/N.” Dean answers annoyed. “Why do you have to be such a meany?” She yells. Sam stops Dean before he can even talk back. “Hey princess let’s play a game.” Sam says turning around in his seat. “Okay!”

    “Let’s play the license plate game.”

    “Yay okay!” Y/N props herself on the seat and looks out the window. There isn’t much cars on the road and she eventually falls asleep from boredom. When they arrive Sam carries Y/N down the stairs seeing Cas sitting in the war room. “Who’s the child?” He questions noticing a sleeping Y/N in Sam’s arms.

    “Cas it’s Y/N.” He chuckles. “Y/N isn’t two feet tall.”

    “She got hit by some mumbo jumbo powder and now she’s four years old so we need to find a way to reverse it.” Dean explains as they walk to the kitchen. “Cas would you mind taking her to her room?” Sam ask. Cas hesitates at first and nods. Sam passes her gently so she doesn’t wake up. She stirs in Cas’s arms for a moment and becomes still again. He takes her to her room settling her down on the bed. He admires her small body seeing fully that it clearly was Y/N. He remembers Y/N showing him some pictures of her and boys when they were younger.

    An hour goes passed and the boys sit in the library reading some books. “Do children usually nap for this long?” Cas questions. “You have a point totally forgot. She’s too quiet now that I realize.” Sam intervenes. “Oh no.” Dean mumbles getting up. “What? What is it?” Cas questions following them to the kitchen.

    “Whenever Y/N was quiet it meant that she’s was either hiding something or she’s going through the pantry for cand—”

    Sure enough when they reach the kitchen they see a stash of candy wrappers opened along with other snacks, but that wasn’t the problem. This was Dean’s secret stash. “Son of bitch.” He stomps his boot. “If she throws up, I’m blaming you!”  Dean scolds at Sam with a pointed finger. They go into the hallways to look for her. “Y/N!” Dean screams. He goes to her room not seeing her there and is about to leave till he hears shuffling from the closet. He slowly walks up to the closet grabbing the door knobs and swings them open spotting the little ballerina with a chocolate stained mouth.

    “THERE YOU ARE!” She screams crawling through Deans legs and makes a run for it in the hallway.

    “Sammy get her!” He screams. Sam sees a small body dart across the hallway. He runs after her but loses her once he turns the corner. Five minutes go by and Dean doesn’t find her. “I’m tried of playing games Y/N come out now or it’s time out for you!” After three minutes of searching he meets in the war room with Sam. “She’s in so much trouble!” Dean grunts. “Dean, why are you so mad at her?”

    “She ate my stuff!”

    “No, not that. I mean ever since she turned you’ve been a meany like she said what’s up with that?” Dean doesn’t answer and looks away. Sam stands there waiting for the answer. Dean mumbles something inaudible he can’t hear. “What?”

    “I said she likes you better then me.” He confesses. “Dean, what are you talking about?” He sighs before he answers.

    “Every since Y/N was little she always liked you best. She was stuck to you like glue.” Sam stands there in shock. “Dean, she loves you a lot you know?” He raises an eyebrow hearing this. “Anytime you and dad were gone Y/N never shut about you. Asking me all these questions about cars and bugging me when you were gonna be back and how excited she was to learn  how to gank monsters from her big brother. Besides you too spend a bunch of time together now. Why is this affecting you?”

    “Is that true?”

    “Yes, I was kinda jealous because I thought she liked you more. And to be honest I’m a little jealous. You guys have a closer bond than I have with her now.” Sam admits. Suddenly Cas emerges into the war room carrying a crying Y/N. “What happened?” Sam ask. “Well when I was chasing her down she fell and hurt her knee.” He lifts her leg up showing the ripped pink unitard with a cut that is now bleeding just a little and the torn tutu. He goes to hand her to Sam’s out stretched arms but she whimpers rejecting him.

    “I want Dean.” She whimpers crying. Dean lifts his head up hearing this and gets a good look at his baby sister. Her arms reached out for him leaning away from Cas. Her eyes puffy and red from crying. Dean realizes that he’s been so stupid that he didn’t need to be jealous, because him and Y/N get along perfect now when she’s not a toddler. She whimpers putting her arms down thinking her big brother yet again is rejecting her today until he reaches out for her and she quickly wraps her arms around his neck. “You okay?” He ask softly wiping her tear stained face. “No.” Y/N croaks shaking her head and he takes her to his room. He sets her down on his bed and helps her in one of his t-shirts after cleaning her face.

    “I’m sorry I ate your candy.” She apologies in her small voice. “No, I’m sorry for being a meany today, I was just jealous.”

    “Why?” She ask with a tilt of her head.

    “It’s a long story. But let’s get a bandaid on this shall we?” He gets the first aid kit and cleans her scratch up. “Tank you.” She says once he’s finished. “Dean.” She calls out to him when he puts the stuff away. “Yeah?”

    “Can we watch some cowboy movies?” He smiles at this and nods his head. “Sure thing sweetheart.” He sets the movie in his room while Cas helps her pop the popcorn. Half way through the movie Y/N starts falling asleep. He looks down under his arm seeing Y/N falling asleep with a piece of popcorn hanging of her bottom lip. “Getting sleepy there?” He lays down with her pulling the blanket up. “Frectles.” She mumbles. “What?” She puts one tiny finger in his face and says it again. “Frectles.” He frowns then gasp realizing what she meant. “You mean freckles.” He chuckles. “Yeah you has those.”

    A/N: Would you guys like a Part 2?

    Eight | Yoongi

    Scenario: Eight times Min Yoongi tells you he loves you
    Genre: Fluff and implied sexual activities
    Word Count: 5,154
    Author’s Note: Inspired by R. McKinley’s “8 Ways To Say I Love You”

    i. when he gets a little too drunk and calls you

    The first time he lets those three damn little words escape his mouth, he had been drunk—swimming in the courage that could only be ignited by alcohol. The alcohol had been brought forth by Taehyung as a celebratory congratulations for another successful comeback. The guys had all figured what the hell, they deserved this break, even if the freedom that comes with downing shots only lasts so long, everyone jumped at the chance to let loose for a little while. At least, until the sun rises with the promise of a new day.

    Yoongi loses count after his fifth shot, the night slowly blending into shared laughter, jokes, crude memories, and conversations about the short existence of human life. Jimin and Jungkook had drunk lots more than Yoongi—and Yoongi had downed a lot—and the pair of younger boys appear to be having a private conversation of their own. Hoseok is knocked out on the couch. Yoongi barely hears something about pigeons and black holes, before he dismisses himself out of the living room and into the hallway.

    He can hear Taehyung, Seokjin, and Namjoon in another room, laughing over the sound of what could be a video game. Barely paying attention to any of that, Yoongi lazily manages to reach for the phone in his back pocket as he stops in the middle of the hallway to dial the only seven digits he’ll ever bother to memorize.

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    Sooo, remember a year ago when I drew up this T-shirt design? With @personeh ‘s help, the updated version is now complete! I contemplated if I should try to FULLY update it but realized that’s really hard. Plus I’d have to keep doing it. And I’m running out of space. And they keep fucking updating lol. 

    I want to sell this design as a T-shirt but I don’t want to just resort to Redbubble so I’m going to see if I can find another T-shirt company that will be willing to take this design and print it well and it’ll be advertised well and all that. I did have one company approach me but the price they offered was super low. Like rude kinda low. :\ I worked really hard on this and I’m really happy with it so I’d like it to be …known? You know what I mean lol. If I can’t find a company, then I’ll just put it up on RedBubble. Below you can see an example of what it’d be like on a T-shirt.

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    Slow Ride

    Yeah, you all should have known this was coming… They don’t call me Cowgirl for nothing…

    (This gif was made by my gorgeous friend Pam @saucynewf - and is being used with her permission)

    Holy. Shit.

    Seriously, how much is a girl supposed to take? You share rooms with these guys, watch them walk around half-dressed, banter back and forth with them. You take Dean’s suggestive, flirty comments and respond in kind, telling yourself it’s all part of your friendship.

    And then he does this.

    Of all things, a mechanical bull. You thought those things died out with Urban Cowboy. But now, as you stand watching with your jaw clenched, and your nails digging into your palms, and your thighs clamped together, Dean is riding the fuck out of Larry, the centerpiece of the bar you went into for the sole reason of grabbing some burgers.

    You can’t tear your eyes from him as his body sways, looking like he’s part of that saddle. The muscles of his thighs are tight, holding firm, his torso lean and lithe as he moves with it, sinuous and sexy as hell. One arm waves above his head, giving him the balance he needs, the other bicep bunched and bulging beneath the plaid shirt, unbuttoned at the front to allow your eyes to cruise over where his t-shirt clings to his pecs, his ribs, his belly.

    “Do you know him?” the waitress whispers, and you nod, your lips parted and your eyes glued to Dean as the ride ends, and he slowly lowers himself back, sprawled and smiling. “Lucky you,” she says, turning to go back to work, and you blow out a breath, closing your mouth and lowering your eyes.

    Air. You need some air.

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    • Shownu: I can’t believe I forgot my phone. I hope Changkyun liked his birthday present yesterday. Oh, he called.
    • Phone: You have 17 new messages.
    • Shownu: What?!
    • Phone: Message 1.
    • Changkyun: Hey Shownu, thanks for the Bazinga t-shirt it's… great. I was just calling because I might need a ride later tonight. Hyungwon can’t drive and I ran Jooheon’s Mazda into that ditch after we watched Fast Five on Netflix together.
    • Jooheon: You still owe me for that.
    • Changkyun: Yeah, yeah, I got you, I got you. Mazdas are really flammable, did you know that? I didn’t know that. Well, I do now.. but anyway I’ll call you later if we need a pick up from the show, alright?
    • Hyungwon: [Snoring]
    • Changkyun: Woo! Hyungwon, you’re up! Peace, Shownu!
    • Phone: End of Message.
    • Shownu: I’m not listening to all of these.
    • [skips to the last message]
    • Phone: Message 17.
    • Changkyun: Oh my god is he dead? Why did you put him in the car?
    • Hyungwon: It’s Minhyuk, you idiot! Just shut up and keep driving to the hospital!
    • Jooheon: Changkyun, when are we getting to Chuck E Cheese?
    • Changkyun: Jooheon, shut up! Shownu, please pick up the phone! We are in so much trouble! The Iggy Azalea show went south, so we decided to make our own, but… Oh man, oh man, pick up your stupid phone! Shownu, go to my desk, open the dark drawer and burn everything inside! But hold your breath while you do it! Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help the fire, you gotta do this, Shownu!
    • Hyungwon: Changkyun, eyes on the road!
    • Jooheon: Truck!
    • All: [Screaming]
    • Phone: End of message.
    Return Ritual

    IMAGINE - 03 

    Word Count:  1348

    Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x reader

    Warnings:  Smut (vaginal)

    Synopsis:  Imagine the morning after Bucky returns from a mission.

    AN: I plan on writing a few more of these so if you enjoy reading them please like, reblog, post a comment all that great stuff!  Thanks for reading! x

    He usually arrives sometime in the middle of the night. Exhausted and worn, he’d shrug off his combat gear at the door. With the last of his conserved energy, he’d slip into the shower, washing away the dirt and burden of the mission.

    Keep reading

    What makes me laugh is, you know what type of person someone is by whether they favor Eric or Dylan. And everyone does, often subconsciously.

    People who favor Dylan have suffered depression or currently are, able to connect with his feelings of loneliness and despair because those were the emotions he wrote about. They probably dream of love the same he did.

    The people who favor Eric have depression or used to, just the same, but probably not as badly as their counterparts. They don’t connect with Eric’s sadness, they connect with the anger, hate, the teenage angst and lust.

    In the end though…everyone forgets they weren’t one dimensional characters in a movie or book. But they don’t mean too. No one does.

    We forget Dylan had Wrath on his t-shirt, we forget he helped make the pipe bombs and that he killed people as brutally as Eric did. We also forget Eric’s self-harm (via autopsy reports) and his feelings of regret towards his family, especially his mother. And I we remember these things, we forget to mix them into the whole person they were.

    They were boys, murderers, depressed teens, guys who spent way too much time playing video games, lonely kids, horny little fucks before pornhub, kids who never really had the chance to grow up.