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Season 2, Episode 6 – Weapons Factory


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so now jm is cool with their love scenes 😂 what about she hates them and cant watch. They need to watch their stories they are getting out of synch 😎

Ha, right? I always found it hilarious, especially with Kerry, who did lotta raunchy stuff before, that she is “uncomfortable” with her sex scenes on Scandal. 

Yeah boo, because you manage to be so hot and intimate even with clothes on…

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I saw your self care Grantaire and soon after the Coping Mechanism Joly (by @sssara-b) it's sweet but did your blue moment synch up?

I know right?? Maybe the moon is being weird. @sssara-b 

fic: standing up to the sky :: graves/credence

For @aw16st​‘s request of Graves teaching Credence defense.

My first attempt at these two, so I hope it’s alright!

(Original) Percival Graves/Credence Barebone | T/M (Mild Sexual Content) | ~1500

{{{ ao3 }}}

Graves finds him.

The real Graves who Credence had once seen on the street long before Grindelwald had begun imitating him.

Credence doesn’t know–not at first–that it’s not the same man who had been seducing him, only that Graves is oddly gentle now compared to what he once was.

And this Graves is furious at the man who stole his life and his face.

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Thank you everyone for the notes on my last translation! I’m glad so many liked it! <3 I’m still in procrastination-mode from studying so here’s a clip from Radio Misty with two of my favourites seiyuu, Kaji Yuki and Shimono Hiro! 


Kaji: This is from a male listener “Shimono-san, Kaji-san, KonbanMisty~!
         I’m always enjoying your show!  Intercommunications Inc. [1] is
        publishing a lot of of CDs aimed for female, like BL-cds.

Hiro: Really?!

Kaji: Yes, really! What’s with you suddenly?
      "Since I’m a fan Shimono-san and Kaji-san I thought maybe I should
      try listening to BL-cds. But when I was listening I felt like this is
      something a fellow dude shouldn’t be listening to. Please tell me how
      I’ll be able to listening without getting embarrassed.”

Hiro: Amazing!

Kaji: We’re grateful!

Hiro: Yes, we are but having a male fan listening to BL-cds is…well
         embarrassing for us too.

Kaji: But he is also feeling shy about it!
      How was it for you, Shimono-san? When it was decided you will star in a BL-production for the first time, even though it might not even have a karami-role[2], but as a supporting role you’ll still be there and listening. How was it?

Hiro: I had a karami-role from the beginning…

Kaji: The very first?

Hiro: From the first one

Kaji: Your first one was a drama-CD?

Hiro: The first one was a drama-CD, and from there..yaah~

Kaji: As expected, it was pretty nervous…

Hiro: It wasn’t a drama-cd! I remember now, the first one was a game!

Kaji: That’s pretty common right

Hiro: The first one was a game…. It was really embarrassing and I had no idea what to do

Kaji: Well, now we’re.. well, we’re doing those kind of…

Hiro: It’s not like we only do that though

Kaji: But we are doing them and yes… At first there was an audition,my first one was for a game
Hiro: I think I had an audition as well…

Kaji: And I hadn’t been told anything beforehand so they just handed me the script. So when a very young me entered the studio and saw there were “those kinds of lines”, I had no idea how to read them out loud. I was still so young…  

Hiro: During the audition for my first game, there were none of “those lines”, but they told me before the real recording about it. But I kept feeling that I’m not allowed to mess up one single syllable…
For example “Ah Aa A~~n”

Kaji: What are you saying?!!

Hiro: That’s how it was written in the script; “A A A~~n”

Kaji: But that’s basically how my scripts still are

Hiro: Yeah, same for me but…

Kaji: Like “Ah hah fu~~n”

Hiro: It’s so you’ll understand how far your partner has gone and where he is. But it’s all about overcoming and working through it

Kaji: But then there’s the PG-18 ones… the dirty~ ones. Generally, it’s the seme…But we (the ukes) are doing it quite seriously… Sometimes it’s pretty obscure…

Hiro: It is….

Kaji: And that’s how we do it, Iwan-san!

Hiro: Yes, no wait, he asked us how to overcome his embarrassment!

Kaji: Well… how about he try it out himself?

Hiro: *laughing fit* OI!

Kaji: Depending on how you do it, you’ll be able to resist the embarrassment

Hiro: But is he going to do it alone?

Kaji: Well, that’s Misty for you…he’s listening to Misty so…

Hiro: Okay, I got it!! Gather all your friends and do it!

Kaji: “Let’s all hold hands with the person next to you”
      If you’re 20 people, you can have 10 pairings

Hiro: And if you add us you have 12!  

Kaji: Don’t you mean 11?

Hiro: Yes, 11! My mistake!

Kaji: *laughing fit*

Hiro: We can add the staff as well!

Kaji: The staff’s movement was in perfect synch right now! Everyone’s face just turned bright red in a second!

Hiro: Until now I’ve been feeling a bit down because I’m such a hopeless human being but thanks to Radio Misty I’ve come to feel that it’s okay to fail!

Kaji: That’s good!
       So please, gather your friends, pair them up and go for it!

Hiro: I was thinking, if we recommend doing this for guys but girl’s probably won’t pair up to listen to Radio Misty! [3]

Kaji: Yes, why is that? Even if you’d invite someone, they probably wouldn’t show up!

Hiro: They might be waiting for Misty to come out on DVD

Kaji: Shaa~ That’s not good! So gathering you’re friend is no good

Hiro: Yeah, probably

Kaji: For guys, they probably want to have Misty-listener friends
      What a family-friendly radio show we are!

Hiro: I seriously believe anyone can enjoy listening!

Kaji: Oh! That’s right!

Hiro: Yes, it’s just us hopeless members of society chattering away!

Kaji: The listeners are definitely above us!
      “There are people like that”

Hiro: “We’re definitely gonna be alright” [4]

Kaji: It’s a show that gives you confidence!

Hiro: That’s what it is!

[1] It’s a company that has given out several dramas in which Kaji-kun and Shimono-san is starring in eg.
    Kotoba nante Irananai/Iki mo Dekinai Kurai, Kamen no Hanayome and several others. They were also in charge of Radio Misty.
[2] Karami-scene is the H-scene in a BL-drama and karami-role is the two involved
[3] This has something to do with what they’ve been talking about earlier
[4] Shimono-san is using “watashi”, pretending to be a female listener

*I’m not fluent in Japanese nor is English my first language so I apologize for any mistakes* 
Kaji was so not making sense at several points, I think he was nervous, talking about BL xD

Let's Talk About t.A.T.u and their place in queer history and monosexism,biphobia and misogyny

If you were alive in the early 2000’s and near a radio or TV you probably heard of the band t.A.T.u, a russian girl duo consisting of Lena Katina and Julia Volkova. They burst onto the international music scene if their mega huge hit “All The Things She Said”. While a great pop song on it’s own right (all these years later and it still tops polls on billboard polls) it featured something that was considered very shocking at the time. A same sex kiss between the singers and the content of the song was definitely queer. At the time of the recording of the original Russian version (the much more techno Ya Soshla S Uma/ I have lost my mind) both singers were only around 15 years old. By the time the song was translated into english and re-worked it they were around 16, with their English album’s debut,17. What is important to remember is not only were these two minors, they both spoke very little or no English (Lena speaking some but Julia speaking very,very little at all and learning English lyrics and interview answers by route/phonetically). They kissed and danced provocatively on stage and in videos and answered interview questions in the most lewd,scandalous and provocative ways possible.Often asserting that they were together as a couple or having sex.This was all a creation of their very creepy manager Ivan Shapavolov. He told them what to say, what to wear, how to dance and the two had no control or recourse.

It was speculated that they weren’t really a couple from the moment they arrived on scene.And later on in 2004-ish it was confirmed in their reality show that they were never really a couple nor lesbians as the media claimed they were. The group eventually broke from their manager and went on to record a very good second album, including several tracks that outright deal with bisexuality. Because by that time Julia had confidently come out in Russian media as a bisexual woman.

What coverage the album did recieve always hinged on the whole “not really lesbian/not really queer” and used the queer themed songs as a way to rag on the group, to accuse them of “continuing the faux lesbian schtick” when out of the two one was in fact queer and for all we the listeners knew was singing from experience. While the songs on the second and subsequeint albums are not perfect representations of queerness or with out their problems they were non the less, there, being sung by a queer person.

But due to our societies monosexism this was ignored.While the media and music consumers could easily handle Lena being a monosexual straight woman, the idea that Julia was bi was quickly forgotten or ignored. t.A.T.u and by extension Julia and Lena became the mid 2000’s poster children for the age old biphobic “doing it for attention” and “don’t trust teen/young girls about their sexuality” bits of terrible “wisdom”. Never mind the misogyny there, or the intense biphobia. 

So as far as the west was concerned t.A.T.u fell off the planet, only to be mentioned again when the old biphobic “faking it” horse needed a good flogging into a greasy smear and then forgotten about.

So instead of looking back on their long career (something like 12 albums if you count the russian and english versions separate, around 6 if you don’t) and celebrating it as a moment where a queer woman broke through into mainstream pop,with a song about being queer as an important moment in history, we are instead left with mocking headlines like “faux lesbians to perform at olympics” from sites geared towards queer women! This sends one very clear message; bisexuals do not count. You can see other examples of this type of treatment in mainstream pop such as with Lady GaGa. GaGa has come out multiple times as bisexual and as of her most recent release has around 6 songs that directly deal with bisexuality or bisexual themes. Yet like t.A.T.u’s songs of the same nature, “Americano” and “So Happy I Could Die” are thrown in the sapphobic rubbish bin right next to “Loves Me Not” and Julia’s solo career singles, nearly all of which are bisexual in theme.

This erasure of bi women is endemic to the music industry,the music reviewing industry and as places like AutoStraddle and AfterEllen proved with their coverage of t.A.T.u’s brief reunion for the Sochi Olympics, it is endemic in our own community spaces.

So instead of praising a brave, bisexual muslim woman for being out and proud in a country that is actively trying to harm all queer people, all I see, especially since Eurovision and Conchita Wurst’s win is derision of the group for reasons from totally valid (lip synching) to out right biphobic.

Julia Volkova was a bisexual woman when she recorded for t.A.T.u . She was a bisexual woman at Eurovision (both times t.A.T.u went) at the Olympics and right now.

I know for many people my age t.A.T.u was an integral part of coming to terms with our identity. I’ll never forget the pain I felt when I learned that they “weren’t really queer”. The damage done to my grieving heart when the derision and “all girls do that for attention,just like that band”.What made it worse was when interviews were translated and Julia came out as bi, nobody listened. It didn’t matter. She wasn’t the right kind of queer, monosexual. She was played off by so many hurtful tropes, liar, doing it for attention, bisexuals aren’t really queer. 

was t.A.T.u problematic in many ways? YES. Undoubtedly so. Is Julia and her solo efforts problematic? YES.

But that doesn’t mean we should let the prevalent misogyny, monosexism and biphobia in our communities,industries and memories over shadow what was a triumph of a queer musician. A pop group, a kiss in the rain that led to Madonna Kissing Britney, Katy Perry,Rihanna,Lady GaGa, Niki Minaj. If a bisexual hadn’t kissed her bandmate in the rain so many of these pop stars wouldn’t be where they are today. For god or ill. t.A.T.u and Julia Volkova helped shape the music and entertainment world we  have today.

A Bisexual did that. A Bisexual was the face of that.

It’s time we all overcame this biphobia,misogyny and monosexism and realize that is part of our history. And it should be known.

Also go buy “Dangerous and Moving” it was a freaking great album.

You're Best Friends, You Get Drunk And Have Sex, You End Up Pregnant Part 1

(A/N): This part will get kind of graphic. It’s my first time writing something as graphic as this is. If you are uncomfortable with this, please don’t force yourself to read it!

Zayn: You and Zayn have been friends since the two of you were little. You guys would do everything together. Zayn just got back from wrapping up the tour. You wanted to give him as much time to catch up on his rest, so you decided to give him a few days until he’s well rested. After a few days of time to himself, he texted you asking if you wanted to come over. Him being your best friend,you agreed right away. You were a little nervous to see him as well because even though you were friends you have always secretly loved him. And he has always loved you, but was too shy to tell you. When you get to his flat you open the door and call for him. “Zayn, it’s me (Y/N), where are you?” “I’m in the kitchen.” You walked at a steady pace to the kitchen to see the man you have always loved. “Hey, I’ve missed you so much you have no idea”, he says as he pulls you in for a hug. The two of you spend the rest of the evening catching up and having  some beers. And by some, after your guys’ 4th beer, you lost track. You and Zayn never held your alcohol very well. By ths point the both of you were spilling every secret that you’ll forget in the morning. One of the secrets you wished you didn’t share though. “Hey,Zayn it’s great having you back. But I need to tell you a secret. And you can’t tell Zayn, you can’t tell him. But I like him. Like isn’t even a good word anymore. I love him I always have. But shhh, don’t tell Zayn.” Zayn giggled. “I have a secret too, and you can’t tell (Y/N), ok. I love her too. Ever since we were little. But don’t tell her, ok?” You nodded. A few minutes after the secrets were out you looked at Zayn, and he looked ate you, as if as soon as you said the secret you two both sobered up. You put your beer on the table and slowly stood up and started walking towards the door. Zayn followed you as quick as he could without timbling over, spun you around, and kissed you. Even with that one kiss, reassured you that he loved you. As the kiss deepened, he picked you up and carried you to his bedroom. You both stripped off your clothes and lied carefully on the bed, not breaking the kiss.When the two of you were comfortable, Zayn pulled away and gave you a “are you sure about this?” kind of look. You smiled and nodded, and so did he. Zayn lined himself up to your opening and slowly pushed in. A wave of pain and pleasure washed over your guys’ bodies as he pushed himself in more. When you both felt ready, he slowly pushed himself in and out out you, picking up the pace little by little.The room filled with several moans and gasps as the two of you were in synch. “Ohh Zayn, right there, oh god, yes!” as your nails raked down his sweaty back. “Oh god (Y/N), you’re so tight. You feel so good.” Zayn breathed out heavily. “Zayn,baby, I’m getting close,” you huff out. Zayn grunts. “I am too. On three?” You nod. “Alright, one, two,three!” You both scream as you clench around him.  After a few minutes he pulled out of you and lied on the other side of the bed. No words were said, just heavy breathing. A few minutes later Zayn said, “Stay. Please.” You cuddled up next to him and said “Of course. I would just feel trashy if I left after we just had sex." 

Harry: You and Harry have been friends for what seemed like forever. You were only a year younger than him, although it seemed like you matured faster than what he did. You have always had a crush on him, like he does with you. You had wanted to tell him several times, but you didn’t want it to affect your friendship. He had just finished one of his tours and decided that he wanted to see you. He went to your flat with some chips and beer, even though you both weren’t keen on drinking. You guys wasted the night with laughs and drunken slurs. Catching up on old times like they were yesterday. "You know what, I-I have always wanted to tell you something, but couldn’t, so imma tell you now” you stammered out. Harry stared at you with those beautiful green eyes. “Well, are you going to tell me, or-or are we gonna have to play 20 questions?” he asked unpatiently. You became really nervous as you got his full attention. You mind got washed over with doubt, so you stuttered out, “I can’t remember”, along with another swig of beer. But somehow before he was about to say something, you spitted it out. “I love you.” “What?” Harry replied quick after you said that. You got up to put the empty bottles in the kitchen. Harry followed you wanting you to clarify what he thought you said. “Will you just stop walking and look at me” he said. You could feel the tears stream down your cheeks. He turned to where your face was. “Hey (Y/N), (Y/N) look at me.” You shook your head no. He tilted your head up to look at him. He wiped away your tears and told you something you never thought you would hear. “(Y/N), you have no idea how long I wanted to tell you that myself. But I was scared that you wouldn’t feel the same.” “Really? I was too, but–” you got interuppted with a kiss from your long time love. As the kiss deepened, you slowly pushed him backwards toward your bedroom. You slowly started to rid of your clothes, and so did he. Harry spoke out of breath, “you sure about this?” You nodded, “I have wanted this since high school.” You both slipped into your bed and positioned yourselves accordingly. He slowly put his member into you, letting you adjust before moving any further. You gave him a nod to assure him to keep going. The pace started off slow, then quickly picked up, making your bed creak a bit. Sweat was rolling down his back as the pace continued. “Ha-harry, I’m close, so close.” you breathed out. “Not far behind you. Let go when you’re ready.” As he said that, you finished and not long after he came undone as well. He pulled out of you, and laid right next to you. You both had no words, so you both slept for the rest of the night, right where you belonged. In each others arms.

Liam: You and Liam have been friends for a really long time. The two of you have been crazy about each other for a while, but couldn’t really open up and confess to one another. Liam had just come back from his tour, and wanted to spend time with you before things went crazy again with the new cd. You were just cleaning around your flat when he stopped by. “(Y/N), you here?” “Oh, hey Li. I didn’t know you were stopping by. Come here and give me a hug!” He engulfs you in his arms for a much needed hug. “So, what have you been up too lately? Are you still with that prick of a boyfriend?” Liam asked. You gave him a ‘really?’ kind of look, and he just shrugged his shoulders with a little smirk on his face. “Ha ha. No, I broke up with him when you were in Ireland for the tour. Nothing else really, though. What about you?” “Nothing much really. Signings here and there. But, I’m pretty much getting ready for the big tour for next year.” For the rest of the night, you guys sit and talk about everything with a couple drinks here and there. Towards the end of your night, Liam wasn’t talking as much as he was in the beginning. “What’s on your mind? You just kinda stopped talking. You sure you’re okay, Li?” you asked with concern. He nodded his head, but still kept quiet. “All right then. I am just going to put the empty’s away.” You grabbed the empty bottles and was beginning to walk away when Liam muttered out something. “What did you say? I don’t think I heard you well enough.” you said as you turned around to see a blushing Liam. “I said, I love you (Y/N). I always have, and I always will.” You set the bottles on the counter and looked toward the couch to see that Liam was gone. You went and put on your shoes and ran outside after Liam. “Liam, wait! Will you slow down!” Liam stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn around. You caught up to him and stood directly in front of him. “Li, Liam look at me.” He slowly looked up to you with tears coming from his eyes. “You don’t know how long I have been waiting for you to say that to me and only me.” “Really? You love me too?” You slightly chuckled. “You have no idea.” As you said that, you brought his face towards yours and gave him a small peck on his lips. Even with that kiss, you could see the lust forming over him. He picks you up and runs back toward your flat. When you both get inside, he sets you down and locks the door. He turns around to see that you are out of your clothes and is standing there in you bra and undies. “Whoa” Liam mutters quietly.He then strips out of his clothes but leaves his boxers on to keep his bulge covered. He walks over to you and plants a big kiss on your lips and has his hands roam to your bum as he swiftly picks you up and carries you to your bedroom. Liam lays you on the bed softly with out breaking the kiss. “Are you sure? You know, about this?” You nod your head yes, as he kisses you again. You take off your bra and underwear and he takes off his boxers. You both get under the covers as he lines up with your opening. He slowly pushes in as you cringe at the pain being presented. Liam sees your pain and waits for you to adjust. When your ready you give him a nod and he slowly starts to move in and out of you. “Do you, do you think, you could, oh god, speed up a bit, please.” You say breathlessly. He gives you a peck on the forehead, which lets you know that he head you. Liam picks up the speed, which makes the whole bed creak with every thrust. “I’m close” you mutter out a few minutes later. “I am too. Go when you need to" said Liam. And with that being said, you let go and Liam did too. He pulled out of you and laid right next to you on your bed. "Wow, that was just, wow” Liam muttered out. “Yeah, wow is a good word for this situation.” Liam scooted you closer to him as you both fell asleep next to each other.

Louis: You and Louis have been friends since high school. Since then, you lost touch with one another until one night at the bar. The two of you reconnected and it felt like the two of you had never lost touch all of those years ago. One night you decided to visit him at his flat. You knocked on the door and he answered right away. “Hey (Y/N), come on in.” “What are you up to this evening?” Louis shrugged, “Nothing much really. Cleaning dishes from dinner.” “Sounds like you’re having fun,” you say sarcastically. “Today I was going through some of my stuff, and guess what I found,” you say holding up a large book. Louis eyes go wide and he smiles. “Is that our yearbook?” You nod quickly with a smile plastered on your face. “Well lets take a look then,” Louis replies. You give him a puzzled look. “Don’t you have dishes to do?” “Meh, those can wait. Now come on, (Y/N), lets take a look,” as he pats the couch cushion next to him. You guys were flipping through the pages and having a good laugh and a couple of drinks as well. You turn one of the pages and a piece of paper fell out. You scramble to get the paper away from Louis, but he snatched it before you. You look at him in horror, “Louis give it back, please. I’m begging you don’t open it.” Louis looked at you quizzically, “Why miss (Y/N), what are you hiding?” Louis quickly opens it and stares at it for a while. You turn your face away and begin to blush. The page had hearts all around it with both your initials and his on it. “That was during high school, Lou, that doesn’t mean I am still like that now.” Louis chuckles, “So, you had a crush on me. That’s adorable. And I love how you are trying to cover up that you don’t feel that way about me now.” You sit there in silence, trying to think of something to say. “I-I was going to tell you, but you tried out for X Factor and I knew from then on, I was going to be a nobody to you.” Louis shifted in his seat to face you. “I was going to tell you after the audition how much I really cared about you. And how I still feel that way now.” You were looking at him as a tear escaped your eye. He brushed it away and leaned in closer to you until your lips were touching. His lips softly pressed against yours, as your hands went and tangled them into his hair. He slowly lifted you from your seat and slid further down so that he was on top of you. Louis slowly pushed your skirt up and pulled his pants down without breaking the kiss. He moved your underwear to the side and slid his boxers down. As soon as his erection sprung up, he entered you without any warning. You gave a little yelp, that was replied with a quick 'sorry’. Louis picked up the pace as he slammed into you, harder with every thrust. “Oh god, (Y/N), you’re so good. I’m close, sweetheart. What about you?” Louis says breathly. “Oh, god, so, close,” you muttered out. As soon as that was said, Louis finished, and so did you. Louis pulls out of you and lifts you up bridal style as he carries you to his bedroom. He places you down gently and pulls the covers over you. The both of you were just about to fall asleep when, you whisper “Lou, you forgot to finish the dishes.” He chuckles and replies, “I will do them in the morning. Now, love, sleep.”

Niall: You and Niall have been friends since the two of you were little. You grew up together and have been friends since the X Factor audition, and even the years that followed. Throughout the years the love between you two was kept hidden, or so you both thought. Everyone in both of your families knew how much you loved each other, except for the two of you. You decided one day that you had had enough of keeping it a secret and you went to his house to tell him. You knock nervously on his door as your hands continually shake. As Niall opens the door he has a big smile on his face. “(Y/N)! Come on in. What’s up?” “Umm, uh, not much. What about you?” “I’m just making myself some food and about to watch Anchorman. Are you ok? Your hands are shaking.” He goes closer to you and puts his hands over yours. You look up to his face which was hovering yours, so much so, that you could feel his warm breath on your nose. He moves away from you and walks to the kitchen with his food and a couple of beers. He hands you a beer, sets down his food and sits right next to you. You guys catch up and talk here and there in between the movie. Halfway through the movie he could notice that something was wrong, so he paused it. “Obviously something is wrong because you haven’t laughed hard at any of the movie like you usually do. What is going on?” You sit there quietly, not sure of what to say. “Hey, hey look at me. (Y/N), look at me,” Niall turns your face to look at him. “I-I-I think, well, I know, that I am, and I have always, and will always, love you.” You turned away from him as a tear rolled down your cheek. Niall sighed. “Thank god you feel the same way. I was afraid that you didn’t. (Y/N), princess don’t cry come here.” He picks you up from your spot, places you on his lap and engulfs you in his arms. He wipes away your tear and slowly leans in to kiss you. He slowly stands up and walks to his bedroom, then slowly places you onto his bed. You both continue to kiss and slowly start to remove your clothes. “Are you sure, you know, about this?” Niall asked. “Yeah, I’m sure” you replied. He slowly entered you and you gave him the ok a few minutes after. Niall thrusted slow then picked up the pace with each thrust. “Oh god, princess, I’m really close.” Niall breathed out. “Same, oh god right there.” A few minutes later you both finished. Niall laid beside you, pulling you close. This is where you should have been all these years. Next to me and in my arms. I love you (Y/N).“ "I love you too, Niall.”

A/N: Hey everyone, thanks for the wait. Sorry this one kinda blows. If you have any preference ideas, let me know! Thanks a bunch!


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I'm unimaginative so I'll just use one of thise au ideas floating around tumblr;) E/R/C seated together at a family-style restaurant and everyone thinks they’re a couple already au please and thank you!

(I can do that, Anon! Hopefully this is to your taste, so to speak.)

“I promise, this place is amazing,” Grantaire tells them, when Enjolras and Combeferre look dubiously at the restaurant’s sign despite themselves. And Grantaire certainly sounds confident, and he lights up in the way he only really does when he wants to let someone in on the secret places of Paris, so they follow him in.

He greets the waiter who swings by their table and grins. It’s a nice change of pace, spending time together and chatting idly, and it’s not long at all before they have two platters of food in the center of the table.  True to his word, it looks and smells amazing as they pile it onto their plates.

Enjolras settles back, content to listen to Combeferre and Grantaire talk about the balances of flavors and spices and stray facts about cooking and history, smiling quietly to himself.

“They just started dating, huh?” One of the women at the next table over asks him in an undertone as she slides on her coat, smiling. “You can always tell, when they’re looking at one another like that and can talk about anything like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.”

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