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Ivar Imagine #1 | You’re hurt

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Author’s Note: Requested by anon, I hope that you feel better soon!=] Rated General, just fluff and cuddles. 


Training sessions with the Ragnarssons were intense. You knew they were but you had no idea that Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ubbe would all gang up on you at once. Three against one was hardly fair and you now had the injury to prove it. You groaned as you rubbed your ankle, visibally swelling as the pain began to set in. The entire area was red and purple and protested any time you tried to put weight on it, but you did your best to hide that behind a smile. 

“Let me see it,” Ivar demanded but you quickly shook your head no, covering it back up with the blankets. He never complained when he was in pain and you weren’t going to start, either.

“It’s not that bad. I’m fine.” 

He rolled his eyes at your stubbornness, tugging the blankets off of you and scooting closer. He pulled your leg into his lap to inspect the area closely, running his thumb across the bruised bone. You hissed from the pressure, despite his soft touch, causing his frown to deepen. 

“You’re not training with them without me anymore.” You wanted to argue but you knew it was pointless, Ivar would win, anyway. “Keep off of it for a few days. Let the swelling go down and if it’s still not better by then we will call for the healer.” You nodded once again, staring helplessly at the ankle that had betrayed you. 

“What am I suppose to do if I can’t walk?” 

Ivar shrugged his shoulders as he propped your leg up on a few pillows. Not a moment later he was tugging off his tunic and boots, lying down next to you in the large bed. 

“Come here,” he opened his arms. You wanted to say no, to keep trying to convince him that you were fine, but his bare chest did look inviting. The want to fight with him vanished when he to pulled you onto him, his hands immediately running through your hair to soothe you. “We can worry about that later. For now, let’s just sleep. Okay?” You sighed, shifting to slot your face into the crook of his warm neck. 


The Way You Move// Kim Yugyeom (Part 13)

Pairing: Yugeyom x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut

Summary: @morsalinou said:
Your rrequest are open omgggg ok,…. I will try requesting simething for the first time here😅 hmm can i request a smut (🙊💕) where yugyeom sees you dancing in a competition (like hit the stage) or you dance with him you can decide (this weeks theme is love did you watch this show btw😍) and the rest is up to you! I’m so nervous omg😲😂

Author’s Note:  Sorry for the lack of updates! Also, sorry for the length of this chapter, it’s short, but only because it’s a filler chapter! Enjoy it nonetheless!

xoxo Sara

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Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14  - Part 15 - Final

Soon, Wednesday had rolled around. You didn’t understand how time could go by both so quickly, yet so pain-stakingly slow. You felt your strain getting better and better each day, the swelling and coloring going down immensely after having to ice it for no less than 16 hours a day.

Bambam came over often to hang out with you, after Yugyeom left to go to dance practice with his temporary partner each morning. You had met his temporary partner the first day he began to practice with her, which was not long ago. She seemed nice enough, and her skills were impeccable, you were sure she wasn’t in this competition and that maybe she was an extra, or a student teacher of some sort. She was quite beautiful, too; her hair looked nice and soft as if it had never been touched, and she always wore a sweet smile on her face, keeping a bright and positive attitude throughout your meeting with her.

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Summary: in which lifeguard!Luke helps you when you are stung by a jellyfish, much to the jealousy of your friends.

“I think we should flip a coin.”

“No way, he’s blond so he’s mine.”

“Yeah, but he’s tall and we agreed that tall guys were for me.”

You rolled your eyes at your friends inane discussion, grateful for the cover of your sunglasses, and tried to focus on your reading to drown them out.

Yes, the lifeguard supervising the beach was hot, really, really, hot, but you didn’t see what ogling him like a piece of meat was going to accomplish except for maybe getting a restraining order.

“What do you think, (y/n)?” Alice turned towards you, trying to include you in the conversation.

Olivia scoffed. “(y/n) doesn’t like to check out guys,” she said. “And anyway he’s mine so…”

You sighed and tried to change the conversation. “I’m too hot, I’m gonna go into the water. Are you guys coming?”

They both wrinkled their nose, saying something about not wanting to get their hair wet.

You couldn’t help your sour expression when you walked towards the water. Lately you felt completely disconnected from your friends, like you had nothing in common and nothing to talk about. You may as well have been speaking different languages. They were just so obsessed with boys and flirting and having a boyfriend… Alice wasn’t so bad but Olivia didn’t talk about anything else.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like flirting and talking about boys, you just didn’t want to do it all the damn time. Like today, you had gone to the beach to relax and have fun and your friends were too busy drooling over the lifeguard to even get in the water.

You put your head underwater, grateful for the reprieve of the hot sun, even though it was the middle of the summer and the water wasn’t cold.

Suddenly you felt something brush your feet and a sharp sting on your ankle that seemed to expand all the way to your knee.

With your eyes watering from the pain, you got out of the water praying that it wasn’t what you thought it was. When you were in the sand, the red and splotchy rash on your foot confirmed your fear. You had been stung by a jellyfish.

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"Imagine Fili Asking You to Dance"

picklebridge || imagine

You leaned heavily against the railings of the balcony, the cool stone sending a shiver through your over heated body. Up here you had a perfect view of the great hall, the torches flickering over the satin of the ladies’ dresses and the glittering embroidery of the mens’ tunics. Erebor spread out before you, beautiful and alive, and you were content to bask in the happy laughter as King Thorin got to his feet and asked his sister to dance. The violins picked out a merry tune and the lines of dwarves began to spin and curve around each other like a field full of flowers in the wind.

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