this sweet life

  • S.Coups, teaching Seungkwan how to drive: Are you familiar with the gear shift?
  • Seungkwan: You mean the PRNDL?
  • S.Coups: ... The what?
  • Seungkwan: The PRNDL.
  • S.Coups: Are you referring to the shift lever that says P-R-N-D-L?
  • Seungkwan: I'm not a child, S.Coups, I know how to spell PRNDL.
  • S.Coups: It is not something you spell. The letters stand for: PARK, REVERSE, NEUTRAL, DRIVE and LOW!
  • Seungkwan: You're making me nervous with all this technical talk!
  • S.Coups: Oh! I'm sorry. Why don't we just relax and turn on the radio? Would you like AMMM OR FMMM?!

Melon Sans avatar in Second Life game / mod by Dantekris2013

Sugar Sans avatar in Second Life game / mod by DevilAlex | Dantekris2013

Melon Sans creator - @ladysuika

Sugar Sans creator - @sugartalesans

Very tasty and sweet bones! \ (•◡•) /

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cabbage r u ok? it's been,, like, twenty four hours and we miss u :(

ahhh sorry yes i am fine!!!! ive just been really busy with stuff at the moment :-( i’ll be back real soon tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just needed a lil break u kno how it is

“I forgot” does not mean “I didn’t care enough to remember”

-As requested by a follower. I’m really glad you reached out, I enjoyed working with what you shared with me and I hope that my take on it does it justice. 😊

“Ours began as most love stories do.
The promise of forever held us close,
And for years I believed it was true.
I never expected what she’d put my through.

She walked away despite all her sweet words.
Days turned to weeks, weeks to months,
And everything has begun to blur.
Everything but my thoughts of her.

I can’t stand the thought of her with another guy.
She said she’s moved on,
But I hope that’s a lie.
The love we had can’t just easily die.

She’s my first thought in the morning light,
And my last thought under the starry sky.
This distance between us doesn’t feel right.
I wish I could be the one holding her tonight.”

—  K.N.B.

I think I snagged this from the Priest Facebook page? I’m on mobile so links aren’t a thing I guess

(Glenn Tipton, Judas Priest)

I visited the Democratic National Committee with Peter Mandelson the following year. In a long, rambling and not very successful meeting, Peter turned to me and said in his typical stage whisper: ‘Do you know what the best thing about this meeting is, Philip? I will tell you. The best thing is the doughnuts.’
—  Philip Gould, The Unfinished Revolution
Random Happy Fic Recs

For @icecubelotr44​ who needs some nice fics in her life. Here is a selection of loveliness to make you smile.

The Sugar Scale

🍬 There may be a little bite, but life is sweet

🍬🍬 This fic will give you a pleasant sugar rush, while wrapping you up in a blanket of “awww”.

🍬🍬🍬 Stock up on mouthwash and dental floss, you’re in for a sickly sweet overload in the best possible way.

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Sweet Revenge

Now he bleeds
His soul seeps out
Lap it up, have your feed

Stab him again
His suffering’s purpose
Is to heal you, to clear your pain

Best served cold
Feed some more
He feels so tired, feels so old

Never ceasing
He has to pay
Settle his debt for your pleasing

Take all you can
Until he has no more
Success, he’s a broken man

Is it sweet?
Now he’s cowered & broken
At your feet

You’ve had your fill
You’re no longer vexed
What happens next?

Pantrepant Farm :: Established in 1758, Pantrepant occupies hundreds of acres in the far west of Jamaica on soil untouched by chemicals. Pantrepant nestles on the banks of the roaring Martha Brae River in the heart of what is known as ‘Cockpit Country’, so called because of the sinkholes that dot the area’s limestone escarpments.

They were in love once,
But they were too young,
Too oblivious to see what they had.
They broke each other over and over.
He was distant and afraid,
She was wild and carefree.
They still talk, but it’s never the same.
There is still love, but both have changed.
—  K.N.B.