this sux too

im a little late to the party but fuck rhaegar targaryen amirite

what I find funny is that shouri is AWKWARD AF at photoshoots bc he fidgets and blinks too much and doesn’t know what do with his facial expressions + poses BUT jeSUS CHRIST when he’s being filmed without the pressure of photoshoots he turns into this world class face of vogue model

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so u know how ppl bring stuff to andromeda to keep from being homesick? well i hc that’s what cigars are to reyes. he doesn’t even like em - they just remind him of home. 

they’re also rare as fuck so u best bet he killed someone for that shit.

Kirby Characters' YouTube Channels

Kirby: Avid vlogger. Posts mostly poor quality videos of his friends going about their daily lives, while providing adorable commentary. All subscribers are in real life friends, who leave sweet and charmed comments. The occasional troll is shut down by King Dedede because only he is allowed to pick on the puffballs. Prince Fluff up-votes every single video Kirby posts. His channel name is supertuffpinkpuff, and his channel profile includes alarming amounts of pink and cutesy stars.

King Dedede: Has two channels. One is dry and used for royal proclamations. The other is used for prank videos and stupid stunts. Has a ton of followers and dedicated fanbase, who call themselves the Dededemen. His pranks usually involve messing with Meta Knight or getting him to do something dangerous. However, Dedede’s cameraman is typically a waddle dee, so most of his videos have half of Dedede’s head chopped off. Trolls are eloquently textually eviscerated by Meta Knight because, while his king might be very foolish sometimes, that’s his liege, darnit! His channel profile includes a background collage of several photos of himself.

Meta Knight: Rarely posts videos and only made an account because Dedede wouldn’t stop bothering him about it. His few videos are scientific explanations about astronomy and mechanical engineering. Half of his commentors note how lovely his voice is; the other half are Kirby agreeing with the aforementioned commentors (i know!!!!1 his voice is really pretty!!!1111) or saying generic praise. The occasional lewd comment is shot down by Dedede’s trolling. New viewers are frequently confused and mistake mentions of Galaxia as being Meta Knight’s beloved girlfriend, rather than his empathetic sword.

Bandanna Dee: Posts documentary-style photos depicting life in Dreamland as well as the occasional cooking video. Sometimes, he posts videos of his friends doing cool things but rarely of himself. He has a few million followers, most of them waddle dees, who like every video he posts and leave adorable comments with cutesy emoticons and puns. His channel page is bright orange with gold stars.

Queen Sectonia: Make-up channel with the odd video of her swordfighting. She has lots of followers, most of them women. Any lewd commentors are immediately and fiercely shut down by Sectonia. She has a tendency to mock Dedede’s videos, and he has a tendency to mock hers. However, the two insist on remaining subscribed to one another. Taranza up-votes every video she makes and talks about her non-stop on his YouTube channel, dedicated to detailing how magnificent his queen is. Her background is pink and sparkly.

Yin-Yarn: Craft channel with lots of needlework and embroidery tutorials. In a constant battle to surpass Prince Fluff as the most subscribed channel out of Patchland. His commentors frequently note his poor jokes but admire his craftsmanship. His background is a trainwreck of eyebleedingly bad color combinations. He is frequently trolled by Prince Fluff’s second account, who uses poor grammar to disguise himself. He does not realize it’s Prince Fluff; Meta Knight has caught onto the joke and has begun up-voting all yin-yarn-sux’s comments. 

Drawcia: Posts videos of herself painting Bob Ross style. Her commentors note her lovely painting style and her bizarre fashion sense. Semi-popular channel. Sometimes, it features her sister Paintra. Her most frequent commentors are Yin-Yarn, Claycia, Adelaide, and–peculiarly–Meta Knight, who appreciates her love for the color purple.

Magolor: Posts lots of cheery videos displaying various theme parks he’s built or videos of the Lor Starcutter. Is frequently trolled by King Dedede under the account the-egg-cannot-be-trusted. Meta Knight has caught on and pretends not to know; Magolor has not caught on. Half his comments are left by Kirby (great video Magolor!!!1). He appears to have a love-hate relationship with another YouTuber named Marx. Magolor’s background is a picture of the Lor Starcutter.

Nightmare: Posts lots of jump-scare videos, mixed in with genuinely terrifying things, tailored to disturb people he dislikes. Frequently comments on Meta Knight and Dedede’s videos to ask how they’re doing. Meta Knight has blocked him on Kirby’s channel. Most of his followers are fellow would-be intergalactic conquerors, and they get in frequent arguments over who ‘most succeeded’ in conquering Popstar.

Daroach: Posts lots of videos of his gang’s exploits but is doomed to be the channel everyone forgets. Still, he chooses to leave lots of constructive criticism on others’ videos and is genuinely appreciated by Kirby, who tries very hard to take his advice. Has a small, devoted following of admirers, who note how dashing he looks. His gang posts frequent vlogs on the channel, which garner modest views.

NOVA: Posts quiet videos of space, which garner very few views. He has four subscribers: Kirby, Meta Knight, Marx, and Galacta Knight. Frequently gets snarky comments from Galacta Knight, which he answers very briefly. 

Galacta Knight: Posted a brief vlog, and upon receiving several requests to say certain words, became a popular channel. He now posts videos solely to show off his lovely voice. People frequently compare him to popular YouTuber Meta Knight and like to ship the two, citing the pair’s frequent comment wars as evidence.

Dark Mind: The YouTube channel everyone confuses with Nightmare’s. He tried posting videos of Dark Meta Knight and Shadow Kirby, which led to his videos being removed by YouTube’s crappy legal team. Sometimes comments on Meta Knight’s videos and snidely asks if he’s afraid of mirrors, resulting in him being told off by Shadow Kirby because that's his mentor-knight double from another dimension, and Dark Mind needs to leave him alone.

Marx: Posts lots of ‘funny’ videos. Has five subscribers: Magolor, Kirby, NOVA, Dedede, and Meta Knight. The sun and moon frequently down-vote his videos and troll him. Gets in lots of comment wars with Magolor, which Dedede likes to read dramatically to Meta Knight and Bandanna Dee (Dedede does a surprisingly good Marx impersonation).

Susie: Was suspended from YouTube after having three strikes on her account. No one seems to know the reason why, but everyone is amused by an official corporate account being banned. Meta Knight insists he had nothing to do with it, but no one believes him. In reality, the culprit was Dedede because he worked really hard on that castle, okay? 

Dark Nebula: Made one popular video from ten years ago. Commentors frequently ask for more, but his account seems abandoned.

The Meta-Knights: Have dedicated an entire channel to trying to see their captain’s face without his mask. Thus, there are several awkward videos at increasingly awkward angles. It’s something of a secret space for Meta Knight’s YouTube followers and has a large underground following with the agreement that no one will ever tell Meta Knight. The Meta-Knights think their captain hasn’t caught on; he has. In fact, Meta Knight watches the videos religiously and analyzes their tactics to prevent his face from being seen.

Ribbon: Posts cute videos about fashion and rivals Sectonia in number of subscribers in the 'beauty and fashion YouTubers’ category. Often features her beloved queen. Very positive channel, but she comes down hard on any lewd commentors or trolls. Dedede frequently comments to ask about the Queen. Kirby has up-voted every video she’s ever posted. Surprisingly, she and Sectonia get along famously.

Necrodeus: Everyone has a vague recollection of seeing one of his videos but can’t remember quite what it was about. Gets into arguments with Nightmare about how to conquer planets. Famously, was once hacked and had his entire channel profile saturated with the color pink. He claims it was Kirby. It was, in fact, Daroach.

Dark Matter: Has a single channel with a large cast of YouTubers. They have a helpful list on the channel’s profile to keep them all straight. Are frequently trolled by Dedede under the account dark-matter-sux-too, a name inspired by the anonymous genius behind yin-yarn-sux (someday, Meta Knight will remember to tell Dedede that yin-yarn-sux is, in fact, Prince Fluff). Kirby posts lots of positive comments on their AMV videos, which feature lots of sad songs and are clearly made with Microsoft Movie Maker.



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