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Addicted To You | Tom Holland

warning(s): smut. some biting.

The relationship between you and Tom was rather complex.

You were costars, yet there was no way that you two could ever get along. You thought he was an abrasive asshole and he teased you about being annoying.

Disagreements were an understatement. Zendaya and Jacob Batalon (costars as well) had a lot of stories to share about the time on set. Of course, they had to mention the banter you two had. How time-consuming it was. Tom would get angry, you would get annoyed.

But you didn’t entirely hate him. Apparently, you didn’t hate him entirely.

There was always an underlying tension between the two of you. The lustful eye contact that was always shrugged off as glaring dislike.

You hovered over Tom’s lap, legs on either side of him as he sat comfortably in the hotel suite’s couch. His pants pooled his ankles and you had your skirt hiked up.

Tom left left wet kisses on your neck as you rode him. His hands roamed your thighs, trailing them up as he delivered a smack against your bottom, causing you to jolt forward slightly with a whimper.

He then tightly gripped your hips, stopping you from riding him. He held you in place and you could still feel him in you. You tried desperately to move your hips, but they would begin to stall because the strength of Tom’s grip.

“Tom,” you panted. “What are you — ” you were cut off by the sound of your own yelp as you felt strong teeth diving into your skin. “I hate you.” you whined as you fell limp against him.

Tom snapped his hips upward sharply, a moan rippling from your chest.

“Doesn’t sound like you hate me darling.”

Tom’s lips latched onto the tender area he bit, sucking and licking on the skin to soothe your pain. He held your hips in place as he lifted his own hips into yours rapidly.

“Fuck you.”

“I already am babe.”

study night w/jeno

guys im writing dis on my phonE so IDK if it will come out the same on laptops n shit sorrY! if it doesn’t ill fix it when i get home :)

• bOiJ
• so like you nd jeno r seatmates in science
•and y'all were assigned partners for this upcoming project that was,,,,30% of ur mark boI if u didn’t do well-
• the project is where u choose an abiotic specimen and make a whole long ad presentation about it
• so u n jeno have to pick one and research about it
• ofc jeno asks u to study at his place cause hE HAS SOME BOMBASS SNACKS!!
• nd so when u get to his house yoU LITERALLY destroy his fridge like food??where??whats that??
• jeno wasn’t mad tho lmao if anything he was the one who destroyed most of it
• when u were studying u noticed that jeno was rly flustered and was stuttering a lot but whatEvs hes probs sick or smth
• anyway,,, around 5:00 u decide to start making the presentation
•and guess what!!
• u n jenos hand touch when u both reach for the same markeR
• like cliche but cute nd y'all kinda blushed and looked away
•but then u realized u still needed that marker
• but so did jeno
• so y'all touch hands!!again!!
• cue you guys being flustered
• jeno invites u over for dinner cause u wanted to et this project done instead of leaving it last minute
• so around 6:00 his mom comes home and is like
• “oH!!!-! honey,,,, is this???the girl???u always talk about???the,,,one who u sit beside in SCIENCE??? the one u have a crus-”
• “mOm!!2!1!!1!” lol jeno was so flustered he couldn’t speak or do anything he couldn’t breatje
• “oh? you talk about me???”
• his mind was going crAzy and his mom juST!left!him!in!the!dining!room!with!his!crush! AFTER SHE SAID ALL THAT SHE JDBDBD
• he slowly turns to u and is like,,,“maybe”
• thEn you broke out into the biggest smile anD JENOS HEART JUST!!!!!!! HOW COULD ONE BE SO BEAUTIFUL JSBDX
• you have a huge grin on your face,,a cute and flustered look,,and just so u look so happy cause-
• “that’s good cause i talk about u too!!”
• he kinda just shyly looks at u with this big smile and grabs ur hands
•"wanna,,call this study night a stuDY DATE?“
• u died right then and there omygodhs
• secretly his mom was filmin from behind a wall
• quickly u peck his cheek and nod ur head vigorously
• then you guys (with red ass faces may i add) get back to ur studying cause like its due in 3 days and u do not want to loose 30% of ur mark
• time skip 2 dinner
• his mom made some rly rly rly good noodles
• so u and jeno were stuffing ur faces lowkey
• but then
• “so r u guys dating yet?”
• jeno choked on a piece of meat
• and u choked on sum noodles
• nd y'all look at eachother with wide eyes
• until jeno just says
• “wanna be my gf”
• and ur like
“• "ya sure,,,BOYFRIEND”
• then secretly under the table ur hand intertwine and its so cute!!!
• so as ur leaving jenos house you quiCKLY PECK HIS!!LIPS!!! AND DASI RUN THE FUCK AWAY CAUSE KDNS you!!!just!!kissed!!lee!!jeno!!!!!
• jenos Linda just frozen with his hand on his lips and just staring at ur retreating form boI HES WHIPPED FOR U he’s do anything for u and dhhdhdhd he loves u sm like he’s liked u since the 3rd grade and y'all were like in grade 11 now
• his mother filmed everything btw

Trimberly one shot

Biology was almost over. And by almost, Trini meant, half an hour down, one more to go.

Even so, she was as nervous as never. She fiddled with her pen and actually focused on the teacher for once, trying to absorb as much information as possible. That was, of course, so she could keep her eyes off Kimberly Ann Hart.  

Kimberly Ann Hart. Her only girlfriend. As in a friend that was a girl. Her best friend. The best Trini could’ve ever asked for.

Trini clearly remembers the day she met her. Actually met her. Standing there, in her profound glory, with her short hair bobbing up and down, and smiled at her as if she was everything.

Trini has no choice but to stare for just a little longer.


Anna was the first girl Trini had ever loved. She was only 14. Trini could only tell her that if her parents found out how she looked at her, she’d be homeless. She had then cried for 2 days straight, and Trini starts playing back to those small moments. That the library would smell like their books, the way Anna would give her a special smile every time they looked at each other. A smile reserved just for her.

It had only been 2 months, and Trini’s heart had been broken into the smallest fragments possible.

Experiment. She hates that word.

If there’s one thing that Trini hates about being gay, it’s when people date her. In order to ‘experiment’ and to ‘try it out’. Because Trini despises being used, as a subject. When she pours her heart into loving this girl, and she ends up saying ‘I’m so sorry, I’m just not into girls…anymore.”

Trini knows that that’s bullshit. So she makes a vow on her seventeenth birthday, declaring to never fall for a straight girl ever.


That vow was broken in less than a week after she moved to Angel Grove.

It was after her small party hosted on the highest spot of Angel Grove with the gang. A beautiful sight. But really, nothing could ever be as beautiful as Kim.

The two of them were on Kim’s bed. Just there. Just existing. Together. Then out of nowhere, Kim started talking and snapped Trini out of her thoughts.

“To be honest, we’re literally floating on a tiny planet in fucking space, or universe, should I say. Why are we surrounded by hatred and misery? Why can’t everyone just calm the fuck down and lay on some grass. The sun is a GIANT BURNING ORB and why does money even exist? Fuck everything!”

Trini snorted and raised an eyebrow. “Since when did you speak my language princess?”

“I mean really! Gosh but like we spent hundreds of years looking up at the stars and wondering “is there anybody out there” and hoping and guessing and imagining all kinds of shit.”

Trini didn’t say anything. She loved it when Kim would ramble out her thoughts to her, out of nowhere. Only to her. Like she was exceptional.

That was when it happened. Kim just suddenly rested her head on Trini’s shoulder and grumbled.

“Why the hell are you so short, Trin?”

Trini felt herself stiffen up. Kimberly obviously felt it and sat up straight away.

“Is something wrong?”

Trini loosened up immediately. “No. No, not at all. Just think we should get going now. It’s kinda late.”

Kim shrugged and stood up making her way to the door.


It was like electricity when Kim had rested her head on Trini’s shoulder.

And it hits her like a truck. She realized that she’s falling. A great void opens up and she feels that she is falling, falling into deep, black space. There is no climbing back, no ray of light, no sound of human voice or a human touch of a hand. Because Kimberly had the type of eyes that could hold the sun, the moon, and the stars. Her eyes held galaxies, universes, time itself. But most of all, in her eyes, if anyone looked hard enough, they could find Trini’s heart.


Trini now lets Kimberly in. She loves the way Kimberly’s eyes spark when they’re talking or when she’s telling her something she wants her to know, the way she mouths the words herself when she’s reading and concentrating, the way she looks at her as if there’s only her, as if she can pass the flesh and bone and bullshit right into Trini that’s there, the one she don’t even see herself.

And so she tries.


Biology’s finally over.

Everyone shuffles out the doorway and the 2 automatically walk side by side towards their normal spot.

“What’s after class?”

“English,” Trini replied while tapping her foot.

“Mhm. Can you get me lunch today? I wanna listen to some music. Thanks.”

Trini didn’t even bother to hesitate. The longer the drag, the better. She was nervous as ever.

She came back with Kim’s favorite’s classic ham and cheese and saw Jason beside Kim chatting away.  

A flash of jealousy passed her face but disappeared in godlike speed.

She sat down on the other side of Kim, and as if on cue, Jason stood up to get to Billy. Conveniently, Zack just had to be hiding behind a pillar right in front of them.

Kimberly muttered thanks, and Trini decided now would be it.

“Hey…uh so we’ve known each other for a while now and we’re pretty close and uh I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date.” Trini rubbed the back of her neck with her right sweaty palm.

After a second of a felt like-late reply, Kimberly pulls out her earphones. “Did you say something?”


Trini has no choice but to give a pained smile and say, “D-do you have a pencil I could borrow during English later? For uh doodling? You know how boring Mrs. Khader’s class can be right? Ahahaha…”

Kimberly gives out that smile and nods. “Sure.” Her mouth’s full of food, so it comes out like a “Shoore.”

Trini laughs and her boost of courage is gone, because Kim can make her melt just like that.


School’s over and she finds her phone exploding from Zack’s messages.


*Media file*


still keeping that pink pencil?

Trini almost has a heart attack. Zack had filmed the whole process of Trini’s failure to ask Kimberly out on a date.


Zack Taylor if u send that 2 any1 I will single handedly come up 2 ur house rn with no hesitation n grab for the nearest thing available 2 gouge ur eyeballs out n feed it 2 ur goldfish


easy crazy girl just go ask again no biggie alright i’ve got a lotta blackmail material but tbh i nv use it so ur good to go


yea right


no legit


And so she tries. Again.

She pulls Kimberly aside first thing in the morning.

“You alright?” The concern is immediately showing on Kimberly’s face.

Trini lets out a low laugh. “Yeah, I’ve just got something to ask you.”

Kimberly brightens up immediately. “Shoot.”

Trini takes in a deep breath and goes for it. “Uh…so we’re pretty close and uh I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date.”

Kimberly doesn’t reply.

Trini starts to panic because she doesn’t know who to tell anymore when she finds new music and she doesn’t know where she’s gonna express how much she loves it. She doesn’t know who’s gonna agree with her and who she’s gonna listen to it with while she falls asleep. She doesn’t know who’s going to hear about her day and her test grades and how long she napped and what she ate for dinner and what movie she watched and the interesting things she learned in class and how much she hates physics and when she didn’t read the assignment for English. She doesn’t know who she’s gonna tell how she went to get food instead of jogging laps in the gym and how productive she was studying that night. She doesn’t know who’s going to listen to her sing her favorite bands and then sing with her and take walks with her in the summer on the most beautiful days. She doesn’t know who’s going to do that all and care about it if Kimberly finds her disgusting and sickening. She doesn’t know.

Trini’s not one to ramble but she does. “I mean I can completely understand and I respect your decision if you don’t want to be with me in that kinda way because you might even have something going on with Jace I just –”


Trini stood there and her head shot up and looked at Kimberly. Kimberly’s brown hazel eyes shone. She was being sincere.

But Kimberly didn’t stop there. She smiled and leaned against the lockers. “Trini, I would love to go on a full on gay date with my best friend. I’ve always wanted you to kiss me in the public, put your arm around me so people know I’m with you. I’ve always wanted you to pull me in because I’m just not quite close enough to you. I’ve always wanted you to make me watch that one tv show that’s your guilty pleasure. Tell me your biggest fear and I’ll promise to protect you. I’ve always wanted you to kiss me at red lights because if you don’t then I’ll kiss you. I’ve always wanted you to show me the one song you can never listen to without crying. Trini, don’t hide the tiny details about you. Because I’ll remember every one of them.”

“You’re so cute when you ramble.” Trini clamps her hands over her mouth. “Holy shit. I did not just – ok.”

The bell rings. First period is about to begin.

“Text me.” Kimberly winks, leaving a dazed Trini behind.


Her phone lights up as soon as Kim disappears round the corner.

Kim <3

rmb to call me babe in front of our waiter

Kim <3

btw u can keep the pencil :)

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❥ w/mah boi bucky barnes? 😊

‘oh lord, oh lord, what have I done? I’ve fallen in love with a man on the run; oh lord, oh lord, I’m begging you, please – don’t take that sinner from me

don’t care if he’s guilty, don’t care if he’s not; he’s good and he’s bad and he’s all that I’ve got– oh lord, oh lord, i’m begging you please; don’t take that sinner from me’ –DEVIL’S BACKBONE, the civil wars

The first time you see him, you’re lost in the middle of Bucharest in a short dress and you’re a little panicked. You moved here for your job and you thought a night out with your coworkers would be fun, but it seems that they have forgotten you when they called the Uber; which was about an hour and a half ago. You’d call them, or use Google to navigate your way home, but your phone oh-so-conveniently died when you left the bar.

You’re at a crosswalk when you meet him. He’s a good foot taller than you and he’s wearing far too many layers but if you weren’t in this situation, you’d definitely steer clear of him. But all you want to do is go home, so you take the chance and try to use your limited vocabulary of Romanian to communicate with him. But luckily for you, the man speaks English. Perfectly good English.

He directs you to the right street, and you bid him an enthusiastic ‘thank you’ and you walk quickly home. And that’s that.

The second time you see him, you’re lost again. But this time, you’re a little tipsy and you somehow stumbled into a bar and plopped yourself in front of the bartender, ordering a beer.

When you see who’s sitting next to you, you barely recognize him as the man that helped you, until you see that he’s wearing the same outfit as before.

“No fucking way!” You announce a little too loudly, definitely getting his attention. “It’s you!”

He gives you an incredulous little smile as if getting to know you is a good idea before you get his name. Bucky.

Turns out, Bucky has the same drink preferences as you. He’s a little laconic, but that doesn’t really stop him when he starts to pick up on your suggestive words and he goes with it. And not much to your surprise, you go along with it too. And that’s how he ended up in your bed.

Four months down the line, you’re a little shocked that a one night stand actually landed you a boyfriend. At least, the closest thing to a boyfriend. Bucky doesn’t really like the labels because according to him, his days of getting the finer things in life are over. Including being able to be in a relationship with somebody he cares about.

You know about who he really is. It didn’t really take you long to piece everything together. And much to Bucky’s surprise, you stuck around with him. And for a little bit, he’s happy. 

But because he’s him, he doesn’t get to enjoy it for long. When he’s in the heart of Bucharest one day, buying some food, some scumbag in a newspaper booth recognizes him– and makes a run for it. That’s when Bucky realizes that he’s no longer a ghost. That he’s been found, and that he’s got a target on his back. And for some reason, you’re the first thing that pops into his mind.

So he shows up at your work, and he’s suddenly kissing you hard and you’re confused and scared because all he says is, 

“I’m sorry, baby, but I can’t- this is- this is the last time you’ll see me. I’m- I’m so sorry.”

And much to his word, he was right.

He was gone, like a ghost.


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word count: 1608

Warnings: Smut, safe sex of sorts - not really- (pulling out method - keep in mind this is not a way of safe sex since it may only prevent pregnancy and you should never rely on it, unless you’re in a committed relationship with someone you really know and trust! Always wear a condom!!), slight choking!kink, slight dom/sub, slight dirty talk. And btw having sex on top of a pile of boxes can be dangerous.

A/N: This is my entry for Hazel & Dreamer’s 1k/2k Writing Challenge (  @idreamofhazel @impala-dreamer

Prompt (Jared bonus) #4: ‘I’m gonna come in and kick your little 5’4” ass’

Thanks to my beautiful -inside and out- friend @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname for the read over and the awesome exchange of kinks and preferences. Just an everyday conversation.

[Feedback is the best way to show your love] 


Heart stammering against your ribcage threatening to burst out through bone and skin, lungs burning from the bad breathing, the furniture around you turns blurry as your short legs move faster. Heavy footsteps follow you from close behind, he’s at your heels, getting closer by the second. You take a sudden turn right, down into a dark corridor, just in time to avoid the grip of long fingers on the back of your shirt, and you enter the first open door to your left. Closing the latch and stepping away. Adrenaline keeps pumping through your veins making you jump a little when his entire weight collides against the closed door.

“Y/N!” Sam bellows on the other side, voice all breathy and croaky.

Your chest heaves and you try taking deep breaths to calm yourself down, which is almost impossible considering you’re still laughing.

“Open this door, now!” he roars.

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can u do a tut on how u decorate? becuz its so cute thanks xoxo

hi tysm this is so sweet!! i dnt really know how to make a tutorial? but i can leave some steps/tips, hope they help!

  1. pick a color scheme, i usually pick big items first, color schemes dont have to match! if u want to have every piece of furniture clashing binch u do it! i usually pick things that look different w a few matching colors, or shades of similar colors!

    2. add in big items next, or at least plan out where u want ur essentials to be       for example if its a kitchen plan out where u want ur stove, fridge, whatever. it     doesnt even have to be functional if u dont want it to be!

    3. use bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.moveobjects on! literally will save ur life

    4. when adding clutter try out different things! try to imagine the house being       lived in and where things could be randomly placed so it looks lived in.                 Thinking something is weird? use it why not?? i put a sewing table in the             middle of the kitchen and it looked fine so lmao go crazy

I apprently love to put a cluster of plants in inconvenient spots! soo.. anyways covering up walls with random clutter also helps a room look more finished! just try out new things and check out blogs u like for inspo! sorry this probably didnt help at all !!!

Heres my interiors tag if you want some more examples!