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moodboard: kuwei yul-bo
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challenge: send me a character and i’ll create a moodboard from pictures on my phone

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Can you please make a tutorial on how to color like you do? ( Q A Q )

well, sorry, i dont know how to do tutorial and i’m sux at taking a video too… so i guess i’ll just share some camera shot of my work progress and the finished one after i had them scanned and adjusting the shade and highlights….

permission to share given by @madarashin , cuz she owns me and my arts *winks*

my brain has been completely devoid of fic ideas for fucking months but, of course, now that i want to start writing things other than fic, it’s like, “i see you’re trying to write original stories. here’s 1267 brand new fic ideas instead!” 

! – *; { @rcggics }

A man covered in blood knocked on her door and begged for her help. Stella never played with the good guys. Good guys never win. From day one she always played for the dark side of the world. They have the money, connections, and men. If you save them from being thrown to prison then they will surely look at you like some God, unlike the good people. What do good people really have other than their morality? They always play everything safe that’s why they always lose. They always let their moral cloud their judgment that often lead to their own destruction. The man who knocked on her door gave her files to look at and it enticed her. 

How can someone be this good? Every file she looked at the more curious she grew. A cynical smile formed on her lips as she agreed to help the helpless man. The only motive she have is to gain more fame and prove to everyone that she is a force to be reckoned with. She can already picture how much fame and power she will gain if she’s able to uncover the true monster living among them for so long. 

She made her research and used  all the connections she have to know who and where the man often goes. An invitation for a charity appeared on her doorstep the next day.

Now, here she stood by the bar with a wine by her hands as her eyes wandered the room. She made her move when she saw his face. He’s not that intimidating, she thought. She made her way across the room and made it seem like an accident to bump on him. This is the night where she lures the big fish in. No room for errors that’s why the most enticing smile appeared on her lips. “I’m sorry, sir” she softly spoke. “Heels have never agreed with me” she said with a light laughter. She looked up at the male with the same smile on her face. “I’m Stella, are you one of the sponsors for this event?” she asked.