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do u ever wish you could watch one of dan and phil’s old skype calls from before they met? like i just want to know what they talked about and what they did for 5 hours

thanks to phil lester the living legend who took screenshots of their old skype calls all the time cuz they were young n gross n cute n in love n he wanted to cherish those moments forever.. we know some of their skype shenanigans included but were not limited to:

deep convos with dans childhood doggo

more deep convos with dans bear probably when dan had to get up to go do something

guitar hero for hours probably (im sure dan used to play cheesy songs that still bring back memories to this day)

dan doing some weird shit and acting out skits most likely bc he was and still is a dramatic theater kid and phil was always super entertained by them


proof that dan has been the sun since 2009

and screenshots like this… among other.. similar screenshots….. just a few out of the many, many screenshots that will forever remain private… :)

Take It Out On Me | 5
  • Genre: angst/smut
  • Pairing: Hoseok x reader x Yoongi
  • Warnings: cheating; language; smut
  • Words: 4,5k
  • A/N: I know this was supposed to be posted at midnight but I was so excited I couldn’t wait lol. Please don’t let this flop :(

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Original story by: @btsfiles

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Super Ashinaka Gakuen Bazaar
Gakuen K WSD V Edition LE Bonus Drama CD

Thanks again to the wonderful @yumegasaki for the translation of this full length sideshow of a drama cd.

So, Ashinaka School holding a fair and a flea market. Enjoy.

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April’s instagram

April kneels in front her daughter, carefully zips her white coat all the way up, before grabbing a blue beanie just big enough to fit all of Hannah’s untamed curly locks in.

“Cold outside?” The two year old asks, taking a peek at the street from the glassed hotel front doors.

“Yes, baby, it’s cold outside. It’s snowing!” April replies, with a smile. “So we need to be extra cozy today.”

“We go play?”

“Not now, sweetie.” She goes on, shaking her head much to the toddler’s disappointment. “We’ve got to go meet daddy, remember?”


“Yes, with daddy. He’s waiting for us.” They’re back in Bozeman, Montana, where Jackson was requested to perform a surgery on a little boy who got a tumor the size of Texas on his throat. This time, unlike the last, she knows he isn’t planning on meeting again with his estranged father, Robert Avery, who, by the way, still owns that little bar lost somewhere in the woods. But April felt like she needed to be here this time too, with Jackson. So, they decided to make it a family trip and Hannah came along.

“See Daddy…” Hannah quickly moves her big bright eyes back to her mother as her whole face lights up. “And have chocolate?”

“Yes, and have hot chocolate.” April says, remembering how she told her daughter they’d have pancakes and warm drinks at the nearest diner when Jackson left work.  “Ready to go?”

Hannah nods and April takes the little girl’s hand, grabs her purse, sitting on the floor next to her, and stands up. As they leave the hotel behind, making their way through the light, soft snow on their path, April feels the thin air around them. It’s cold and, taking a quick down, she notices how the tip of Hannah’s little nose is starting to turn red. It makes her look adorable, like a baby deer.

As they cross the street, with Hannah’s small hand tightly wrapped around hers, April can’t help but to smile. Being here with her family, after last time, it sure brings back memories. And she couldn’t be happier now, since it feels like they finally found wonderland.

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What would the S M and T brothers do if their SO was in an accident and got amnesia and couldn't remember her life from before?

Admin Mawile: (´,,•ω•,,)


-Depending on how fond of you he is by then, he either forgets about you just like you’ve forgotten him, or continues on as usual, assuming that your memories will come back sooner or later. 


-He comes up with some drug related solution with a high chance of side effects, and forcibly administers remedies until something works. It just won’t do for you to forget about him so easily. 


-Aside from taking you to Reiji, he tries to force your memories back by treating you exactly how he used to, if not more roughly. If he acts just the same, then it has to make something click, doesn’t it?


-You’re his no matter how much you can remember, and he’s not willing to let go just because your conscious mind no longer knows him. You are still his, and nothing will stop him from acting like it. 


-Does that mean he gets to have fun with you all over again? Beyond the perverted reasons for enjoying your little bout of amnesia, he seems utterly unaffected by the fact that you no longer remember him. 


-He’s aggressively determined to get your memories back, even if Reiji is the one who has to do it. He gets frustrated easily, though, and it might be the wall smashing punch next to your head that brings everything back. 


-Your memory will surely return eventually, and in the mean time, he’s more than happy to train you all over again. Perhaps double the amount of effort will make you even more well behaved when you return. 


-When threats of leaving you for another fan don’t work, he goes straight to Ruki, leaving it up to his brother to fix things. He honestly doesn’t understand why you won’t just remember him. 


-Despite being more than a little annoyed by the whole mess, he puts in a genuine effort to get your memories back. It’d be a pain to have to find another human as good, so you just have to get fixed. 


-While he does want to help, his idea of said help is carving up your skin until something comes back to you, assuming that the pain will be a strong enough connection to fix anything for you. 


-His magic can most likely deal with matters in an instant, and all you’ll have to do is have faith in him to fix things. If he can’t do it immediately, there is surely some spell out there that will be able to. 


-If Carla’s magic doesn’t handle things, he all but threatens to leave. His idea of helping is shock value, scaring you into getting your memories back, and that’s just the beginning of what he can think of to do. 

髪の毛短いマイ相漫画!甘いよ!注意! #1日1マイ相

note: my translations are loose

A comic about short haired Mic! It’s sweet! Be careful! #1day1erasermic

page 1
Mic: I’m home~

Aizawa: Welcome home. You’re la – What happened to your hair?

Mic: Listen, I was on my way home when I was confronted by a villain with a cutting quirk, who cut my special hairdo with a single slice!

Aizawa: [thinking] Wet.

Mic: Well, I guess this means it’s time for a long-awaited image change.

Aizawa: You’re not injured, are you?

Mic: Nope!

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there’s a little comic series called “SLENDER” and its a PewdieCry Fanfic, which is gonna be a Horror Genre, but not really sure i’m gonna nail it. i make this fanfic to bring back memories from 2012, when this two cinnamon rolls often play together~ and of course to keep people in mind that there is still old pewdiepie and cry will be there for you guys~! 

 and its Coming soon! but for now Enjoy this cover of the comic~!  

50%  Off  {Sentence Starters}
{ contains nsfw & triggers }

  • “They’re my ostriches!“
  • “Oh my god, he’s got a gun!”
  • “We’re not going to kill anyone.”
  • “WHAT is WRoNG wITh YoU?”
  • “That doesn’t sound fun at all…”
  • “Ooooh, that’s probably not good.”
  • “I wasn’t thinking about killing you.”
  • “SSSHH! I smell boys being gay…”  
  • “Aw, it should be illegal to be that fine!”
  • “Awesome! Wait, what just happened?”
  • “How’s your repressed love life doing?”
  • “How much of that stuff did you have?!”
  • “You know what I’m sick of?! All your shit!”
  • “Yeah it’s probably too cold. We’ll get sick.”
  • “I’m not going out there without a parachute!”
  • “Okay I’m gonna break in! Don’t be naked.”
  • “I like him in those positions… of leadership.”
  • “If you get scared, you can squeeze my hand.”
  • “They hate each other, but they also fuck each other!”
  • “Man. This place sure brings back memories for me.”
  • “I assure you all that I will not embarrass myself like last time.”
  • “I always thought swimming was kinda like doing somebody.”
  • “Okay I’m coming in. Also you’re gonna need a new backdoor.”
  • “Why’s he touching my man? Where’s he going with my man!?”
  • “Come on, let me get them digits, baby! Let’s make this a thang!”