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Remember this picture from the Boruto movie? 

It’s from Boruto’s birthday. In the Boruto movie novel, Naruto also missed Boruto’s birthday party and this is the reason why Boruto doesn’t look as happy as he should be, in the picture. Of course, I have no idea if SP is going to remember this scene, but I’m going to guess that this scene will be included in the anime to further highlight, why Boruto gets this angry at Naruto for missing Himawari’s birthday in the movie arc. Get ready for some drama folks.

I have a feeling that we might also get to know Boruto’s birthdate in a few weeks. It would explain why the manga showed us the birthdate of every next character but Boruto. Maybe. Just maybe.


Anchan, Rikyako, and Shukashuu advertise SIF in a mini-commercial!

So my laptop finally, I think, kicked it.

But even though the screen is dark and it’s registering no charge and it won’t turn on or off, it’s still playing the audio of the first two Sanvers kiss scenes and I mean hey.

If it has to go, this is the way to do it.

@abs0lute-trash-puff submitted: You had crop-top Yuuri. Now, you have CROP-TOP YUURI

Haha I know I just submit this picture but I forgot the caption because I’m lame