this sums me up

I think the thing that paragon shep says that sums her up best for me is in the first game on Garrus’ mission if you say you’re going to arrest dr. Saleon but end up having to kill him anyways bc he resisted Garrus is like “well what was the point then” and shep says something like “you can’t control how people will react, only how you’ll respond and in the end that’s what matters”

I really like that. And it pretty much embodies a lot of shepards paragon choices imo, like dealing w the rachni or the krogan genophage. She will kill people if she has to but first she wants to give them a chance, any time she can afford it.

galaxyghosty said to youtubeknight: Jack in 9? c:

Very long long LONG overdue request from my sister GG from back when I was doing the color palette requests. Finished it up during the stream. I really liked how it came out. Took long enough lol. 

Harry’s male flings evolution

About Xander.

I don’t think he is Harry’s boyfriend, I don’t think he’s coming out with him. I do think, though, that his presence deserves acknowledgment and a bit of deliberation. I don’t personally agree with the assumption that his role perfectly lines up with Nick Grimshaw’s and Jeff Azoff’s ones. I’ll try to sum up my point; please, rush to correct me or add anything that you may find necessary.

Nick: PURPOSE— Avert attention from Larry. They were so desperate to hide and deny Louis and Harry’s relationship at that time that they ended up not minding to suggest Harry was romantically/sexually involved with an out man. They were simultaneously and much more strongly pushing Harry as hyper-busy with women and confident that only the Larry side of the fandom would really pay attention to this. I’m no expert, but I’d venture to say that 99% of the Gryles shippers were former Larries, am I correct? They went as far as to pass on that Harry had cheated on Louis with Nick, everything in order to weed out Larries. ADDITIONAL HELP— Nick was officially the ideal instrument to introduce Harry into the cool world and have him connected with all of his flames. TARGET— Larries (general fandom when in the function of mediator).

Jeff: PURPOSE— Blatantly display a threatening connection with Irving Azoff and what he stands for. Modest!/Syco is not the handler anymore, it’s the target. Not conceived as a stunt, never really pushed as such, with Glenn generally showing up with the two of them, or with Harry alone (hence some very messy theories). Hazoff shippers might have surfaced as a result of that fascinating process that has come to line up some fans’ reasoning with 1DHQ needs. Most of them were disappointed Larries, probably? Some the non-Larries first pioneers of Harry’s homosexuality? However, they (unintentionally) mitigated the original purpose of the showy relation in favor of 1DHQ. ADDITIONAL HELP– Jeff and Harry probably developed working connections and if some new fans came to read Harry as anything other than super straight, no real need to complain. TARGET— Modest!/Syco/Sony (and ultimately the fandom).

Xander: PURPOSE— Raise speculation inside the whole fandom and clinch the process of Harry’s new image. Harry and Xander, while absolutely showing nothing particularly telling, act purposefully in a way that can leave doors open to speculation if one IS indeed looking for it. If I were a total outsider and someone pointed their timeline to me, I would probably make a joke on the line of “Ah, Harry Styles might have found himself a nice boyfriend, good for him!”. If I were an old fan, I would never. But Xarry doesn’t appeal to the Larry/GayHarry side of the fandom, it finally appeals to every single fan who must now find themselves in the position to seriously speculate about Harry’s boyfriend. That fans who insisted until now that Harry is Casanova can’t physically link him to any woman anymore and (unless they’re really desperate cases that won’t be in any other way brought to the intended conclusion and will likely leave after the coming out) must surrender to take Harry’s possible gay tendencies into consideration. This portion of fans, hardly conditioned to despise the concept of Larry and all of their supporters for years, won’t naturally turn to Louis, they absolutely need a mediator to land them from Harry may be gay to Harry is with Louis (I’m not stating what I would do in their position, I’m stating what I see they’re doing). ADDITIONAL HELP— Harry and Xander might have shared business interests, he’s coming from the Azoffs’ entourage and still is a connection to them; the fuss about the new couple serves as a good distraction from Larry and what’s going on with Louis and has probably been turned to Modest!/Syco’s advantage to help the Harry-Ot3 narrative. TARGET— The fandom as a whole (particularly the non Larries).

The difference with Nadine is (besides the obvious opposite conclusion in terms of sexuality to be drawn) that Nadine was the last of the serial winter girlfriends Harry had signed to be linked with. Publicly. There was the same old press about Hadine, even if, following Irving’s intervention, Harry fulfilled his duty without doing absolutely nothing that’d compromise him as not-gay (and even previously shaded the whole affair). Which is indeed what he’s doing with Xander, exactly the same thing. He’s repeatedly seen with him, alone or with others, acting very relaxed, it’s up to interpretation what they are to each other. With Nadine came to intervene hetero normative and Harry’s “abitual” ladies man ways, with Xander the new assumption that Harry might be interested in men (and still sleeping with everything that moves). There is not press pushes behind Xarry, neither there will be (although I’m not completely opposed to the possibility of something smaller to surface) due to its prominent fandom purpose.