this summer i want to change everything

episodes 1-4 / ( change pronouns as needed. )


  • “i’ve been thinking about us.”
  • “i’m asking you now if you love me.”
  • “of course i love you, ____. but i can’t give you the answer you want.”
  • “one summer can change everything.”
  • “it’s about following your heart, right?”
  • “as long as you don’t give up your passion.”
  • “eventually, there will be a reckoning.”
  • “that entitlement you wear on your head like a crown? it won’t last.”
  • “are you scared, ____?”
  • “don’t freak out. just trust me.”
  • “i’m breakfast at tiffany’s, but this place is strictly in cold blood.”
  • “he was looking for the girl next door. instead, he found me.”
  • “you wanted fire? sorry, _________. my specialty’s ice.”
  • “just… talk to her. it could go a long way. would have gone a long way with me.” 
  • “you are so perfect. i’ll never deserve you.”


  • “romeo and juliet are the exception, not the rule.”
  • “once again, fate throws us together.”
  • "sardonic humour is just my way of relating to the world.”
  • “what? what are you going to do?”
  • “i’m not. i want to be. i thought i could be. but it’s too much, too fast.”
  • “what do you know about it, _____? or about me, even?”
  • “he wasn’t perfect. but he always tried to do the right thing.”
  • “sometimes a friend is better than a boyfriend.”
  • “why don’t we both just do that bro thing where we nod like douches & mutually suppress our emotions?”
  • “is there something you want to tell me, pal?”
  • “did you & _______ kill him together?”
  • “i’m alone.”
  • “we’re not gonna hug in front of the entire town.”
  • “it’s like there was a train that was going to the rest of my life. & i just… missed it.”
  • “it is not my fault he doesn’t like you.”


  • "spoken like a true good girl who always follows the rules.”
  • “i don’t follow rules, i make them. & when necessary, i break them.”
  • “nothing this bad was ever supposed to happen here.”
  • “you don’t want to slow down, do you?”
  • “they have zero remorse for the lives they destroy.”
  • “does he not know who i am?”
  • “i’d love to stay. but i gotta shake down an evil adventure scout.”
  • “not bad.”
  • “maybe i don’t know _______.”
  • “you came through for me. in a way no one else ever has before.”
  • “i would’ve done anything to protect _____.”
  • “i saw the way you looked at me. … you’re hiding something.”
  • “maybe we should slow it down a little.”
  • "she’s right.”
  • “would i have complete freedom?”


  • “where did you find all of this?”
  • “oh, i’m already there!”
  • “you’re right. i’m selfish, & i’m stupid.”
  • “make some room, outcasts.”
  • “what’s next, selling her hair extensions?”
  • “it’s off-brand & sends a false message about acceptance.”
  • “shut the hell up, or you’ll find out!”
  • “i just hate when people disrespect my cinematic experience.”
  • "i’ll figure it out. i always do.”
  • “you are not the things you said.” 
  • “you’re not stupid. this wasn’t your fault.”
  • “i have a strong inkling.”
  • “threatened, much?”
  • “i learned that from the nancy drew detective handbook.”
  • “if you really are my friend, you’ll drop this.”

We all know what it’s like; Summer rolls around and all you find yourself doing is sleeping and watching Netflix. Then, the knowledge that you’re not being productive starts to loom and it casts a dark shadow over everything. I wanted to put together a little guide of how to make the most of your summer - so hopefully those dark shadows will disappear!! ♡ This is only part one - I hope you enjoy ♡

♡ Learn a language ♡

  • Use Memrise
  • Use Busuu
  • Use Duolingo
  • Check out Amazon for textbooks
  • Lang-8 is great for practice!
  • Try reading in another language
  • Listen to the radio in your target language
  • Change your Netflix audio setting to another language

♡ Get creative! ♡

  • invest in a £3 disposable camera and go on some adventures
  • try making flower crowns
  • try baking or cooking for friends!
  • take up a hobby like drawing or quilling
  • get a black paperback notebook and decorate it with silver/white pen
  • redecorate your room
  • write a diary of your daily life
  • learn to do quirky/sfx make-up
  • write a diary, but exaggerate everything! See how it turns out at the end!

♡ appreciate nature ♡

  • take a walk through the forest
  • travel when you can
  • go for walks, generally
  • watch the sunset/sunrise
  • get off the beating track (away from roads etc).
  • don’t forget your camera!

♡ studying ♡

  • take up a new subject
  • take an online course
  • re-do your studyblr theme and get a fresh start
  • do a challenge (100 days of productivity, for example) for motivation
  • re-arrange your study space
  • get your summer work over and done with

♡ social stuff ♡

  • go out for coffee with friends
  • take your parents out for dinner
  • take your pet for a walk/go with friends
  • go shopping for something nice for yourself (or someone else)
  • have a movie night with friends
  • cook/bake together

Genre: Angst

Length: 4.2k words

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader/Jimin

Summary: You knew the relationship was falling apart, you just couldn’t accept it.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” Yoongi whispered.

I looked at him in disbelief. The tears that were threatening to fall soon enough shamelessly came and for a second I thought I felt my heart actually break. Deep down, I wanted everything to be a joke, I wanted this to be some sort of sick prank. But looking at Yoongi’s face, I knew it was far from that.

“Why did you do it?” I asked looking down. He stayed quiet, not daring to look at me, and after what felt like hours he took a deep breath.

“I honestly don’t know Y/N,” he began “I wasn’t thinking at all.” I let out a sob.. Wasn’t thinking? What does he mean he wasn’t thinking? Is he meaning to tell me that I didn’t cross his mind not once?

“I-It was more than just sex with her Y/N, as much as she seems to be bitch to everyone she isn’t bad. I don’t know what to do. I already lost so much by doing this.” He added as he turned to look at me.

My heart shattered. The only thing worse than getting cheated on is, having the person who cheated on you not wanting to fix it. We were invincible. Since I was 15 I vowed to commit to him and overcome any obstacles that life threw at us. Every fight we had was resolved by the end of the day because we never went to sleep mad at each other. But now, years later I never thought anything would change. And to be honest.. I was too naive to think this would last forever. Yoongi always had eyes for me, he always thought about me before he made a decision. Looking into the eyes of the love of your life and not seeing a spark anymore is heartbreaking. To feel like I was not worth fighting for anymore made me feel worthless.

“I love you Y/N, I still want you around.” Yoongi said breaking me out of my thoughts. “Even if we’re not together you will always be mine.” he added. My body went numb, my mind went blank. I looked at him and smiled. “I’ll never leave Yoongi.”

The next couple weeks were gloomy. Even though Yoongi never stopped talking to me, every night always ended with an argument, which resulted in him blocking me and ignoring me until he felt like talking to me again. Meanwhile I was constantly surrounded by a dark cloud that didn’t leave. I barely got out bed. And when I did, I would find any reason to go back to my hole of self pity. I didn’t eat much anymore and only got a couple hours of sleep at night. Constant thoughts attacked my mind telling me I wasn’t good enough to keep him, that he was better off without me, that I needed him. And as crazy as it sounds, I wanted him back more than anything. I wanted to have another chance to show that I can be a better girlfriend to him, better than her. I never asked about her. I didn’t want to know anything about her. The one girl who managed to make him do this. And from what I heard she wasn’t with Yoongi because she liked him. Anyone can tell she was just using him, but he was too blind to see that. She had him wrapped around her little finger and still slept with any guy she wanted, while Yoongi pretended that he didn’t know. And that’s what killed me.

It was around 10:30pm when Yoongi called. I mentally cursed at myself for answering so quickly, “Hey,” I said. “Hey babygirl, just wanted to hear your voice.” I could feel my face turn red and softly smiled at his words. “I miss you.” I said. For the next two hours we were on the phone and for once I was happy.

“Are you free tomorrow?” I ask. As much as I wanted to give him space, I wanted to see him.

I hear him heavily sigh and I already knew what was coming. “I’m sorry Y/N, I want to see you as much as you do but-” he mumbled. My heart sank and a feeling of sadness came over me. “Yeah I get it, she means more to you than I ever did.” I replied. “Please don’t start Y/N we were talking just fine.” he said.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed. “News flash, I haven’t been fine since you chose her over me, you only knew her for a week.”

“STOP. Y/N goddammit don’t fucking start again.” He yelled out. I could hear his breathing increase and I knew him well enough to know he was pissed.

“Why are you doing this to me huh Yoongi? Was I that fucking horrible to you that you had to do this to me?” I cried. Again tears rolled down my face and I started sobbing.

“I’m not dealing with this tonight.” He said and hung up.

Fucking asshole. That’s what he’s good at, ignoring me and running away from his problems. I dialed his number again hoping he could pick up but soon realized he blocked my number. I began to panic knowing very well I wasn’t going to get any sleep tonight if he was ignoring me.

For the next hour I constantly called hoping he would unblock me but I had no luck. My sobbing increased and I began to feel suffocated in my apartment. I just wanted to run, I wanted to run until I couldn’t feel the pain anymore, I wanted to disappear. I knew I was pathetic doing this to myself. But I couldn’t help it, Min Yoongi destroyed me.

I couldn’t take being inside anymore and left my apartment to clear my head. It was almost midnight and although it wasn’t a good idea to be walking at this hour, I didn’t care. The night air made me shiver and I decided not to go very far considering it was cold. I walked to the gym right by my apartment and sat at the side of the building. I tried dialing Yoongi again, and sure enough he didn’t pick up. I put my phone back in my pocket and buried my face in my hands and cried. Why wasn’t I good enough for him anymore? Why am I still around for him begging him to come back when it’s not what he wants anymore? I was deeply in love with him to even think about moving on, and he knew that.

“A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be out this late crying.” A voice said, that made your head snap up.

My eyes met the face of a stranger, a very attractive stranger.

I quickly wiped my tears away and stood up backing away from him,  “Ahh I’m sorry” I replied flustered.

He chuckled, “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” I smiled at him. “That’s good to hear, but what could you possibly be doing out here this late?” I asked sarcastically.

He motioned toward the gym “I work here, on my break.”

I looked at him confused. “Isn’t it too late to for a gym to be opened?” I replied. 

“It’s opened 24/7, I work the night shifts.” He said. I nodded at him and sat back down.

“Now if you don’t mind me asking, why were you crying?” He asked.

I bit my lip and tried to come up with some random excuse. “Umm it’s just tha-” I started to say.

“Boyfriend troubles?” He blurted.   

I chuckled, “Something like that.”

“Mind telling me about it?” He asked.

I looked away sighing. “Honestly.. I’m not ready to talk about it just yet, but long story short he cheated on me.. and somehow I can’t let him go.”

“By the looks of you crying it seems like he doesn’t want the same.” He said.

“It’s.. complicated.” I answered, “He chose her but he still wants me around.”

He looked at me, “I know I barely met you but you shouldn’t give him the satisfaction of still being there for him. You’re worth more than that.”

Tears began forming and I nodded. We both sat in silence for what felt like forever until he stood and offered his hand to help me up.

“I hate to leave you alone but I have to get back to work.” He sadly said.

“Right, sorry.” I mumbled and began to make my way home.

“Before you go, I didn’t get your name” He said

“Oh right, it’s Y/N.” I answered.

He smiled at me, “Y/N, the name suits you.”

I laughed, “Thanks?”

“I’m Jimin by the way”

It was around three days later when Yoongi texted you.

“I miss you Y/N, I’m sorry about everything.”

I stared at the text for the longest time and debated on replying or not. And about an hour later I gave in and replied. This was a cycle, he always apologized after ignoring me for days, knowing I would be waiting. Dammit why was I so weak when it came to him? It was like he had me under a spell and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Can I come over right now?” another text read.

I answered a quick yes and made my way to the shower so I can look like I wasn’t miserable the past few weeks. About 30 minutes later he was at the door.

“Hey babygirl.” He said smiling.

I felt my cheeks getting hot “Hey Yoongi.” I said while leading him inside.

He took off his jacket and shoes and made himself comfortable.

I laughed to myself thinking back to memories when Yoongi would come over right after work tired and fall asleep on my bed. Or back to the first summer of us dating when he would be at my house and we would watch stupid reality TV shows, eating pizza, and enjoying each other’s company. Back when I was his everything, back when we were invincible. The older we got, the more I thought things were getting better. We were becoming more mature and we both knew what we wanted. A future together. I never expected months later for that to suddenly change.

I snapped back to reality when Yoongi cleared his throat. “Listen, I’m really sorry about-”

I stopped him, “No don’t worry about it, it was my fault.” I said quietly.

His face softened “No I shouldn’t have ignored you.”

“It’s fine..really.” I answered.

He forced a smile, “H-how have you been?” He asked.

“It doesn’t matter honestly-”

“It does matter Y/N, even if you don’t believe it, I care so much.” He stated.

I started biting my nails, it was a really bad habit of mine. But whenever I get nervous I don’t know what else to do.

“You’re nervous.” He said.

I looked up embarrassed “I-I’m sorry.”

He cupped my face in hands and looked me in the eyes, “It’s me Y/N, your Yoongi don’t be nervous around me.”

He crashed his lips into mine and before I could process what was happening, I realized I was kissing him back. He deepened the kiss and before I knew it I was reaching to take his shirt off.

He stopped me. “Do you want this as bad as I do?”

I nodded and continued kissing him and led him to my bedroom.

I woke up hours later to the sound of Yoongi’s phone ringing. I groaned and nudged him to wake up to answer the phone. To my surprise however, he declined it. I shot him a confused look, “Shouldn’t you answer her?”

He shook his head, “I just want to enjoy our time together right now.” I smiled and he wrapped me in his arms. As much as I hate the situation we’re in, being with him is the only thing that can make me happy.

“I want to try and end things with her.”

My head snapped up at his sudden words, “Do you really?” I asked.

“I don’t know what I’m doing Y/N, I want to make things right for us so bad.”

“Yoongi, you know what to do to fix this.” I said softly.

He stayed quiet for a long time. I didn’t care though, just the simple words he said made me see that maybe just maybe.. it was worth waiting around for him. The sleepless nights, endless crying, everything could finally stop.

“I’m going to see her soon and I promise that I will fight for us.”

“Forever and always right?” I said.

“Forever and always.”

The next couple of days were a breeze. I managed to catch up on sleep which I’ve been so badly. I went out with friends after canceling so many times when I was down. Yoongi and I were talking just like before. I was happy. I knew it was going to take some time for us to get back together and I was happy to wait as long as he fought for us. Although I was waiting for the message informing me that he finally left her, I didn’t want to seem like I was pressuring him.

I was laying on my couch catching up on shows I’ve missed while eating ice cream, when I got a text from Namjoon asking to hang out. I smiled at myself and instantly replied telling him yes. My heart dropped suddenly remembering how much I have been shutting him out ever since this happened. Namjoon worked in the music industry and was extremely busy but he always made time for his best friend. We grew up together and he was always the one person I went to when I needed someone. Namjoon always acted like an older brother to me, a very overprotective brother I must add. When I first started dating Yoongi you can bet he didn’t approve, but as time passed he eventually accepted him. I instantly felt a wave of guilt realizing I hadn’t even told him about what happened between Yoongi and I. He knew me well enough to know that there’s something wrong just by the look on my face. I debated with myself on calling him and telling him that something came up, but I knew that would only make it worse- I never canceled on Namjoon, no matter how busy I was. Even though I wanted to avoid talking about it, I knew I had to tell my best friend. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard my phone buzz besides me.

“Let’s go to dinner then? Usual place :)” the text read. I laughed to myself knowing that no matter how more successful he got, he still loved our tradition of going out for a greasy slice of pizza and a beer. I sent a quick reply and dashed to the shower to start getting ready. “Goodness Y/N what are you going to tell Namjoon?” I thought to myself. I knew I couldn’t keep this from him, he would only blame himself saying he wasn’t there enough. I quickly put together an outfit and applied makeup to look a bit more alive. Thirty minutes later, I was finally ready and out the door to my car. Well…it’s now or never.

I got to our favorite pizza place and ordered food for the both of us. Namjoon was always late, even if it was something really important. Ever since we were kids he had a habit of showing up late. I didn’t mind though and took our food to an empty table. I occupied myself with my phone and it wasn’t until 15 minutes later that he finally got here. “Y/N I’m so glad to see you!” Namjoon happily says. My face lights up and I immediately give him the biggest hug. “I haven’t seen you in so long!” I say as we both sit down, “I know I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy.” He replies with a slight frown on his face. I shot him a look, “Don’t worry, I understand just don’t forget about your best friend.”

“Never will” He says while taking a bite of his food.  I smiled and started eating, “So how’s work been?” “Tiring, busy, you name it.. I don’t care much since I’m doing something I love.” He happily replied.

“I’m proud of you and I’m so glad to hear that.” I say while taking a sip of my soda.

For the next hour we talked about memories when we were younger and catching up with each other. I completely forgot about what has been going on with me since I was so happy being with my best friend. That is, until the dreaded question came.

“So how are things going with Yoongi?” He curiously asked. My face instantly dropped and I frowned. “F-Fine, we are doing fine.” I quietly answered.

Namjoon raised his eyebrow at me and scanned my face long and hard, “You’re not telling me the truth.” He stated. I didn’t answer him and instead looked down and started biting my nails.

“You’re nervous Y/N what’s wrong?” At this point I felt the tears forming in my eyes and I felt like I was going to barf all the food I had just ate. I didn’t want to tell him, but at the same time I did. My heart was racing and my head felt like it was going to explode.

“Y/N what the hell happened?” He asked again. I sighed, “I just… we broke up but we’re trying to work things out.”

“Why did you guys break up?” He quickly asked.

“I don’t know.” I lied. I gulped hoping he would believe me but I knew there was no way he would. If I told him what Yoongi did, Namjoon would not let me anywhere close to him.

“Don’t lie to me Y/N.” I could tell he was losing patience.

“Namjoon-” I began.


“He cheated on me.” I murmured avoiding to meet his gaze.

Silence. For a while there was just silence. I refused to look up and say anything else. I was embarrassed, scared, I felt pathetic.

My head shot up when I heard Namjoon chuckle. I looked at him confused not knowing what to say, I met his eyes and boy was he pissed.

“You’re telling me that you’re willing to make things work with him again?” He rhetorically asked.

“I know you’re upset and I don’t blame you for it, but I’m willing to stay until he leaves her.” I mumbled.

His eyes widened and his face turned red, “LEAVES HER? You mean he left you for some girl? And you’re still around?” He started yelling.

Tears started falling down my face “Please don’t be upset.” I choked out.

He snorted, “Upset? Nope. I’m furious. It’s taking everything I have not to leave right now and kill that bastard.”


“No Y/N, I am not going to let you sit there and stick around until he decides to fucking value you. You deserve to find happiness and all he is doing is causing you pain.” I didn’t say anything and instead stayed quiet. He stood up and led me out the restaurant. “Let’s get you home.”

I nodded and followed him out, the cold air hit me as soon as we got out the door and I immediately regretted not bringing a sweater with me. I looked down on my phone and I saw missed calls from Yoongi. I bit my lip in confusion considering he never calls me. I decided I’d get back to him once I got home.

We made it to my car and I looked up at my best friend. Disappointment was written all over his face and I took a deep breath.

“Can we please talk tomorrow Y/N? I need to make sure you’re okay.”

“Of course. I’m sorry for ruining our night.”

He gave me a sympathetic look, “Stop, I haven’t been around much and I’m sorry for that. I promise I’ll be there more regardless of my job. I need to protect my best friend.”

I smiled at him, “Love you Joonie, get home safe?”

“Text me once you’re home alright?” He added while opening my car door.

“I will,” I said while giving him the biggest hug.

As soon as I stepped into my apartment I dialed Yoongi before doing anything else. To my surprise he didn’t answer and I frowned. I quickly sent him a text and got ready for bed. As I was just about to close my eyes, my phone rang. Groaning, I reached over and picked up without even checking who it was.

“Hello?” I groggily say.

“Y/N are you up?” The other person said and I instantly knew the voice.

“I was just about to fall asleep Yoongi, but what’s up?” I replied.

He sighed, “Can we talk?”

I frowned at the sound of his voice, “uh sure.”

“I’ll be at your place in 10 minutes.” And with that, he hung up.

Before I knew it there was knocking on the door and I immediately got up to open the door.

Yoongi looked tired, saddened, and just… different. He awkwardly walked in with his head down and I knew something was wrong. My stomach dropped, “What’s wrong Yoongi?” I whispered and reached out to hold his hand. He flinched and pulled back without looking up at me.

He let out a deep breath, “I’m sorry Y/N.”

And that’s when my world came crashing down again.

The sound of rain against my window helped distract me from my endless thoughts of pure emptiness. I continued to play with the food that I didn’t even bother to eat and sat in silence.

It had been weeks that I had a decent meal, much less smiled. I debated many times calling Namjoon, but I always fought against that thinking he was too busy. He checked in a couple times over text but I was good at feeding him lies on how I was okay. Although he was my best friend, I just didn’t want to burden him again.

The day Yoongi came, I knew he changed his mind about coming back to me. He still texted though, and I knew that I was hurting myself way more by still sticking around. Soon enough text messages came almost once a week and I could  tell he was distancing himself. What made things worse was that he flaunted his new relationship on social media, and that hurt more than anything. Yoongi was never one to brag about someone, unless the person meant a lot to him.

I was laying on my bed after coming home from a night with my friends and I was happy considering I haven’t felt this alive for about three months. I tried my best to shut the thought of him out of my head and I did what I thought was best… move on. I constantly told myself that nothing will bring me back to how I was when I was so low and needed to be strong. I was getting ready for bed and I checked my phone one last time before I decided to sleep.

And that was a big mistake. My heart dropped as I paused on a post Yoongi had uploaded of them together. I felt my throat close and tears well up in my eyes, fuck. Why the hell does this shit affect me so much? Before I knew it I was sobbing and all the feelings I was trying to avoid came rushing back. Without thinking I threw some shoes on and ran out my front door not caring how loud I slammed it. I was halfway down the street when I realized I forgot my phone and I sighed. I quickly figured I didn’t need it and continued walking. I eventually made it to the spot next to the gym I always came too and sat down breathing in the cool air. My mind began to wander and my thoughts were interrupted by a cough next to me. I shot my head up and met Jimin’s face. “Haven’t seen you in awhile.” He says. “Almost thought you got back with him.” He added. I looked away not responding, it’s almost pathetic how bad I wish that was what happened.

I heard him awkwardly sit next to me and from the corner of my eye I can see he was thinking on what to say next.  

“Please don’t feel sorry for me” I mumble while trying to blink the tears forming in my eyes.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked.

“Honestly? No. I don’t. I want everything to be okay with us, I want things to be how they were back then. I want him to be happy with just me.” I admitted. “Do you know how stupid I feel? How pitiful I look?”

“You’re not stupid for wanting that, you have every right to feel all these emotions. But Y/N please don’t let him have so much control over you. He’s not worth it.” He grabbed my face and made me look at him, “Please Y/N.” He pulled me in for a hug and just as I was about to answer him a deep voice beat me to it.

“What the hell is going on?”

I panicked quickly getting up and moving away from Jimin. “Yoongi?” I practically yelled.


author’s note: ahhh i really hope you guys liked it! I am not confident in my writing yet but i’m getting there! i wrote this after my relationship fell apart, and although I’m still getting over it, writing makes me feel so much better. 

The Party Part 3 (Reggie x Reader)

Part 1  Part 2

A/N: The long awaited part three. Sorry it took so long to put up.

 “Here put this on your jaw” You told Reggie as you handed him a bag of frozen peas from your freezer. There was a nasty purple bruise starting to form from where Archie had hit him hours before. That wasn’t all as his eye was starting to swell shut also.

“Are you serious?” Reggie asked bewildered.

“You’re a football player, are you telling me that you never had to put something frozen on you before?” You huffed. Reggie shook his head and grumbled something under his breath and placed the peas on his jaw but not for long as he hissed the minute it touched.

“Reg, I know it’s hurts but if you want the swelling to go down you’ll handle the pain”

“Whatever” He placed it back on his jaw and laid back on his bed, closing his eyes or his eye to forget the pain.

“What happened anyway?” You asked after a moment of silence,  fingers running through his hair.

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I feel like I constantly change with the seasons. In the summer, I am brimming with passion and energy; I just want to be in the sun, in the water, in the dirt. Laughing, playing, dreaming. Then autumn’s chill kiss makes me quieter, more contemplative. I walk the streets as the early afternoon darkens, basking in the scent of the first logs burning. I always feel happiest here; everything seems newer, crisper. It’s as if that final sunburn erases any evidence of the months before. The frost on the car windows gradually gets thicker as the nights grow longer and the morning air now burns. I get lost not outside, but within the vast, limitlessness of my mind. I spend a lot of time staring at people from behind my coffee, imagining where they’re going or what they do. I also spend a lot of time staring at the stars; the winter sky is my favorite. It’s darker and brighter, all at once.  And then, just as I begin to forget what it feels like to go outside naked, the poppies begin to bloom. The golden, brown fields begin to turn vibrant green. I feel the youth of the blossoming world around me and prepare again to be wild.

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what makes you beautiful / gotta be you / one thing / more than this / up all night / i wish / tell me a lie / taken / i want / everything about you / same mistakes / save you tonight / stole my heart / stand up / moments / another world / na na na / i should’ve kissed you / forever young / live while we’re young / kiss you / little things / cmon cmon / last first kiss / heart attack / rock me / change my mind / i would / over again / back for you / they dont know about us / summer love / shes not afraid / loved you first / nobody compares / still the one / truly madly deeply / magic / irresistible /one way or another / best song ever / story of my life / diana / midnight memories / you & i / dont forget where you belong / strong / happily / right now / little black dress / through the dark / something great / little white lies / better than words / why dont we go there / does he know / alive / half a heart / steal my girl / ready to run / where do broken hearts go / 18 / girl almighty / fools gold / night changes / no control / fireproof / spaces / stockholm syndrome / clouds / change your ticket / illusion / once in a lifetime / act my age / home / hey angel / drag me down / perfect / infinity / end of the day / if i could fly / long way down / never enough / olivia / what a feeling / love you goodbye / i want to write you a song / history / temporary fix / walking in the wind / wolves / am / just cant let her go

talk about you (like you put the stars in the sky)

(written for @ransomweek and also @hoenursey bc i promised i would)

“We’re gonna die,” Nursey says, clinging to Ransom’s hand as they make their way up the trail. “Babe. We’re literally gonna die.”

Ransom laughs. “We’re not gonna die, Derek.”

He doesn’t need to turn around to know that Nursey’s making a face at his back. “You only call me Derek when we’re in bed or you’ve convinced me to do something terrible.”

“That is–” Ransom thinks about it. “Huh. Goddamn, bro, you’re right.”

There’s a sudden scramble and a yelp, and Nursey’s grip on Ransom’s hand jerks. Random turns in time to catch him by the elbow as he slips. “I told you,” Nursey whines, letting Ransom help him back up. “We’re gonna die. What the fuck made you think hiking at night was a good idea?”

Random grins, leaning forward. There’s enough moonlight trickling through the trees for him to find Nursey’s nose, and he plants a kiss on it. “The fact that I’ve done this with my dad and sisters since I was a kid,” he says, “and I wanted to show my city boyfriend the view.”

“It’s dark,” Nursey protests, letting Ransom start tugging him gently up the trail again. “How’re we supposed to see anything?”

“Baby, you know what night vision is. Now you’re whining just to whine.”

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Me, before relationship: really into hermit time, dislikes spring and summer, dislikes the countryside, hates singing, hates other people singing, hates yellow, loves black, loves red lipstick, is into being bitter and really, really into fandom and being skinny.

Me, in relationship: has realized excess hermit time is sign of depression, suddenly looks forward to spring, wants to move to the countryside and raise a goat, makes up silly songs for everything (complete with improvised dances), suddenly likes yellow flowers, prefers pink to red lipstick, is annoyed with bitterness, has no interest in fandom, and is really into baking things with butter. 

Galra Like Me
Galra Like Me

i’ve had this “Strangers Like Me” parody from Tarzan written up about Galra Keith since last summer I just never got around to actually doing it lol. i wanted to give myself 3 hours to do this tonight, but it took me 4 in the end with mixing! 

as usual, everything you hear is done by yours truly (including the backing track + arrangement). enjoy!

Does it matter where I am from?
I’m a paladin just like them.
Would things feel the way they feel right now or change? 

lyrics below:

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After months of struggling, an impulse decision puts you on the road from Sioux Falls to Lawrence Kansas, hoping that your father, Bobby Singer, will take you in for the summer.  A breath of fresh air. A change of scenery. But little did you know, this summer was going to change your life forever. 

A Dean x Reader AU Series. 

Warnings include: FLUFF, Angst, Emotional and Physical Abuse, Multiple Mentions of Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, Minor Alcohol Use. Mechanic!Dean. Others will be included at the beginning of each part. I don’t want to give everything away all at once. 

Part 1 coming June 20th 2017.

There is a total of 20 parts as of right now. All will be posted throughout the summer. 

Forevers Will NOT be included so please add yourself to the list. So if you get tagged in this post and want to be tagged in the series, you need to add yourself/send me an ask!!!
If you are on the Dean list, DO NOT add yourself to this list. 

Add yourself or send me an ask.


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FINALLY DONE! This summer I worked at Zara and I wanted to draw my all team to thanks them for their welcome! Some of them were really kind, some were… ok ^^ And I also needed to practice a little because i haven’t done a lot of drawings during my “vacations” :p 

You are more than 4K following me!!! that’s CRAAAAAAAZZZZZYYYY thank you sooo much for the support it really motivates me :D (by the way sorry for the poor english T-T) I would like to add an “ask” link on my tumblr theme without changing everything…but I don’t know how… but I will find (: !

Unlikely Help

Crowley x Reader

450 Words

A/N: An Anon request from the drabble prompt list. Picked #6:  “I just like proving you wrong.” With Crowley

HERE is the list of drabble prompts

HERE is the list of completed drabbles

When your brothers disappeared, you weren’t sure to turn to. Cas had disappeared along with them, and you had no one else. You had tried everything beforehand. Calling, texts. Even praying to Cas. But when two days past, and you still hadn’t heard from them, you really began to worry.

Without his number in your phone, you had to resort to the ancient way of calling him. Always grateful you lived in the well stocked bunker, it was easy to gather the items you needed. Heading into the safest room of the bunker, you shut the iron door behind you. Setting the bowl on the ground, you began the simple spell. After slicing your palm, you said the words, the smoke turning red as you summoned the King of Hell.

You didn’t have to wait long before your nose was greeted with the smell of sulfur and rich, Italian clothes. “What is it with you Winchesters and no phones? We’re not in the medieval times anymore.”

“I’m sorry Crowley. I didn’t have your phone number.” You apologized, as the Demon turned in surprise.

“Y/N? I wasn’t expecting you. I thought it would be moose, or squirrel. Not the little sparrow.” He muttered, a slight smile pulling at his lips. “What do I owe this pleasure to darling?”

“I know it’s a long shot, but I could really use your help.” You started, hating that you would owe the King of Hell a favor.

“What did those morons get into this time?” He sighed, looking down at his fingernails as if he was bored.

“I don’t’ know. But they haven’t answered, and I’m worried.” You explained.

“And what do I get in return?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at you.

Sighing, you knew this was a bad idea. It would probably cost you more than you wanted to work with him, and you didn’t have time for his games. “You know what? Never mind. I’ll find them myself.”

Turning to leave, you were surprised when he called out. “Sparrow, wait!”

“What Crowley? My brother’s might be dead, and I can’t find them!” An errant tear slipped down your cheek.

“I’ll help you. No favors. Just because I want to.” He told you sincerely.

“Really?” You asked, wiping the tears from your cheek. “You’re not teasing me?”

“No, I want to help you. I’ll do everything in my power to bring your brothers back. Just don’t cry.” He insisted, and you gave him a small smile in reward.

“Thank you so much. But I still don’t get why you changed your mind.” You said just as he was getting ready to go.

“I just like proving you wrong.” He teased. “But seriously Sparrow? You’re nothing like your brothers, and I enjoy your company.

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The Skype Call

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

Summary - Your son misses Seth so you decide to video chat with Seth #20 in the parental prompt list 

Pairing - Seth Rollins X Female Reader + Son 

WordCount - 1,081

Requested by - Anon

Written by - Tacha

Key - Y/S/N - Your Son’s name. 

A/N - The first person who inbox’s us a Superstar will be who the next Fic will be about

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Y/S/N had an important day. He was finally old enough to try out for the Wrestling team and he couldn’t have been more excited. Leading up to the tryout Y/S/N had talked about it non-stop. He wanted to be just like Seth. He wanted to make both of you proud even though you were already proud of him no matter what he decided to do.

Unfortunately, when the time came Y/S/N didn’t make the Wrestling team. The entire drive home Y/S/N remained silent. Even when you stopped off to get his favourite take out and desert. You could only imagine what was going through Y/S/N’s head. Seth had been on the road for about a month and while Y/S/N was now at an age where he understood what his Father did, It wasn’t easy. Especially when you knew that as soon as he saw Seth his mood would change in a heartbeat. 

“You know there’s going to be other tryouts.” You spoke gently as you pulled up to the house. 

“I know…but Dad’s so good at everything…he’d probably get it done on the first try.” Y/S/N mumbled as kicked the back of the passenger chair. 

“No. Do you think your Dad got to where he is on the first try? He didn’t. He’s had setbacks but do you want he didn’t do….he didn’t give up.” Y/S/N sighed. Rejection was a hard pill to swallow. He was still so young but he seemed to have his heart set on becoming a wrestler like his Dad.  

“All the boys laughed at me when I didn’t make it. They already don’t believe that my Dad is Seth Rollins.” Children at times could be astonishingly cruel and while Seth hadn’t been able to pick or take Y/S/N you knew he had been wanting too. 

“Perhaps it was best you didn’t make the team them Buddy. Besides, you and Dad spoke about doing some training with him remember we’re going on the road with him for the Summer break. Do you know what I know what will cheer you up come on?” Turning off the car you gathered Y/S/N bags out of the car before grabbing the bags off of food before heading into the house. 

“Go get changed and I’ll sort everything out?” You called to Y/S/N who was already heading up the stairs as you were dropping your keys into the bowl. 

“Can I changed into my pyjamas?” Y/S/N yelled from the top off of the stairs.

“You can get changed into whatever you want but make sure you bring your clothes down so I could get them washed” You replied before placing the food on the dining table before heading towards the kitchen to get some plates. After you put the food on the plates, you turned on your laptop loading Skype before heading to grab some classes and plates for desserts. You heard Y/S/N’s footsteps coming downstairs stopping suddenly. 

“Mum, what’s this?” 

“I thought we could video chat Dad while you had your dinner. We haven’t spoken to him in a couple of days.” Y/S/N tackled you in a hug, you laughed before stroking Y/S/N brown locks. He so resembled his Father. It was the little things he did sometimes you couldn’t help but watch and smile. 

“Go wash your hands and then we will call him. Did you bring your clothes down?” 

“Yeah, I’ll go put them in the washing machine.” Y/S/N ran off as you slowly observed a smile appear on his face. Seeing Seth would definitely do him some good. 

Y/S/N and you sat at the table waiting for Seth to answer the call. You had texted him asking him if he was busy and when he replied with no you knew he said yes it would make Y/S/N’s day. 

On the fourth ring, Seth picked up and soon the handsome face of your longtime boyfriend appeared on the screen. 

“Well if it isn’t my two favourite people ever. How did tryouts go?” Seth asked about the one thing you were secretly hoping that he had forgotten about. However knowing Seth he would have it written down or something.

“I didn’t make the team. I’m sorry I let you down.” Y/S/N looked down at his dinner suddenly toying with it. 

“You didn’t let me down. So you didn’t make the Wrestling team. You don’t have to be on the Wrestling team to be a wrestler.” 

“Yeah take me for example. I just liked beating people up.” You heard a familiar voice echo in the background for Dean’s face popped up beside’s Seth’s 

“Don’t encourage my son to get into fights. Y/S/N ignore him. The only time you ever allowed to throw a fist is when you’re in the ring or you’re defending yourself.” Dean shrugged as Seth rolled his eyes.

“Hey Y/N, you’re looking as beautiful as ever. Have you done something different with your hair?” Dean winked at you this time it was your time to roll your eyes. 

“Hey, you’re married now. Keep your winking eye off of my girl and on your wife okay?”

“Just because you haven’t got the balls to ask Y/N to marry you.” Dean looked at Seth with a raised eyebrow. 

“Dad, why aren’t you and Mum married?” Y/S/N commentated. You really did want a hole to suck you up right now. 

“Well, I…Well, I…Obviously, we want to get married and we’ve spoken about having more children but I just haven’t gotten around to anything yet.” Seth had gone a lovely shade of red while you wishing the conversation would end. 

“But you want to marry Mum right?” Y/S/N questioned further. 

“Yeah of course I do. Do you still want to come and travel with me during the Summer?”

“Yeah, we can bring Mum though right?” 

“Well duh.”

“Then you can come to Uncle Dean’s house and we can have fun.” Dean popped up. If looks could kill Dean would be dead. 

“Who said you were a part of the plan?” Seth snarled at him. 

“Who said you were a part of mine and Roman’s plan?” Dean smiled hugely his dimples popped. 

“What plan?” Seth looked at him before Dean shoved him off of the chair leaving just Dean on the screen. 

“What is the plan, Uncle Dean?” Y/S/N asked Dean leant forward really close to the camera. 

“you’re just going to have to wait until the Summer little man. But I promise you’re going to have the Summer of your life.”

Okay so I was having a conversation with a friend, and we were talking about how we’d want to be friends with 5SOS. No romantic feelings, just friends and there will never be any feelings between you. You know everything about them, and he knows everything about you, he could name a very specific thing about you after months of not seeing each other. You’re not the type of friends that need to see each other everyday, you can go months without seeing each other and nothing has changed. Rarely you miss each other, but sometimes he’ll post a picture of you, and it’ll be one of you mid laugh or eating cereal or something, and the caption will be: missing this dork. You’d respond with: lol, can’t relate.  That’s what your friendship consists of, insults and just being annoying. If he wants your attention, he’ll continuously unfollow you then follow you back, because he knows you’ll get the notification. Although it’s not always fun and games, they’ll go to you for advice and visa versa, if one of you were upset, you’d go to the other one and talk it out until it was alright again. You’ve got each other’s backs, and you’ll always be there, through it all, through the highs and lows. Idk, I just wanna be friends with them, could you imagine not seeing them after a long time, and using your key he gave you and entering his house, he knows exactly who it is, and you just sit on the opposite side of the couch and just go on your phone or watch whatever tv show he was watching, then after 10 or 15 minutes he goes: hey. I just really love this concept

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Summer (15)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14
Part 15

Description: Jiyoon and Jongin had been best friends since birth thanks to their families. They visit a cabin every summer, nothing changed until both of them had graduated, soon off to college. This would be their last time at the family cabin for years to come, and things begin to change for Jongin. What happens when he begins to realize everything too late?

Word Count: 2,735

Warning: Smut, Abuse (*Not Jongin*)

Pairing: Kim Jongin (Kai) x OC (Park Jiyoon)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Xiufairy’s Masterlist ㅅㅇㅅ

(A/N: This may include inaccurate representations of Kai’s family because I don’t know them, nor do I claim them as characters.)


Originally posted by kuroijack

The first thing Jongin wanted to do was go see Jisoo. Jiyoon couldn’t blame him and gladly brought him to her mother’s house, where Jongin’s mother was still sitting with Jisoo. The three of them went into Jiyoon’s old bedroom - a room that Jongin was more than familiar with.

He held Jisoo on his lap, playing with her hair while she played with his phone. Jiyoon didn’t find it hard to talk to him, it was almost like she did remember him. She knew nearly every detail of their relationship, yet it felt off. She wanted to remember what it was like to experience those things.

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Tag List

Alright, it’s been a few months since I last updated my tag list. I have far more inactive than I do active so I figured; UPDATE TIME!

I no longer have a forever tag list. I have a Dean, Sam, Jensen and Jared list. If you want on a series list, like Summer Fling or Perfect, let me know.

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My current tag lists will be used until the end of July!

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type 1

I fell in love with his laugh first. Not quite with the way it sounded, but the way I could recognize the sound from rooms away. The sound infatuated every cell in my body.

Then I obsessed over his touch. The way his hand moved up and down every part of my body sending up goosebumps within every inch of every hair follicle on my skin.

Next was the way his mouth formed when he spoke my name. The way each syllable rolled off the tip of his tongue- and the way my name sounded under different circumstances during our duration.

It was eventually his body. The way each curve formed out to fit mine- holding me tight while I dreamt of what it would be like if he were to never let go.

Lastly- the little things in-between. The way he always said sorry after sneezing, or the way he would pick fights with how high our GPA’s were. The way he would stare at me in the middle of class, and the way his face lit up anytime baseball was brought up into conversation. The pain I could see behind his eyes when he talked about his dad, or the pride in his voice when he spoke of Canada. The way his love for God showed through in everything he did, and the way he tried to express his feelings without becoming ‘less of a man.’ The way he took interest in my passions- running and ballet, even when really, he knew nothing or the sorts. He was wonderful. What happened to him? What could’ve possibly turned him into what he is today?

First, it was the nudes. 'Just take off your clothes’ he would say. 'No one will find out’ he would say. 'Just two pictures i swear.’ Right. 'Just’ two pictures.

Then, it was the constant movie dates. The way I’d always find his hands trying to maneuver around my leg and up my thigh. 'Stop.’ I would say. He would stop. I thought it would end. I thought everything would be okay. I thought my dream was still a dream.

Next were the awkward questions. Was I planning on saving myself until marriage, or would I ever consider losing it earlier 'for him’? 'Babe, we’ll be together forever, so why not?’ That was June.

Finally, the word got out about what he was trying to pressure me into. Word got out about the nudes that could have or couldn’t have happened. Word got out about him wanted sex. Oops. Sorry, my bad. There was no fight. No closure. It was just- over…done…and forgotten. But was it? Is it?

I think it was the way summer changes people. It was the way summer 2016 changed him. He’s just a boy. A foolish, thirsty boy. But oh my God, how I loved that boy. Oh, how i still love that boy.

-excerpt number 45 on everything about you

Lost Memories. (TylerxReader)

Warning: if you are a sensitive person I would not recommend reading this. Also, *Starts to whisper* this is one of my *cough* bts *cough* writings that I just wrote last night *normal voice* I just changed the names. I also put in some of the my other writings if you recognize some of it that’s why. But I did 100% write this. I was just lazy and wanted to post something. Okay bye~

He was gone. He was really gone. No note, just a camera sitting on the bed next to him.

Start Of Video

The camera moved around as I tried setting it up on a rock. Tyler, was up in a tree branch drinking a bottle of water. The summer sun was going down and the heat was gone.

“Why do you record everything, I will never understand.” Tyler gets down from the tree and stands by me.

“Sometimes you forget the small memories and sometimes you want to get as close as possible to a certain memory. This is why I record, so I won’t forget.” I explain to him and point the camera toward Tyler.

“Ah, so you don’t want to forget me?” He chuckled and winked. “Kidding, but what is there to record? We’re just at a park.”

“There’s always more to everything.”

“Oh Y/n, always so deep.” He pats my head and takes the camera.

“Hello future Y/n, how’s life? All good I hope. In 8 years i’ll be 24 and you’ll be 23. I hope we still talk. Oh, how am I? Do I still look as sexy as ever?” He chuckles and paused for a moment to think. “Are we married? I hope so.”

He looks at me and smiles, as I blush and hide my face in my…well Tyler’s sweater that I was wearing. I playfully hit him and take the camera back.

“Yah, don’t say that. We’re not even a couple”

He takes the camera again and points it towards us. He wraps his hands around my waist as my back faces him. (Like a back hug ya know?)

“Correction, we’re not a couple yet.” He smiles.

“Huh, what do you mean?” I was confused and turned around to look at him.

“I’ve….I’ve liked you. I always have. But I was to scared to say anything. Y/F/n, will you do me the great honor of being my girlfriend?”

“Hmm, I mean….” I pretend to hesitate and get out of his grip.

“Um, i-its okay I’m sor-” His eyes widen and his smile disappears.

“Yah, idiot. I was kidding. Yes, I will be your girlfriend.” I hug him and he hugs back. Letting out a breath of relief.

“Oh, thank god. Don’t worry, I’ll treat you right.”

End of Video. The confession.

“Yah, don’t record me.” Tyler looked away and laughed, showing off his smile.

“You’re so beautiful, I need to treasure this moment.” I chuckle and point the camera back at him.

We were sitting on a rock, watching the sunset fade away. Our feet dangling, due to the lack of height. The gray and orange sunset looked like a painting. Mixing colors of purple and gray.

“You act as if I’m leaving, Y/n. Why? I will always be by your side, love. No matter what.” He paused and hugged me. “I-I love you. I’m in love with you.”

I gasped and hugged him tighter, dropping the camera. The camera fell into the perfect position. Pointing at Tyler and I hugging and the sunset behind us. Our silhouettes, outlined in black.

“I love you too, Tyler.”

The Video Ends. The first ‘I love you.’

“Get the camera angle right, Brendon. You keep shaking.“ Josh said.

“Ugh, I’m trying but you keep telling me what to do when I already know.” Brendon rolls his eyes.

“Can we just start this?” Tyler asked grabbing the mic and getting into position.

“Yea, sure come on.”

*Starts to play the song ‘Tear in my heart’* .

“Happy One year, Y/n. I love you and can’t live without you.” Tyler smiles and blows a kiss to the camera.

“They are literall goals. I want this in life.” Brendon pretends to cry.

“Okay, and we’re done now. Wait, how do you turn this off?” Tyler asks confused. The camera got really close up to his face as he tries to turn it off. “Oh, I got it-”

End of Video

First anniversary

“Hey Y/n, welcome to Tyler vlog. Haha.” The laugh was fake. It was obvious that he was hurting. His skin pale and his face was a little sunken in. “So, we broke up. I-I don’t know if I could take this much longer.”

Tears were streaming down his face and his once beautiful brown eyes were now dull and red.

“I’m sorry, I should have never doubt your love. I should have trusted you. If I was there you wouldn’t have turned to Josh. I should have never accused you of cheating. I’m an idiot, I know. But Y/n, this hurts so much. I feel like I’m going to die because of how much my heart hurts. This is my fault I know. But, I can’t lose you. I just can’t. I can’t live without the touch of you. Just being in your presence is more than I deserve.”

End of Video.

“Yea, you should have been there. I was playing basket ball with Josh and tried passing him the ball but he wasn’t paying attention and nailed him straight in the face.” Tyler laughed.

I chuckled and looked around. The beach was beautiful at night. The moon reflecting on the water. Tyler saw the camera and immediately looked away covering his face.

“Tyler, look at the camera and stop hiding your face. You’re cute~.”

“No~, I look bad.”

“Are you kidding me. You’re Tyler Joseph.” I laugh and start rapping but fail.

“Oh my, baby. You can’t rap.” Tyler laughs and looks at me as I pout.

“Hey, that’s mean.”

“It’s okay, I’ll teach you. But, can we go play in the water?”

He points to the water and looks back at me and grabs my hand.

“Ugh, Fine.” I laugh.

End of Video. Making memories.

“Hey, Y/n. You haven’t used this camera in a long time. So, I decided to take it. Make ya know Tyler vlogs.” He chuckles. He looked tired as if he hasn’t sleep in a while. But, nonetheless he still looked good.

“So, we’re fighting, once again.”

~Flash back to the night of the fight~

“You could have done something about it! Instead you just sat there flirting? Wow.. how low can you get in a Matter of 10 minutes?” I yelled. Tears threatening to spill. I refuse to cry. I blink it back I was brave.

“Wow, I was flirting? What were you doing, just getting ‘Friendly’ with that other guy Y/N? I don’t think so!” He yelled trying to overpower my voice from being heard.

“Listen to me Tyler I was not flirting, I was trying to get him off me for your Information. I have nothing to prove to you because I did nothing wrong. What’s your excuse? Did undressing each other with your eyes not work?” I just wanted to run right now.

“You have to understand my point of view Tyler.” You yelled. “It sure as hell looked like something.”

“Your over reacting Y/n.” Tyler yelled overpowering your voice.

That’s it, you were done yelling. You were tired of yelling day after day with Tyler. You slid down the wall. Hands covering your face, tears leaking out, giving up hope.

“Please. I can’t do this anymore. it’s all too much.” Your voice barley Audible but still loud enough to hear.

“W-what are you talking about?” He stuttered.

“It’s time to give up. On us. Hell, I’ve given up on everything.”

“You can’t be saying this. Y-you can’t b-be. Y/n I love you. F-forever and Always. Remember that?” His eyes turning into something you weren’t familiar with. His head tilted, eyes watering as if he was trying not to cry. Pain, misery and hopelessness was read all by his face.

“Tyler, some things aren’t ment to last for ever…..listen I’m going away….a-and you can’t do anything about it but I …..I will be back maybe in days or years but I will be back…..I promise.”

You said as you walked to your room that you and Tyler had shared and packed your bags. You planned on going to Josh. He probably already saw this coming. You told Josh everything. Down to the smallest detail. No matter how personal.

“Please, please I’m begging you please.” Tyler’s eyes had darkened. They were no longer soft brown but dull and red.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered as you walked out the door with bags in your hand. It was Foggy outside. The air was misty yet cool. Grey clouds flood the dull night sky.

Stars sprinkled around the galaxy. The roads were glistening from the rain that had happened early in the day. It was oddly relaxing. Winter was your favorite season. For most it had been Summer but you always liked the cold for some reason.

Trees were green yet loosing color but still kept it’s beauty. You planned on walking all the way to Josh’s The roads were long but nothing you couldn’t handle.

~End of flash back~

“I guess, I’m….I’m going to say things that I could never tell you in person. I guess someday you’ll stumble upon this and know the truth. It’s funny isn’t it. How life can be so cruel. It gives the most beautiful and precious things and then takes it away.” A tear fell down his cheeks. “I-I love you. But, I feel like..I’m not good enough for you. Fuck, I feel like I’m not good enough for myself.

You deserve better.“

End Of Video. True Feelings.

“Why am I here today? Why do I breath the air I breath? Why am I alive? Simple, because of her. The love of my life. My Princess with a broken crown. My beloved and only. My everything. I’m here because of her. It’s funny how a simple existence can make such a great change in the world.Well, at least to my world.

You didn’t have to do much to make me fall in love so quickly. Hell, all you had to do was breath. Literally, all you had to do was breath because I couldn’t live in a world without her. Oh, how cliché, I know. Looking at you, I only saw perfection. Nothing more, nothing less.

“Y/n, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. I feel like I’m not myself but a prisoner to my own body. I think it’s time to say goodbye. I-I love you so much. But, I need to go. Please forgive me. But, you need to forget me and live your life. I- I can’t. I love you. Thank you for everything.”

Tyler’s Point of Veiw

I end the video with tears streaming down my face. I can’t be selfish. I need to let her go. I have to, for her own good.

I lay down with pills in my hand and swallow as much as possible. Freeing my self from this world as I am consumed by the darkness.

End of Video.

Your Point of Veiw

This is my fault. This is all my fault and I know it. No one could tell me any different. I cry and fall to the ground hugging my knees. It’s been a couple days and I couldn’t take it anymore. I miss him, I need him. I’m trying to get through but I’m not seeing hope.