this summer has been amazing


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This summer has been amazing, everyone. Just absolutely amazing. I don’t deserve a single one of you or your incredible support. I’ll try to keep things active while at school with live streams and more drawing prompts, but, for now, this ends things for now. I will see you next summer. Goodbye all you lovely, darling, charming people. I love you all. AMADEUCES!!

- Admin

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Hey friends! I finish my neurosurgery summer program tomorrow and I will have much more energy for blogging once I’m not waking at 5am daily.

It has been an amazing summer. I look forward to sharing it and hearing about all of yours!

Remember that all who walk a spiritual path are not strangers to one another. We are all of one family and one tribe, in a sense. I try to be here as a brother and it is a privilege to connect with you all.

I wish only for peace, freedom, and happiness without exception for each and every one of you.

Namaste. Much Love :)

I wanted to catch the Cardinal family with the two babies that I have been spotting and hearing all over the yard in the last couple of days on camera, so I put the booth on the ground again. Well there lol

We did some extensive gardening this weekend, and my bird variety has dropped a lot recently because of migration and the commotion in the yard, so I did not have a lot of photos this weekend. I hope things will pick up again once everybody sorted themselves out for the colder season. This summer has been pretty amazing birdphoto-wise, and I hope I can keep things interesting. I have not seen a Goldfinch in seemingly forever, but a Redbreasted Nuthatch the other day, and Chipping Sparrows. The Orioles are still coming, as well as the Hummingbirds. Have a good start into the week if you are in America, and a happy Tuesday to everybody else :)


hey hi hello friends!! i hope everyone’s summer has been amazing so far and that it only gets better from here! i know i’ve been MIA but i’ve been happy and well. for anyone who still keeps up w my life, here’s a lil update: i just got back from a 10 day europe trip where i visited germany, italy, austria, slovakia, and hungary and had the most amazing time, i’ve been running consistently but not as much as i used to (scaled down to 10-15 miles a week from the ol 25-30), and i’ve started sleeping earlier and waking up earlier to run before work (this is huge cause i’m a total night owl and not a morning person at all). overall i’ve been doing well and i recently just started doing more things that contribute to my overall self improvement such as reading more (currently feasting on 1984), practicing drawing, spending more time w my family & myself, and finally sleeping enough!! i’m also coming up on 7 months relapse free and that in itself feels so amazing. 2017 is finally starting to feel like my year :)

I Know You In Summer

I wrote this for the amazing @questionboxjuliet , who has been the loveliest person ever, and who recently met Ezra and his band! Yay Juliet! <3 Thank you for always being ready with a kind word and hug <3 I hope you enjoy this!

His neck prickles under the starched white collar, and Percival’s fingers twitch in irritation, itching to tug his collar open lest he suffocate from the stifling hot air of summer in New York. Decorum and his pride however, prevents him from looking anything less than immaculate in front of his Department, less everyone suddenly decides that it’s all right to come into work with unkempt clothing just because it’s hot. So the collar remains buttoned up, and the tie remains snugly bound against his throat, chafing his Adam’s apple rather uncomfortably. He clicks his tongue in annoyance at the file open before him, and not for the first time, wonders why this seemingly insignificant case about an accident involving a No-Maj must be handled by the Director.

Sighing for what must be the nth time, he attempts to focus on the words before him, but the sweltering heat coaxes beads of sweat to gather around his neck and further distracts him from the case file. He’s about to give up reading the damn thing, when his gaze lands on something that makes him start for a bit. Why would a No-Maj be working at some place called Obscurus Books? He skims through the rest of the document, reading about how the No-Maj, a Peter Collins, suddenly turned up on the streets one day, babbling about magic, understanding now the risk of the wizarding community being exposed. It’s only due to sheer luck that one of the people who overheard Collins’ rant happened to be an Auror, who immediately wiped his memories and put a Tracking charm on him. So far, Collins isn’t giving them any more problems, but the fact that a No-Maj somehow came into contact with someone in the wizarding community has MACUSA on alert.

Seeing as there are currently no other leads to solving the case, Percival decides to pay Obscurus Books a visit, as well as take a breather from the stifling air of his office. A blast of hot air greets him as he steps out into the streets of New York, and he grimaces as he makes his way through the throngs of people to his destination. He supposes he’s grateful it’s not achingly cold at least; his bad leg is annoyingly sensitive to the cold, and even throbs during rainy days. His feet carry him through the familiar streets of his home, and he’s oblivious to the chatter and sounds of the bustling city, submerged within wisps of memories of his return to MACUSA. He doesn’t feel like himself, like the soul trapped in this body isn’t his, like the man staring back at him in the mirror isn’t him. He doesn’t quite know who he is anymore, and from the tentative glances his people dart at him when they think he isn’t looking, no one else does, either. His lip curls in the irony of how he, once the second most powerful wizard in wizarding America, has fallen from such heights. No longer do people whisper his name in reverence, “Percival Graves, the war hero, the saviour of wizarding America”. Now, his name is a curse on the lips of those he’s sworn to protect, whispered in fear because who’s to say he isn’t in league with Grindelwald?

The little bell tinkles and sun filters into the dim surroundings of the little shop, filled with dusty tomes and quietly squeaking floorboards. There isn’t anyone about, and Percival hears his heartbeat pounding rhythmically in his ears. He walks cautiously through the expanse of the shop, curiously surveying the books lining the shelves haphazardly. Some feebly try to escape, but Percival can almost see the charms locking them in place, fine and translucent, and realises the dust isn’t quite dust, but rather the charms themselves. He reaches out idly, and one errant strand shies away from his touch, slipping back meekly into place with the rest of the charms.

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Last night of summer!

Buckle up bitches, i’m about to get emotional. This summer has been amazing, when i look back at it, it’s the first summer where i honestly stayed clean throughout it all, for the past five years. 

I’m honestly so thankful to have met you all and to have you all in my life, you’ve put up with my annoyingness and god knows what. You’ve put up with me moving blogs and god, i love you all so much. Fuck, i can’t describe how much you all mean to me, like i’ve got so many flipping memories this summer, i mean, i completed my first ever fanfic this summer and it was fucking amazing. 

I’ve only been back on football tumblr for a few months, but, god, i can’t imagine what life would be like without you all in it, honestly, i can’t thank you enough for the past few months, like, i never imagine my summer and the start of my second year of college would end and start like this. You’re honestly all a massive part of my life and you all inspire me to the best i possibly can, (Shoutout to @eatingcroutons, @lahmly and @simplyirenic for nagging at me to do my work, and to @oldtrafford for telling me not too :D)

Fuck, i’m actually crying, this summer was honestly so important, it was my last summer before everything changes, before i start applying for uni, before choosing what to do with my life. Thank you all for being part of it, seriously, i love you all so much. Thank you for putting up with my shit, whether i was drunk, tipsy or sober, it means a shit ton. 

Mentally, i’m in such a strong position, i’ve not been this strong in fucking years and it’s because i changed the people around me, I have you guys and that’s honestly more than i could ever imagine i would have. Summer 2017 has been full of new experiences, from working in the hospital, to not relapsing all summer. I can’t say thank you enough. Gracias. Merci.  Grazie. Danke sehr. God, i can’t say it enough. 

I love all of you so, so much, thank you all for becoming like family to me. I hope i haven’t annoyed you all too much, lmao. Whether we’ve spoken once or we spoke most days, i love you all so much.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! For the angst prompt, can I ask for #13 with kaito and the character of your choice? :3 you are an amazing writer and I hope this summer has been good to you~ \('u'\) \('u'\)

I can definitely write this. Yes, yes. I chose to make this a gen-fic between Toichi and Kaito. Because well, Gosho stated that Toichi is actually alive, and I wanted to explore how that would go. Hopefully this is worth the wait, anon!

13 -  “I hate you, but I think I hate myself more.”

Kaito supposes it’s only natural that he’s wearing red, because he is bleeding.

Not in a physical sense. He’s not punctured skin, hasn’t harmed himself physically. The suit is naturally red – he’s abandoned the black jacket, is standing only in a blood red shirt, collar slightly raised, – and maybe it’s fitting. Maybe, when Aoko had picked out the suit he’d wear for dinner tonight, she’d known that this was going to happen.

It’s unlikely, but Kaito feels like it’s his subconscious that’s been warning him this whole time. He’ll have to apologise later to Aoko for being unable to make dinner, but… Something more important has forced it’s way into his life.

Or rather: back into his life.

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happy blackout sept 6, 2017 guys this summer has been amazing from cosplaying to being a dope black chick.
#blackgirlmagic #blackcosplayer #blackisbeautiful #blackout

So with school right around the corner and some people already starting school, I just wanted to wish everyone a good school year! I know that school can be stressful so if any of you need to talk about anything or just want to talk feel free to message me, I’m always on this stupid site and ready to listen! This summer has been amazing and meeting all of the people who love Tom Holland has made my heart so happy so I also wanted to thank you all for such a great summer! Good luck everyone and if you’re down, just remember Tom Holland is living on the same planet as you are :)


Me And Bestie GiGi Getting Ready For Kay House Party

One of our boys Kaylen is having a house party with all of us almost like a last turn up before graduation in a week. Senior year has been so amazing. We just have summer and then its off to college 

PS-I chose where Im attending in the fall😋

PSS-Bae will be on the same campus 😜


Took a few weeks but I got most of the Kandi I got from EDC to Paradiso together. This summer has been so amazing I have met some of the most amazing people in the world. People who inspire me to do what I do and I met some of you who support me and love on my Kandi and I couldent ask for anything more. From edmhumor to Lady Casa. From californiarainbows to herbeautifulangel all of these people…and more…I couldent ask for more when I have so much…so much love…thank you all so much for some of the best moments of my life and I hope I get to enjoy more with you in the future :,)

An introduction !

Hi ! I’m Calis, and this is my liveblog blog where I’ll watch cartoons and comment about it, @orrtala‘s liveblogs really inspired me to create my own and .. well here I am. 
For my first liveblog I’ll watch Billy Dilley’s super duper subterranean summer, because this show has been advertized by disney XD as an amazing and wonderful adventure so let’s see if they weren’t lyin >:3 

Enjoy the liveblogs ! 

SO.Until now, this has been an hella amazing, fun, and intense summer. I have been to Annecy, where I had the pleasure of meeting many professionals from the industry and getting feedback. Then I’ve been off to Florence for a masterclass. I’ve basically spent the whole month of July storyboarding and animating with my fellow classmates, and that was honestly the best thing I could ask for.

THEN… I’m finally on vacation. Sleeping til 11 am every morning, randomly drawing and playing POKEMON GO!
That game got me like crazy. And of course I wanted to do some fanarts of my beloved team leaders, which I pretty much imagine as me and my friends are like…always. Blanche is out of battery, but she’s of course the one with the highest level, owning like ten Gyarados and two Paras. Candela is the sporty one, every morning she goes for her Pokerun to hatch her eggs, and Spark…he catches Pidgeys. All that in my very own neighborhood, yup.