this summer has been amazing

SO.Until now, this has been an hella amazing, fun, and intense summer. I have been to Annecy, where I had the pleasure of meeting many professionals from the industry and getting feedback. Then I’ve been off to Florence for a masterclass. I’ve basically spent the whole month of July storyboarding and animating with my fellow classmates, and that was honestly the best thing I could ask for.

THEN… I’m finally on vacation. Sleeping til 11 am every morning, randomly drawing and playing POKEMON GO!
That game got me like crazy. And of course I wanted to do some fanarts of my beloved team leaders, which I pretty much imagine as me and my friends are like…always. Blanche is out of battery, but she’s of course the one with the highest level, owning like ten Gyarados and two Paras. Candela is the sporty one, every morning she goes for her Pokerun to hatch her eggs, and Spark…he catches Pidgeys. All that in my very own neighborhood, yup.

Good morning babes ❤️

Man, this summer has been more than amazing. I’ve spent so much time in the water that it hurts to go without it for too long hah 🌊
How has this summer treated you so far?

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Giancarlo just left for college. Saying goodbye will never get easier, just harder. I will never run out of tears for these goodbyes, no matter where I am.. his house, my house, his aunt’s house, chipotle. This has been the most amazing summer because of him and I wish I never had to let go. I’m going to miss calling him at midnight because I don’t want to sleep alone.. A 7 hour drive isn’t enough to keep me from driving to him, but things will change once it becomes a 5 or 22 hour plane ride. Regardless, I will always be madly in love with my vegan, nerdy pup.

Get to Know Me // Bias Tag

Tagged by @clxichou - THANK YOU! I love new friends :D 

Bias Tag: list your 10 of your favorite biases (one per group)

One per group?! Good thing I’m what they call “loose” in kpop terminology. AKA  I stan all the groups.

1)    GOT7: Jinyoung

2)    EXO: Kai (honorable mention for Baek tho)

3)    BTS: Jimin (honorable mention for Suga)

4)    2PM: Junho

5)    VIXX: Ravi (honorable mention for Ken)

6)    Monsta X: Hyungwon


8)    DAY6: Brian. Lol poor Young K, forever trying to have a stage name

9)    Winner: Mino

10) SHINee: Jonghyun

Get to Know Me Tag: tag 10 random people you want to know better

relationship status? || Delusional and biased towards Jinyoung 

Wake up time? || Wake up at 6:00 AM every morning to work out

Favorite color? || Royal purple

Cats or dogs? || Dogs, I’m allergic to cats although this bums me out daily :(

Coke or Pepsi? || Actually, I don’t really drink soda!

Call or text? || Probably text. I don’t talk on the phone often

Chapstick or lipstick? || Chapstick

Last song you listened to? || She’s Dreaming, EXO

Tagging: I just did one of these and tagged a bunch of people soo I’m just going to say, if you want to be friends - please do and tag me!! :D

I miss and love you all right back! 🌹💞

Oh my gawd I haven’t been on tumblr in soooo long(because I’m actually living life after a rough ass first college semester), I logged in and all the love and “I miss you” messages are so overwhelming!

Guys it’s been the hottest summer in history here in Boston and my gorgeous wife and I have been enjoying every second of it! Summer 16 has been amazing to us in every aspect so it’s only right to put the phone down and enjoy the blessings!

As soon as winter starts approaching I’ll be back on this site posting often!

Pics of us coming soon wait on it 😍😁👰🏿👰🏽🐶.

bourbonandmint  asked:

welp so it's not a post in your tag but this way you can hang on to it and read it whenever. you know, you really are special. you are nice to other people even when they are not nice to you. i know this summer keeping touch has been hard, but you have done some really amazing things: moving out of a bad situation, a promotion at work, and you've come up with so many really amazing ideas, just like i told you yesterday. i just really think that you are amazing and strong. i love you, boo.


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Even though I only got an hour of sleep cuz you guys woke us up at 5am, I am glad we made it to this beach. This summer has been great because of you guys. To an amazing summer 16! 😍👨‍👨‍👧‍👦☀️🏄🏽🌊 #fam #yeet #lit #gumfuh (at Laguna Beach, California)

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I have just spent the week at Cambridge do a Sutton Trust summer school. This has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. We explored some undergraduate levels maths, which was both challenging and interesting, as well as seeing the unique teaching of supervisions. I experienced the delights of the city including punting and almost getting hit by a bike. I enjoyed the clubs and societies, making amazing friends and having a formal dinner followed by a disco.

Just before this, I finished my Nuffield research placement, writing a report on my findings and now preparing for my presentation.

I now have a lot of work to do in order to get ready to go back to school. This summer has been amazing giving me the ability to stretch my  academic work, even though it made be so tired it was well worth it.

Raj x

Philly Public Pool Closing Dates

What an amazing summer season it has been! We would like to thank our staff, lifeguards, and volunteers for a successful summer full of swim lessons, swim team activities, and aqua fitness. Typically, the last day of swimming is on the day before the pool closes, but please check with your local pool for a confirmed day. The dates of each pool closing are below.

Updated August 24, 2016

Friday, August 19th

  • Mitchell (3700 Whitehall Ln., 19114)
  • Vogt (4131 Unruh Ave., 19135) 
  • Bridesburg (4601 Richmond St., 19137) 
  • Hillside (201 Fountain St., 19128) 
  • MLK (2101 Cecil B. Moore Ave., 19121) 
  • Kingsessing (4901 Kingsessing Ave., 19143) 
  • J. Finnegan (6900 Grovers Ave., 19142)

Tuesday, August 23rd

  • Francisville (1737 Francis St., 19130)

Wednesday, August 24th 

  • Lawncrest (6000 Rising Sun Ave., 19111)
  • Waterloo  (2501 Waterloo St., 19133)
  • Kelly (4231 Landsdowne Dr., 19131)

Thursday, August 25th

  • Pleasant (6720 Boyer St., 19119)

Friday, August 26th

  • Max Myers (1601 Hellerman St., 19149)
  • Samuel (3459 Gaul St., 19134)
  • Feltonville (231-37 E. Wyoming Ave., 19120)
  • Kendrick (5822 Ridge Ave., 19128)
  • Awbury (6101 Ardleigh St., 19138)
  • Mander (2140 N. 33rd St., 19121)
  • Vare (2600 Morris St, 19145)
  • O’Connor (2601 South St., 19146)
  • Carousel (4300 Avenue of the Republic, 19131) 
  • Lee (4328 Haverford Ave., 19104)
  • Sayre  (5835 Spruce St., 19139)