this summer has been amazing

Our favorite color this summer has been this amazing Mustard tone, we have seen it in beach cruisers, surfboards, stucco pots filled with succulents, sunsets over the sand. This color was the obvious choice for our 70s inspired “Stay Messy” tee.

Shop the new tee here! 

6/7/15-Bio revision
It’s storming outside, which is good, because it makes studying a lot cozier. Choosing to spend this summer revising has been amazing so far. No deadlines, no homework, just learning.
I know the grades are coming in for IB graduates- please remember that no matter what, you are wonderful and important. Good luck!

My boyfriend and I went to the beach the other day with our friend, and she took this photo for us. We’ve been together for about 8 months now, and we’ve just moved in - the summer has been amazing so far.

Editorial: Summer’s written all over us...

Why do we always need to wait for the New Year to have good resolutions? We know haven’t!

This Summer has been amazing, and with that said we leave it with no regrets…but we also don’t really leave it since it’s not literally over yet…but you get the idea.The experiences we went through, good or bad, have made our skins thicker and we can start the Fall with new insights and a more positive outlook. 

Fashion is the word everyone is going to have in their mouth these weeks. With the different fashion weeks coming up, all the new lines coming in stores, the new fashion ads we’re all drooling over and of course it’s SEPTEMBER, so it’s going to get out of control! On our side we’ve selected a few trends we think are going to turn your wardrobe upside down. Are you more interested in getting your style a bit more Parisian with  more black pieces, or are you into getting that Californian thing on with white pieces? It’s your choice. 

On a nice music note, the Queen of Pop Britney Pears is releasing her 9th studio album Glory and we can’t help but get ready to dance like loonies on her latest installment. Also we’re impatiently waiting for OneRepublic’s new music and we’re losing our minds over M.I.A.‘s  A.I.M. album coming out on the 9th of September.

We’ve watched the documentary Poverty Inc. and the incredibility of it is that it doesn’t leave you with nothing to say. This movie is amazing and educates people on how poverty can actually be produced by extreme charity done in developing countries. We’ll tell you all about it. 

And a year ago, Interpol banned the use of DNP Pills because of their controversial results but it has never been easier to acquire them online. On WeeklyPageOne, we investigate on the reason why they’re so dangerous. 

And that’s it! Summer might be ending but we’re entering a great phase and we’re so happy to share it with you. No matter how we’re slowly entering The Fall Season, Summer’s still written all over us!

Chris Vianney.




Ahoy, matey! (Haha) Welcome to chromART’s fourth consecutive “Artist of The Week Interview" . Let me tell you, it has been amazing interviewing all these wonderful artists and posting such wonderful artwork.  

Before I start with my introduction, I think I need to back track a little. To all our 14 followers, thank you so much for supporting us, and everyone else that has reblogged any of our interviews in the past. 

chromART is a New York based start up company created by 5 high school girls for a tech competition to create an Android app, and business in 2 months. 

Yes, you heard that right. 5 high school girls, all of different ethnicities, creating an app and kick starting our own business. It has been an amazing summer but the clock is ticking. We gave one week until we go to the Semi-finals, and hopefully, the Finals. If we win we get $5,000, which will be used for paying for college (most of us are seniors). 

And what is the app? chromART is a platform for aspiring artists to connect with one other, get discovered and create a community base that will expand as the years progress. Please note that we had less than a  month to get the whole app under way, and we’re still in the beta version. We also have to clean up our presentation to gt ready for the judges in September.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on writing this much but the month is almost up and we still have ALOT to do.

Please, please get the word out there about this blog. We have links to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter up there as well.  Like, reblog, follow, promote or whatever! If you're interested in learning more or even beta testing, send me an message!

Please! Every little bit helps and we need the support. 

Now, on to our Artist Interview. 

This week’s artist is Captain Hanni, you can check out their blog in the link provided.

I encourage everyone to check them out. They are a wonderful human being with some fantastic art up.  Also, Hanni will be starting a webcomic soon with their OC’s "Belial and Reno” as well as opening up commissions in the near future. 

The interview will go live Sunday, so please be on the look out!


6 Beauty Products That Helped Me Survive Summer

This summer has been amazing in a lot of ways, except for my beauty regimen. Long nights out, muggy NYC heat, and living out of suitcases and garbage bags for an extended period of time has forced me to cut down on my usual “2 pairs of lashes and a full face of makeup every day” shtick and go back to basics. Although I love going all out with my makeup looks, having a summer consisting mostly of nothing but some concealer and mascara has actually been pretty refreshing. So without further ado, here’s a short list of some products I actually have relied on these past few crazy unpredictable months.

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer – This stuff means business. It is by far the most waterproof concealer I’ve ever used, which is great for sweat and humidity and what not. It doesn’t even need powdering after you apply it either, which is really convenient. The only thing I suggest is to test out the colors in person before buying, because I find it does oxidize during the day.

External image

Maybelline Full n’ Soft Mascara – My favorite for years and still going strong. Doesn’t smudge, doesn’t make your lashes feel crunchy, overall just a nice no-frills mascara for everyday.

External image

eBay Moon Nail Glitter – My go-to “I wanna look like I tried but not actually try” trick is to just put a couple of these under my eyes with some lash glue. There’s enough colors to match any outfit and you’ll feel like the creepy little princess from The NeverEnding Story all night, which is never a bad thing.

External image

BH Cosmetics “Take Me To Brazil Palette” – This thing is insanely cheap, really pigmented, has a great selection of colors, and one of the greens perfectly matches my hair/eyebrows. I just take this with me everywhere and can do any look I need with it. Perfection.

External image

Bioderma Photoderm MAX Fluid SPF 100 Sunscreen -  I will preach of this sunscreen every summer until everyone on Earth is converted. I’m a delicate lily white flower, so SPF 100 is what makes me feel safe walking outside (what does “overkill” mean?), but they have lesser SPFs for, you know, normal people. It’s very light, it doesn’t sting when I use it on my very sensitive skin like most sunscreens, and the bottle is nice and small for easy transportation.

Six Things Sunday/// 1. The Hobbit— something I really should read at some point! Some point soon!! 2. This summer has been the summer of amazing drinks I have made at home. The latest yum I have blitzed up is Rose Milkshake! It’s so good and so refreshing! 3. I tried Chia seeds in my morning cornflakes this morning and loved it! 4. I am making chicken in white curry for dinner! I am excited! 5. Are people still watching the IPL?? 6. I have books in the mail that should hopefully get to me tomorrow. Ain’t nothing better than books to kickstart a week!

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Took a few weeks but I got most of the Kandi I got from EDC to Paradiso together. This summer has been so amazing I have met some of the most amazing people in the world. People who inspire me to do what I do and I met some of you who support me and love on my Kandi and I couldent ask for anything more. From edmhumor to Lady Casa. From californiarainbows to herbeautifulangel all of these people…and more…I couldent ask for more when I have so much…so much love…thank you all so much for some of the best moments of my life and I hope I get to enjoy more with you in the future :,)