this summer has been amazing


Me And Bestie GiGi Getting Ready For Kay House Party

One of our boys Kaylen is having a house party with all of us almost like a last turn up before graduation in a week. Senior year has been so amazing. We just have summer and then its off to college 

PS-I chose where Im attending in the fall😋

PSS-Bae will be on the same campus 😜

& Our Hearts Beat In Reverse (2/3)
seblaine spring fling ‘17

fandom: Glee
pairing: Sebastian/Blaine, Sugar, Dottie, OCs
word count: 9,000
rating: r-rated
author’s notes: so yeah, this got away from me! a tremendous Thank You to everyone supporting this fic, the feedback has been AMAZING!


Summer kicks it up another few notches, and the forest heaves under the weight of the heat. It gets harder to breathe, the air laden with ozone, too thick to inhale, but that doesn’t stop people from swarming the beach; families with children, groups of teenagers trying to cool down in the water, and young lovers hoping to get away from their parents’ prying eyes.  

He meets Blaine for lunch and while he can’t resist a short game of footsie underneath the table he behaves himself for the most part. 

part one I part two: I ao3


Took a few weeks but I got most of the Kandi I got from EDC to Paradiso together. This summer has been so amazing I have met some of the most amazing people in the world. People who inspire me to do what I do and I met some of you who support me and love on my Kandi and I couldent ask for anything more. From edmhumor to Lady Casa. From californiarainbows to herbeautifulangel all of these people…and more…I couldent ask for more when I have so much…so much love…thank you all so much for some of the best moments of my life and I hope I get to enjoy more with you in the future :,)


This weekend has been amazing. Went to the summer ball for my university and saw god knows how many amazing bands, and then last night I got to see Alyssa Edwards live in my local gay bar. And she complimented my boots, fuck yeah. Happy Munday, guys, ft. my amazing best friend/roommate! 🎈

SO.Until now, this has been an hella amazing, fun, and intense summer. I have been to Annecy, where I had the pleasure of meeting many professionals from the industry and getting feedback. Then I’ve been off to Florence for a masterclass. I’ve basically spent the whole month of July storyboarding and animating with my fellow classmates, and that was honestly the best thing I could ask for.

THEN… I’m finally on vacation. Sleeping til 11 am every morning, randomly drawing and playing POKEMON GO!
That game got me like crazy. And of course I wanted to do some fanarts of my beloved team leaders, which I pretty much imagine as me and my friends are like…always. Blanche is out of battery, but she’s of course the one with the highest level, owning like ten Gyarados and two Paras. Candela is the sporty one, every morning she goes for her Pokerun to hatch her eggs, and Spark…he catches Pidgeys. All that in my very own neighborhood, yup.

anonymous asked:

Ugghh same this heat has been awful. It's been taking me hours to fall asleep at night because it's been so unbearably hot even at night. And I've had exams all week too T_T humid heat is so gross

Same, for real. I couldn’t fall asleep because of the humidity, so I decided to activate the ventilator and eventually, I fell asleep with the ventilator on. 



Ahoy, matey! (Haha) Welcome to chromART’s fourth consecutive “Artist of The Week Interview" . Let me tell you, it has been amazing interviewing all these wonderful artists and posting such wonderful artwork.  

Before I start with my introduction, I think I need to back track a little. To all our 14 followers, thank you so much for supporting us, and everyone else that has reblogged any of our interviews in the past. 

chromART is a New York based start up company created by 5 high school girls for a tech competition to create an Android app, and business in 2 months. 

Yes, you heard that right. 5 high school girls, all of different ethnicities, creating an app and kick starting our own business. It has been an amazing summer but the clock is ticking. We gave one week until we go to the Semi-finals, and hopefully, the Finals. If we win we get $5,000, which will be used for paying for college (most of us are seniors). 

And what is the app? chromART is a platform for aspiring artists to connect with one other, get discovered and create a community base that will expand as the years progress. Please note that we had less than a  month to get the whole app under way, and we’re still in the beta version. We also have to clean up our presentation to gt ready for the judges in September.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on writing this much but the month is almost up and we still have ALOT to do.

Please, please get the word out there about this blog. We have links to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter up there as well.  Like, reblog, follow, promote or whatever! If you're interested in learning more or even beta testing, send me an message!

Please! Every little bit helps and we need the support. 

Now, on to our Artist Interview. 

This week’s artist is Captain Hanni, you can check out their blog in the link provided.

I encourage everyone to check them out. They are a wonderful human being with some fantastic art up.  Also, Hanni will be starting a webcomic soon with their OC’s "Belial and Reno” as well as opening up commissions in the near future. 

The interview will go live Sunday, so please be on the look out!