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You are Water, I found my Oasis

So I’m still procrastinating writing this final essay, which of course means I had to write more Alyanette. I had to. Also I keep thinking about how great it would be to date a girl because of ALL THE CLOTHES you could share. And thus this story was born. 

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“You’re dating me for your closet, aren’t you?” Marinette asked, watching with amusement as another garment goes flying out of her closet. There is a muffled ooh! sound as the individual inside the closet throws yet another shirt into the growing pile on the floor. Marinette shakes her head affectionately, but calls out, “You know you’re going to have to clean up this mess when you’re done!”

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Ask blogs I tried to replicate @askbongtan @ask-chimchim @ask-bts-stuff @ask-jungcoco @ask-student-joonie

A little commentary I suppose? lol

askbongtan: their art style is quite relaxing to draw in? It’s simplistic and all of the palettes that they use are so nice to look at so it’s nice to recreate that. So much respect to them for using MS Paint I could not replicate the pixeliness for my life.
ask-chimchim: their style is so soft and cute ahh! I cried a lil when I noticed the lines in the hair bc hair? who’s she idk her. I really liked their lineart bc it’s with a soft brush and a darkish brown colour (at least for this one), and I realised that the lineart on its own looked off bc of how the shading finishes the piece which I thought was cool.
ask-bts-stuff: I really don’t know how all their characters look so expressive, it’s really something… I kinda took their chim wings idea and applied it to this guy, I hope that’s ok! ^^’ I also really like how their style is so quick to produce? So cool…
ask-jungcoco: All of their character designs are so unique and individual for the person, that I really needed to look through their blog to see what they’d already done ^^’ Their lineart is really angular, they colour their lines, and their shading is so simplistic; all of these features add so much charm to their blog, and I frankly can’t believe that they don’t have more notes and followers
ask-student-joonie: Their art is surprisingly hard to replicate? The sparkles and blushes are more difficult to place than you’d think! I feel like yours is the one I did worst on, which is such a shame since it’s so unique and refreshing and most of all, cute!

The muse is an OC I made a year and a bit ago and only redrew today ^^’ I don’t have much about him other than he’s grumpy 24/7 but somehow always cute? And that he’s an angsty teen cervitaur. Any suggestions for a name would be awesome!


went to see the 1975 last night!

it was an amazing concert and my sister screamed louder than i’ve ever heard her but that’s cool. i had too much fun. i wish i could live in that whole scenario again and again along with the stromae concert -sighs-

Matt Healy is a bae wtf >:(

this was a new way to colour uwu;;

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the 1975©.. o__o;;
Matt Healy©himself


 asked you: oh noo! ah you’re so sweet ;; anyway i had asked for a fanart of my fic the Witch’s Assistant in the JohnRose tag, you don’t have to read it cuz it’s long but i’d really love to see my characters in your style *cries*

this fanfic surprised me so much with how cute it was! we definitely need more fanfics of rose doing the majyyks as well. you guys should go read it!! also, im sorry this took so long ;w;

exodarkwolf16  asked:

I'm sorry if I made you upset, may I please request a bts reaction to their crush agreeing to go on a date with them :)

aeOf course! And don’t worry I’m not upset I just made myself super emotional when I was writing it!


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He’d quietly celebrate. When his crush said yes to going out for coffee he was overjoyed. He’d look super dorky and he silently jumps around and fist pumps. Protect this nerd. He’s so precious and adorable.


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Initially, he’d probably would be loud and yell a very loud “YES!” when his crush accepted his date proposal. He’d probably knock over a lamp when he jumped up from his seat(I’ve done that before rip) and would quickly calm himself down and clean up the lamp remains before Jin saw it.


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Protect this dweeb. He’d do a happy dance when his crush said yes to going on a date with him. To make things even better he’s in public and in front of his crush. Everyone is staring at him and his crush is containing their giggles. He quickly composes himself and mumbles a “call me” to his rush before he speed walks away with a blush on his face.


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He would so hyped. When she said yes to going on a date with him he would jump around and laugh. He would be like a hyper puppy for the rest of the day because she said yes. He’d probably talk his members ears off about how amazing she is and how lucky he is to go out with her.


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Yet another excitable puppy. He’d be so happy that she said she’d go out a date with him. He’d start picking out an outfit as soon as he got home and would be giggly and happy. Jin then would walk into his room and remind him that he had a week before the actual date to which he would reply that it didn’t matter and that everything had to perfect.


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He couldn’t believe that she said yes at first. He was already preparing himself to be turned down. When it actually registered in his brain that she said yes he wouldn’t know what to say and would just stand there dumfounded. When he finally got a hold of himself a large smile broke out across his face because how did he get so lucky?


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Surprisingly he would have the most “normal” reaction. He walked up to his crush very shyly and was very timid about asking her out. He had been prepared to get rejected so when she agreed to go out with him he was so happy. He picked her up and twirled her around (Disney style so cute I cri ;-;) and promised her it would be the best night of her life.