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MCU challenge | [1/3] relationships
↳ “When we fought each other in the past, I did so with the glimmer of hope that my brother was still in there somewhere. That hope no longer exists to protect you. You betray me and I will kill you.”

Ok so i couldn’t resist starting something ridiculous EVEN IF I HAVE TO BE UP IN LIKE TWO HOURS because of that stupid 0.00008 second lingerie scene in the promo. Ugh, I’m so thirsty for any ichabbie i can get. 

WIP, but i have some other stuff i’m working on >>; so may not finish before the premiere….


Female Gintama Character: *attacks a male character during a gag scene, defends herself against someone else’s stupidity*

Fandom: Ugh she’s so rude and mean, why does anybody like her?

Kamui: *abandons Kagura as a child, tries to kill her twice, openly sees women as only useful for having children*

Fandom: I love him he’s my son!! My husband!! Such cute trash!!

I’m not saying you can’t like or dislike a character. You can like kamui or a bad villain character and that’s not a problem. You can dislike any female character and that’s not a problem either, not all females are innocent pure beings made to be on pedestals, that’s not what I’m saying with the above post. What I am saying is that there is a prevelant, common difference in how female and male characters are treated by fans, as shown by the above.

Female characters can’t seem to escape the hate, while male characters who have done far worse are glorified and loved. It’s okay to like a bad character, that doesn’t make you a bad person in the least, but it seems like only male villains are treated this way, not the females.

But what about them? How are they treated in comparison?

Look at Matako. She’s with the antagonist side yes, but she’s never done with Kamui or Takasugi have done, and gets little to no attention. I’ve seen her reduced to “TAKASUGI SAMAAA” many times. She’s gotten just as much screentime as other side characters, yet not as much fandom related content. Certainly not even near the same level of love that others get.

What about Nobume? She’s loved plenty by the fandom and was an antagonist for a while. But look at her first appearance. She was thought of as a clone of Sougo and used in many okikagu tropes as a jealousy tool, or a hated man stealer. She’s reduced to okinobu vs okikagu pissbaby ship fights. She only started getting attention as she revealed her true good nature and was shown as a good character, only getting widespread love after dropping the antagonist title.

Now, you could use the argument of the female characters not having as much backstory as the males, but that wouldn’t work really because of Kamui. He’s adored, he was loved from his first appearance and on, yet we don’t get any explanation on why he is the way he is, how he found out about yato traditions and adopted that delusional and extreme thinking. We just know he attacked his father and left and came back randomly as a pirate. That’s all. He doesn’t even have as much screentime as some of the recurring females that are hated for how they act in response to the men being insulting. Yet Kamui is not held accountable for trying to kill the heroine, and not held accountable for how he views women, all unprovoked and in a non-humorous scene that’s meant to be taken seriously.

Yet we frequently see posts on how annoying Tsukuyo is for getting irritated at Gintoki being rude.

Or Tae punching the man that was stalking her.

I’ve even seen hate towards Kagura for acting like a kid, which is, ya know, what she is.

If you’re gonna see gags that way, look at how Gintoki treats Sarutobi.

I’m not trying to hate on any characters with this argument, I’m not trying to offend people or tell anybody that their faves are problematic and they shouldn’t like them. I’m not trying to tell you what characters to like or dislike, that’s your decision and I can’t make that for you.

But what I am asking is for an observation on the difference in how males and females are treated in fandom.

Because there is one.

Okay baes, here’s another storyboard preview for my Narumitsu fanimation, “I Could Be The One ~ A NaruMitsu Tribute”. Sorry if the quality isn’t so hot, especially the top right corner (ugh, stupid light).

Alrighty guys…Here. Is. The. Hospital. Scene.

My take on it of course, after Miles arrives at the hospital, he rushes by the emergency reception room and desperately ask the nurse where Phoenix’s room is at. The nurse will tell him that he’s undergoing surgery at the moment, and that the doctors are doing the best they could. Realizing how much Phoenix meant to him (he saved him from getting a guilty verdict from game 1 case 4, etc) and now that his life is in danger, Miles broke down and sobs uncontrollably for Phoenix. It took two doctors to bring him up again. Few hours later, Phoenix wakes up from the hospital and noticed Miles was by his side, crying. He reaches out to him, but Miles heard him, he rushes to his side, and tells him that he’s here.

I can still work on this, but the final fanimation won’t be completed until my spring break (around April), but let’s see. However, atm I’m almost done with the storyboard, so whenever I’m not busy with university assignments, I can do so.

Alright, I should really not tempt all you NaruMitsu fans with my storyboards so this may be my last preview.

Hope you guys are excited about this!
Please bear with me and be patient. ^_^