this stupid little show i loved you so much

You know a lot of things in this generation I really don’t like about relationships. A lot of the times people believe that communication isnt so important and there’s this foreign bullshit concept of being “whipped” or “cuffed”. People have this wild misconception of “chasing each other” and “playing hard to get” like texting back hours later, or not being open about your feelings as much as you should. People don’t realize how important it is to communicate how important they are to you. Tell your girl how you feel, it doesn’t make you weak. Tell her how much you appreciate her and love her, so she never has to question your opinion of her. Tell her how you’re proud of her trying her hardest and working her butt off everyday, always show her you feel this way by doing little things. Cook, listen to her, hell just write her a little message telling her these things. Anything to make her feel appreciated and cared for. Don’t you dare tell her these things because that’s what you think you should do, you tell her these things because that’s how you feel, and you want her to feel loved and appreciated just on top of the world with and without you. Don’t make her feel like that way only because she’s with you. She lived without you before you met, she could live without you after, make your presence a positive one that way she never wants to live without you. Never let her forget her worth and how you feel, I promise someone else would love to be in your place to show her, and just because you have her doesn’t mean you should let her forget these things. Be open about how you feel, if something makes you uncomfortable you should be able to tell your significant other. Create a safe place so that they know they can come to you about anything, and you will listen. People fight too much in relationships about little things. Fighting to me, is stupid. Grow up and be adults, is a fight really worth losing them over because you can’t set your ego down for 5 seconds to admit you were wrong and fix things? Grow together, you water me, I water you. That’s how it should be. This doesn’t make you “whipped, or cuffed” either. I hate the idea of cuffing season. Yes, having your girl with you to do holiday things with is so great but it’s so stupid come summer you’re like “nah I wanna be free now”. Fuck that noise. I want you in the winter, the summer, all four seasons. I want to go on spontaneous road trips and adventures with you all summer, end our night at a 24 hour diner drinking milkshakes and laughing at 4am, as much as I want to spend the holidays with you decorating Christmas cookies and kissing under the mistletoe. I want an all year life adventure, with 1 person and I want us to always be open and honest with how we feel, that’s how it really should be.
—  Just after a life full of love and laughter

˜”*°•.˜”*°• SHIT HANDSOME JACK SAYS (part two!)

‘’  Holy nutballs what happened to your freakin’ face! ‘’
‘’ There’s nowhere to hide now, suckers! ‘’
“ You should’ve died when I told you! ”
“ Ah, you’re way too late! Just give up! ”
“ You and ME, craphole! It all comes down to this! " 
” Hi jackass! “
” Oh, I’m right here! “
” Sup! “
” Yeah take it, bitch! “
” Hoho, have fun with this! “
” Stand in front of this, jackass! “
” I’m invincible bitch! “
” No-no-nope! “
” Stop shooting yourself, stop shooting yourself!! “
“ Oh what’s going on, you can’t hurt me anymore oh that’s gotta be SO FRUSTRATING! ”
“ Son of a… How the hell you did that?! ”
“ CRAP! Crapcrapcrap!! ”
“ Gonna make it, fight through the pain, ____…! Come on! ”
“ Not gonna die here too…! ”
“ Oh, dammit… COME ON! ”
“ I am gonna slap the BITCH outta you! “
“ Owie.. “
“ This might be the last time we get chat.. “
“ you see? that wasn’t so hard. I won’t let you down kid, uh, _____. You Just made a pal for life “
“ Did you see her head? it was like PBBBLLTT- “
“ You killed yourself because i PAYED you to “
“ Don’t usually like people knowing about him/her “
“ All swagger.. No substance “ 
“ I was trying to Kill you– I wasn’t being subtle “
“ you threatening me..? “
“ Heroes don’t die! not when the story gets to the good part! ”
“ where the hell is ____? “
“ Trust me if s/he was there i would be INSIDE him/her “
“ S/he wouldn’t be dead, would s/he? “
“ usual stuff “
“ we are gonna have to fix that gorgeous face, kiddo! “ 
“ Yeah, I don’t know what state of being i’m in right now but, uh.. well, walking still sucks “ 
“ Oh _____ Your My heeeroo! “
“ Get it? it’s like his weiner is talking! comedy GOLD! “
“ there’s absolutely nothing there! “
“ oohh ho ho that’s good. Oh, that’s Rich. Thank you for that “
“ It’s childsplay, right? “
“ Go on peel of that face like a serial killer “
“ We beat him/her for hours.. “
“ so i scoop his/her stupid lil eyeballs out with a SPOON! “
“ and I’m Just DYING LAUGHING “
“ Please.. Please don’t kill my baby girl/boy… “
“ No— NO _____!! “
“ I thought, I thought i was gonna have to get violent there for a second. or more violent “
“ No. No. No. No. No. No. I’m _____! I don’t die. and there’s too much left to do! N-Not happening. Not happening! “
“ Ha, your so stupid! watch your head dickface “
“ Who exactly is this little muscle bound tool? “
“ I don’t know. s/he’s… scratching her/his ass and, uh- “
“ That makes two of us “
“ Granted it’s not much.. But it definitely is something! “
“ How is it every time i show up you idiots are in a worse situation? “
“ Yeah! that’s the spirit. “
“ Okay. Look. As much as i’d love to watch this idiot kill you two idiots. I can’t let that happen “
“ No.. still nothing. I punched my mom for chrissake “
“ Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is s/he doing? this isn’t good. this is bad! “
“ Okay what? are you talking to me? “
“ Teamwork. more than that, it’s about compromise. “
“ what the hell is that? “
“ I’m detecting some tension here, which is a bummer. we should be pals, ya know? “
“ Whoa whoa whoa… Do i seriously talk to much? ____? “
“ You’re the boss “
“ sah-macky dabby! “
“ Oh ho- that’s so g- that- that is the grossest thing i’ve ever seen “
“ It’s not as sexy as it sounds. A lot of people died down there. “
“ …and then kill them “
“ Yes! you..! you.. are my favourite dude! “
“ I mean. not to sound like a friggin’ shampoo commercial here, but you deserve it “
“ Oh hell no!! “
“ Oh, heh heh heh… useless! “
“ enjoy your last few seconds of not being dead “
“ sup? “
“ Don’t worry buddyboy. I’ll take the wheel for a few “
“ yeah. Yeah. Your Good. Walk it off sport “

Don't worry.

Heyy, I finally had time to write again. I know I have a lot of requests to do but I feel like I have to get my ideas out there right now, I’m sorry. I hope you like this though. Thank you for

She was proud of him.
She really was.
Of course she was, how could she not?
Harry was doing everything he always dreamed of doing and what he did was the most amazing thing ever. He filmed a movie, recorded an entire album and now his face is printed on countless magazines.
She knew he would do good but she could have never prepared for what was happening now. He was jetting between America and London, with a short stop in Paris. He was busy having meetings to figure out his next plans, especially the tour that would take him all over the world. And then there were the interviews…
Those were probably the worst for Y/N right now but not because he had to leave early in the morning to attend them on time, no. It were the questions he’s been asked.
She knew the questions would be different now because he was solo now and doing everything on his own without three boys by his side that caught the attention of the interviewer as well. But she never thought that the main topic of every interview would be his love life.
He talked about his first girlfriend ever, then Taylor Swift, then Kendall Jenner and then he wrote a song about a girl he met one goddamn time and apparently her name was Townes.
She was okay with all that before, she knew he’s been with other women before her but somehow she couldn’t help but be upset.
Harry and her were dating for a year now. A year which she thought was a happy, joyful and fun year in which they learned to love and cherish each other.
But apparently she didn’t matter to him all that much.
He didn’t talk about her even once. Not when the question came up how he’s doing privately. Not when he’s been asked who supported him while working so hard. Not when he’s been asked what the inspiration for his songs was.
And that was probably the worst. He wrote nothing about her, not a single line. There was a song about how empty and heartbroken he felt when Taylor and him broke up, there was a song about how good that stranger felt and there was a song about whoever was his only angel, it wasn’t Y/N for sure.
And even though she knew it was silly to be upset about something like that she couldn’t help it. The words he once said to her when she asked how he wrote songs kept replaying in her head.

“S'different every time. But I always write about people I love or times which been very important to me.

And every time she remembered his words she felt a pang to her heart.
He told her he loved her so many times and she knew he did, she was 100 % sure he did. And she also wasn’t worried about him cheating or whatever, she knew she was the only one for Harry. She was just maybe a tad bit jealous and sad. It was his decision what he wanted to weite about, of course, and he wasn’t obligated to write about her just because she’s his girlfriend but… it would have been nice.

Harry just got home and even though she missed him and just wanted to jump into his arms when she saw him looking all soft in that plain white shirt that was see through from the hundred times it’s been washed, she resisted. She got the last little push she needed earlier when she read comments online and everyone was talking about who and what the lyrics to his songs were about. No one believed it was about her.
“Hello, angel.” he greeted her and kissed first her forehead and then her cheek softly.
She responded with a humorless laugh and turned her face away from him to look at the ground. Angel. Ironic.
“You okay?” Harry asked her and lifted her chin to make her look at him.
“Great. Absolutely perfect.” she smiled so fake at him that anyone from afar could have seen that she was not in a good mood.
“Love, what’s going on? I can’t fix it if you don’t tell me.” he sighed impatiently.
“You can’t fix it anyway, it’s too late now.” she spat.
Harry took a step back from her when the coldness of her voice hit him. His eyes widened with shock and his mouth opened slightly.
“Did I do something?”
“Oh, no.” she waved him off.
“Then wha-”
“And that’s exactly the problem.” she interrupted him.
“What?” he asked confused.
His eyes had a bewildered look to them, flicking over her face and never knowing where to look.
“Did I forget something? It’s not your birthday and it’s also not our anniversary.”
“You forgot me.”
“What? Love, I have no idea what’s going on right now.” he almost cried out.
“Am I important to you?” she asked.
“Of course you are. You’re the most important person on this whole earth to me, baby.”
“Then why don’t you acknowledge me?”
“What? I do acknowledge you.”
“Yeah? When?”
“All the time.”
“No you don’t. When did you acknowledge me during your interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine? Most certainly not when you told them that you remember what your first girlfriend smelled like and how much you loved her. And also not when you told them how the main inspiration behind your album was Kendall Jenner. Oh, and your songs? I don’t think I broke your heart and your just a ghost now and I also don’t think my name is Townes!”
Harry’s eyes widened with shock by every word she spoke.
“Y-You’re jealous?” he asked, his voice shaky and filled with panic.
“I’m not jealous! I’m hurt!”
Harry squeezed his eyes shut when realization hit him. He didn’t realize what he had done before. He wasn’t forgetting her in any of this, he thought about her every second of every day and it was never his intention to hurt her.
“I never meant to hurt you.” he whispered and tried to reach out to grab her hand but she ripped it away from him immediately.
“Well, you did. You made me question everything, Harry. I even wondered if you feel the same way about me that I do about you.”
“Of course I do! You know that I love you. I love you more than you could ever imagine.”
“Doesn’t feel like it right now, if I’m being honest.” The pain that her words caused almost made him cry. He never ever wanted to make her doubt the love he had for her.
The truth was he didn’t know why he did it. He made it his mission from day one to keep her away from the media as much as he could. He wanted her to feel safe and comfortable around him and not worry about the options of others or what’s being said about her. He assumed he did a very good job until now and he never thought it would get to be an issue.
He wanted to keep their relationship private. Obviously, everyone knew they were together but he wanted to keep the rest away from the public eye. What they had was between the two of them and no one else.
“Love, you know how I am when it comes to you. I want to protect you from all the stuff that could happen. Don’t want anyone to talk badly about you.”
“You know what’s probably being said about me right now? That you don’t care about me, that I don’t matter.”
“But you do! I care about you so much, that’s why I try to keep you away from all that shit!”
“I get that you want to protect me but do you know how much it hurts to hear you talking about all your ex-girlfriends and how much they mean to you while you don’t talk about your current girlfriend of one year even once?”
“Love.” he sighed and grabbed her hand with a tight grip so she wouldn’t be able to remove it.
“They don’t mean anything to me anymore. Not since the second I laid my eyes on you. I’ll admit that I wrote songs about them because somehow that gives me the closure I need. And yes I’ve talked about them in interviews because I couldn’t escape, if I hadn’t said anything it would have been worse.”
Her shoulders slumped then, her eyes diverting to the floor. He was right. Of course he was. She knew from the beginning on that it was silly to be upset about all that but she couldn’t help it. She always had trouble when his past relationships were brought up. All the girls he dated were gorgeous and amazing and she couldn’t help but get insecure when she compared herself to them.
“I’m sorry.” she whispered so lowly he almost didn’t catch it.
He squeezed her hand to make her look at him and when she did he cupped her cheek gently.
“There’s nothing for you to be sorry for, alright? I should be the one apologizing, I made you doubt our relationship.”
She shook her head before she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, burring her face in his neck. His arms went around her shoulders, clasping her sides with his hands.
“I love you, darling. Never want you to forget that.”
“I never forgot that. Just wondered for a little.”
“Don’t want you to wonder either. My love for you should be a constant in your life.”
She pulled back a little so she could look up at him.
“And it is. I was just being stupid.”
“Feeling hurt is never stupid. I was being a proper dick for not acknowledging you.”
“You weren’t. I know why you didn’t and I appreciate it.”
“Should have told them how perfect my girl is though.”
She smiled up at him and Harry swore he felt his heart skip a beat at the sight. He leaned down to press a soft kiss against her forehead, lingering his lips there for a moment.
“You know what?”
“Hmm?” she hummed.
“Should show you how much I love you so you don’t question it ever again.” he grinned cheekily.
She giggled softly and shook her head at how fast he could go from serious to cheeky.
“Horny, hm?”
“No, just want to love on you.”
He stroked a strand of hair that’s fallen into her face behind her ear, cupping her cheek and capturing her lips in a deep kiss.
He lifted one of her legs and made her wrap it around his hips. She wrapped her other leg around his body on her own, Harry supporting her with his hands on the backs of her thighs.
He carried her to their bedroom, stopping every once in a while to press her against a wall and kiss her breath away.
Once they reached their bed, he laid her down gently, hovering over her.

When she was naked he made it his mission to kiss every inch of her body, mumbling ‘I love you’ every so often.
Y/N would be lying if she said she didn’t get emotional. Sex was always connected with emotion between Harry and her and it definitely wasn’t the first time her eyes welled up with tears and a few dribbled down the sides of her face and onto the pillow. Just like every time Harry got a bit worried, asking if he did something wrong but she silenced his words with her lips against his.
The moment Harry connected them Y/N was sure she never felt so close to him. She missed exactly this and was worried about exactly this, loosing the closeness between them. Or loosing him to somebody else.
Their bodies moved against each other the way they always had, nothing changed. And Y/N knew he never shared such a moment with any of his exes, he never shared himself like that with anyone but her.
When they both got close Y/N cupped Harry’s cheeks in her hands so she would be able to watch him come undone. And when he did it was exactly what she expected, he thrusted inside of her as deeply as possible and stilled, his mouth opening and his eyes rolling back. Her own orgasm hit her when she felt the first spurt of his release coating her walls, her whole body shuddering underneath him and a strangled moan forcing itself out out of her mouth. She fought against her eyes wanting to close, the need to watch him bigger.
Harry collapsed onto her when he finished completely, careful not to hurt her. She wrapped her arms around his back and made sure he didn’t move, she didn’t want to break the connection yet. She pressed countless kisses against his shoulder and neck, covering every bit of his skin with her lips.
“Mmh, love. As much as I love lying on top of you, I don’t want you to be sore tomorrow.” he said, his voice muffled by her shoulder.
She sighed and let go of him, he was right. It happened before that she got sore because he stayed inside of her too long. When he slipped out she felt his release pour out of her and as always Harry watched amazed. He reached over to the bedside table for a tissue to clean her up, careful not to apply to much pressure onto her sensitive center.
Afterwards he laid down beside her, pulling her body close immediately. She placed her head on his chest, her face nuzzling into his skin to inhale his scent. Harry intertwined his fingers with hers, kissing her knuckles softly before dropping their joined hands onto his chest.
They laid in silence for a few minutes, no awkwardness or uncomfortable feelings settling in their stomachs. But Y/N could feel that his mind was elsewhere.
“Stop thinking so loud.” she snapped him out of his thoughts.
“Sorry, darling.” he chuckled softly and pressed a kiss to her forehead.
“M'thinking about you, though.”
“Are you?” she asked quietly and looked up at him.
“And what about me?”
“I…” he started but stopped, a frown spreading over his face.
“Hey.” she whispered and reached up to touch his face with the hand that wasn’t holding his.
“It’s just… I tried to write songs about you. I sat in the studio for hours, trying to find some words that somehow could describe the way I feel about you but… Nothing I came up with seemed to do you justice. There are no words for describing how wonderful you are or how much I love you.”
Tears welled up in her eyes at his words, she never thought about it in that way.
“I don’t want you to feel like you have to write songs about me, you know. Just because I’m your girlfriend it doesn’t mean you have to write about me.”
“I know that but you’re so much more than just my girlfriend. You’re my best friend, my family but most importantly the love of my life. And of course I want to write about you but I know that no song could ever describe our story.”
Her heart melted at his words, a few tears dribbling down her cheeks and hitting his chest.
“I love you. God, I love you so much.” she whimpered and kissed his lips over and over and over again.
Harry stroked her wild hair from her face and kept her close.
“Can you promise me to never ever question my feelings for you again? Breaks my heart when you do.”
“I’ll try.” she giggled.
Harry gave her a playfully stern look, scolding her gently.
“I promise. Think you’ve done a good job at proofing your feelings as well.” she smirked.
“Oh, have I?”
“Oh, yes. But maybe, just to make sure, you could do it again.”
“Just to make sure, hm?” he teased her.
“Just to make sure.”


*cups hands over mouth*


I admire people who are brave. Not jumping out of a plane or saving someone from a burning building brave – you don’t have to do something that extreme to earn my respect.
No, I admire people who are brave at everyday things; like the joker who pulls silly faces and risks looking stupid just to make someone laugh or the introvert who plucks up the courage to start a conversation with a stranger… or anyone who is foolish enough to love me. That is bravery… because anyone who loves me puts their heart on the line over and over until I wonder why they bother.
Because whilst I may have so much love in my heart – more than you could ever imagine – I show so little of it because unlike the people I admire so much, I am not brave. Not even a little.
I build walls out of awkwardness because I’m afraid of intimacy. I hide behind illusions of aloofness and indifference because in actuality, I feel so incredibly deeply that I am terrified to show even a little of it in case everything comes pouring out and I’m unable to stop.
And that is why I admire anyone who is brave enough to be vulnerable… to be who they are in spite of the hurt… because it is a strength I do not possess but wish desperately that I did if only so I could show those closest to me just how loved they truly are. So I suppose in a way, this is a love letter to the people in my life…
This is how someone who isn’t brave says “I love you too”…

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Why do you think JK never made Snape care about Harry? I always expected thats where the story would go at one point but then it didnt at all... like at least a moment of effection or something

Several reasons, I think.

First, as I said in the other post, it was too late for Snape. He is the antihero, much more than Voldemort ever was, and he was set up to fail from the start. He would die with his unresolved issues deep in his soul - the guilt, the rage, the inability to trust and love another person (perhaps for fear of what that love would do to them, because look at what it had done to Lily). By the time Harry crashes into his life, Snape has find a modus vivendi - it’s dark and unpleasant and it keeps him in a lot of pain, but it’s all he knows, and we’re all afraid to let go of things that have kept us safe for years - even if those things are chains and cages. So, even at this moment when Snape would have the chance to start over and teach Lily’s child in the way he wishes he himself had been taught (the fact he was disagreeing with old textbooks at the age of sixteen shows quite clearly what he thought of the whole system) - well, that’s not something he considers. Consciously or subconsciously, he must have worried about what would happen if Harry refused him and mocked him, like James had done. What is colleagues would say if he suddenly changed his demeanour. What Harry himself would know about him - Snape doesn’t know how Harry grew up - what if Petunia had told him everything about ‘the Snape boy’, the weirdo who stalked her younger sister, the kid with the drunk father who was never quite clean and never quite tidy? I sort of believe that’s why Snape was so harsh on Harry during that first lesson - not only he saw James on his face and that hurt him deeply, but he was probably terrified Harry would know things about him - things only Lily could know, and what if she’d told Petunia, or if Harry had found her letters? So no, Snape never tried a different way, because the one he was walking - that was painful, but he already knew that pain he could bear. What if a new path brought him a pain he couldn’t bear?

(Which would have been the case, because if Snape had allowed himself to care about Harry, to love Harry, even, in this clumsy, childish, unfinished way that seems the only way he knows how to love people, how could he have let Harry die? He would have turned against Dumbledore, would have done anything to keep Harry safe like he’d done for Lily, and Dumbledore’s plans would have failed, and Voldemort would have won.)

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  • I love you so much but I also understand that you don't love me and that you aren't allowed to love me. To be honest, I sometimes feel so stupid when I catch myself thinking about you. However I want you. And no one else.
  • Please just show me from time to time that you at least like me a little amount, so I don't feel like dying most of the time. I know that we can't be together but I want to feel like you need me just a tiny bit.
Dating Kim Junmyeon

* puns
* Like out the ass
* Dad jokes 24/7
* He would get so embarrassed after he made them too
* Like he would just turn into a little bunny afterwards
* “Babygirl”
* He would call you that more than your actual name tbh
* Random singing in falsetto
* I don’t think he would be super big on PDA
* But he would be super protective of you in public
* Like if he saw a guy looking at you, he would automatically snake his arm around your waist and pull you closer to him
* And make sure everyone knew that you were with him
* spoiling you rotten when you went shopping with him
* Like he would never let you pay for anything
* “Junmyeon, I’m a grown ass woman I can pay for myself it’s just a chocolate bar”
* “Shhhhh put your money away”
* You secretly love it though
* SuDaddy af
* Like he would be so into it
* “Babygirl, you’ve been bad. Come her and lay on daddy’s lap”
* He would love when you wear lingerie
* Especially if it was really girly and pink
* He would LOVE getting blowjobs
* Like more than life
* His eyebrows would be knitted together and his head thrown back
* Body worship
* He would tell you a million times how gorgeous you are
* “Good girl, just like that”
* Constantly flexing for you
* Romantic dates all the time
* Sehun would probably be over all the time
* You’d wake up and they would be on the couch together just watching tv
* “do yOU EVER LEAVE!”
* But sehun would bring Vivi with him so you wouldn’t be that mad
* Showing you stupid videos on the internet
* “No he wouldn’t stop lying”
* If you guys ever did get into a fight, it would always be resolved with rough sex followed by a cuddle and a long talk about it
* Never going a day without letting you know how much he loves you
* Buying you roses on a whim
* But also like, momming you sometimes
* “Get off Tumblr and finish your homework!”
* “Yes mother”
* “That’s daddy to you, little girl. Do I need to remind you?”
* Honestly he would be so sweet all the time though
* You would always be on his mind
* Just wanting to make you happy 😊

I hope you guys liked it! I think baekhyun might be next so let me know if I should do him or another member☺️ also thank you anons for requesting this💕As always, request box is open!

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This Is How It Starts, Our Life Together | Act 1 | Various x MC

Week 1 

Thursday:  Act 1


The trouble is Lord Mitsuhide doesn’t feel sensible around you. Not when you’re pouring his tea and leaning over him, the smell of fresh green leaves in spring tickling his nose. Why Lord Nobunaga would think this a good idea, he’ll never know, only that he’s now stuck between a rock and a hard place working in close proximity with you. A thrill courses through him, but that’s to be expected after five consecutive days together.

“Milord, may I start collating these files?”

When you both look up he feels himself slipping. His gaze sinks to the papers in his hands. He can’t let you know. He’s a gentleman. The perfect gentleman.

“Of course. Thank you.”

But he’s not privy to your thoughts, and if he could comprehend the state you’re in, he would drop those files and run out the door. Or drop those files and run to you. A buzzing under your skin races along your nerves, slithering and swirling through your system, to make an odd, tingling warmth in your stomach. Watching him melts your brain to soup.

You want to slip your sandal off and trail your socked toes up and down his thigh, where his hands perch lazily atop, drumming absentmindedly. You want to slide your fingers under the crisp fabric of his kimono and run your fingers across the muscle and veins and feel the beating pulse under your thumb. But most of all, you want to drag his mouth down and kiss that soft, dissolute mouth senseless.

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Bath Bomb Love

“No,” Y/N shook her head as Joe opened his mouth to say something, “I just got home. It’s been a long day, I want to get out of these clothes, grab a glass of wine, and do nothing. So please, just, no.”

He closed his mouth, nodding while she walked past, brushing her lips across his cheek on the way up to his bedroom.

Frowning, he knew he had to do something to make her night a little better, and that was when Joe remembered the bath bombs his sister had sent him home with the other week. His frown was quickly replaced with a smile as he headed for the bathroom, knowing exactly what his girlfriend needed.

“Please, can I just go lay in bed?” Y/N sighed ten minutes later when he lead her back downstairs.

“You’ll get to relax, love, trust me.” He smiled over his shoulder, giving her hand a squeeze.


“Trust me.” He spun around, kissing her quickly, silencing any other comment she could possibly make. With a small smile on her lips, she nodded, allowing him to lead her to the bathroom.

When he pushed open the door, revealing his little plan, Joe felt a small burst of pride at the light gasp that came from the woman standing next to him.

“Oh, Joe…” She spun around to face him, kissing him softly. “I love you.”

The smile on her face disappeared quickly, and Joe’s entire body filled with shock, his mind frozen.

“Uhm, I mean…I just…” Y/N stumbled over her words, looking at him, waiting for a reaction, but he couldn’t get his brain to work with his mouth, and no words came out.

Instead, he just cleared his throat, scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, and then turned and walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Well done, Sugg. He scolded himself silently, walking into the living room and falling onto the couch with a groan, throwing an arm over his face.

He had messed up, big time.

It wasn’t that he didn’t share similar feelings to her, because Joe did care deeply for her, and as he lay there thinking about his reaction over and over again, he realized that he actually did love her.

Now he just had to get the words out.

And hope that his girlfriend didn’t hate him.

He waited until she stepped out of the bathroom, tugging at the edge of the shirt she had thrown on, her body looking more relaxed than earlier, but her eyes showed the hurt she was trying to hide.


“No, it’s fine. I shouldn’t have said it. Stupid, really. Anyways, I’m just going to grab my stuff and head out. Sorry.”

“I love you too!” He blurted out, hand reached out to grab her arm. Y/N turned back towards him slowly, and he stepped closer, taking her hands in his gently. “I love you so much, and I should have said it the moment you said it to me. But I’m stupid and froze because I couldn’t believe that someone as amazing as you would love someone like me. I love you so much that I used my favourite bath bomb on you!” He offered her a teasing smile at that, to show he was joking.

“I love you, Y/N. And I’m not letting you leave her until you realize that I’m not just saying it because you did, but because it is how I honestly feel. It just, you know, took me a little longer to say it.”

He shifted on his feet, waiting for a response, but he never expected her to start giggling.

“I just admitted my feelings for you, and you laugh?”

“How many guys willingly admit to having a favourite bath bomb?”

“Oh, right, well…”

“One of the many things I love about you, Joe.” Y/N told him, reaching up to kiss him.

“Want me to list off some of my reasons for loving you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Well, to start…”

Issues - Part Eleven


Negan x you
When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.
Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  
Word count- 2,456

Read Previous parts- HERE

Part Eleven

The sea air blew my hair as the sun warmed my skin.

God I loved it here.

I could hear Mum laughing as she threw some stale bread at the seagulls. She was happy here.

Bang Bang Bang

What was that?

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Back early (Damian wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can I have Damien Wayne with prompts 62 and 84 from that list thank you. Damian is life! 
Prompts: 62# “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”
84#  “Show me what’s behind your back.”
Prompt list: This one!
Summary: Damian comes home earlier then expected.
Word count: 450
Warning(s): fluffy, no actual smut

Usually when Damian went out on patrol, I always waited up for him, or at least tried to. Today was no different.

I was sitting on the living room couch in our shared apartment clicking through channels, trying my best to suppress the yawn trying to leave my chest. There’s never anything good on night time tv, so it was pretty useless to use it as a method of staying awake. Standing up, to go to the kitchen I hear one of the bedroom windows slide open, signaling that Damian was back.

Doing a double take on the clock, I raise an eyebrow, it’s way to early for him to be back, so I carefully walk to the bedroom door and peak in.

I see him fumbling trying to take off his boots, his mask already on the floor.

“You’re back early,” I pointed out, leaning on the door frame. His head snaps up and he grabs something from behind him, holding it so that it’s out of sight.

“Beloved, i thought you’d be asleep by now.”

“Well someone has to care for your well being.” I smirk stepping forward.

A gentle smile on his face, next to a few little cuts. “So Dami, show me what’s behind your back.”

He hesitates slightly, before bringing out a small teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers. “I thought I should do more little things for you, since you do so much for me, beloved.” He blushes.

I step forward taking the items from his hands. “Thank you so much!” I exclaim, throwing my arms around his neck.

“You sure you didn’t do something stupid that you’re trying to make up for ?” i inquire.  He chuckles deeply, “no I have not done anything stupid. He places a gentle loving kiss on my cheek. 

“Well go get cleaned up while i get the flowers some water.” I instructed, to which he immediately responded.

Minutes later I layed on our shared bed, looking at the ceiling. Soon a wet boyfriend appears next to me in nothing but boxers. “Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” he asked softly, but I’ve completely zoned out, looking at his perfectly sculpted body and all the little scars, snapping out slightly at his voice. I look at his eyes, “sorry what did you say?” A small devious smile made its way on his face.

“I say’d why aren’t you sleeping, habibti?” 

“Can’t sleep, you made me become completely awake babe.” I sigh.

 “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?” He says, a hint of lust in his voice.

Suddenly i pull his face to mine, for a heavy makeout session. Pulling away breathless, we’re both smiling. “That we can do.”


With love,


On @sai-shou birthday in her timezone, I’ll be performing with my Show Choir so, I wont have time to post her presents.

Lucky for me scheduled posts exist so lets hope this works!

Sai, You are an amazing person who is funny, talented, creative, and kind. I’ve known you for about a year now and I’m so glad to have found your silly little ask blog. Though you may think of me more as an acquaintance, I love to say that I would never imagine having such an amazing friend like yourself. You give me tips, Listen to me rant, And send me stupid things to make me laugh when I’m upset. Sadly, we don’t talk much and that’s because I haven’t popped the bubble around you yet. But I will be happy to wait until I have the chance of doing so, hence the poorly drawn and slightly funny gif. 

I hope you enjoy the picture and gif, though both really don’t capture your beauty. 

Thank you for being you, and have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it.

Nobody stopped me and I did the thing:

Montparnasse has made an error of judgement. He thought this would be harder sober. He was wrong. This would have been easier sober. Because right now his slightly muddled mind can’t sort the thoughts that he wants to have from the ones he doesn’t. He’s put his head down on his arms to stop himself from looking at Jehan. Jehan who’s wearing white tonight. White with lace edges. And not a single mismatched colour to spoil it. But still with that braided leather bracelet with little bells tied around their right ankle. Jehan…

There’s a gentle sound of hollow wood and suddenly there’s music. Montparnasse raises his head. Grantaire has a guitar. He blinks. Where did Grantaire get a guitar? Does Bahorel play the guitar?

“Yeah…play something R,” Bahorel drawls, stretching out even longer on the floor.

Grantaire plucks the strings idly, his eyes half closed. “I don’t entertain on my own,” he says. “I lack the exhibitionist soul.”

“Jehan,” Bahorel pipes up again. “Sing something so Grantaire’s fucking shy soul will play us a damn song.”

Montparnasse forgets to breathe. Jehan sings?

“You sing,” Jehan smiles, pushing at Bahorel’s knee with their bare foot.

“If Bahorel sings I leave,” Grantaire announces.

Montparnasse exhales and lowers his head onto his arms again. He’s wishes Éponine would hurry up with Wonder Boy and I’m-No-Longer-Allow-To-Call-Her-Wonder-Gal. She texted him they were twenty minutes away half an hour ago.

Grantaire keeps plucking the strings, but there seems a little more method to the rhythm this time. Suddenly there’s chords and Montparnasse’s stupid foggy head is still trying to figure out how notes became chords when-

“If you’ll be my star
I’ll be your sky
You can hide underneath me and come out at night…”

Jehan’s voice is sweet and lovely because of course it is. Montparnasse has heard them recite poetry before, but this is not the same. This is so so much worse.

“When I turn jet black
And you show off your light
I live to let you shine
I live to let you shine…”

The words are all wrong. Jehan has never worn a scrap of black. Half of Montparnasse wants to argue and the other half wants to shut up and listen and all of him raises his head and opens his eyes and he should not have done that.

Jehan is swaying, almost dancing, next to Grantaire who sits hunched over the guitar, eyes still half closed. Bahorel is now stretched out on the floor like a starfish, grinning at the ceiling. Jehan’s feet are moving and the bells on their ankle are making the softest possible sounds as they catch the light and Montparnasse is staring.

“But you can skyrocket away from me
And never come back if you find another galaxy
Far from here with more room to fly
Just leave me your stardust to remember you by…”

Something is burning at the back of Montparnasse’s throat. He can’t… Why should the black sky be satisfied with stardust? It didn’t even touch the star. The least the star can do is stay…

Jehan’s words start to blur together until he can only hear the sound, the warmth, the lovely rise and fall of their voice. Every now and again a sentence bleeds through the melody and they are so sweet and so painful.

“I live to make you free…
I live to make you free…”

Those are words describing someone selfless and generous. Someone capable of seeing something beautiful and not wanting it with their whole soul to never ever let it go again. Someone utterly unlike Montparnasse. Those are awful, mocking words and it is unfair that they are the most beautiful thing he has ever hear. So terribly, horribly unfair.

“Just leave me your stardust to remember you by…
Stardust… to remember you by…”

Jehan’s voice lingers even longer than the last note of the guitar. They stop swaying and turning and Montparnasse is still staring. Suddenly their hazel eyes look straight into his and they smile. Montparnasse can feel the starlight searing straight through him. He smiles back. It’s an empty excuse for a smile, but at least he means it. Because…he’s not going to let the star get away. But he’s not going to let it break apart into stardust either.

Sometimes a little bit of worry makes you see things clearer

This is a piece of fluff with just a pinch of angst, that just appeared on my screen when I was trying to do other stuff. I hope you like it :)

Erik is feeling anxious, there are some communication issues and a happy ending. Featuring Dadneto, Charles, Wanda and Azazel

”Why are you so depressed dad? I thought you would finally be happy now that me and Pietro are in college.” These are first words Wanda says to Erik during their weekly Skype session one November morning. It takes a while that the words register, during which Erik notes how mature his little girl looks and how messy her dorm room is.

“Wanda, what happened to your… wait what? I’m not depressed!” Erik says and cringes when Wanda bursts out laughing.

“Dad, I can see it on your face. Something is wrong. What is it? Is there something going on between you and Charles?”

Erik’s shoulders slump in front of Wanda’s stare. He can’t lie to her nor can he lie to himself.

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anonymous asked:

hello! congratulations on your 1000 followers ❤️ you deserve it honestly!! may i please request for the drabble game dino with 33, 18 and 19 please? good luck! ❤️

title: cat parents

✦pairing: chan x reader

genre: fluff

word count: 389

author’s note: thank you so much for your support, and thanks for requesting<3

33: “Excuse me for falling in love with you.”
18: “Show me what’s behind your back.”
19: “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”

Originally posted by 17-percent

Chan sighed, game controller in his hands as he went through the current level. It was agonizing to have to read the same dialogue over and over again only to hope to to beat the level this time. His eyebrows furrowed as his fingers moved the left stick quickly in order to lose as little health as possible.

His concentration was broken once you slipped through the door of your shared apartment, not saying a word. It was quite uncharacteristic of you to not even greet him, and he instantly died. He set down the controller and turned to you, who seemed to be in a rush to get to your room. “Show me what’s behind your back. He raised an eyebrow at you, and you slowly turned around to face your boyfriend with a sheepish look on your face. Your hands were still clasped your back, obviously holding something. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, stop being silly Chan,” you fibbed, wishing that he would let it go, though you knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid. He retorted defiantly, standing up now and taking quick strides in order to approach where you were. “Excuse me for falling in love with you then, an idiot,” you teased him, wanting him to forget about the current situation, but he didn’t respond.

Chan reached out his arm to take what you were hiding from him into his own hands, but you moved to the right to avoid them. “What are you-” He stepped to the right, but you shuffled back to the left. “Y/N, please, what are you doing?” Though you were trying painfully hard to keep him distracted, he finally wrangled the noticeably large box out of your hands. He gasped upon seeing what was inside and you offered up a cheeky grin. “A cat?” 

“It was abandoned!” You protested, snatching up the small kitten sitting patiently inside the package. “Look at how cute it is! You can’t resist its adorable little face and paws!” 

You shoved the feline into his hands, taking advantage of his bewildered expression. He casually began to pet the cat, a peaceful expression growing. He didn’t say a word, but you moved closer,,squishing your body next to him. “That’s a yes to keeping it, right?”

Admin Emi


-Connor wears a suit
-Evan wears a dress
-Jared wears a tuxedo dress
-Some jock makes fun of them and Connor punches him
-Its the first 6 minutes and they got kicked out because Connor fucking HAD to punch that kid
-But Zoe and Alana sneak them back in and the teachers dont feel like kicking them out again
-They decide not to slow dance because it’s hard with 3
-So they sit on the bleachers and drink shitty punch and laugh about stupid shit
-And they don’t even drink
-Jared feels like his thighs are showing too much and he tries to lean forward to cover them.
-Jared is self concious because every other person in a dress looks hot
-“Why do you guys even want to be seen with me?”
-So Evan and Connor stand up.
-And Jared just blushes and laughs and feels a little better.
-They all sing along to songs and dramatically point at each other whilst doing so.
-All in all, they enjoy it.

(if this gets literally 1 like, i’ll do after prom and getting ready for prom headcanons)

When Sparks Fly (Poe Dameron x Reader)

Originally posted by sweethoneybee1995

Poe isn’t used to getting jealous.

WARNING: One semi-NSFW part

You had a weakness for strong men. He had an ego that needed to be fueled, so it was no surprise that you were immediately drawn to each other. There were sparks in the air when you met. Literally. Poe had been fumbling around with some damaged wires in his fighter, but became immediately distracted when you walked past. So much so, that he didn’t notice the wires he was attempting to reconnect had begun spewing bright electrical bits to the point that a few shocks of energy landed on his sleeve, causing it to catch fire.

You, on the other hand, hadn’t noticed him upon first passing, as your nose was buried in some intercepted messages that you were trying to decipher, but his surprised yelp quickly caught your attention. A surge of adrenaline helped you think quickly, and soon enough, you’d tackled him to the ground while smothering the small flames with your jacket. It was a bit heartbreaking, losing a part of your wardrobe that you’d only had for a week, but his sheepish smile and cheesy joke made it all worthwhile.  

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Hi everyone!

So, I’ve been away for a loooong time and I missed this community and you guys so much, that’s why I decided to come back a little earlier than I thought. I still have to finish my stupid thesis and graduate but I’m almost there so I think I can manage both? I hope? Well, anyway, thank you so much for all the love you’ve shown me this past month and for sticking with me, it really means a lot. I kept writing so I have some stuff I can’t wait to show you and I’m so excited for it, it felt weird writing and not having your feedback. I think I’m done ranting so thank you again, you inspire me every day to keep going and for that, I’ll always be grateful. 

Lots of love,


Heart Ache || Rowoon

Group: Sf9

Member: Rowoon ft Hwiyoung

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1K

Request:  can i get some rowoon angst, it can be about anything just as angsty as possible thank you :)

A/n: Literally this situation happened to me so kids never confess it only leads to heartache. Also I’m bad at angst but I liked this plot

Originally posted by sf9

Your palms were sweaty, your heart pace was going rapid and your nervous levels were off the charts.

Currently, you were holding a small square box of chocolate full of Rowoon favorite types of semi-expensive treats. A big red bow on the box you adored this box with. It was cute.

After almost three years of knowing Rowoon you were going to confess to him. Right now you were behind the school the baseball field in front of you as you waited for Rowoon to get out of baseball practice.

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