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Yes Sir (BTS Jimin smut)

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It was your last class of the day and you were both happy and upset at the same time. You were happy because after this you could go home and relax, but you were upset because it was your longest class and it was with your favorite teacher. Out of all your teachers, he was your favorite teacher. Mister Park. His name was Park Jimin but he told all his students to never call him Jimin. 

Everything about him and everything he did made you droll. The way he would adjust his glasses. The way he would bite his lip. You honestly felt like sometimes he was teasing you. You day dreamed about what it would feel like to have him kiss you. Hug you. Everytime you went to his class you always managed to zone out and think about him or fall asleep and still think about him. He was always on your mind. He was your science teacher and science wasn’t a subject you suffered with but whenever you thought about him, everything you knew about science would slip out of your mind. You were starting to think about him more and more and your grade was going down. 

Today was the last day before your exam and you were not in the mood. You were tired and you just wanted to get this class over with so you could go home and relax and study. As soon as you got into the classroom all you heard was complaints. Students were complaining about the exam. Some said they heard it was gonna be the hardest exam Mister Park has given. You quickly went to your seat, got out your supplies and prepared yourself. 

“Alright students. Today is the last day we will study together for the exam before your own on until the exam on Monday. So pay attention.” Mister Park said. You’ve never heard Mister Park talk like that. His voice was lower then usually and it turned you on. You shook your head and tried to get rid of the dirty thoughts that popped into your head. This exam was very important and you had to focus. 

“Lets go over vocabulary terms first.” Mister Park opened up a science book and flipped to the vocabulary section. The way he ran his fingers through his hair caused you to think about him running his hands over your body. Touching your skin. Your thoughts started to take you off into your own world where it was only you and him. You were so deep into thought that you didn’t even realize Mister Park had asked you a question.

“Y/N!” Mister Park yelled causing your head to jolt up. As soon as you made eye contact he slammed the book on his desk and signed. He took his glasses off and stood up and rubbed his eyes. 

“Y/N? What did I say?” He looked at you and crossed his arm. The way he looked at you caused you feel heat at your core.

“I don’t know.” You looked at him and lightly shook your head. 

“Stay after class.” He put his glasses back on and opened his book again. You closed your eyes and signed. How were you gonna last being alone with him? Everything he did drove you insane. You shook away your thoughts and focused. The rest of the time flew by fast and you took down a lot of notes. You thought that if you showed Mister Park how much you were focusing he was just lecture you a little bit and not hold you back for too long. 

“That’s it. I hope everyone payed attention because your exam is Monday and it’s not gonna be easy. Everyone is dismissed, expect you Y/N.” Everyone started to pack their things and leave. You got your stuff and walked to his desk. 

“Mister Park I took notes.” His back was turned to you and he putting papers into his bag. You looked over and noticed a pair of pink handcuffs in his bag. Your eyes widened and you quickly looked away. What was handcuffs doing in his bag? Does he have a girlfriend and plan on using them on her? Did he use them before he got to school? Did he find them somewhere? 

“Let me see your notes.” He turned around and held his hand out. You quickly handed him your notebook and shook all your questions away.

“You left your old notebook here and I forgot to give it back to you.” He said while looking at your notes. You thought you lost it or accidentally threw it away. 

“I went through it to see how much you were listening to my lessons. I guess you weren’t listening at all because there was barley any notes. I’m happy you took notes this time.” He gave your notebook back and nodded. He grabbed your old notebook and flipped through it. 

“I didn’t know you felt this way about me.” He smirked at you. 

“I don’t. I used to.” You grabbed your old notebook from his hands and put your stuff in your book bag. 

“So you don’t like me anymore? You don’t think about me touching you anymore?” He leaned against his desk and you nodded your head. You lied. 

“That honestly hurts me because I like you. I want to help you bring your grade up as well.” He rolled his sleeves at and as soon as you saw his arm veins your legs went numb and it took all your energy to hold yourself up. 

“You like me?” You looked at him and tilted your head to side. How could he like you? Out of all his students what was so special about you? 

“Yes but since you don’t like me let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about your grade. You went for a strong A to a Strong C which means it can easily be brought up to a B but if you don’t get a one hundred on your test you’ll most likely get a B. I’m willing to help you as much as I can so you can get A.” He sat down in his chair and put some science books on the table. You signed and pulled a chair up next to his. His cologne was strong but it smelled so good. 

“Lets go over the stuff that’s for sure gonna be on the test.” You nodded your head and he started opening books and flipping pages. His smell was starting to get to you and you’ve never been this close to him. The veins in his arms were still visible. You looked down and looked at his thigh. Beautiful, that was the only word you could think of that could describe it. You never noticed how toned and muscular his thighs were. Your thoughts started to swirl around in your head once again and body started to heat up. 

“Y/N. Are you listening?” He looked over at you and shook his head. 

“Stand up. Since you have trouble listening to me I’ll have to get your attention.” He smirked at you. He picked you up and sat you down on his desk. He lightly pushed your legs open and rubbed your thighs with his hands. He definitely had your attention now. 

“Are you going to listen to me and pay attention?” He asked. You nodded your head and leaned back on your arms. He grabbed a book and looked at the pages. 

“All you have to do is listen.” He rubbed your thigh and started to talk. You heard his voice but you didn’t hear what he was saying. The sensation that was coming from his hands gliding against your thigh cause core to tingle. He’s never touched you and you never wanted this moment to end. Before you could turn your attention back to him you felt a strong burning feeling in your thigh. You screamed out in pain. 

“I told you to listen.” He put his book down and whispered in your ear. 

“Are you sure you don’t like me? Are you sure you don’t think about me touching you?” As he kept talking one of hands was making its way to core. He rubbed you slowly. Everything about this moment felt like a dream. 

“Maybe if you listen to me and be good I’ll raise your grade to an A.” He pushed you down so you were laying across his desk with your legs dangling over the end. He pinned your arms up above your head. He connected your lips and all you could do was melt. You’ve been dreaming about this moment but was it wrong? The way his plump lips felt on your’s felt so good. You wanted more. 

You parted your lips and he slipped his tongue into your mouth. His thick wet tongue moved perfectly with your’s. You were so busy thinking about the kiss that you didn’t notice he took pink handcuffs from his bag and had handcuffed your wrist together. He broke the kiss and stood up in between your legs. He unbuttoned your pants and slid them down. He smiled at he looked down at you black lace underwear. Looking at him smiled at your body caused you to blush and become embarrassed. Jimin brought his hand to your heat and rubbed you hard and fast. You moaned more and more but you tried to keep your moans down. 

“You can moan as loud as you want.” He whispered in your ear. He bit down on your ear and you leaned your head back as your body was on fire. His pace increased and he started to rub you faster and faster. He lightly sucked on your neck and everything was driving you crazy. You dreamed about this but you never thought it would of felt this good. He roughly slid your underwear off and rubbed your bare core faster. He slipped a finger in you and pumped it in and out harder every time. He added another finger and stuck them deep inside you. Your legs started to shake and your stomach started to tingle. You clenched around his fingers and he knew you were close. 

“Ahh. Ahhhh. S-stop!.” You were so close and you were trying to hold it back but it was getting harder and harder. You finally couldn’t take it anymore and you released everything you were holding back. When Jimin slipped his fingers out of you, you squirted all over his shirt. He stood and watched your shake and come down from your high. You were panting and sweating. 

“That was amazing.” He licked his finger then kissed you allowing you to taste your own cream. This caused his tongue to slid against your’s easier. You broke the kissed to get air. He slipped your shirt over your head and rubbed your chest hard. Your nipples became hard and body started to heat up again. He took is glasses off and roughly yanked his tie from his neck. He ripped his shirt open and all you could do was lay in awe at how beautiful his chest looked. You knew he was in shape but you didn’t know he looked like that. Jimin was very nicely built and you wanted to run your hands down his chest. 

He kissed down your body. From your neck to your chest to your stomach. His kisses caused you to release small moans. When his finger glided down your body it felt like heaven.  

“Ah. Ahh. Mhmm.” You moaned out loud. He lightly bit down on your thighs and you closed your mouth to stop screams from escaping. After he bit down on your thigh he would suck and lick on the spot he bit down on. You looked down and saw small galaxy mark on the inside on your thighs. 

“You so wet. I don’t think I need to eat you out.” You panted a few times then prepared yourself. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down along with his boxers. Your eyes widened in disbelief. You never thought he was that big. You’ve always starred at him but you never noticed how big he was. The more you looked at his size the more you thought about the pain. 

“I’ll be as gentle as possible. If it hurts too much tell me.” You looked into his eyes and saw nothing but care and worry. You nodded your head and opened your legs wider for him. Jimin lightly rubbed his length up and down your fold. He slowly and lightly pushed himself inside of you. You arched your back and did your best to relax so the pain would quickly go away. He pushed himself in more and more and then lightly slid out. His pace was slow and the pain disappeared. Jimin’s pace soon quickened and you were moaning his name. The way he rolled his hips into you made all your thoughts go away. 

“J-Jimin. Faster. P-please.” The way you said his name gave him shivers and motivation to pound into you faster and harder til you couldn’t walk. Jimin rammed his thick length into your core harder and harder. Your vision went blur and your body was over heating. His grip on your waist tightened and the pain only mixed in with the pleasure. You knew your waist was gonna be bruised but you didn’t care. You only cared about the amount of pleasure you were feeling. 

“Shit. It feels. So good.” He bent down and kissed and licked at your neck. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him closer to you. As soon as you pulled him closer he hit your gspot and all you saw were stars. He smirked when he realized what just happened. He brought you legs up higher and hit your gspot over and over. You were close and so was he. You couldn’t hold it anymore but you didn’t want this moment to end. 

“Jimin. Jimin!” You moaned his name one last time before letting go. He smiled then slipped his length out of you and released himself onto your stomach and chest. You both took a moment to catch your breathe. He took the handcuffs off you and kissed you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. He broke the kiss then stroked your hair. 

“I think you’ll do fine on the exam.” He smiled at you and you giggled. You both got cleaned up and studied together. 

My Masterpiece is complete!! I really hope you guys liked it I enjoyed writing it. I love Jimin and he noticed me when I went to their concert and I forgot how beautiful he looked during the DOPE Era so I decided to bring that red hair back! Hope you liked it!

-Admin An

The signs while stoned

aries: “this is stupid, where’s the alcohol”
taurus: *opens fridge and eats everything*
gemini: “this stuff smells, but it makes me feel good so idk”
cancer: “wow did I just laugh for once” “am I actually happy” “what is this feeling”
leo: *plays video game without blinking for hours*
virgo: “why did I do this” “why do I feel like this” “I feel funny” “guys when will this end”
libra: doesn’t stop talking (probably about something they love)
scorpio: “I really want to have sex right now”
sagittarius *doing something weird (but funny) af in the corner of the room*
capricorn: chillin, randomly giggles
aquarius: *thinks of some complex theoretical idea* *blows mind of person sitting next to them*
pisces: *scrolls through social media quietly laughing*


my top 10 skincare products of 2016

1. Ultrabland cleanser/makeup remover from Lush $31.90

Super good for getting off makeup excess lol recommend buying a good toner and cotton pads to go with it. Also helped reduce some of my sun spots and acne scars on the right side of my cheek!

2. Vasanti Brighten up exfoliator $34.98 (I have the sample sized one that came with a birchbox but it has lasted me)

Really good exfoliator that isn’t too harsh on skin and doesn’t leave any post exfoliation redness!

3. Blue Tansy mask by Herbivore $48.00

So good for anyone who has dry rough skin! Keeps it hydrated and literally after you wash it off it keeps your skin feeling like silk!

4. Collagen mask by Mario Badescu $18.00

Got this because of my crows feet and it’s helped a lot! It also smells nice and keeps your skin looking and feeling firm! Use it every other day!

5. Soothing face mist by Glossier $18.00

Really good rose water spray for post cleansing! Smells good and it came in handy when my skin was drying up during my trip to the desert earlier this year!

6. Floria cleanser by Tonymoly $12.51

Good inexpensive cleanser! Smells so damn good too!

7. Overnight Peel by Derma E $13.69

Good overnight peel thats super gentle on my rough dry skin! My mom recommended this to me and it’s legit! Leaves my skin feeling brand new in the morning!

8. Collagen stick by Etude $6.00

This along with the Mario Badescu mask really help keep my skin feeling firm and tight! I have bad genes when it comes to wrinkles so yeah this stuff helps!

9. Manuka Honey Oil by Manuka Doctor $21.33

This stuff smells funky but has helped my skin so much!! Also good product for anyone with dry rough skin!

10. Sunscreen by Lioele $18.00

One of the best sunscreens ever! Smells pretty and does the trick!!! I live in Socal and the sun is literally always beaming down on my skin which has given me some bad sun spots in the past but this has helped prevent that ever since I started using it!

i suck at reviews but whatever!!

Kasperi Kapanen - The notes.

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So I do not see nearly enough about Kasperi. Could you maybe write a fluffy Kapanen thing? Love your blog. Thanks!

Warnings : cancer talk, failing school work.

Normally, you loved Friday, but this Friday you were anything but in love.

Your week had been awful. You had failed your History test, You had lost your keys and ended up being late to work for the first time ever. To top it off your Uncle had been told his cancer had came back. You wanted nothing more than to crawl in bed and not get out until it was Monday.

“Kasperi?” You yelled out as you walked into your house. You had just gotten done placing your keys and shoes into there right spots when you smelled a sweet smell to your left.

Looking over you were face to face with a big vase full of red roses and a note. Smiling to yourself your grabbed the note and began to read it.

     I know you haven’t had the best week, and I wish I could take your pain away, but we know that can’t happen. However, I can make you smile. So, I have placed little gifts around the house for you. Your last gift will end with me. So, when you’re ready go into the kitchen. ;)



You made your way into the kitchen like Kasperi said. That’s where you were greeted with a bottle of your favorite wine, some chocolate and a new note.

Pour yourself a nice glass of wine baby girl, and then make your way into the living room -K  

Smiling you poured your glasses of wine, stealing a chocolate from the box then made your way to the living room. Your smile got ten times bigger when you saw about twenty new books on your coffee table. A note placed on top.

Books are your hockey, and if I know one thing it is that your can read everyday if you could. So, here are some of your books on your “Must read list.” Along with some books from your favorite authors. Next, make your way to the bathroom. - K

Smiling more you made your way into the bathroom. Sitting, on the ground was a big basket full of face masks, bubble bath, candles and sprays. Along with a note. Plucking the note out of the basket, you opened it and began to read.

I hope you’re smiling, because I love your smile. If not here are somethings I know that WILL make you smile. Now, go into our room. ;) -K

“What are you up too, mister.” You spoke to yourself as you made your way into your bedroom only to find the most beautiful dress you have seen, along with some new shoes. Along with a note.

New stuff always smells so good. I saw this dress last week when I was on my trip to New York. It made me think of you. As for the shoes, I know you’re not a big heel girl so here are a pair of your favorite shoe brand. Sadly, we are coming to an end, so make you way down to the Kitchen again. -K  

You ran down the stairs and into the kitchen only to find a smiling Kasperi with a box of pizza in his hands. Without saying a word you placed your glass of wine on the table and hugged Kasperi.

“Thank you. I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but I love it and I love you.” You smiled as you pressed a kiss to his lips.

“There’s that smile.” Kasperi laughed. “I love you too, babygirl. I know you have had a shit week, but no matter what I’m here. Always.”

“Thank you.”


Up next: Morgan Rielly 

Dating Kim Yugyeom includes *black girl edition*
  • catching him staring at you admiringly
  • him not looking away after you catch him bc he isn’t embarrassed about it
  • him playing with your hands admiring your beautiful skin
  • hugs from behind
  • his chin resting on your head bc he’s a tall giant
  • always showing small gestures of affection
  • “I love you.” “I love you more.”
  • cuddling under blankets on the couch
  • watching horror movies together him not flinching one bit
  • snuggling 24/7
  • lightly scratching your back to help you fall asleep
  • long hugs
  • him touching your hair and feeling your curls
  • “will our kids have curly hair?”
  • “most likely..”
  • wearing his sweaters
  • having sweater paws bc his sweaters are too big for you
  • buying you two chocolate milk
  • complimenting you ever so often about small stuff (ex. “You smell good.” “Your hair looks nice” “I love when you do ____”)
  • secret intimate moments
  • forehead kisses
  • catching him checking you out on
  • him trying to teach you how to dance
  • you guys doing trendy dances together
  • him laughing when you almost trip over your own feet
  • using dancing as an excuse to press his body behind you to “help” you do a move you struggled with
  • laying his head down on your lap and you playing with his soft hair
  • the two of you getting stares in public
  • very little pda only bc he’s shy 
  • but still holding hands
  • him getting embarrassed when you kiss him in public
  • him not turning down the kiss anyway bc he loves you
  • giving you piggy back rides around the house/the dorms
  • waking up to him singing
  • getting ready in the morning together
  • getting ready for bed together
  • him making fun of your bonnet
  • him kissing the top of your head
  • helping reach something for you
  • dangling that something above your head where you can’t reach
  • tickle fights

credit to @got7includes for most of these :) the rest are coming soon!

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i get crazy bad migraines that make me drop whatever i'm doing and curl up in a ball and cry; what would the paladins + allura & coran do if they found their s/o dealing with that?

- Shiro would try to help by getting them to their room, with the lights off and just very quiet.
- Lots of gentle touches, maybe lightly scratching their back or something to try and keep their focus off the pain.

- He’s so bad at this. He really doesn’t know how to help. 
- But he will ask. And he’ll do whatever they say will help, even if he’s not very good at it.

- Being as good as he is at taking alien foodstuffs and making them into Earth-like dishes, I’d say he’d be similarly good at finding stuff that smells similar.
- So he’d be making various aromatherapy things to try and help.

- Scalp massage. Lance is generally pretty good at giving massages, so he’d be decent at this.
- He’d be very quiet during this time for them.

- Pidge knows that when she gets bad headaches from staring at her screen too long, it helps to close her eyes and rub her temples. So she starts there.
- She’d have something with a little caffeine on hand to help enhance the pain meds that she’d offer.

- I see her being very gentle with her s/o, getting them into a dark, quiet room to relax.
- She’d try a few of the more common Altean remedies to relieve the pain.

- Once he knows what’s wrong, he’ll be much quieter about his attempts at helping.
- Will very likely suggest some obscure Altean remedy that tastes gross but works like a goddamn miracle.

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Today I was at my local Michael's mostly minding my own business while the person I drove there was buying their stuff, when I suddenly stop because holy shit it smells so good???? Why????????? Turns out I had wandered into like, the soapmaking aisle and all the oils smelled sooooo goooooood

If you can smell them, that means there’s a broken package. 

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Ok hear me out man: lavender oil. Because then you smell good but lavender is in aromatherapy stuff so it will be soothing to a certain snuggly someone

wat the fuck makes u think i woud ever be caght dead smelling like fucking flowers

…….. woud that rly work…

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Niall in that sweater thou damnnn (i have a thing for guys in knitted sweaters cause its hot af) can u do a blurb about it when you take it from niall just because u love it so much?

“BABE!”  I heard him call out to me but I decided to ignore it for the time being.  I was in the middle of painting and in the zone.  Besides, I knew what he was yelling about.


I continued to quietly paint, keeping my eye on the brush as I dragged it across the canvas.  

“Hey.”  I heard his voice now clear as a bell as he stood in the doorway of my painting room, “Been callin’ ya…”  

I turned around to see my blond haired, blue eyed very Irish boyfriend smiling back at me,

“Hey…”  I finally responded.

He folded his arms over his chest as he finally laid eyes on what I was wearing,

“Well…least I know where that went.”

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Neda: I don’t want to be in jury house with Sabrina.
Jon: I don’t want to be in this house without you.


DD: authorloremipsum asks “To the Midnight Crew, did you guys ever /really/ mess up during a heist? And, if you wouldn’t mind sharing, what exactly happened?”

SS: Yeah, a whole bunch of times. We may be the best in town, but we ain’t perfect.

CD: What about that time Droog tripped on the carpet and accidentally stabbed our hostage?

DD: He was looking at me funny. But there was that one time Boxcars got hold of a flamethrower and accidentally burned all of the money we were trying to steal.

HB: It smelled like shit in there. Heh. Plus there was that one time Deuce filled the bomb with marzipan instead of C4.

CD: Haha! I remember wonderin’ the whole time why it smelled so good! I need to stop keepin’ that stuff in the fridge.

DD: And of course, there was the time Slick had a good makeout session with Snowman-

SS: That never happened.

HB: Oh really? Never had a little dabble in the blackrom? A cheeky little snog?

SS: Shut your cakehole.

CD: *musically* Slick kissed snowman! Slick kissed snowman!

SS: Aw fuck you guys! A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

DD: Heh. Loverboy.

SS: I will shove a winchester up your entire ass.

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Loved the bath time hcs you did!!!X3 Can you maybe do the same but for Jotaro, Kakyoin, and Polnareff with their s/o please?

Hey, thanks for the love! <3 Sure, I can do bath times with Ocean Man, Cherry Boy, and Croissant Tiddy!

Jotaro in the bath with s/o

  • Jotaro’s goal is pretty much getting in there quick and getting out quick.
  • He is always a shower man. He thinks baths are a waste of time
  • He doesn’t care for the difference between shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
  • “It’s all the same shit.”
  • Since he is bathing with his s/o, he gives them gentle pecks on the cheek or forehead before he scrubs himself
  • He won’t scrub s/o, even if s/o whimpers and gives him their best puppy-eyes
  • Jotaro is so tol that his whole frame pretty much blocks the water from hitting s/o so he has to bathe behind s/o to let them get the water first
  • He has a chilling, refreshing canned beer after the shower
  • This boy don’t give a fuck what he does. He knows that by the end of the shower, they’re gonna be clean anyway so this boy has the fucking audacity to brush his teeth and piss in the same damn shower jesus christ
  • After the shower, he sits down and listens to the radio but he pulls s/o into his arms without a word and simply lays his chin on their head while listening to some tunes on the radio.

Kakyoin in the bath with s/o

  • He loves baths the most. Kak loves to relax and sit in the tub as he drenches his hair in the hot water.
  • Cherry-scented bath products! So much red-ish pink stuff everywhere and it smells so good!
  • He loves to sit down in the tub with s/o and help scrub their hair with his hair products
  • Kakyoin definitely loves kissing s/o’s shoulders while they bathe themselves
  • A lot of kissing in the shower and it’s romantic. He holds s/o by the waist, smacking his soft lips against their’s with eyes closed to indulge in the moment
  • Kakyoin loves to sing in the tub with s/o
  • After the bath, Kakyoin would try to share leftover food with s/o to eat and watch a movie together. He would find baked sweets or slices of creamy, strawberry short cake to share with s/o. In bath robes or towels, they both play with their food by grabbing pieces of cream to dab it on each other’s noses
  • Kakyoin has a good laugh but decides to be cute and lick cream off of s/o’s nose before kissing them, letting them taste the cream as well

Polnareff in the bath with s/o

  • A lot of French brands of bath products full of organic creams and lotions, jarred in mason jars closed with silver capping. It has the countryside aesthetic and it’s beautiful
  • He loves long, warm showers
  • He passionately makes up with s/o in the shower, his tall hair eventually getting drenched and down
  • He whispers sweet words, mixing some French in them
  • Dis bitch probably gon’ look like Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 or Riku from Kingdom Hearts omgg
  • Polnareff takes a sponge and loves scrubbing their s/o for them. He’s very gentle with his hands.
  • He purposely makes showers long because he’s memorized with s/o’s body
  • Polnareff doesn’t get an erection in the shower. He finds it so meaningful and romantic that s/o trusts him with their nude, exposed body. He reliving Adam and Eve all over again
  • After the bath, he grabs towels and dries his s/o first so that they wouldn’t catch a cold
  • He also brushes s/o’s hair, ocassionally kissing the back of their neck
  • Once they leave the bathroom, Polnareff bridal-carries s/o to the bedroom before he rushes to get the finest wine he saved for him and his boo. He pours in a glass of wine for both him and s/o
  • In towels and lightly drenched hair, Polnareff likes to talk about philosophy, life, and love with s/o until they pass out

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✧ + taehyung

15. ✧ vampire!au for V.

Fluff. Drabble Game. 278 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

“Do you ever have a craving for garlic bread?” Taehyung glances over at you on the other side of the couch where you are immersed in the current episode of Criminal Minds playing on the television set.

“Not particularly, no. Why?” you answer, turning to face him.

“I.. ordered some garlic breadsticks with the pizza.”

“Tae, you can’t even eat that stuff.”

“But it looked so good on TV, and it smells so nice,” he groans, flopping over and burying his face into your lap. You absentmindedly comb your fingers through his hair softly before he turns over to look up at you, eyes widening innocently. “Just a little piece won’t hurt me, will it?”

“Taehyung. No garlic.”

Taehyung frowns, eyebrows scrunched and the corners of his mouth tilted downwards. “You’re no fun.”

You scoff, gazing downwards to fix him with a proper glare. “Do you want to die?”

“… No. But, it’ll be just like a severe allergic reaction?”

“People die from those.”


The doorbell rings, and Taehyung gets up to pay for the food delivery. The door closes, and you wait for him to come back. Five minutes pass, and a commercial break is showing on TV, yet there is no sign of Taehyung.

“Tae?” You stand up and walk over to the doorway. “Oh my god, Tae, are you serious?!”

Taehyung looks up at you from his sitting position on the ground, a breadstick poking out from his mouth. His words come out garbled, and he swallows before repeating himself.

“This is the best thing I ever tasted though! Also, I think we need to go to the hospital.”

“You are such an idiot.”