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- The Adventure Zone ×3
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- The Adventure Zone (Donor Bonus)
- Thinking Sideways
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- Oh No Ross and Carrie
- My Brother My Brother and Me
- The Dollop
- The Guilty Feminist
- Sword and Scale

I honestly can’t imagine being in a serious, committed relationship with someone who has political views that conflict with and are different than my own. Like, that’s the way you view the world. Those are your values. We have to be on the same page with all of that if we are going to live together and have a healthy relationship.


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Thank you for coming back, TLSP <3

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Is it possible for BTS to someday reach the level of popularity and status that groups like BigBang enjoy? What would the members and the company have to do to reach that level?

Not only is it possible, but all indications show that they’re well on their way to the top of the top.

For a while there were some minor concerns that BTS were struggling to connect with their domestic audience. They were considered “global” stars first, which is all well and good, but idols can’t really survive without home-ground interest and support. But the Wings album and YNWA has proven that BTS are a juggernaut both in Korea and overseas.

I have never seen a boy band outside of the Big 3 companies to become so huge and so loved in such a short amount of time. They are growing exponentially as they continue to sweep the charts, break records, freeze servers, and make more fans with each new comeback. It’s almost surreal how it’s all unfolding for them. But seriously, they’re legends in the making.

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I'm probably relatively young, but I have a tough time sitting down to watch one episode of a thing I like, so you knowing all this old stuff inside and out as well as totally contemporary stuff blows my mind. How did you make the time? How did you afford it all? And most importantly, how is there room in your brain for such a breadth of content?

I’d like to thank you for the kind things you said, and I want to help you deal with two issues I struggle with: how do you get more knowledgeable, and how do you keep a handle on the need to fidget and click around?

To be more knowledgeable, it’s important to understand the difference between facts and knowledge. Facts are unrelated data points, like “Elmo Lincoln was the first screen Tarzan in 1919.” Knowledge is the broader context, the frame, the sweep of people, events, and others you contextualize and put facts into. If you have knowledge, you can put facts into context. If you hear a new fact, you remember it because you understand “where it goes,” it’s place in the bigger “story.” If you have knowledge, even if you don’t have a specific fact, you can talk about the topic intelligently since you know a lot of things “around” that fact.

If you want to become more knowledgeable about classic scifi (for example), the best way is to start with broader overviews first, and then you read individual works that you can slip into that mental framework. Get that? Start broad then zoom in. 

A few places to start: 

  • The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction is ultra-newbie friendly, with illustrations, broader overviews, definitions of terms, and a key look at the major works and authors. It turns all of scifi into one big story. 
  • Seekers of Tomorrow by Sam Moskowitz is a great overview of the history of early scifi up until the 1970s by the people who were there. It’s worth it because it’s very close up. 

  • Finally, I recommend David Kyle’s A Pictorial History of Science Fiction because it is more on the fandom side of things as opposed to the writing side of things. 

Also, you have to read, which is non-negotiable. Basically, by their very nature, computers and phones give you a kind of artificial ADHD. I love my phone a lot, it’s a wonder gadget cooler than anything Star Trek characters have, but it is impossible to focus on any one task at a computer. I love reading - if I was bored at a bus stop, I could read the back of a candy bar wrapper - but I find it impossible to do at a computer. Because reading requires absolute concentration…and at my computer or phone, I start clicking away and getting antsy and checking my email again or tumblr blog or something. 

So, there’s my solution: take some time and go to a coffee place or a bar (if you’re old enough to drink) or a library without your phone, and bring a book and spend a few hours there. Don’t worry about looking like a hipster, because nobody is looking at you and nobody gives a damn. Also, if you’re old enough to do this and mature enough to enjoy this activity responsibly, being in a bar late at night where people are has the added bonus of helping get you laid…this could be an article onto itself, but 90% of life is really just getting out of the house. 

I know what you mean when you say it’s hard to watch an episode through at a computer. The solution is obvious: don’t watch anything at a computer. If you have a dedicated streaming or smart TV in the living room or something, watch it on that. Or, better yet, watch it with a friend, appointment viewing: “hey Bob, let’s have a Babylon 5 night, what do you think?” You can watch movies, drink Scotch (or whatever you like), smoke some weed, and play two-player Spelunky. Other people keep you sane. I don’t know how young you are, but this appointment visiting is harder to do if you are too young to drive and live somewhere spread out…but there are ways around that.

The key thing to understand when watching TV is to have your mind be active at all times. You have to keep the analytical portion of your brain active. Consider: brainwaves are slower when watching TV than asleep. So, here’s what I do: I keep a pad by my couch at all times I write my thoughts into about what I’m watching. Once, when watching Avatar: the Last Airbender, I had a thought I wrote down, “what if one of the Avatars was responsible for a murder, and Aang was held responsible by the legal system for it?” Oddly enough, that was the plot of the very next episode I saw!

An ENTP’s thoughts on the types

INTP: Dude, live a little. Stop hiding in your numbers and facts no one cares about. Also fewer details. But still, your brain is the coolest thing. Brainstorming with you is one of the most fun activities I can spend time doing. Who the heck cares if we didn’t end up making that Role Playing system, it was fun discussing theoretical mechanics of magic for 3 hours.

ENTP: Duuuuuuuude. You either SUCK as the looseriest looser of all losers or you are a ton of nerdy, chill, sociable fun. 10/10

ENTJ: Where are you? Probably somewhere more successful than me. From the one or two I’ve observed you look super cool and successful and put together. Well done gentlemen

INTJ: CALM DOWN. You don’t have to hide in a dark room just because there are people outside! Though, when you aren’t hiding from others, you are like, the best person to conquer the world with. Fun, Intelligent, and oh so delightfully logical.

INFP: Man you are fun. Like, there is not a single type that makes me giggle with silly glee more. Also, the only type to have a relationship with based on memes. Most excellent.

ENFP: Eww. Stop being so happy. The world is not great and people suck and just stop having so much optimism. Idk why I just have a hate for you. Nothing personal.

ISFJ: Ummmmm. You are nice and sweet? But pretty boring? So yay you? Also can be hella passive and manipulative, so boo you

ESFJ: Oh my god. Just stop. I don’t care if Timmy’s brother’s mom’s said that you were failing her. You aren’t and you are great and you try too hard for too many people. Super sweet but you try way to hard.

ESTJ: You are pretty sweet and GETTING STUFF DONE and it blows my mind but no to relax I would not like to chat about my goals and current objectives.

ISTJ: You are a human calendar/reminder/notebook thingies with one or two shy quirks. Please be happier and don’t freak out when people don’t write out lists for you.

ESFP: You are tons of goofy fun in short doses, then I just get angry with how stupid you are.

ESTP: Bruh. You are like the sexier more active version of me. I dig it.

ISFP: You have such a simple beautiful view of life. I’m not good at communicating in colors but it’s actually kinda nice even if I can’t rationalize it. Also, you like animals more than people so that’s.. yay?

ISTP: I wanna be you. You are cooler, sexier, smarter, everything that I have the potential to be but no drive for. Rock on Mr backflip genius doctor sexy man!

ENFJ: Honey… please calm down. It’s okay you aren’t dating anyone and it’s okay you aren’t making a difference. You are pouring yourself into like 20 people and super chill and high-class hipster.

INFJ: I just wanna keep you safe and let you do your silly change/save the world thing while I keep all the bad things away from you. You are too pure for the world.

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What I find super disturbing is that this article is full of lies, verifiable lies with provable facts to assert the contrary. Yet, people just buy it?? Accept it? Allow it to even be printed in the first place? My sister works in PR & she says all you need to get someone to believe even a lie is authority and repetition. So I knew this stuff happens but seeing it just blows my mind.

All you need to get someone to believe a lie is authority and repetition

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Hello, everyone is talking about your fics and I can't never find them, and I checked all the tags but well, would you mind sending me the links? (Also I love your art, you're amazing)

All of the content for this AU that comes from myself can be found under the 90s diet coke AU tag. This includes my artwork and headcanons, and stuff that other people have suggested that I’ve flailed over and will probably draw at some point.

I’m not a fanfic writer so I’m not going to be writing any lengthy pieces for this AU myself - which makes me sad because I totally would if I could! What you’ll be getting from me is artwork (both individual pictures and comics), with the occasional accompanying scenario or drabble if necessary. Basically the same as I’ve been doing for the Peter Pan AU.


OTHER AMAZING PEOPLE HAVE GOT YOUR BACK, MY DUDES! There are already some fantastic fics inspired by this AU cropping up and you should totally check them out! These are the ones that I’m aware of so far:

90′s Diet Coke by @sugasvolleyball

The Adventures Of An Asexual Office Worker by @my-own-character-in-everything

This drabble by @yahabastan

90s Diet Coke!AU - Drabble by @agapantoblu

PSA: IF YOU’VE CREATED ANYTHING INSPIRED BY THE 90s DIET COKE AU (fanart or fanfic) DON’T FORGET TO TAG ME SO I CAN COME AND ADMIRE! When I get a masterpost sorted I want to link to the brilliant stuff that you guys have produced ; w ; 

Year End Writing Stats

*Since 2017 is coming to a close, and I’m leaving for New Orleans tomorrow and won’t be back until after the New Year (fair warning if you guys IM me any this weekend, I’m liable to be intoxicated), I thought I’d go ahead and post some stats! 

On Ao3, I wrote 383959 words.
And I somehow ended up with SSLL on the second page of Undertale when sorted by kudos!

On tumblr, I had…

186+ Imagines (only counting the ones listed on the masterlist)
& over 160 match-ups

That’s a minimum of 48,000 words for match-ups 
The imagines totaled to about 145,000 words.

And none of that’s counting the skelelodge/party blog, random headcanons, Red’s Dating Choosetale, or the 200+ pages of script for the Undertale Dating Sim.  

*So the grand total is 576,959 words.

If all of that was published into a paperback book, it would be 1480 pages long.

I could’ve written a trilogy this year.  It actually kinda blows my mind because it’s all just been fun stuff to share with you guys.  

And to those that’ve stayed with me and read all my writing, just think about how big that book would’ve been that you read.  

Even though it’s not the new year just yet, I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for reading.  You’re the reason I’ve written so much, and the reason I’ll keep going.  Thanks for being such sweethearts to me, for sending me such fun imagines/headcanons/random pictures that remind you of me or the skeletons and everything else in-between.  You’re all amazing.

& I can’t wait to blow these stats out of the water in 2018! 

Waking up to super nice comments on AO3 is the best. I love every single comment I get, from the keyboard smashes to the little hearts, but every once in a while there’s a comment that just… I don’t know… It just kind of blows my mind