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- Judge John Hodgman
- Do Go On
- The Dollop
- Sawbones
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- Casefile
- Stuff to Blow Your Mind
- Dusted
- Serial Killers
- The Adventure Zone ×3
- My Brother My Brother and Me
- Brain Stuff ×10
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- The Adventure Zone (Donor Bonus)
- Thinking Sideways
- One Bad Mother
- Oh No Ross and Carrie
- Still Buffering ×2
- Mugglecast
- Oh No Ross and Carrie
- My Brother My Brother and Me
- The Dollop
- The Guilty Feminist
- Sword and Scale

An ENTP’s thoughts on the types

INTP: Dude, live a little. Stop hiding in your numbers and facts no one cares about. Also fewer details. But still, your brain is the coolest thing. Brainstorming with you is one of the most fun activities I can spend time doing. Who the heck cares if we didn’t end up making that Role Playing system, it was fun discussing theoretical mechanics of magic for 3 hours.

ENTP: Duuuuuuuude. You either SUCK as the looseriest looser of all losers or you are a ton of nerdy, chill, sociable fun. 10/10

ENTJ: Where are you? Probably somewhere more successful than me. From the one or two I’ve observed you look super cool and successful and put together. Well done gentlemen

INTJ: CALM DOWN. You don’t have to hide in a dark room just because there are people outside! Though, when you aren’t hiding from others, you are like, the best person to conquer the world with. Fun, Intelligent, and oh so delightfully logical.

INFP: Man you are fun. Like, there is not a single type that makes me giggle with silly glee more. Also, the only type to have a relationship with based on memes. Most excellent.

ENFP: Eww. Stop being so happy. The world is not great and people suck and just stop having so much optimism. Idk why I just have a hate for you. Nothing personal.

ISFJ: Ummmmm. You are nice and sweet? But pretty boring? So yay you? Also can be hella passive and manipulative, so boo you

ESFJ: Oh my god. Just stop. I don’t care if Timmy’s brother’s mom’s said that you were failing her. You aren’t and you are great and you try too hard for too many people. Super sweet but you try way to hard.

ESTJ: You are pretty sweet and GETTING STUFF DONE and it blows my mind but no to relax I would not like to chat about my goals and current objectives.

ISTJ: You are a human calendar/reminder/notebook thingies with one or two shy quirks. Please be happier and don’t freak out when people don’t write out lists for you.

ESFP: You are tons of goofy fun in short doses, then I just get angry with how stupid you are.

ESTP: Bruh. You are like the sexier more active version of me. I dig it.

ISFP: You have such a simple beautiful view of life. I’m not good at communicating in colors but it’s actually kinda nice even if I can’t rationalize it. Also, you like animals more than people so that’s.. yay?

ISTP: I wanna be you. You are cooler, sexier, smarter, everything that I have the potential to be but no drive for. Rock on Mr backflip genius doctor sexy man!

ENFJ: Honey… please calm down. It’s okay you aren’t dating anyone and it’s okay you aren’t making a difference. You are pouring yourself into like 20 people and super chill and high-class hipster.

INFJ: I just wanna keep you safe and let you do your silly change/save the world thing while I keep all the bad things away from you. You are too pure for the world.

One thing that still blows my mind is the pattern of astrology placements that show up in your life that you had no idea about. As you discover yourself you learn more about individuals in relation to you. As you look at the charts of individuals around you, you start to notice a pattern. Shared placements of individuals who you love and hate. A common mars sign that brings your joy or a moon sign that you don’t think you can deal with emotionally. It’s a very interesting phenomenon that makes you think of the individuals you’ve met who you’ll never get to read the charts of. People who have made you feel so strongly. What placements did they have? What was it in their synastry chart with you that provided such a powerful relationship(good or bad)?

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What I find super disturbing is that this article is full of lies, verifiable lies with provable facts to assert the contrary. Yet, people just buy it?? Accept it? Allow it to even be printed in the first place? My sister works in PR & she says all you need to get someone to believe even a lie is authority and repetition. So I knew this stuff happens but seeing it just blows my mind.

All you need to get someone to believe a lie is authority and repetition

happy birthday YN

you will always blow my mind at how you just


Possessing a dark atmosphere, this game allows you to explore the world inside a dream (thus its setting). There is no particular story or purpose. It is simply an exploring game.

like you came out in like 2004, like 18 months after RPG Maker 2003 was a thing. Kikiyama spent at least 3 years working on this game afterwards, then in June 2008 just.. disappears. We know nothing about Kikiyama other than they made this game. There are no other traces of them on the internet that I know of, at most we have to go by words of “yeah Kikiyama said it was cool to make merch” or “yeah Kikiyama emailed me and said they’re alright” with nothing to back it up. We don’t even know what Kikiyama is- a group, an individual, a machine…

It’s been just shy of ten years since the game updated to 0.10, and I still love to fantasize about the website updating with anything- even just a single character of text added or removed. Heck, what I want to know is the art behind this game. This was made by someone or someones experienced in game making- the code is just so organized and so efficient. There’s just so much made of this game, and at least two illustrations (the Mono girls), and it’s like, someone made this.

one reason I want to learn Japanese is to just explore Japanese internet and see how far back I can go in YN’s history. I found the game randomly in 2008/2009, just randomly in association with SZS, and it was such an experience.

Waking up to super nice comments on AO3 is the best. I love every single comment I get, from the keyboard smashes to the little hearts, but every once in a while there’s a comment that just… I don’t know… It just kind of blows my mind

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Can you believe Louis and Harry love us so much?

OK honestly, I can’t believe it. like, sometimes i just sit and think about everything they’ve done, and it just blows my mind. the lyric tweets when stuff was about to go down, the warning selfies, the tshirt messages, and the bears. and it’s like… i think about the bears a lot, but then sometimes I /think/ about them and it’s like? Oh my gosh????

so. you mean to tell me that Harry and Louis spent hundreds of dollars on various props or whatever, so they could use these bears to interact with us? to tell us what to look out for, or when something was about to go down, or just to teach us about lgbtq culture?? which is their world and also the world of so many other people who may not know about the culture they are a part of???Or just to liKEE??? HAVE FUN WITH US?? and they gave RBB&SBB a phone AND a number!!! so we could call them or text them whenever??? and the fact that the phone is still on, the fact that they preserved the RBB handle, the fact that they still want us to keep in touch with them and that they /asked/ us to, the fact that they fought an ugly potato, and blurred out all the keys on the keyboard except for rainbow, and told us they creep through tumblr and see what’s going on, and taught us about all these people (which, fun fact, a couple months ago i was looking at something and i can’t remember what it was, but i saw a picture of Divine and i knew exactly who it was because my bearants told me!!!!!)

and like. it was all so unprecedented, you know? because everything you hear and understand about celebrities is that they’re supposed to be inaccessible entities you know? the stuff of fantasy. but with RBB, and everything harry and louis have done to let us know they’re here and that they love us, it’s just… they’re not Harry Styles™ and Louis Tomlinson™, they’re just two dudes who are so thankful and proud of us and humbled by the fact that we’re here, and our relationship with them feels so familial you know? that’s why i’m always like… yep… they are 100% my dads…. because i would go to bat for them, and they would do the same for us. it’s just such an honor to be fans of them you know? and not just this version of them that we created and romanticized. it’s like. actually them. and we /know/ this because they’ve shared it with us (and the world, but we’re the ones who listen) and it’s nice to be fans of them, we truly do have the Best faves ever. they aren’t perfect, and neither are we, but we all work so well together and love each other so much, and it’s… amazing honestly.

What even is money??

So I’m nearing $4,000 saved since starting this blog in September. I’m honestly still so tripped out by that amount because that’s more than I currently have in the bank despite putting almost every penny I make into savings.
My hauls generally range from $50 to $500 but I never even feel like I brought home that much stuff? Maybe 3-20 items per haul and it blows my mind that just a handful of items (some of which turn out to be cheaply made and not even worth the lift) cost so much money!
I work my ass off 6 days a week, as much as 10 hours a day sometimes. And even tho I don’t currently pay for most of my bills, I still wouldn’t have had the money to purchase the clothing and such I’ve been able to treat myself with because of lifting. Before lifting more seriously, it was strictly thrift stores and clearance clothes, anything over $25 was almost unthinkable.
I see people on here nabbing $500 purses and $700 designer dresses, and while I wish I had that kind of courage, I’ve never lifted any Single item with a price tag even close to that.
Everytime I add up the total of a haul it just blows my mind how many weeks worth of work it would’ve taken to buy just a fraction of what I got.

In conclusion, fuck capitalism and their overpriced bullshit marked up X1000 the production cost. And fuck the minimum wage that which hasnt kept up with inflation and therfore limits even the hardest working folks to such a mediocre existence.
But thank you to all the lovely people in this community for helping others grow to be the successful lifters we are and keep one another safe by sharing tips, but also for creating a community where we can all support each other and share our little common secret!

Be safe out there bbys 😙

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Hello, everyone is talking about your fics and I can't never find them, and I checked all the tags but well, would you mind sending me the links? (Also I love your art, you're amazing)

All of the content for this AU that comes from myself can be found under the 90s diet coke AU tag. This includes my artwork and headcanons, and stuff that other people have suggested that I’ve flailed over and will probably draw at some point.

I’m not a fanfic writer so I’m not going to be writing any lengthy pieces for this AU myself - which makes me sad because I totally would if I could! What you’ll be getting from me is artwork (both individual pictures and comics), with the occasional accompanying scenario or drabble if necessary. Basically the same as I’ve been doing for the Peter Pan AU.


OTHER AMAZING PEOPLE HAVE GOT YOUR BACK, MY DUDES! There are already some fantastic fics inspired by this AU cropping up and you should totally check them out! These are the ones that I’m aware of so far:

90′s Diet Coke by @sugasvolleyball

The Adventures Of An Asexual Office Worker by @my-own-character-in-everything

This drabble by @yahabastan

90s Diet Coke!AU - Drabble by @agapantoblu

PSA: IF YOU’VE CREATED ANYTHING INSPIRED BY THE 90s DIET COKE AU (fanart or fanfic) DON’T FORGET TO TAG ME SO I CAN COME AND ADMIRE! When I get a masterpost sorted I want to link to the brilliant stuff that you guys have produced ; w ; 

Roger, sitting on the very edge of the cliff, looked somberly back at the island as he worked with his fingers at a loose tooth.
—  Actual quote about Roger from chapter ten

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I just realized everyone was panicking. What if the Dr. is only here to help Anti get to Jack and to /us/? Speaking of Chase are we totally sure he's dead? If you watch to the end of the video his eyes open and he seems totally fine. Despite his 'suicide'. What if Chase is also a spawn of Anti? Clearly Anti is the ring leader. He's planning something, something /big/something involving multiple egos.

………………..can you not blow my mind with this kind of stuff because wOW

lol i haven’t been able to sleep properly in several days and i miss my gf and my best friend and i just honestly couldn’t care less about my job right now

…you know what’s funny is that trans men go from being told to shut up by the patriarchy, to being told to shut up by tumblr feminists

and trans women go from being listened to by the patriarchy, to being listened to by tumblr feminists

(and meanwhile the outside world thinks we’re all bitches)

the hobby lobby stuff is blowing my damn mind. like i was at the bank and looked up at the monitor and theres a news slide with smth like “hobby lobby fined 3 million over smuggled ancient iraqi religious artifacts” and i was genuinely wondering what universe i was in for a moment