this still makes me tear up


“I have so many things to tell you–”

((the airport reunion is still making me tear up, so I went and re-drew some screenshots to deal with the feelings))

I hope we get a scene after the Grand Prix finals (assuming Yuuri wins) where Yuuri tries to awkwardly talk to sulky Yurio and tell him he did a good job and that he’s definitely improving really fast.  But Yurio just stubbornly ignores him and glares at the wall until Yuuri starts to feel bad for bothering him at all.  He’s about to give up when suddenly Yurio just grits his teeth like-

“You’re inviting me to the wedding, right?”

And there’s a beat of silence before Yuuri basically bursts into tears because its been kind of an overwhelming day and Yurio does care. Then he starts nodding really rapidly because he’s too emotional to say anything beyond some increasingly incoherent babbling.

And Yurio basically stares at him in abject disgust for a few moments before finally rolling his eyes really dramatically and hugging Yuuri; still trying to make it incredibly clear how exasperated he is- no he doesn’t care about katsudon at all, and he’s certainly not happy for him, okay?

Except he does. 

Don’t tell anyone.

rewatching the show after ep 10 like everyone else and just… remember that scene in ep 7? the carpark scene?

these are viktor’s reactions to yuuri crying

and like we all knew even before ep 10 that he probably felt guilty and distraught about his tactic backfiring and causing such distress to yuuri. and certainly it doesn’t excuse the fact that it was a dick move to do in the first place

but like coming into it now with the knowledge that #ViktorFellFirst it just reminds me of those times when you fuck up so bad you make someone you care really deeply about cry in front of you

(yuuri. hun. that’s like the last thing he wants to do.)

(is it possible for someone to fall even deeper in love than this russian bean at this moment)

and you just. you try your best to fix the situation and apologise because holy shit. the love of your fucking life is in fucking tears in front of you because of something you yourself did. and even after your apologies you still feel like pond scum for like hours after

i bet that’s exactly what viktor felt like, considering ep 10 hindsight and all

so like. no wonder he got so euphoric after yuuri’s quad flip and just fuckign kissed him on international television.

what makes me the most emotional about everything with JJ is that no one left him - no one gave up on him, no one got mad at him, no one booed him. even Yuuri said “no one has any right to put JJ down for the challenge he took on”

like… everyone expected so so so so fucking much of him and when he massively underperformed, they still sang for him and cheered for him and his fiancee came rushing over, in tears, to lead the arena in a chant for him

JJ fucked up really really bad but his family still loves him, his fiancee still loves him, his country still loves him.

idk there’s just a really big comfort in that, for me at least


“If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die historic! On the Sagolii Road!”

you bet your ass i was gonna immediately make a mad max photoset once i got this top given the fact that i am obsessed with mad max

It’s been a week since the first time I watched “Take Back the Falls”, and there are still some things I’m just not over. For example:

-The way Mabel throws out her arms like a little kid who wants to be picked up when she sees Stan. (This is the moment I started to tear up. That’s right. I didn’t even make it twenty seconds in to this episode.):

-The look on Dipper’s face when he tells Stan about Ford’s capture.

-Ford’s split second of open panic when he realizes he’s in chains. (Seriously, the sound of Ford’s chains rattling over Bill’s song was just chilling.)

-Watching Stan pout all the way through the first half of the episode, but just feeling sorry for him because of where it’s coming from.

-Ford being tortured—actually on-screen, screaming, we see him fried to a crisp tortured, and not only does he not give in, he strikes this little “fight me” boxer pose.

-On top of that, the way Ford is willing to endure days if not weeks of torture at the hands of the being who manipulated and betrayed him, but the second Bill threatens the kids he breaks (and I flash back to that scene in AToTS when he looks so excited to learn he has a niece and nephew. Turns out he’s hiding a great big bleeding heart under that sweater and he loves those kids with every square inch of it and OH CRAP THIS WILL NOT END WELL).

-Stan taking the worst possible moment to throw a childish tantrum because Ford won’t thank him.

-Ford taking an even worse moment to make an equally childish and wholly pedantic remark on Stan’s grammar, thus underlining just how petty the grudge between them has become.

-This moment, because it seems to be the moment they both realize how stupid they’ve been:

-Bill locking Stan and Ford in a cage and it turning out to be his undoing, because once Stan and Ford actually talk to one another they begin to see each other for who they actually are, and they make up as though nothing ever happened.


-Ford deciding to throw himself, the world, and everything he’s spent thirty years working towards away just for his dumb family. 

-Stan deciding to take the burden from Ford’s shoulders and throwing himself away for the sake of the world and his family, even though he knows it’s something he won’t walk away from. 

-Ford’s face when he points the memory gun at Stan. (That…that hurt.)

-Did I mention Stan? Not any specific scene, just Stan in this episode in general, but right here in particular: 

-Mabel being told that Stan is gone and reacting just like every kid who’s lost someone for the first time and who doesn’t quite understand how that can happen. 

- “He saved me. You’re our hero, Stanley.” (No, that’s okay, Hirsch. It’s not like I was using my heart anyway.)

-Actually, every dang moment of this episode between the point when Dipper and Mabel try to distract Bill in order to give their uncles time to get away and the scene with Mabel’s scrapbook was just mesmerizing. It’s incredible. I love every single frame. That was the best sequence of the whole show, bar none.

-The eucatastrophe:

-The fact this this show had a eucatastrophe.

-This and everything it implies:

-And last, but not least, THIS:

More Beauty and the Beast spoilers!!

The part that actually ended up bringing me to tears and still is making me tear up is at the end when Le Fou dances with another guy.

And not just because the fact that he got a happy ending just killed me

it was that when the partner switch happens and you see him with the guy


People clapped and whistled and cheered and I burst into fucking tears. Le Fou really got the justice he deserved and it was fucking fantastic.

Last year– I was in love with someone that I have already lost. Somewhere between the change, somewhere between our smiling– I think we knew. Some day too soon, we lost each other because of who we were. Sometimes I still feel wrong, sometimes I still feel out of it. The birds sound a little louder, my heart a little lighter. A year later and I’m still sitting here, it’s just without you. A year later and I’m much better, it’s just growth. A year later and I’m still writing, it’s just more of me, myself and I. I’ve been thinking a lot about beginnings. how a kiss has to end for lips to spell love. how something has to break for a smile. it’s easy to make promises when you’re falling faster than you can get up. but lately, most days a part of you touches me without you knowing. most days the rain falls without the tears. most days I don’t see my scars in the mirror. and we may hurt each other. we may cut ourselves on the windows. but we may love each other like we’ve never been loved before– it’s been months of winter in my now I’m dancing alone just to stay warm. I still linger, I still linger. Winter, winter– forever in my bones, forever in my bones. Baby, it’s cold outside– I’ve seen the rain come and go, I’ve seen the seasons fly by. I’ve seen the lovers stay for a second, I’ve seen the lovers of yesterday stay afloat. I’ve seen myself bend the knee, I’ve seen depression make me bleed. I’ve seen myself change– but it’s never for the right reasons. My happy little pill, my happy little pill– he sings, he sings. My happy little life, my happy little knife. My happy little life, my happy little scars. My happy little lake, my happy little river. And still, he sings. And still, she sings. And still, they sink.
—  The Ate & The Bunso
You once made me fall asleep with a smile on my face. You now make me fall asleep with a tear stained pillow and a broken heart.
GOT7 Fan Meeting

-I was Jackson’s partner for the game and IM STILL CRYING
-He read my row and seat number and I was a mess
-I was jumping on my seat screaming is that me?!! IS THAT ME ??!!?
-and I was crying but no tears came out lMAO
-HE 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
-so I went up on stage with HIM AND WE WERE STILL HOLDING HANDS
-and when I was on stage JACKSON PUT MY ARM AROUND HIS ARM
-very nice
-While we waiting for the members to get their partners Jackson asked my name and I told him that my name was Cherry
-and he asked for my age and I told him
-I couldn’t breathe up there because I WAS ON
-i was like covering my face because I couldn’t believe it and I was looking at him and he was like
-SO i kept saying oh my goodness and Jackson kept checking up on me and asking if I was ok
-yeah I’m fine totally fine 🙃🙃🙃
-I accidentally brought my sharpie pen up and I was trying to put it at the back of my skirt
-I asked him if I could keep it and he said
-Tbh he is really tall (or I’m really short idk but I was at his shoulder)
-He kept talking to Jackson and idek what they were saying
-and Jackson kept moving closer to me so I was sandwiched in between yugyeom and him
-I’m not complaining though :)))))
-then Terry (the mc) asked for my name and I was about to tell him and JACKSON STEPPED INFRONT AND SAID IT FOR ME
-thank you very much jackson
-so while we were waiting for the other partners I kept staring at his face and it is amazing
-Yugyeom shouted “EAAAZZZYYYY” and I
almost ran out
-and when youngjae finished he stood beside me and I said hi AND HE SAID HI BAKC HAHA
-SO when it was our turn to play he took my hand and lead me to the centre of the stage and I died again
-and bambam was like “say something to her jack”
-“I like bananas but I love cherry”
-and I saw mark look at me when he said that
-they know who I am now 😊😊😊
-SO i began to throw the balls into the basket he was holding up and I HEARD YOUNGJAE SAY HELLO IN KOREAN
-in the end I only GOT7(haha) balls in the basket
-anyways we went back to our spots and he was like
-“I’m sorry”
-and then I was like “no IM SORRY”
-then they told us to go back our seats and JACKSON HUGGED ME AND I DIED
-When i went back to my seat Jackson saw me and made some signs and pointed at me like 😭😭😭😭😭😭
-then at the end of the fan meeting there was hi touch and photo op
-I was part of the photo op AND WHEN IT WAS MY TURN TO GO UP
-I exploded
-I wanted to evaporate
-anyways everything online is a scam because they look SO GOOD IN REAL LIFE

ok but like.. billie joe wrote his first song at 5 years old and he did a little interview at the time in which he said that he loved singing because it made people happy and that he wanted to sing his songs to people all over the world.. and now he goes and plays in arenas with his best friends and thousands of people singing songs he wrote in his basement when he was 16.. it just makes me tear up a little bit and makes my heart fill with joy every time i think about it


It’s official – The Croods 2 has been cancelled. And while this news saddens me quite a bit, in the end, I’m choosing not to be angry.

For one thing, WE STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL CROODS! It’s a great movie about family and love and the stupid emotions that occasionally threaten both. It’s funny and heartwarming and – if you’re not dead inside – makes you tear up every time you watch it! That in itself is amazing, and I am grateful to Chris Sanders, Kirk DeMicco and everyone else at DreamWorks who made the film.

For another thing, CHRIS SANDERS IS NOW FREE TO CREATE A NEW CAST OF QUIRKY AND LOVABLE CARTOON CHARACTERS! This is the guy who co-wrote and directed Lilo & Stitch (2002), How To Train Your Dragon (2010) and The Croods (2012). I am ready for another one of his hilarious and heartbreaking odes to the fragility of family!


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You two don't argue often but it does happen. Kissing his nose is how you eventually make the tension lingering in the air disappear. It's a simple and affectionate gesture. It happens when you walk in on him sitting on the couch—head tilted back, eyes closed in thought. That's when he feels your lips briefly meet the tip of his nose before pulling away. It startles him but he can't help but smile a bit. You look down into his eyes and ask, "We're still cool, right?" "O'course, poppet." Idk xx

I genuinely teared up. I am not even lying, this made me cry. Jesus Christ, I can’t even explain how badly I want this…

And when the fight is more serious, he’ll wait for the nose kiss, eagerly, cause he hates fighting with you. And when it doesn’t come, when you go to bed without even bothering to tell him goodnight, without even bothering to give him his much expected nose kiss, that’s when he knows he messed up royally.

And in the morning, when you wake up, moving to stretch yourself, you find him cuddled so close to you, his face almost touching yours and when he opens his eyes, they’re red from lack of sleep - the sleep he lost trying to think of a way to say how sorry he is.

“Yeh didn’t give me my kiss.” He tells you, voice rough with sleep and regret. “M’nose kiss… that’s when I know you’ve forgiven me.”

“It’s cause I didn’t forgive you yet.” You sigh and even though you’re still quite mad at him, you can’t bring yourself to pull away from him.

“I’m really sorry, love. ‘M a tosser, a proper idiot and I’m so sorry.” He’s sincere and the way he’s nuzzling against you, nose bumping yours in search for some sort of contact shows you just how much this means to him.

Lifting your chin up, your lips press to his nose with a loud smack and you can hear the relieved sigh that comes from him, his shoulders relaxing immediately after you pull away, green eyes searching yours, gleaming with sincerity and regret.

“We’re good?” He asks, hopeful.

“We’re good.”


Baekhyun - Play (VII)

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Playone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ?

; to you, i am a toy in your hands; fragile, small, submissive. yet i know, i’m the one controlling this game.

A/N: here it is, sorry for taking some time writing this… 100 notes for the next part please??? Hope you like it and I hope this isn’t cheesy. (1.5k long)

meet the heartbreaker himself.

masterlist // get to know me

     Nothing hurt more than having to stand up from your position, tears still streaming down your face, as your legs tried to carry you, give you the strength you’ve lost.

     How could he possibly say those three meaningful words to someone he’s only known for a month? How did she change someone you’ve known for three years to have a soft heart and tell her those words you’ve longed to hear? How did she make him kiss her the way you’ve always kissed him; filled with love and passion for Baekhyun?

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Imagine Sam and Dean saving a little girl from her abusive father

Word count: 676

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of abuse

Request by: @spnfamilymeeting

A/N: Requests for fanfictions are still open, if you want to request a one shot please can you send me a question and not through my messages, it makes it easier for me to remember which fanfictions still need to be written. Thanks! Also, sorry this isn’t that good, oops! x

You struggled trying to wiggle your way out of his grip but it only tightened on your arm, leaving behind red marks on your arm. You let out a loud scream as he smacked a hand across your face adding another bruise to your already bruised body.

“Shut up bitch,” he cursed as he began to drag you painfully into his bedroom, you cried silently as tears ran down your cheeks.
All of a sudden, a loud knock filled the room causing your father’s head to snap upwards.

He pushed you down onto the couch, snapping you a look you knew too well, the look that told you to stay quiet or else you would be punished.
A small whimper escaped your mouth as he opened the door replacing his scowl with a sickly fake smile. 

You turned around looking at the door, your head peeking from behind the couch. The door revealed two smartly dressed men holding up some sort of badge, you had seen people dressed like this on TV and you knew that they helped people. Maybe they could help me.

The two men sat down on the couch opposite you and your father as they began to ask him questions. A few moments into the conversation, the tall man with long brown hair began to look at you with concern. He ducked his head down slightly narrowing his eyes as he took in your bruised face and arms.
He leaned over and whispered something to his partner’s ears causing both of their eyes to roam over your body making you shift uncomfortably.

“Mr. Y/LN, may you show me the pictures you found,” one of the agents asked.

“Sure, be good for Agent Scully honey,” your dad said patting you roughly on the head, what would have been a nice gesture to anyone else, you knew to be a warning, its seemed to be that the agent noticed the roughness of the touch too.
Once your father had left the room, the man ducked down so that he was eye level with you before speaking.

“My name is Sam Winchester, the man in there with your father is my brother Dean. Y/N, do you mind telling me how you got these bruises?” he pointed to your arms, his voice was soft and laced with concern, something you had not heard in a while.

Shyly, you shook your head which just confirmed Sam’s suspicions of where the bruises truly came from but he needed to hear you say it before he could take you away from the man.

“I-I, he told me not to,” you stuttered out.


“My dad.”

Even though Sam knew, his heart sunk when you said that, somewhere deep down he didn’t want to believe it was true, that this poor innocent child was being abused. Anger filled his body but he didn’t let it show, he didn’t want to frighten you anymore than you already were.

“Y/N, I promise you that I will get you safely out of here, you just need to stay behind me okay?”

You nodded completely trusting the man.

Once Dean and your father came back into the room, you cowered further behind Sam remembering what he had said and that you would be safe, all you needed was to not be afraid.

Dean nodded and shot a knowing glance towards Sam when he saw you behind him, they must have been whispering about you earlier.

“Mr. Y/LN, we’re taking Y/N back to the station with us as she appears to be in danger here,” Sam spoke sternly.

“You little bitch, whatever she said she fucking lied to you,” your father tried to lunge for you behind Sam but with a quick punch to the face from Dean, he was unconscious on the floor.

“Come on Y/N, everything’s going to be okay now,” Sam reached down grabbing your hand to pull you out of the door and you smiled as for the first time in a while you truly believed that everything would be fine.