this still makes me laugh every single time



The prime example of what you used to be able to find in random YouTube search terms. I think I’ve tried to fit references to this clip in half the things I’ve ever worked on (Not sure what’s wrong with me). This bizarre sketch, its pacing, its execution, all together form the PERFECT bad sketch, one that STILL makes me laugh JUST AS HARD a decade later. I don’t know how they didn’t do it by design- every single ingredient here is perfect. Unintentionally, one of the funniest clips of all time. 

Tomorrow- the Honorable Mentions list before #1!

Imagine : tom is doing some single shots while you do some funny ones on the other screen ; tom laughs before creating major red-carpet PDA

“(Y/n) ! (Y/n) ! Do some funny poses ” a photographer shouts as tom did some singles on the other screen . Happily you jumped in your heels , very carefully , and did a smiling leg out jump ➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Tom looked over and laughed before apologising and walking out to you . From behind he circles his arms around you waist , making you jump in shock for a moment , and then you turned around just meeting his soft lips in time “ mrs.(y/n) hiddleston you still capture me every time” he said as he trailed a finger along your check

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Continuing from my last post and staying on the topic of seiyuus’ BL history, I’d like to mention 2 particularly interesting cases from Yuri!!! on Ice.

So first we have this unfortunate skater who ejaculates at the touch of the ice

and who has uttered out some of the most inappropriate (and frankly uncomfortable) noises and words ever in the history of mainstream non-BL anime.  Turns out his voice actor has had a long and sturdy relationship with making BLCDs and is probably one of the most recognisable seme voies that any avid fan of the medium would have come across at some point (at least around the time when he was still active in the market).  As someone who has listened to more than one BLCD starring Yasumoto Hiroki, I stg every single time Chris makes his “Ikuzou~~” noise I just can’t help but burst out laughing because never has the thought of being able to hear such risque sounds, which are usually associated with a niche market, in an anime at this level of exposure occurred to me before.  And yet here we are.  I guess they really meant to “make history” the pun is already so tired by now but I can’t stop myself

Another rather ridiculous and over-the-top character from the show I want to bring up is this drama-queen

who did not exactly intrigue my interest in him or his back story, which I know is not a popular opinion in the fandom, but meh.  What I do care about, though, is the fact that the voice behind him is Hatano Wataru, who somehow is even more prominent than Angen in the BL industry and is known for his incredible versatility.  He has delivered consistent performance after performance, and imo Waccha is among the only few seiyuus who could believably act as both an uke and a seme without noticeable effort, but no matter what role is thrown his way you can always count on his dedication and passion and responsibility for his job, especially when he always sounds really enthusiastic in his BLCDs too lol (if you know what I mean  ;) ) 

Which is a shame because he doesn’t get to showcase his talent in more prominent anime roles very often, and for the ones that he does get, I wish they could have been a taaad bit more interesting or likeable so that both his fan base and resume repertoire could have a chance to expand.  But still, I’m glad his singing career seems to have taken off at a steady pace over the years and you could find his singing right in the anime!  You know that YOLO ending you’ve been jamming to since episode 1, the one you never skip despite how much you want to get right to the preview of the next episode?

Yeah that’s right, you’ve been listening to Georgi’s singing voice this whole time, and you’re welcome for that knowledge now :D

I find it interesting to compare these two seiyuus’ deliveries with those from the rest of the YoI cast, some of whom has never been involved with more mature and sexual lines of work.  When you think of Yuuri (Tosshi), angry Yuri (Ucchi), Phichit (OnoKen) or Minami (Ayumu), your brain doesn’t immediately draw the connection between them and erotic scenarios, does it?  Well a) these seiyuus are contracted with talent agencies that don’t venture out to the BL industry, and b) your sentiment is also probably formed due to casting decisions from the directors and producers, who have without a doubt nailed it this time, and chosen the perfect seiyuus for both categories: innocent, naive balls of sunshine AND sultry, mature divas on ice like the two mentioned above.  And of course we can’t forget our bombshell of a hunk who is in another league of charisma and charm, who has a killer voice from a stellar seiyuu and oozes out sex appeal every time he appears on screen and yet still has a delicate and sophisticated side to him

But that’s enough ranting for now.  Viktor’s beauty is not a topic I could justify in just a few lines and pics; it needs its own blog examining every single scene and look of his in details, ie. I should not go there here.  This post has got long enough as it is, so I’m just going to leave you with this celebratory pic amid the Viktuuri of the fandom (get it?.. Vikturi.. victory…. No?….. Yeahh I’ll let myself out) and hopefully will tune in again after some distant days

Thank you.

I want to say one big THANK YOU to every single person in the Inazuma Eleven fandom. Honestly, I’ve been here for almost two years (yeah, I joined a bit too late…) and I thought I was alone, but I WASN’T.
Every day I’m checking the tag at least 10 times to see if there’s something new and then there is it : people posting headcanons, artists drawing amazing fanarts or doing amvs, writers with their incredible fics and of course the “shit posts” who are making me laugh with tears in my eyes!
I’m scrolling down and I’m finding more and more people in this fandom. And it’s making me so happy to know there’s still someone out there who likes Inazuma. Then it’s like we’re saying “hello” by following each other and with every single post we reblog or like our friendship is getting stronger. 
Yeah, I’ve only talk to a few of you, guys, but I feel like ALL OF US are brothers and sisters and we’re one amazing and big family sharing the same dream (I’m sorry, I had to) this love to something beautiful.
I love this fandom. Every part of it. We might be a little but we’re UNITED! And that’s what matters!
Thank you guys for being born.
Thank you for being alive.
Thank you for being here, supporting each other.
Thank you for choosing Inazuma Eleven as one of your fandoms.
I love you all.


This past month has gone soo fast! but I wouldnt ever want it any other way, Gina youve made me so much happier than ever which I didnt think would be possible again before talking to you for that first time but you’ve made everything seem possible from the minute i sent you that first message “hi” 😂 You’re beautiful inside and out, amazing, funny, adorable, kind and just perfect in every way and im the luckiest guy in the world to be able to call you mine, I love you soo so much and youll always have me kitten. 💘🔐 that 2 second video you sent me I just cant stop watching it, it always make me laugh and smile every single time. You’re my everything forever and always and a month is just the start but still means the world to me! 🌏 Happy 1 month kitten! @thecreepiestkittenxx 😍😍😍😘❤❤❤💘💕

so it’s international women’s day and since I was a little girl I heard my father call it dragon festival and laugh. I always got it was meant as a joke and apparently the joke was that men hate women. I didn’t find it funny. What had I done to be called a monster, what had my mum, my cousins, my aunts, my grandmothers done to deserve that? But since it was “just a joke” I felt like I shouldn’t say anything. Dad laughed so he knew it wasn’t true, right? But he still keeps making that joke every single year, no matter what my reaction to it was. Outrage when I was 10, a wry smile when I was 15, a cold dead stare by the time I was 19. Every year my dad reminds me women are monsters. He doesn’t realize what he’s saying though. Because dragons are strong, they won’t let anyone stand in their way and those who try will get burned. They carry the wisdom of thousands of years. They’re cunning and clever. They protect what is theirs.

So happy women’s day, my fellow dragons.

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The Talk - Halle Berry & Jeffrey Dean Morgan on ‘Extant’ Season 2 Romance.

Halle Berry and new co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan dish details about their steamy romance in the second season of “Extant” on CBS. Berry says, “I have a new love interest [Morgan]…Last year, I think I kissed my husband once in the opening and I never touched him again…It’s a sexier show!” On working alongside Berry, Morgan adds, “I get nervous just looking at her still…It’s been a great working experience…Every single day she makes me laugh, so we’ve had a very good time.”

The Last One

Just a week ago, I had the courage of re-reading our conversations for the last two years in my phone. I came across some sweet messages like “wake up! i miss you” sent at 4 am while you’re there wide awake while I was deeply asleep. Then there are messages like “don’t talk to me.” followed by 3 days of emptiness that made me laugh and paused for a while to just imagine what it’s like if you’re here, with me, still having the same old routines of fighting and making up every single day. Would it be the same? No change of treatment? No coldness after all this time? You know, us. Just wondering.

After scrolling the almost endless conversation, I had a moment of thinking whether I should delete the thread of memories left for me. I was just staring at your photo in the upper left corner of my phone, you wearing that grey vneck shirt you wear all the time. Oh I loved that shirt. And the smell of it. Then I thought about how we spent most of our time together, in silence just sitting next to each other. We did talk a lot but it’s the silence that really kept us together. The comfort of being connected to each other without the power of words. Just us.

I took a deep breath and realized saving these messages won’t bring you back to me. It will just slow down my phone and probably bring me tears again when I re-read them. Then there was another long pause for me to think whether I must delete them or not. I decided to delete them all. It took a long time for my phone to get rid of the words that used to make sense to us back then. I didn’t feel a hint of regret inside of me. Instead, I felt a chance of new beginning. I smiled. Then I laughed. Call me insane but you’d really laugh when you finally realize it’s time to let go of what is holding you back. It was surreal.

After that I came over my blog, check the special tag I have for you. I didn’t delete all the posts, letters, photographs that involved you. I just read them all. I tried remembering the exact moment when I posted each memory and how I used to feel at that moment. Everything was a mixture of happiness, sadness, madness, regret, pain, calmness and contentment. I don’t think I could ever forget you. You will be buried in my mind someday and underlain by new beautiful thoughts and memories I will have for the next days, weeks, years of my life.

So now I thank you for everything. I no longer hold anger or anything for you. Just pure thankfulness and great wishes for whatever you have in mind that you dream for yourself. We could say it was fun while it lasted but now that it’s over (it’s been over for a long time but I never let go of it until now), I can finally give myself a new beginning I deserve. I hope you  will still grow in love and hope with other people in your life. You deserve it. I loved you, goodbye.

the amount of ‘love interests’ the media gives me is hilarious. it’s been years and they still don’t understand or get that i’m married and have two kids. it’s like they have nothing better to do with their lives. they immediately make assumptions that i’m cheating or that kendall and i have broken up. it’s so stupid but i can’t help but laugh every single time i hear a new rumor.