this still makes me laugh every single time

I wish I knew the right words to say when it came down to writing about someone who makes you feel like flowers are growing inside of your chest. I wish I knew how to explain the way you make me feel when it’s two in the morning and we’re both laughing over something that probably wasn’t even that funny but to other people, our laughs make it seem like it was the world. I wish I knew how to tell people just how really beautiful you are, because when you are there, whether you’re laying down or pacing back and fourth, talking about the things that excite you the most, or just about anything in general that makes you happy, your eyes hold a certain kind of light beneath them that makes me want to never look away. Or when you laugh, my god, when you laugh, I never want it to stop because you do this thing where you tilt your head back and cover your mouth at the last moment after you already been so loud, shaking your head and every single time, I’d think, I wouldn’t mind hearing you laugh for the rest of my life. And when you yell, which is very rare, is scary because you can be there, veins standing at attention and I’d still think you’re the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on, even if I’m driving you insane. Don’t worry though, you drive me insane too. And I wish I knew how to explain the way my hands shake when I think about losing you, or the way my chest tightens to the thought of you being with someone else who isn’t me, because it messes with my mind sometimes and I get fustrated, because only I want to know your favorite book to the way you hate wearing that poka dot shirt, or how you eat when you’re nervous and can’t seem to stop making a mess. But you always been a messy eater so I don’t mind. I fell in love with you and although you are not perfect because you do have your moments, I promise I will love you again and again and again because I am not perfect either but if I am here, holding my heart out to you, and you are there, doing the same, I swear we both can be non-perfect messes together. And I’m trying not to be too cheesy here, because you always did say I buttered you up too much so for now I’ll leave it off with an I love you and an I’ll love you forever until my very last breath and an I am so lucky you decided to choose me.
—  A.M// to jake, maybe loving you isn’t so bad after all.


The prime example of what you used to be able to find in random YouTube search terms. I think I’ve tried to fit references to this clip in half the things I’ve ever worked on (Not sure what’s wrong with me). This bizarre sketch, its pacing, its execution, all together form the PERFECT bad sketch, one that STILL makes me laugh JUST AS HARD a decade later. I don’t know how they didn’t do it by design- every single ingredient here is perfect. Unintentionally, one of the funniest clips of all time. 

Tomorrow- the Honorable Mentions list before #1!

Imagine : tom is doing some single shots while you do some funny ones on the other screen ; tom laughs before creating major red-carpet PDA

“(Y/n) ! (Y/n) ! Do some funny poses ” a photographer shouts as tom did some singles on the other screen . Happily you jumped in your heels , very carefully , and did a smiling leg out jump ➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Tom looked over and laughed before apologising and walking out to you . From behind he circles his arms around you waist , making you jump in shock for a moment , and then you turned around just meeting his soft lips in time “ mrs.(y/n) hiddleston you still capture me every time” he said as he trailed a finger along your check

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“Forget Me.” pt. 8

Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

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Y/N’s p.o.v

I don’t think anyone could ever understand how much it means to me when you make the time to see me. Even with how packed your schedule is, how busy you may be, how tired you were - you always did your best for me. I’m grateful to say the least. How did I ever get this lucky to have you in my life? You picked me up when I had nothing left. You helped me so much when I was going through the roughest part of my life. But I have a new found rough patch in life, and that’s leaving you.

I saw you that day, I saw how bright your smile was even though you were on the verge of collapsing from the lack of sleep. I didn’t want you to leave that next morning, I didn’t want to say goodbye. I’m selfish. I found out a while ago, but I couldn’t tell you - not when you’re at the peak of your career. Not when you were so happy. I couldn’t let you leave in a couple of weeks feeling guilty, feeling sorry. I just couldn’t. 

My excuse was, when I found out I had to go, it was already too late. I couldn’t stay. I wanted to spend more time with you, but you were busy and I know that’s not your fault and I don’t blame you at all but I wish I could have said goodbye in person. That was my biggest regret. 

I blame myself, because although you were busy I couldn’t come out to see you on final time before you had to leave for tour. But then again I’m glad you were busy because I wouldn’t know how to explain without breaking down right in front of you. 

I thought about you, day in and day out. You never left my mind even for a second, I got to see you in my dreams and fulfil a few things on my bucket list in there that I wasn’t able to fulfil with you in person.

 I still remember the way you ran your fingers through your hair as you walked out my front door. The way you turned back from the elevator doors and looked at me shouting ‘I love you’ before stepping in and leaving. 

I remember every single moment that we’ve had together over the last six years. You became my everything, my home in such little time because home is where the heart is right? You were someone I entrusted my life with. Someone I couldn’t live without. You were my hope, the light of my life, my sunshine who never failed to make smile and laugh. We had our ups and downs, but what couple didn’t? 

You always told me how much you love me, how much I meant to you. You’d bring up past times and we’d laugh about it. You’d tell me how you thought I was crazy because I only knew how to laugh when I fell off that swing set. The very same swing set I’d meet you at every night for seven months after I had first met you, until we officially started dating. I remember how much of a gentleman you were, you’d be there at ten thirty in the evening sharp with a cup of hot coffee for me and a cup of hot chocolate for you because you didn’t like the bitter-sweet taste of coffee.

I saw my whole future ahead with you, and I’m sorry that that future got cut short. I’m sorry I can’t be around anymore to keep it going, even after all our promises. Leaving you behind was never my intention, that thought never even crossed my mind once. I’m sorry Jimin. 

Today you finally got your plane and left for tour, I hope you have fun baby because now, it’s my turn to go too. 

I was listening to some depressing piano music whilst writing this and deadass started crying lol ._.

Request for pt. 9! 

You want to know why I love you? Because there are no words to describe how I feel when I’m around you. It’s just this indescribable feeling of happiness that I only get with you. Because your arms are home, I feel safe with you, I finally feel loved and accepted by someone I care about. Because your smile is totally contagious, and your laugh makes me the happiest person on earth. Because every time I see you, I still get butterflies. Every. damn. time. Because there’s no one else I’d rather be with. Not a single other person can make my heart feel the way you do when I’m with you. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry for saying this, but I love you. And I don’t want to lose you, because I don’t know what I would do when I lose both my best friend and my lover at once. Because I have always loved you, ever since I met you, and although sometimes the words fall short, the feelings are always there. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, and that’s the truth. I just want you to be happy… I just also hope that happiness can continue to be with me…
—  we have something real, and there’s no way I’m letting you go this easily // 8:39am // 5.28.17
Monsta X reaction to finding you fast asleep w/ their clothes on

Request: “Hi can you please make a reaction where the boys (all. Sorry if it’s too much ㅠ.ㅠ) find you sleeping on their clothes.” -anon

Hey anon! Thank you so much for requesting this and I really appreciate it :) I hope you like it! :) If you want to read more, click here! credits to all of the owners of these gifs :)

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Shownu; Shownu would be really giddy about it. Coming home after a stressful day, he would find you fast asleep on the couch wearing his over-sized shirt and shorts. All of his stress would be gone in an instant and a fatherly smile would appear of his face. Look at how cuddly he looks ;u; 

He would kneel down and lovingly stare at you, caressing your cheeks and pushing away the strands of hair covering your face before carrying you back to your room.

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Jooheon; By the time he lays eyes on you fast asleep with his sweater on, he would try to wake you up with a pout on his face. Despite the fact the groans and whines you give him, he still continues to wake you up. He couldn’t bear the look on your face as it gave him so much feels.

When you finally gave up and decided to wake up on behalf of your dear sleep, he would whine and say, “Babeee, why are you wearing my sweater and look so cute in it? If you continue to wear things like this I might not be able to control myself.”

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Wonho; Being the Wonho that he is, he would literally find you sexy but at the same time cute. As soon as he steps foot on your room, his eyes would slowly observe your sleeping figure but a smile would appear on his face when he see’s that you’re wearing his hoodie and sweats. 

He would hurriedly remove his clothes and wear his pajamas before plopping his whole body beside you, wrapping his arms around your waist and would whisper things like, ‘Jagi, you’re so cute.’ ‘How can you also be hot and sexy at the same time?’, despite the fact you’re already fast asleep.

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Kihyun; When he came home after their World Tour, he hurriedly went home, only to see you fast asleep in his hamster onesie. At first he would think ‘What’s up with her?’ but then soon realizes how much you’ve missed him. He would chuckle and smile to himself. 

He would probably pull out his camera and take pictures of you, checking at every single preview of the shots he took, thinking of how cute you looked. I think his photo shoot of you would take a good fifteen minutes before joining you to bed, wrapping his arms around you, laughing to himself before drfiting off to dreamland.

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I.M; With you just wearing his shirt and a really short short, he wouldn’t really know how to react by it. Should he cover you up? Wink at you even though you’re fast sleep? But then, the craziest thing would come into his mind. After changing into his pajamas, he would lay beside you and poke you anywhere until you wake up.

By the moment you open up your eyes, he would start winking at you, giving you kissy faces and other seductive typical Changkyun expressions. “Rawrr, you look so hot babe. RAAAWWRRR!”  

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk would probably notice it by the minute he steps foot on the living room. He would be so ecstatic about it, trying to stop himself from squealing at how cute you looked with his stripped jacked and shorts on. But then he would fail since he couldn’t control his feels from screaming his heart out. 

You would be awaken by his screaming, rubbing your eyes while searching for the source of noise, only to make him scream more. “You’re so cute, jagiya! Omo, I should buy the two of us couple shirts! Or I should give you some of my clothes so that I can come home to this every single day!”

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Hyungwon; Well, let me tell you something. This boy, unlike Minhyuk, he wILL not be able to notice what you’re wearing right away. All he could ever think of was get changed and sleep right away. By the minute he wakes up, he still wouldn’t notice it even though you were still fast asleep. 

But then by the time he notices it, he would laugh and would shake you by the arm, waking you up with a big smile plastered on his lovely face. “Aww, babe, you’re wearing my shirt… aww, it looks like a dress on you.” Well, he’d be laughing his butt off when you looked like a kid wearing a shirt that looks like a dress on you.

Call out post

Apparently today is the best friend day

@acestronmer is my best friend and also a kickass cosplayer, their smile is like a sun (bright, warm and welcoming), their jokes are like an additional nugget in my McDonald’s order (always make my day no matter the circumstances) and their cosplays are like a Christmas morning (Miracles). They allow me to spam them with all of my stupid oc ideas but are still salty about fuckboi Ros. They laugh at all of my dick jokes but threat to block me every single time. I cherish you like the ecosystem cherishes bees.

@hydrachea is my best bud, my salt mine, my petty discourse amigo 4life. She accepts all of my deviations and picks up accidental morning Skype calls that a normal sane person would decline. Always supplies me with top notch memes and calls out my kinks for no reason at all. Her art always has that dab of angst to it and I support her hobby like Naruto supports Sasuke. Cuz we’re tomodachis, dattebayo. Stay wealthy, my French baguette hon hon hon

Thank you.

I want to say one big THANK YOU to every single person in the Inazuma Eleven fandom. Honestly, I’ve been here for almost two years (yeah, I joined a bit too late…) and I thought I was alone, but I WASN’T.
Every day I’m checking the tag at least 10 times to see if there’s something new and then there is it : people posting headcanons, artists drawing amazing fanarts or doing amvs, writers with their incredible fics and of course the “shit posts” who are making me laugh with tears in my eyes!
I’m scrolling down and I’m finding more and more people in this fandom. And it’s making me so happy to know there’s still someone out there who likes Inazuma. Then it’s like we’re saying “hello” by following each other and with every single post we reblog or like our friendship is getting stronger. 
Yeah, I’ve only talk to a few of you, guys, but I feel like ALL OF US are brothers and sisters and we’re one amazing and big family sharing the same dream (I’m sorry, I had to) this love to something beautiful.
I love this fandom. Every part of it. We might be a little but we’re UNITED! And that’s what matters!
Thank you guys for being born.
Thank you for being alive.
Thank you for being here, supporting each other.
Thank you for choosing Inazuma Eleven as one of your fandoms.
I love you all.

Nice to meet you. Taken. (2)

Hector Bellerin Imagine: Part 1

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As weeks passed me and Sav’s friends came closer. Especially with Alex. That guy is so funny and he doesn’t even try. Of course he is always bullying me just like Sav does and maybe worse but it’s not like I don’t bully him either. What I like the most is that he is being so over protective around me because he claims that even if I turned 18, I’m still underage and not an adult. As for talking about me turning 18. My birthday has been the best and the worse day of my life at the same time.

I wasn’t planning to do anything special other than going out to a club or something but Alex insisted that we had to have dinner first all together so we decided I would cook for them but as my place is far from London, we would do it at Alex’s place. No need to mention the fights me and Alex had while cooking.

As I barely had any close friends in England, other than the boys and a few girls from university, Alex had the incredible idea to ask the non-single boys to bring their girlfriends too so we wouldn’t be just four girls with that many guys at the club. And you know what that means. Hector had to invite his girlfriend Berta or whatever her name she said it was the other day when hector and her picked me up from the train station to drive me to alex’s place. That was one of the worst car-rides I’ve ever had. Hector being all flirty with her and me sitting at the back of the car still trying to figure out what “I would be stupid if I kissed you right now but I would also be stupid if I don’t” meant when he said it two days ago. Or maybe what he meant with all those ‘text me when you are safe and home’, ‘don’t drink too much tonight’, ‘don’t be too late back home’ texts he would constantly sent throughout the previous weeks. Or maybe when he drove all the way from London to my place just to spend the evening with me without even giving me a warning.

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Alec Martinez - Pregnant

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A/N:Another request of course, I want to get this one up and at least one more, but I’ll probably get to more than that. Hopefully, at least. I also am not sure how this one turned out, it didn’t seem to flow as well. Hopefully you enjoy!

“ Ooooh! Can you write something cute with alec martinez like you’re pregnant or something and he’s being all overprotective and cute? “

Here you go, anon!

Warning: None

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anonymous asked:

Your writing is amazing, I'm a writer myself and I was wondering, what was your heartbreak like (if you don't mind sharing)?

I think they call it heartbreak because your heart will physically hurt. It was like I was constantly drowning, I felt like I was always under water. I couldn’t forget him, and even though there was nothing there anymore, I was still searching for something. It would stop hurting sometimes when I’d be around friends and I’d laugh and I’d forget him for a minute but then they play a song that makes me think of the time we were in the car singing that song, and my stomach sinks and I feel the same way I did when he told me he didnt love me anymore. Its so constant, I didn’t just get heartbroken once, I felt it every single day, every single minute. everything brings you back to them. I mean, how do you survive when a person you loved for so long stops talking to you? stops being there!!! Its just so hard, it was so hard to get out of bed. It just hurt so much. I’d see people holding hands and I only felt sick to my stomach. I hated love, i think I still do. Its been months and I can barely talk to another boy because I don’t want to go through that again. I don’t want to love again, because when I look at people, I can’t see good anymore. I mean how can you see good when you find out the best person in your life has been lying to you and how do you see good when you’ve experienced the shitty side of human emotions? When I think of love, I can only think of when he told me he didnt love me anymore and had me questioning if anything was ever real. When I think about beginnings, I can only imagine the end, the tears, the pain. 

heartbreak isn’t romantic, its not soft tears and pretty journal entrees. Its being so damn hurt that the only thing you could do is write about it.. Its like dying every single day. Its like you are the flowers not being watered for months, slowly but surely dying. 

A Clean Plate

“Magnus? What are you doing here?”

Magnus froze. He must have forgotten to cast a warning spell for anyone coming towards him, and he could curse himself for it now. Luckily, it seems like the person who caught him was his own darling Alexander. He quickly pulled his hand back from the vertical row of stacked plates resting on the counter in the Institute kitchen.

“Oh! I was just looking for a glass of water, you know how thirsty enforcing the wards can make me,” Magnus said in a breezy tone.

“Couldn’t you just summon a glass of water…?” Alec asked, confusion written all over his face. “And you were just… stroking the edges of the plates.”

Magnus laughed, “stroking the plates? Oh, you young people- is that slang for something?”

Alec raised an unimpressed eyebrow.

“Fine,” Magnus said resignedly, “a long time ago, when The Accords were still being written I was invited to an Institute to help. They served us food, and drink- but after it was over they threw out every single item that had been touched by “dirty Downworlder” flesh… So now, when I find myself unaccompanied in an Institute, a rarity I assure you… I…”

“You touch the plates,” Alec said with understanding in his voice.  

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Summer Days

This is the sequel to Hard Days Of Summer, hope you like it. It’s a reveal…and also a mess lol Enjoy it <3

Summer Days

It had been a few days since the fatidical day she had spent hours kissing Adrien. Marinette was still out of it, the whole experience felt something akin to lucid dreaming and not quite real. The feel of his lips, the strength of his hands on her body, his warm breath tickling her face - every single touch was engraved on her mind, making it hard for Marinette to think of anything but him.

The days were still hot and her sexual frustration only made them hotter, more unbearable to deal with. Sweat trickled down her back, making her remember his soft hands on her skin - all of it was too much for her, she was going crazy. A distraction! That’s what she needed, and so she called her best friend.

The phone rang a couple of times before she finally picked up, “Alya, help me. I’m dying.”

Alya laughed in her face, “I know girl, this weather is killing me too.”

She wasn’t completely wrong, but that wasn’t the main issue right now. Marinette groaned, trying to figure out a way to say it, “I can’t stop thinking about him.”

Rolling her eyes Alya jested, “Tell me something new.”

“I’m serious Alya…” she sighed, “And why was Nino so fixated on that kiss?! It’s all his fault.”

Giggling nervously, Alya shifted her eyes, avoiding looking at the screen of her phone.

“Alya…” Marinette menacingly drawled.

“Ok…so…I might have told Nino to keep cutting, so both of you blind idiots would finally get together. Honestly you should thank us both for the opportunity of making out with Adrien.”


“Yes, you’re welcome Marinette. I love you too! Oops, my mom’s calling me, gotta go. Talk to you later!!”

Alya hung up on her, how dare she? All of her suffering was because of her supposedly best friend; all the longing and aching, the heat that seeped from every pore, because of her nosy friend.

Who was she kidding? She was thankful, oh so very thankful, for having the chance to feel Adrien against her skin.

The distraction had failed to divert her thoughts, she should’ve known better, it was Alya after all.

Noticing Tikki was just staring outside the window, probably lost in her own world, Marinette figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

“Hey Tikki,” she started, making the kwami turn towards her with a kind smile on her face.


“I need to get some air…would you mind if I transformed?” Marinette didn’t have to ask, but there wasn’t an akuma destroying the city, this was just her being selfish and Tikki was her friend, she wasn’t about to use her however she felt like.

Tikki chuckled adorably, “Of course Marinette.”

Taking the small kwami into her hands, she kissed Tikki’s forehead whispering a soft thank you before uttering the magical words, “Transforme moi.”

Ladybug was instantly out of the stifling house and the wind on her face had never felt better. This would help clear her thoughts, it had to.

After a few minutes or maybe even hours - she couldn’t tell - she stopped, completely spent she just lied down on a random rooftop staring at the vast, dark sky. The stars not nearly as visible as she’d like; the new moon only made it lonelier.

Her muscles were throbbing, in a good way, but it made her not want to move. She could just sleep there, lulled to sleep by the noise of the city and the exhaustion washing over her. Everything momentarily forgotten as her eyelids grew heavier, closing longer each time, until…

Her eyes snapped open before she could fall asleep; being completely jostled awake by a loud thud on the roof, made by someone’s landing.

Of course, he just had to show up.


Adrien was freaking out. Marinette was his friend. Yes, he could appreciate her beauty but he had never fantasized about her - until now.

That day, the moment their lips touched, something shifted  inside his beating heart. The spot that was reserved for his lady, had been taken over by Marinette without him noticing, apparently she managed to make a nest there and she wasn’t moving anytime soon.

He felt guilty, as if he were somehow betraying Ladybug, even though they were only partners. But guilt was not the predominant emotion racking his brain, it was embarrassment - he still couldn’t believe he had made Marinette touch his raging erection. Adrien wasn’t sure what exactly brought him to do that, probably her intoxicating kisses or perhaps the need to make her feel better whilst getting the chance to be touched by her smooth hands.

Honestly, her reaction was adorable - the intense blush that spread throughout her body, her blown out pupils and the cute squeak that slipped through her kiss-bruised lips - only making it harder for him to calm himself down.

Adrien was sure Marinette was trying to kill him; every move she made, every single whisper that flowed from her mouth, every look and lingering touch - it felt like she was doing it purposefully, the intent of her actions meant to hypnotise him so he would never think of anything but her - it was working.

He tried to blame the torrid weather for his lack of appetite, but Adrien knew, it was her. Marinette was taking over his life and he had to get her out of his head, but how?

As if God was answering his prayers, he saw Ladybug in the distance, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. With a grin on his face he called Plagg, who chose to ignore him.

“Plagg, you either come willingly or I won’t give you camembert for a week.”

The kwami sighed, “I don’t like being threatened. So how about instead we make a deal-”

Before Plagg could finish his sentence, Adrien was already yelling out, “Transforme moi.”

Adrien knew his little friend would be grumpy later, but some cheese would make everything better and right now he couldn’t waste time.

Bounding from one roof to another, he set out to search for his buginette.

When he finally spotted her, she was lying on her back peacefully and he almost regretted disturbing her. Still he needed her company right now, maybe all he needed was a dose of Ladybug to set everything straight.

Twirling his baton in his hands he thought of what to say.

Marinette glanced at her partner, he looked nervous and frazzled, interesting. Patting the spot next to her, as a gesture for him to join her, a huge grin took over his face and he did as she asked.

They were both silent, for the moment just enjoying the quiet company - making both of their heads wander to what they were trying to forget.

Adrien was the first one to break the silence, “So, how are you my lady?” he asked, wanting to facepalm himself for the stupid question.

Marinette actually giggled, he was so silly. Still, she didn’t know how to answer the question, after all she didn’t quite understand what she was feeling, so how could she?

Chat Noir was staring at her, with his glowing green eyes - how could they be so green? - which was not helping. They only brought memories of Adrien to the surface, which she was trying to avoid in the first place.

Blushing, Ladybug looked straight into his eyes - she was looking for something, and he didn’t know what - but this felt so familiar, so close to his throbbing heart. He was being pulled in; getting lost in a blue ocean that dragged him down deeper every passing second.

Their faces were closer now, neither of them realizing when that had happened.

Marinette cleared her throat, dispelling the magic surrounding them - she couldn’t do this, it felt so right but so wrong at the same time. Her body was begging for release, and Chat Noir was right there, oozing  pheromones and sexual frustration, the same as her.

Leaning her forehead on his - to try and restrain herself from doing what she wanted, needed - Marinette sighed, “I’m a bit…hot.” she answered the forgotten question moving away from the boy next to her and screwing shut her eyes.

Adrien wanted to say ‘Yes you are’ but refrained himself from doing so, mainly because his tongue was all twisted and the words wouldn’t come out even if he needed them to.

Marinette continued, “Which is why I came for a walk. Didn’t expect you to show up though.” she quietly laughed, trying to regain her breath.

“I’ll follow you wherever you go, my lady.” Adrien joked, winking at Ladybug. This felt more like them, playing around with no sexual connotations - just harmless flirting.

Rolling her eyes, “That sounds unbelievably creepy, but thanks.”

“I’m pawsitively offended you think of me as some sort of stalker, I’m just a cat. Your cat.”

Oops, he screwed up. Ladybug’s reaction to his slip up was very similar to another girl that plagued his mind and that was not what he had expected from her; normally she’d just laugh it off with a roll of her eyes but this wasn’t a usual day - everything felt off.

His mind took him back to that moment, where he was drowning in Marinette’s kisses and the name came out in a whisper, without his permission, “Marinette…”

Shocked, scared, excited, confused - all of those emotions passed through Marinette’s mind, her face scrunched up in deep thought, she was just so overwhelmed. How?


Chat Noir looked like a deer in headlights, which made her freak out even more, “How did you know?” she asked once again, voice low and frightened.

Adrien was startled, he had no idea of what was going on; Ladybug looked terrified and that absolutely tore him apart, “Know what?”

By then Marinette had already gotten up, pacing the rooftop back and forth, he was completely maddening. Was he doing it on purpose?

“Know that I’m…Marinette.” she whispered so low, even Chat Noir had a hard time hearing it.

With his head tilted to the side, realization finally overcame him, “WHAT?”

“Why are you surprised?! You just said my name!”

“I did?”

“What is happening right now?” Marinette was exasperated, was Chat Noir on drugs? It certainly seemed like it. “Yes, you said my name.”

“I-I didn’t know! I promise.”

“Then why would you say-”

“I’M SORRY!” before she could finish he interrupted her. He felt bad, he really did, but at the same time he was over the moon. Every weird, unnamed feeling, completely resolved in seconds.

“For what?”

“I was just thinking about Marinette - you? - and it just came out, but I swear I didn’t know.”

“So you’re telling me…I just revealed my identity, because of an accident?”

“Apparently you’re not as lucky as you thought.” Adrien laughed.

“That is not funny, Chat!” right now she could punch him and not feel even an ounce of guilt, right in his stupid smug face, “Wait…you were thinking about me? Do you know me?”

A cheshire grin pulled on his lips - only infuriating Ladybug even more - and he bowed, “Purrhaps my lady, I’ve been in front of you this whole time and you just didn’t see me.”

“I am losing my patience, will you fess up already?”

“I thought you didn’t want to know.” he looked as innocent as a child did after lying to its parents.


Sighing dramatically he murmered, “Fine.”

Closing the distance from the love of his life - yes, that’s how much he loved her - Adrien took her in his arms. A soft kiss exchanged between the two, Marinette deepening it before he got the chance to do it.

She was furious, but his lips felt like home and she was afraid to let go. Every touch and every single kiss, felt like déjà vu. It was as if Adrien was right there, with feather touches and languid kisses, heating her from the inside out.

Pushing him away to take a deep breath, Marinette looked at him and saw it - every single sign that pointed to his identity, from his eyes to his perfect white teeth to his disheveled hair - “Adrien…?”

“Surprise…?” he beamed nervously. Adrien wasn’t sure she would be happy at the newfound information, but all he could think of was how Ladybug - Marinette - looked in his arms, as if she belonged there.

Her brain froze, the new knowledge being too much for her mind to comprehend. The man she loved and the partner that she trusted her life with, were the same people. How could that even be possible? How did she not notice? Was she really that blind? Apparently so, because the longer she processed it, the easier it was to see that Chat Noir could never be anyone but Adrien.

Unbridled happiness racked her body and she held him close, so tight he could hardly breathe.

She was crying.

Ladybug - strong, confident and beautiful Ladybug - was crying.

Marinette - cute, awkward and courageous Marinette - was crying.

Adrien could feel her tears on his heated skin, and he hugged her back as hard as he could. She was so precious to him, so important…how could he ever let her go?

He had to tell her, he needed to finally tell her how he felt.

“I love you.”

He was pretty sure his mouth hadn’t even moved, and when blue eyes met his own he understood the words weren’t his. Chat Noir was beyond astonished at hearing his buginette, tell him what he had been trying to tell her for years, and more than a bit confused. Obviously he wasn’t thinking properly, or he wouldn’t have said what he did, “Are you sure?”

The mood shifted, Ladybug was glaring at him as if he were an idiot, the loving atmosphere gone, “Really? That’s your response to me confessing my love for you?”

Pushing him away she strutted to the side of the building, readying herself to yo-yo her way out of there.

“Wait Ladybug, I need to tell you something…” in the middle of his sentence she was already swinging away so he screamed as loud as he could “I LOVE YOU!”

From the distance he could hear her giggles, “I KNOW.” was the response he got, which made him smile harder than anything ever could. Shaking himself out of the daze he was in, he gave chase after Marinette.


Harry Styles - 2884 words (SMUT)


“They’re finally risen from the dead!” Drew jokes as I push through the door of Harry’s basement door, already rolling my eyes before I even can close the glass door behind me, wind gushing from behind me. I grunt as I push past Sheryl, the only other girl in our small, secluded friend group who is shrugging her coat and scarf from her body. “I’ve missed you too, fuckface.” I chuckle as I ruffle my hands through Drew’s long blonde locks, a shriek emanating from his lips as he pushes my hands roughly away from his face.

“Where’s Oscar? I thought Y/n was the last one to finish her finals from the lot of us.”  Sheryl states as she lets her small frame fall down next to Drew, my own legs carrying me over to the love seat near the end of the room. I scrunch up my face, supported by a smile when Harry passes me and hands me a beer, my fingers curling around the brown bottle as I raise it in a silent form of gratitude. “Coming later, he was busy with his girlfriend.”

“At least one of the lot is getting lucky sometime soon, can’t say that about the rest of you.” Harry jokes as he sits down to my left. I smirk and breathe through my nose, bringing the bottle to my lips as I take a small sip. “You’re very confident about your own performances in bed, Harry.” Sheryl counteracts, a snort leaving Drew’s lips before he slaps his knee and doubles over in laughter. Harry’s cheeks are tinted pink and I lift my legs and tuck them underneath my bum, holding them in place with one hand resting on my shin.

I have never heard a woman complain Drew. Can you say the same?” Harry strikes, his signature smirk you’d see all over the magazines plastered onto his features, Sheryl and I hollering as we see Drew’s eyes widen. “You fuckin’ prick, that was a onetime thing.” He accusingly points his nearly empty bottle at the only other male in the room, the glass making an almost shattering sound as it hits the expensive, mahogany coffee table that Harry had bought after Oscar was convinced he could dance single ladies by Beyoncé on Harry’s coffee table, only to fall through it and breaking his leg in the process. It was a good laugh afterwards and something we’d bring up every time Beyoncé came on the radio.

“One time too many, Drew.” I state, choosing Harry’s side on this one and he holds out his fist for me to fist bump him. Our conversation is momentarily stilled when the door reopens and in comes Oscar, his nose red from the cold outside as he rubs his hands together to gain a little warmth. “Lovely to see you, how did it go?” Oscar greets me and I shake my head, letting him know that it was so and so. “With you?”

“Eh, we’ll see. Not ready to go work anyway.” Oscar shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly and a dry chuckle leaves my lips and I salute him, agreeing with his statement. “What were we talking about?” He asks as he drops to Harry’s left, an unopened bottle of beer already held between his red hands.
“Our pathetic sex lives. Well, the three of us, not you two.” Sheryl answers but at the end of the sentence points her manicured nail towards Oscar and Harry, Oscar immediately grinning but Harry keeping his face blank.

“It’s been quite a while though.” Harry shrugs his shoulders, leaning back against his sofa as he spreads his legs, completely relaxing as he lets his eyes drift closed and reopens them slowly.
“How is that possible? I’m pretty sure every woman throws herself at your feet, Casanova.” I giggle, shifting my weight so I’m more leaning towards Harry. In the past years, since the band had become even more famous, he had grown up to be a successful, dapper man every girl swooned over.

I wasn’t blind to his characteristics either, the way he lazily carried his large body around, that stupid grin of his, and the dimples, oh those fucking dimples accompanied by that smile.

“It isn’t as tempting as it sounds though. Are you even getting any action? Accusing me of whoring around.” Harry smirks, a grin breaking through his façade as he crosses his arms over one another and keeps his eyes focused on me. I can feel my cheeks heat up as the other two boys and Sheryl stare at me in wonder, something I never really opened up about was my pathetic, nonexistent sex life.

I shrug my shoulders, trying to come off as non-caring as I mutter underneath my breath, hoping he’d let it slide just this once. “How long has it been?” Harry leans closer towards me to hear the words that leave my lips better, the bright red color on my cheeks even etching itself deeper and becoming more intense with every passing second.
“Almost a year.” I mutter under my breath and Harry widens his eyes but doesn’t say anything else, Sheryl deciding to come to my aid instantly as she speaks up.

“It has been almost six months, and he was bad. I’m not saying regular I didn’t like it, like it gave me nightmares after bad. That bad.” She chuckles and I smile at her in a grateful manner, slowly closing my eyes and reopening my eyes as I suck my bottom lip between my teeth.

“I’ll have to disappoint you ladies, only a week ago.” Drew proudly states and Sheryl slaps his across the back, a hiss leaving his lips at the impact. Harry decides to share the exact time of the matter as well and grumbles a “Month” underneath his breath before he chugs the rest of his bottle down.

“It’s been lovely hanging out with you again, but I’m knackered and I’m going off to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow yeah?” Oscar pushes himself up on his feet and dusts his jeans off, everyone muttering their goodbye’s, okay’s or simply nodding their head as we see him depart with a swift push through the door and into the cold. “He’s right though, I have work in the morning, I should head off too.” Drew sighs, rubbing his face tiredly as a harsh, loud groan leaves his lips. “Do you need a ride home?” He turns to Sheryl, who is almost asleep on the soft, plush sofa and nods her head tiredly.

“Can you? I’m not in the mood for a walk.” Sheryl pushes herself lazily into a sitting position, grasping the blanket closer to her body as her eyes momentarily drift closed again. “Let’s go before you fall asleep on my ass and I can carry you again like last time.” Drew chuckles as he pushes Sheryl up onto her feet, giving her another short push and guiding her towards her coat. “You good?” He turns to me and I give him a thumbs up. I loved walking home in the dark, the only thing lighting up my way being the street lights and leaving me alone with my thoughts and complete silence. Harry only lived two streets from me so it wasn’t that far anyway.

“Good. I’ll spring by when I’m off work. Later kids.” Drew salutes both of us and pushes Sheryl into the cold who immediately protests as she tries to push back inside. Both Harry and I let laughter slip past our lips as we watch the both of them interact with one another before they disappear from our sight completely.

“I missed hanging out with you all.” Harry sighs out as he hands me another full bottle, a muttering of thanks leaving my lips before I take a sip already. I sigh out, savoring the taste of the clean breath entering my lungs and I let my eyes close briefly as I exhale. “I’m glad you’re on a break, Harry. It isn’t the same without you.” I pat his leg which is closest to me, letting him know physically that I really appreciate him being back and spending time with his friends.

‘”I have to ask you though..” Harry starts but trails off immediately, biting his bottom lip as his green eyes catch mine, the dim lighting making them shine even brighter than they’d normally do. “Hm?”
“Don’t you get like, less picky or desperate after a year? I mean it has only been a month and I feel like I might combust.” Harry chuckles dryly, scratching his neck awkwardly as his gaze averts from mine, anywhere in the room except for on me.

An unattractive snort pushes itself past my lips and my eyes widen immediately as my hands flies over my mouth to cover the horrible sound, Harry’s eyes darting towards me again as he grants me with a cute, dimpled smile. “I get very desperate, but then I help myself out and I’m good for another week. I don’t want to crawl onto the scum of the earth, which I’d settle for if I actually fucked someone at that point.” I laugh, the blush permanently etched on my cheeks as it is now my turn to avoid Harry’s wandering gaze.

“And what would you consider ‘scum of the earth’?” Harry makes air quotations around my words, setting his bottle down as he intertwines his ringed fingers in front of him, his elbows leaning on his knees. I bite my lip before I let my tongue dart out to wet the already red flesh, thinking of a good example, one at once popping into mind. “Like Thomas.”
Harry’s face scrunches up in disgust as his mouth falls open, “You didn’t fuck him right?!”

“I said it was an example jeez Harry I would never.” I let my eyes widen but keep a stupid grin on my face, I’m so, so tired but this conversation is quite interesting. Harry and I would almost always have the most weird conversations in the A.M. “And to be honest, what I would consider fuckable would never even do me.” I shrug my shoulders, the last sip of my last drink sliding down my throat before I set the bottle down with a loud clank.

“Can I be brutally honest with you?” Harry asks and I nod my head, slightly confused and maybe a bit scared of what he might say right now. “I’d do you.”
I think the grin I grant him with says enough because within a few seconds, Harry’s standing to his feet and leaning over me, pressing his lips feverishly and roughly to mine.

I let my feet fall back to the floor, opening my legs so one of Harry’s pointy knees can rest of the love seat as one of his hands cup my face. We both realize pretty quickly that this isn’t the ideal situation and I push his chest, pushing him upright as I stand to my feet as well. I press my lips to his collarbones, putting pressure onto the tan skin causing Harry to tumble backwards and land in the same spot he had occupied all evening. I straddle his waist, his hands cupping my bum in an instant and our lips finding another again.

“You sure, yeah?” Harry questions against my lips and I don’t respond verbally, only pressing my lips harder to his as I let my fingers waver into his hair. His lips trail towards my jaw, his teeth sinking into the soft skin of my neck as I moan and swiftly unbutton his button up, pushing the soft fabric past his shoulders. I savor the tattooed skin, my hands trailing over the skin bringing goosebumps in their wake.

Harry is quick to discard me of my sweater and tank top, my fingers feverishly fumbling with the button of his jeans. I push myself up onto my feet, immediately sinking to my knees to pull his jeans down towards his ankles. I lick my lips as I see his cock straining against his black boxers, raising back on my feet to let Harry rip my jeans from my own body. He kisses the skin above my waistline as he slowly drags the fabric over my legs, pulling my knickers along with it in one swift, calculated movement.

As I crawl back onto Harry’s lap, now almost completely bare, him pulling his boxers down enough to expose his pre-cum leaking cock to me. I think we’re both desperate for a little release so I position himself underneath me and let myself sink down onto him, groaning in bliss when I feel myself being stretched to my maximum again in so long.

Harry’s hands reach behind me to rid me of my bra and as soon as the article of clothing goes soaring through the sky, his arms wind around me and he pushes our naked torso’s together, thrusting his hips upwards as I circle my hips in eight figure motions. My fingernails are digging into his shoulders, my lips near his ear, kissing the lobe and simultaneously panting into the shell of his ear, muttering how good it feels along with a sputtering of his name every so often.

Harry lets his head fall back, a particular loud groan leaving his lips as I let my teeth graze over his Adam’s apple. My movements are becoming faster, more irregular and needy as I push myself closer to my own edge. “This feels so fuckin’ good.” He mutters, his fingers squeezing into the skin near my hips as he guides me to his pace to reach his own release. I mutter back to him, reassuring him how good it feels as I feel my walls contracting around him, the tingles becoming more and more apparent as I feel my orgasm coming incredibly close. “Harry, I –“

“I know.” He sighs out before he pulls my body closer to his, his arms keeping me in check as he fastens his pace, thrusting rougher and shorter into me and I shriek out against his hair, swallowing over and over again and combining my panting with my loud moaning. Right now I’m so glad Harry has a flat to himself. “Come on Y/n, let go.” He groans again as he lets his teeth sink into my collarbone and a few sharp thrusts is all I need to reach my high, my whole body buzzing as I clamp onto Harry for dear life, my moans become more high pitched and out of breath as I reach down from my own high and feel Harry pound into me at a harsh, rough rate to chase his own orgasm, only tingling my sensitive nerves even more.

Harry comes undone with a loud huff, his body jerking before stilling completely and he pants and moans into my neck, his arms squeezing my even closer to his sweating but also shivering frame. I am still breathing heavily, my breath heating the skin of his neck as I let my head rest on his shoulder. Harry’s fingertips are brushing softly and soothingly over my spine, calming me and almost lulling me to sleep.

“You know, if you keep doing that I’ll fall asleep on you.” I sigh out, my left arm raising to loop around his neck and cling to him even more, still in the same position as we were in a few minutes ago. Harry breathily laughs against my shoulder, his breath sending goosebumps over my back and I squeeze him closer in response. “I know love.” I let my eyes drift closed, I have always loved to hear Harry speak with his thick, British accent and when we were younger he’d always lull me to sleep over the phone when I was stressed, it still, after all these years, had the same effect on me.

“I’ll be a potato sack you won’t get rid of until the morning.” I yawn, lifting my hips and letting Harry softly glide out of me, a breath leaving my lips at the loss of him. “I don’t mind, stay until the morning.”
I reopen my eyes, staring at the tan skin of his neck as I try to think of an appropriate response. When I don’t answer after a few minutes, Harry scrapes his throat again, my eyes falling closed again as sleep begins to overtake me. “Will you?”

“Hm?” I mutter, almost unaware of our position and our nakedness through the body heat I can extract from Harry’s frame. His fingertips are still lightly brushing over my spine and his heartbeat has slowed down again to a calming, steady beat, only encouraging sleep to take over even more.

“Stay until the morning.” He softly speaks again, almost unaware of the giddiness that soars through me at the question. I nod my head against his neck and Harry breathes out a breath he seemed to be holding in as some sort of relief before his hands stop their motions and grasp me by the bum.
“Hold on tight then.” He chuckles against my naked skin before he lifts me up in his arms and carries me off towards his bedroom, now finally realizing why he liked the mornings so much.

I hope you like, Enjoy,
Lots of love,
L. xox

I'm leaving....

Hey guys,

So, after almost 6 amazing months on this blog, I’ve decided to leave tumblr indefinitely. My best friend first made this blog as one we would share, but eventually she gave it to me and i made this blog my own, and i absolutely loved it. The only problem was, my parents had no idea I had it. To a lot of people, this wouldn’t be a problem at all, but I’m so close with my parents that I feel really guilty about it.

I’ve dealt with the guilt of keeping it from them ever since I first made it, and I’ve gone back and forth about deleting it so many times, but it seems to have been getting a lot worse, so I’m deciding to do what’s probably best in the long run (even though I really don’t want to) and leave before I can talk myself out of it any more.

I probably won’t delete this blog, I love it way too much and the almost 4k of you that follow me to completely get rid of it, plus I want to keep providing otayuri content to all of you, so I’ll keep my queue going (at this point I can make it last a month or so before it runs out) and come back every once in a while to update it, but completely get off tumblr. Maybe I’ll get my parents permission to get a tumblr and make another blog they know about (and I’ll come back here to let you know about the new blog) but I don’t know for sure, so there’s a chance this is goodbye for good.

This blog has done so much for me in these few months, I’ve met so many amazing people and it’s helped me through so many hard times with my anxiety recently, so I want to thank every single one of you, even if I never talked to you before, for giving me this experience, and it’s one of the hardest things for me to do to say goodbye

To my amazing internet friends:

@islysmiley i know we still talk on Snapchat and Instagram, but I’m still gonna write a goodbye on here. Talking with you has been one of the most fun things ever and I’m so thankful for the countless hours we’ve spent making jokes and laughing. Between watching Free together (and making a ton of dirty jokes *cough* Reis purple dick drawing *cough*) and practically writing shatt and otayuri fanfictions, its been so amazing. Words can’t describe how thankful I am so I’m just gonna say MAKE US FREE NA SPLASH KASANETA

@sweetpotatoirish1-7 I’ve spent so long talking with you about anything and everything possible, between your brother thinking I was a 50 year old man to creating an entire au based on the first few notes of Say No to This. It’s been so amazing, I can’t describe how glad I am that we met and how great of a friend you are

@imsherlockedtotv5xq one of my first friends on here, we’ve talked about so much together and spent so long ranting about ships, whether it’s spamano or otayuri, thank you so much for being such an amazing friend to me

@ale-le-me we’ve talked so much about all sorts of things, and fangirl way too much over all the yoi official art. You’ve always been so supportive of me even when I was going through rough times with anxiety, and I’m so glad we became friends

@mediocre-anime-fangirl and @yuriplisetskiing I know we haven’t gotten to know each other for that long, but you’re both such amazing people and I really wish I got to talk to you more, and thank you so much for being great friends, even if it wasn’t for very long

Thank you guys for 6 absolutely amazing months on here, and I hope one day I can come back to this account (maybe when I’m older and I don’t have to worry about my parents, or on another blog if I get permission), but if I don’t, I want to say goodbye ❤️

(I’ll stay on here for another day or so in case anyone wants to send a message before I leave, and I’ll send out a post when I actually do leave)


Continuing from my last post and staying on the topic of seiyuus’ BL history, I’d like to mention 2 particularly interesting cases from Yuri!!! on Ice.

So first we have this unfortunate skater who ejaculates at the touch of the ice

and who has uttered out some of the most inappropriate (and frankly uncomfortable) noises and words ever in the history of mainstream non-BL anime.  Turns out his voice actor has had a long and sturdy relationship with making BLCDs and is probably one of the most recognisable seme voies that any avid fan of the medium would have come across at some point (at least around the time when he was still active in the market).  As someone who has listened to more than one BLCD starring Yasumoto Hiroki, I stg every single time Chris makes his “Ikuzou~~” noise I just can’t help but burst out laughing because never has the thought of being able to hear such risque sounds, which are usually associated with a niche market, in an anime at this level of exposure occurred to me before.  And yet here we are.  I guess they really meant to “make history” the pun is already so tired by now but I can’t stop myself

Another rather ridiculous and over-the-top character from the show I want to bring up is this drama-queen

who did not exactly intrigue my interest in him or his back story, which I know is not a popular opinion in the fandom, but meh.  What I do care about, though, is the fact that the voice behind him is Hatano Wataru, who somehow is even more prominent than Angen in the BL industry and is known for his incredible versatility.  He has delivered consistent performance after performance, and imo Waccha is among the only few seiyuus who could believably act as both an uke and a seme without noticeable effort, but no matter what role is thrown his way you can always count on his dedication and passion and responsibility for his job, especially when he always sounds really enthusiastic in his BLCDs too lol (if you know what I mean  ;) ) 

Which is a shame because he doesn’t get to showcase his talent in more prominent anime roles very often, and for the ones that he does get, I wish they could have been a taaad bit more interesting or likeable so that both his fan base and resume repertoire could have a chance to expand.  But still, I’m glad his singing career seems to have taken off at a steady pace over the years and you could find his singing right in the anime!  You know that YOLO ending you’ve been jamming to since episode 1, the one you never skip despite how much you want to get right to the preview of the next episode?

Yeah that’s right, you’ve been listening to Georgi’s singing voice this whole time, and you’re welcome for that knowledge now :D

I find it interesting to compare these two seiyuus’ deliveries with those from the rest of the YoI cast, some of whom has never been involved with more mature and sexual lines of work.  When you think of Yuuri (Tosshi), angry Yuri (Ucchi), Phichit (OnoKen) or Minami (Ayumu), your brain doesn’t immediately draw the connection between them and erotic scenarios, does it?  Well a) these seiyuus are contracted with talent agencies that don’t venture out to the BL industry, and b) your sentiment is also probably formed due to casting decisions from the directors and producers, who have without a doubt nailed it this time, and chosen the perfect seiyuus for both categories: innocent, naive balls of sunshine AND sultry, mature divas on ice like the two mentioned above.  And of course we can’t forget our bombshell of a hunk who is in another league of charisma and charm, who has a killer voice from a stellar seiyuu and oozes out sex appeal every time he appears on screen and yet still has a delicate and sophisticated side to him

But that’s enough ranting for now.  Viktor’s beauty is not a topic I could justify in just a few lines and pics; it needs its own blog examining every single scene and look of his in details, ie. I should not go there here.  This post has got long enough as it is, so I’m just going to leave you with this celebratory pic amid the Viktuuri of the fandom (get it?.. Vikturi.. victory…. No?….. Yeahh I’ll let myself out) and hopefully will tune in again after some distant days

i am eighteen years old and one of the memories i am most fond of is the one where i am only four and can feel the wall pressing against my back while i mark the borders of my territory around me on the carpet of my mother’s room with pennies.
i am eighteen years old and the memories i still despise the most are the countless ones where i am too odd to be quirky, too different to be normal and everyone laughs at a deformity i thought i didn’t have, but maybe i was wrong.
the nights of my school years have been spent soundlessly screaming into pillows behind closed doors, feeling my throat constricting and tears falling down my cheeks, violently throwing my small body on the floor or against the wall closest to my bed, feeling myself ignite with fire, except the spark was never there and i am only consumed by pain and there’s too much, oh, god, there’s too much-
my limps fall numb against the mattress of my bed, my breath evens out. 
the buttons of my shirts are always fastened all the way up to my neck. the bottom hem of my pants must be rolled up at least two times, thick exactly an inch.
we’re in a store and my mum tells me i already have too many blankets, yet i still point at it and read out the name of the product, hopeful, every single time. she yields. but i do not know how to say thank you the way i would like to. i never know how to say thank you.
“aren’t you a little too old for toys?” someone always asks and i try to smile and make them see a bright side to the squishy lizard i grasp like a lifeline in my hand. they laugh. i am safe.
i fold my feet underneath me as i sit in the classroom, slip my hand under my knees for more pressure, and for a second everything is easier.
“you’re too picky about your food.” i know, i know, i know, and my body convulses with fear of abandonment as i detect the cold tone of your disappointed voice and i am sorry. i never know how to say i’m sorry.
i am eighteen years old and i’ve “always been a little different” but squishy lizard toys are for children and being upset over a sound is childish and they want me to change and “grow up”,
but i know better and that nose of mine i’ve kept buried in books in solitude is not satisfied with “different”, is not satisfied with “quirky”-
there’s a word for me, a word that is lovely and feels like easing into a routine, feels like sitting on my hands, feels like my favourite foods, feels like tight hugs.
they think it’s a bad word, it tastes bitter to them, but to me it’s sweet.
i am autistic.
and i am all right.
—  “different”

1. I love your radiant eyes.

2.You are my favorite person in the whole wide world.

3. I love hearing stories about your day, and watching the you get that faraway look when you’re reliving the memories.

4. I love how talented you are at loving me unconditionally.

5. When we are apart, it makes me happy to think about cuddling with you.

6. I believe we’d make a great life team.

7. I love to watch you laugh, smile, sleep. I love seeing you caught in any unexpected moment with your guard down.

8. I love the sound of your laughter when I tickle you.

9. If you were a holiday you’d be Christmas and Halloween (which equals probably the best thing ever created.)

10. It’s hard to put into words how strongly I feel about the way you khlkjghljh

11. I love how good you are at giving me joy, kisses, and hugs.

12. I wish I had known you all along.

13. I love how you make me cookies, unexpectedly, and add a note that always ends with “Always yours″.

14. I love going on adventures with you.

15. I love to kiss your forehead.

16. I love how you say “I love you” every single day.

17. If you wanted to, you could easily make me do anything.

18. You make me want to be a better person.

19. I would love to create a palace for you.

20. I’m so glad that you love me. I’m too lucky.

21. We should totally travel the world together.

22. If you were a color you’d be blue, because it had so many shades, and every single one of them is beautiful.

23. I still can’t believe you’re mine.

24. I love remembering the time we went ice skating on our first date, and I asked you if it was okay for me to hold your hand.

25. I never get tired of your laugh. I could tickle you for days just to hear the sound.

26. I love how you never get tired of me. Seriously, it’s shocking how much you put up with.

27. I love to play the guitar and listen to you sing along.

28. I love the feel of your lips in mine.

29. I’d like to take you to Paris, Berlin, Rome, London, Beijing, anywhere you want to go. I’d follow you anywhere, love.

30. I always want to hear what you’re going to say about anything, I seriously love talking to you.

31. I love how you love me.  

32. I am kind of obsessed with you.

33. I love how you love, care about, and put up with me. That takes serious skill, babe.

34. Nobody else can love me like you do.

35. I am so joyful, thrilled, happy, and lucky that I have you, love.

—  The Love of my Life
i n n o c e n c e (baekhyun fluff)

You didn’t want to believe it. You couldn’t believe it. How could this happen? And to someone as innocent and kind as Wang Eun? 

Yet you watched, albeit fearfully, as you saw Wang Yo shoot an arrow through his heart. You watched with tears in your eyes and your hands folded tightly over your heart. 

Every second that passed gave you more and more pain. 

That was your Baekhyun. 

That was your boyfriend lying cold, hard on the ground. 

And that’s when you started bawling. 

He’s just a kind, little prince. He wanted nothing more than to play with his toys and keep his family safe. He did nothing but laugh and play and bring smiles wherever he went. Why is he lying in the dirt? Why are his eyelashes covered in dust? His chest covered in blood? Why is he so…so lifeless? 

How could someone take away the life off of someone who brought life into every room he entered? How could someone take away the smile of someone who brought smiles upon every face he encountered?

How could they do this to your Baekhyun? 

You were so busy staring into the face of the lifeless prince on your screen that you didn’t notice when a bright, “Jagiya, where are you?” filled your home. 

But Baekhyun notices your lack of a reply right away. He frowns and immediately searches for you. 

He knocks on the door of your shared bedroom, and when he doesn’t hear a reply, he opens the door. “Jagiya, what are you-”

The words die on his lips when he sees you sitting there clutching the sheets, little sobs coming out of your mouth as you stare at your phone. 

He rushes to your side immediately, worried. He lightly touches your arm, and at his touch, you’re finally pulled away from the scene in your hands. 

It takes you a few moments to realize that the man beside you and the boy in your hands are one and the same, and when you see him watching you with wide, worried eyes- breathing and alive- you whimper, and before you know it, you’re crying harder than before. Just as you cover your face your tear-streaked cheeks, Baekhyun pulls you into his arms, his heart thumping with concern. 

The look in your eyes when you saw him, that look of absolute shock and pain, broke his heart more than anything he’s ever seen before. And he couldn’t imagine what could bring you to so much tears. He squeezes you tightly, and as you bawl into his chest, his curiosity gets the best of him and he sneaks a glance at your phone. 

When he realizes what the source of your tears was, his heart softens. He lets out a sigh in relief and chuckles softly, running his hands down your back in comfort. 

“Yah,” he says as he kisses the top of your head. “It’s just acting.” 

When you don’t respond, he smiles and hugs you tighter. Even though it broke his heart to see you cry, part of him felt touched that you were doing this for him. 

“Hey,” He urges you softly. He pulls away from you. 

As you hurry to cover your face again, he smiles before taking your hands into his. You immediately hang your head low. 

“Hey, listen,” He says as he takes your hand and guides it over his heart. “Can you feel that?” 

You feel your chest heave as you press your hand against his. Sure enough, at your touch you feel the soft thud of his heart in his ribcage. It was warm. He was warm. He was warm and soft and everything that Wang Eun no longer was. And his heart was beating. You stay like that for a long time, breathing heavily and listening to him breathe too- as if to make sure. You kept your hand pressed to his chest, terrified of what would happen if you feel the soft beat one second, and then feel complete emptiness the next. 

Baekhyun watched you, feeling himself grow more and more in love with each passing second. He didn’t feel tired, even though he sat glued to his spot for almost an hour. He watched as you watched his chest move up and down, proof of his being alive. How could someone look so cute just by sitting there? 

“You- you’re breathing.” 

“I’m breathing,” He confirmed. 

“But- but- you looked so cold. So cold and still and- and dead and I- I-” 

“I’m breathing.” He repeated. He pressed his hand over yours as if to reassure you. 

“B-Baekhyun, I-” 

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything.”

“No, I just- I was so terrified- it felt so real,” You whimpered as you held onto him. You kept staring into his eyes, waiting for them to suddenly shut and never open again.

“I’m sorry,” He tells you gently. You hold your breath when you feel his lips brush against yours. His breath was warm, so warm. “If I knew this would hurt you so much, I never would have done it.” 

You shake your head, before pulling him into your chest. He’s surprised at how tightly you clutch onto him, but he smiles, hugging you back. 

“I love you,” You say. “I love you so much. And I want to be with you for a very long time. You- you can’t imagine how I felt when- when I saw your smile- your big, beautiful smile disappear off your face, Baekhyun- it’s so- so unreal. You- you mean the world to me and if you would disappear like that I-”

You were about to cry again when he suddenly kisses you.

“I won’t,” He tells you firmly. You stare into his beautiful, warm, brown eyes. You could die happily just looking into them. “Jagiya, I won’t. I won’t ever leave you alone. I promise. I’ll always be here for you. How could I ever leave you when you’ve given me so much love?” He smiles as he says in a lower voice, “I don’t think I can ever leave until I repay this debt I owe. For loving me.”

You sniff, slowly calming down. “Then I’ll keep loving you. So the debt becomes so great you’ll never leave me.” 

Baekhyun laughs before pulling you closer to him. “It’s already so great, I won’t be able to repay you even if we spend ten lifetimes together.”

“Then I’ll keep loving you until it’s twenty.” You tell him earnestly. 

He stops, his heart fluttering at how much you were voicing your love for him tonight. It made him realize that he truly did wish that you would live twenty lifetimes together. He could die a thousand times and if they were spent by your side, he’d die a thousand more so he’d never be away from you. He knows he’ll never love anyone as much as he loves you. 

“How’d I get so lucky,” He murmurs before kissing you, this time with a hidden hunger and passion in his lips. 

You hold his face tightly in your palms. You’ve kissed him hundreds of times, but somehow it was never enough.

“Baekhyun,” You breathe.

“Yes, baby?” 

“Tell me you love me.”

He doesn’t hesitate to pull you tighter against him. “I love you. I love you so much.” His eyes darken with sudden desire. “You’re everything I’ve ever needed. You’re my ocean, my sea; and I love drowning in you.”

Your heart caught in your chest at his words. His words flowed so smoothly, like he was pouring poetry into your ears. You’ve been with Baekhyun for a long time, but he still manages to make your heart flutter every single day. 

“Wang Eun still manages to bring life wherever he goes,” You tell him softly as you feel his lips brush against the nape of your neck. His warm breath meets your skin as he chuckles and you lightly pull him to meet your eyes. 

“Let me drown in you, today,” You whisper.

He laughs, pulling your body against his. 

“Then I hope today never ends.”