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A banner I made for the Samwell Student Union, they keep track of all the events in the Check Please Fandom!

(board inspired by Check Please comic 2.1- Moved In)

The District: Chapter 4

“There is a Passion natural to the Mind of man, especially a free Man, which renders him impatient of Restraint.”- George Mason, Letter to the Committee of Merchants in London, June 6, 1766.

The days seemed to grow together, spanning out in the long doldrums of August. Lexa liked this time of year because of just that reason, the length of the days and the taste of the sunshine in the hazy humid heat. She liked seven pm games that she watched in front of the store with Bellamy and her friends from various places that all seemed to congregate there. She liked the way the day weighed heavy and stiff on her body when she walked on the sweating sidewalks.

When she was a kid, Lexa loved August because it was historically when her entire family was together. It was when her grandfather took her to games almost every day, and she was Nolan Ryan when he was a Met, and she pitched strikes to every kid that came around to play in the streets until it was too dark to see the ball. August was when she sat in the backyard with her friends and her mother cooked for them all night. It was the last sweet days before school started, when she rode the subway and spent the day in Central Park, when she walked the bridges, spit off of buildings, spent hours in the museums with little attempts to hurry home. August was rooftops and a city that was on fire with the ripples of heat escaping for the day.

After she moved to DC, Lexa spent August in a blur. It was a busy time for her with work, and when she wasn’t working, she was finding new rooftops and parks.

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I need some opinions!

((Okay so we’re all in a flurry seeing those stickers and FINALLY getting a glimpse of Vivi’s family ‘or so we think since Artsy hasn’t really confirmed that’s her family but it’s highly likely.’

I need some second opinions on what I am to do with my Vivi on this blog. From the beginning, I had her relationship with her parents being….very bad. Her dad is a lawyer and her mom is a doctor, hence why she knows a lot of medical terminology and ALWAYS keeps a medkit with her on every investigation. They weren’t helpful with her, they tried modeling her as the ‘perfect, normal child’ since she’s the one and only. When she had the chance, she hightailed it out of her house and hasn’t spoken to her parents in years.

Her grandma on the other hand, she was the biggest influence on her life. Grangran told her stories about the paranormal and supernatural from Japan since she grew up there and experienced them on a daily basis. She’s also the reason why Vivi got into roller blading and roller derby. So I’M INCREDIBLY HAPPY THERE IS A GRANDMA IN THE FAMILY!

What I’m asking here is should I go the canon route or stick to what I have. I want to keep my Vivi close to canon as possibly, with a few other exceptions for my own pleasure and for angst purposes. I’d love to get some feedback if at all possible!))

Atsutodo headcanons 1/?

–Totty constantly has to remind himself not to call Atsushi ‘daddy’ in front of people and still sometimes slips up

–Totty has ruined like three of Atsushi’s ties because he’s constantly pulling him in for kisses

–Atsushi takes Totty with him to the country club once a week. Atsushi will reserve the Jacuzzi just for the two of them

–Atsushi having to tell Totty not to run around the pool

–Totty’s pool of female friends doubles when he begins dating Atsushi and going to the country club. He’s now friends with four wine moms and now constantly makes wine mom jokes.

–Totty getting Atsushi to wear pink

–Totty covering Atsushi’s car with various LGBT+ bumper stickers like “My other ride is my husband” and “Honk if you love your bottom”

–Atsushi has a pink tuxedo specially made for Totty to wear on their wedding day. It was made in Italy and cost tens of thousands of yen.

–Atsushi spoils Totty relentlessly. Totty at first revels in it but eventually has to start reminding Atsushi that they can do something simple like get a burger or just watch TV. This is Todomatsu Matsuno we’re talking about.

–Atsushi is super protective of Totty. If you just so much as glare at Totty, Atsushi will have ten lawyers on your ass *after* beating the shit out of you.

–At first the two dated because Atsushi didn’t want to date rich and Totty wanted a sugar daddy. But they fell head over heels for each other by the end of their first date.

–Atsushi’s parents were at first upset about their son dating a “commoner,” but Totty proved to be the best son-in-law imaginable. He bonds with Atsushi’s parents all the time.

–Totty won’t stop hugging Atsushi when he has to go to work. Sometimes he’s even crying while doing it.

–Atsushi at first wanted to get Totty out of his job at the coffee shop, but Totty told him that he didn’t want to be a mooch off his husband and he wants to stay in touch with his friends that work there.

–Atsushi comes to Totty’s coffee shop every day for his lunch break. Every. Single. Day.

–Totty refuses to let any of the other coffee shop workers serve Atsushi when he comes in.

–The manager of the coffee shop once tried telling Totty to stop chatting with Atsushi on the job. Atsushi slipped the manager twenty-thousand yen and he never complained again.

–Atsushi comes over to Totty’s place for the first time and the Matsuno family just smothers him with kindness.

–Atsushi coming to love the simpler life of the Matsuno family.

–Totty loves to wear lingerie for Atsushi. And Atsushi loves when he wears it.

–Atsushi and Totty go on a double date with Karamatsu and Chibita. It goes really well, and Atsushi now bonds with Kara the most out of the other sextuplets. Totty and Chibita also became closer and bond one-on-one every now and then.

–Atsushi pays the sextuplets’ tab with Chibita in full and adds a 50% bonus. Chibita nearly has a heart attack then and there.

–Atsushi helps Chibita expand from his oden cart to an entire restaurant at his usual spot because “he’s been so good to his husband over the years.” Chibita fell to Atsushi’s feet sobbing, offering to give him one of his kidneys and a blowjob.

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Backwards dating

TITLE: Backwards dating


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE:  romance / fluff /angst

FIC SUMMARY: Violet Sparks is 25 years old and a virgin. Wanting to have sex as soon as possible to relieve her desires, she realizes that losing your virginity is more complicated than it seems. 


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS:  In a way, there are parts in me in every character I create and that’s something I can’t control.  Violet was strongly influenced by my thoughts and feelings and hopefully, i’m not alone and you can relate to her as well. I have more plans for this story but i do really appreciate feedback on it because it does motivate me to write more. This one shot is 4.2k+ and it wiped me out. 

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anonymous asked:

how about... phoenix, edgeworth, and trucy family headcanons?

ohhhh boy ok [cracks knuckles]

  • Miles is the first person that Phoenix introduces Trucy to after adopting her
  • when Trucy is little Miles is her go-to babysitter (when he’s not out of the country of course) whenever Phoenix works nights which is….often so even before they all moved in together she partially lived at Miles’ place
  • Phoenix and Trucy moves into Miles’ fancy-ass loft condo when Trucy is about 10-11
  • (Trucy is very excited about this bc it’s the first time she’s had her own room!!!)
  • despite how incredibly doting and loving Phoenix is he’s actually the stricter dad, and is usually the first to scold Trucy if she misbehaves (which isn’t often, but it happens, especially when she’s younger)
  • Miles is actually super soft and tends to spoil her w gifts (especially since he travels so much so he always brings her like a ton of souvenirs) and Trucy knows exactly which dad the Puppy Eyes are most effective on
  • they’re both kind of overprotective of her at times tho, especially when she gets older
  • Miles has been Uncle Miles to Trucy since the day she met him so she just sticks with it out of habit even after they start living together and it’s not until Phoenix and Miles get engaged when she’s like 16 that she goes “oh wait this means i can call u dad now!!” and Miles like….nearly starts crying
  • they agree on Dad for Miles but she also just calls both of them Daddy half the time and she ends up having to specify which one she means when she’s talking to anyone outside the family

and here are some more general domestic type hcs:

  • Phoenix usually cooks dinner bc he makes the best food (this takes Miles an unreasonable amount of time to admit)
  • they have a sign in the dining/living room that says “The Dinner Table Is Not A Courtroom” that Trucy put up bc when ur dads r a defense attorney and a chief prosecutor dinner conversations can get heated (she penalizes them for every “Objection!” by stealing food off their plates)
  • their condo looks so weird bc Miles and Trucy are the ones who’s responsible for decorating so obviously everything clashes
    • like most of the furniture + stuff like carpets and curtains are per Miles’ aesthetic bc a lot of it’s been there since before the Wrights moved in, but then there’s all of Trucy’s magic stuff, there’s cute stickers and wall decos all over the place, there was a saw stuck to the couch for like a week at some point??
    • Phoenix’s main contribution to the decorating is by hanging/placing photos and homemade collages everywhere…..he’s the Sappy Art Dad
  • pet-wise there’s, of course, Pess (newfoundland dog) and Bullets the Magic Cat (orange tabby)

#BlackoutDay, Beyond the Selfies

In the face of police brutality, anti-black racism as a global phenomenon, and the fight for positive representation , we have been able to create days where black people can generate visibility and celebrate all that makes us unique. 

As outlined in this post by co-creator @marissarei, we’d like to expand and relaunch. This is a campaign to get us started so we can make this next year even bigger than our first. We want to expand the team, organize charitable events (online and offline), organize meetups, and revamp our website to start featuring black owned business and black art, artists, and black creative endeavors.

In order to get to the next level, we need to do several major things: 

1) Trademark all affiliated tags and logos to protect them from being used inappropriately. Remember the infamous Forever21 #blackout clothing campaign that happened the day after our December 21st Blackout? We want to make sure that our tags are seen as distinct and for a specific use (and that people know they are for celebrating you).

2) Register as a legitimate business entity and non-profit. In order to get things like tax ID numbers and business numbers we need to do a lot of legal paperwork (with hundreds of dollars in application fees!) and potentially hire a lawyer! We need to become a business entity on paper to continue the work we are doing. 

3) Cover fees associated with our website and domain name. Last year co-creators @marissarei and @nukirk we able to take care of these fees out of pocket but are unable to do so now. 

There are cool perks for our supporters! We’re offering promos  for both individuals and businesses and, depending on the level you donate, you could receive brand new #BlackoutDay merch as well. Stickers and wristbands with our newest logo are up for grabs and there’s also the chance for ten of our biggest supporters to get a one of a kind #BlackoutDay shirt designed for them.

We are really excited and hope that you will support us as we try to be more than a selfie tag.

A special thanks to the folks featured in our first promo image. You’ll be seeing their full sized submissions within the next few days. Across from left to right, they are:

1) @beyondthesmilingeyes (Instagram: Erica Baedu)

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7) @clitaurusjones (Instagram and Twitter :Miss_Trapsoul) and Desiree (Insta: uniqly_dee, Twitter: uniqly_dee)

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I'm a little discouraged, but YOU can change that.

I’ve been trying really hard to help raise money so a member of the RT Community’s mom can keep her house and I haven’t raised very much. Willow’s father is forcing her mother out of her house, and she needs to raise something like $6,000 just to hire a lawyer so she won’t lose it. 

That’s a lot of money, but if even just half of my followers here donated one dollar she could hire the lawyer, with some to spare to repair the house that’s in a bit of disarray. 

I can’t make any of you donate, but please consider it. It’s going to keep a person in their home, which is really important. 


There’s only so much that I can do. I need your help. Without your support, her mom will lose her house. I understand that not all of you can donate. If you can’t, please please please reblog so others can.

I’m also offering raffle items each week. This week it’s my RWBY Minimalist stickers. They're super cute! After you donate, message me so I know you want to enter the raffle!

TL;DR A member of the RT Community’s father is forcing her mother out of her house, and she needs to raise $6,000 to hire a lawyer so this doesn’t happen. You can help by either reblogging or hitting the donate link above.

anonymous asked:

Can you explain your post quoting Aaron please? I don't understand the legal/business jargon. Thank you.

Ok nonniekins my love.

First, let me say that the following post you are about to read is my opinion. It is not fact. Also, there are a lot of incredibly smart minds in this fandom. So if any of them read this and I say something untrue or unintelligent, please feel free to take over.

The post was in regards to the Bears and their Twitter account. It is my personal belief that the boys deleted the account because they were aware of impending discussions about the legitimacy of Louis’ fatherhood and/or the existence of a baby at all.

I also believe that there has been some serious discussion behind the scenes about image representation and communication with a fanbase via social media. I know a fair amount of people believe that the boys will potentially be suing Modest/Syco/maybe even Sony. There is some disagreement about what those suits will be about (I myself think it will be financial, some people with very valid points disagree and think it will be about working conditions or contract enforcement or even the closeting/stunting the boys have gone through) We won’t know what they are suing for until they go public with the suit.

Anytime you levy a lawsuit against someone, there is a chance of being counter sued. Which will most likely happen here. And even if there wasn’t a counter suit filed, it is a lawyer’s job to find all the information relevant to their case. Lawyers spend 99% of their time combing through the details of a case to find little things (or big things) that will help them win. If the boys sue, then the lawyer on the opposing side need something to use as leverage against the boys and help make their clients look better or even incriminate the boys (or show them in violation of their contract) to help their clients win the case. A breach of contract on the boys’ side would be really bad, because even if their whole team was forged in the fires of hell and treated the boys like actual garbage, it wouldn’t matter because the boys’ failed to uphold their end of the bargain. It’s not fair, it’s disgusting, but that’s how contract law in the industry works.

This is where the idea of image representation comes in. If lawyers opposing the boys can prove that the Bears account was a representation of Harry/Louis themselves, then depending on the contract, the boys could be accused of violating an image representation clause. Basically stating that the boys used the Bears as metaphorical representations of themselves. (Green/blue stickers, skateboard/banana, all those lovely little times they reassured us they were the ones running the Bears) Remember how fabulously gay the Bears account was? All the LGBT Icons they educated us on, all the times they referenced gay culture? Well if the boys have a closeting clause, then this would violate that if they prove the Bears represented the boys themselves. If their Twitter account was still active today, first of all I think a lot of people would be talking about them in all this media speculation about “crazy fan theories” and second their account could be traced back to them through some work with Twitter.

Tl;DR- the boys had to delete the Bears account and draw way back on communicating with us so directly on social media because they might be suing the shitty disgusting people who have repeatedly screwed them over, and they need to be cleaner than a newly minted penny to make sure they don’t get themselves in trouble.

Can you believe how hard they are fighting? Can you believe after all that I said above, they STILL try to communicate with us. They love us so much. ❤️

At 8 p.m. on Tuesday, they existed in a girls-can-do-anything world.

A Rice Krispie cake for the middle school watch party. (Petula Dvorak/The Washington Post)

And why not? They grew up admiring female astronauts, Army Rangers and mothers who do marathons. Their own supermoms are lawyers and executives.

What glass ceiling?

This isn’t the Future Homemakers of America generation. This is Girls Gotta Run, Girls Who Code, Girls Golf.

They raise their hands in class, answer questions, run for student body president.

A woman in the White House? Totes.

“I remember seeing that line of presidents, all those men, when I was little,” said 12-year-old Lauren Dent, who was wearing a Hillary sticker that matches the Rice Krispie H on the dessert table. “It was like a timeline with all their pictures on it, the presidents. And I remember asking my teacher ‘Where are the woman presidents?’ And there weren’t any.”

Read more from our columnist Petula Dvorak – she watched the returns with a group of middle-school girls: They existed in a girls-can-do-anything world. Then Donald Trump won the White House.