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              —after a long time thining of what to do and how should i handle life stuff in general i came to the conclusion that i really didn’t want to leave tomo abandoned in a corner. sure, i wish some things were different but i still want to rp as her and i still believe that there is time for those things ( that made me unsure whether to stay or leave ) to change. 
i will return to this blog but i also have to drop the threads that ended up being a pile on my drafts. i am deeply sorry because i hate to do that, but it is really the only way for me to come back here and not feel overwhelmed. i lost my muse for those threads, but will definitely talk with any of you who want to plot a new one, or just rp something light and totally random because i actually do miss those types of threads.

that being said, i’ll move on to change my icon & banner because halloween was almost a month ago and seeing this makes me feel dumb lol  — thank you for reading and sorry for this guys, but again thank you for the patience!!

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hi!! i know you said you were answering witchy asks so heres what ive got. im a really new witch, ive been interested in it for a few months now and have veeery slowly started trying to figure out what types of magic i can do / enjoy. i know research is the way to become more aware of magic and how to do it, but im never sure what good sources are or what are good articles to read for baby witches. if you have any, id be really thankful! thanks for considering even if you say no <3

Okay, so, instead of recommending you articles and stuff, I’m gonna talk a bit about critical thinking in magic, and using our discernment, because I don’t think it gets talked about a lot.

So the thing is, first off, there are a lot of sources out there, as we know. Some are awesome, some are hit and miss, and some are just…bad. But how can we tell them apart, and how can I know as a beginner what to avoid?

Well, the first thing you want to do is find your source of information. Pick an article. Read it all the way through. Now, how do you feel about what you read? Did it make sense, or were you left confused on a lot of points? Did it *seem* reasonable? Was there anything that didn’t sit right, or made you feel uncomfortable or unsure of yourself?

As magic users, we are taught our instincts are very important, and generally good to follow in regards to magic; I’d say the same can be said for researching magic as well. Of course, it’s not to be totally relied on every time, but it can definitely give you an idea of things you may want to stay away from if it doesn’t sit right with you. Not only is the information accuracy important, but whether you are comfortable utilizing it too! our boundaries in magic are just as important.

Paying attention to any sort of comments or reviews on sources is great too. There are some problematic sources out there, and we do talk about that sort of thing on Tumblr. There can still be useful things found in bad resources, however; you just need to know the problem areas to avoid so you can sift through it to find anything that may be useful to you.

Problem areas:

  • using the terms witchcraft / Wicca / pagan interchangeably
  • religious exclusion (saying one religion is better than another)
  • elitism (“real witches only do *this*” ; “you are only a real witch if you are *this*” ; etc.)
  • cultural appropriation
    • chakras
    • smudging
    • spirit animals
    • animal totems
    • Voodoo / voudou
  • racism
  • anti-LGBT
  • use of slurs
    • g*psy is a big one
  • claiming Wicca as an ancient religion / oldest religion
  • outdated information (can be a problem to some)

This is just what I can think of right now, and is by no means a complete list. If you find something that you wonder if that’s really okay, or gives you a bad gut feeling, stay away from it, or try to look into it a bit more and see what you can find.

[List of Closed Cultures]

Some find that a lack of sources can be a problem, and that is definitely the case with published authors. Online, however, you are more than likely going to find personal experiences, and we can’t really source our own experiences and methods besides to ourselves. Not everyone references the posts they used for herb correspondences, or what method they used for their sigils. Generally you will want to know sources for more about the information of the practice (its history and usage over time, magic users in the past, etc.), because that area is really fuzzy and there’s lots of misinformation on that.

In regards to telling information accuracy - this can be a bit harder nowadays, since we know that magic is unique to each that practices it, and so you may even sometimes see conflicting information on the same topics! Definitely very confusing from the start. I think it is important to keep in mind different views and methods are possible as you research. However, I still recommend that you cross reference.

If you are reading through something, and you wish to check its accuracy, Google it. For example, if someone mentions the properties of rue, and you want to see if that’s really how it’s used commonly, search it up. (This isn’t just applicable to Google, but any other reference materials you may have, Google is just the easiest for accessibility.) Check a few other resources, see what they have to say on the topic. Do they line up for the most part? Where are the differences? Do you have any personal feelings on the topic yet?

Sometimes just experience is enough to tell whether something is legit or bogus. Say you find a spell, and it looks kinda meh, but you don’t really know for sure if it’s any good for you - give it a test run. Learning and discovering for yourself can be just as important and have as big an impact on your craft as anything else. This may have a higher level of risk to it than other methods of research, but sometimes we gotta…

I think that’s really what witchcraft is all about - because all the research in the world isn’t really helpful if you don’t do anything about it. Your experiences may vary based on what you read, and that’s fine, but you’ll never know how it may really work for you unless you try it out for yourself. And I mean, of course you should be doing it in a safe way, but hopefully you know the importance of performing your actions safely in magic and the benefits of protective methods.

Honestly, discernment is something that is experienced and learned that way - trial and error do really help a lot for each of us to find out if this particular thing is any good for us - and just because it may be legit for one person, doesn’t mean it is for you. That is why it’s great to do the research, but you also need to back it up with the physical actions of trying it out too. 

Now, this is by not means extensive or complete, it’s just what I can think of at this time. 

I’m gonna give you some resources as well, just to be sure.

All of the posts I would recommend would be from Tumblr, since that is where my main arch of experience comes from. However, you can definitely Google your own articles and take a look-see through them, see what sounds feasible to you, if anything makes you feel weird, and cross reference it to a couple other references.

If you can do books, here are some that other have recommended.

I hope this helps you! If I can think of anything else to add in the future, I may do that, but off the top of my head, this is what I’ve got. I have a huge post on how to do witchy research in my drafts, but it is still gonna stay there for a bit, particularly because I have no time and energy for it right now, lol. But I hope this gives you some ideas! :D

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how are bangtan going to prepare for a cb in such a short time?(i mean, at least my lazy self considers it short lol) i hope they'll manage to stay healthy. do you think they started preparing for it long before we even suspected it?

it has never been a short period of preparation. they don’t start preparing for the next comeback after the last one ends, they have already prepared for it long before, i can say from before or after the last comeback happens. the rough draft for wings was crafted somewhere in the middle of hyyh era, the chorus of spring day was written around november after wings promotion ended and some melodies was already written before that. even the music videos, which are like one of the last steps, are usually filmed 2 months before the release. bts has quite a fair amount of preparation time and durations between comebacks, and it’s frankly a good strategy. not too rushed so they can bring quality music and also not too overdued so they wouldn’t be left behind in this rapidly growing music industry. you leave for too long and you’ll be forgotten, that’s how the world works, especially when there are many groups coming out. i think they get enough rest, constant short rests are more effective than a long one, just like sleeps, quite an amount of people find it more effective and less time-consuming to take short sleeps for a total of 5 hours per day rather than take a long 8-hour sleep. rather than taking a long 8 9-month rest with absolutely no activity to focus on making music, taking a 4 5-month rest with enough schedules in between and constant vacations keep them active, motivated and productive (jimin once mentioned that it took a while to get used to singing again after taking a month-long rest). i also think this is one of the factors that allow bts to consistenly release quality music? they never truly rest, as in doing nothing and just resting, they keep themselves rooted to work and creativity and develop a habit of finding ideas from everyday objects and actions (like how namjoon wrote the chorus of spring day while watching the leaves fall at a park). like if you keep doing something everyday, you’ll keep improving and improving. a fair amount of rest also brings the excitement and anticipation to release their ideas and creations, which a long rest sometimes can’t, because the longer one has to wait the more likely they will get frustrated and lose motivation. i frankly can’t wait for bts to come back soon, it’s been a good 5 months since ynwa and the industry is moving fast with big comebacks, can’t wait for them to come back and exceed my expectation again.

(sorry for this unnecessary long rant, my brain races faster than i can organize my thoughts lol)


A/N: Anon and Cinderella Anon requested for Seatmate!Hoshi this time! I’m sorry I haven’t been updating bc of school but I have my drafts saved so don’t worry! I’m still writing! To those who are back at school, I hope you guys are doing great! To those still on summer vacation (and to all of you in general): STAY HYDRATED!!!

This one was really fun to write because, let’s be honest, Kwon Soonyoung is everybody’s bias wrecker. Even if you don’t have him as a bias, he’s somewhere lurking on the top of your bias lists don’t lie to me. This one’s a long one so I hope you all enjoy and have a great day~! ^^

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  • How do I start with this guy
  • Calls himself 10:10 because of his slanted eyes cute
  • This kid is also pretty hyper ok
  • Once got into detention because he randomly stood up on his desk in the middle of a lesson to shout “IT’S 10:10″ when the clock strikes 
  • Often has random dance offs with Junior!Seokmin and it’s the most hilarious thing to watch
  • Has a lot of friends from every grade because he’s so fun to be around
  • Cares a lot about his underclassmen and is the one of the nicest upperclassmen around
  • Everybody knows Soonyoung’s really good at dancing
  • And I mean, real good
  • He even has his own YouTube channel NaegaHosh where he dances his own choreos to pop songs
  • Most people at school follows him and even the teachers stalk his videos lol
  • Soonyoung is basically in everyone’s good book
  • Well, everyone’s but yours
  • You see, you’re childhood rivals
  • You can say you’re a pretty chill person
  • You have your own group of friends you usually hang out with but you’re on good terms with people in general
  • Nobody can deny that you’re an equally talented dancer
  • You may have a different style from Soonyoung but your dancing is just as captivating as his
  • While Soonyoung’s style is leaning towards breakdance, you style leans towards contemporary ballet
  • And it gets pretty heated and entertaining to see you both try out-do each other during the end of year talent shows
  • For few years in a row, the winner would either be you or Soonyoung
  • Usually you guys take turns
  • People are so tired of it tbh
  • “Just kiss already.”
  • Your friends like to tease you that your resentment is just internalized crush
  • But you’re in deniaaallll /guitar rift/
  • Anyways, you decided early on into the year that you will beat Soonyoung once and for all by winning for the second consecutive year
  • The story starts in the early morning of your Junior year in high school
  • So the system in your school was they always pick people randomly to be put into a new class every year
  • So you can be friends with everyone
  • And guess what? 
  • You’re in Soonyoung’s class
  • For the second consecutive year
  • People were groaning internally because here we go again
  • Being in the same class with you both was like being in a real-life drama
  • Because everybody knows you’re childhood rivals
  • And imagine the tension of sitting behind two people who are always ready to rip each other to shreds
  • The teacher was aware of this and tired of this s*** so she decided to sit you guys together this year
  • What was she thinking lmao
  • You guys might wonder the backstory behind this age-long rivalry
  • It began once upon a kindergarten
  • You never really had any beef with Soonyoung
  • He’s pretty hyper as a kid; got his hair stuck up everywhere and always the one to break it down on the ol’ kindergarten dance floor
  • Ok dark secret here; but you had a crush on Soonyoung back then bc he reminds you so much of your hamster Cici omggg
  • You let him steal your sandwich and borrow your color pencil during art as a result of this crush
  • This crush went on until that time in second grade when your school held Nutcracker 
  • And he totally stole your role as the Nutcracker bc you were sick during the dress rehearsal
  • By the time you got better the night before the show, they had given the role to Soonyoung
  • So you got stuck playing a candy cane tragic
  • That night marked the day you got your first heartbreak and sworn to make Kwon Soonyoung pay one day
  • Yeah, you’re a pretty dramatic bitter child and you continue to carry that bitterness up till this day
  • Anyways
  • It’s that time of the year again
  • Tension is in the air, looks shared between people
  • It’s the annual talent show
  • People are sharing nervous glances bc when are they finally gonna lose it
  • And by “they”, they meant you and Soonyoung
  • When you saw the form pinned on the bulletin board this morning, you never wrote your name faster
  • But guess what? By lunchtime, Soonyoung already had his name scribbled under yours
  • It’s officially on
  • “Watch your back, Kwon.”
  • “Good luck.”
  • Funnily, you were both dragged into the principal’s office by the time school’s out
  • “This year, you won’t be participating” the principal said
  • “What.”
  • “People are getting discouraged signing up for the auditions bc they know that in the end, the winner would only be between the both of you. That’s why I decided to remove you both from the competition this year.
  • “And no, Soonyoung, if you think you’re entitled just because your internet name Hoshi means star, you can find your way out.”
  • You were about to snicker when she went “Y/N, you will not find it funny when I tell you that you two will work together to create and perform a dance to be showcased during the talentshow. While you’re not participating, you and Soonyoung both
  • You went 0_0 w hat
  • “I’m not going to work with them!” both you and Sonyoung said in unison
  • The teacher was like “lmao get over it kids, it’s 2K17″ and then sauntered off like a bo$$
  • You realized you didn’t have a choice but to do as she said to be able to perform this year
  • And you see no point to arguing
  • So you both begrudgingly agreed to do the collab
  • At first, you and Soonyoung wouldn’t meet in the middle
  • You try to find faults in each other’s dancing, to 
  • You ended up trying to sabotage yourselves
  • Also, you still didn’t have the right music to dance with so you and Soonyoung were a complete wreck
  • Also bc you kept arguing which song to pick smh
  • It came to a point that one day, Soonyoung went up to Senior!Jihoon 
  • “Hey, can you whip up some swaggy beats for my performance for the talent show?”
  • “Tell me a reason why I shouldn’t hit you with a guitar right now.”
  • “I’ll buy you a burger.”
  • “I can buy a burger.”
  • “I’ll buy you a hundred burgers.”
  • “Deal.”
  • So that’s how Soonyoung had gotten himself the perfect remix for the dance the next Monday
  • When you listened to it for the first time, you knew, it’s perfect
  • Because somehow, Jihoon was able to mesh songs to create one that would work perfectly with you and Soonyoung’s style
  • And so you two began to work
  • And you couldn’t help but observe Soonyoung as he worked 
  • Because you’ve never seen someone do something so passionately
  • Soonyoung gave his all in his dance and it’s something everybody can see
  • Watching Soonyoung work his magic woke up something in you
  • Funnily, you don’t feel intimidated at all
  • For once, you embraced the fact that you now work with Soonyoung, not against him
  • So you ended up enjoying it a bit
  • So you’re finally done with the last steps of planning the choreography
  • It’s time for you to test it out for yourselves
  • So you played the music and danced
  • And you both had gotten so wrapped up in the music and with each other that when the music ended in a crescendo, you suddenly found yourself tangled in his arms
  • And you were so close in each others arms and he could see the specks in your eyes and suddenly he could feel his breath hitch 
  • Because Oh no, you’re actually really attractive. How could he not see this?
  • And all of the sudden, he became hyper aware of how close you both are, his hands on your hips and your warm breaths mingling
  • It wasn’t until you pulled away that he went woah
  • Because what was that???
  • You on the other hand
  • You tried to play it cool, but inside?? 
  • You can’t deny you and Soonyoung have a tension chemistry 
  • But God forbid if your age-old crush was revived 
  • You thought it was the time you spent together that drew you closer
  • I mean, you meet the guy in class then spend the rest of the afternoon choreographing and dancing with him
  • You’d expect yourself to be at each other’s throats 
  • But you grew comfortable with his presence???
  • It’s like you started to care about each other
  • You never really showed it but it’s there
  • Like that time it was raining by the time you both finished
  • You had forgotten to bring your umbrella and he basically forced you to use his instead as he dove right into the rain
  • (The next day you gave it back to him with a small thank you note slipped inside)
  • He thought it was cute
  • And that other time when you noticed he looked rather pale and tired
  • So when you went to the convenient store near the school on your break, you bought him an extra carton of milk and bread
  • He looked confused as heck when you gave it to him
  • “I don’t want you to collapse a week before the show, Kwon.”
  • You totally didn’t blush
  • You also noticed the change in Soonyoung’s behavior 
  • When you caught him starring at you in class one day, you were like “What are you looking at, nerd?”
  • He said “Your hair looks nice today.”
  • “My hair looks nice everyday, thank.”
  • And while he didn’t say anything in return, you swear you heard him whisper “Yeah it does.”
  • It’s so confusing bc what’s happening? Why is he suddenly like this? Does me????
  • And while it’s a nice change from having to bicker everyday, you started to wonder what happened that triggered this change
  • Bc this is not the standard Soonyoung behavior
  • Also maybe bc you miss the bickering a little bit
  • But practice went on like usual
  • Before you know it, it’s the day of the show
  • Everyone’s freaking out
  • And you were too bc this reminded you too much of the first time you performed on stage
  • The adrenaline and the nervousness coiled in your stomach like a snake strangling its prey
  • In a way, this does count as your first dance
  • Your first time dancing with a partner
  • Your heart skipped a bit when you saw him in the dressing room, made up and dressed in all black
  • And you stopped in your track bc he looked good
  • You missed the look he gave you as he scanned you head to toe
  • He had to stop himself from blushing bc oh my god it’s happening, he’s going to dance with this attractive person
  • He must’ve sensed your nervousness bc he turned to you
  • “Hey, don’t sweat it. You’ll do great. I promise.”
  • Those little words gave you a boost
  • You can say it’s like his way of saying “good luck”
  • But who needs luck when you got Kwon Soonyoung amirite
  • The stage dimmed and it’s just Soonyoung and you and the music
  • Your body seemed to move on its own, giving up all control to muscle memory and to Soonyoung
  • You memorized the routine like the back of your hand
  • Soonyoung’s touches and your eyes teasing, almost sensual, writing a story only the two of you knew
  • And to say that you wow-ed the audience was an understatement
  • You bombed the place
  • You were so in tune with both the song and with each other that what was supposed to be a three-minute dance felt like mere seconds
  • Before you know it, the song was over, you’re in his arms and you’re both breathing hard
  • It just felt..fleeting
  • The show was easily a success
  • Nobody thought you would work so well together after all those years of rivalry
  • But it just proves how two great dancers could overcome boundaries if they had enough will
  • Your friends and family crowded you when the show was over,
  • They went to congratulate you and tell you how amazing the performance was
  • But you could only think about Soonyoung
  • You wanted to thank him for the hard work he’s put into the performance and for all the times he took care of you
  • You tried to swallow the sinking feeling realizing that it’s over now
  • You’ll go back to your live before the dance and he’ll go back to his
  • As the tension was revolved by the time you spent working together on the dance, you knew there was no more reason for you to start something against him
  • Because you’ve grown so accustomed to him, and him to you
  • It’s like a routine you couldn’t shake off
  • It was at that moment that you realized you liked having Soonyoung around
  • Speaking of Soonyoung
  • You found him propped up on the edge of the stage, the lights from the projector up in the projector room far ahead in the the auditorium casting white light on him, his silhouette a giant background on the stage
  • Your silhouette joined his as you plopped down next to him
  • “What are you doing?” you asked him
  • “I like sitting along in a theater like this. Makes you feel small.”
  • “I had fun” you admitted
  • His lips quirked into a lopsided smile, his bunny teeth showing
  • “I had fun, too.”
  • You joined in as you took in the view
  • How the place seems so vast with the empty red velvet seats
  • “Hey, Y/N.. about that Nutcracker incident?” Soonyoung started
  • “What about it?”
  • “Can I pay you back with a kiss??”
  • And you expected him to suddenly say “SIKE.” and for someone to jump out of the curtains with a camera but it didn’t come
  • Instead, Soonyoung was looking at you with what seems to be apprehensiveness 
  • And the realization hit you like a truck
  • Bc he literally just asked you if he could kiss you to make up to all that childhood bitterness
  • At this point, Soonyoung looked ready to apologize and disappear from the face of the earth but before anything
  • You dove in like a hawk
  • You didn’t know what to expect when your lips finally locked but the kiss was chaste, almost shy even
  • The kiss felt like your dance; brief, fleeting, teasing
  • But it brought a certain fulfillment in your heart
  • When you pulled away, Soonyoung’s cheeks were colored red and he couldn’t stop smiling
  • “Oh. Oh.”
  • What??” you feel yourself heat up in embarrassment 
  • “…Can I kiss you again??”
  • “Oh my god.”
  • So at the end of that night, Soonyoung walked you home, with your pasts melting off like candy with every step that you take and laughter that you shared
  • And in the end, the kid who once stole your sandwich and role in that grade school musical ended stealing your heart, too
Request: Name

 Anon Request #1: 6/8/17 


count  ➵ 1,403 words

genre  ➵ angst, fluff, a lil comedy, [WARNING: some cursing in there]

theme ➵  bestfriend!jungkook

characters  ➵ jungkook, you



   Jeon Jungkook. It was a name so familiar to your lips that saying it would be no different to breathing air. It was a name you found comfort in, a name you called at times of trouble, misery, despair, happiness, and all sorts of things. It was also a name you screech at the top of your lungs at seven in the morning at a bus stop. 

   “Jeon, do you even use your new phone for the right reasons?” you hissed, fingers crumpling the collar of his blazer as soon as he was in your reach. You drag him up to the bus, scanning both of your cards (which you kept at all times because Jungkook, that darned boy, could never remember to bring his own shit).

   “Duh,” he answered matter-of-factly, panting as he uses your shoulder for support. “Gotta catch all them Pokemons!”

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all time low + inspirational lyrics from each album (with the help of @gabricl)

put up or shut up (2006) - the party scene
so wrong, it’s right (2007) - stay awake
nothing personal (2009) - therapy
dirty work (2011) - time-bomb
don’t panic! (2012) - so long, and thanks for all the booze
future hearts (2015) - missing you

Dick Grayson and Trust

At first the best thing I could come up with was ‘Dick Grayson and his amazing persuasive skills’ but it’s so much more than that.

Throughout the multiverse Dick Grayson has this trait of being able to get others to trust him and can usually get them to follow his orders.  

[Teen Titans V3 #6]

Dick can get the Teen Titans and the Justice League to stop fighting just by showing up and talking to them briefly.  This is more out of respect than anything but again the members are all open to hearing what Dick Grayson has to say even if they didn’t want to listen to each other.  This isn’t too surprising but it’s still an amazing feat.

[Convergence #6]

In Convergence Dick talked to Telos.  He got him to stop pitting people against each other and help save the entire multiverse instead.

[Grayson #3]

In Grayson Dick convinced this guy not to shoot him and to turn himself in.

[Grayson #7]

Again in Grayson Dick convinced the Gardener to let him go after one talk when just before that she had thought he represented everything she hated.

The thing with Grayson is that Dick was given the power of persuasion and the power to hide his identity, which are two things that he never really needed in the first place.  I liked that it showed this aspect in the comic.

And there are many reason’s, I’m sure, that people trust Dick Grayson but especially for those who don’t know him personally what makes them tick I think is that Dick Grayson knows how to talk to a person and be on their level.  

When he’s persuading he doesn’t seems like he’s looking down on you or judging you in a harsh way.  He makes you feel like he really wants to help you, that there’s no ulterior motive there or if there is then he doesn’t hide it.  He feels reliable, it feels like he could forgive whatever you’ve done or that he has truly good intentions in mind.  That then makes it feel okay for you to be vulnerable, you feel safe to talk with him, or give in to him.

[Batman and Robin (2009) #6]

But for this to be possible too Dick has to really give a certain amount of trust and a certain amount of his own vulnerability.  So if the person truly wants to become better then things turn out okay but Dick has also been tricked in the past.  

When I say Dick has ‘endless trust in other people’ it’s not that he’s super naive.  What I mean is he usually gives other people the benefit of the doubt.  He’s willing to believe in other people even if they don’t believe in themselves. 

[Teen Titans V3 #33]

[Outsiders (2005) #21]

He’s not defensive against someone unless they give him reason to be.  No matter how many people betray him, he never lets that stop him from believing in others.

Even the Joker has said he thinks Dick is the worst.  I think it’s not just because Dick was the first of the Batfam to help pull Bruce out of darkness but because Dick’s not all that fun to ‘play’ with.  He can tell Dick’s weakest spot, exploit it as much as he can, and yet Dick will still go on believing in other people.  The Joker could never truly break Dick’s belief in the goodness of other people and that’s what’s really ‘annoying’ about Dick Grayson.

[Nightwing (2011) #16]

[Nightwing (2011) #17]

I am not by any means saying Dick Grayson is perfect.  I’m not even saying he plans out the way he talks to people or that he’s a psychologist or any of that.  I’m not even saying it’s easy for him to be this way.  It takes his time and effort and one of the reasons Dick is a generally a good leader is because he has this trait but at the same time he can be stressed out by it and worry about his decisions, etc.  He’s constantly having to choose to be that way.

[Teen Titans #20]

All I’m saying is he’s a really genuine character and he does his best to stay honest with others, be there for others, and believe in people.  That’s really hard to do but people see him constantly striving for that mindset and that’s the reason people trust him.

It’s the Hair- Connor Brown

Originally posted by jvreemer

Ok so my second favorite ginger is HERE folks! Finally got some Connor Brown! I hope you all like this goofy nerd! And since both prompts were like… exactly the same… I combined them! I hope that’s ok! And I really hope you like it! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: do 1 wit connor brown where you meet him at like a meet and greet for the team and when you start talking to him hes like super surpisred ur not like inlove with nylander, marner, matthews! thxxxxxx

And: Can you do one where you’re at a leafs fan meet and greet and you start flirting with Connor Brown and he’s like surprised you want him and not matthews, nylander and marner. Obsessed with your writing!! Please please please!!


              You were so close.

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Just Keep Breathing - Seth Rollins

A/N: Hi, yes. I was bored. Like totally bored and I figured I should give the imagine writing life a try. So here is my first ever imagine and i hope that it doesn’t suck. I honestly wrote this in the middle of the night because Rollins got me all bothered and he’s 100% yummy.  I recommend him to everyone. If enough people like it, I’ll probably continue it because…. Why not? I’m honestly sorry for any errors and rambles….Oh, and for how fucking long this is….


WARNINGS: angst, cheating, and maybe swearing?

I was happy in NXT. Honestly, I could have retired there and I would have been perfectly fine. After two years of seeing my friends come and go, and moving onto bigger and not so bigger things on the main shows- anyone would think that I would be ready to move on.

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Ok ok but soft/sad Heith headcanons
- Hunk laying on the couch and a wild-just-took-a-shower Keith going and just dropping on top of him and laying there tired from all the training
- Hunk making cafuné on him until he falls asleep
- None of them acknowledge it as anything outside of the normal
- Keith doing his best to cook something for Hunk and soon finding out that he only gets sweets right so Hunk tries all of his cakes and pies and loves all of it
- Hunk finding gems and crystals that are pretty and shiny and giving it all to Keith
- Keith tucking Hunk and Pidge in with a few blanckets and pillows he found on the castle when they fell asleep while working on new gadgets
- Keith sending messages to Hunk when he is stressed because of a Marmora mission and just telling him how much he misses his big bear
- Hunk venting to Lance late at night about how much he misses Keith even though he knows he is doing what he needs to
- Keith going to visit and getting a big cake as his welcome back gift
- Keith crying while eating cake and saying again and again with a mouth full that he “promised himself he wouldn’t cry”
- Hunk making a milkshake for them to share
- Both boys hugging for way too long when Keith has to go back to Marmora again
- No one says anything and give them space
- Keith kissing Hunk for the first time after the hug and telling him that after this war if they are still alive he wants to stay with him
- Hunk promising that they will be alive and live together in a big house with two cats and a dog
- They kiss again to seal the deal
Idk just cute Heith stuff that I am in the mood for


Imagine after Damon walks out on your ultimatum you invite him to have one last talk.

Characters: Damon x Reader

Story Title: “Lightning & Thunder”

Word count: 1013

A/N: I found this half finished in my drafts, so I finally finished it. I don´t know about you but this feel like my old somwhat better writing. Let´s hope it stays this mediocre for a long time, eh?. Anyway, feedback is welcomed and appreciated, it keeps the fics coming!

 –> Part 1 <–

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It has been a few days since Damon left nothing but a Damon shaped hole in your door. You spend the first days crying, the days after that restlessly tossing in turning in your empty bed. After another set of days the fog of sadness seemed to have cleared and you are ready to face him again.

He at least deserves an explanation, a reason why you gave him that ultimatum. And however this talk ends, one thing will never change; You and Damon, however messy and crazy your relationship was, it was the best thing that has ever happened.

You´ve been sitting across the door for what felt like hours, back pressed against the cold wall with your phone next to you. A hesitant knock brings your heartbeat out of rhythm as if someone held a finger in the way of the small needle on a metronome.

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How They’d Hug You...

A/N: I’ve decided to do another one of these gif preference things. Since the last one seemed to be enjoyed, and I really enjoyed making the last one, I though I’d make another one. 

This has been sitting in my drafts for over a month so I’m just going to leave this here since the James smut is taking me a long time to write…ha, I’m so awkward. I’ll probs make a marauders one and post it later. 

(I don’t own any of the gifs)

Golden Trio Era:

Harry Potter

I see Harry as someone whose not big on public affection, with the exception of a hug. His hands stay secure around your upper back, not wandering. Just an innocent, adorable hug, and I firmly believe he’d initiate the hug, unlike with le kiss. 

Ron Weasley 

Similar to how he’d kiss you, he wants his affection to mean sometime. He’s not hugging you because he can, he’s hugging you because he wants to. I’d like to think he shows is affection because he’s not really sure how else to tell you he loves you, so instead of sat the words ‘I love you’ he shows it with his actions. Every hug would be as if it’s your last. 

Draco Malfoy

Again with the touchiness. I’m not really sure what else to say, I feel like I gave a good explanation in the kiss one. Draco would want to make sure he can feel you whole body, letting you know that you’re his, he’d want to lock you in his arms, making sure that you’re there and you’re going to stay there. 

Fred Weasley

He’s used to hugging you, he does it all the time. Every hug would be just another reminder of how safe you are in his arms. I totally get the impression he’s one of them head kisser kind of guys, ya know? He’s an affectionate guy, what can I say. 

George Weasley

Similar to Fred, George always wants you to feel safe in his arms, reflecting his personality where all he wants to do is make you happy, and if a hug can make you happy then damn straight he’ll hug you. (I struggled on this one 😅)

You were mine (Intro)

Requested: Yes by the lovely @stydia-4-ever

Hey 61,62,64 & 81 please lots of angst and a happy ending or whatever you feel like doing thank you. Oh and I forgot, for Bucky.

Warnings: Cursing, Depressing themes, Angst. Mentions of cheating -kinda-

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Fem! Reader

Summary: The news of Bucky’s death caused you to spiral into a world of misery until one night in your apartment with the news on you see him and vow to do anything to prove he is alive. Through all kinds of twists and turns, you feel your life becoming more complex than ever before. Is Bucky really dead? Had he just left you? How much more screwed up could life get? The answer is much, much more. 

Prompt 61- “You broke up with me! Remember?”

Prompt 62- “I’m so over you.”

Prompt 64- “I love you! You dick!”

Prompt 81- “It’s me. Everything will be okay.”

Authors Note: Thanks for your request! Hope you like it! Sorry, it took so long! My brain likes to take it’s sweet as time. I literally rewrote this three times. (this part is kinda shitty but I’m building up to the good stuff!)

I had multiple drafts of this but finally came up with an idea I could be proud of. However, in order to execute it how I wanted, I need to make multiple parts. 

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As you got closer to the club and saw the sigh written in blue neon letters ‘the happening’ you wanted to run for the hills but you stayed put. You had promised Wanda one night of Bucky free conversation and no moping. You never agreed on a Bucky free mind however and he was all you could think about. His brown hair and blue eyes found there way into you exhausted brain even when you tried to push him out. He would always come back as a tsunami of painful thoughts and memories. Months had passed since he left you, months but you still craved him. Craved his touch, his scent, his voice, his everything. 

When you made it into the club the desire to leave only increased. Bright lights filled the large building along with your (y/e/c) eyes. Shades of green, purple, yellow, and red moved around the club and danced along with the terrible music that was being played. It was loud and filled your sensitive eardrums making it almost impossible to think. Almost. 

With a deep breath, you pushed into the club and over to the bar, leaving Wanda alone with Vision. The only thought running through your exhausted mind was him. You hated him but also loved him. You hated how he had this much power over you and you loved everything else about him. You were hurt, confused, and wanted to get drunk.

So that was what you did. One drink became five very quickly. The room started to spin and the buzz you were ridding on put you in a state of euphoria. You danced around, hair moving across your back as your hips moved side to side. Cold hands made their way to your exposed waist and you gasped lightly before biting your lip.

Turning around you saw who the hands belonged to, to say he was attractive was an understatement. He was chiseled, buff, and had gorgeous green eyes but he wasn’t Bucky. 

Mentally slapping yourself for thinking about Bucky, you pressed your body close to the newcomer and put your arms around his neck. Swaying your hips to the beat of the music you glanced up at him to find his eyes already on you. His lust filled gaze moved down to your lips and you leaned into him before you even processed what you were doing. His lips pressed to yours hungrily. There were no sparks, nothing. Not like when you kissed Bucky. You didn’t care, you weren't looking for a relationship. Just a simple one night stand to forget the one you had come to love so deeply. 

The kiss became deeper and soon his tongue was roaming around your mouth, as his hand followed suit skimming over your body. Your hands tangled in his hair and you pulled lightly earning a groan from the man before you. His lips moved to your neck and his hands to your butt. A small moan slid past your lips which caused him to pull back. 

“Want to get out of here?”

You nodded with a smirk.

“I know just where we can go.”

After a short commute to the Avenger’s tower where you had been living, you lead the nameless man up to your room. You opened the door and closed it as soon as you were both inside. 

“Now where were we?”

Your lips were centimeters away from his and right as you were about to touch your lips to his a cough interrupted you. 

You quickly whipped around to see who it was simultaneously picking the gun up off your nightstand and pointing it at the trespasser. Being an avenger taught you to always be on guard you never know what could happen.

“There’s no need for that doll.”

Upon hearing that voice, you lost all the air in your lungs, all of a sudden you were completely sober by one word. 

Lifting up your gaze your eyes connected with pools of blue, a look of hurt clouded them. Trailing your eyes over his face you almost couldn't believe it. His messy dark brown hair hung just below his jaw and his chin had slightly more scruff than before.


“Hello, doll.”

Your heart sped up at his pet name and a tornado of emotions filled your body. Rage, sadness, love, hurt. How could he leave one day and show up months later like nothing was wrong? How could you be so happy to see the one who broke you?

You set the gun down on the nightstand but kept your gaze on the super soldier.

“I see you've been preoccupied since I left.” 

“Pretty sure that is none of your business Barnes.”

“You’ll always be my business (y/n).”

Those words stung the holes already in your heart, rage took over.

“Says who? Pretty sure you relinquished that right. You broke up with me! Remember?”

Bucky opened his mouth to respond but the guy you had brought home did first. 

“I-I think I’m just going to go.” 

You turned and gave the man a small smile and a quick apology before leading him out and running back to your room, once there you saw Bucky throwing some of his clothes into a duffel bag.

“You're leaving again?”

“You are clearly better off without me.”

“What makes you say that? Because you dropped in the first time I touch someone since you left me? Or is it because you are so scared this might be something real you’d rather run than see where it goes?”

“I don’t run.”

You let out a laugh and grabbed some of the shirts out of his bag before throwing them on the bed.

“What do you think this is?”

“It’s called packing (Y/N). I’m not running because I think this could be something real. I’m leaving because I know it is and don’t want to hurt you. I’m not a good person.”

“Are we really doing this again?”

“Doing what?”

Bucky’s voice got lower and he glared at you slightly, just as you were to him. 

“You always act as if your just going to snap, that one day you will wake up with an urge to kill again. That was never you in the first place Bucky! You didn’t choose to do those things, you’re not just going to wake up one day and want to strangle me in my sleep!” 

Bucky flinched lightly at the thought of hurting you but he quickly regained his composer. 

“Dammit (y/n)! Why are you so difficult?”


“Yes, you! Your annoying, insufferable, irritating, and I can’t get enough of you.”

Your breath hitched in your throat.



“Kiss me.”

And so he did. Sparks radiated through the room as his soft pink lips moved on your own, tongues intertwined and hands wandered bodies. All the built up anger and frustration was being let out in the kiss as was his for you. It was perfect. That was how you two were. You fought but always found your way back to one another like magnets. You couldn’t imagine life without him. 

*Present time*

You know that moment when your safe place gets compromised, the moment when, where you once felt alive and at home gets turned into a utopia of pain and sadness?

When your breath comes out in raged puffs and your heart gets completely ripped from inside your body, the pain radiating in your soul.

That was how you felt. You sat in the corner knees curled up to your chest, hot tears running down your cheeks and your breathing anything from steady. You couldn’t wrap your mind around what had happened, you couldn’t understand or maybe you chose not to.

He wasn’t. He couldn’t be.

The words moved slowly from Steve’s lips, but you didn’t hear them. It was like a scene in the movie where the world fades out and you get trapped in your own brain. Tears filled his blue eyes as he placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. You couldn’t feel, couldn’t see straight. Tears filled your own eyes and you felt your heart get ripped from your chest when you heard the words.

Bucky’s dead.

And in that moment your world fell apart and you would do anything for those stupid little fights, anything for the passionate kisses that followed. 

Bucky was dead but so were you. 

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My dear friends and followers, I am back. About a month ago my mother passed away, so I went on a hiatus to attend the funeral overseas and give myself some private time to grieve.

As you may recall, in S3E5 Death and Hysteria, Dr. Samuels told Aunt Prudence that “Grief is not a simple thing”, which I found to be true. For the most part, I was coping well since my mother had battled illnesses for several months, and we were all mentally prepared for her passing. However, there were still moments when I was filled with sadness and disbelief that she was actually gone. Even though I didn’t feel as inconsolable about my mother as Aunt P did Arthur, the song “There’s a Long, Long Trail A-Winding” still proved to be therapeutic when I listened to it.

During my hiatus, I purposefully stayed away from any social media and must admit that it felt quite liberating. Without the pressure of having to prepare the draft for my blog while keeping up with everyone else’s posts every day, there was more free time for me to catch up on books on my reading list, watch the shows/movies that had been neglected in my queue for ages, or simply be lazy and play games on my iPad. I relished the freedom so much and was contemplating whether to return at all. At the end, my love for MFMM and my fellow fans won out, so here I am.

Last but not least, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude toward everyone who had left me notes or sent me private messages. Due to the sheer volume, I probably won’t be able to respond to each of you individually. Please know that your kindness and thoughts provided much comfort to me and my family, and I really appreciate it.

Tomorrow I will resume regular posting. Hope to see you here.

(Posted 20-Nov-2017)


Yes that’s right.

It’s been a year since I’ve posted on this blog and I can’t believe how far this blog has grown. I could’ve never imagined to have 2.8K followers in that amount of time.

And the number of followers still grow each and every day. I’ve never had this amount of support from anything I’ve ever done before……

This blog has done so many things for me. My depression is gone, I’m actually more organized (thanks to me queue and drafts), I’ve gained so much more appreciation for myself and a lot of other things, and I have you.

Yes, you.

You are the main reason why this blog exists.

I still remember the day when I realized my posts were getting noticed. I was in L.A (wow fancy that), awake at like 3am and I just checked tumblr. And there you were. My first 7 followers. My first 4 notes. My motivation had started from that point.

And every single day from that point. I just kept posting.

Since then, I’ve gained almost 3K followers, I’ve put out over 900 posts, along with 300 others sitting in the queue and over 100 drafts waiting to be opened to the wild. It’s crazy. The fact that I’ve been keeping up with this blog for a year even surprises me. The fact that people enjoy my posts, share my posts with friends, and anticipate more from me is amazing. I’ve honestly never felt so loved in my life. You guys are just amazing and I hope you all stay with me for a really long time. 

because forever doesn’t exist.

But seriously, you are all the reason why I’ve kept up with this blog and the reason why this blog exists. You’re the reason I still exist.

I just really want to thank you all. I consider you all my friends and soulmates.

and i know this is really long so if you guys read up to here i’m also very surprised


Thank You and I Love You All.

Let’s stay together for years to come.

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Survivor (Jason Todd x Reader) | Part Five

Warnings: Swearing. Nervous dork Jason. Emotional?

To say that your life had become complicated was an understatement. Right after Red Hood told you his actual name- which was a huge surprise in of itself- he tells you exactly how he died, as though it was a completely normal and casual thing to talk about! He even had the gall to nonchalantly ask you what your favorite color was when his explanation was done!

You dumbfoundedly answered his question followed with: “I think I- we should sit down before we continue this conversation.”

He cleared his throat with a nod and gestured for you to lead the way. When he climbed through the window after you, you didn’t miss the way his nose scrunched up in offense at the discarded book on the floor. The sight made you smile slightly, and you giggled when he picked it up as though it was a fallen comrade and held it delicately to his chest while giving you a disgusted look.

You simply laugh and plop down onto your couch, and he joins you soon enough- after he places the book at the top of your bookshelf.

“Jay, I can’t reach that high,” You point out.

Jason sits down next to you before saying: “Yeah, I know. That’s the point. You’ll never hurt that poor book again.”

The months seem to fly by after that. Jason would come visit you when he wasn’t on patrol or busy with something, you’d both chat, get to know each other, banter with each other, and then he’d leave with some sarcastic comment and a wink. He’d always come in and out through that same window, too. So when he’d showed up at your door instead, you were certainly surprised.

“So he does know how to use doors,” You sarcastically say, smirking.

He laughs a little nervously, “Yeah, I uh… I came through here because- I uh,” He clears his throat. “I think it’d be inappropriate to ask you my question through the window.” At the raise of your eyebrow he stammers out a rushed: “I-I wanted to know if you wanted to maybe go out. With me. On a date?”

“Right now?”

“Yeah. I-I mean, if that’s okay. With you. If not that’s– I’ll just…” He takes a step back.

“Right now is fine!” You quickly say. “I just need to grab my shoes and stuff.”

“Oh, thank fuck– I mean. Cool.”

It doesn’t take long for you to get ready, and you link your arm with his when you shut your door behind you, which causes his footsteps to falter for a split second before you’re off.

The date goes fairly well. He takes you to a restaurant that may not be the most extravagant or expensive, but the food was really good; afterwards he takes you out of the city, up quite a few hills, until he reaches what seems like the middle of nowhere. When he pulls over and stops his motorcycle, you give him a curious look.

“Do you trust me?” He asks.

“You know,” You begin. “Most people would feel uncomfortable with their date asking that question after being taken out in the middle of nowhere where there are no witnesses, but yes.”

He grins. “I’m going to ask you to close your eyes, for just a bit.”

You sigh dramatically before placing your hands over your eyes, and you giggle when you feel him place his own hands over yours.

“No peeking,” He whispers, as he begins to lead you in some direction. It’s only a few steps before he stops. “Okay,” He removes his hands. “Open.”

With a flutter of your eyes, you see Gotham City in front of you from the hillside your on. “Holy shit,” You can’t help but blink in awe. “You can practically see everything from here!”

“Yeah, it’s uh,” Jason clears his throat. “It’s a great view, and it’s peaceful up here.”

You turn to him with a smile on your face. “Is this your secret hideaway?”

He smirks in return, “Sometimes,” He brings a fist up to his mouth to clear his throat nervously, again. “But, I uh… I brought you here because… I didn’t want anyone to interrupt me or… ruin…”

You tilt your head slightly in bewilderment. “Jay?”

He bites his lip as he looks to the side, then huffs out a short laugh. You can see his eyes beginning to glisten, and he clears his throat again. “I, uh- we’ve… been together for awhile. And maybe not- not that long, but I uh…” You feel your own eyes begin to water slightly at hearing his voice crack, and he quickly clears it again. “Fuck. I don’t know how to–” He pauses, bites his lip before mumbling out: ‘fuck it’ and he drops down on one knee.

A tear escapes your eye as you raise a hand to your mouth.

“Y/N, I really just– I love you; and I’m sorry for fucking rushing this at the end, but I need to say it before I can’t,” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring, and he keeps his face towards the ground as his voice begins to break. “Y/N, will you marry me?”

“Yes,” You say instantaneously, causing Jason to snap his head up to you, revealing his wide, glassy eyes. “I would love to marry you, Jason Todd.”

Shakily, he places the ring on your finger, a small relieved sigh escaping him. He stands back up, and you engulf him into a hug which he returns with trembling but strong arms. A small sob escapes him, and when you pull back you find him grinning and laughing softly, all the while with tears streaming down his face.

“I’m the luckiest man on the planet.”

You press a kiss to his lips, and it was that moment that you were sure nothing else mattered. Nothing but the two of you. The contagious sound of his gentle laughter- which was so sincerely happy and innocent. You weren’t sure how long the two of you stayed on top of that hill, basking in each other’s presence, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to really care. You just wanted to spend time with him, and now you had all of your life to do just that.

All the Little Horses Chapter 8

Week 26

Your baby is the size of a turnip. Major excitement: Your baby opens its eyes! On the flip side, you might wish yours would stay closed so you could get some sleep. Your baby now weighs a full two pounds and measures nine-plus inches. Your baby will soon be feeling a little cramped in your uterus — but not to worry, there’s still plenty of room for your baby to grow. It just means your gymnast will have less room for those somersaults, cartwheels and other Olympic feats. If a full night’s rest has become elusive, welcome to the (sleepless) world of pregnancy insomnia. Between heartburn and leg cramps, bathroom runs and that big beach ball beneath your nightie, it’s no wonder your body’s having trouble calming down and drifting off…

     I rolled over in bed for what must have been the hundredth time. I couldn’t get comfortable though. I cursed softly as I tried to shift the pillow between my legs to a more comfortable position. Next to me, Cal shifted as well and propping himself up on an elbow. His voice was husky with sleep as he asked, “Everything okay?”

      “No,” I grumbled bitterly as I rolled to face him, “I can’t sleep for more than ten minutes, I feel like I swallowed a balloon and it’s expanding inside of me, not to mention my ankles feel like they’re disconnected from my body, and I’m still hungry even though I ate two hours ago.”

       He sighed as he laid back down and ran a tired hand down his face. A few seconds later, he said, “Alright,” and rolling to face me, he continued, “Come here then.”

      I moved toward him, and then maneuvered myself so that my back was curled into the curve of his body. I pulled the pillow out from between my legs, and he slid his leg between mine in its place, before tucking his chin on top of my head. It was a position we found worked best on the nights that I really had trouble sleeping, and I hated to admit that I liked it considerably more than I let on. We laid like that for a few minutes then, just listening to the sound of traffic outside as the curtains parted softly with the fall breeze.

     Suddenly feeling sentimental, I reached for Cal’s hand and softly guided it to my stomach. The baby kicked softly against our hands, and I felt Cal’s lips pull into a small smile as he kissed the top of my head. I grinned softly as well, and then closed my eyes and tried to settle in for another sleepless night.


     The next morning, we were sitting in Ada’s office again. Now the veterans of the whole process, we had picked an appointment later in the morning, and had arrived closer to the appointment time. Across from us was another woman, much older than me, who looked to be a lot farther along than me as well. She was talking softly with her husband while their young son sat on the floor running a race car along the carpet.

     I threaded my fingers through Cal’s and he brought my hand up to his lip and pressed a light kiss on my knuckles. I grinned at him and then gestured for him to lean down so that I could whisper in his ear.

     “Are you ready to lose that bet today?” I asked with a malicious grin. He laughed lightly as he pulled away and winking down at me he replied, “We’ll see.”

      The door opened and a male nurse called us back. I struggled to get up from the chair, and in the end Cal helped me up and I glanced at him gratefully, before wrapping my arms around his and walking with him into the back. The area seemed to be even busier than the last time I had come, which had only been a month ago. The nurse showed us to a room, and then took my blood pressure, my temperature, my height, and my weight much to my disdain. Cal had sat in the chair, grinning to himself the whole time, and laughing outright when I made a face at the number on the scale. 

     Taking all the numbers down, the nurse promised that Ada would be with us soon, and then left. I sat down heavily on the examination table and then laid back, looking up at the ceiling. Instinctively, I ran my hand along the heavy spot of my stomach, where the baby was resting and pushing up against me. Quietly, I hoped it was a baby boy, because I couldn’t imagine losing this bet to Cal, he would never let me forget.

     The door opened and Ada came in, and offered us both a bright grin. I replied with the same, and she laughed as she took in my dark circles and said, “Well, you’re healthy as a horse, and so is the baby from what I can tell.”

     My heart soared and, my smile became so wide that it hurt my cheeks. I watched her wash her hands and exhaling in relief I said, “That’s, good to hear,”  She settled in next to me, and set up the ultrasound. Glancing between the two of us, she asked about how everything was going, about how I was feeling, about how Cal was feeling about the whole thing, had we started setting up the nursery, was there a date for a baby shower yet, and whether or not we had started looking into birthing classes. She paused at the last one, and glancing at me curiously, she asked, “Are you planning on giving natural birth, or are you going to do a C-section?”

     I paused from answering and then shifting uncomfortably, I replied, “My mom gave birth to all of us naturally, and I think I could do it, but I want to wait until I get there to decide.”

     Nodding, Ada smiled and winked at Cal as she teased, “Well you better be prepared, I would suggest doing hand strengthening exercises now. We don’t want her breaking your hand during delivery.”

      Cal laughed, but I saw him flexing his hand instinctively near my side. Reaching out, I took that hand in mine, and squeezed gently, trying to reassure him. He simply gave me a gentle smile, and squeezed back. We were a team in this, we had already decided that long ago. Now more than ever it mattered though, as we rapidly approached the end of this whole thing. I kept my eyes on Cal, thinking about what it would look like if our son or daughter had his eyes, and maybe his smile. He could light up a room with that smile.

In my distraction, Ada lifted up my shirt and spread the typical gel across it. She glanced at the machine and my heart leaped with joy when it only took her a few seconds to find the baby and give us a good view. Smiling warmly, Ada circled a spot on the baby’s head with her finger and said, “If you look carefully, you might be able to see that its eyes are open.”

     Cal leaned forward expectantly and then shook his head laughing as he pressed a light kiss on my forehead. “Already wide awake,” he teased as he smirked. I couldn’t wait to see that smirk fall when our baby cried at all hours of the night. 

      After taking a few pictures and pointed out a few more important facts, Ada began to wind down from her work, and I took that moment to decide that more than anything I needed to know what we were having.

 “Can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?” I asked hesitantly, and Ada glanced down at me before nodding and looking back at the screen. She tilted her head to the side as she observed the image, and then shifted the picture left and right slightly for a few seconds. Eventually, she grinned down at me and asked, “Are you sure you want to know?” 

     Cal and I both nodded wildly, both of our eyes glued to the screen where our baby was slowly twisting inside of my womb. Ada laughed at our excitement and then gesturing to a spot near the baby’s leg she whispered, “Congratulations, you’re have a girl.”

      My jaw dropped and Cal let out a hoot of laughter. I shifted to sit up and cried in shock, “No, I know it’s a boy!”

      Ada raised her brow at our entirely different reactions and then laughed as she went to print the image. “Oh no, you two are definitely having a girl, there’s no mistaking that.”

       “So much for motherly intuition.” Cal laughed as I slumped back down in my seat and grumbled, “Dammit.”


     Later that day, I helped Cal move the last of the boxes into the room that was once his office. Slowly, he unpacked them, while I opened the cans of paint. In the end, we had bought a soft cream color, and Cal had promised that we would finish the painting that weekend. Sitting on the floor, Cal was busy putting something or another together while I was painting the wall opposite of him, with my back to him. I had been a little peeved after we found out the baby was girl, because he had been so God damn cocky about winning the argument. I couldn’t stay mad forever though, especially now, since he had dropped what he was in the middle of doing to drive and grab us lunch.

      “How about Amanda?” He offered as he fit two poles together. I made a face at the name and said, “I know a girl with that name that comes to the studio to work out with Ella’s group, we are not naming our daughter Amanda.”

“Fine, how about…. Erin?” He offered as he stood up and fitted the piece he had just finished onto the frame of something. I glared at him over my shoulder and pointing the paint roller at him, I said, “Either you pick something original to name our kid, or I’m going to physically hurt you.”

He laughed as he stepped back to admire his work, and gesturing to the frame he said, “What do you think? Not bad right?”

“What the hell is it supposed to be?” I grumbled as I set my paint roller down and wiped my hands on my overalls. I walked to the dresser and grabbed a peice of garlic bread from the tray on top and biting into I went to stand beside him. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulling me close to him he said, “It’s going to be the bassinet.”

“I thought we agreed that we were doing a normal crib.” I argued, but he simply glanced down at me with a smile, and tapped me on the nose with his fingertip. He walked by me then to eat some of the pasta on his plate as he reasoned, “We did, but this thing can be made into a bassinet or a crib. I looked it up, this model can grow with the baby. I just put the extra parts together and we can keep it until Kira is a toddler.”

“Dear God no, we are not naming her Kira.” I cried in exasperation. He laughed at my antics, and crossing the room to me again, he pressed a sloppy kiss on my hairline and said, “I was just testing out the sound of it, besides, shouldn’t you be painting a wall right now?”

     “I was taking a snack break, and looking at what we obviously did not agree to do” I grumbled as I crossed back to the dress and grabbed another garlic roll. Cal laughed and then went to grab the other parts of the cradle. Looking at me over his shoulder he said, “So you also took a break to reprimand me? You must be losing your touch, you normally can do it while you do everything else.” 

“You’re insufferable.” I grumbled as I glanced at the frame over my shoulder again and set my hand on my stomach thoughtfully. Bending down I picked up my paint roller again and mumbled down to our daughter, “You better be prepared sweetheart, he’s going to treat you like a princess when you get here.”

      “I heard that.” Cal said from the other side of the room, and I stuck my tongue out at him childishly in response.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

A while ago (I literally have no idea when, that’s how long ago it was), @juggybetts posted this fancast with an amazing AU prompt. I’ve had this in my drafts for about two weeks now, and it’s finally finished.

Please enjoy, and go easy on me. This is my first time writing smut. I hope you like it!

Jughead Jones is the undisputed king of Riverdale. His grandfather is the mayor, his father owns half the town and controls Riverdale’s shady side as leader of the Serpents, and Jughead is Riverdale High’s student body president and editor of the school paper. His relationship with Betty Cooper, Southside student and new Serpent recruit, could bring it all crashing down.

Read it on Ao3 or under the cut.

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µ’s Drabble

Pairing: NozoEli, NicoMaki, RInPana, KotoUmi and TsubaHono

Words : 1309

Summary : The short collection of µ’s daily life in drabble


Sometimes Nozomi can’t help but wonder how adorable her girlfriend can be, with a slight blush on her cheeks and her eyes trying to see anywhere aside from Nozomi’s eyes makes the violet hair girl smiled.

“Elicchi.” Nozomi began.

“I’m sorry…” Eli said shyly as she scratched her cheek nervously, “I don’t know that the chocolate earlier was an eraser with chocolate shape. I won’t try to eat it again.” Eli looked down on the ground as her face went redder than before if that was even possible.

Nozomi let out a small chuckled as she patted Eli’s head. Her girlfriend sure is adorable in many ways.

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