this started out weird

It’s so weird to me that the Babadook being gay started out as just “the Babadook is gay and just a normal dude who does normal stuff” when it was just a tumblr thing but as soon as it went mainstream it became “the Babadook is gay and a flaming stereotype because that’s the only way we can write gay people” and by “weird” I of course mean it isn’t that weird at all

The thing about the dalish is that they will never be what they were in Solas’s time, and that’s okay.

The dalish taking pride and wanting to learn their history is fine, it’s great even, but cultures evolve. Cultures change dramatically over time. No one can realistically expect the dalish, or elves in general, to be what the elvhen were. The elves have been through so much crap, and have lost so much of their culture. They’ve rebuilt some of it, and it only resembles what it was, but that’s not a bad thing. Cultures change. Both the dalish and the city elves have a unique elven culture and neither of them are “wrong” or even more right. They’re just different.

And I think this is my main problem with Solas. He’ll try to drag down everything the elves have struggled to built because they’re wrong to him. He will try to make them his version of right and completely disregard the fact that that is the very last thing the elves need.

The elves need people like Briala who will fight to secure their future and Merrill who will put to use the knowledge they have of their past. They don’t need Solas coming around and destroying the little they already have and reminding them how “wrong” they are

weird movie masterpost pt. 1

House (1977) - a girl brings her friends to visit her aunt and it doesn’t go well with really beautiful special effects

Fantastic Planet (1973) - a human enslaved by aliens sets forth a revolution in this strange animated film

An Optical Poem (1938) - no plot? no problem! just some super trippy circles to classical music

Begotten (1991) - not for the faint of heart or the strong of heart proceed with caution 

Un Chien Andalou (1929) - a classic surrealist film written by one the kings of weird salvador dalì  

Les Escargots (1965) - starts out with a pretty basic plot but then takes a weird turn

Les Dents du Singe (1960) - this animated feature follows a man who sells his teeth to a corrupt dentist

Suspiria (1977) - an american at a prestigious german ballet school notices strange behavior in its staff with an awesome soundtrack

*movies with links are available on youtube

**send me recs for pt. 2 please!!!

***pt. 2 // pt. 3

I got tired of drawing OW characters so I took a break- 

it’s been two days and I already miss drawing them lmao

Slytherin + Hufflepuff friendship would include...

  • both being very protective of their friend in different ways
  • “Do not touch my friend if you ever want to see the light of day again.”
  • sneaking the other one into the dorm at night to have a sleepover
  • “You shouldn’t do that.”
  • the hufflepuff always baking / cooking for the slytherin and bringing it over, the slytherin shutting anyone down who dares to try and make a comment about it
  • sitting together in silence without getting bored
  • wearing each others scarves
  • the hufflepuff standing up for their slytherin friend, no matter how many rude comments they get from other houses
  • “I made you a knitter.” - “Please tell me you’re joking.” - “No, but you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to.” - “Give it to me.”
  • the slytherin dragging their friend outside because they stayed up in their room for days, snuggled up into layers of blankets
  • the slytherin having to hold back the hufflepuff because once they get mad they’re scary as hell
  • “Do you want me to beat them up?” - “…” - “Is that a no?” - “Maybe just a little.”
  • the hufflepuff introducing the slytherin to all their other friends, so they can all hang out together
  • staying up late together and starting to talk about weird shit
  • “Do you want me to talk to him for you?” - “NOOO!”
  • endlessly loyal to each other
  • the hufflepuff always laughing at the slytherins sarcastic retorts
  • knowing all the family members and embarrassing family stories of the other one and having met them all at least once
  • the hufflepuff always singing along to horrible songs and the slytherin just silently putting up with it

Doodles that I don’t feel like cleaning up any more than this

it’s my favorite friends again ✨

“C’maaaahhhhn, Stanford!”

Filbrick throws Stanley out of the house during the Real-Time Fandub Gravity Falls 5th Anniversary Stream.

Real-Time Fandub is a group of voice actors who dub popular things from memory.

They are only missing one key component: A memory.
Gazemaze in gazemazement as the plot starts out normal and improv changes it into something weird, unrecognizable, and shitpost-esque every time we slip on a line!

@haystews as Filbrick

@knittinggiantbeanies as Stanley

Getting into musicals is so weird cos you start out with something relatively normal like Wizard of Oz or something from Disney and you’re like “ok” and then you move on to ones about newspaper boy strikes or the founding fathers and you’re like “…ok” and the next thing you know you’re watching a musical about an alien man eating plant that may or may not represent Satan’s temptations and you’re like “…how the fuck did I get here”

Gordon Ramsay: calls people ‘darling’ and 'sweetheart’ as it tends to be used as a friendly term in the UK and he only ever uses it in the friendly way

Gremlins: hes a mysoginist he doesn’t respect women at all :///

Gordon Ramsay: Cooks steak for a woman who was practically starving herself with a weird diet that cut out meat as she’d started working at a zoo that caused her to develop a gluten and dairy intolerance (shed only eat a baked potato or gluten free pasta with pesto and little else) who said she actually does enjoy meat but only if it was 100% organically and lovingly raised, goes through where and how the animal he’d gotten the meat from was raised with her, agrees that mass producing meat is a disgusting industry, raised two pigs himself in his back garden with love and care and cried when he had to send them to the slaughter house, calls chefs out on serving vegetarians things with meat products, is disgusted with frivolous shit like shark fin soup and any other food that involves senselelessly injuring or killing endangered animals for only a tiny bit of their meat

Gremlins: he couldn’t give a shit about vegetarians he hates them :///////

Gordon Ramsay: only screams, yells and swears at lazy, filthy, cheeky chefs who claim to be professionals with years of experience who can’t seem to follow the basic rules of hygiene/food preparation, is very gentle and encouraging with people who are still learning including children, is always ALWAYS respectful to wait staff (in the amy’s baking company episode when he learned that the owners were taking the tips of their one waiter he gave her his directly in front of them and also called them out on it in front of the customers too) and always starts off civilly until people give him shit

Gremlins: hes so over the top and verbally abusive ://///////////////////////// even top chefs can learn from their mistakes hes just a bully ://////

Langst prompt

The castle suddenly starts acting up and after last time the team isn’t willing to take any chances.

So they travel around as a pack to try and figure out what’s going on.

That’s when Hunk starts acting weird. At first his speech pattern changes and doesn’t make an obvious pun. Then when asked to quickly help fix some broken piece of equipment he says he has no idea how.

Then Keith starts acting off, he’s quiet and polite just ignoring all of Lances jabs at him. He even says that they shouldn’t rush into anything.

Soon everyone is getting concerned when Coran snaps at them and tells them they are being stupid to keep searching the ship.

That is when they notice small red marks on the backs of their necks. Allura gasps yelling that they’ve been possessed by a spieces of ghost like creatures.

Hunk, Keith and Coran suddenly turn on them and there is a long battle and those not possessed end up much worse off because their trying not to hurt their friends.

Finaly they managed to tie them up and Allura gets the ghost out of them.

When their all back they feel really bad about hurting everyone. Hunk even picks Lance up in a hug because he broke his arm.

That’s when Allura sees a black dot on the back of Lance’s neck.

“Lance… you were possessed too but… it looks like the creature died inside you… how?”

Lance would frown before turning to everyone with a large grin on his face as his eyes turn black “you can’t possess somthing that’s already occupied.”

I continue to be ALL ABOUT “Adrien Agreste can’t be bisexual but it’s probably almost definitely fine for Chat Noir to be” as one of Adrien’s personal rules for his “no-pun-intended model son”/”destructo-boy superhero” divide, and I mean this in every way, up to and including: 

  • randomly deciding one night to just start ranking past akuma victims by hotness while patrolling with Ladybug (she is so shocked that he doesn’t just say “Copycat” and be done with it that she lets him go on for like fifteen minutes before just cutting him off with “Jagged Stone, OBVIOUSLY” and then he pretends to be all scandalized because “my LADY you like OLDER MEN?? how will I ever COMPETE??”) 
  • the whole thing dissolves into semi-flirty bickering and afterwards Adrien goes home and breathes out the biggest sigh of relief of his LIFE that Ladybug did not freak out or get weird about it and then starts worrying if that was really obvious enough, maybe she just thought he was joking and not actually trying to come out to her or–
  • less-randomly deciding during the next akuma attack to make a point of going “OH NO HE’S HOT” about said akuma. Ladybug is like “okay fair he really is but FOCUS PLEASE, KITTY” (and THEN Adrien goes home and breathes out the biggest sigh of relief of his life.) 
  • checking out boys in the gossip rags with Marinette on her balcony when she’s supposed to be doing her homework (in addition to trying not to die when she points out one of Adrien’s ads MARINETTE THAT IS SO PHOTOSHOPPED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD–) and being delighted when she starts commenting on the GIRLS too, PRINCESS LET’S BE BI BESTIES 5EVER and Marinette is like “oh my god I should never have told you” but it is already Too Late 
  • making a point of regularly patrolling the rooftops of the queer neighborhoods and blowing kisses to random cuties who spot him, hello gay Paris I am one of your baby queers and I secretly wish I could do this without the mask on but HAH fat fucking chance of Father not hearing about THAT one BUT IN MY HEART OF HEARTS I TOTALLY WOULD 
  • regularly addressing Nino Lahiffe with such gems as “hot stuff”, “sweetheart”, and “stud” with a genuinely embarrassing level of sincerity and zero (0) percent shame every single time he encounters him, accidentally purring VERY LOUDLY one (1) time when Nino decides to call him “tiger” in response, and then being unable to look Nino in the eye as Adrien for two (2) days oh GOD 

@therealjacksepticeye So here’s the story to this

It starts kinda glitchy as Jack begins his battle against Anti. When the melody is playing normally, with some weirdness in the background, it shows that Jack is still in control. For now.

As it goes on, it gets more and more glitchy and creepy as the battle gets harder. But every so often it seems like Anti stops and Jack regains control again. In the bridge (the little potato man section), Anti dies down considerably and Jack thinks he’s won… but time feels like it slowed down as Jack fears Anti’s return… He still doesn’t feel quite normal. The room spins and his head aches. It’s like he isn’t really gone…

SUDDENLY Anti regains even more strength and gets harder than ever to fight against! Eventually Anti gains full control and Jack passes out.

But when he wakes up, he starts returning to normal. The weirdness gradually fades out and the music becomes more and more normal towards the end as Jack becomes fully himself again. Anti is gone this time.

Ǵ̶̜̼̱͚̎̉͠ơ̴̠̙͈̓͐̈ ̷͗͊͜o̸̧̞̝͆̂ṅ̶̗̼̦̖͆͋͠,̷̹͓̟̖̐̽̋ ̵͍̥̐̌̈́ͅJ̴͉̞͑́a̶̢̲͗̒͝ḉ̵̖͕́̇͝ķ̴͎̮̘͠͝

Ý̵̬̟̱̿ö̶̡́͜ͅu̴̡̖̪͎̔ ̶̲̥̟̖̏̇̾̕k̸̠̐n̷̗̳͆ȏ̵̡̇w̶̞̏̏ ̵̱̒y̶͚͗̆ŏ̴̜̱̚u̵̻͐́ ̴̬́͐͘ẃ̴̹̱͈̎ȃ̴̞̱n̴͍̝͂͗t̸͓̃̿̎͛ ̸̡͎̀t̵̺̖̠͍̒͐o̷̡̱͑̈͝ ̴͚̳͕̈́̔̓ḫ̴͑̇e̸͈̥͖̎̒̔̈́a̵̛̯͉̙͑͘͝ŕ̴͓͎̽ ̷̢̨͎͋̃͋i̴̤̞̜̐̿͛t̵͓͛̈̓

P̸̥̯͛̓̂͝l̸̻̯͕͂́͊ą̶̞̠̂̀ỳ̶͕ ̶̨̦͙̑̑͑́ͅi̸̩͔̬͆͊͗̽t̸̙̲̆̃͜

I̶̬̼͎̓͋̒̈́ ̵̪̻̭̬͐̋d̴̛͖͍̞͐̊͐a̶̪̖͑r̷̮͙̿̀͘ë̶̱̥̙̇ ̷͕̍̓͘y̶̖̾̕̚o̵̢̺̺̮͑̐͘͝ủ̴̫̪̝́̀ͅ

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