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Okay. So I’ve been stiring on this for a while so I finally decided to take a really good look at what’s actually happening.

I’d like to start off by saying that Steve was pretty much a dick the entire film. I mean I get that he didn’t want to sign the accords but the way he went about it was just so completely wrong. Thing is I completely agree with Tony because he had it right because he knew what was going on. I mean, out of the two of them who actually knows the politics of the 21st century and has worked these sorts of things for decades? Tony.

Tony knew, as soon as the Sokovia Accords were made that he had to sign on. It wasn’t about guilt, although that was part of it. It was about the fact that if they didn’t do it now, it would be much worse later and or done to them and he knew that. (He actually says this in the film.) He also knew that the only way to have ammendments was to prove he was willing to cooperate. As with any new law and it’s affected parties.

Tony knew they needed oversight. Everything has some sort of chain of command. Military. Police. Business. Etc. And Tony knew the value of having that chain.

Steve Rogers on the other hand, doesn’t seem to understand the necessity. Need I remind you that he repeatedly went against that chain and was rewarded for it? Sure, he saved a bunch of people when he went to get Bucky, but that’s not the point. He ignored the chain and there could have been dire consequences (as we see in the future after S.H.I.E.L.D fell)

Another thing. He went after Bucky. Only Bucky. Noone else. It was pure chance that he let those guys out first, but they were used as a distraction so he could get to his main goal. Bucky. We see time and time again that Steve gets tunnel vision when it comes to Bucky.

And in Civil War it escalates to the point where he’s injuring and getting innocent people killed for Bucky. Only Bucky. When it comes to Bucky, everyone and everything else is inconsequential and unimportant as long as Bucky is fine.

Steve did not read the Accords. Fact. He left for Peggy’s funeral while he was skimming. Even if he did read it all, there is no possible way (and Tony Stark would bet his fortune on it) that he understood all of it enough to make an informed opinion. Laws use a lot of big words. Big words that would have been invented in the 70 years Cap was gone. So no, Steve didn’t actually know what the Accords were about.

He probably had no idea what the UN was either. Did you see his notebook in CAWS? Pop culture. 7 decades worth of world history? No, Moon landing, that’s it. Politics? Nope. New laws or government organizations (like the UN)? Nada. I think it’s safe to say that Steve wasn’t really caught up if pop culture is the sort of thing he’s catching up on.

Steve had made his mind up already. And he can’t use the Bucky excuse because by then Bucky wasn’t in the picture yet. Steve never gave a thought to the Accords and then Bucky fueled that fire and made him stubborn to a point beyond stupidity.

So, to sum up here. Tony knew that the Accords were going to happen no matter what and was willing to help make ammendments to suit everyone affected by the law. Steve went “Fuck you, I know better that 117 countries” and got a lot of people hurt and or killed.

Here’s another kicker. Tony convinced Steve to sign the Accords. He was literally about to and then Wanda was brought up, which is another thing.

Okay, a) why the fuck is she an Avenger? She was a HYDRA agent. A willing one, might I add. She and her brother volunteered to be experimented on and then work for them. She was the cause of Ultron.

She did mess with his head, and arguably, because it probably was, it was worse for him. He was alone. He didn’t know she was there, then suddenly he’s shown his worst fears mingled with a shit tonn of major PTSD triggers. He probably didn’t even know Wanda gave him the vision. He has PTSD, he’s probably used to attacks where he sees things.

I mean seriously, Tony has made AI’S before and none of them went bad. (DUM-E, U, JARVIS, then FRIDAY) They (Bruce & Tony) even say in AOU “We’re not even close to an interface yet” which means something jumped the mind stone to hijack the incomplete program.

Then you’ve got to think, an AI is made, with incomplete programming and whatever the mind stone did, and then was instantly thrust into the Internet. No wonder he wanted to kill everything. Information overload much, then attempting to make something of it all.

She had(/has) an illogical and unreasonable hatred for Tony Stark. Sure, the bomb thing was probably traumatizing, but she’s like ~23 now. That’s over a decade since it happened and you’ve got to think, why didn’t the bomb go off?

Stark weapons were brilliant. Top of the line never failing basically. So. Two bombs are dropped, and from the sounds of it, there was no explosion or if there was it was really small. Otherwise how could they be so close to her parents without dying too?

So, this leaves two possibilities. First, was the bomb actually Stark tech? Her home was war torn at the time. I’m sure some sides would like to intimidate their enemies with the idea they have Stark weapons. OR, the bomb was never armed. Again, war torn country. It’s entirely possible the plane carrying it was shot down.

So, unreasonable and illogical. If someone stabs you, who do you blame? The knife, the manufacturer/designer of the knife, or the person who stabbed you? The third one, obviously. So why was Tony Stark to blame? We’ve also got to remember Obadiah was dealing under the table.

b) She is NOT a kid, and I don’t understand why pretty much everyone thinks she is. She’s ~23. She can drink. She can vote. She can drive. She’s killed people. She became HYDRA. In what way is she a child? The way I see it she hadn’t been one in a very long time.

c) back to CW. Steve got all pissy because Tony kept Wanda in the compound (the lap of luxury need I remind you) for her own safety and the safety of those around her. It wasn’t a matter of her starting a fight. If she’d gone out and been attacked and defended herself, the situation would be made so much worse for her. Especially if someone got hurt or dead when she did so.

Now we get to the airport. Tony tries to talk. Steve is dismissive and unwilling to listen. Steve refuses to share vital information that would have helped the situation and the threat they had every reason to believe exists.

Steve starts the fight. His team doesn’t hold back like Tony’s does. They destroy a lot of property and nearly killed T'Challa and Spiderman several times. I mean, fuck you Steve, who just drops a huge heavy walkway create thing on someone who is obviously a teen? And then WALK AWAY while they struggle to hold it up. What if you had overestimated Spiderman’s strength? Congrats, you just killed a kid because once again you show no regard for anyone else besides Bucky.

He leaves his team. They probably knew even less about the situation than he did, because he knew fuck all about the Accords so I can’t imagine the bullshit Scott and Clint were told.

Then fucking Natasha. Ffs, she could have easily either disabled/sabotaged the quinjet or delayed them from leaving. But she didn’t. Then she has the nerve to tell Tony to watch his back after she betrayed him.

Also, Rhodey. Oh my god. Everyone gives Tony shit for point blank shooting Sam, but think about it. If Sam had taken the hit and turned into a glider, Rhodey would be fine. It doesn’t completely make sense, but there was a long moment where Tony was watching Rhodey fall to his death. Sam was a quick way to lash out. He also didn’t hit him that hard, just enough to knock him down.

Zoom ahead, Tony gets evidence that prove Bucky is innocent and admits he was wrong. (About what though I’m not sure, because all he wanted to do was give Bucky mental help and a fair trial but whatever. It’s not like Steve told him about the threat or anything. Because that would have been helpful.)

Clint makes a crack at Rhodey’s condition which is such a dick move. Sam then tells Tony the information he should have been given from the beginning by Mr ‘I-Dont-like-my-team-keeping-things-from-me’ Rogers. Tony heads to Siberia as a friend.

Steve gets a little arrogant cause he’s got this attitude of ‘I knew I was right the whole time and I’m glad you’ve finally seen sense’.

Then the video. This pissed me off the most I think.

You’ve just witnessed your parents brutally murdered by the person standing not 10 feet away from you. This reopens unprocessed greif and causes emotional backlash. Then you find out someone you thought of as a friend had known. Known for years. Since CAWS. And never said a thing in an environment where it would have been okay, instead of watching the murder and then being told someone close to you knew the whole time who had done it. (Again because it was Bucky. Bucky is more important than the world, remember?)

And his face. It’s so broken and betrayed. (I’d add a picture of Tumblr would let me) and he attacks, because who wouldn’t?

And then Steve does the worst possible thing he could in that situation. Fight back. When someone is having an emotional breakdown like that, you hold them until they calm down and Steve was well within his power to do so. If he’d tried he probably could have talked Tony down.

Fighting more fighting. Steve starts disabling the suit. To you can no longer fly properly. Then he proceeds to continue to be violent and make it worse and acts like it’s not a justifiable or reasonable reaction for a human to have (especially one with PTSD and a past of horrible things happening when he’s betrayed by someone close to him)

They gang up on him. Then Bucky had him pinned and is trying to rip out the Arc Reactor. Once again, PTSD. Also, need I remind you that he’s only recently had it removed from his chest. That was the only thing keeping him alive for a long time. In the state of mind he was in, he wouldn’t have remembered he no longer needed it to survive, hence blasting off his metal arm.

By this point he seems to have calmed down a bit and isn’t actively going for the kill, he’s just defending himself at this point.

He tells Cap to stay down, because he doesn’t want to fight him, and when he’s momentarily distracted Cap jumps on him and slams him to the ground. Tony barely does anything and then Steve is punching the faceplate. Then he’s smashing it with the sheild.

There’s this moment, you can kinda see it in the 3 secs of gif tumblr would let me use. There’s this moment where Steve is seriously considering decapitation. Tony sees this, is terrified and emotionally unbalanced and covers his face.

Steve slams the sheild into the reactor and leaves it there. Tony goes wide eyed with terror and let’s out a very not good sounding breath. He’s looking at Cap with such fear because he saw what Steve was about to do. Saw him stab him in the back and literally break his heart. (Kept him alive for years, remember?)

There is so much fear and Steve looks at him with no regret for what he just did and twists the sheild out of Tony’s chest and walks away.

When he drops it, his expression is like indulging a child in something stupid.

Then he leaves him there to die basically. Tony can’t fly, the suit is dead. Can’t contact anyone. The suit is dead. Noone knows where he is and T'Challa took Steve and Bucky with him when he left.

Steve Rogers beat Tony to a pulp after he witnessed something truly traumatizing and then left him to die in the middle of nowhere in an old HYDRA base.

They act like it was Tony’s fault for the Raft as well. I mean, they’re powered and dangerous and also criminals. The Raft was a bit much though, I’ll admit. But Tony didn’t put them there. He brought them in because he was following the law like everyone else on the planet should. Because he didn’t think himself above the law the Steve did. (Aka flipping the bird at 117 countries whose people say they’re scared and what someone to oversee the Avengers) and the jacket and collar on Wanda was unethical. I think the collar on its own would have been fine but wearing a straitjacket for too long is really bad for your health.

And then just to put the icing on the cake. The letter. The damn fucking letter. It’s mocking. It’s arrogant. Not once is there an apology or true regret. Other than regretting that they’re now criminals who hurt so many people that is. But mostly just the fact they have to hide when 'they did nothing wrong’. No remorse for anything. Not for Tony, defiantly not. That would be decent. Not for anyone else either.

“I know I hurt you”. That’s not an apology. There was no mention of the destruction he left behind in his quest for saving a single man, who has killed people. A lot of people. By choice or not, it was still his body. His life was not worth the loss of so many innocent lives. There was no acknowledgement of how deeply you hurt Tony. How much you damaged him.

Steve basically says. “I forgive you for being wrong and because I’m such a nice and just person when you see I’m right I’ll be here for you and all will be forgiven. Because we’re still friends/family. Even if you fucked up.”

Argh. Angry ranting at 2am. I’ve probably missed points I wanted to make but my wrists are cramping and I’m tired.

I just… I used to like Steve, but Tony a little more because he always seemed more relatable to me. (And had a more interesting backstory.) And then this movie just made me hate Cap so much. He was such a dick in it and it annoys me that the movie was obviously trying to get you to side with him. Feel free to add anything to this.

Wonho Scenario- Morning Sweetness 

Genre: Romance (Warning: Smut)

Your eyes fluttered open, slowly adjusting to the rays of the sun. As your vision became clearer, so did the face that was soundly sleeping in front of you. “ How could such a perfect human being exist?” you thought to yourself as you absorbed all his facial features; his soft thick pink lips, sharp nose, perfectly shaped eyes and eyebrows, and adorable big ears. As you gazed at his peaceful state, a small smile began to form as your index finger grazed over top his luscious lips. You recalled the previous night, unable to forget how his large hands held you, the feeling of his tongue on your skin and the way he whispered your named into your ears.

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Pick apart
The pieces of your heart
And let me peer inside
Let me in
Where only your thoughts have been
Let me occupy your mind
As you do mine

- Heart’s a Mess, Gotye

It was undeniable for them both that, despite years of experience and their impressive skillsets, they got under each other’s skin. At first, they had to prove each other who was greater, better, more skilled.
But then Napoleon sat in a lorry and realised that politics were not something he’d sacrifice an agent for as skilled and honourable and, on top of that, a human who seemed to be so much better at being human than Napoleon ever was. So he rescued him and they saw each other with respect and trust.
That was when the fixation should’ve been over at last. But it wasn’t. Napoleon was still the only thing Illya could think about so that, whenever he thinks of their time in Rome, he realises how obvious Gaby had been in the end and if they’d bothered to just take their eyes off each other for a second they would have noted something off about her. They were the best secret agents after all!
But they didn’t. They continued to dance and bark but never bite. And the attraction didn’t stop. 

Illya sought the moments whenever Napoleon’s mask would fall away and reveal something of the man beneath. But instead of slowly satisfying his curiosity, he just got hungrier with every glimpse he took. 
He hated how Napoleon knew how to get under his skin. He could rile him up and calm him like pressing labelled buttons and with the right manual in hand. He could look Illya in the eye and tell what he was thinking. It should have scared Illya to the Siberia and back but he stayed, fascinated and gaping like a little child and not a trained KGB agent.

It wasn’t until he caught Napoleon in an unaware moment. He had never seen him so shaken before but when he wanted to comment on it his favourite Cowboy exploded.
“Go away, Illya! Can’t you see I need some space at the moment? You’re constantly there. I can’t breathe!” He yelled back turned away from Illya. He knew it wasn’t a sign of trust but rather one of self-defence. Napoleon did this when he didn’t want you to see his face because he was unable to pull a mask on.
“I am not- constantly around. You were on mission in Vienna all on your own just now…” He gestured to the door through which they had both entered.
“But you are constantly on my mind. I can’t work!” Napoleon screamed back pressing his hands to his head.
Illya shifted on his feet. He didn’t know how to answer this. Should he tell him that he couldn’t stop thinking about him either? No, probably not a good idea. It cut too close to the truth. “How was Vienna?” He asked instead.
Napoleon spun around. His eyes were red-rimmed. “It was terrible! This might be a reason why I don’t want to deal with this thing between us now either!” 
Illya gulped and stared at Napoleon wide-eyed. “Alright. What- happened?” He asked anyway.
“They had the little daughter! Nobody told me there was a daughter missing! I would have never provoked them like that if I had known-” A sob escaped the other agent and he quickly clenched his teeth shut. 
Illya’s expression changed. It was always horrible to lose civilians you were unaware of but could’ve saved otherwise. Especially, if you had to face their parents afterwards. “It was not your fault, Napoleon. Listen to me. It was not your fault.” He repeated softly and walked closer.
Napoleon punched him in the chest when he came close enough. “No! I don’t want to be vulnerable. Don’t make me do this!” He cried out, tears streaming down his face. “I don’t-”
Illya hushed him and gently took him into his arm. Napoleon’s hands fisted in his turtleneck and soon enough he was clinging to Illya like a lifeline.
“Run away with me, Illya. Please.” Napoleon muttered into his neck.
Illya’s heart skipped a beat. “Cowboy-” He started.
“I have had enough of my life being dictated by one cruelty or another. I want my life back. I want- I want you in it, Illya.” Napoleon slowly pulled back. Where his head had rested a wet spot was left. 
“Alright.” Illya blurted out.
“Are you sure?” 
Illya smiled fondly. “I have already disobeyed one agency for you, Cowboy. What’s one more?” He teased.
“Shut up.” Napoleon glared through the remanents of his tears and with a goofy smile on his face.
“I will go with you wherever you want,” Illya confessed.
He saw Napoleon blush and turn away which made his heart flutter. This was the start of something completely new but Illya already didn’t want to miss a moment of it.

Chara: jungkookxyou

/so this is a day late because I ended up fucking deleting it by accident and I wanted to set myself on fire…!!!!…so I had to rewrite it….I remember everything I just had to redo it….so I hope you enjoy some dominant sub Kookie…🍪/

Netflix n Chill🍿🍿

{text/🍪🍪🍪} wyd..??
{text/Foxy Noona💁} not shit….wyd
{text/🍪🍪🍪} Come ova n we’re gonna Netflix..🍿
{text🍪🍪🍪} bring food 🍿🍕🌭🍟🍔🌮🌯🍗
{text/Foxy Noona💁} lmao y r there so many emojis..???
{text/🍪🍪🍪} let me live Jungkook..😎

You chuckled tossing your phone on your bed after you sent it. He replied with a lol and an ok. You heard it ding, you loved your conversations, you wouldn’t change them for anything. You decided to shower before he got there you were at work all day and you needed to wash it all off. Stripping off your clothes you grabbed your towel and walked into the bathroom. Turning the shower on sitting on the tub waiting for it to get hot. Once it was you got in putting soap on the loofa and began washing yourself. Jungkook reached your floor stepping out of the elevator with the bag clutched in his fingers. Walking down the hall he reached your door slipping his hand in his pocket. He had a key for the simple reason of he fed your cat Simon when you were out of town. It didn’t conflict in any way with his schedule so he was happy to do it. Pulling the key out of his pocket he stuck it into the door. Pushing it open he stepped in calling out to you. “…Noona…”

You were done with your shower stepping out, you thought you were alone so you didn’t bother wrapping the towel around you. Instead you grabbed it and left the bathroom crossing the hall and going into your room kicking the door shut behind. Jungkook walked into the kitchen opening the fridge he looked for something to drink to go with the food. “” Finding a two liter bottle of Coke he grabbed it and closed the fridge. Grabbing two glasses he brought it all to the living room. Sitting it all on the coffee table he took the container of boneless barbecue chicken out of the bag. Putting it on the table as well he heard you humming. A grin spread across his face he made his way to your bedroom. Flinging the door open his gaze falling on a wet, naked you drying your hair with a towel. He gasped as his eyes panned down your nude body. Whipping around cursing “what the fuck Jungkook..!!!” He eyed your body but your voice shook him from his musings. And he ran down the hallway back to the living room. “….Noona I’m sorry..!” He winced hearing the door close.

He ran his fingers through his hair sighing softly still in shock. Pacing back and forth he tried desperately to get the image of your creamy wet skin and your curves out of his head. Plopping down on the couch he decided to find a movie. Glancing down at his pant he groaned in annoyance as he noticed the tent in his jeans. “..fuck..” He swore under his breath digging his hand in his pants he tried to adjust it so it wouldn’t look like his dick was harder than an armadillo. When he thought it was good enough picking up the remote and turned the tv on. Not trusting it he grabbed the blanket and draped it over his lower half. Pulling up Netflix he tried to find a movie taking his mind off his lewd thoughts. Scrolling through he felt in the mood for something spooky. Tossing the towel on your bed you groaned. “..damn boy..” You went to your closet getting a crop top and a pair of leggings. Putting them on you put your hair in a messy bun then left your room. Going to the living room you glanced at him then the tv as he scrolled. Feeling your presence he turned to look at you. “..hey Noona…I hope chicken is ok??” He smiled nervously and you nodded making your way to the couch. Plopping down you crossed your legs Indian style noticing the spread on the coffee table. Picking up the soda you poured yourself a glass then sat the bottle back down. Grabbing your glass you sipped it as you tried not to be awkward. If he wasn’t going to mention what just happened than neither would you.

“You like scary movies right Noona..?” He glanced at you picking up a piece of chicken and popping it into his mouth. You nodded as he chewed his food doing the same as him. Finding one he pressed play, you did like spooky movies but they were spooky. Every time a loud noise or a bump happened you would jump. Grabbing a side of the blanket you covered your lower half. Popping another piece of chicken into your mouth you snuggled into the couch. The movie began and Jungkook sat the remote on the coffee table. Grabbing a piece of chicken he popped it into his mouth as well. It was a ghost movie where a family moves into a haunted house and the spirit terrorizes them. A little bit into it the action started gradually and you knew what was coming. A door was slammed shut and you jumped closer to the male on the other side of the sofa. He chuckled glancing at you “..scared Noona..?” He teased with a sly smirk on his pouty lips. You glared at him and pouted “……no..” you sounded like a little kid crossing your arms across your chest. He chuckled once more and turned his attention back to the movie. The haunting escalated and something was thrown across the room. Causing you to jump and buried your face into his chest your hand brushing his lap. A gasp passed your lips when you felt the bulge in his pants, he was hard. “…Noona…I..” Looking up at him his facial expression was goofy and sheepish. “…you saw everything didn’t you..?” You searched his brown pools for the answer. He nodded slowly chewing on his lower lip. Full on expecting you to murder him right where he sat. But the question you asked made his brows net together.

“…I don’t have to ask if you liked it..” You chuckled biting your lip, for some reason you found it kind of hot that he was hard because of you. “….can I see it..?” Humming your reaction confusing him completely but he was curious as to what was going on in your head. He didn’t move but he didn’t stop you either as you pulled the blanket back. Getting a full view of his tent, biting your lip hard you popped his button on his jeans. Pulling down his zipper you reached inside wrapping your fingers around his length and pulling it out. He hissed as the cool air kissed it. Inhaling sharply you hum getting an eyeful of his size. “….look at what we have here..” Your tongue swiped across your lower tier. Glancing up at his beat red face you giggled dipping your head down and running your tongue from the base to the tip. He let out a breathy moan gripping the fabric of the cushion he was sitting on. Humming from his reaction sucking on the tip you kept your eyes on his. It took everything to keep himself from bucking up. Sucking him deep into your mouth he groaned his fingers tangling into your hair. You began slowly bobbing your head up and down. Taking him as deep as you could humming when the tip of his cock hit the back out your throat. He watched in awe through lust filled hooded eyes. “..fuck Noona~..” He moaned not able to control his hips as he bucked up into your mouth. Matching his thrust you bobbed your head faster.

“Noona I’m….fuck..!” He groaned stopping his hips and giving you the reins. Taking the initiative you hollowed your cheeks and picked up the pace. A couple more strokes of your mouth he released into your mouth moaning your name loudly. You felt the hot seed coat your tongue. And you swallowed it eagerly popping him out of your mouth. Licking him clean of anything you left grinning up at him. Sitting up you swung your legs over his lap and straddled him. Cupping his chin you press your lips to his. Smiling against his lips as he melted into you, he was precious. Not knowing what to do with his hands. His fingers brushing up your thighs resting on your hips. Kissing you back deeply humming softly into your lips as he came down from his high. Pressing your hips down and grinding your clothed pussy along his length. His hips rolled up into yours earning a chaste moan emptying into his lips. Your hands slide down from his chin, down his chest. Then down his abdomen his muscles pressing through the the fabric.

Hooking your fingers under the hem of his shirt you tugged it up slowly revealing his sculpted stomach. Then his chest pulling away so you could lift his shirt over his head. He lifted his arms to help you his eyes dark on you filled with lust as you toss it aside. Your eyes travel down his taut torso earning a hum from you as you bit your lip. His body was magnificent and he wasn’t even fully naked. Crashing your lips back onto his you grind your hips once again. Wanting more his hands sliding over your ass palming it lightly. You hummed rolling your hips back into his hands causing him to squeeze harder when he felt the friction. Strong hands sliding up your sides and dipping under your shirt. Palming your clothed breasts for a little bit he slid his hands down to the back fumbling with your claps. You giggled reaching back and unhooking it for him. Pulling it over your head revealing your breasts he looked on in awe. His cock was hardening again feeling the heat from your core pressing against it mixing with the sight in front of him. His testosterone fueled instinct kicked in and he flipped you on your back a squeak escaping your lips and emptying into his lips. “….I want to fuck you Noona..” He whispered against your lips. “….until you come all over my cock..” Tugging his jeans and boxers down kicking them off. Kissing you hard he hooked his fingers under the waistband of your leggings. Tugging them off and tossing them aside somewhere on the floor. You didn’t have any panties on and he smiled glancing down then back up at you. “…naughty naughty Noona..” He purred teasing you as he kissed you once more.

Rubbing the shaft of his cock against your wet folds slicking his length up. Spreading your legs a little wider you reached down and aligned his cock up with your entrance. Coating the tip with your juices a bit up you bucked your hips up his length pushing into you when his met yours as well. You both groaned as your walls hugged him in the most delicious way. Letting you adjust to his size he started off slow then sped up. Clutching the back of your knee he brought your legs up to his waist and moved faster in and out of you. “…fuck Jungkook…” You moaned as he rolled his hips into you. Things he’d not had much experience with he still did very well. Cupping his face once more your pink muscle swiped across his lower lip. Requesting entrance and he eagerly granted it. Parting his lips you slipped your tongue into his mouth taste his wet cavern greedily. His tongue greeted yours dancing for dominance curling around each other. His winning over yours as both your moans were muffled by each others lips. Rocking his hips faster and harder driving his cock deeper into her.

“..oh my God..” You moaned loudly his lips trailing down your jawline to your neck. Sucking and biting on your skin marking you as his. Titling your head back your moans echoing through the room mixing with the sounds of the tv. Biting down your collarbone to your breasts he cupped them. Lashing his tongue out he flicked your nipples. Earning a moan you arching up to his mouth your fingers tangle in his hair. Sucking the left one into his mouth his hands gripped your hips his fingers digging into your skin. Switching nipples he gave that one the same treatment. Your eyes flutter closed as he ravishes your body. “…fuck me…oh God..” You moaned as he rolled his hips into yours. Fucking into you hard and deep kissing back up your to your lips. You catch his lower lip in between your teeth. He groaned as you tugged on it letting your hands glide down his neck. Your nails raking down his back he growled in return nibbling on your lip as well.

You felt the familiar heat build in your lower belly and he did as well. His fingers trailing down your legs gripping your ankles. Lifting your legs up and putting them on his shoulders. He sat up straight his gaze locked with yours as he began rolling his hips into yours hard and quick. Short powerful thrusts he fucked into you angling your hips until he found your spot. “…fuck just like that..!!” Clawing at the couch arching your back off the cushion a bit. He grinned down at you assaulting your spot mercilessly. “…Noona I’m…shit you feel so good..!” He groaned as his thrusts were becoming erratic. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer so he pushed deeper trying to bring you over the edge first. “…Jungkook I’m coming…!!!” You mewled as you were about to loose control. “….come for me Noona…come all over my cock..!” He groaned his cock twitching inside you. Your walls clenching down on his length as you screamed his name coming undone.

Groaning out your name as your orgasm brought on his orgasm his hips bucked into you unevenly. Releasing his hot seed deep inside you his hips jerking and his nails digging into your skin. Letting your legs fall he leaned down pressing his lips to yours. Slowing his hips as he rode out both your highs groaning softly into your lips mixing with your moans and whimpers. Rolling his hips to a stop he panted, you panted as well going limp on the sofa. Pressing chaste kisses on your neck down to your chest laying his head on it. “ are full of surprises..” You hummed glancing down at him. Lifting his head up, looking up at you he flashed you a charming, confident smile. “…gotta keep you on your toes Noona..” He chuckled lightly wrapping his arms around your waist. You chuckled in return letting your head fall back and your eyes flutter closed.

You felt him harden inside you once again your eyes opening slowly when he called your name. Instead of laying his head back down he stared down at your breasts. “…….Noona….I’m hard again..” He whined softly like a child causing you to groan. You just wanted to lay here and enjoy his warmth. That was until he started pressing kisses on the valley of your breasts. Heating your body up one more. Then he trailed his lips to your nipple sucking it into his mouth. This boy just couldn’t get enough, looking at your naked body got him into this in the first place. Your chuckled faking your annoyance “…….again..?” You groaned as you felt him grin against your skin. “…yes~..” He hummed sensually lifting you up with him. Wrapping your legs around his waist he got up and carried you to the bedroom. Kicking the door shut with his foot. The movie was long over so all that could be heard were your sounds of pleasure echoing through your apartment.